Wednesday, November 30, 2011

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Different Video of the Day

Who Deserves A Flog Today?

 President Barack Obama definitely deserves a kick in the arse for slipping into law, when no one was noticing over the Thanksgiving holiday, the commercial use of horse meat to be sold on the market, if I understand this new shift in shocking decisions this man has made throughout his term thus far. Just when you think he's on the 'right track' again, he does something as barbaric and inhumane as this - most certainly due to politics and nothing whatsoever to do with the economy. Can he kick sand in the eyes of his 'base' anymore than he has thus far? This man certainly has cajones more than it may seem, but it shows itself in actions like this one, rather than with his judgement on how far his enemies will go to unseat him. Bah Humbug, Mr. President. You and all these other men "horsing around" - in one way or another - to the pinnacle of nausea-inducing decisions and actions, truly boggle the mind. 

For details: Read This

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Street Art of the Day

Dance For You

The Emperor Has No Ho's

I haven't been writing about American politics very much of late because, well, with good ole' Newt slinging his hypocrisy around the GOP stage, and the constant stream of alleged sexual misconduct, and now a long-term affair, popping out of every corner of Herman Cain's world (which will likely cause him to drop out of the race - maybe even today?), the stories become redundant and almost a waste of time.

The way the GOP Prez hopefuls' polls continue to change every month regarding who is the latest front runner, I barely know who will be standing at the top of this desperate political heap by the end of the year. (But it won't be anyone with women stuffed in closets - and that's one thing Newt knows how to do - marry them or else!)

It's clear: The GOP doesn't want Mitt Romney as their guy, and Newt Gingrich is bringing in the Bible Belt (something Romney can't do), so, at least for now, Newt's looking better than most. But I'll wait a few weeks more before saying that Romney is toast.

Meanwhile, a rather astute article on who is truly a Republican in the race and who is actually a Liberal at heart is a nice, quick read for your edification - should you choose to read it: Here It Is

Aside from all of that, things are always a bit quiet over the holidays in the political arena beyond the usual photo op's at "special" places in key states. We are now on the verge of headlines regarding how the Obama's will spend the coming holidays...what will be served; who will be invited to the Prez's private Rose Bowl viewing party, etc.

One thing we won't be hearing about (if he can keep a lid on it) is where and what Mr. "Tiffany" Gingrich and his terribly controlling. pampered wife, will be doing/going. Now that he is the front runner, taking a tony cruise rather than campaigning as he did at the start of it all, just won't work. He has to get out among the unwashed masses and force his wife to shake those unclean hands.

She'll do it. I'm guessing that she has a very nice credit line at the high-end establishments and will surely use them all to get through the Season of the Pol-i-tics.

And remember this: He Owed How Much?

Oh, I know I sound bitchy. But listen. I love Tiffany's. I buy things there. People buy things for me there. Great. Fine. But I'm not out on the circuit threatening to make children work for their living while firing the parents...all something Mr. Gingrich vows to do if he becomes President.

God help us all.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Street Art of the Day

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Arrgghhh! It's Monday Already!

It's Cyber Monday, which means a flood of Interwebs-based sales will be straining the space in which we cyber. Or something like that. It's also a basic Monday if you are returning to your office/job/daily routines after what may have been a four day holiday if you celebrated Thanksgiving. That means you may not be in a very good mood.

Never fear. You aren't alone.

Just get out your VISA or MasterCard or whatever and let your one-click-shopping spree take the edge off.

Me? Gotta go for now and rewrite and edit a book. Then I can shop!

Until tomorrow....

Sunday, November 27, 2011

'Swan Lake' Played On Wine Glasses

Different Art of the Day

Format - Optical Illusion

Who Deserves A Flog Today?

The United States' sloppy Drone use wherever they drone-on in the world to "keep the peace" too often results in deaths of innocent people, as well as general structural destruction of land and, well, structures of every kind. Why does anyone ever question why other countries hate our guts, to put it delicately. Other people don't like guests kicking the coffee table until it breaks; dropping buttery popcorn onto fine upholstery, staining the cloth beyond repair; stomping into a home with dirty boots staining a newly cleaned carpet. The Sloppy Guest From Hell. Well, that is precisely what the U.S. has become over time: the rude, crude, impolite, dirty guest who leaves a whirlwind of chaos behind when they finally decide it's time to move on to their next target. Pakistan is more than a tad perturbed with the USA of late. Who can blame them - whether or not you agree with Pakistan's political and military policies?

For the details, click This Spot  

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Street Art of the Day

Artist - David Walker
Location - London

Who's That Girl?

The Very Layered Gaga Image Precision

Well, well, well. The performer/singer I have formerly referred to as Lady Gag-Gag is sliding her way into a slightly higher rank of credibility in mine eyes, thus I will now crown her in this blog as Lady Hah-Hah! It has a lilting feel to it. And, as the Lady has been proving to one and all over the past year in particular, she has talent beyond belting long clear notes that many call singing. She can act a bit (witness male alter ego), become a carrier of the gay torch with her charitable activities and hit "Born This Way."

And now she's gone and done something new and terribly respectable - put together, be the singing focus, and warm the jaded hearts of millions everywhere with her A Very Gaga Thanksgiving TV special. Not only did she look amazingly respectable in most numbers where candlelight glowed in every scenic background, she sat with Katie Couric for an interview looking prim, proper - hands in or by her lap, then, while standing, skillfully held behind her back in a gentrified manner. Wow. All she needed to do next was open a book, place horn rim glasses over her eyes, and begin taking notes.

She's good, this Lady Hah-Hah. She has to be happy and laughing now more than ever. The PR is going (and has been all year) in a beautifully focused campaign to send her not only INTO the mainstream audience to broaden her appeal and earning power, but also as a showcase for her performance versatility beyond what she's been doing for years in the shock value in her choice of clothing/costumes (or wearable food - take your pick).

However, I don't understand why Tony Bennett, who not only recorded a duet with her on his Duets II CD, but also drew her in the nude (Tony likes to draw) for Vanity Fair, said this about Ms. Gaga:  "She's a theatrical genius...she might become America's Picasso." Ahem. Liked the nude sketching session much, Tony? Hey, she's good I'm beginning to realize, but c'mon, Tony. Picasso? Time to stop hangin' with the band after late gigs, if you know what I mean, Mr. Bennett.

Once a mere extension of what Madonna set in motion that Marlene Dietrich brought to the world somewhat inspired by drag shows in 20-40's Paris and Berlin in particular, the Lady is carrying on a tradition that, with each generation, becomes more extreme, more intense, more shocking than their predosessers' inventions.

And so it is that on November 24, 2011, yet another parent-banned performer becomes part of the Americana landscape...on Thanksgiving night with hair so fair and dressed in white...once or twice.

Flogging against Lady Hah-Hah at this stage would be utterly untimely and swimming too deep in a rushing tide.

Who IS this girl, anyway?

Friday, November 25, 2011

Street Art of the Day

Image Via: Wooster Collective

Goes With Below Post - Kinda

Beech of the Day

Title: Gisele - "Turkey"

I have spent a bit of time writing what might have been considered a rather astute and intuitive view on Thanksgiving and holidays in general...but I lost patience with myself. I erased the draft and decided to

Mine Sucked!

How was yours? Honestly hope it was relaxing and fun.

Bottom Line: My Thanksgiving was bizarre.

I may never want to host another one as long as I'm roaming the earth.

BUT, I do have leftovers! There is always a silver lining somewhere!

Begin the Massive Amounts of Food in Fridge-Purge ASAP, my friends...if you have a few more tidbits around,  use it up or pass it around (if you didn't sneeze on it).

AND, I'm able to have my space back; no intrusions, no becoming yet another person's negative-based sounding-board on what they aren't happy with about their accommodations and all of that petty, silly, irritating and completely un-becoming pile of family BS...and that means EXTENDED or BLOODLINE "family."

If you had (and are still having) a fun, relaxing, productive experience over this time period, please ignore my cynicism's and yet don't neglect to get my drift, eh?

Life sucks as much as it fucks.

There, I said It For The First Time In This Blog.

*Or, for Bobby Vinton fans...see the above music video.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Street Art of the Day

Artist - John Pugh
Format - 3D Mural
Materials - Regular Paint

Give Me Just A Little More Time

A Tidbit Here, Another One There

While many are spending the day cleaning, and others are rushing to fulfill impossible work deadlines before the clock strikes the magic time to dash for freedom, I've taken a break from my domestic and biz duties today. A few different (some known, others not-so-known) stories might be a much needed break.

For pre-Turkey Day in the U.S., here are a few links to wet your appetite - especially if it's on the snarky side tossed with a bit of Balsamic Vinegar and Truffle Oil. Yep. Truffle Oil, not necessarily spelled in caps, but hey.....

Jennifer Lopez and Co. have slipped the Bronx their own version of a Turkey-bird. Shame On Jenny

So you think Gossip is bad for you? Just wait. Read this: Psst. Have You Heard?

Sometimes there ARE happy endings. Time To Shop

When will the GOP stop debating and just kick that can down the road like they always do? Yawn

Why am I not surprised that Newt-the-Internal-Nuke would go Dickens on us? Clean Your School, Stat!

I knew rats were good for something. Sniff-Sniff

Speaking of rats. Now It Really Begins

You are not alone in Thanksgiving Hell. Oh, The Horror!

For those who live elsewhere in the world and have absolutely no interest in the yearly Turkey slaughter and overweight people slumping on couches to watch other overweight people run around a football field in tight little outfits that are unflattering to the bulging stomach's of everyone but the Quarterback, enjoy whatever it is that you normally do when America shuts down for a few days. Perhaps a sigh of relief is in order?

After all, isn't the busy center of the Universe right here in the USA? Says who? Just ask anyone in Congress. They seem to think they know it all. Which means, of course, that they know nothing. Hubris is ugly, isn't it?

Until tomorrow....

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Street Art of the Day

The Mysterious Banksy


By Wooden Shjips

The Unnecessary Committee

The U.S. political landscape remains in the same impasse-ive state it has been in for the past 11 months, specifically, over 3 years in full. Is anyone surprised that the Super Committee could not find agreement on the Bush Tax Cuts in particular? That 12 people met in a room, 6 from each party, and were unable to unlock the rigid, in-your-face feek-yew mindset of the GOP in any form these days?

And why am I blaming the Republicans? Obviously, the Democrats didn't budge on their positions, either. The difference is that at least the Dem's have laid out a budget plan with numerous compromises, whereas the GOP are stuck on one point and one point only: Don't mess with our backers who are in the 1% and raise their taxes because we want to keep our jobs although we aren't doing anything constructive for it since our main concern is to regain political power so that everything will go our way just like it used to go in the misty old days of Georgie-Poo and Ronnie-Goo. That means NO TAX CUTS FOR OUR OVERLORDS! And we will huff and puff and blow this country down to make it so!

A pox on all of you fools.

Just look at what incredible damage is being, and has been, done to this once decent country because a small group of wingnuts were voted into Congress with nothing less than treason on their minds. The Super Committee had to be created precisely because of Congress' inability get a bloody thing done on the budget as well as job creation. The stonewalling tactics are nothing but sinister. The "freshmen" crazies in Congress would never call themselves "Traitors." They are "Patriots" doncha' know? Yeah, sure. "Patriots." It's more like they are the U.S. version of Al Qaeda.

Sit back, read, absorb, and recoil if you must. So What Else Is New

Monday, November 21, 2011

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Banksy
Format - Stencils

Video of the Day

Another This & That

Random thoughts for mild flogging on a Monday morning:

While watching Dexter this season on Showtime, I've been wondering why Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter's characters seem to have more scenes together, as well as an overall higher focus on Carpenter's every-other-word-is-f##k "Debra", now that in real life Hall and Carpenter have divorced. Some kind of divorce agreement by chance? Obviously to Carpenter's advantage. I'm not feelin' it at all this season because of the unlikeability of Carpenter's character in general, and now more of her repellent personality in nearly every scene.

Move over, Stephen Hawking. There are millions of people who would love to get out now if they could! Info: Time To Leave Earth

On to tabloid crime: Okay. So Lana Wood, sister of actress Natalie Wood, indicates that her sister's death was never fully investigated, and that she doesn't believe Natalie "fell" from the boat, and that the entire truth has not been revealed with regard to details surrounding the supposed "accidental drowning" of Natalie Wood in November, 1981 in the deep dark sea by Catalina Island.

At the same time she lobs her feelings, perceptions in the direction of a "cover-up," she is extremely careful to make sure everyone knows how much she loves "RJ" aka Robert Wagner, and is not pointing the deadly finger his way. Excuse me? Lana doesn't think Natalie "fell" and hurt herself against the dinghy and main boat? Huh? Read the details: Lana Thinks WHAT?

The above will have to be the end of my random thoughts for the moment. Unexpected guests on the way. 

Have a wonderful Monday.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Street Art of the Day

Artist - n/a
Location - Melbourne
Format - Stencil

Tranquility In A Rainy Mood

Who Deserves A Flog Today?

Of course I'll flog all of the police and security officers and their superiors in the U.S. and all other countries where peaceful OCCUPY-in-spirit gatherings end in empty arrests and increasingly hostile activities by the "authorities."  It is never a good idea to take aggressive action against large groups unless there is a viable, legit reason for arrests and heavy-handed actions. The pepper-spraying atrocity at UC Davis in California is a perfect example of overkill. At least two of the offending officers have been suspended - for now. Even The Christian Science Monitor agrees: Bad Blood

Friday, November 18, 2011

Street Art of the Day

Artist - "Above"
Location - Miami, FL
Format - Mural

What's Going On?

Who Deserves A Flog Today?

Farcebook, aka Facebook, is on the end of the Flogging Whip today now that what many have suspected for a while has come to light: FB not only tracks its user's web browsing habits, but also those who simply pop in to look at someone's page despite the fact that the lurker is not a FB member. In non-virtual life, such an activity would be akin to, let's say, a non-member of a "Member's Only" shopping facility/company who wanders through the huge warehouse with a friend who is a member, but is only looking around. When the non-member exits the building, unknown to them, a shadowy figure begins to follow them wherever they go in order to learn of their habits so that, in future, "The Company" could/can provide personal information to co-horts who are willing to pay for such information for a variety of reasons. Creepy, isn't it? Being followed? Watched? Your personal preferences in/about every single aspect of your life you thought was private is constantly recorded and monitored by the shadowy figure you never see. 

For further details: Hey Zuckerberg! WTF?

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Extra! Extra! Excess! Excess!

OMG! OMG! Ashton and Demi are divorcing! How can this be? They were so in lurve! Who would have ever expected this outcome?

For proof, go to any news-related website and it will be on the front page.

I'm still reeling! <g>

Click on the above image for a GIF view.

Street Art of the Day

Bad Taste

The Disunited Colors of Very Wrong

It appears that it's time for me to flex one of my very few Conservative Muscles and flog the advertising agency of the clothing brand, The United Colors of Benetton. Odd that I would do so today, of all days, as I happen to be wearing a Benetton sweater that I've had for years which has now been turned into a section of my wardrobe that I wear only around the house as it has stretched into a near mini skirt over time, yet is still nice and warm and not ripped or stained.

In reviewing the news, I stumbled on an article regarding the recent Benetton campaign which shows male world leaders kissing each other on the lips. Now, in one sense, that's a slightly nifty way to gain attention, and the supposed "We are all One" message is global and positive.

BUT, as much as I have thousands of issues with the Catholic Church, I don't think creating an image of the Pope kissing another man (no matter what and who he is) to be in very good taste. Not that The United Colors of Benetton has been a tower of Political Correctness in many of their controversial ad campaigns, but using any religious leader in an ad campaign in a position of compromise for shear shock and talk value is going too far.

Thankfully, the ad is under fire from the Vatican and the offending images have been/will be removed. Here is the skinny: The Kiss of Yeck!

It's enough that ad agencies around the world are sexing-up children's commercials; creating more "Women As Hos' " ads for print and all other mediums. Now we have what just happened.

Beyond the use of the Pope and other global figures for sales-generated purposes, how would you feel if a picture of you was used without your permission (if you were/are a public figure) kissing someone - anyone - you would never even hug?

Now that's more than gross.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

WTF Are They Sayin'?

Is Pippa Wild About Harry?

Running late today. Between PT, overseeing home maintenance personnel for more plumbing issues, and a ton of calls from a variety of sources that could not be set aside, I have been attempting to write a coherent sentence for hours now. Alas, I think I may have uninterrupted writing time long enough to share a fluffy little tidbit or two..... This time courtesy of the tabloids' latest blaring headlines (or sidelines, depending on which piece of trashy-trash is involved).

So tell me. Do you care that Pippa Middleton (Kate's sister in case you forgot) is single now that her super snobby aristocratic former boyfriend has supposedly shown her the door while (presumably) asking for the return of keys to his manor that he gave to her only a short while ago? Yep. Just as I thought. You could give a fine twit in a twat about it, right?

Unfortunately for many, Pippa's love life has England in either one large yawn or all a-twitter (literally and figuratively) because wouldn't it be loverly if she and Prince Harry steamed-up the windows at Balmoral and other grandiose locales with a "let's keep it in the family" romp or hundreds? How such a coupling would bring tears of joy to magazine editors on both sides of the Pond, providing a new "IT" couple for the masses to use as the latest escape from their own lives, although in most cases, the info provided is erroneous information at the worst; misleading headlines at the best.

Frankly, beyond Pippa being Kate Middleton's sister, why is she in the news at all? What does she do other than walk around with paps following her almost-every move while she wears unflattering clothing while attempting to be just the "common" girl that she is? Of course, "everyone" believes (and could be correct) that she wants to marry "up" and no other fellow will do unless he bears a title or position of some sort that is impressive to all of the wrong people.

There is nothing new in that line of romantic/coupling attack. It's been going on forever. Marry well (whether one is a male or female); ensure future security with an heir to carry on a pure blood line...for what, I ask? Why does anyone other than a "Royal" need a pure bloodline? What century are we in?

Certainly marriage is a sacred institution, isn't it? I mean, when reading about how many people jump all over "adulterers" and "homewreckers" and the constant blah-blah-blah over matrimonial sanctity, one would think it was all about love. Well, even in this century it isn't so. Money matters. Position matters. That's why Donald Trump gets married all the time. The woman marries him for money, he marries for their appearance and how well they will look on his arm.

But the majority of people roll their eyes and let serial marriage-er's off the hook most of the time, don't they? Don't you let yourself feel all OK if you've been divorced and married more than once? Sure you do. Cuz' that's just how it goes if one's "other half" turns out to be utterly "wrong" for us (or we for them).

However, dare anyone to suggest that allowing homosexuals to marry is NOT wrong, NOT a sin, and completely against the spirit of marriage, the guns come out defending marriage at every turn because "the Bible tells us so."

Hmmm. What does the Bible say about divorce?

Oh no. I've veered completely off track from a simple snark over the focus on Pippa. Now here I am repeating what has been said thousands of times concerning the right for all to marry...especially when many gay couples who wish to join under law want to do so for love more than for money (although the co-health insurance element doesn't hurt).

Oh well. There is more to come on that focus, now isn't there? Meanwhile, let's let Pippa and Harry figure out their own course, shall we? Do we really need to pump up the "Royal" factor more than it already is? I don't think so. Entertaining they can be. Utterly boring they often are.

How in the world do I exit this rambling post?

I gather I'll just say farewell for today and hope I haven't led anyone astray.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Arsenic And Old Grace

Oh no! Jane Austen was murdered????? See: Mr. D'Arcy did it!

Why would I suggest such a thing? Well, because our swoon-worthy D'Arcy still couldn't handle the social-financial chasm between his uber lurve for the engaging Miss Elizabeth Bennett and the pressures placed upon him to marry the little cretin planned for him when he was mere lad.

Oh, my bad. 

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Conflicting Attributions
Location - London
Format - 3D - Chalk

Poor Poor Pitiful Me

Warning: This Post Is All About Me

Man-oh-Man, am I in a pissy mood today! That's right. You've clicked your way into another blog of possibly no interest to you whatsoever when it involves reading about non-world news/celebrity stuff. Yes, I wrote "stuff" because I am not in the mood to find other words. 

And what, per chance, has addled my furry brain into an "Off with their heads" attitude on what I can only admit is a glorious sunshiny day in California? Are you ready for the admission?

I am tired of living in pain, and I'm growing tired of being tired from the energy it takes to live this way for now, although I know my situation is supposedly temporary and many, many people live in horrific pain every day and may have to do so until the end of their lives.

My hip/leg situation is mending on track by all accounts. I can walk around with a cane and sometimes without one around the house. But the thing is, there comes a time in one's post-surgery recovery where one becomes impatient to get back to the mobility they once had, as well as days when you simply don't want to get out of bed. Today I didn't, but I did anyway.

And despite the many cute little posts I've made over the months where someone is always falling asleep, I rarely sleep in and whether or not I have some place to go, I always get up and go about whatever it is I need to do on any given day.

When the ability to even sweep a dirty floor, keep clothing neatly stacked in a closet shelf, becomes an overwhelming task, one either accepts the limitation with aplomb or, eventually, gets either mad or begins a pity party for themselves that, of course, doesn't aid a positive attitude for healing.

At the same time, in reading of the experiences of many people who are going through the same recovery process that I am undergoing, I realize how fortunate I have been to have (by near "accident") one of the top Orthopedic surgeons in the country responsible for my partial hip replacement due to a serious fracture combined with a blood clot and a still irritating Sciatic nerve problem. So, yes, I am fortunate in the midst of what many may deem to be misfortune.

But I'm still human. I have emotions. And I'm also dealing with what now appears to be a small stress sprain (or worse) on my right wrist from the crutching around for four weeks on what I eventually discovered was a fractured hip (along with the post-op crutching) when everyone else responsible for my care focused only on the blood clot and the fact that I had a very bad pinched nerve that brought with it as much, if not more, pain than both of my broken legs as a teenager. (Run over by a car while riding a bicycle when I was 13 with 3 surgeries and two months hospitalized in traction, then at 15 another broken leg from a car accident requiring two more months in traction on the other leg.)

That all sounds so painful, doesn't it? And I'm bringing it up not in the least for your sympathy. I am writing about it because I am more than a bit angry and also sad that my life has been full of accidents (beyond what I just wrote) that required crutches and slings, but no arrows, thank God. I've had so many X-rays one should be able to see the radiation outline of me in the darkness of night. See that glow? It's Shauna!

As much as I have had miracles in my life with incredible moments in love, career, friendships and being in the "right" place at the "right" time and meeting many of my lifetime heroes/idols, I see how oddly balanced my karma is. For every great moment, there has been total agony. I am a trooper and I barely cry over physical pain. I will, of course, fall apart if a relationship ends, or if my bank account suddenly falls to zero. But I am known for handling the other half of the pain quite well.

Today I simply woke up to a throbbing pain that apparently is normal in recovery, but then looked around at my room, floor covered in bits of white feathers from a recent rip in my comforter that is currently without its duvet coupled with tiny leaves from the balcony and what visitors traipse in from the leaf-covered driveway, then caned into the other part of the house to stumble on debris in the hallway and foyer that sent me into a funk. I cannot clean it up, and the cleaning people aren't scheduled this month...and, if you don't know by now, I'm quite the neat freak. If my environment is funky, I will eventually fall into a funk.

One nice thing is that my extremely busy housemate stopped all work for a half hour and took care of the mess. But I am frustrated that I cannot do many of these things myself. Don't get me wrong. I loathe housework. But more than that, I loathe dirt and clutter. And more than even that, I dislike feeling too tired to tackle the small things I once did in a flash.

Perhaps this self-focused post won't fall on totally deaf ears. If you know anyone who is recuperating from major surgery and is facing a 6 month recovery and needs a little "misery loves company" send them here so they know they aren't alone.

I know I'll get better. I'm less than 5 weeks from surgery. And I have at least two months of serious self and PT care-taking before rounding-out at the total recovery timeframe mentioned above.

But we all have our good and bad days, and today I am flogging something I have some (but not a lot of) control over = my body's pace of healing.

In a few hours I hope to be less pissy and on my way to doing what I can to bring parts of my life back together in a way that will help me feel less discouraged. For now, after much deliberation on what today's focus would be, I couldn't find anything that upsets me more than how I feel that's it for now.

Hopefully Herman Cain will continue to provide fodder for a future post so that those of you who stopped by will get a bit of entertainment out of a presidential hopeful who barely remembered what happened in Libya.


Monday, November 14, 2011

Different Art of the Day

Artist - Kiryu
Location - Japan
Format:  Murals  - Paint

A Different Kind of Music Video

Monday's Touchdowns and Punts

As far as I am concerned, the news today - from actual NEWS-NEWS to political yammerings and celebrity "shocker's" is a true yawn. Am I jaded? Probably. Or simply bored. Or both.

Are you growing tired of the constant focus on Penn State? Not the subject of child sexual abuse, per se', but the "religion of football as religion" shining light on the dark locker rooms of that once hallowed institution? I am. Enough about Penn State. Enough about Joe Paterno's son crying at Saturday's game because his father could not be there? Boring.

What isn't boring about this debacle is how these tawdry scandals bring with it/them is an awareness parents need to revisit when it involves paying attention to the adults who are close to their children. How to find a balance between donning complete unfounded paranoia that all caring-toward-children-adults are pedophiles in sheep's clothing, and learning to keeping an eye and ear open for any behaviour changes their child may exhibit following time spent with the caring, supportive adult, is key to the issue. How to NOT over-react and how to NOT be an completely trusting parent is the challenge.

But by Monday morning - right now - I have turned on the TV and found most of the "soft" and "hard" news programs leading with this story...still focusing only on Penn State when this problem exists all over the world in a variety of institutions.

It also is ridiculous that following the newly-tired subject of Penn State, reputable news outlets are going into "Breaking News" territory with the recent revelation by George Clooney that a spine accident a few years ago caused him to contemplate suicide due to agony he was experiencing until successful surgery saved his day - if not his life.

Now, anyone contemplating suicide is worth a bit of compassion, but a SHOCKING, HEADLINE-GRABBING story about one of Hollywood's more debonair and talented actors behaving like a human being is indicative of how truly vapid and slow the news cycle is today.

It gets worse when another headline in print (and a few via visual mediums) are taking the Kim Kar-Kash-In's latest brew-ha-ha seriously enough to tell us how she is being sued because she really doesn't use the hair removal product she pitches somewhere on TV - a commercial I have (thankfully) never seen. The very idea of thinking about facial and body hair on the wax figure of a narcissistic famous-for-nothing thingy-person is more than a tad nauseating to accompany my morning tea.

In addition to the above show-stoppers, lacking anything of genuine interest to most of the world, we now are hit with gasping information that Brad Pitt claims to exit his place in front of the camera when he is 50 to spend more time producing strange projects he chooses to waste a studio's resources on. Wow! I mean, Wow! An ageing actor is waving a white flag 3 years in advance so that when we no longer see his constantly changing face on a film poster we won't get the serious sads.

Sorry to tell you, Mr. Pitt, but many of us have been getting the sads every time we see a new picture of you these days. We thought your hobo beard stage a year ago was bad enough. Now you don't seem to ever wash your hair and are losing weight at the rate of a junkie after a week's binge. You look weird, dear fellow. Even your recent interviews are bizarre. Did someone slip you a few happy pills? Where did your usual scowl go? Could it be that you are happy? It's always nice to see happy's just that you are acting a bit TOO happy, if you know what I mean.

But, there I go making more out of the vapidity than necessary. However, I had to toss in a few of the latest changes that are circling the Interwebs of late to fill out the story just like so many are filling out their faces.


And finally, over the weekend the masses were informed that Herman Cain announced he was "Called by God" to run for president. Is that so, Mr. Cain? Well, you may need to have a little one-on-one with God because according to Michelle Bachmann, she too was "called by God" to run for the same job. Either God is confused or he mis-dialed.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Street Art of the Day

Artist - n/a

Image Via: Street Art Utopia

Nice Tunes For Falling Asleep

Sunday Break II

In honour of Sunday, following a week of strong Physical Therapy, I'm taking some time to rest by following one of the worst habits I've fallen into: watching bad movies = stupid, frothy, direct-DVD kind of things. Were I to watch something with substance, I believe I'd need to go through my classics collection for Kate Hepburn, Cary Grant and company.

Enjoy your Sunday. Get out of the house for my sake, if nothing else! And if you have two legs that work, take a long walk and appreciate each step. I'll be there eventually. 


Saturday, November 12, 2011

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Banksy
Location - London
Format - Stencils/Paint


How Hot Potatoes Can Burn

The morning has been lost on me as I have spent most of it (and part of the afternoon thus far) doing my I-Net Reading Rounds. One site led me into a very interesting, albeit disturbing, piece of legal information. It could be a perfect blueprint for "passing the buck."

For those who are curious about the Penn State sexual abuse scandal involving former defensive coach Jerry Sandusky and an array of key players who knew just how much, and when, and why everyone was covering-up for an obvious pedophile, the recent Grand Jury findings are at your fingertips for a very clear trail of who didn't do what and who did do something but still did nothing in the end. Got that?

In basic words, the entire scandal was too hot to handle. Those who knew what was going on had a theoretical on-fire football on their hands that they all preferred to keep in the air by continually passing it from one player to another until someone found a way to temporarily let it hit the ground and roll into obscurity far behind the goalpost in a tangle of weeds.

Until recently.

Check this out: The Jury's Findings Aren't So Grand

After reading what you can of the above, you'll discover how long the list has become of those who should be flogged.

Story will indeed be continued...

Friday, November 11, 2011

Who Deserves A Flog Today?

Joe Paterno, Penn State's iconic football coach, is the man of the hour in the flogging spot of the nation, as well as parts of the world. First off, it's still amazing how Americans revere football and those who coach the game. Good to provide kudos where deserved, but Paterno was in line for a Medal of Honor or something like that? For what? Coaching a game? I mean, did he go out and heroically save lives on a battlefield? It's wonderful to have sports to bring people together; to challenge physical and strategic prowess, as is the case in all sports. It is another to blindly place these icons on so high a pedestal that their failings come as a shock. These are only human beings, remember, and, unfortunately for many, Mr. Paterno turned away from further direct involvement with what he knew would be the undoing of his best friend if word got out that young boys were being used for the BFF's sick pleasure. 

Yet, tough spot to be in and everything, as with what went down with the Catholic Church, those in the higher positions have to account for the actions of those they supervise. Somehow, in the male-bonding world of Priests and Sports, it's always too easy for the guys to turn away and pretend it isn't happening. There is some kind of unspoken code, isn't there? Certainly looks that way to me.

Street Art of the Day

 Artist - n/a

Location - Barcelona

Terra Incognita

The Truth Be Told?

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Different Sort of Art of the Day

Return To Innocence

Brain Freeze vs Brain Tease

It is back to the empty "I'm sorry's" or an "OOPS!" coupled with a mega-media interview onslaught of the morning shows billowing out of the mouths of the GOP hopefuls following gaffe after gaffe for days.

Herman Cain continues to shoot himself in the foot over whether he did or did not know the woman who publicly denounced his alleged unwanted sexual advances in a recent press conference. Then he described former Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, "Princess Nancy" in another hot air, eloquently delivered, "off the cuff" remark during a speech yesterday and today admittedly "apologized" for the clever marketing and PR machinations he pulled with that remark only because he wanted the press to stop asking him about it, not really because he felt sorry for slapping at Pelosi with a subtle sexist innuendo. Yeah. He said that.

And then there is poor Rick Perry. I say "poor" because the guy is as empty as a pioneer's hollow wooden leg and blunders around the debates each time with the unsteady swagger of a guy who loves attention but is about as mature and knowledgeable as a toddler. There is something so boyish and young about him I cant ignore. It could be considered charming, but in a potential president it's dumb-foundingly scary. Little children have wandering fingers and one of his could end up punching numbers on the Red Phone just for ole' hell of it, ya' know?

What a lineup the GOP has to deal with this time around in the primary race! If Obama can't beat whoever they send out to duel with the incumbent, then he will deserve to lose. The only positive I can see in such an upset is if Romney is the sacred cow - he isn't as crazed as his other GOP counterparts, and, because he has changed his positions on keys issues (abortion, healthcare) over the years, even the GOP isn't sure if he's really a Republican or just an opportunistic politician who will float where the polling winds go.

Hey, I'd live with that over "off with their heads" Michelle Bachmann and Mr. I Contradict Myself In Every Sentence I Utter Herman Cain.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Street Art of the Day

Artist - n/a
Title: Swarm

The Scientist

I Give Up And Give In

Okay. Alright. The majority rules on the changes I've been making over the last week to the blog. The response by regular readers who are friends has been quite brutal no matter what direction the design went: Dark, light, etc. "I won't read your blog again if it looks like that!" "Oh God, it looks like a Goth site!" "Yeck! It looks like the interior of a hospital."

So, here we are. Almost back to the original template with a few small changes thus far.

I was attempting to make a change for several reasons: In truth, I become bored easily and was hoping to refresh elements I cannot use in the original template for accents. Then I ran into problems with including the slide show and other widgets. A change was also something I wanted to do in order to utilize a template without "Comment" posting glitches that exist in this template and have not yet been found for repair.

However, each new change came with yet another challenge that sent me down colour and design roads I also felt uneasy about. So, for now, it's back to the woodshed look and basic simplicity until I can ease into a template the majority will approve. Believe me, if I was committed to any of the earlier designs I would stay with it, but I'm flexible - especially when told by people I love "I hate it! Get back to the original for now!"

I gather web design is not my future career.

Once more I thank everyone for your patience. At least the readership has remained consistent during these weird days of change.

Now, onward to the purpose of the blog - to flog and share music and art.

I'm now off to the woodshed once more for a moment of self-flogging for the hell of it.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Back To School - Sorta

There are so many amusing, bitchy, educational and WTF stories today.

While I struggle with annoying CSS/HTML issues that I insist on learning and doing myself via tips from those who have been down this hellish programming road before, I thought a few links that could make some of you laugh, others queef, would be better than my attempts to write anything except complaints about how seemingly simple things (like properly spacing widgets and gadgets on a website) are ridiculously difficult in various formats.
Suggested Reading/Viewing/Lurking

Bitchy Celebrity Fun - J-Lo's Moment to Shine, MM Is Rolling In Her Grave
Weird World News -  A Throne By Any Other Name
Politics As Unusual - Occupation Nation
WTF? Sweet? Odd? - Love Is Blind

Optical Illusion

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Kurt Wenner
Format - 3D - Chalk

Monday, November 7, 2011

Who Deserves A Flog Today?

Herman Cain gets the Flog today for continuing to prove that even men in small positions of power still treat women like trash...if we are to believe his latest accuser. Groping a woman who has come to you for help in getting a job, pushing her head down to the lower level of your pelvis for special favours, is beyond crass. In addition, Gloria Allred must face the Flogging Whip for accepting yet another high profile client where Gloria can prove once again that there isn't a news camera she doesn't love. Not that she doesn't help many of the women who go to her for representation. It is simply the fact that Ms. Allred has a corner on the market for wronged females in compromising positions. I'd love to see someone else standing beside one of these women in the future, if for nothing else than a bit of diversity. See: More of the Same?


Street Art of the Day

Artist - Banksy
Location - London

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Oh No! I'm Not Perfect!

Oh No! I've OVER-GEEKED and now I have a template most of my friends hate...but many readers like.

Consider this blog a challenging gift from the I Ching - Book of Changes. Everything changes.



Lost In Geekdom

Hello there. No direct flogs today as I have been immersed in computer Geekland for two days and suddenly realized that it's time for a blog post. 

It's easy to get lost in one's work if you enjoy what you're doing. Apparently, I absolutely enjoy making new websites and all that goes with it - even when changing CSS and HTML codes are involved. Or setting up more social media accounts. Or learning why my site is not validated by an RSS feed but is validated by another. Or building a new widget for my blog to go on another site I am creating that will eventually accompany this blog - and vice versa.

Exciting stuff! Who would have believed that I would have as well as find my Inner Geek and have to be pried by the outside world to return to it from time to time.

Sometimes I forget to get up and walk (or crutch/cane) around. Lucky for my overly-intense focus on whatever project I have going at any given time at the moment that I need to move around for the recovery process from hip surgery and require ice packs - a fairly decent trek from my back room to the freezer in the kitchen - or else I would become a very stiff statue-like presence on my loveseat aka New Office Spot.

Yep. After almost 8 weeks of barely having a moment's comfort sitting down, I have finally found a place that likes me and I it. Now my office chair has become my footstool for leg elevation while my lap virtually holds my laptop with a nifty textured pillow as the "desk" as I sink back against my new "bed armchair pillow" in the soft yet slightly firm cushions of my bedroom couch.

There is nothing like finding physical comfort following a long period of discomfort. Those seemingly small elements of life we take for granted until the Universe sends us challenge in that area. I will never take physical comfort as a given anymore. It is a gift.

Anyhow, I've spent too much sitting this morning, so it is time to get up and walk with the fugly yet extremely practical 4-footed cane I am currently using now that the crutches have gone back to their storage space. After a few cane-assisted walk-abouts of the house, I'll return to my primary room and fall into another few hours of Geek-related creativity while also adding to the slideshow for the new site.

Gotta say I'm in a tiny corner of heaven today. It's been raining. Then it stops and the sun comes out for a short while before another round of rain drops down upon the roof, giving my new physical comfort zone a sweet feeling of cozy.

Just the way I like it on a quiet Sunday.

Will be back soon with Flogging Whip in tow.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Street Art of the Day

Artist - n/a
Location - England
Format - Semi-realism using Spray Paint