Sunday, May 1, 2011

Withdrawal’s Twitch

Alright, then. It’s over. The Wedding, the pomp, the frump, the alien hats, yellow vests, lavender ties, uniforms, noses-in-air like I’ve never seen! Despite the rarefied air, no one passed-out. All went well. In fact, according to lip readers, the Queen, Charles, and Camilla all thought so, too. And, if asked, I’m certain the Archbishop of Canterbury’s fly-swatter eyebrows would agree.

(Have you seen the lip-read transcripts of the royal whispers yet? Talk about “stiff” and, well, banal, and did I already write “stiff”? “I thought it went very well” said one. “Yes,” quipped another. “Are you alright?” “Yes, thank you.” “Now wave.” “Are you happy now?” “Yes,” and so it goes.)

Now what? I’m flummoxed. An inner conversation is in progress: Am I happy now? “No, thank you.” But why? “I loved writing about the royal wedding hype rather than Mother Nature’s latest wrath.” You don’t have to write about that if you don’t want to (whispers the lenient parent voice). There was a “Nerd Prom” in DC last night with all the media stars glamming-it-up and President Obama making jokes. Write about that, instead. “Why, I think I will, thank you.” Bows.

US media royalty, social-climbers, retired actresses – all converged under the same gilded roof at the annual Washington Correspondent’s Dinner. It’s the event when presidents are expected to verbally kick their detractors and jab their nemesis’ all in good fun! It’s where the burning question on everyone minds over the years of “Where did Morgan Fairchild go” is answered. She’s been hanging on to CBS’s Bob Schieffer’s arm, that’s where!

It is also an event that brings the ultimate “strange bedfellows” together. See below. Keep looking. Your eyes aren’t deceiving you. It IS MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow AND Sarah Palin not only in the same space but face-to face! And look who’s in the background! None other than Andrea Mitchell, that’s who!

The MSNBC “after party” was the place to be. Unfortunately, reports are that most at that party were almost bowing to Alaska’s Ice Queen as she swam among previously unfriendly “media sharks.” Hah! as Chris Matthews would chortle. Methinks Palin was a smart little thing to gain direct access to the enemy, ensuring the channel’s ability to finally have her as a guest on one of their shows. Ka-Ching-Ching for all concerned.

I believe Rachel has the best chance of getting Sarah to smile for the MSNBC cameras despite the fact that they didn’t leave the party together and go off to a private place in a helicopter like a certain couple we’ve been hearing about did following a day and night of partying -- as it were.

See? I had to bring it back to “the Royals” – I just can’t stop myself.

Withdrawal can be a harrowing experience. “Yes it is, thank you.”

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