Thursday, February 28, 2013

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Schöner Kleben
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Fly Away (NSFW)

Bye-Bye, and Thanks for All the Dish!

No cute-ish bejeweled red-ruby slippers will ever again grace the feet of the Now Retired Pope Benedict XVI. He's on his way via the Pope-A-Hopter to the Apostolic Palace at Castel Gandolfo where the Ghosts Of Pope's Past roam serenely through the Blissful Pricey Surroundings.

Overlooking the beautiful Lake Albano, Pope This & Pope That have been vacationing in supreme peace and leisure there, miles from Vatican City, for what seems like ever.

Why do The Popes get to leave their Pope Chairs to quietly frolic in luxury while everyone else at the Vatican has to look at buildings and moldy walls? Because that is how a Pope Should Relax: in glorious splendor and super seclusion, true? Just check out the picture – and that's just one of the gardens. He won't be there more than a few weeks, but still…

Then again, aren't the Popes of the Catholic Church to be treated like a God anyhow? They surely dress as if…and are praised and worshipped as if…although the religion in general has a God who didn't want anyone or anything else to be worshipped except HIM; thus, the devotion and focus on the Virgin Mary in this particular religion; the enormous material elements involved with rituals; a religion with its own city and zip code; continual petty power-grabbing in combination with internal politics, and glaring grandiosity, swerves way-off center from what it is supposed to be teaching: all of the selfless stuff and turning the other cheek and being pure and not tempted by earthly things.

Not having sex is certainly one of those "earthly things" The Church made sure to abolish ASAP if anyone wanted to join them in becoming a Smaller God; e.g., a lowly priest or something. And for sure if The Wimmen wanted to follow along, they would have to marry Jesus and forget about their vagina's. Not everyone has to have sex. I'm sure I wouldn't snark on Buddhist Monks in the same way. I guess I must have a bias.

However, it appears to me and the world that sex IS quite a teeming part of those who take celibacy vows and don the dressage portion of The Church Of Closeted Gay Men and Pedophiles, which, as "they" are writing/saying, is the Major Cause of The Pope's Flight from "office." (Not to ignore all of those scandalous rumours about his "male - of course - personal secretary" spending 24/7 with him since 2005, and who will live with him when they return to their new digs on a hill in Vatican City.)

Am I being too "negative" again about Religion in one form or another? Yes.

Why? Because I don't like how Organized Religion usually creates division and separation between people who might "get along" had they not been indoctrinated into whatever their religious institutions taught them to believe, which, to this day, continues to cause wars and financial scandals, horrendous "bad blood" over differing beliefs and odious ideology led by something a bunch of someones wrote on papyrus or parchment and carved into stones eons ago.

Despite expressing devotion to the words of God and Christ from those sacred writings, in the 1500's, the Catholic Church chose what The Bible was to be and not to be by re-writing and omitting anything Jesus said which would go against the financial agenda of The Church. They messed with The Word of God/Jesus! OMG! WHO did they think they were?

Thus, the Catholic church looms large in the muddied ocean of inadvertent (and also blatant) intolerance for/of expansive thinking. So, I shrug at Pope Benedict's abrupt departure and the ensuing Vatican Pope-U-Larity Contest because, just as it goes in Hollywood with smoke and mirrors, so goes the Vatican. However, the difference between them is that inside the Holy House, the smoke is beginning to clear from the mirrors, showing many who have been avoiding them for years to view the truer nature of what they have become, have been, and will always be: Hypocrites.

And we know why.

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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Street Art of the Day

Artist - DoverD
Format/Medium - Stencil
Image via: I Don't Remember?
(Go to for different view of the above under "Gas Masks" category.)


It's Wednesday! Happy Hump Day!

Sometimes we need a bit of extra energy to get through mid-week.
That's all she wrote - for now.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Street Art of the Day

Artist - KD
Title - "USB Fish"
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Born Under A Bad Sign

Who Deserves a Flog Today?

The Flogging Whip is ready to fast-lash the usual Suspects today. The U.S. Congress, of course. John Boehner next. Mitch McConnell always… But that's not new or even news; therefore, where does one hurl The Whip on someone or something different? How can it be angry with Hot Air Balloons crashing and killing tourists in Egypt? 

No malice exists from The Whip toward victims of explosions, nor can Bad Blood between nations and the havoc their uprisings and wars wreak on The World continue to be a target, as every "side" has legit concerns about their safety (and lack thereof) if their enemies/nemesis' are within missile range. So, why make matters worse and kick all of them when they are up or down, for we all know "what goes up must come down" and everyone is a winner and loser for at least one moment in their lives. (If you understand my point here, then good for you, as I'm not certain what it is... ) Kidding. Sorta.

Thus, to be cheeky and honest at the time time, The Flogging Whip will repeat its latest non-political focus and send Seth WhatsHisName out to the dreaded woodshed where, unfortunately for The Whip, he might enjoy their time together.

Non-Rant Over!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Street Art of the Day

Artist - El Mac
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How Strong Is A Woman

Seth-ism & Miss-Ah-Gemy Boldly Invade the Oscars

'Tis the Day After yesterday's Academy Awards mess that we can now officially name Huge Snooze-Fest Manufactured Non-Event or (based on how women were treated in numerous ways via the to-me-not-so-funny host, Seth What'sHisName), the Let's Make A Big Deal Out Of Women's Boobs Sexism Show. Ouch!

The consistent subtle and not-so-subtle misogynistic atmosphere did not a grand impression make on many of the female attendees, as well as women watching from home or at a party. Way to go, Academy! Finally you're showing your Sexism Bias in a blatant form!

If anyone wonders why the Academy allowed the horrendous writing by anyone involved with penning lead-ins and time-filling non-joke-jokes, note that a new President of the Academy is known to be a Chauvinistic Jerk. It's back to overt Open Frat Boy Time in Hollywood.

If anyone had been thinking clearly about What Could Go Wrong while planning the event, I can't imagine how the usual sideline faceless assistants we see at most award shows, weren't assigned to wait by the slippery steps to assist women in clumsy, huge dresses who had to tackle the upward route on their own, only to have a Huge Flat-Face Fall on their way up to accept The Gold Nude Man, as did Jennifer Lawrence. Everywhere on the I-Net today I've seen constant replays of her fall. Wow! Was THAT the best moment of the event? Not Daniel Day-Lewis' excellent acceptance speech? Right. No one cares about words – just the awkward moments – which means most of the lame show.

You may have stopped-by today to read a brief Oscar Follow-up, and then find the topic shifting into political realms via The Sequester Game the U.S. is now facing. Sorry to disappoint, but I'm done (as much as I can be "done") with writing about the same-old Bad Guys in Congress and the sometimes seemingly non-present Prez Obama as we inch toward effing people over by not paying the nation's outstanding bills. I will wait until the last minute, following the lead of our inept Congress, to comment.

So, back to what's Most Important Today:

Everyone agrees that Jane Fonda at 75 looks better, sexier and hotter than almost all of the younger actress' combined. Well, of course she looks fab. She's in a very sexy relationship with music producer Richard Perry and tends to let all of us know they have a thriving intimacy. It shows cuz' she glows!

Adele has such a pretty face, lovely voice, and an odd dignity until she speaks. I adore her…but prefer that she cease and desist from ruining the image by saying ridiculous things in poor English; or saying nice things with mangled words. Just sing, darling, and show us that proud yet also humble attitude for which you are known.

And then there are The Beards I wrote about in the latest The Weekly Fluff. Here a beard, there a beard, almost everywhere there were Beard-Beards And Staches. I saw way too much facial hair for me, thank you very much. Even Jennifer Aniston's guy, Justin Theroux, has been growing his full facial distraction again (as we can view from pics taken of them in an upcoming link below). Is having a beard (and mustache) the only way most of the Metrosexual-Type Celebs are promoting their High Testosterone levels to curb all of the gay rumours this year? What-ever. But then, not all "Beards" at the event were made of hair on the face.

I can be funny at times and not-so-much at others. I am still absorbing the absurd remarks made by Seth M., and not feeling all funny and fuzzy enough to attempt to wake the Sleeping Bitch-Wit Within, which is why I'll link you to what I enjoyed reading this morning about The Big Night (warning: language there can sometimes be a bit crass for pearl clutchers). I don't want to shill for a site I read every day primarily for many of the hysterical comments/observations from Michael K at dlisted, but he has outdone himself in almost all of his Oscar posts today; thus, I'm bowing-out of snark at this point and hoping you'll stay on his site long enough to read the other Oscar-Based posts.

Let's hope next year's Big Event will be hosted by Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. Please!

Enjoy your day/evening/etc. – and, as always, thanks for stopping by!

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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Banksy
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Celluloid Heroes

Sunday Tidbits #800,765

Today's frolic through the Interwebs is focused on the Academy Awards – one way or another. It's time to catch-up if you've been too busy living your life to stop and hear the gushing noises blowing throughout the land.

The "recession" and further lack of judgment hits Hollywood: Cheapies! 

Who cares? But The Pictures Are Cute 

More pic's: Twatterings Of Pre-Oscar Stuff 

Nice list and Oscar predictions: Here We Go… 

What's the real spirit of The Spirit Awards v. Oscars? 

As if you haven't read this info over and over again: Quick Read 

Security is always "tight" on THE NIGHT: Stalker Alert! 

The do's and don'ts of being human at The Big Show 

And you think YOUR job is stressful? Everything Is Relative 

Have you seen this? QT Should Wear Diapers Tonight ("Inside Joke") 

That's it for today! Have fun tonight if you're planning to watch The Big Show.

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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Different Art of the Day

Medium - Enhanced Photography
What - Mammatus Clouds
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Chasing Pirates

The Weekly Fluff

Greetings! Are you excited? It is almost time for the Biggest Fluffy Newz Event of the year in Hollywood! Of course I'm referring to the Most-Prized Popularity Contest in the entertainment industry: The Oscars/Academy Awards! Stars! Glamour! Gowns! More Tom Ford Tux's. More posing, now that it's mandatory for all actors of both sexes to add "model" to their résumé.

If not, a few Well-Known Faces will avoid the massive hoard of The Press From Everywhere that line The Red Carpet with Overly-Smiling people clutching microphones to shove in someone's $$$$-worthy face, and will slip through a back entrance or arrive too close to air-time to stop for a vapid chat or one strained posed moment in front of flashing cameras before dashing into the building to be seated, out of harm's way – safe at last! 

How fluffy can we get from all of the Oscar Buzz, the pre-Oscar parties that have been going on for over a week, including nifty details of the usual Two Main VIP Oscar Parties one HAS to go to (which are Elton John and David Furnish's annual charity for AIDS blow-out, and the always, always MUST BE SEEN AT Vanity Fair soirée)? In answer to the question, it can become Very Fluffy, indeed!

Jennifer Lawrence this, Jennifer Lawrence that. She's tired, a bit physically ill and worn-down from all of the campaigning she has been "forced" to do for months for her wins and nominations by not acting too terribly blank, emotionless (or over-acting), in Silver Linings Playbook. Or so "they" say. From the pictures I've seen of her lately, the poor thing needs a year off for serious R&R. But, forget that she's reportedly been walking around with a form of Walking Pneumonia for several months, and let's focus on what she's going to wear tomorrow!

Actually, I'm planning to focus on how Hollywood's New "IT Girl" will keep her eyes open during most of the RC Interviews she'll have to do with those annoying bubbly interviewers who gush uncontrollably over fashion disasters when you know they are lying in the person's face. Why not ask more questions about their career rather than have TV audiences cringe at the obvious BS going on to fill air time until a Bigger Star waltzes by that the Field Producer is desperately trying to pull over to their show's host for a soundbite or ten, and the Interviewer rudely dismisses whomever they had been slobbering over to catch the bigger fish. Yes. Of course I know It's part of the "job" on everyone's end…but, aren't you more than over the Very Very Stale inevitability of those vapid questions and awkward moments?

I wonder if several of the men who will grace the stage and/or Red Carpet will still have an abundance of facial hair which has become a trend I'm not so keen about (on most of the guys), or if a few will follow Daniel Day-Lewis' example and show up sans stubble or a grisly-looking beard? But then, he had to grow quite a strange beard for his role as Abraham Lincoln, so I would think he was happy to shave when the film wrapped. In comparison to some of his male film counterparts of the moment, Day-Lewis looks dignified with a clean shave. He'll take a nice-looking Oscar Winner picture for Best Actor.

Rumours that Michael Douglas is staying home from attending the festivities because he doesn't really care to be there, while his wife, Catherine Zeta-Jones, will be because she likes all of the glamour and excitement of The Big Night, are pointing in another direction of the true cause. And no, it's not a return of Douglas' cancer. But then, he's def "been there, done that" and if his wife wants to kick up her sometimes sparkly shoes and bat those famous eyes at photog's, then so be it, right? <quiet pause>

UPDATE: I guess Michael changed his mind. He WAS there. Wonder why reports indicated otherwise? Well, I'm sure it was easy to find a fitted tux in his wardrobe and just GO, G-Dammit!

And no, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie will not be at this years' event. Too bad. She was so much fun last year with The Leg and everything - as you can see. Maybe it will show up on someone else... (Is JLo going, by chance?)

That's as fluffy as I can be today. I'll have more to say after tomorrow's Ego Fest is over and we hear about who was "tipsy" or "drunk" and who had a fight and went home alone after flirting with too many Other People, in addition to the Monday Morning Up-Clucking over "why in the world would (fill-in-the-blank) wear THAT dress" instead of another designer.

It's all part of the game called Showbiz. Remember – it's really all smoke and mirrors after the lights go out.

If you're planning to watch the show, enjoy yourself. I always tune in despite the extraordinary lack of magic that once filled the evening with what many of us considered to be authentic "Movie Stars."

Paging Cary Grant...Katherine Hepburn…and the one and only Elizabeth Taylor.

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Street Art of the Day

Artist - P183
Location - Russia
Image via:

The Stalking Song

Paranoid or Simply Curious?

Hello there! Yesterday's non-post was due to a Computer Cleaning procedure I like to do every few months for security and general OCD-Based Needs within my "Anal Compulsive" nature. I love to clear the computer's cache, temp files, "empty" folders, history, cookies, hidden Trojan Virus's lurking within the registry. That sort of thing. Every day.

I also love to defrag my hard drive and watch the little fragmented squares move around as they become de-fragmented. That's part of the OCD thing. It's also because watching dots and squares change colours while moving into a neatly formed lump of dots/squares after their previous scatterings, gives me the feeling of Nerdy Accomplishment. So, despite the fact that it was a "working" day yesterday, I realized that it might be a good idea to conduct a Hard Drive Wipe – which takes hours and hours and hours.

So, there you have it. Somewhat.

In addition, I would like to thank TDFB readers from two specific Huge Countries for apparently taking my advice (from the other day) for all readers to leave this blog ASAP if they enjoyed real life bloody gun fights and "Killing Sprees." One country in particular that has been in the Top 3 on TDFB's Numerical Feedback of what is called a "Pageview" count on the "traffic" a website/blog will receive, had been reaching approx. 200 readers a day for the past few months. And that was just ONE country! Nice! However, following my Gun Takedown post, maybe 30 people from THAT country have checked-in. Curious, eh?

Does the Seeming Mass Exodus tell me something about what that particular country is really interested in, or was it just another one of those time periods when the food/dishes the un-named country provides caused their readers to remain hungry enough for a few tastes of American cuisine filled with fat and GMO's, and now they've had their fill? Or, was just one compulsive person clicking-in hundreds of times a day and has now been placed in a proper mental facility? Who really knows? All I will say is thanks to those who hang in and can handle my often perverse/silly/pissy comments…and, apparently, do not care for Killing Sprees. Good for you!

What is my point? Well, first, anyone with a blog or website may understand my initial surprise to see such an abrupt drop-off of viewers-readers from specific areas in the world. Odd, isn't it? Last year another country brought a reliable readership for six months and then – in less than two days - almost all but a few were gone! At first it felt like a personal loss…until I realized that the readership came from Americans in the military on duty in that mysterious country who were eventually sent to other locations. Following a brief sense of disappointment over losing what I had believed was a solid reader-base beyond the U.S., within a very short time this blog managed to build an even larger International Audience. Cool.

The ups and downs of any project which depend on ratings/numbers and feedback is important: note how quickly low-rated TV shows are kicked-off the air…how fast films without great Box Office Numbers are sent to the DVD Grave. No patience. No time for failure when millions of dollars are involved. With small blogs that do not want advertisements/sponsors cluttering their pages or calling "the shots", it's not that important to have a large audience. Some of us write for a variety of reasons without compensation. It's sometimes an Ego Thing or a desire to share thoughts, opinions and whatever else, with both friends and strangers in a longer form than what most Social Media Sites provide and nothing more – other than curbing boredom or testing one's abilities in writing or art or music – whatever the blog/website's focus may be.

So, why do I care to write about the recent change when TDFB continues to draw new readers from the U.S. and elsewhere?? Because, in truth, two of the Top 3 have been and/or are our so-called "enemies." Why would they bother reading a small blog like this in fairly large numbers for lengthy periods of time and then – BAM – go away like ants in a rainstorm? Curiosity? Class studies on American Blogs & Websites that focus on politics more often than not?

Anyone have an idea? If so, let me know through a Comment or private email. I'm curious if other bloggers have noticed a similar pattern with various countries.

Have a great day/afternoon and every other time of day or night!

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Street Art of the Day

Artist(s) - TWE Crew
Image via:

In Our Hearts

Isn't This Picture Just Darling?

How should I begin? Would it be redundant to join an Increasingly Loud Chorus of WE NEED GUN CONTROL NOW? I don't care if I repeat myself on this issue, as many might have noticed of late.

I will happily yell through my Writing Machine because I am DONE with the Wild West mentality of those who still believe many of us want to shred the 2nd Amendment.

AND, people like me continue to honestly say it's OK to have guns if you're not carrying an AK-Whatever to potentially blow people away during The Apocalypse. But, too many gun owners aren't listening. All they "hear" about the issue of Gun Control is that the U.S. has a president who wants to take away their toys/protection. I call Full-On BS on that way of thinking.

Every single effing morning someone is shooting kids at a school, or another gunman is dashing around on a Killing Spree. Another one (spree) has happened in CA this morning. (Read This). And I'm SICK OF IT! Aren't you? If not, then you're one sick puppy and I'd like you to leave my blog ASAP, thank you very much.

Guns, guns, guns. Kill, maim, kill. The Easy Way Out for crazed cowards who have access to one of the deadliest weapons made by Humans wherein sections of our government refuse to accept Mass Reality and get to work on taking action to, at the very least, insist on Background Checks. A simple request from the People Of America to their representatives in Washington. But no. Most are too busy screaming "Benghazi" and hassling Chuck Hagel's confirmation for Secretary of Defense out of sheer pettiness because many GOPer's don't like him. I mean, who would in the GOP when he was one of the first Top Level people in our government to oppose going to an unnecessary war in Iraq.

Therefore, while Washington continues to throw tomatoes at Obama, et al, more people than ever in America are buying guns – and not always a sweet little hunting rifle or basic pistol.

It's clear that just writing and yelling about an issue won't change the underlying causes for violence. We all know that having a gun in America is a Right – as it "should" be. But owning a deadly weapon and using it to kill innocent people for any reason whatsoever is NOT a "Right" and is Simply Terribly Wrong!

I'm venting. Not marching around holding signs. Maybe you want to vicariously vent, too. Or, perhaps you want to shoot me for wanting sanity instead of insanity in relation to Responsible Gun Ownership and use. If so, you are still a sick puppy and you should have stopped reading this post several paragraphs above.

However, I have a better idea if you're still with me: put that gun down. Keep it locked. Use your head, not a piece of lead.

To those who agree, thanks for taking the time to read my latest gun quasi-rant.

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Monday, February 18, 2013

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Phlegm
Location - UK
Image via:

I Don't Care

It's Monday Again??

Hi Monday!

It's another U.S. Holiday!

Bye, Monday!

Another excuse to not deal with Biz of any sort.

See you later!

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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Street Art of the Day

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Desert Rose

Sunday Tidbits #202,321

'Tis TDFB's weekly dash through the Internets wherein I attempt to locate a variety of different stories/articles to share with you – should you care to click on non-defined sites and trust that I wouldn't send you anywhere "bad." (Unless you are adverse to "salty" language and the like…) So, here we go. Enjoy!?

If you missed it: This Is Why We Like Elizabeth Warren

Yes, we DO need to review this again: In Plain English

Competition? What competition? Oh, THAT one!

I say "keep ducking." Another Way To Chill Your Day

All of those "leaks"… On This One, Is Anyone Surprised?

I don't care what her name is, but The Designer's Designs Are A Disaster

Weren't we finished with the "Blonde" jokes? If So, It's Back On!

Oh, the good 'ole daze when Low-Hand was gay… Excellent Parenting For A Change

At least it isn't something from Metallica: From Ear-to-Hear

Winning Isn't For Meth-Heads: Boys Will Be Oy's?

That's it for today! 

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Unusual Art of the Day

Photographer-Artist - Hans-Christian Berg
Format - Light Photography
Image via:

I Talk Too Much

The Weekly Fluff

Hello. Today I'll summarize the Latest Gossip floating, zooming, looming and crooning over The Newz Of Public Figures With Or Without Curves. Reading headlines is often all it requires to know what's happening with a few of the Most Vapid People on Earth, or the Most Sexy or the Hottest Hunky or the latest Family Values Politician who was foolish enough to be caught with Another Woman. That sort of salacious, lurid stuff Fan-Fiction'ers live for every day, every week, of the year. 

But for you, the Weekly Peepers, a few of the nuggets will provide the easiest way to The Point of The Gossips' gossip. Yeah, yeah. To evolve, we're told not to gossip. That it's bad for the soul, our individual karma…on and on. Well, I've been to Nirvana And Back many times in my life. Now is not one of those "I'm feeling really spiritual" moments. Said the Little Devil sitting on my Left Shoulder, "Oh, go ahead. Be a bitch. Tee hee." The Good Angel flapping around on the Right Side is too busy attempting to distract me from Being 'Bad' that one of its wings whacked me in the face. It's easy to guess which side I'm following today.

Now let's get on it!

Kate Upton (Who? What was the name of that one film she was in – and when?) has been defending her No Abs To Be Seen tummy on the quite "open" photo of her on the cover of Sports Illustrated where we all have had either a purposeful or accidental visual encounter with the quasi-humongous breasts under a Warm Parka while she is standing in the middle of somewhere with Lotsa Ice while her lower half provides a wholesome white bikini bottom – and a stomach that looks soft, not hard! Kate is telling the media in particular to basically STFU cuz' she loves her body the way it is! So there! Good for her. She eats, unlike most of Hollywood. However, who is she again? She's everywhere these days! Are we being Upton-ized?

ATTENTION! DROP WHAT YOU'RE DOING (aside from reading this)! Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have not only popped-up for a photo-op or two over the week, but were also In The Same Place At The Same Time somewhere in L.A. with their twins. Imagine that! Amazing! Is everyone satisfied now? She's still alive, and he still shares the same air space with her! What, oh what, does it mean?

Every African-American athlete in the NFL and a few from the NBA and the Music World are murderers; always arrested for beating on their Wimmen; getting into trouble with the IRS or something. Just ask TMZ.

Jay-Z appears to be the first answer everyone who comments on Blind Items Websites say/write when the Blind refers to various stories of infidelity with the strangest of partners. Oh, Beyoncé, did you sign up for that? And while I have your attention, did you really, honestly, truly, HAVE your baby or did you pull The Latest Trend and hire a surrogate? Sorry for asking. But, too many people continue to think you lied. Now you're giving interviews about how it felt to have contractions and all of that birthing TMI. (I'm neutral on this one…) However, perhaps that's why there was The Heavy-Duty Secrecy and Hospital Wing Shutdown during the birth of The Baby (aka the new Suri Cruise)?


Prince William is (reportedly) a "brat" and not the low-key gent he presents to the public, In addition, William appears to be shedding his Royal "Working" Duties by vacationing in various sunny beachy places with his Equally Denounced "Ignoring Royal Duties" wife, Kate, more than dashing around charity events and cutting ribbons and things. Yet another picture of the Duchess of Cambridge in a revealing bikini has surfaced online and may be coming to a magazine near you – if not already. Thus, The Prince is "furious" and is throwing a supposed Temper Tantrum although the pictures are benign and were taken (reportedly) by an actual NON-Paparazzo on a public beach. Well then, get thee to a private island next outing, okay, William? It makes more sense than vacationing in places where it's easy for the constant photographic intrusions you abhor. (For good reason, of course.)

A married celebrity couple are still waiting for Awards Season to be over before they announce their impending divorce. Well, gee, don't they all? I don't have a valid clue, so I'm not going to guess. Could be anyone, really. Who writes these Blind Items, anyway? Hey, I can do it, too! A Celebrity Bombshell Is Pregnant! Rihanna Hates Herself Or Why Would She Be With Chris Brown?

For some reason everyone in The Biz still hates James Franco because no actors go to college or write poetry or are as smart as he is he takes himself too seriously. Something tells me Franco better check his Ego Into Rehab unless he doesn't care about acting much longer and would be happier building a monument to himself out of Pure Bullshit – a texture with which he may know how to handle all too well.

Pastel-colored satiny-like (or The Real Thing) neck-ties continue to be the primary Power Colours of GOPer's because they want to project a "sensitive" image – says a few arm-chair Dress Code Psychics. I have a different theory: those rosy, lavender, pale pink and other pastel-y colours are a way in which Repressed Homosexuals Express Themselves! Of course that has to be the answer! It's called Using GOP Logic. Example: If a Black Guy makes it to the Oval Office in the ironically named "White House" and has a strange name and a quiet past, he automatically is Islamic, not born in America, and because he wants to ensure the continuation of social programs put into action by White Men years ago that benefit society and DO NOT add to The National Debt, is hell-bent on turning America into a Socialist Nation to finally step into the 21st Century on Healthcare – an issue Washington has been debating for what seems-like-ever. That's the kind of Zero-Logic we're facing.

Whoa! There I go again! This is supposed to be a Fluffy Post, not another political rant-of-sorts.

On that note…perhaps I'll just wave a temp good-bye until tomorrow....

Have fun Whatever You Do!

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Traditional Art of the Day

Artist - Giacomo Balla 
Medium - Oil on Canvas
Location & Year - Italy, 1913
Image & Details via:

Because We Can

Another One of Those Daze

This morning I took a poll within my brain regarding whether or not to write today. Despite two of the judge's scores, I like what the Middle Judge is reflecting. It's exactly how I feel.

So be it!

See you later - and enjoy the music and/or art.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Bastardilla 
Image via:

Loser of the Year

Who Deserves a Flog Today?

Last night, during President Obama's State of the Union speech, one could not ignore the Sour Grapes Face on House Majority Leader John Boehner's Orange Face. No one expects the Opposition Party's representative of any party to jump up clapping whenever the president declares something inspirational or reasonable, while the VP always does and the Party In Ultimate Power rises from their seats in thunderous applause. However, last night Boehner outdid all previous modern-day House Leaders by showing everyone one more time how cold, immature, and classless this group of The Opposition (currently the GOP) is, has been, and will, apparently, continue to be. He did not have the Moral Decency to stand up to applaud a 102-year-old infirm woman who waited for hours to vote last fall. Of course, because she is African-American, Boehner just sat like a melting lump of wax at a low-rent version of Madame Tussaud's, as it was assumed that she waited so long just to vote for Obama. Therefore, Boehner dare not set a dignified tone by honoring the ultimate point in Obama's speech where he referred to the Right for Anyone in Any Political Party to be able to vote. You know, something that is All-American? Human? I mean, living to 102 is enough of an accomplishment to afford applause - period.

The disdain I have for people who feel so smug; act extremely bitter, and lie about almost everything just to regain power in Washington has been vindicated: I'd like to punch the point home, and so will write/say it again – in another way. I do not see "gentlemen" in the GOP these days. I see almost nothing but pinched faces; hear almost nothing but extraordinarily "stupid" remarks about rape; abortions; obvious climate change… But, most of all, I am embarrassed as an American to have clueless, spineless, callous, people like John Boehner be a partial example of what politics in this country has slithered into. I repeat myself on this issue many times. I'll continue when I see such a defiant lack of grace from a Public Figure as I did watching Boehner sit on his hands and arse over issues which should transcend all political concerns.

And some people wonder why people like me are so disgusted by the GOP.

Rant over.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Steve Locatelli
Location - Belgium
Image via:

Why Guns Aren't That Cool


Good day to you. I'm running late this morning and need to prep for yet another MRI for a variety of wrist-related lingering problems stemming from excessive use of wrist and elbow force when I had broken my hip over a year ago, spending a great deal of time on crutches. I gather my wrists and one elbow didn't enjoy the experience of holding me up as I crutched around for way too long (which is another story already written on this blog).

Therefore, I'll see you on the other side of that awful chamber in which I must spend over an hour for two separate MRI's back-to-back, with another one to go on Friday which will be a long one. I don't mind X-Rays. I do mind being held captive without moving a muscle for very long periods of time in a claustrophobia-inducing environment.


Have a wonderful Whatever, and thanks for stopping by!

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Monday, February 11, 2013

Different Art of the Day

Artist - Max Zorn
Format/Medium - Tape
Image via:


Another Day The Music Died

(Corrected Version)

The Grammy Awards are over! Finally! Thank God. Hal-lay-lew-yah! Has anyone ever watched such a terrible, boring, musically challenged Grammy Show like the Sleepfest Of Last Night? Oh sure, people were dancing and clapping at times out there in The Audience – just ask Taylor Swift who appeared to love every tune every person sang with the exception of Carrie Underwood's and Kelly Clarkson's performances. Wonder why that is? Anyway…

Now that perhaps 95% of the performances were so dull, repetitive and, in an odd way, often similar in tone, it makes complete sense that Pope Benedict XVI With The Scary Dark Eyes has decided to leave his pedestal, sparkly Wizard of Oz shoes, bejeweled cape and crown ASAP. He just can't take it anymore! Modern Society/Culture!

Oy! It's too much for a poor old fellow to handle when he'd rather hear the haunting bells of The Vatican for 24 hours straight than watch Justin Timberlake try to make a song out of a one-note piece of music crap. (Sorry, Justin. Your outfit was spiffy – your song was not. And it went on WAY too long.) Or maybe The Pope decided that after all of his 80+ years he actually wants to be with a woman in the "Biblical Sense" after seeing Jennifer Lopez's Half-Torn Nun's 'Dress' that came with one bare leg and arm. Ummm. Yummy, eh? Or, just BLAH? Whatever, I hope the Pope finds happiness now that he won't need to dress like a Drag Queen In Pixie-Land anymore. Should he hook up with Mizzy Lopez, I'm sure she'll help him find just the right Transition Clothing to a partially civilian (aka Catholic Captive) life.

Uh oh! Did I do a "blasphemy' in the above suggestions? If so, what should I do? I'm not Catholic, so I can't go to Confession and whisper my sins through a creepy little caged window to a man who probably has no experience whatsoever with Real Life. Tsk. My Anti-Catholic Bias is showing.

So back we go to the awards program of last night. Where to begin? The Clothes, of course. Or, truthfully, to several of the Red Carpet Interviewers whose first question to both women AND MEN was the now-nauseatingly almost canned, "Who are you wearing?" The men/dudes/guys in dark slick tuxes were almost all on the same designer's page. Who would you expect these days? It's Tom Ford, of course, with the odd YSL answers along with a few Unknown Designers. Yes, it's Tom Ford Whose Time Has Really-Really Come, as increasingly over the years his Tux Cuts are worn by most of the men at almost all of the awards. It was once Armani, but someone finally discovered that his fabrics aren't as seamless and soft-to-the-touch or as flattering as they once were (or seemed to be). My, my. Is it "The End" of a Fashion Icon's era? Let's wait for The Oscars on the 24th to confirm or disprove my observation.

Should I be wrong, I will not promise to do anything unusual, such as eating one of my hats, or running nude through The Grove during High Tourist Season (as in NOW). I'll admit my ignorance. Simple.

However, other than the Tux Attire on most of the men, there were others who chose to do the "I'm A Hipster Gangsta" kind of image complete with the dark shades and hats with a Basic Suit Jacket inundated with a few heavy chains flopping from around their necks to add that classy touch of a thug. But hey! Fashion was happenin' with those guys in some form, right? And, who can top Prince for finding the coolest sparkly hoodie West Of Minneapolis in combo with Big Shades for his Supposed-To-Be-Princely Stage Entrance – both of which he took off/tossed-off within seconds to remind us all that he IS indeed a Vampire Who Never Ages! What is this guy's secret? Has to be more than great genes and doesn't look like cosmetic surgery, either.

Whoa. How did I start writing about Men's Grammy Fashion when all I wanted to say is that I thought the show was an Ambien in disguise?

Oh, I could go on and on…

But I won't. Have to prep my mind to shift gears from one form of entertainment to another, for Tomorrow Night is Barack Obama's State Of The Union speech! It never ends over here with the celebrations, does it? Didn't we just have Other Award Shows with Big Stars; a Super Bowl with Big Stars; a Presidential Inauguration with Big Stars? And we haven't had The Biggest American Entertainment Big Stars Awards yet – the Academy Awards!

A busy one and-a-half months into the year, wouldn't you say? What-Oh-What are we all going to do when The Season is over? Well, next month is my birthday… Mebe this year I'll turn it into a National Holiday! Why not? My mother does and always has for hers; however, she was born on The 4th Of July! And yes, the fireworks are for her!

See you later!

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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Semi-Traditional Art of the Day

Artist - Tom Sanford
Medium/Format - Oil on Canvas
Image via:

I'm Too Sexy

Wardrobe Seams & Behind the Screens

The Grammy Awards are tonight, and I will assure you that it's going to be a very long day – as it always is for those who participate in Award Programs of any sort. From those who are nominated all the way down the line to the techies who will be sitting in The Control Booth of both the TV production as well as the Stage Performance elements, including another batch of grips, directors, lighting people, sound people. Yes indeed, it will be a busy, busy, day.

It will also be the first time NARAS (National Association of Recording Arts & Sciences) has placed a clothing ban on its presenters and potential winners. No "side-boobs" or extreme clothing (such as we see in the pic above from previous Grammy Nights) that would reveal various parts of a woman's anatomy. All of this came down – publicly – on Thursday. Now, that's not fair to those who plan to walk The Red Carpet tonight. Only a few days' notice to clean-up their wardrobes?

What if, let's say Rihanna for example, had ordered an outfit to be made for her Walk Of Shame with Chris Brown for the event? And what if it is now considered "too risqué" for the Most Risqué-Dressing group of entertainer's on the planet? Well, she would have had to change her plans and either quickly order-up something demure yet fashion-forward (natch), or just plug the holes in whatever fabric her original outfit was made of. Such a hassle! And, as always, Shame On The Women!

Ridiculous. Had a wardrobe ban been in place over the years we would never have been able to enjoy the various fishnet and leather outfits Cher blessed us with at every opportunity. Who would be offended by the usual showing of cleavage and Booty-Flashes AT THE GRAMMY AWARDS? I would think the viewing audience at the show and at home would be prepared for what we see almost everyday in pictures – lotsa boobies and butties on magazine covers, on almost every kind of website, be it News or Gossip or Health…

Perhaps NARAS heard about a few of the outfits some of the presenters and nominees were planning to wear tonight and decided to put a Big Stop to it – once and for all time! NARAS doesn't want to be seen as a "loose" organization, apparently. That, or as suggested, somebody might have shown-up in something resembling a bikini. Horrors! (I don't think Mizz Look At Me In My Latest Bikini LeAnn Rimes will be there tonight, so why worry, NARAS?)

However, as has been mentioned by various bloggers and commenter's, NARAS is saying, in essence, that it's NOT okay for women to show their "ass-ets", but Chris "The Fist" Brown, who has a tendency to use violence as his way to get his way, is quite okay to be nominated/included. He won't show HIS "stuff" on TV, so it's just fine to applaud a woman-beater who just happens to have his Beatee wrapped around his not-so-pearly-teeth-grates, by his side these days.

Allow me to tell you that as someone who has "worked" the Grammy's behind-the-scenes several times as a Field Producer for interviews and stories with nominees and winners, as well as having been a two-time nominee years later, the only good thing I can say about the Too Sexy Clothing debacle is that the auditoriums for most award shows are freezing – in both the main room and backstage. It's damn cold in there and I still don't understand how the women who dress so tragically skimpy-like don't end up with pneumonia after the shows are over.

Wait! That's it! NOW I understand the wardrobe edict! NARAS is caring, kind and considerate toward its female members and don't want them to become ill just because a little Awards Show about music will be shown on TV and pictures will be taken all night. I mean, it IS exhausting – one's Immune System is not only fighting the Freezing Indoor Conditions, but people similar to how I used to be who had/have to bother them with questions for our jobs. At least most of what I did was arranged in advance so "they" knew we were coming. I hated doing that without a pre-agreement with PR reps.

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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Street Art of the Day

Artist - NohJColey
Location - NYC
Image via
(Medium info & artist interview @

Blasphemous Rumours

The Weekly Fluff

While winds howl and snow blows heavily upon the East Coast, and snow with ice on the roads in California closed-down a major freeway route due to dangerous driving conditions, Celebrities of one kind or another continue to amuse or confuse us if we care about The Fluffy Side Of Life as a guilty pleasure. Thus, Mother Nature be damned! It's time to free our minds of the tangible concerns of Everyday Life and pull back the curtain on what the proverbial "they" are saying about The Rich & Often-Not-So-Talented-Famous. So, off we go…

Beyoncé is vain becuz she doesn't like some of the Super Bowl performance pics which were less-than-flattering. So, of course she wants them erased and pulled from Everywhere, which, according to many Writing Tongues, is a horrible thing to ask and proves she's a Diva! Really? What did anyone expect from a Diva?

Beyoncé & Jay-Z verbally fight like two animals not-in-heat. Gasp! You mean they're almost like half of the married couples in the world? Wow! Gotta knock those pedestals out from under their feet and see them tumble to the ground where they belong, right?

More Beyoncé this and that. Oh, and a word or two comparing her "act" unflatteringly to Madonna's. At least Madonna made sure that she was praised rather than 'nay'd this time around in the Critic's Circle.

Angelina Jolie is supposedly not a Great Lover, according to one of the Raggedy-Rags in an odd list of Best Celeb Lovers – something like that. Has anyone asked Brad Pitt his opinion? Or has anyone found him? Haven't seen photos of Mr. Pith at any airports lately. He's gone "missing" from the public's "ay-yi-yi" at his almost-always Homeless Looking-'Look" when not muttering incoherent words in a perfume commercial while dressed in a shirt that actually doesn't look slept-in. And yes, THEY, The Brand Of Brands, still haven't been seen together in ages! Suspicion mounts.

Is Jennifer Lawrence trying to outshine fellow Oscar Nominee Jessica Chastain? Who cares?


LeAnn Rimes, Brandi Glandville (or whatevers) and Mr. Squinty Eyes, Eddie Cibrian, could all be in on the Childish, Ridiculous, Low-Rent Twitter-Bitter Feud together for consistent publicity. Who are these people again and why do people feed the beast so much? I barely noticed Rimes until the Cibrian Stallion made his entrance into her corral, leaving his seething cup of Brandi behind to start a Twitter War Of The Ages with a willing participant who is now Mrs. Squinty Eyes. Wait a minute! It makes sense, doesn't it? But, is anyone really getting "work" out of this mess? Hmmm? Oh, yeah. Someone's still on TV, isn't she?

Lady Gag-Gag isn't original in her "art" at all and is fading fast from the Popular Scene. She's not like Madonna, you know, The Real Thing, said Madonna's people said a few somebodies on a few websites. And she's gaining weight, too. And then there's that "demanding" clause in The Ladys' Tour Contract that her dressing room at each venue must provide a female mannequin wearing a pink merkin-of-sorts or else she'll just break down and sob into her Always Lavender Towels. Hey, everyone has their "thing" as it were/was/always shall be.

Beyoncé had breakfast.

Now I'm going to have mine.

Have a safe and great day/afternoon/evening/middle-of-the-night/dawn.

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Friday, February 8, 2013

Street Art of the Day

Format - 3D
Image via:

Here We Go - Mystery Guitar Man

Friday Silliness

Very Scary Stuff

Hey there, East Coast/New England readers! Before your power goes out when NEMO – THE STORM OF THE CENTURY (probably not) – whips your area into piles and piles of snow and ice, I want to give you all a shout-out and wish you well as you hunker down for Mother's Nature's Latest Kick-In-The-Arse. While you prep for the storm with its cute little name ("Nemo"? Really?), the West Coast has its own storm which has not ended. Its name is Former LAPD Cop Turned Cop-Killer aka Manifesto Man.

Authorities have no idea where the Human Storm is at the moment, which makes some of us out here a tad uneasy.

An extremely pissed-off-gone-crazy former police officer with a military background who obviously has more than a few serious "issues" and wrote a rather surprising 22-page "manifesto" (that has been "cleaned-up" and/or removed from most websites per a request from the LAPD - Read Here) isn't someone any of us living anywhere in the world would want Roaming Free in our so-called "back yards." The search continues in several states as of this writing; however, I doubt that he would leave California as his main Killing Targets are primarily LAPD officers and anyone associated with them.

In light of the seriousness of both storms, TDFB will continue to attempt to amuse as usual on a Friday with more silliness via videos and images.

Until the storms are over, stay safe everyone – no matter where you are!

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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Street Art of the Day

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Time Of The Season

Thursday Tidbits #104,697

Hello again. Here is what I found on my journey through The Interwebs this morning....

Even Mother Jones is concerned: Too Many Secrets?

One man's brilliant idea is… Totally Humane 

This murder mystery is getting stranger by the day: I Thought She Was 'Happily Married' 

Oh, you sloppy female drinkers! Let's Blame It On Women 

I'm not apologizing for sharing this mess: Every Picture Tells A Horror Story 

Another reason to take "news" out of Fox: Heavy-Lifting Again? 

If you missed the story: How About An 'Imaginary' Suspension? 

Hah! You thought YOU were smart… Just Ask Your Dog 

I still feel like ducking: NASA to Earth – Don't Worry, Be Savvy 

The Grammy's Go 'Clean'? Booby/Booty/Butty Flap

That's it for today!

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Unusual & Creepy Art of the Day

Artist - Jenny Marquis
Medium - Body Paint (Cyborg-Style)
Image via:

(Note: Apologies to those who are surprised to see such a graphic image here. It is the essence of the written post.)

My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark

Drones & Groans

Last year I wrote a post regarding the use of Drones during a time when few were paying attention to what we are now learning is to be an on-going Tool Of War. (See THIS from September, 2012.) Ironic article/post, isn't it? At the time, the post mentioned the emotional distress Drones have created for civilians in The Lands Where Drones Attack.

The other part of the article focused on how angry and freaked-out Americans would feel/be about Another Country doing the same over American soil.

At that time, most civilians, such as myself, would not have believed how close to the truth many of my comments were now that we have learned that it's very possible American Drones will eventually "take out" Americans IN America should they have Terrorist Affiliations (i.e., Al Qaeda).

OMFG! Most of us who voted for Obama did so with many differing desires and expectations. Those who were losing trust in Obama still voted for him to avoid a GOP Wingnut Administration. Others voted for him because they believe he is an excellent leader who has been "done wrong" by a conniving, sly GOP, hoping to slap down the smug faces of the opposition. Most of us understood that when it comes to war – either averting it or mitigating further damage of the general mass political uprisings of last year in particular – Obama is more of a Quiet Hawk than not. The bold Bin Laden raid and assassination (which is what it was) showed everyone he has what it takes to work with the military To Get Things Done that were NOT done in the previous administration. Impressive, eh?

But now, with the leak of the White Paper*, along with the outing of the CIA's "secret" Drone Base **, some of us are thinking that were Bush And Fiends doing all of this droning and intimating that Americans may not be safe from Those Scary Arial Killing Machines in Our Own Country we would be screaming "Foul!" and filling-up our once-empty writing pages with vitriolic, "Un-American" accusations.

I can hear a few of you chuckling at the above paragraph, thinking how naïve The Dems have been regarding our current president – and that "we" deserve to be labeled as hypocrites for not raising our voices against the revelations we have been witnessing this week on the topic. Well, it's beginning to happen, my foes. The Liberals on MSNBC, for example, have differing opinions and have been expressing them with increasing regularity. A few anchors are "for" what's happening thus far, whereas other anchors/hosts are not. Not everyone who is a Democrat marches in blind faith like lemmings to Everything Obama Supports – and are not afraid to say so…unlike a certain supposed "news" channel with nitwits at the helm, reading the days' GOP Talking Points.

For now, what many of us are doing is watching, reading, learning and assessing, how our country is attempting to find ways to alleviate seriously bloody on-the-ground battles with the use of Drones. As is the Common Cliché of "we shall see" after the research and additional information regarding the potential use of Drones In America, as well as the continuation of using them when other means of dealing with The Enemy could be less damaging to civilians everywhere is fully understood, then it will be time to discover how our attitudes toward The Obama Administration will or will not change.

I'm willing to give Obama a bit of Wiggle Room on what has been reported. If the "wiggle" becomes Too Close For Comfort, you can bet you'll click onto this site one day and find me Screaming From The Internet about how much I loathe what he is allowing our military to do.

Until next time, have a Wonderful Whatever!

*    White Paper Info
**  Secret Drone Base Info

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