Sunday, June 30, 2013

Some Kind of Art of the Day

Hot Fun In The Summertime

The Weekly Fluff

Before the extreme heat turns my abode into a Sweat Lodge again today (the A/C suddenly doesn't feel like doing its job) and my Typing Fingers become too hot to handle, I'll quickly run through the Best Fluff I can remember from the past week. One of the primary bits of Celeb Gossipy stuff I find horrendous is the news that some idiot person in Florida decided to provide Little Justin Beaverland with the gift of Another Pet Monkey he can dump on another country during his travels throughout The Big Wild World. 

The main question is: did Justin finally locate his new toy? Last news I read was that he may have "lost" his new prisoner friend prior to jetting-off to more places where little girls who do not know better will cry and weep when he finally decides to arrive on stage (if he doesn't trip on his diaper pants along the way).

Next in line is how Lady Gag-Gag sang the National Anthem a cappella at NYC's Gay Pride Event, her first public performance since retreating to what had been my world last year of recuperating from hip surgery with endless Physical Therapy and re-learning how to walk. She looked refreshed (some people are saying in more ways than one with a new nose, perhaps? New "fillers" for her face in general? A new wig of simple fashion rather than wearing a dead animal or their nests on her head). Whatever, she did sing well and lifted the spirits of the already seriously lifted LGBT Community with her supportive speech followed by the anthem. Her detractors want her to return to "hiding" and complain that she only showed-up for PR. Okay. So what else is new? At least she showed-up.

By now you may have read how Tommy Cruise apparently rocked Cher's world many a millennium-ago before the CO$ tied his cojones to their bank account, thus removing whatever prowess he may have had in a woman's bed. Just ask Katie Homes. I don't think he ever rocked her world if we are to review her Sad Face pictures during their contract marriage. Oh Cher! I bet Tommy is flying higher than usual on his Alien Wings now that a Still Hot Diva has validated his sexuality. Really, Cher? I thought your audience was primarily comprised of gay men. Hmmmm.

Paula Deen… Yep. Paula Deen. Need I write/say more?

According to a flurry of Blind Items, not one married and/or Handsome Guy In Showbiz is faithful to his spouse/partner – straight or gay. Everyone, it seems, is having sex on the side with half of Hollywood, Manhattan, Colorado, Florida, The Hamptons, any alley in any city, any bathroom in any club, every car or limo they are ever riding within, every hotel they check into, and on and on. If so, once again I must say, "So what else is new"?

According to several "sources" Jennifer Anal-Stone and Justin Theroux may be having a wee bit of trouble pulling That Wedding together. Yep. I doubt that anyone who has followed this romance is surprised to read that Justin wants to spend more time in his stomping grounds of NYC, while the Totally West-Coast Oriented Aniston isn't having it! If true, someone needs to sit Miz Cabo-California down and remind her that marriages/relationships usually involve a little thing called "compromise." But then, that's what's being "said" – I don't know if it's true, do you? If so, do you even care?

And here we go again with more Brad Pitt gossip, which, in truth, isn't Real Gossip, just an increasing cacophony of jeers by former and current fans, bloggers, etc. who are now calling the once "Hunk" a "Chunk" as he gains weight in obvious places such as his face and stomach. The culprits? Excessive drinking combined with "no time" to work out and a diet of junky food as he roams the world to promote his Zombie Film, WWZ.

It's almost sad to see what's happened to the once Pretty Boy since he became a Sudden Father of six and a possible Caretaker to his Significant Other-worldly Partner, Mizzy Jolie. Tsk. Time to rest, Mr. Pitt, and stop eating Fast Food when you aren't "too busy" for a healthy diet. La Jolie likes her men trim and fit, even when they look like Billy Bob Thornton. That guy was skinny!

Writing of "skinny" and Angelina Jolie's assumed body-type preference, many Jolie-Watchers still want to feed her before the flesh begins to crumble into nothing but a series of Veins. C'mon, Angie! Have a burger, okay? they say. A "Burger"? Nah! How about a mountain of carbs mixed with anything Paula Deen would make?

On that slightly sassy note, it's time to go before the heat begins to slowly kill my laptop. It's sensitive to outside influences, just like its owner.

Have a happy day – and stay inside or in the ocean or pool should you live in the American Southwest. "They" say today will be even hotter than yesterday. Ouch!

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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Unusual Art of the Day

Format - Wallpaper
Medium - Fractal Fire Art

Too Darn Hot

Who Deserves a Flog Today?

Hello there. The Flogging Whip once more turns its lashing attention on me as the Culprit today, because I slept-in very late - highly unusual - awaking not at all prepared to write the usual Saturday fare of The Weekly Fluff, as the week has not been at all Fluffy. Just the opposite. In addition, despite air conditioning and fans whirling around in each room of the house, it is 90 degrees inside and over 100 outside. I'm having a natural steam-sauna experience without going to a spa. My skin will look lovely by the end of the day and my organs will have been fully detoxed from excessive sweating. 

Umm. How attractive to know, eh? I've always been classy that way.

Thus, what I'm "saying" is that it's too hot to write, to think clearly, to move around without gasping for cool air, and I won't be stretching the grey cells to find ways in which to entertain you or myself on this Extremely Hot Day in L.A. Even my most vocal and prolific Facebook Friends are staying away from exercising their typing fingers from Heat Fatigue. Those who live near the beach are probably in the ocean and romping on the shoreline with their dogs. Or have stronger air conditioners and are staying inside their cool havens doing whatever they do when they are "inside." But one thing they're not doing very much of right now is Social Media-ing. It's just too damn hot to be pleasant or sociable. If you think I'm over-reacting, read THIS.

So, I'll bid a temporary adieu to you for the day while I spend most of the time dodging the flashy lashes of The Whip in its anger over my bail-out, and will, instead, stand in front of the Open Freezer Door for a few minutes to find relief.

Until tomorrow, have a wonderful whatever, and, as always, thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Street Art of the Day - Redux

Info TBA

(You) Keep Me Hanging On

Filibuster Bluster with Butter on the Snide & More …

Holy Gee-Whiz-Wow! Do we have Major Newz going on in The States this week or what? And "they" said the summer would be boring…whoever the "They's" are. Well, it's not one bit boring. We have Texas Gubner-Of-No-Brains, Rick Scary-Perry, bashing a lawful and legitimate filibuster of one of his brilliant ideas to shut down almost all abortion clinics in Texas by trashing the now famous Texas Senator, Super Filibusterer, Wendy Davis, for having a child in her teens. (See article HERE)

What disgraceful "Cheap shots" by a man of Supposed Moral Integrity at Davis because she followed The Rules Of Filibuster for 11 hours, thus blocking the hateful bill. Mr. Perry now wants to call a "Special Session" on the very same issue to gain His Way despite a lawful act that "should" be the end of the antiquated War On Women's Bodies that Texas Republicans want. It's always so obvious when the GOPer's don't get their way that the first rule of Biz is to trash, in the most egregious manner, the person(s) who triumphed.

You want to know something? A person's character can be seen in how they handle defeat. Thus far, I have not seen any "character" in the New GOP since a Bi-Racial/"Black"/African-American Democrat became President of the United States.

Next, of course, is the fall of DOMA, along with California's Prop 8 Anti-Gay Marriage Hate. Much going on there if one views the front pages of almost every newspaper in the country…except for yesterday when the San Francisco Chronicle, of all papers in any places, neglected to print one word about the SCOTUS Decisions. Hello there, SF! Did someone at the paper forget about National and Local Newz while Castro Street was filling-up with Happy Campers to celebrate the victories? Puzzling, isn't it?

And then there is Poor Ole' Paula Deen's sobfest on Today where she made sure we could see that she's simply a Good Old Girl Like You & Me and suddenly doesn't use a stylist to coif her hair per usual, thus looking like a withered stump on the rump of a chipmunk. (Yep. I wrote that and it stays.) She "I is what I is" doncha know? So, do we forgive her or what now that almost any company associated with her is running for them there hills where she hides all of her slaves just to get rid of the stench of Bigotry and, more importantly, save their $ Bottom Line by no longer doing the following: carrying/sponsoring/supporting/distributing her "products."

Frankly, my opinion is that had she been accused of just using the N Word, things wouldn't be going so bad for that Belle Of The South's Nasty Mouth, but the surrounding issues of harassment in the workplace at her restaurant; how her brother called one of the Black Workers his "Little Monkey" and, of course, the truly shameful idea of a Plantation Wedding with "Slaves" provides a larger picture of Bigotry, Hypocrisy and Insensitivity. I personally believe that all of us have said horrid things at various times in our lives. The problem with Deen's Debacle is bigger than one word supposedly used only "once" years ago. It's clear to me that the overall atmosphere around Deen's life has nailed that career coffin Big Time.

What else are we American's freaking-out or celebrating about these days?

Aside from how the week began with SCOTUS tossing a middle finger at The Voting Rights Act, racism/bigotry is the theme of the week be it a Gay or Race Issue. The Trayvon Martin Killing by Wannabee Wonderman George Zimmerman trial has finally begun and is going strong. Was he (Zimmerman) targeting a young Black Boy or not? Who was The Bad Guy? Who was on top during a "beating"? Whose voice is heard screaming for "Help"? You know, I don't care who hit who first. I simply believe that one does not shoot an unarmed person under any circumstances (again, unless you're Betty Broderick, et al) or, only if they have turned into a Vampire or some Evil Creature with ways in which to kill me first. Otherwise….

Obviously, Racial and General Bigotry has been coming to a head (sorry not) in the U.S. for quite some time. We are now hitting the space called Critical Mass. Gay Marriage (i.e.; – Equality) is now law in some ways on a Federal Level, although The States still hold the ultimate Power. But, progress has been made in such a long-fought battle. As "they" say, the fight isn't finished, but now has a stronger armory.

With regard to Racial Concerns, we have regressed in a Legal Sense. The fallout from the SCOTUS ruling on Monday has already begun. (Read THIS) Once again, I'll return to the trial of George Zimmerman (a whitish-Hispanic killing an unarmed Black Teen) because, subconsciously, ultimately, the jury's perception of his actions falls on whether or not he was Racial Profiling Trayvon Martin, which is a classic case/example of how far America and other countries have to go before any one of us can ever tolerate and accept our differences without allowing Fear and Rigid Belief's to cloud our Better Vision to Just Get Along. Disagree sometimes? Yes. Becoming violent or, aka Rick Perry, legally vengeful, is not the greatest answer to settling differences. None of us is ever "Right" all of the time.

Get used to being Imperfect, I say, and accept defeat with grace. On that note, have a wonderful whatever…

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Traditional Art of the Day

Out of Balance

Supreme Injustice

EDITED: 6/26

I. Just. Can't. with The U.S. Supreme Court on how they have now turned-back time to when Americans of a Certain Colour could not vote. Sure, "they" can vote now, but only after jumping through paper-laden hurdles, GOP sponsored obstacles, and recourse to legal action should they be dismissed, as it were, from voting, which would mean enormous legal fees to fight the court.

Beyond that, it is the immaturity of Grown People who are making Huge Decisions for the country that is more than rankling; it's offensive and disgusting. Read THIS to grasp how foolish one particular so-called "Justice" reacted to his female colleague today. Such is not the kind of behaviour anyone would expect from someone who holds so much power.

I wish we could hold a SCOTUS justice in Contempt of a Colleague and further Contempt for childish, obvious reactions.

Go back to the sandbox, most of you fools.

I have nothing more to write that isn't all over every page of every newspaper and newsworthy website today. I don't need to turn on the TV for more angry and horrified reactions by those who realize what the change in the Voting Rights Act will mean when the next national election occurs. The decision today is nothing more than sickening and a supreme disgrace.

And tomorrow? The ruling on DOMA and Prop 8? Don't hold your breath for a solid answer, I'm sorry to impart.

But then, I could be wrong. I hope I am.

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Monday, June 24, 2013

Different Visual "Art" of the Day

Medium - Photography
Image via: ???


Murder on My Mind

Good Monday Morning/Afternoon/Evening! Yesterday's Lazy-Fest of watching "Crappy Movies" became something entirely different than anticipated. Rather than "movies" on TV and avoiding boring newish films I could watch for free at home or elsewhere, the day became one of Investigative Murder Stories in a marathon fashion. Just what one needs to clear out all of the negativity swirling around in one's brain, eh?

Actually, I enjoy the shows that don't try to make murder "cute" and "likeable" as the soundtrack to several of those programs try a lilting, "clever" tone as if they are copying Desperate Housewives with a female narrator whose voice and delivery is exactly as the former TV hit's narrator sounded, as well as the "up to mischief" music so heavily associated with the show. Those out-of-touch techniques don't work for me. We're talking about Real Life Murders and severely torn lives, not a cutesy "Oh, and then he grabbed Sheila as she was walking home from school... (enter chirpy music) where she was then murdered and tossed into the desert like a Rag Doll to wither in the sun." (More chirpy music and narration in an "Up" tone.)

Nauseating, I tell you. However, not all of the programs I decided to waste my time watching were of the "aren't we cute" kind. I learn quite a bit from those programs – particularly if I intend to murder someone. First off, I know not to overact during a 911 call. That's the tip-off right there. OTT reactions I've heard usually lead to that person's guilt. Second, remember to wash your hands to get rid of gun shot residue if a gun is the weapon of choice, and if you must wash blood off your clothes, don't do it at home where CSI people can check your washing machine drains for blood. Also, don't leave your Killing Clothes in the Dryer, either. They are bound to create suspicion – especially if you're a guy who isn't known to wash his own clothing.

Try to leave the Scene Of The Crime with Both of your latex or cotton/wool gloves, rather than sloppily dropping one of them on the grounds of the murder. Oh, and remember to Wear Gloves in the first place and leave no hair fibers anywhere. A Hazmat Suit might be best for The Perfect Murder. Next, don't brag about your crime to anyone. They'll always tell someone else – even if it's twenty years later – and there are no Statutes Of Limitation on murder charges.

Yes indeed, much to learn on those shows for Budding Sociopaths and Psychopaths and Jealous Lovers. However, beyond the Classic Sickos, a seemingly "average" person can be pushed to their limits over money and custody battles with their spouse. Suggestion? Don't keep financial secrets from your partner (Biz Or Lover-Types) because chances are they will discover your impending financial ruin (which usually causes a Negative Effect on their own lives), and if Money Is Everything To Them you must either admit guilt or kill them to keep your Successful Reputation Intact.

Regarding Custody Issues, sorry, but you're on your own in that arena. I do feel that killing the annoying/hostile/revengeful/nasty/suspicious Ex for "the children's sake" is a piss-poor excuse for murder. It's a selfish act toward the kids, isn't it? You know, killing their mother/father and then, if caught, ending-up in prison forever where the supposed beloved children won't have anyone but strange relatives or Basic Strangers Via Foster Care who will raise them without you. Therefore, beyond being a really Sore Loser, one might want to rethink the plan to murder the Ex, yes?

Finally, one other thing I've learned while viewing personal mayhem play out on the Telly Screen is that, in the end, most of the time, Murder Isn't The Answer…unless you're Betty Broderick or Clara Harris. **

Now you know why I have chosen to be Single after many relationships. Yep. A few of you have truly dodged a bullet.

** Links for Betty B. and Clara Harris

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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Online Burn-out Sunday

Sometimes we spend too much time on computers and not enough watching crappy movies.
It's Crappy Movie Day!
See you tomorrow!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Different Art of the Day

Artist - David Gilliver
Format/Medium - Photography Time-Lapse Light Art with Painting
Location - English Channel

Gossip Folks

The Weekly Fluff

What in Holy Hell has been going on with The Populars/Un-Populars this past week? Two Big Celeb Newz stories were (and remain) Top Topics of Interest to the masses: the sudden death of the much-beloved James Gandolfini, and the abrupt firing of Mrs. Butternut, Paula Deen, from her Cash-Cow show on The Food Network, for being who she apparently is: a racist and/or an Insensitive, Obtuse Old Style Southern Woman, which, in many cases, is one and the same.

Beyond what Mizz Deen's future will be concerning her currently flat-lining TV career, you can be sure she won't be out of the spotlight for very long. Her fan base is huge and believe that she is being punished for telling the truth about her use of the N Word "in the past." Boycotting The Food Network is rising – at least according to the furious/angry fan remarks on the channel's Facebook Page And Twatter.

Good for her for having such loyalty from her Fellow Bigots Butter Lovers. I do believe she was and is devastated. If the use of the N word was a supposedly isolated thing in front of employees of colour, a few forgiving souls could accept her apology. But the problem is that the racist remarks and suggestions for Dancing Blacks dressed as Slaves to serve White Guests at a wedding weren't that far "in the past." Now the past has become due, as it were/was/always will be.

Beyond the above, how could The Weekly Fluff ignore the absurd name Kim Kar-Kash-In and her Always Looking Angry Although He Thinks He's Jesus Con-Yay West gave to their Little Baby – "North"? You've read about that, I'm sure. How could you miss the headlines? What you may not know is that Anna Wintour, our Fav Walking Mannequin, was the first to suggest that precise name when she actually deigned to speak to Kim K after the pregger's announcement. A few writers/bloggers think Mizz Winter-In-Her-Heart was just kidding (as if she knows how to laugh at all); however, it's quite apparent that Kanye will bow down to the House Of Wintour in a flash. I mean, he MUST be invited to all of her events, you know. It's part of what Yeezus/Jesus would do if he were alive today, right?

And then we have all of the ruckus over Russell Brand's "takeover" of Morning Joe on MSNBC earlier in the week following a totally flummoxed, rude and clueless Mika Brzezinski and colleagues' dismissive treatment of a very articulate man who doesn't look like all of the Preppy Guests that particular program invites to the table.

The part of the story that puzzles me as a former Segment Producer for daily TV programs, is how Mika is now saying she didn't know who Mr. Brand was when he came to the set for an interview to promote his tour. Why didn't she know? Where was her research? I always had to prep the hosts for guests, as well as provide potential questions for them to ask if they weren't familiar with the interviewee. There really is no excuse for her ignorance.


Some guy who has popped-up in the Gossip Pages during the week, Armie or Arnie or Smarmie Hammerhead - something similar - must want to ensure that his marriage remains on Vanilla Sex Ground (if his wife will ever have sex with him again), by announcing how much he used to love Kinky Sex until he married a "Feminist" and now respects her too much to even "pull her hair" during sex while he holds back a desire to throw her against the wall or something? How romantic - and considerate. I bet his wife is thrilled that part of the world now knows what her sex life is like.

By the way, since when did being a "Feminist" mean that sex has to be all "nice and easy-does-it"? I have to laugh. Some Feminist Types I know have a large stash of Sex Toys and a few have ended-up whipping their partners within an inch of their lives. No matter what the gender of their partner is, too. Yet another misconception about "Feminism" brought up probably to appease This Douche's wife's reputation with her family while also knowing his remarks would gain attention – just like I'm providing right now. Ugh. A pox on me!

Speaking/Writing of "pox's" reminds me of Chris Brown for some reason, which leads us to Rihanna, which devolves from there into the talk that her wild, wild ways with The Ladies is going strong while she doesn't deal with her supposedly "Final" breakup with that guy I mentioned above very well without placing herself in Lindsay Low-Hand's Drugged-Boozed-Out-At-All-Times lifestyle. Too bad. She's so young and pretty. Had I not seen recent pix of her, I wouldn't believe what I've been reading; however… I gather Chris didn't want to Stay.

In recent interviews for his new film, Johnny Depp has cut his hair, taken at least a few showers, donned clean clothes and has been nice to reporters/interviewers. Good for him. Now, if only Brad Pitt would kindly do the same during his continuing PR Appearances for WWZ. It's getting worse. Now his more ardent fans are screaming about his "greasy-looking" disheveled long hair, puffy new-looking Chipmunk Cheeks, and no matter what he wears, those gold chains gotta go! I say, what did the fans expect? Among his film idols are/is/was Mickey Rourke. You've seen how he looks these days, right?

Everyone is really, really sick of Justin Beaverland. (Just in case you didn't know.)

According to "insider" reports, Demi Moore is still roaming through her empty nest in a drugged-out state of Semi-Consciousness while sexually attacking every young guy who smiles at her. At one time I defended her Cougar-ism. Now I have second thoughts. She shouldn't date anyone of any age and should just go back to "Rehab" instead. But then, we're not supposed to ever, ever use the word "should" about anything or anyone, shouldn't we?

And, naturally, referring to Rehab, guess who wants to leave her latest Court-Ordered Rehab Place? Yep. You-Know-Who. Apparently her staged Photo-Op on the Cliffside Rehab Balcony to show everyone how "healthy" she looks while smoking a ciggie wasn't enough attention for her many needs. Perhaps she was hoping a Paparazzo would toss a few Adderall's her way? If the court allows another move I hope all of the people who have been tossed in jail for far less than her messes will stage a Prison Riot. I honestly do.

Well, that's it for most of The Usual Subjects. But, at least I wrote more than a few words today. Can you tell I'm drinking Black Tea again?

Have a fabulous day/evening/dawn. And remember to keep your eyes on the Big Moon tomorrow night! If you look hard enough, you'll see a fleeting image of Julia Roberts in a pointy hat busily riding a bicycle across its glow, just like she (reportedly) does with all of her male co-stars – or else!

Thanks for stopping by!

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Bonus Post: She's Doing WHAT?

How my Little "Familiar" looked at me moments ago when I broke out into the song below.

Bonus Post: This Is - Really Schmaltzy & I Love It!

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Hanksy
Location - SoHo

Life Goes On

Thursday Tidbits #101

Hi there! It's that time again - for a varied romp through the I-Nets for edification or education or vacation and/or negation.

For Neat-Freaks everywhere, this guy's clutter will make you wince: Where's The Floor? 

Seems like lotsa people prayed away The Cray! 

There are no words… But Knives Are Involved 

Oh, Ava! "Faggot"? But, she married sexist Maggots! 

A conspiracy never entered my mind until I read This 

Get your Sexy Guy pix for the day: And They Say It's A "Trend"? Rolls Eyes & Winks At Gay Guys 

Rich, full of food and BS, They Must Be On A Big Corp's Payroll 

Don't bother to show up unless you are Properly Attired 

As much as I've enjoyed Butter, I never liked this Bitch anyway: Slave Away, White Trash! 

What's with all of this incessant Rape & Sex Stuff From GOPer's? 

That's it for today!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Monday, June 17, 2013

Semi-Traditional Art of the Day

Artist - Jonni Cheatwood
Image via:

I Like Her - Even If You Don't

Why I Like Facebook

When I awake each day, after stretching, preparing the Dark Tea I recently flogged that's staining my teeth (and after Wednesday may need to give up, if not seriously curb), I turn on the laptop to check The Real News via The Webs.

If something is truly a "Breaking" story, I'll turn on the TV for further information; otherwise, I then go to Facebook (I'm not a Twitter'er nor a Twatter Follower Of Anyone, despite having a rarely used account), and begin to play. Yes, PLAY! FB is my Playground these days. Many of my FB friends are pro comedians, or, if not pro's, then quite funny with what they choose to post. It's fun! And who doesn't need a few laughs each day to boost one's mood/immune system?

After balking for years to avoid almost all Social Networking Sites, I finally braced myself and joined FB way after the party started. I showed-up unfashionably late, thus missing opportunities to be Friends with Real Life Friends and/or Former Friends who have exceeded their Friend Limit and only have Fan Pages or No Other Pages at all! Bummer. And I know they sometimes post really cool things, as my Other FB Friends are Friends with them and have settings which allow "Friends of Friends" to see their posts to others, so, from time-to-time, via this unintentional route, I will see what the Overextended Friend Limit "friend" has posted that day. So far, I have to say it's not much that I'm missing despite wishing "they" would "say" more than they do; therefore I'm happy to have made it through the vetting process of a few still-not-overextended funny people/friends who Make My Virtual Day!

Hey, places such as FB have a purpose – particularly for those who work alone and enjoy taking breaks to communicate with others – even if it's just to "Like" a post. I may not appreciate the constant changes in formatting; the commercialization of "Suggest Pages" to "Like" and so on, but, compared to other areas on The I-Nets, FB has provided a way to reconnect with long-lost relatives, loves, friends, etc. Not bad, I say. Now I know who I can place in my Will for various items I knew not where to "send" a few things when That Day Or Night happens. Macabre thought? Not at all. No matter how young, it's a good idea to have a Will, Living Trust, etc. You never know…said the Happy Monday To You Grim Reaper!

But why am I writing about how Facebook is important to me at this stage in my life? Because a Certain Someone (by the name of Justin Timberlake) has decided to try to resurrect MySpace, of all spaces! Does anyone think that it will work again as THE place for Friends To Meet? I doubt it. In truth, I never had a MySpace account. Unless every single one of my Most Fav FB Friends moves over there to post their wonderful musings, art, jokes, reminders of Good Vibrations, I'll remain a stubborn FB poster.

When Google+ came about as "the next big thing" by "Invitation Only" I was right there – invited – and began circling The Friend Circles. Yeck! No one was writing anything close to the fun that still continues on FB. I had a few people in The Circles who didn't have me in Their Circles – and vice versa – and nothing at all was going on. If "they" weren't on Twatter, then they would post first on FB, not Google Plus-Nothing. Now, from my experience (having ceased any activity at all on G+), until someone other than Mr. Facebook Himself, Mark Zuckerberg, creates a new way to integrate the best of Facebook without the Obvious Snobbery & Exclusion of others, FB rules.

And no. I'm not being paid for this post. Which is becoming a problem. How much longer can I write a "Free Blog" with a growing audience (despite amazingly incorrect, conflicting stat's from 3 different outlets of such numbers – and yes, I'm adding YOU, Google Analytics) on the readership of this blog before I am tempted to "sell out"?

We shall see. You'll know for sure when I begin praising Sarah Palin for how great she looks without A Pro Stylist!

BTW, it would be so very cool if you all would kindly "Like" this site. I do. There are buttons below each article for the post, and a series of Click-Places in colour under my info to make it happen in all kinds of places. Thanks in advance!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Street Art of the Day

Image & Info via: I Don't Know

A Father's Song

Who Deserves a Flog Today?

Hello there! It's Father's Day (as if you didn't know...). One father out there deserves to be sent to the Village Square where everyone may flog the BS out of him. Name? Michael Lohan. Oh sure, it's not ALL his fault for NOT being Father Of The Year of any year. However, he won't be overlooked by The Whip today. Why? Why not! 

I'm not in a mood to write about anything other than a subject many of us have grown tired of reading and hearing – Lindsay Lohan's legal woes and machinations. The Flogging Whip is focusing on her recent move to yet another Rehab Facility with the point being Who The Hell Does She Have Dirt On to be able to constantly defy the Legal System in California with endless Judge Wrist Slapping's and very little more than Rehab-Rehab and Threats Of Jail which never happen?

Really. I'm serious. Could you or I make decisions about our Legal Punishments were we to do even one of the illegal things this Mess Of A Mess continues to do – year-after-year? Let's begin with the Beginning: I doubt that I could get away with painting my fingernails with an "F-U" and flailing them around the court as did she in whateveryearitwasandwhocaresanyhow. Or be late so many times to court hearings? Or break probation at every turn only to have the Judge Shrug and move a few papers around, then wag a finger at her before sending her back out into The Wild to spend another night wandering through the dark halls of the Chateau Marmont, drink in one hand, something else in the other?

Did you know that The Low-Hand has been moved to her THIRD Rehab location since the judge gave her attorney's the option of a 90-Day Lock-Down Rehab or Jail?  (Hmmm. What would you choose were you given such a choice?) And then the Musical Rehab Chairs game began in seeming-earnest by her rep's when it was discovered that the first choice would not allow her to smoke ciggie's or take the medication that she appears to be addicted-to, thus, she stomped her gross feet, screamed "NO WAY!" and, without the prosecutions' blessing, was suddenly hovering around a different facility in Orange County, CA until it was determined that the place was not properly licensed?

Then came the move to the Betty Ford Clinic in Rancho Mirage, CA where, via "leaks" from someone (*cough*) we heard all about how she could smoke there, take her Rx unless it was determined that she really didn't need it – and then, shock of shocks, when the Rx (Adderall) was taken away, she freaks-out, doesn't go to Group Therapy sessions because she was told she could have Private Therapy and, according to various reports, made life for the staff at Betty Ford even more miserable than she had the last time she was there? "Some people" are suggesting that she was "kicked-out." What? They don't want to help someone who doesn't want help and bitches all day about it? What kind of facility is that, I ask?

So, based on whomever's and whatever's story you choose to believe following more circle-talk about how she needs a "different" kind of Rehab because Betty Ford's place doesn't provide 90-Day Care – she is now at Malibu's Cliffside Resort Rehab Place. Want more details? CLICK HERE 

For the eye-rollers out there who think this is a non-story-issue-concern, why not think about what would happen if you were charged with a variety of ill-deeds and the court ordered you to go to Rehab or Jail – whatever suits your fancy, in a sense? First off, how many people are given that option? Anyone have numbers on it? I don't. I've checked around and nothing is reputable enough with statistics to link. But, I doubt many people ever get that option. Then the exact rehab location. Then to leave all of them for absurd reasons to end up at a Resort rehab where, despite previous "tough talk" by Cliffside's owner on Low-Hand's situation with Adderall (before he knew she would be going there), she will at least have clean ocean air to breathe; lovely sunsets to watch, and a place where she can be massaged into a stupor not unlike her waking state.

Oh, the California Legal System has become such a joke because of this one person that I'm hoping future Criminals who are treated very much unlike Lindsay has been treated will begin using "The Lohan Defense" to confront judges and prosecutors. I know I would. In fact, I'd cause quite a ruckus and make sure The Media would cover it. I'd arrange for people to hold signs in my defense outside the courthouse with Sharpie Written Words on cardboard appropriate to the event. I'd sit beside my lawyer and play with my hair; do my best to look chaste while bored; pretend to have a problem with my middle finger and hold it up all by itself to ask the judge if he/she could examine it for splinters or something. Yeah. That's what I'd do. And then, I'd post bail by selling my last faux gem, and waltz out the door with visions of choosing my legal fate dancing in my glazed eyes.

Yep. We can laugh at this debacle all we want. I'm only laughing because I won't allow myself to cry over Spilled Injustice, which is precisely how I view what has been happening with this person's Legal Life for way too long. However, my laugher is actually hollow, as the lenience shown to an obvious addict and thief would not be shown to anyone else. I know a few people who have been sent to jail for far less; who had money; excellent attorney's. No prior records. No felonies, in particular.

Thank you for reading my disgust today. I'll now carefully set The Flogging Whip down and hope it won't be needed for this subject ever again.

Now I'm really laughing!

It's Father's Day!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Peap Tarr

Be My Baby

The Weekly Fluff

Decided to hang-out and await The Big Newz! 
Just heard Kim K's in labor. Oh, now she's had the Baby! 
Thank God the Pregger's Drama is over! 
Now, back to Reality! Ahh, what a pleasant, boring Saturday, isn't it? 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Different Art of the Day

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Thursday Tidbits #89,052

Skipping through the I-Nets for your pleasure. Enjoy!

Sometimes it's great to live in A Bubble! 

If he's an "alchemist", I'd like to have whatever he whizzed together: Still Alive After All These Years 

It's always "hair" and "hair" when a certain someone is interviewed: Shilling For The Usual Subject 

Easy answer: They Have Whistles To Blow 

All "Lawmakers" need to do this before judging others: Are You Listening, Naysayer's? 

Oh, this little ole' thing? Watch Out For Humpbacks! 

The sky may not be falling, but the U.S. is Booming Everywhere Lately

Is "art" now only for the Almost Arty? 

It's time to look beyond our noses: There's A Lot To Learn Out There 

But…but…she can punch-out The Bad Guys! What Could Have Gone Wrong? 

That's it for the day! Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Street Art of the Day

Location - San Francisco

Tired Of Your Jive

Who Deserves a Flog Today?

"A summer battle is brewing. This week, a combative President Obama named three new candidates to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. 

He highlighted the large number of vacancies on the D.C. circuit, whose influence is considered second only to the Supreme Court. Aides say the president is exasperated by Republican efforts to block his appointments. 

If the nominees are not confirmed quickly, Democrats are threatening to re-write Senate rules -- effectively ending the G.O.P.’s ability to filibuster nominees. Critics accuse the president of trying to “pack the court” and warn that changing filibuster rules could backfire on democrats." 

The above statement is from the  website following Obama's Press Conference to introduce the above-mentioned judicial candidates early last week. The entire idea of continuing to block almost every judicial nominee this president has offered to The People is another example of how Democracy isn't working these days based on the continuing tantrums of the much be-loathed GOP. 

I have ranted and ranted until my typing fingers have grown tired of the Continuing Obstructions. The anger within me has faded into an eye-rolling condition we shall name as the "I'm Sick of This Crap Syndrome." However, I am fortunate to have a writer-friend who stated her opinion on the above quite succinctly in a Facebook rant, and has generously allowed me to re-post. I like it because it's to the point; heartfelt; and from someone who has worked in politics.

It's my pleasure to share TDFB's First Guest Writer, Ilona Saari, who wrote on June 4, 2013:

Oh, Lord help us -- "packing the court"???? Since when is it packing a court to nominate judges to fill vacancies? Democrats never slimed a Republican President or the office of the Presidency this much or the way the GOP has done these past 5 years - the blind hatred of a President who was the first elected President since Reagan to win w/ over 50% of the country voting for him is mindboggling since he's done nothing to deserve it... Not even W was slimed the way Obama is. And the way they treat the First Lady breaks my heart. It's all just disgusting.

I think I could deal w/ the lies and phony accusations if the Republicans actually DID something... offered new ideas, new laws, new policies other than just trying to destroy everything the Democrats have tried to do. I don't know how they sleep at night... because of them veterans are not getting much needed funding or care, they're trying to take away healthcare from the working class and the working poor, they refused to come up w/ a jobs bill or help Americans in any way get back to work, they want students to pay more interest on their student loans than corporations making billions, - the list is endless. I never thought I could despise a party or a group of politicians - Hell, I worked for many Republican politicians during my political career -- but I despise them now. They're horrible, horrible people and certainly not patriots.

Could not have said it better myself.

For further info on Ilona Saari, please visit her food blog:

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Shepard Fairey
Medium - Wheat-Paste
Location - Miami

I See You

They Spy, I Spy, You Spy, We Cry – Why?

Okay. All right. We get it. The USA spies on its own people. How novel! Why, I never, never thought such a breach of privacy would occur in The Land Of The Free! Nope. Never, ever. We only used Wiretaps for ages to catch criminals. Physical surveillance only happened in TV shows and films, not in real life (such as outside my home when incorrect rumours were running amok that I was a drug dealer because I gave an aspirin to a classmate who had a headache), and no way did strangers ever read our mail or check our credit or anything invasive at all!

This shocking, I tell you, shocking scandal du jour, has an entire country reeling! Now we must be extremely careful when sending emails, posting pix to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. My friends will have to cease posting their food pictures and everything! And I will have to do my subversive FB Sharing's of spiritual guidance, animals and fashion looking over my shoulder for Biggy Brother's Biggest Brother, rather than a nosy friend. My life is ruined!

How could I possibly "make light" of the recent developments concerning the NSA, you might ask. Quite easily, in fact. I'm simply not surprised at all, despite a few of the grey areas within the "boundaries" of what is deemed True Invasion Of Privacy and a General Collecting of data for Homeland Security purposes. Yes, it does trouble me that Social Media Outlets are could be providing what was once thought to be "private" information stored within a particular company's database, which, of course, could never, ever be hacked into (although many of my FB friends, including myself) have, at one time or another, been "hacked" over there. Wow! A Security Breach Online! What a concept!

Face it, people! With the Internet, spying gathering information comes with "the territory." If you were an Agent Of Spying, wouldn't you utilize every available outlet to locate Evil Doers? But, of course you would. And, as it's always been and will always be no matter how loud anyone shouts, privacy in the U.S. has not been as "private" as many who preferred to live in a charming bubble of ignorant bliss has believed for at least 70-80 years.

The Ways & Means of covert activity within our borders has simply become far more sophisticated now that the power of communication technology has reached the masses. Now we too can send sensitive information via Cyberspace to others (which is completely available to anyone with excellent computer skills). I'm more concerned about some crazy person in any country hacking into my blog and other online places I visit just because they want to wreak havoc for the sick pleasure of it than my gov't attempting to determine if I'm prepping for another 9/11 attack.

To those who are exploding over the discovery of what has been going on with Our Freedoms, may I kindly remind you that our country uses cameras to patrol intersections? Our business's use Security Camera's. The ATM's have camera's. So do a few homes. New parents place Nanny-Cams in their homes, or can set their computers up to monitor what goes on in the house while they sit at their office desks miles away? Baby Monitors rest quietly beside the crib of The Little Ones so that Mommy and Daddy can hear every burp, chirp and blurt without leaving their bed or wherever they may be while their baby sleeps elsewhere in the house?

Therefore, if a supposed "regular person" is monitoring something they hold dear, then why wouldn't a government do the same to protect a country they "hold dear" – albeit in a different way. How many of you assumed/knew/supported the USA's Intelligence Gathering Techniques against Other Countries so that The Powers That Be would be forewarned if something nasty was afoot? And who, may I ask, can be so na├»ve to think that a country as large as the United States with seemingly arbitrary Visa rules would not have "enemies" aboard from both HERE and THERE plotting-away?

For now, at least, I rest my case on the furor over the NSA "leaks." My outrage is directed elsewhere, and I wish others were just as appalled at THIS as they are at THAT.

Otherwise, have a great day/afternoon/evening/dawn!

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Monday, June 10, 2013

Different Art of the Day

A Little Broadway Music

One More Time - Just Because

Welcome to Monday! If you are stuck in a work cubicle somewhere, or bored at home...even out and about taking a minute off for a coffee/tea break and you need a bit of inspiration to begin your week, check out the amazingly wonderful, heavily-posted all over the I-Nets video of last evening's Tony Awards Opening Number! Sure, you may have seen it LIVE (or recorded), but why not have one more go with Neil Patrick Harris' reminder to all that despite Broadway's slightly lackluster theatre season, Broadway Still Rocks! Show-Biz Still Lives! Musicals are THE BEST! 

C'mon. I know you can do it. Just click that little red PLAY button and dance, sashay, sing and jump your way into what very well could end up being a Fabulous Day!

Nope. No exasperated or fluffy flogs today! The below video is filled with too much great energy to throw shade at anyone or anything - if for just a moment.

(Wouldn't you know it. CBS pulled this particular video from YouTube approx. 12 hours following its postings over the I-Nets. Well, it was a phenom Opening Number!)

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Street Art of the Day

Location - Melbourne

Replay: Cuz I Like It! Sunday Dancing Music!

The Weekly Fluff

Hello again. The "Construction" of yesterday is complete, and so we now fall into the Guilty Pleasure of reading an overview of what our Fav/Non-Fav Celebs in all Public Arena's have been up to lately. Before I begin, a comment or two is in order re: the picture I chose for today's post.

Oh, what a hoot to look at the image. Our Best Fake/TV Serial Killer, Dexter, is on his way to nail Mizzy Brat-Fest, Justin Beaverland! Sure, it's a "sick" thought, but hey, who ever said Black Humour was anything BUT "dark"? And usually giggle-worthy.

Yes, Little Justin is just a "kid" and one "shouldn't" wish or think bad things about him despite the excellent job he's doing all by himself to ruin his career. I read a headline yesterday inferring that an entire country "hates" him. My first thought was Germany – again – for his callous attitude toward his former Monkey Companion, but no! It's Venezuela! Why? Because he isn't planning a concert there, that's why. And they hate him for it? Hmmm. That tells me Venezuela fans have their priorities all wrong. They should be Ecstatic! They won't have to wait hours for the Brooding Baby to finally grace the stage, nor will they have to cover their ears in horror at what noise will pour from his mouth.

Think again, Bieblings. You have been Saved! God knows what kind of pet he's traveling with these days, but whatever it is could end up staying in your country longer than you will. Anyhow…

Now, on to the Real Fluffy Stuff:

Check out this Almost-Newz: Joan Rivers*, with her Ever-Ready-Battery Daughter, Melissa, will be Swapping Homes, as well as God-Knows-What kind of arrangements (??), with Bristol Palin and her somebodies-or-other for the Cable TV show, Wife Swap, in its new season. The Odd Thing about all of this PR hype is no one is actually Swapping Wives. Just Lives, it would seem. Okay. The  "They's" producing the show are bending the format to ensure what they believe will be a Ratings Winner! Sigh. They could be "right" although I think it's sooo wrong.

To me, the way Joan will dive into the murkiest of TV Waters is Just Fine. It's her Career. She does what she can to keep that Meter Running on what has been a long and enormously entertaining career – pro and con. But The Palin Saga just won't go away. Mama Grizzly and Child have been endlessly cashing-in on the Palin "name" with one Reality Show and/or TV appearances on Other Reality Shows. And people once thought Sarah was Presidential Material? Must be the same crowd who think Bristol Palin is Mother of the Year, in combo with men who simply voted for McCain because he had an attractive VP Running Mate who could barely string a coherent sentence together without tripping over her forked tongue.

I think the Palins are disgusting Fameho's just like other well-known Fameho's everywhere. Watching what is bound to be a scripted BS-based exercise in entertainment when Joan and Melissa enter Bristol's Palace Of Whore-or's, will be either a total mess or one of the best things EVAH on Reality TV, which is, in most cases, Not-Really-Reality-TV at all but hyped-up faux drama. Will I watch? I don't know. I don't watch those shows. Can't stand them, actually. But this one? I just might have a peek before the inevitable "Eeek!" Stay tuned, as it were.

Have you been out to The Movies lately? Such as World War Z, by chance? If so, that means you may have been surprised to find a sweaty-looking un-bathed Brad Pitt dashing into your audience space, tossing PR-type things at you; deigning to have his picture taken with your Ugly BFF in braces while Mr. Pitt pretends to be enjoying himself. He's EVERYWHERE promoting WWZ – in person! He has to. More money has been spent on this potential Money Loser than an Amateur Gambling Billionaire on the loose in Vegas for a week. $400 million is the reported cost to make a film about Zombies which had numerous production difficulties.

Methinks no one had to make a film about Zombies for release in the The Summer! We want Silly Rom-Com's and Super-Heroes in costume! Couldn't the studio have waited until Halloween to release another End Of The World Creepy Movie? But then again, Hollywood has become full of Zombies leading the way at the studios for years, so, why should I be surprised?

Another female celebrity just flashed her crotch at the Paparazzi somewhere in the world – just because.

Today is Johnny Depp's 50th Birthday! Have fun, JD! Hope you'll change clothes and take a bath for a change. If so, try to get Brad to join you. You guys aren't cats and hate being in water, right? So, what's the excuse? I think Tom Cruise is Crazy As A Loon, but one thing I do like is that he always looks clean. I'm sure if I was standing next to him I'd only smell the scent of CO$ Money wafting from his cheeky-cheek grins. The only pungent odor attached to that scent would be The Blood Of Sacrificed Lives, but hey, he doesn't know anything about all of that Slave Labour does he? No way. Even when they work in his home for free.

Did you read that our Second Fav Hot Mess, Amanda Bynes, has been asked by Playboy to host her own radio show on their channel? Yep. Supposedly true. She is to provide advice to other Upcoming Hot Messes (who aren't "ugly", of course – Amanda's view of everyone but herself these days per her own words) to ensure that A Legacy Of Madness will continue when she and Lindsay L. gracefully exit Stage Wrong Right someday. Who says that posting endless "Selfies" in underwear and throwing things like Bongs out of windows doesn't pay? Is she a brilliant PR Player or just another Victim Of Self who has temporarily become "lucky" to have a gig? We shall hear about the result, believe me. **

Ann Curry continues to look comfortable and happy at the NBC Anchor Desk. And those feathers are still falling from the side of her mouth. By the way, where in the world is Matt Lauer these days? Or, shall I say, Who Cares Where In The World he is? Certainly not Ann.

There is far more fluff going on than I care to acknowledge, so let's end here for insanity's sake.

Have a fabulous day – or whatever!

*     Joan says it was just Melissa staying at Bristol's home.
**  Amanda, per TMZ, has turned-down the offer.

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