Monday, September 30, 2013

Street Art of the Day

Format/Medium - Stencil
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Today In Washington DC

A Sorta-Sonnet for Monday

A Government shutdown
is on the way
to be blocked
by the Senate's Nay.

This childish game has been a sham
Just like Ted Cruz's Eggs & Ham.

And I don't like this guy named Cruz
Who lines-up with his party's ruse
of governing while playing chess
with the health of elders and the rest…

A bloody stain has been cast
by those in power who are last
to be hurt by what they do
when all they say is a Big Eff You! 

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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Unusual Art of the Day

Artist - Banksy
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Sunday Music Break

A Witch's Brew of Bitter Tea & Other Things

Edited: 10/1

The House GOP's Impervious Nervous Breakdown has brought us to the edge/brink/cliff of Another Potential Government Shutdown with Tuesday's Debt Ceiling Deadline looming like Ted Cruz riding his Unicorn toward a Prez Bid in 2016.

The belligerent, obstinate, callous, delusional, greed-assisted-consistency every few months for The House to waste its time, our money, trying to kick the Affordable Health Care Act (aka ObamaCare/Obamacare/Obama Care) into oblivion by slapping its demise into the mix like a Permanent Post-It Note-Of-Nay thoughtlessly stuck to any page of any Bill or Act the president has signed, wants to sign, or is Already Law, is the most absurd, egregious example of Sore Loser Blasphemy one can absorb. How smug the Eric Cantor's, Mitch McConnell's, John Boehner's, Ted Cruz's, Paul Ryan-types become when our government is on the precipice of Failing – solely by their Newly-Minted-Money-Smelling Hands.

The Debt Ceiling Debacle is a Primary Ploy-Toy with which The Azzhats create False Drama by threatening financial security for Federal Workers, compromising America's Credit Rating, as well as using their Smug Defiance as an Excuse To Swagger through the Corridor's Of Power drunk on more than tea, just to Make A Point that they are standing by their Boycott Of Almost Every Single Thing Obama Does Or Wants To Do . It's very clear, has been, but more so Now Than Ever, how determined a group of Homegrown Suit-Wearing Terrorists the House GOP and some of their Senate Cronies are to carry out their Grand Mission to Boycott Obama. Because that's the bottom line. Nothing more, nothing less. What a sad mess

What these people are doing to our country – a topic for which I vented here with great regularity for a time – is sickening, disgusting, treacherous.

You already know that fact if you have been following the Koch-Fueled Contract Sport since the 2010 Elections. You may be as tired, weary and "sick" of it as I am. You could, however, add a few more insights into your Mental Database by reading the following article concerning The Latest Egress. It's an enlightening and not very long read RIGHT HERE

Otherwise, I have nothing further to say about The Despicable People involved in creating Obstruction beyond undignified words and  gestures. Why ruin an otherwise, thus-far-pleasant Sunday?

Til next time…

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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Classic Art of the Day

Artist - Eugene de Blaas
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The Weekly Fluff

Welcome to Saturday! It's time for Some Fluff. According to what I've been reading and hearing, The Popular's have been reasonably quiet (if you ignore the ALL CAPS Kanye West BS he's doing on Twitter about/to Jimmy Kimmel).

The most surprising Celebrity Burp going around has Meryl Streep, the Non-Hollywood-Living-Or-Glamming Best Actress Evah, throwing her version of shade at Petty Woman Julia Roberts for manipulating the Final Scene in their film, August: Osage County, so that Julia would have The Last Shot.

However, based on what "they say" about Miz Robert's Real Personality, Meryl wins the "last shot" in both public and quietly acknowledged support by the Hollywood Film Industry Masses - Because….

Everyone hates Julia Roberts.

Everyone loves Meryl Streep.


Onward we go from there to A Touch Of SleazeSean Penn reportedly beats his wives and girlfriends in a nasty way – as if there is any other way than Nasty. But, sometimes he does something right…

Sean Penn and his ex, Robin Wright, made a female child when they were not fighting. That child, attractive Dylan Penn, 22, is now running-about in The Big World and spending Mucho Quality time with that guy from The Twilight Franchise Who Naturally Looks Like A Vampire, Robert Pattinson (aka "Sparkles".) Twihards are holding their breath not to burn down her house or toss glossy images of Kristen Stewart in her face.

Kristen, by the way, has been a Strange Bird In Many Lands this year, promoting extended-vacations, I think. But, she's still in The Newz! Reports via Suspicious Routes have the Rejected Stewart feeling Double Rejected by the Man Who Ruined Her Image (and faux relationship with Pattinson), Mr. Douchey Director of Mini Cooper fame, Rupert Sanders, to whom she – reportedly – texted/called/phoned to attempt another Numb-Faced Back Seat Encounter, but was left Sext-Less. Okayyyyy….

All Male Pro Athletes – despite what they say about their personal lives – are cheaters, liars, narcissistic, spoiled, violent, unethical, hypocritical, and Seriously Over-Paid. Repeat and replace with "All Politicians…".

Lindsay Low-Hand remains out of trouble for yet another week. Amazing! Miracles CAN occur!

Josh Harnett – remember him? – the cute face, caring love-struck eyes – hasn't been around a film set for a while because he likes Breaking Bad (wink-wink) way too much – or so they say. Too bad. I loved him in Wicker Park. He always reminded me of my high school crushes.

Gillian Anderson is gay, they say, but is also having a long-running affair with her former co-star, David Duchovny, although he remains married but "in love" with Ms. Anderson, who everyone thought was married to a man, or had been married, something-like-that. For The X-Files fans, Gillian and David Together In Real Life is worth its gold in syndication, isn't it?

A recent Big Split in Fluffy Land may have been caused by yet another Female Actress falling in love with a woman, rather than The Husband being a Usual Jerk. If true, many might want to be a fly on her bedroom wall.

But, TDFB (me) tries to stay out of people's bedrooms (unless invited), so don't expect too many of the above "reports" in the future…although 90% of Gossip involves who is sleeping with who and how many times and where? I guess The Weekly Fluff is doomed?

Drat! Trying to be ethical certainly is boring.

That's enough fluff for me! Have a Great Day/Evening/Night/Morning!

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

3-D Street Art of The Day

Artist - Conflicting Attributions (?)
Image via: The Internet


Who Deserves a Flog Today?

While I was watching dead tree limbs fly by my window this morning in another round of very gusty winds, The Flogging Whip peered over my shoulder, flapped a few lashes at my Typing Fingers, and pointed me in the direction of recent posts to review. As usual, the Horror of finding more errors of the Writing Kind has sent me back to The Chicago Manual of Style, as well as into The Woodshed again!

"WTF is up with me?" I asked mine Self with an attempt at kindness cuz we're not "supposed" to put put ourselves "down" if we are to Find Happiness. 

Very well, then, I won't Be Happy today. 

However, I will be honest. I'm frustrated as hell with not only The Leaves and all of the other personal topic rants, but with this blogging format. The Template TDFB (me) uses is supposed to be a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) when formatting a post. The writing looks one way in the Writing Box, and entirely different in The Preview Mode – which is where we should see Exactly how paragraphs and so on line up when published.

Not true. Not true at all. In fact, if you have noticed, the alignment of sentences and paragraphs will change quite often after I have seen the Final Result because it's Not At All how it looked in Preview. I then go back to The Box and change things around, publish the post again, only to discover It Still Looks "Off" – which requires another round of changes until I'm satisfied. How bloody time-consuming! In addition, how Freaking Embarrassing! 

Were I to move over to a different host and format, all Techie Hell Would Break Loose; thus, TDFB will remain here, just as I'm doing with my frustrating Home Environment Situation, until I have the strength and resources available to make a move to a far easier, less demanding-of-my-time, "home."

Once again I'll mention that I find grammar and punctuation-spelling errors of Other People's Writing in a flash and am paid to do so from time-to-time. I'm very good at it. But, apparently not for my own writing despite proofing my posts a dozen times. And to Those Who Know Better, I am aware that I don't follow all of The Rules of Writing Style in both Titles and Content…for This Blog. I'm just a Rebel, I gather.

In addition, I'll repeat (from previous posts) that yes, I'm aware that Pro Writers who write on a Daily Basis for Major Online Outlets make mistakes more often than not now that they are almost on their own without a Proofreader, nor do they have the time to methodically check their work for errors beyond fact-checking. Nevertheless, I'm not them…

So, I'm back to Flogging Myself for printing uneven posts, mangled sentences, and Not Being Perfect!

I miss the TV show "Monk" a great deal. His obsession with perfection and cleanliness was something I could relate to – with laughter. However, one cannot Be In This World and live in an Hermetically Sealed Bubble at the same time. And so, with humility from Being A Flawed Human Being, I'll step back from writing extra words today, crawl into my Woodshed for a few hours, pop out for a while to work with yet another Physical Therapist at home (yep, another-another setback from the Hip Fracture of two years ago – grrrr), and take care of Real World Biz, such as Another Jury Duty Summons!

Yep. It's been like that….

But hey, as I tend to say, tomorrow IS Another Day, and if you follow TDFB, you know what that means: Total Silliness – and I don't have to write A Mangled Word or Sentence! Whew!

Rant over – for now.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Street Art of the Day

Artist - SPY (SpY)
Material - Leaves
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Leaves From The Vine

Confessions of a Former Leaf Lover

It's Hump Day! And thus far it's becoming a Wonderful Day In The Sky-Gazing Hood.

As Southern California goes through the Season Change from summer to Summer-Fall-Summer-Freezing-Fall-Hot-Summer-Fall, soft fluffy white clouds float around in the pristine (minus Chemtrails) blue sky, wiped clear of the Usual Debris by the gusty winds.

How lovely it is – until half of the leaves on the many trees surrounding the home in which I live are flung upon the long back balcony, entire front driveway, and cover the quasi-landscaped Green Places in front of where I live - an environment where No One Else's Home (Nearby) has the problem, which, of course, makes this abode a Doggy-Dump Destination. Nevertheless, why are The Leaves Of Beautiful Trees the bain of an otherwise promising day? Because they are the Bain Of My Every Day.

I once loved-loved leaves. I still do when in their "place" - which, for me, is on the ground on a big lawn where the crispy blanket of nature's castaways are at home with Other Homes. But here, where the streets are clean and lawns are sown with Perfect Sod, it doesn't fit in. It's Ugly!

AND, with or without winds, the musty, dusty, not-even-pretty leaves fall and crowd in corners, around chair legs, flower pots, car tires – whatever is stationary longer than 30 minutes. If the Annoying Leaves are not swept-up and away in a timely manner, they will grow into almost knee-high (I'm kinda short) mounds mingled with acorn shells, pine needles and cones with just the right touch of tree bark.

In their Communal Death Camps out front and on the balcony, they do  appear to enjoy each other's crinkly company a great deal, as if they gather together for A Low-Tea Leaf Party at my expense! Were the need to sweep a mere once or twice a week, I wouldn't mention it. However, as you can "see" from how much I'm bothered by it, the onslaught of those Nature Devils requires a daily, and sometimes 2-3 x a day sweeping assignment. It's Work! It's a Distraction! It can't be ignored – and believe me when I do Press Pause for a day or two, it isn't pretty, AND it really does a number on my sinuses.

But OH! I "should" be grateful for the gorgeous trees I am fortunate to see each day as if I live in a Tree House where such Nature-Fueled Views can create Magic in one's imagination. How dare I say or write anything to the contrary when I am to be grateful for having a home to live in; a unique hillside neighbourhood to roam within, and a pot to hiss in.

And, in The Overview, I am – grateful.

I just don't like Constant Messes, which is one of the reasons why I haven't been writing about American Politics or Specific Politicians lately. There are enough Old Dead Things flying all over and into my environment. I don't care to add to The Leaf Party in my own "back yard" by bringing Bitter Tea Leaves into my personal bag of burdens.

But hey! It IS a Nice Fall Day; thus, I'll grit my teeth, hold my head high, and gaze at a gorgeous sky while clutching the broom handle by-and-by.

Til next time, have a Wonderful Whatever!

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Different Art of the Day

Format - Wall Decal
Image via:

Let The Sun Shine

Tuesday Tidbits #611,295,036

 Here we go on our trek through the Internets - 

An intelligent look at why Certain People got their jobs in Congress: How It Came To Be 

Pssst. This what I've (almost) always thought about Obama Despite Appearances 

"Dexter" fans will disagree with This Weak Excuse for the series finale. 

The Menz are at it again! This time it isn't A Pig 

I think I'd enjoy this restaurant: Look At Me!!!

In case you need a Kanye West Ego Reminder 

More Former Scientologist Insider Fodder 

Poor little Rich Baby Whiner feels the heat.

Another reason Why Modeling Sucks 

For Popular Music Parody Lovers

That's it for today!

Monday, September 23, 2013

3-D Street Art of the Day

Artist - François Abélanet

The Show Must Go On

The Triple Zzzzz's - Morning-After Review

What in the name of Bad TV happened last night at The Emmy Awards? Did I/we witness The Worst Award Show Broadcast Ever? AND, why did I feel as if I'd walked into a gaudy, cheesy Gay Bar from the late 80's? The Set Designer must have spent too much time at all of the Most Awful Colorfully Offensive Gay Bars in the world for inspiration. Were the producers thinking something akin to: Hey, the Host Is Gay, after all. Let's make him feel comfortable.

I think it's great that Neil Patrick Harris is Openly Gay and that he is okay with the whole thing, as are his viewers and colleagues. But WTF were all of those Almost Constant Innuendos and Direct Flirty Actions & Words with NPH and the male dancer(s) about? Did we need to be reminded every five minutes that Neil Is Gay and that It's Okay To Be Gay, so look here – and here – see, we in TV are Really Cool About The Gay Thing.  In fact, watch this Epic Moment! Let's have Jane Lynch and Neil make it clear they wouldn't enjoy kissing the other! Wow! How radical is that?

With the exception of Edie Falco's tribute to James Gandolfini, everyone else's "tributes" were self-consciously written and looked stilted, insincere, rushed, forced. Watching talented actors stiffly stand next to a Tall Faux Tower filled with a screen showing the face of a deceased actor with nary a clip to be seen of the Tributed Dead Celebrity to add to The Words-Words-Words-Only script, was one of the most absurd aspects to the evening. We want to SEE their work and their iconic moments. TV is a Visual Medium, right? Words are just half of the equation. It is not The Writer's Guild Awards!

The 65th (and don't you forget it cuz' the writer's certainly didn't) Annual Emmy Awards' Production Budget must have been slashed in half so that the money would be used to produce insipid and utterly out-of-context pre-recorded segments focusing on Neil Patrick Harris.

Rather than watching a program devoted to Excellence In Television, we were given Mind -Numbingly Boring Music Numbers, intrusive produced segments, and very little space actually given to those who the event was to have honored. For much of the Ambien-Fueled Festivities it seemed as if we were watching a tribute to NPH – yes, "NPH" – that's how we're to refer to him now that The Emmy's have shoved the Host in our faces instead of quality time allowed for those who weren't already on stage for most of the evening.

Beyond the Over Focus on the host, etc., the uneven, Demographic-Pandering to a younger audience element removed any sense of true TV history or perspective concerning the many changes in Entertainment Content that have occurred over the 65 years The Telly Has Ruled Our Cultural Universe.

I tuned-out from time-to-time, finding the Local News far more educational and entertaining. But, on a fairly positive note, I now have an understanding of why Kerry Washington has been so PR'd as The Next Coming over the past year: she is a Natural to be cast as Michelle Obama in any future TV or film revolving around The First Lady and her husband. She has A Solid Presence.

And with that, I'll set aside the Fluffy Focus and will see you on the Other Side Of Topics next time.

Have great Morning/Afternoon/Evening/Middle-of-the-night/Dawn!

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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Special Art of the Day

Artist-Designer - Jonathan Shackleton
Medium - Paper
Image & Details via:


The Weekly Fluff

It's Emmy Awards Time! So soon? Too late? On the same night that many of the Emmy-nominated programs from Cable Land will air their final episodes? Hey, Emmy Awards People, not everyone has a DVR or On Demand or Other Ways to watch your show and record their Fav programs at the same time, so which choice do you think they'll make?

Ratings for your show may not be as high as you would expect. But Wait! Neil Patrick Harris is The Host! Everyone loves Neil Patrick Harris! He's a Consummate Entertainer! He knows how to "hold" an audience, so…. Zzzzz.

The Emmy's are usually a far more restrained (boring), Low Drama Backstage Antics (boring) affair than other televised Award Shows, and so it has been going the last week during a series of Pre-Emmy Parties, as well as the non-televised Emmy Awards. The parties have been so quiet (boring), civilized (ahem), relaxed (ahem); the Already Winners' Winnings barely mentioned in headlines, that there is No Fluff to puff-on. Yet. The After-Parties will surely bring a few salacious whispers to whet the appetite for All Things Gossip-Worthy, right? Well, we will just have to wait and see, won't we?

Or not.

In the interim, lurking-around in Cyberspace has not produced credible fodder for snarking. it appears that no  Gran Escándalo has erupted worth mentioning in The Celebrity Sphere unless you care about Reality TV People divorcing, almost divorcing, getting really drunk, fighting with each other off-set, scaring people away from their property with a shotgun – that sort of thing. If you do, I'm sure you'll find it all there at Radar Online and E! (of course). And in the Music & Film Biz's, most of the fluff is the same stuff by the same people wearing different clothing (if wearing clothing at all) than they were the last time they did something strange.

However, you may not have wasted time dropping by today, for what you have found here is a reminder that The Emmy Awards are Tonight! Check your Local Listings for channel and time… Zzzzz

And that's all The Fluff I Wish To Print today.  My back is killing me from Not Screaming at the ocean (mentioned in yesterday's post), so excuse my quick departure, but a hot bath with Epson Salts awaits.

See you on the next round!

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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Unusual Art of the Day

Artist - Craig Tracy
Category - Body Painting


The Age of Angry-Ness

Anger is on my mind this Overcast Saturday Morning. Lovely way to begin the day, eh? So what? Anger is on Many Minds on Any Given Day, so I won't apologize (too much) for going in that direction.

In fact, I may become angry if anyone tries to tell me I'm being "Negative" or focusing on Darkness rather than The Light and aiding the Happiness Enemies instead of The Angels! 

Expressing Rage over the slightest of slights is a mere keystroke away for many. Anger is flying around the world through Cyberspace with astounding vitriolic velocity, while in Real Terra-Firma-Space, the Bitter Feuding of Nations and Internal-Government Turmoil reflect the increasing Loss Of Hope To Be Happy. Reality – today, in "these" times – has shifted very far away from what the majority of us who were raised during a Superficially-White-Washed-In-Bliss era were taught to believe would be Our Future – a Secure Place In Life filled with Abundance & Tolerance.

Add Other Generations who were also caught-up in the Cushy Belief that despite obstacles, they too would have Open Opportunities to live that Worn-Out, Over-Used Term "American Dream", and the result will be a Mass Of Pissed-Off People who are discovering their lives are/could be the Exact Opposite of that "promise."

The Daily Kos wrote an article on this subject, referencing Bill Maher's astute comments from last night's show concerning how very, very Big Time Angry the Collective We have become. To save time and space here on what would be Basic Repetition on my end, you can go HERE for the video as well as a succinct commentary on WTF Is Up with The Anger Thing.

Now that we appear to realize Just How Insane It's Become with regard to Just About Everything, what are "we" going to do (or not) about it? Yep. An Anger Management Class would be helpful for those who are screaming at strangers online; the Mean Kids who bully their classmates to Literal Death; U.S. Politicians who are truly shafting their "people" beyond the pale of Any Pale a U.S. Citizen has witnessed – evah! – in our and our grandparent's and their grandparents' time, and on and on we can go with unpleasant examples….

The point is this: Humans are inherently Emotional Beings. Mix External Strife with Personal Struggles and the lid Will Blow when the pressure can no longer be contained. Basic science.

And so I ask you to do something for yourself should you be one of The Angry's – whether you're a Direct Angry or a Covert/Passive-Aggressive Angry – which is to Take Care Of Yourself by finding different outlets for the uncomfortable emotions that are not associated with the source of your Unhappy Feelings. Trite but true (and yet another cliché to make your day).

If we simply roam around the planet stuffed with an Emotional Armory Of Hate, Frustration, Jealousy and other self-destructive emotions, then who wins? No one. Trust me. I didn't name myself The Screaming Queen Bitch while on The Radio just for the  Shock Value. Although that particular persona died many years ago, the Driving Force behind that moniker has been triggered a great deal lately. I don't like how "it" feels, so I'm Doing Something About It. Without support, that Whirling Dervish Within would become irrational and say or do something that would ultimately hurt someone who didn't deserve my Misplaced Wrath. Maybe you can relate? If not, then great!

On that note, I'm jaunting-off to Scream At The Ocean!  It can handle wrath quite well. I think. Then again, it does have a tendency to seek revenge from Constant Abuse… Maybe I'll just stay home and enjoy a peaceful neighbourhood for once.

Have a Wonderful Whatever!

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Thursday, September 19, 2013

New Art of the Day

Artist - Debra Hurd
Format - Abstract
Medium - Oil on Canvas
Image & Details via: 

Sliding Into Thursday Music

Thursday Tidbits #8,321

Hello there. We're Tripping through the latest Cyber Life  - and some of it is Fantastic - for better or cursed. Enjoy!

The latest from Way Out There 

Yep. Keep on blaming The Wimmens 

Shoes! And more shoes! Some Meh, Some Yeah! 

Oh Good God!!! This is VERY IMPORTANT and Will Make Your Skin Crawl! 

This one isn't important, but let's get nice and cheesy. Perhaps she still wants to get Physical

The GOP get better and better at proving they're having a Collective Nervous Breakdown 

A gorgeous mansion. A Real Estate dream. Anyone Up For A Swim? 

No one does it better than Jon: In Case You Missed It

Highlights of the new Fall TV Season from OUT 

Good for Bloomies. New Tags For The Tacky

A sick sense of  humour is  a Lovely Trait 

That's it for the day!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Spotlight: Unique Artist Cai Guo-Qian(g)

Explosion Art In Progress

Don't Shut 'Em Down

Who Deserves a Flog Today?

With the Latest Gun Violence Episode dominating the Newz in the USA this week, once again everyone – including Prez Obama – is wringing their hands over How To Stop Mass Violence! The same-old-same-old ultimately empty "This Should Never Happen Again" rants. 

The Flogging Whip has reluctantly awakened from its Beauty Sleep to address the issue with its Usual Flare-Up, having heard enough Words With No Actions, culminating in the following reaction:

VIOLENCE WILL NOT END until Earth is invaded by Aliens. Simple truth. 

Unless Something REALLY BIG happens on this planet to bring EVERYONE to their knees in Unity, the Human Race has No Chance to evolve quickly enough during our current Life Cycle to Change its Basic Primitive Nature/Instincts. We can blame the NRA until we no longer have the verbal strength to shout out against its influence in Washington (we're looking at you, Piers Morgan); we can continue to Lobby for Gun Control of Assault Weapons falling into the "wrong hands" until the day arrives (and it will – maybe) when The Ban actually happens Nationwide in a Different Way than The Currently Ignored Assault Weapons Ban is handled, BUT, Crazy/Disturbed People Will Find A Way to do their Gruesome Deeds. 

According to reports, The Shooter of the Navy Yard Massacre WAS turned away from buying an Automatic Weapon due to a Background Check, thus less people died because he used a Regular Weapon without the intense Firing Capacity of an AR-15. (Or one "assumes" so.) Nevertheless, a deadly shooting occurred and we are once more standing on the sidelines shaking our heads.

Well, The Whip is sick and tired (despite its Long Sleep) of Empty Natterings from Everyone about "Oh My! How did this happen? What can we do?  Something MUST BE DONE!" A Ban and deeper Background Checks did not stop Aaron Alexis from plotting his Killing Spree, did it? He Found A Way – anyway. Period. (For further info, go HERE)

From what we have learned about ALL of The Killers who flip out, go on Killing Sprees, Mental Instability is at the bottom of the question "WHY?" and Lax Diligence by People Who Knew or Suspected that Something Was Up in a not-so-wonderful way and Did Nothing.

Therefore, in the most Un-Gracious Manner, The Whip has flipped it's Middle Lash at all of The Words of Nothing over the subject, sending a strong Flogging Message about it by lashing-out and standing-up (with a bit of help from a hand) to The Mouths That Squeak, uttering a furious "Do Something About Mental Healthcare at the least and STFU with Empty Words that change nothing!"

Yes, it's that simple. And also THAT complex. There is No Answer beyond Trying To Curb The Disturbed. At least, that's how The Whip views it.

Sensible Rant Over.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Street Art of the Day (by Phlegm)


Oh Faux Is Me!

Okay. Alright. I'm busted. Sorta. Yes, by viewing TDFB's Full Page, you would surmise that whoever chooses the images and videos is into Gun Violence, or, at best, just Into Guns and all of that Tough Stuff. Between the violence in many of the music video's shown here since TDFB's arrival and yesterday, such an assumption would be understandable. Logical. The images of Rough Attitudes and Bad-Azz Dudes & Babes is all over this blog, perpetuating many of the Racist and Sexist Stereotypes of which I so often roundly flog and snark about as Not Cool to do.

Thus, I almost hang my head in Quasi-Shame for inadvertently misleading everyone here through Contradictions between Content & Artistic Entertainment. I don't own a gun. I would prefer not to own one unless having a weapon was Absolutely Necessary. I have held a "real" loaded gun in my hands a few times, but it was to find out how it felt. My father once owned two shotguns we displayed beside a stone fireplace – one from a relative who had fought in the Civil War; the second from my father from the Korean War. They weren't loaded. I rarely touched them.

So why do I continue to advance the Images & Music With Violence when I'm not writing an article-post condemning it? Good question! (Pats Self on back.) Answer/Excuse: I contradict myself – all of the time without realizing it until the words, images, have soared-forth into the Whatever Sphere from the Crackling Brain Wires in my head.

Case in point: This morning I reread yesterday's post to quadruple-check for errors, as anyone who reads my rushed postings will attest, are many, only to discover that I contradicted myself from one line to the next without hesitation or thought. I wrote that I had "never" watched Breaking Bad, and then wrote that I "never returned" to the show after its debut. Huh? Either I HAD seen the show at least once so that I would never return, or I HAD NOT watched it. That section has now been edited and rewritten to clarify what I meant. Okay. No Biggie. Unless one would like to have a clear idea of what the writer is actually conveying. Ahem.
Therefore, I'll fall upon The Sword Of Contradiction and declare that I have No Remorse over having such a confusing quality within my nature, as I believe it can be a unique view of life to see so many layers of Things, People, Issues, Places. Sometimes it can become a Jumble Up There in mine brain to view Life From Both Sides (Wow!), but I believe I'm in good company with that trait:

"Do I contradict myself? Very well, then I contradict myself, I am large, I contain multitudes." *

And so are we all. One way – or another.

Have a lovely day/night/dawn/whatever!

Image via:

Walt Whitman, "Song of Myself"

Monday, September 16, 2013

Some Kind of Art of the Day

Bang-Bang Music to Make Your Day

Reel-Al-Ity vs. Reality

How are you Breaking Bad fans doing this fine Monday morning? Not so great, eh? Still Reeling? (No, you won't find a Spoiler here.) I don't watch the show and never have. I've seen the promos, and that's been enough for me. From its debut, I wasn't drawn to its Meth-Infused Allure despite hearing great reviews. I've known very little about the plot or its characters - until now. However, from the comments I've read all over The Big Bad Web, it's a well-written piece of entertainment with characters people seem to care about.

And now the show's apparently intense episode last night is what "everyone" is talking, writing, about – even when the primary topic has nothing to do with BB.

In fact, on every single TV Program post on social media for Other TV Programs, Breaking Bad fans have jumped-in and hijacked the threads with various BB mentions as if the Other Shows people were commenting on did not exist. Tsk-tsk. That's FAN-At-It-Ism at its height, wouldn't you think? Or, simply rude fools? Or both? I bring "this" up today because I'm a follower of two Other Cable Shows that are reaching their end – one way or another – and was surprised to see how intense the BB people are about their Favourite TV Escape.

The Madness surrounding BB's apparently shocking episode reminds me of when other programs with huge followings built-up to a startling act or many actions concerning the Lead Characters in particular. The "Who Shot JR" Thing, except this time, because it's Cable and Not Network, the subject matter is grittier, sexier, somewhat realistic, and Far More Violent than anything from the past.

Why are so many of us drawn to the Drugs, Sex And Gore of almost all of the successful Cable shows which have been dominating Our Minds and All TV Awards over the past few years? Could it be The Writing, which is often better than what The Film Industry barely provides? The Incredible Acting? Cinematography? An actual Plotline?  Or, a combination mixed with the Classic Human Nature element of Rubber-Necking A Train Wreck, which almost all of the Main Characters in those programs are? I believe it's both, particularly when Sex & Drugs are involved. What a concept! How novel!

Mentioning "novel" reminds me of several BB fans tossing the word "Shakespearian" around with regard to last night's episode. Wow! Have I been missing a tinge of Literary Brilliance by not watching the show? Does my choice of Dexter and Ray Donovan mean that I'm a mere plebe in my TV Watching Taste? By how Dexter has tossed its plotline overboard as Dexter once did with his victims, I have to admit that I might be "reading" on a Lower Level, yet haven't been able to set the book aside out of curiosity with how the story ends.

The other program I watch with Odd Dedication, Ray Donovan, the New Sopranos (which I also didn't watch for some reason although I had HBO at the time), is another story, shall we say/write. It's complicated beyond belief. Cliché's abound at every turn. Liev Schreiber (Ray) has yet to break a smile and needs a shave and Huge Hug to soothe his angry heart. Jon Voight, who portrays his terribly weird father, annoys me to no end in almost every scene and I wish…well, I promised No Spoilers. Nevertheless, I'm fascinated by Twists & Turns and, if nothing else beyond excellent production values, find myself growing fonder of the show as it nears its possible Ultimate End (or not).

So, what's my point? We all have our Guilty Pleasures whether or not we understand why we're drawn to them. Profound, eh?

With Molasses (!) spilling into the waters of Hawaii, killing more fish; with Fukushima Radiation seeping deeper in the Japanese soil and waters, slowly but surely making its toxic way through the Pacific Ocean to the U.S. Western Shores; with This Syria Debacle; floods happening every other minute all over the country and world, and Blah-Blah-Blah, I guess we can all find relief in carnage that exists outside Our Realtie's because when the shows are over, we can turn off the TV, do something else, and find gratitude that our friends aren't plotting to kill us…unlike the Real Killers in the Real World.

And on that Happy Monday Note, I bid you all a fond farewell for the day in writing.

(A little note to Breaking Bad Fans: Try to keep your enthusiasm for the show in check and Stay Out Of The Comments Sections Of Other TV Shows! Geez.)

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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Mr. Brainwash
Location - Los Angeles
Format - Mural
Medium - Stencil & Paint

I Don't Care Anymore

The Weekly Fluff

Welcome to Sunday! As TDFB (me) continues its visual changes ("construction") in front of your very eyes and some behind-the-scenes, many of The Populars and Unpopulars have been up to No Good.

Others have been doing "good things" such as getting married (if one thinks it's A Good Thing for those who did it); waltzing down Red Carpets beaming their Fine Blinding-White Veneers, or Quietly Living Their Lives without PR-energized Pap Strolls.

Of course, we'll focus on The Celebs (and outlets) who/that make it our business to know Their Business. So, what have our Fav Tools been up to these days? Per Many Sources, here's the skinny in a reasonably small dose (hah!):

We should all bow down to Miz Goop because' she's still Extremely Special and don't you forget it! (Although' it's going around that she is not a stranger to McDonald's. I gather she didn't export her Outdoor Wood-Burning Oven/Grill-Whatever-It-Is from Ing-Land when she recently returned to the U.S. for ??? May all Vegan, Gluten-And-Taste-Free Burgers RIP.)

For once, Lindsay Low-Hand isn't in trouble. But her "Mother" Dina is for a DUI. As many writers have noted, it's not at all shocking considering how hard that woman parties. What is a surprise is that this is Her First DUI! Oh, Dina! And you say you don't have a problem? Many think otherwise…

No problems happened when Jay-Z and Beyoncé set their Illuminati-Tinged Vocal Cords in motion yesterday to serenade LeBron James and his now-wife at their wedding down San Diego Way. Keep up the Good Work, you two. Soon you'll rule not only Half Of The Music Industry, but Basketball! And, we know that Basketball Rules! There's a reason why they're considered to be THE "Power Couple" a few steps short of Barack & Michelle. They are Everywhere!!!

Gina Gershon. Sigh. What an actress! How cool is she or what? I like her, always have, as a person as well as an actress, so, I won't fault her for accepting a job many feel is beneath her talent. What is it? A TV Movie. Lifetime decided to make a film about The Versace Empire, now run by A Face That Melts right in front of your eyes, Dona-Tella-Everyone-Not-To-Tell-Her-To-Stay-Away-From-Botox Versace. Gina 's face is too pretty to play That Thing, but has, and I'll watch it IF I can overcome the horror of The Awful Wig someone put on Gina's head for the part. The stills I've seen are okay, but wait until you see the trailers if you haven't already. (Info HERE)

I'm writing about the above due to The Wig because It's Just Wrong. Although most of Donatella's "Real" Head Hairs are another part of The Visual Mess Of Her, I could have easily found a mass of white straw, weaved it together in a Long Drooping Flat Line, spat on it to aid an easy shine, and plopped it on Gina's head myself. Yikes! Methinks Lifetime-Associated Producers could use a New Stylist.

Charlie Sheen still pays for sex. Wow! Pass the pipe "Smelling Salts" please!

Pssst: Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux haven't walked down that Good Ole Aisle yet. Why not? Huh? WTF? Who cares? (For some reason, lotsa people do.)

TMZ continues to amaze whenever they run a story about Black People who haven't been arrested.

Sandra Bullock will be on the cover of next month's Vogue. When you see it, you'll wonder what's on her head. Whatever it is must have been created by the same person who did The Wig Work for the Versace movie: That, or else Sandra neglected to remove the Not-So-Very-Flattering lump of fur someone slipped on her head while she was drifting through a galaxy of nightmares from falling deep into space. (Hey, I tried...)

Americans remain absolutely, completely, totally, Forever In Love with English Actors.

Blind Items continue to hint that a Certain Actress who is separated from her husband may not be doing very well emotionally or physically and might die any moment if not "saved" from herself somehow. It's not a nice thought, nor is it a situation to laugh about. In addition, she may have company on The Death Spiral as one doesn't have to be blind or read A Blind to see how a Certain Female Singer-Performer is a Complete Fall-Down Fluff-Puff-Hiccup.

And then there is Miley Cyrus! Again! Wrecking those balls and laughing at everyone as her Bank Account collects more Green Stuff than her Daddy has on his Huge Estate in Nashville. But then again, she could be chirping through a Mask Of Pain cuz'  "everyone" is saying that she and her supposed fiancé, that Other Hemsworth guy, are Totally Done! Yes. Again. And again. Burp.

According to various reports, Kanye West made his victim Kimmy Kar-Kash-In stay home in Los Angeles while he trots around NYC during Fashion Week without her at his Belligerent Side. I think they chose the wrong name for their child, "North West". Most of that child's life will be spent in Southern California, it seems, which is, of course, you know...

That's enough Fluff for me! Have a Fabulous Whatever!

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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Here We Go Again

Hello there! Time to take care of more Techie Things. 
Have a Wonderful Whatever!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Cabaio
Location - Argentina
Medium - Stencil
Image & Info via:

Going Through Changes (NSFW)

Thursday Tidbits #8,432,971

Greetings! As some of the regular readers of TDFB have noticed, we (me) are in the midst of the 7th Design Makeover of this site. Things are not quite complete, and the work to straighten-out, as well as make several minor changes, will take a few more days (or weeks, depending…). In the interim, thanks for your visual patience!

Now, where do we go from here concerning The Content? Well, what else would you expect from one who has Design On The Mind, preferring to focus on HTML and CSS Codes than the Suddenly "I'm Here" remarks and activities said and led by Russia's Fearless Leader, Mr. Put-Me-In-The-Game Putin? (Latest HERE) Where we (I) will go is to post those Wonderful Links when words either fail to flow from the fingertips, or Time Is Not On My Side to meet a reasonable publishing deadline; thus, here are a few Tidbits of info you may have missed and absolutely cannot live without. Maybe.

Prince William's "Transition Time" looks a lot like mine, but a tad Easier

WTF is up with Russia and Gay Stuff? I mean, really? Thou Shalt Not Watch 

Yes, it's Terry Jones' jones for weapons cuz' he's  Another Florida Madman 

Don't mess with your Customers, You &%$#@ Customer Non-Service "Service" People! 

Hey Goop! I don't think they'll miss you one bit: Who's The Snob Now? 

Comprehension skills fail. He's just now getting The Message? Who Didn't Know? 

This man's action is what is deemed Supreme Dedication 

Wake up! Listen! Pay attention! Learn! Your Current/Future Health Is At Stake 

Move over, Julia. You have some competition: It's Diva Time! 

If you saw the film "Into the Wild" or read the book, you may Learn Something New Here 

That's it for today!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Contemporary Art of the Day

Artist - Aquira Kusume
Medium - Paint


Ready! Set! Stop! Go! Hold On! Wait! Go? No! Yes?

Good Day/Whatever to you! I'm dealing with Constant Syria Whiplash, how about you?

Are we (the US Of A-Holes More Than Ever) going to Bomb The Bee-Hay-Suse out of Syria, or are we willing to let the UN handle things if they so choose (depending on their oddly changing positions), or will So-Called "Diplomacy" win the day? Will Assad give up his weapons? Can Russia really help to stop the Beginnings Of WWIII? How many Angels can dance on the head of a pin? (Yep. It stays.)

I don't have a clue (not true), but one thing is certain in this Climate Of Threats & Frets, it's fascinatingly schizophrenic in how this Entirely Crazy Situation is flailing around like The Flogging Whip In Heat-Beat. (A "sight to see," by the way!) Today was to be the day in which votes would be taken by Congress regarding whether or not we should dive into the Hissing Nest of another Middle East Toxic-Python-Venom-Riddled Mess. Now the voting plans are off – for at least a week – or, maybe later in the day should things change all over again. Or tomorrow. Or not. Maybe Friday. Maybe not.

My neck hurts.

Who can keep up? Only Very Serious Syria News Watchers…and even with those keen eyes and ears, one source is telling the world one thing, while another is saying the opposite – or, both are saying what they think they know at the moment they said it when, in truth, it's become Nothing But A Jumble out there!

Prez Obama was to have given his Sales Pitch For War On Syria earlier today, which has now been changed to later this evening. Or so we've been told/alerted/diverted. We'll see. It could happen. Or not.

Should you want to keep up with the Latest Developments without clicking onto a different news site every other minute to watch the Changing Headlines, a Live Feed is available via RIGHT HERE at the bottom of the HP's article.

Now is my cue to locate my neck brace and step back from The Games Of Power & Warmongering until someone figures it out. Until then….

See you later! Maybe.

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Monday, September 9, 2013

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Tasso
Location - Germany
Medium - It's Obvious
Image & Details via:

Sex - Again (NSFW)

'Menz of Power' Do It Again!

Oh please spare us of yet another Menz Of Power Sex-Scandal-Of-Sorts! That randy ole' Robert Kennedy Jr. (aka Quasi-Cad), reportedly kept a personal journal way back in The Day which – somehow – ended-up in the subversive hands of Whoknowswhohah!

That Mysterious Hand made sure that the Little Red Journal would land in a Happy Home someday where its occupants would ensure "leaks" of Certain Sexual Somethings which would eventually be published. How neat and tidy the journal transfer must have been as it has taken quite a while for The World to learn of the Base Desires and Demon Fires of Mr. I-Can-Barely-Understand-A-Word-He-Says Kennedy. (Details HERE )

Naturally, as of This Moment, the spawn of America's Once New Hope, Robert Kennedy, is publicly declaring his Unawareness of having written THAT journal and how in the world would anyone have such a thing in their possession to begin with? He wouldn't do such a thing to his then-wife, would he? Cheat? Then write about it with "scores" and names? No way. Only young horny guys with Ego Issues about The Ladies would literally keep score that way, correct? But then again (as "they" say), one need only know brief tidbits of Mr. Kennedy's reputation to place him in that category.

(We can only hope that his young son Conor DID keep a journal during his 2012 Summer Seeming-Tryst with Stalker Taylor Swift. If so, we can expect a "leak" in a few years where we'll see how Taylor crept into his private pages and drew little butterflies and visions of a Kennedy Wedding into every page.)

I've written of the Pubic Indiscretions of what I deem are Menz Of Power numerous times since TDFB took wing almost three years ago, so I'm not going to repeat myself more than tossing-around a few more additions to the opinions previously expressed. And thus here we are, reading more Dirty Secrets of Another Kennedy Who Can't Be Faithful To A Spouse! What a non-shock considering that infamous family's reputation for infidelities on both ends of the Gender Equation.

A wayward Kennedy is not fresh news at all. We are accustomed to the leaks and stories of the unending infidelities via books and formerly close friends or associates of The Kennedy Men, beginning with Big Daddy Joseph all the way to the Most Public Living Kennedy Male, Robert Jr. What does make this new story both Newsworthy and Not-Really-Worthy of our time, is how it won't tarnish his reputation beyond the Already There Glare from most of his ex-wife's friends who hold him responsible for her suicide last year.

Potential sympathy, empathy and/or compassion for his Inner Plight (at the time of the journal writing, at least) with how he fervently desired to avoid temptation while diving right in anyway, may come from people who are touched by his private remorse. He was/is a Bad Boy who has a conscience…unlike so many others who, to this day, refuse to acknowledge their blatant philandering when it is directly in a Papped Shot published online. So, he'll probably survive this latest "hit."

The fact that while in prison for a short period, RFK Jr. expressed "relief" from not having women in his Hot-To-Trot presence will garner sympathy from other men who have no self control over their Male Parts Friend. Women will probably sigh, roll their eyes, and click on the Red X on their computer screen to move off the page and onto something less tawdry or boring – depending on their tolerance or not for such matters of Personal Business.

Why I'm writing about this story is that Anthony Weiner is on my TV right now spouting more Obvious Desperation-Tinged-Arrogance over his bid to become the Major of NYC despite his horrific position as #4 in the race. His Wiry Pleased-To-Be-Me-So-Don't-You-Dare-Ask-Why-I-Cant-Keep-My-Bulge-To-Myself-And-Wife attitude when confronted by voters during his Useless Campaign wanderings, is quite the opposite of what we now THINK we "know" about how Robert Kennedy Jr..

If I had to make personal choice between the two for whom I would prefer to have a cup of tea, it would be RFK, Jr. hands-down. But I'd make sure he would keep his Hands Off!

Moral of the post? The same-old-same-old "Men Will Be Men" excuse accompanied by explanations. That's how it rolls most of the time, doesn't it?

But I wonder how forgiving The Masses would be should a Wimmen Of Power's Private Conquests be found in written form, listed according to what they did or did not do. I know that many Literary Figures of the female Kind have done similar things to the amusement and horror of friends and lovers during a period of Female Sexual Suppression. A few of them carried-on without care, while others were no longer Accepted Into 'Decent' Society.

In RFK Jr.'s case, he's already Home Free, as he IS "Society" regardless of his Self Image of a Man Of The Environment.

Thanks for stopping by, and have a Wonderful Whatever!

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