Sunday, February 9, 2014

Swan Song

This Ship Has Sailed

It's Time To Move On.

I want to thank everyone who has come to TDFB over the years. I've had fun writing it, evolving with it into music and art additions. I certainly don't know about your experience here, but I know that I have learned A Great Deal from creating what I believe is a unique place on The Internets.

TDFB will remain hanging in Cyberspace for a while. If so inclined, enjoy The Archives!

Until we meet again, I wish everyone A Wonderful Whatever!

With Gratitude,
Shauna Z

Sceleton Waving

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Back Again - For a Moment

Ten days later, here I am, back from Mars in a way. To those who don't know what's been going on here, the following is what transpired to stop New Postings:

1) A Gmail account is the only way anyone can access any Google-based programs and accounts. This blog is hosted by Blogger, which is a "product-service" of Google.

2) When I downloaded Google Chrome on the new laptop, I discovered all of my Bookmarks were still attached to what I had hoped would be a "clean" version of the browser. Suspicious of what the old bookmarks might carry with them (based on the "Conduit" problem), I uninstalled Chrome. It was after doing so that I discovered I no longer had an "active" Gmail account and thus could not access my own blog!

3) Although there are Recovery Processes in place, I was unable to utilize the traditional avenues for Gmail Account Recovery for many strange reasons.

4) After much research and Tremendous Frustration, access to TDFB was finally restored.

Needless to say, it's not been a smooth transition from what had always been Simple & Easy when I changed to a new laptop/computer. Although we want to believe we have all of the Best Malware & Anti-Virus software to avoid problems, Breach Of I-Net Security does we all know. (Hi, Target! Hello, Neiman-Marcus!)

There is no question that my Gmail account "went missing" following the Uninstall of the Chrome download which carried the System Compromise of my former laptop's OS, browser, etc. with it. For now, the issue appears to be "fixed."

AND, now that Google is Taking Over The World by requiring hapless peeps to go with Gmail as their Primary Login to Anything Google Owns, the synced-ed-ness that some people like, is, to me, simply Wrong-Wrong-Wrong.

Sometimes, the cliche' of "Don't put all your eggs in one basket" is True-True-True. However, Google doesn't allow for options.

More info is on the way concerning the future of this blog.

Until we meet again, I remain Your Source for Online Horror and Perverse Amusement!

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

“It” Never Seems To End…

Hi. Um. My wonderful laptop finally succumbed to the Mess that Conduit* created – and that had been ALMOST removed from the OS. With a new computer in hand, I’m now learning how to slog through a New Operating System = new applications and so on. Thus far, it’s a process I’d prefer not to flog. However, it would have been nice for Microsoft to retain many of its well-liked and easy-to-use editing features rather than doing Unnecessary Upgrades.

Until I learn how to work with a new Image Editor for the Art, TDFB will be Art & Image-less.

And yes. I’m just Pleased As Hell to have to deal with all of this crap right now.

Until Next Time, I remain faithfully frustrated as usual.

* Read HERE for the Conduit Post

No Image Via: Windows 8

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Warped Face-Off of Social Media

Good morning/afternoon/evening/dawn! Today I feel a desire to write about something All Of Us Do way too often – which is viewing Other People and Situations from a shallow, surface-based-only perspective. And Wow! How self-defeating it can be in doing so, and how Wrong We Can Be once we learn what lurks beneath the Superficial Surface!

For months I've been going through many emotional and physical challenges, as regular readers know or have sensed. Along the way, the inability to sleep beyond a few hours each night began to cloud my judgment, skew my perspective, mess-up my body, and, in general, has caused tremendous stress in every area of my life. Sleep is incredibly important – of course – and without it not only do we lose the Healing Properties of cell regeneration, but also, with extended periods of Insomnia, our minds and emotions can fall into Complete Chaos.

Fighting the Waking Hell of Sleep Deprivation can add to the stress one already has rattling through our bodies, which begins a spiral of physical weakness as well as Mental-Emotional Meltdowns over the silliest things. To say that I've not been the easiest person to be around over the months is a Major Understatement.

Throughout the disintegration, my Usually Overly-Sensitive Self became even more sensitive, reactive, and irrational. I sent strange messages, emails, to friends who I felt were ignoring me on Social Media. A few of them were doing so for reasons only they know, while others weren't flipping me off at all. But I didn't know it, and so, with the Emotional IQ of a Touchy Tweener, The Big World out there was becoming A Big Bad World and I was preparing to leave All Social Media Outlets to avoid feeling what I thought was a "slap in the face." One does need a bit of self-respect and enough Self Preservation to know when to retreat – if only for a short while, no?

However, following a brief break from active participation on Facebook in particular, I checked-in one day to discover that most of the FB Friends I had been angsting-about had been hiding serious illnesses and life events for a year. Maybe it's because we're beginning a new year and many of us are changing elements of our lives through Resolutions or the simple shift in energy that occurs when the Big Holiday Rush is over, but people who are usually quiet about their Personal Lives on social media were suddenly telling everyone what they had been through.

One friend has been battling a failed breast reconstruction after a Double Mastectomy and has turned to European Doctors to put her body back together. Another has a frightening not-yet-properly-diagnosed health issue which has caused Extreme Vertigo and a series of falls. Another friend had a devastatingly painful divorce, while yet another had lost a parent and were living in the horrendous Valley Of Grief. It goes on.

The connection with some of my Real Life FB Friends from different periods in my life is Only On FB at this time, thus, viewing their seemingly simple posts that reflected a Lovely Life was seen through the filter of a static visual of a beautiful pond they liked and wanted to share; a picture of a night out with friends at a great restaurant; a Happy Social Gathering – and so on. Everything seemed Just Great in their lives; the All Is Well impression of their Seeming Happiness was formed from what they cared to share. I had no trouble at all feeling glad for their happiness. I did have a problem with their lack of feedback when I would comment, or, after months of supporting their Causes with nary a "Like" from them on any of my posts, perceived their silence as a slight.

Obviously, I had been woefully wrong about what their lives have truly been like over the months. Suddenly, although Sleep Deprivation and a plethora of Other Challenges I've been facing are damaging and can cause serious illnesses, my Personal Issues were immediately shifted from Me-Me-Me to OMG, what hell these people have been experiencing and are continuing to face! My Ego Concerns were immediately sent to the Exit Door, and now I blush with chagrin at how foolish I have been in assessing another person's life, making judgments, creating scenarios that don't exist, based solely on Status Reports and limited observations of what they also "Like."

One would think that someone who has "been around" as long as I have wouldn't allow petty thoughts and perceived snobbery-by-others to derail a Solid Sense Of Self and would simply shrug and Move On without feeling angry or hurt. Not so. We all have our areas of sensitivity. Non-Communication is one of mine. With the recent revelations I have read, however, I think I'm finally growing-up now.

The obvious lesson of this post? It's very simple: We need to remember how important it is Not To Take Things At 'Face Value' – a truism of Life 101.

That's it for today. Have a Wonderful Whatever!

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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Art of the Day

Format/Medium - Wallpaper

Breakin' The Chains Of Love

Who Deserves a Flog Today?

The Flogging Whip awoke today with its gnarly ends in an irritable twist. Where to place its stinging lashes was the question. Should it lash-out at Chris Christie's BS about not knowing anything about BridgeGate? Would it be more effective flailing Nigeria for its New Law of imprisoning/arresting Gays for marrying each other, as well as simply belonging to an LGBT Organization? (Details HERE)

Or, would it be better to spread its lashy wings against the increasing intolerance Americans are expressing over the slightest inconvenience in their sorry lives via guns to kill someone who was quietly texting his child while in a movie theatre? (Read THISChoices, choices. So much injustice out there. So much waste of resources earlier today when LAPD Authorizes decided it was far more important to search Justin Beaverland's home for "something" to tie him to EggGate, the now unfolding absurdity of Lucifer's Long-Lost Son "egging" a pissed-off neighbour's home, causing $30,000 in "damages"? $30,000??? 

Either the home's exterior is a Sotheby's Realtor's Wet Dream of Super-Uber Rare Elegance that is allergic to dairy products, or The Neighbour Really Wants the brat Out Of The Hood STAT! C'mon, LAPD. Did it really require 11 members of your police force to do a search based on an Egging while Far More Serious Crimes are being committed as I write that are not on your Priority List? Oh, yes it is a Big Priority, as just moments ago a short Press Conference was held to explain that Beaver-Boy had not been arrested and that, as far as we and "they" know, nothing was discovered to charge The Kid with a Felony! That's right. "Egging" the home is considered a Felony. Exactly what sort of "damage" was done to cause that hefty price? Were The Eggs made out of Uranium or something? Geez. (Latest Details HERE)

And then, of course, The Whip twirls and whirls toward another outrage – the so-called "loss" of the Very Vague 'Net Neutrality' issue. WTF is THAT all about? (Read HERE)


The Whip is whipped.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Golden Groans?

Hmm. So, did we witness the Most Bizarre-Boring Golden Globes show EVAH last night? Yes we did, I say. Others may be able to suggest Lower Times such as Charo's Win for Best Actress three million years ago. But, hey! Good grief! Not only did Beloved Jacqueline Bisset prove to Hollywood Naysayer's that everyone in The Biz and in this town is/or are On Something (or just plain drunk) with her intense, more than OTT Acceptance Speech for a Basic Acting Award – not a Lifetime Achievement Statue, dearest Jackie –  but the lack of Real Star-Like Energy and Charisma was a Major Fail!

The Annual Get Drunk On The Telly Awards Show tried to Be Something, yet merely oozed-out of our TeeVee's like a disoriented Slacker attempting to focus on whether or not they should light-up another spliff or stumble into the shower to clean-up cuz they had Somewhere They Had To Go and "make nice."

The Awards Non-Extravaganza wasn't a complete disaster. Nor was it Very Much Fun, either. It would seem that anyone who takes the time to watch people applaud one another while holding cumbersome-looking Award Statues in their smooth-hot-waxed-hands, might have sensed how B.O.R.I.N.G it felt. Quite flat, in truth. Mebe bringing Charo back would have added a bit of much-needed adrenalin to the event, eh?

Where did the Usual GG Zinging-Insider Digs go this year? Indeed there were a few. But Very Few. One in particular that was a Belly Laugh for both the In-House Audience-Participants and those at home happily able to leave their perch for a Break From Tedium without the need for a Seat-Filler (wink-wink, if you know what I mean), was when the unusually not-as-funny-as-many-expected hostesses, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, aimed at a non-present George Clooney by saying that Gravity, the film he shared with Sandra Bullock, proved just how much he can't handle spending time with a woman his age – which was hilarious and is an Almost Spoiler for anyone who hasn't seen it by now. Beyond that light jab, The Jibs were naught, and The Jabs were too taut. (And no, the latter isn't a typo.)

On the Plus-Side of things, I was thrilled that Jared Leto won for his amazing role as a Transgender With AIDS in Dallas Buyer's Club in the Best Supporting Actor In That Something Or Other category for Whatever That Category Means cuz the GG's like to bring a diverse mix of The Categories from Film To TV To Music to whatever together to ensure that All Of Hollywood will, at one time or another, receive their Bribed Stamp Of Approval. I refer to "bribed" because, as is Universally known, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, hosts of the GG's, is/are happy to be invited to Uber-Private Celebrity Parties where champagne flows freely and buffet's aren't seedy and the bill is paid by A Studio or Agent or Manager or Publicist or All Of The Above of a Film/Actor/Crafter vying for the GG Awards in any given year.

Yes, the same happens for Other Awards. However, the GG's are The Most Notorious In Our Time for being more than eager for caviar and Rare Truffles coupled with The Finer Things from those who have something or someone To Sell.

Otherwise, although I loved Diane Keaton's attire, she went beyond her Normal Weirdness when she sang a little ditty for Mr. Woody Alien who, as anyone who has read a Gossip Article or watched a TeeVee knows, would never let his shoe soles hit Hollywood's Unhallowed Ground to show up for his Lifetime Achievement Award; thus, in came The Woody Army with Keaton leading the way. But wait! Now that I think about the children's song she sang, no other music would have been more appropriate for the Pedophile guy than that.

If you were lucky, you tuned-out of That GG Mess way before a Huge Case of The Awkwards happened in several acceptance speeches, not to ignore how almost every winner had to finish their words with an incessantly aggressive Get Off The Stage Music Underscore.

Other than pulling out a decayed old Super 8 film clip from one's own Prom Night, I can't think of anything more uncomfortable to watch than a group of Extremely Entitled People trying to smile through their losses while their eyes show us just how much they wanted to get the hell out of that auditorium and back to wherever it might be where they could cry in their champagne or punch a wall or two.

What a Night It Wasn't!

'Til next time, have a Wonderful Whatever and thanks for stopping by!

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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Saturday Tidbits #008

What a week it was to take a Blogging Writing Break! With BridgeGate on everyone's Front Pages, it was too tempting to jump in with my own perspective on WTF?!?; however, the entire mess isn't over – as we will see in the unfolding days and weeks ahead. By then, we'll have a larger (no pun intended) view of Who Knew What & When. By that time, I may have the energy to devote to The Latest Scandal of yet another one of those Blustery Menz Of Power.

Meanwhile, in lieu of writing The Weekly Fluff today, and to also save energy needed for Other Things, I thought it might be a good time to share several articles-links you may find interesting on a Saturday.

Therefore, with no further yammerings, let's see what's happening on the Webs:

Awards Season has begun, starting-off with The Most Bought & Paid-For Awards Of Them All

A simple review of what I believe is one of the Best Films Around Right Now

Finally! Who those God-Awful "Chicken" Nuggets Are Really Made For

How could I not include something about The Unabridged Christie?

That Locked Closet Celebrity Door may be Opening-Up Again!

Meanwhile, here's a reminder about Our Spacey Places

Something to add to Your Worst Nightmares

So what else is new? Is it A Big O Cash-Grab? 

Some girls Get All The Bucks

Yes, They Had No Banana's

That's it for today!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Taking a Quasi-Break

Greetings! To really grasp the reigns of the New Year, I have several rather daunting tasks to handle which require writing, designing, detailed focus and a great deal of energy to accomplish in a limited time-frame. Soooo…I won't be writing on TDFB as often as I would like this week.

There will be music and art when possible, cuz, you know, Typing Fingers aren't needed for those postings.

As always, thanks for checking-in. I'll be back at it HERE – in sharper form and focus – as soon as possible.

Be Well, and stay warm and safe if you're living in Blizzard Areas.

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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Tore
Location - Paris
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The Look

The Weekly Fluff

Good Sunday to you! TDFB (me, of course), is still bored by most of the Celebrity Newz Out There, thus there will be very little Fluff to puff on today. Nevertheless, there are a few Noteworthy Mentions that we'll dash into:

As you may already know (because the I-Nets are plastered with the pix), our Seemingly Tamed & Happy Guy, Ashton Kutcher and his Continuing SO, Mila Kunis, were hit with the Weird Kiss Cam trend going on at Basketball Games when they were watching The Lakers tromp all over Utah on Friday night. That NSA-Stand-In, Kiss Cam, placed them in its Lens-Ray, and so, rather than playing it out in a Hissy Leave Us Alone glare, the pair happily complied and – wait for it – Kissed In Public! And it's Big News on what must be a very Slow Newz Day. Okay. Well. Gee. Mila was even smiling for a change. Something good must be happening, eh?

Our Favourite Celeb To Hate/Dislike/Ignore, Mizzy Goop, is now telling everyone about her Latest Cleanse which consists of lots of a simple Lemon in water, rather than a Rare To Find and Too Expensive for most of The Peasants, Citrus-y Fruit none of us have ever heard of and will never taste unless we send Citrus Scouts to Shangri-La for a Youthful Fruit Plucking. Sigh. She does add Walnuts in one of the last phases of the Daily Cleanse, though. For that, she receives a Half-Star in my own Healthy Eating Database. (Writing something nice about her has hurt my Typing Fingers, so give me a minute to recover….)

The Palm Springs Film Festival has happened again – and each year More and More Big Stars are making an appearance. That's all I'll write, as it's actually extremely trite in the Overall Awards Scheme Of Things.


New Year's Eve found many of The Populars/UnPopulars behaving. No Justin Beaverland Messes with friends crashing his cars, or the same taking over his home while he's gone to throw loud and Sizzupy Parties. (Should Sizzup be considered Way Too 2013 by this date? I do. But, I wrote it anyway. I'll learn.) Oh, and it appears that he and Selena Gomez are Back Together if one is to believe the Latest Instagram shot of them together that's making the rounds. Poor dear. This time I mean Him. Selena may not be the Best Influence right about now. Sniff-sniff.

More Hollywood Married Men are still having a Case Of The Hidden Babies with their mistresses these days. And we're supposed to believe that The Wives are completely Oblivious? Perhaps with a few who spend more time on Rodeo Drive than breaking into their husband's email accounts and sneaking peaks at the foolishly left-out-in-public-in-the-home Husband's Cell Phone texts.

Very-Very Old Real Gossip you'll only read here: Way before Mister Cruise-Control became a Major Starhhh, but was on His Way Up the Get-Down Ladder, a male gay waiter I know served him and a Young Female Someone at a restaurant. One day my friend and I were chatting about the Gay Rumours which continue to circle Mister Cruise's slightly pointy head like a Toy Mothership Craft, and my friend, who is far from Naïve, said he really didn't think the rumours were true. Not only did The Friend not have info to corroborate The Closet With A Very Locked Door loud whisperings, but, apparently our Star was having a very quiet sexually-charged chat with his dinner companion. With details. And flashing eyes. And a bit of physical contact under the table that was G-Rated, yet quite suggestive. Based on this info, I might reconsider my Gaydar. However, maybe, Cruisey could have been rehearsing for an upcoming audition. Hmm?

Did Other Celebs do or say anything of importance during the week of The New Year and Expensive Vacations? Probably. But, I've had enough Fluff for the day and will now be on my way.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Street Art of the Day

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Who Deserves a Flog Today?

The below Purity message, as sweet as the Intention is, won't stop The Flogging Whip from jumping right in on the Shame On You theme of someone or something deserving a good ole flog, because a healthy dose of Expressing Outrage or Disgust is what fueled TDFB. What would we do if The Whip didn't have a Flip-Out from time-to-time, right? And so, without further explanation, let's Let It Rip!

Did you watch The Rose Parade yesterday? Did you know that two men were married on the AIDS Healthcare Foundation float? Did you read about how it all went well and no one was killed or anything despite protests about how such an horrendous display of how the marriage of Danny LeClair and Aubrey Loots would pervert Everything That Is Sacred about the parade although The Parade Theme was "Dreams Come True"; thus that is precisely what the two men did? (Read HERE for details.) Have you read how "nice" the coverage has been about The Marriage with nary a mention of its Non-Visual Coverage? Did you know about any of this before now?

If you were aware of the same-sex marriage on top of a wedding cake float titled "Living the Dream" I can bet you never saw it on your TeeVees. If you did, it had to have been in your imagination as almost all of the Visual Live Coverage by the Networks and Smaller Channels completely ignored it. Oh sure, there was a tepid mention-congratulation-acknowledgment by a Lower-Rung KTLA Parade Reporter Person, but the Main Hosts for the viewing were silent. AND, if you blinked, you Missed It Entirely.

Not only did TV viewers not see the men marry, kiss (quite conservatively), or watch the doves fly into the air at the finale of the ceremony, but today I have barely found more than two articles about the Visual Dismissal. I'm sure there will be more to come, but unless someone cares to make a Big Deal out of how the Networks played it Really, Really Safe by ignoring it, the Rose Parade First will be a faded memory for The Masses, albeit a fascinating element to always discuss by the men who were finally legally allowed to say "I do."

The Whip isn't unaware of how OTT the idea and execution of a Same-Sex Marriage was, as The Tournament of Roses Parade may not have been the Best Place to make a point about Gay Marriage, for the simple fact is that the parade is really just a pretty way for local California towns and Large Corporations and Organizations to Promote Their Product/Stuff, while wiping-out half of the state's flowers and seeds, and is not designed for making Political Statements. However, AIDS is a Real Thing, and the float was sponsored by a Legit Foundation about the disease. To Completely Ignore It – to Not Even Mention It – is why The Whip feels like doing a bit of whipping.

Thus, the Flogging Knots on The Whip are casting a Mighty Flog on all of the executives at All Of The Outlets which bowed to the Fear & Pressure of Possibly Upsetting People who do not believe that two people in love should have Equal Rights! However, The They's of TV could have shown the float, made a quick comment about it, and moved on to Sea World's Float ASAP cuz, you know, it's okay to focus on the Pure Image of a place which has been mistreating their Water-Based Stars for decades, rather than on Love.

Quiet, yet Pointed Rant Over.