Saturday, March 31, 2012

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One More Time....

It's Over, Man!

With a mixed-bag focus of Flogging, today I find myself once again in that dreaded position of wondering what to write? Of course I could make a comment or ten about Keith Olbermann's latest Bridge Burning Ceremony with his abrupt (it's always "abrupt" with Keith) departure/firing from Al Gore's Barely Noticeable Current TV.

But, why bother when Olbermann's exit is simply another indication that the guy is hell to work with/for/be around? I once adored the man. Loved his use of the English Language unlike most of his peers; the fiery attitude of righteous indignation whenever a loud and intelligent voice was needed regarding a political/cultural situation.

I liked his ties. Something he apparently didn't. After a few months on his Current TV mash-up, suddenly Keith dropped the debonair and adopted an "I don't care" by going tie-less with the basic loose-at-the-neck open-collar shirt. I don't care for that look on news anchors/hosts. If a guy is going to wear a suit jacket with a shirt that has a collar, then put the tie on. Or wear a crew neck sweater or shirt...otherwise, to me it looks sloppy and Keith didn't pull it off.

Not only did the "look" not work, but nor did his show. As a dedicated viewer of his former program on MSNBC, I could barely sit through an entire segment of his new "Countdown..." when he re-emerged from temporary obscurity (despite his Twitterings). I was not alone. The ratings were terrible.

So, now Mr. Olbermann has made another TV exec angry - perhaps an entire channel of people, actually - and has thundered away once more into what may become a longer-than-usual purgatory.

I wish I could say "Farewell" in a hopeful tone, anticipating his next appearance on the air, somewhere, but not now. Something never clicked for me and thousands-millions of others with his latest incarnation.

Therefore, in finally writing more than I expected from myself today, I bid the once almost dashing gent in his once dapper suits and ties, a tepid goodbye.

(Hundreds of jokes can be made regarding the fact that former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer - disgraced by a sex scandal in 2008 - is replacing Olbermann's show with his own piece of the radioactive airwaves. I'm trying to think of one that is closer to PG-13 than XXX. Not easy. I'm sure Jon Stewart's "The Daily Show" writers will find a way, though. Hint.)

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Friday, March 30, 2012

Different Art of the Day

Artist - Dale Grimshaw
Format - Woodcut

Ticket To Ride

Friday's Tidbits

Treading lightly on a stroll around the Interwebs....

If I'm not mistaken, more than 3 of these are running loose in Florida: What Else Is New

Now it all makes sense? The Bobby Brown Equation 

If we're reverting to the 1950's, then I want my collagen back! Toys R Unjust 

A tree is a tree is not a tree but a natural house for thee: Nature's Way Out 

A rather Liberal view of what's relative: And The Earth Is Flat

Those fella's in Texas need a chill pill: What About The Toothpaste Cap?

Is Rihanna channeling a Hugh Hefner LSD flashback? Oh, My Eyes!

And here she is again: Out Of This World?

That's it for today. Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Street Art 101

This Will Put You To Sleep

Not-So-Ambient Moments

Good day/afternoon/evening. How's it going out there? Tired of all of the Trayvon Martin news? Bored with boring Mitt Romney and Mr. Sanctimonious Santorum laying a &^%$# bomb at a reporter? As in "Gasp" he really means biz! He and his Lily White Image just flew out the door.

I thought Mr. Sweater Vest was above using such #$%!&^ language. Guess not. He is, after all, the "Fire In The Belly" of the Conservative/Tea Party these days. Gotta show some "real" anger to assuage the irked, pissed-off portion of the US of Nay to them there folks in places like Iran where the saber-rattling to go to war against them is floating around in the gaseous winds of the unhinged.

Go To War With Iran? Are these people out of their.... Oh, never mind.

So what else is new? Obviously I haven't a clue what to Flog about today. But here I am, Flogging Whip in hand, waiting for the "right" topic to send to the woodshed. 

How about nothing related to the Big Newz of the day? That's it! I'll tell you about the perils of Ambien, the #1 Sleeping Aid in America at the moment. And it can be a peril to many who use the drug. Ambien isn't something you want to mess around with unless you can actually fall asleep shortly after taking it. Otherwise, you end up driving to local grocery stores in an Ambien Blackout Stupor only to awake moments later when pulled over by a cop for "strange driving patterns." (As happened to one hapless fellow a few years back.)

Well, I end up making dinner (that I only realize happened the next morning when I walk into the kitchen to see the evidence). Or, I feel omnipotent and free of any responsibility and call a grocery delivery service to stock up on items I don't need, wasting money I should be paying my doctors. Or, better yet, how about what I did a few days ago?

While I continue to progress from a hip fracture last year caused by a strange fall in the house, a Physical Therapist continues to come to my residence to fine-tune hip alignment and strengthen weak muscles for stable walking. Things are going well. At least they were. I'll find out tomorrow when the PT comes by again to take me for walks up and down stairs and hills, followed with several balancing moves we do inside.

Well, what a shock it was for my newest PT to find me in a bit of an odd "condition" when I opened the door for her Monday late afternoon. Unknown to me at the time, I had ingested an Ambien in error (it looks almost identical to another medication I take and was out of its bottle in my Rx drawer). Not only did the medication take me to an odd state of altered consciousness, but I stumbled on a stray bottle of cognac and decided that it would be a fun idea to have a shot or three in the middle of the afternoon. Say what?

Hah! First, alcohol doesn't spend much time in my home. When it's here it's for guests and for celebrations and special dinners. Why there was an open bottle of cognac sitting around the abode was/is unusual. Maybe it was brought by a guest from a recent gathering here. The fact that I loathe hard liquor, can't handle it, usually become ill, didn't matter with half of my brain shut-off from rational thinking from the Ambien. I didn't question what I was doing. And my PT appointment was less than a half hour away. It's always a great idea to get sheet-faced before doing balancing exercises, isn't it?

So, when the PT first saw me smiling she was glad, and I waltzed-walked around the main room to show my progress. She was impressed. I was no longer quasi-limping. Then I recall babbling about having had a bit of cognac and wasn't "myself." But, I wasn't slurring and could talk, so at that moment she thought I was merely a tad buzzed.

Next thing I recall: A fuzzy memory has me walking up and down a neighbor's outdoor steps (with a cane). I passed, but it must have been after that successful exercise when the PT realized what a mess she had on her hands because my next memory is walking down a private road with her clutching my arm to keep me from wandering in front of cars, I gather, and then another faint memory of returning to the house, doing a few more leg and other balancing maneuvers wherein she told me I was still doing well and more coordinated even when under the influence than most of her patients. Nevertheless, for my safety and her professional responsibility, she suggested that I sit down and take a few breaths.

I don't remember much after doing an arm and leg lift akin to stretching-out on ice skates, until I sat down at the desk where she was filling out her paperwork, then complimented her hipster knitted cap, finally comprehended that we wouldn't be doing a few other of my assignments, signed the paper she handed to me to confirm that she had been here, and waved goodbye as she very possibly fled out the door.

And then I have no memory of anything until I slipped into bed at 8:00 and slept for twelve hours, awaking to that awful feeling of "What the..." did I do? Why did I drink cognac? Or anything like that? In fact, I wondered, why did I seem so high before I made that ridiculous decision? Talk about mixing poisons! I went to my Rx drawer and saw the loose Ambien tablets had fallen out of the bottle and realized what had happened.

This latest incident is one of many I've had over the past two years whenever I have either deliberately taken an Ambien at night for sleep (when needed) or made the exact same mistake with taking the wrong medication during the day. For me it is a dangerous drug. My system doesn't absorb it in the way in which it is "supposed" to work. I remain awake and perform "normal" activities with very little memory of my actions. Not good, I tell ya'.

So, just in case you are thinking about taking that particular drug, make sure you aren't one of the many who have what I define as The Walking Ambien Zombie Syndrome. If you have trouble sleeping from time-to-time, try a warm glass of milk first, then take a hot bath, tell your mind to STFU and turn on a really boring TV show at 3:00 AM. If that doesn't do it, then maybe cognac all by itself might do, although I don't recommend it on a regular basis.

And no, I won't be taking any more of those little pills for any reason in the future. I'm lucky to be alive, unscathed, and able to function without it.

That's my latest personal story of the week. Hopefully my PT will be compassionate as she normally is, and tomorrow when she returns we can get back to the real healing biz. 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Erik Berglin

Can't Find My Way Home

Who Deserves A Flog Today?

Unless you want me to Flog the increasing vapidity of celebrity gossip of late (as in TMI with almost everyone sharing everything and the headlines screaming "Celebs Without Makeup"), I have to weigh in once more with the Trayvon Martin case. It seems that, as usual in these situations, the victim becomes re-victimized in death. The people who are shouting that many of us have used the death of a young African American boy (regardless of his height) to highlight racism in America, seem to be missing the ultimate point: the victim was unarmed; the shooter claims to have had injuries yet no pictures were taken of them for evidence; the shooter appears to have made a racial slur in his 911 call; and, if there is more to what is said on the tape, as Sanford Police rep's have hinted, then why aren't we hearing the other portions to enlighten our supposed ignorance of the so-called "facts." I write "so-called" because, if the Sanford police wish to clean up their currently disastrous image, anything that would help them explain why they didn't arrest shooter George Zimmerman would be a priority, right? But all we are now receiving are apparent "leaks" from the police department: a new "witness" who claims to have seen Martin pummeling Zimmerman, and friends of same letting the media know that he "cried" after shooting/killing Trayvon. And, of course, because the first pictures of Trayvon showed a younger-than-17-year-old picture and not the horrendous "bad boy" they now want everyone to conclude deserved to die because he wasn't a "perfect" child - just a typical, I might add - teen who wanted to be "cool" and followed the same slang and jive all kids I know of a similar age and diverse ethnic backgrounds use when Tweeting and FB'ing. Yeah, let's ignore the primary reason why everyone else is upset: No arrest, no evidence, no "crime scene" pictures, no "crime scene" yellow tape around the spot where the kid was shot, and so on and so on. Any PERSON of any colour who is shot when they are unarmed in any way is the #1 issue with most of America. The fact that Trayvon was Black makes it worse and stirs up racial hatred all by itself, with no help needed from Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson, as many who are standing-up for George Zimmerman are claiming. Chill-out on making Martin look like a hood in a hoodie. Did anyone in the neighborhood have a break-in that night? Was there a valid reason to follow him down the street? Is there now an ironclad reason to take his history of a few problems and turn it into the reason he had to be killed? There is more to question with the shooter's semi-violent background than anything Trayvon Martin had done. Period.

Quiet rant over.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Leon Keer
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(Def check this out in 'Zoom' - or whatever kicks your screen resolution/s)

Let's Take A Ride

Basic 'Human Instinct' Ruminations

Today's flog may come across as if I am a Jaded Person with no awareness of cause and effect, karma, optimistic thinking or a sense of spirituality to lift my spirits and change my outlook. I promise I am not jaded. If I were, I'd say it. Probably would shout it out in some form of a Flog. No. Not Jaded. How about "realistic"? At least in the overview.

In today's world (you know, technology and that sort of thing), whenever an horrendous crime against anyone is committed, family members, community leaders, and sometimes National Leaders of church and state, come together in front of microphones to beg, suggest, or push the message that they are speaking-out against whatever the crime may have been so that "...this won't happen again to (fill in the blank)."

It's a noble message. Thought. Desire. The truth, however, is that chances are whatever IT was WILL "happen again." And just hearing those hopeful, altruistic words repeated year-after-year are causing most of us to tune out and sigh. How could (fill in the blank) NOT happen again when human nature has barely changed since (our understanding of) the inception of the human race?

Humans can change, up to a point - thus far. The concept of tolerance for others who have different Overall Life views, different skin colour, different religious (or non-at-all) persuasions than us, does occur - beyond conceptionalism. Nay, shall we not forget it's the "animal" within us that has yet to be tamed regardless of our diverse heritages. Our instincts at the core remain in "fight or flight" mode when confronted with danger. The majority of the planet eats other living beings for sustenance. We are often taught that humans are simply the Top Of The Food Chain as we learn from childhood that many other animals "eat their young" or each other.

Right "off the bat" as kids we are immediately inured to what our parents and relatives and friends are really doing when sitting at a table with a huge dead bird or pig or fish laid out for consumption. No one thinks about what they are eating. Unless, just as we've seen countless times in films, the dinner turns out to be the former family pet chicken or duck and a child freaks-out, cries, and flees from the table, becoming an instant vegetarian.

The "pack" mentality (or "tribal") exists within humans, becoming just as dangerous, bloodthirsty and lethal, as a pack of wolves chasing-down its prey when hunger, anger, or fear (thus the need to dominate for "survival") have been activated. And so it goes.

The above are the usual examples when anyone addresses how we haven't shed our "animal instincts". This part of the flog isn't new at all. It's a reminder. The human race has a very long way to go before the majority are peaceful, not slaves to the Ego and Pre-Wired Violent Tendencies which can suddenly erupt to the surface of an otherwise non-violent personality when pushed to a maddening emotional Critical Mass.

Which is why I wish the refrain of " this won't happen to..." was/is/shan't be/oh-no-no, not on the brink of becoming another Buzz Phrase no one listens to anymore.

So sorry, but until each person on this planet becomes a genuine Saint in their hearts and deeds, people will continue to harm, maim, kill, other people just as we continue to do in the slaughter of all other Living Beings For Sport and because the steak and sushi taste so great.

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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Different Art of the Day

Format - Light Art
Attribution: Conflicting Sources

Bye-Bye Baby

Saturday Tidbits

TDFB's weekly stroll through the Interwebs, stopping-in at the strangest places sometimes....

Take two pills of some sort, don't call me in the morning, and down them with a Dirty Martini becuz here it comes: Wayward Rovers-In-the-Night

Is water wet? Trayvon Martin

Why steal something that Florida already has en masse? Slippery Dopes

Now I feel really old. Look Who's Coming To Town

I like a site with a sense of "Self" humour: Flog Away And They'll Print It

The story isn't new, but it's always fascinating to read the Comments: Eat, Drink & Be Marry

UFO's again. This time with music. And for just this month - so far: Makes One Wonder

Unapologetic Liberalism at your service: Is Robert Right-esh?

See you later.....

Friday, March 23, 2012

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Banksy

Not Your Fault

No Hoodies In the Hood?

Let's think for a moment about what the uber-loose-lipped and amazingly predictable hoof-in-mouth-at-almost-all-times Geraldo Rivera, thinks was the real reason for the death of Florida teen Trayvon Martin - his HOODIE! Yes, that's correct. Geraldo blames Trayvon's use of his hoodie as causing the clearly unbalanced George Zimmerman to find the child to be a suspicious subject of interest for a neighborhood watch "captain" on the lookout for "bad people." You know, the $#^%$!! ones that "always get away..."

Sure, Geraldo has a point with regard to the overall perception that any male person of colour in a "hoodie" means trouble based on images he does mention in the following article - This One, yet from Trayvon's girlfriend's account, the young man did not pull his hoodie over his head until after he discovered he was being followed by Zimmerman.

Even so, so what? He placed a practical addition to his sweatshirt/jacket over his head. Does that mean it's open season on anyone who chooses to actually use their "hoodie" for its purpose of covering one's head? Are we now going to squelch the freedom of how to wear clothing for those of a certain race and age? What next? No baseball hats? Isn't it true that bank robbers love those things? Or, what about tennis shoes? How about shades/sunglasses? Gosh, we could go on and on with "thug" clothing choices, eh?

Hey Geraldo, what about taking-on guys who drive around - alone - in SUV's packing a loaded handgun? Should we begin a movement on Solo SUV Drivers, cuz, you know, lotsa gangsta-types drive those, too. Maybe had good ole' "clean record" (my arse) George not been driving around the neighborhood looking for trouble he wouldn't have found/created it. Maybe he should have been on a bicycle because that kind of transportation is less intimidating and may not lend the rider a sense of omnipotence that one feels when high-up in a big SUV.

Yeah, that's the solution. No SUV's cuz' that could cause young kids of colour to want to pull up their hoodies and start running when followed by the machine with it's occupant harassing them for walking in a nice neighborhood.

I have an even better idea. How about not allowing "neighborhood watch" people to carry guns while "on duty" - they aren't Real Police or Real Security Guards or anything. They are citizens who often have itchy trigger fingers.

Or, in this particular case, allows closet racists to "Stand Their Ground" against unarmed teens who just want to get back to the home where they planned to watch a basketball game on TV. Oh, whoops, basketball watching should also be suspect, don't you think? We all know how many peoples of colour play that game, thus attracting other people of colour who, gasp, might want to have a few friends over to root for their team while sipping ice tea and downing a few Skittles.

Which reminds me, Geraldo, did you consider the Skittles factor into your logic? Those things are damn dangerous! The very thought of a kid with Skittles wearing a hoodie makes me want to jump out of a powerful SUV and shoot them to death. I swear that the colourful bits of candy will try to break out of its wrapper and fly all over my face and I'll just have to defend myself with a bullet.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Pet Drama

Good day to you... The Shauna Z homestead is in a bit of turmoil today due to the possibility of taking the household's new pet to the vets - possibly not to return. It's a sad decision all pet owners must make, and sadder still as the new cat (although very old) has brought a bright new energy into the realm. But it's a truth that sometimes elderly pets who just lost their owner from a long-standing illness often follow.

Needless to say, my focus is elsewhere at the moment.

Will return soon.....

UPDATE: Saturday, 14 March: Thanks to those who sent private emails regarding the above post. The household's new friend had to go on to play in another "reality" after a stellar 20 years of feisty-ness here on Planet Earth. A toast to all pet owners and pets everywhere! A long and good life was had by the black and white tiny cat who looked like a kitty but was really a grand-mitty.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Street Art of the Day

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19th Nervous Breakdown


Now I understand why so many celebrities lose their minds. It's due, in part, with what KONY creator Jason Russell has been diagnosed with following his very, very public meltdown last week in San Diego when he ran through the streets nude, pounded his fists on the ground and, in general, was having an "episode" of one sort or another.

The condition his mental health doctors are saying was the cause of the incident is "Brief Reactive Psychosis." Details Here

"Brief Reactive Psychosis" makes a great deal of sense for at least a portion of Russell's troubles that day. It also works for me when we hear about celebrities who are suddenly flooded with acclaim and hoards of strangers chasing after them with cameras and pens-out for an autograph every other minute. They either fall into the quicksand of self destruction if they don't feel worthy, or take it to the other side of the glitter and buy into their press and already entitled ego-driven demands and superior attitudes.

The latter is when reality is but a memory and one's sense of feeling Extremely Special steps in. It's so very easy to extend the "Brief" in the "Reactive Psychosis" to "Full-time." Some celebs handle their hu-mongous success with dignity and humility. Chances are they were around the Biz for a while before becoming "overnight successes" and have been able to stay somewhat sane for years on end.

But unless you are Justin Bieber with Usher as your mentor and already filled with a deep sense of being the Second Coming, fame will def eff you up. If one has been trained to deal with instant fame, shielded by "handlers" and given sound advice on how to remain (or become) as grounded as possible in the midst of an international spotlight, the attention can still be overwhelming but at least they had been warned, trained and prepped. But others, especially those who are normally behind-the-scenes, aren't prepared for their close-up.

And those who have been used to a bit of "fame" and "specialness" may still slide into the subtle psychosis of being revered by the nameless crowds of fans and fanatics. I had my own time of entilement when I was a popular DJ for a short while. Suddenly I was receiving free haircuts, free photoshoots, free dinners at restaurants, deep discounts at clothing stores... Paltry trade-offs considering that when I was on the air the payola scandals of the music biz with radio stations was at its height.

Unlike several of the top guys in the executive suites, I didn't have the pleasure of getting a free swimming pool added to where I was living, or a neato car and so on. But just knowing I could waltz around getting the best table at a restaurant, allowed into the back doors of clubs and showered with gifts on holidays from record ex's and a few music artists, sent my already strong ego into a mind-set that I deserved all of those things - for free - and would always have that cachet.

I did, for a while. Until years later, after leaving radio and TV programs where I was the Music Person, I never had to buy an album/CD of any artist. It was all given to me. So were the private screening invitations to the latest major film, and the best seats at any concert I chose. Or an invitation to spend a holiday party at the home of a major celeb and/or musician. It went with the territory.

And I was just a DJ! Not Madonna. Not a Shining Star in the Hollywood pecking order of "Who's Who." The only thing that brought me back to earth after the radio daze was when I was lost and unsure of where to go next with my talents. So, I took many an odd job I was barely qualified to do just to stay afloat. Going from signing autographs to answering phones brings on a different perception of reality. And I was only in my 20's when the shift arrived.

But, my personal version of "Reactive Psychosis" still bit at my heels when two other high-profile careers placed me in positions of some renown, and suddenly my name was in the gossip sections of industry magazines/papers such as The Hollywood Reporter, Billboard, etc. When not mentioned as having attended a private industry party, the various positions I held in TV made minor headlines in all of the trade papers.

I bring a small part of my personal experience as a very small player in three entertainment-based industries as an example of what one can become used to after years of fawning, freebies and professional popularity. Believe me, it's way too easy for some in The Biz to lose any sense of perspective on what "really matters" in Life.

Then again, for some, all that really matters is the Fame and Fortune - which are the ones who usually don't have "brief" or longer-lasting "Reactive Psychosis" because, hey, they already thought they were destined for God-like worship. Nope, no "psychosis" there. Just "Halo-Tosis."

I feel for Jason Russell if he indeed has been overwhelmed in a debilitating way by instantaneous recognition among what must have been a whirlwind few weeks of being 'The Latest Big Story' with the KONY video circling the globe faster than Superman on steroids.

You know, I'm thinking that I may need another dose of Quasi-Fame to facilitate another reason why I'm having my own Reality Meltdown (as explained in my Profile for why this blog exists). Yep. Tell all of your friends and foes about this little site. Let the growing readership of TDFB become overwhelmingly huge and then I will write even more confusing nonsense and ensure my place in the latest Hall of Insane that we can now describe as a form of psychosis. Considering how "Reactive" I can be, the chances of acceptance into this hitherto barely known condition is undoubtedly automatic.

Heh heh?

Monday, March 19, 2012

Street Art of the Day

Image via: Who Gives A Sheet?

A 'What the Hell Why Not Play It' Tune

Who Deserves A Flog Today?

I'm joining the country in expressing outrage over the shooting of Trayvon Martin by a Florida gated community hot shot racist wannabe-cop "Neighborhood Watch" guy - George Zimmerman - who decided to ignore the directive of the local police to stop following the 17 year-old through the neighborhood and chose, instead, to shoot the kid - dead - and then call it "self defense" when the kid was simply walking back to a home he was visiting and was carrying a bag of Skittles. I have absolutely no desire to wait for the supposed "facts" of this case because if nothing changes, then no one in authority seems willing to question the word of the "guard." Plus, too many elements (such as many 911 calls), along with the information the public has been given regarding George Zimmerman's attitude toward seeing a young African American person walking through what must be a really nice neighborhood where, gasp, one usually doesn't see Black People of any shape or age sauntering through the hallowed acreage, points directly to racism and lies on the part of Zimmerman. In addition, the non-arrest of the man by the Sanford, Florida, police is beyond belief. No charges have been brought against the shooter, as the local police think he's such a great guy and everything. I mean, you know, he has a "clean record" (except for assaulting a police officer in 2005), and surely must have had a valid reason to shoot an unarmed kid who may or may not have mouthed-off to him when first confronted with Zimmerman's Suspicious Racist Eyes. What's up with the Sanford police department? A pox on them, I say!

Read it here if you want more info: Racial Profiling At Its Worst

*A correction has been made in the flog. Zimmerman was/is not an official "Security Guard." 

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Street Art of the Day

Location - Slovakia

'Round Midnight

Had Some Blarney With Biscotti

Here we are. The Day After St. Paddy's Day. Everyone okay out there? Having hangover brunches per chance? Or were you playing it safe last night and staying out of trouble? Did you put your Annual Green's back in the closet where they belong until next year? If not, I hope you at least removed the Shamrock stickers from your vestment's shoulder pad or lapel. Can't have you Lepre-conning all year long, you know. Those little devils can be rather territorial, particularly when they allow the Trolls to join them in their gay-lick-i-teases.

Nope. That wasn't a gay reference. We all know that Leprechauns are straight, whimsical and cute, but not witty, snarky or bitchy despite the glittery outfits and funny hats. No way are they gay. But Gaelic? Sure, why not. Can't you just hear them saying "It's a brit nit out tonit..."

And no, I'm not nursing a hangover from alcohol although you can sense my mood is a bit light and wiggly. I'm feeling the ramifications of having eaten an entire box of Ginger Biscotti's late at night. Not my fav flavour, Ginger, but they served their purpose of calming my sweet teef's. Now I will refrain from stepping on a scale for at least a week until the late night pig-out is but a memory and my skinny jeans will fit once more.

Skinny jeans? Me? How dare I wear what some people would consider to be "age inappropriate" attire. From what I read on numerous message boards I may as well pack it in after a certain age and start wearing pearls with knit dresses and frumpy pantsuits, and make sure to set my hair with hairspray left over from my late grandmother's estate.

'Tis true. Grown women and men flog away on a daily basis about how certain people in the over-heated spotlight are dressing in an non "age appropriate" manner. Age appropriate to what, I ask? To old norms? One look at someone wearing what is considered to be "appropriate" for their age sends shudders down my spine. Too often I'll see a picture of someone in my age group dressed like I gather some people think people like me should be wearing for our age group and they look like my grandmother or grandfather did in the 60's.

But then, that seems to be where certain factions of the American population want to take us. Well, you'll have to pull the Converse "All Stars" off my feet and cut my hair before I'll follow that trend.

Yeah, I've had too much Biscotti for sure.

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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Friday, March 16, 2012

Street Art of the Day

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Cry Me A River


  A quickie dash through the Interwebs today.....

This has been going on for a while. All very odd. Could RDJ Be So Foolish?

A new way to dodge your bar tab. Going To Great Lengths 

Trouble at the homestead? What Did She Expect When She Married The Jerk?

The stud of STUDS (as it were) has died. RIP "Jocko" 

If Solar Storms interest you, this one's for you: Ramifications

That's it for today - running late......

Get Lost In This.... Bonus Post

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Street Art of the Day

Location - Vancouver, BC
Format - Mural
Image via:

Bad Love - We Are

Oh Brother - Or Not?

Okay. We're back to biz now that Google Chrome has been wiped from my computer and a cleaner browser has taken its place. No more Flash Player crashes, no more wandering around the "Help" topics which, if one is on Blogger/Blogspot, is almost as helpful as showing-up to the ER at a hospital without medical insurance.

So, what's new? Nothing of major importance other than the U.S. pissing-off Afghanistan (brilliant move, guys!); George Clooney, sitting beside First Lady Michelle Obama at last night's State Dinner to honour the UK's David Cameron, sans his most recent "companion" Stacy Keibler (probably signed-off on the End of Awards Season contract and is good to go - away - just as George likes it); Mr. Big Mouth Limbaugh remains under fire for his Fluke comments as even more advertisers flee the scene of his latest slime, which, of course, leads me to the recent discovery of the nasty "pink slime" covering beef and other "red meat" products/foods. Yuck! Thank God I stopped eating red meat 30 years ago!

But the story that keeps on giving many the Raised Eyebrows Of WTF Syndrome continues to revolve around Whitney Houston's daughter, Bobbi. That gurl!

First it's reported that Bobbi has a drug problem and needs "care" and that sort of thing. Next we hear that she agreed to an interview with the Big O Winfrey, which raised even more WTF's because the general consensus "out there" is that it was "too soon" and how dare Oprah use Bobbi to punch-up the dwindling OWN Network ratings. The interview was held, the ratings went up, and reportedly Oprah doesn't understand why everyone's pointing "Boo-On-You" fingers her way.

Next was the disclosure of Whitney's Will, leaving everything to Bobbi. Not exactly a flush estate at the time of Miz Houston's death, one can be certain that over time the coffers will once again be well fed. As will anyone who hangs with Bobbi for any length of time if she is allowed to have her own way. Which takes us to the very latest: a supposed relationship, possible engagement, with her non-blood-related unofficial brother, Nick Gordon, who has been part of the Whitney, Bobbi household since he was 12.

Hmmmm, seems to be the first response. "Incest!" is the second, voiced (reportedly) by Bobbi's you-don't-wanna-mess-around-with-grandma Cissy Houston. I can tell that it's going to be quite a ride in the Houston camp until this latest bit of drama is swept out of the headlines...something almost impossible at the moment now that Nick is tweeting away about his situation with Bobbi in a way that has his followers (and hers) scratching their heads. Like, what does he mean? Are they or aren't they engaged? He deleted previous Twatter posts which were, I gather, rather easy to decipher until Cissy began yelling "Incest!"

I'm on the fence with whether or not two consenting adults who are not related by blood can be considered to have an incestuous relationship just because they grew up in the same house and always considered the other their "sibling." It depends, doesn't it? So, they grew up in a quasi-brother and sister atmosphere. But, what's the difference between their supposed intimate association and cousins marrying other cousins? Or, if raised in a mixed boarding school most of one's life, would marrying or being romantically involved with another classmate with whom you've known all of your life, shared meals with, lived in the same building, treated as part of one's "family" for years, be considered wrong?

It's the perception of incest more than the FACT of such that seems to be causing debate and concern. In truth, because they are not related by blood I don't believe it's incestuous at all. What bothers me the most (as if it's any of my business), is how quickly Bobbi and Nick "came out" to the world. One wonders, is it the money he's placing his bets on? Or, how long has this thing between them been going on?

We may find out soon enough. Oprah could invite both Bobbi and Nick for an "Exclusive" OWN Network interview where they will hold hands and talk about how much they care for each other and that Whitney would give her approval were she still among us. Oh, and the pregnancy? Well, that'll just seal the deal, won't it?

Stay tuned.......

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Google Chrome Angst

Hello, good afternoon or whatever time of day you are here. Today we're flogging Google Chrome and its recent propensity to fully crash via its Shockwave application. All the techie info will cause your eyes to glaze over, so I'll spare the screaming details.

A problem exists in the Chrome browser that appears to have become worse for many users of the once swift and clean browser many of us have been using for years. Of late, frustrated Chrome users are complaining in droves that a once-infrequent browser crash on Chrome due to Shockwave has now become a regular, almost daily event.

This website will no longer work on my computer in Google Chrome without crashing, but works well with other browsers. While my now more than furry brain has spent days with IT Techies, followed all of the usual tricks to avoid the crashings, this particular site just won't comply.

So, today I'm again suspending posting so that our techie-partners can discover what''s going on under the cover. Google Chrome has been a wonderful browser until now. I hope that other Chrome users who access this site do not have the same issues I have been dealing with for over a week. If so, there is no one to blame other than the Giant Google Monster that seems hell-bent on driving most of its users away ever since it began playing ball with Big Boys and creating the Dead Zone that is called Google +.

If you have any tech issues with this site and would like to let us know, try to reach Shauna Z at:

Monday, March 12, 2012

Almost Street Art of the Day

Glad All Over

Conversations With The Flogging Whip

The Flogging Whip and I had a chat over the weekend. As expected, going up against a black leather-laced creature with knotted ends can be intimidating. Nevertheless, I squared my shoulders, downed a handful of anti-anxiety pills, and sat back for our little tēte à tēte. The purpose? The Whip wants to express itself in flaming words, terms, and not feel held back by fear of losing some of its lashes along the flay.

The problem the Whip and I have is that I try to be open to hearing other people's point of view. The other problem is that I just can't agree with what is tossed-out in the public forum these days with regard to women's rights, gay rights, basic human rights....

The Whip wants to send more than one or two lashes in the direction of those who want to push back time to the 1950's and below. The Blogger, "Me", wants to be honest, but has a few concerns in doing so without resorting to the Whip's juvenile tendencies which seem to be ruling the world these days with Twatter feuds and endless name-calling...

Here are the highlights from the encounter:
Whip: You're a wuss, ya' know that?
Me: Huh?
Whip: You won't let me draw blood on subjects you think will offend readers and some friends.
Me: Uh, yeah. Kinda.
Whip: Did you just hear yourself? What kind of answer is that?
Me: A safe one.
Whip: Therein lies your problem, bitch.
Me: Did you need to call me names?
Whip: That's what I'm supposed to do, you idiot!
Me: No, you're supposed to flog people and subjects with a sharp, stinging edge, not with childish name-calling.
Whip: Says who?
Me: Says me.
Whip: And you are….?
Me: The hand that moves your muscle.
Whip: You mean the hand that is a muzzle!
Me: Without me you'd be in trouble….
Whip: Without me you'd be a dullard…
Me: Without a doubt.

Oh my, how quickly I caved to the Flogging Whip! It was easy, as the Whip had been whirling around and ready to puff-out it's handle just like a big scary hissing snake in the midst of a poisonous serum backup.

But what it doesn't know is that I respect its propensity to rise up and flog away whenever a perceived injustice or slice of absurdity enters the general blathering discourse on politics, religion and celebrity/cultural news.

I admit that I do hold the Flogging Whip back from drawing a bloody trail through this blog. There is always a different point of view to consider. But, as the Whip suggests, it has a purpose or else this blog wouldn't exist. So, wuss-though-I-am, I'll let the Whip have its Flogs for the day with some help from today's news:

WTF is with all of those who believe this crap? Puleeze! (Many voters of a certain state believe Obama is a Muslim. Wonder where all of that brainwashing came from?)

Who gives a flying crack? Home For the Not-So-Now-A-Daze ....... Whoa! Gonna stop the Whip right here. There must be more enticing news afoot.....There are endless articles all over the Interwebs regarding Rick Santorum (Mr. Sanctimonious to you, BTW). Both the Whip and I have one thing in common on language at this stage: You, Mr. Dick, are the Living Dead.

Whip: That was soooo lame! I didn't sign off on that!
Me: *hangs head in shame*
Whip: I thought you were setting me free for a few sentences! Liar!
Me: What do you intend to say that hasn't been said already?
Whip: Santorum is living-up to his last name!
Me: That's not original. All fingers point to the dictionary.
Whip: Yeah, it's a dirty tale.
Me: Then tell it to those who don't know!
Whip: Thought you wanted a semi-clean site?
Me: Go Fug yourself. Here it is: Wash Yourself
Whip: Exactly!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Street Art of the Day

Location - Vancouver, BC

Stayin' Alive

Saturday Night Jive

The Woman's Summit? Shouldn't I write something about it because, well, you know, I'm a woman and have recently written a few posts accusing men of misogyny? No, I'm not planning to write of the summit because I didn't watch it. Have seen a few clips, and have read a few quotes. But, I was too busy having my own little summit with technology and, although I'm a woman and all of that, I do manage to Geek-out sometimes, despite my trouble with math and logical thinking. That "girl" stuff.

And no, today's focus won't be on HBO's "Game Change" starring the underestimated and exquisitely talented Julianne Moore as Sarah Palin which aired last night. I will see it later, but at the time I was not near HBO and had to forgo the show.

Unfortunately, the one show I did see was part of Saturday Night Live until its increasing banality sent me off into a nice, peaceful sleep.

Lorne Michaels, creator and executive producer of the astonishingly long-running "Saturday Night Live", must have NBC by what's left of their balls/cojones (yes, I finally stopped spelling it "cajones"). I heard they still flash particles of gold dust in his path as he walks to his Grand Temple Office, filled with Nubian slaves and a full-time manicurist, masseuse - even back in the days before he and Tina Fey offered "30 Rock".

How can SNL continue to stay on the air with the atrocious writing we have been witnessing for many seasons? Sure, almost every year since its inception Michaels has managed to find at least one, if not two, very good sketch actors who then go on to fame and fortune, or misfortune, depending on who they are. And, from time-to-time a sketch will actually be funny and one has a brief moment of "Ahhh, there it is!" That moment of why we tuned-in. To laugh. How rare that is these days unless the host inspires someone in the writer's chambers to wake up the dormant Laughter Maker in their head and create genuinely unique, witty and pithy characters to write clever scenes around.

The bad, awful, utterly stupid writing on SNL over the years defies television longevity. For instance, last night the show opened with a promising sketch on Rush Limbaugh. Taran Killam, who played Rush, was excellent in  his depiction of the Big Mouth. Perfect mimicry from voice to body movements. Bravo on that! But the script he had to read? Too long. Too stupid. Too-Too-Too you name it. And the nonsense host Jonah Hill had to endure? Ouch! Read & Watch

If you tuned-in last weekend to see what Lindsay Low-Hand's "comeback" would look like when she did her latest twirl on the stage as the host, you'll agree (in all probability) that not only did the show fizzle like the end of Lindsay's "comeback", but the writing for the basic sketches was not only terrible but not funny at all in any way or any how. The cringe-worthy way-too-long-and-ultimately-inappropriate-sketch with Linds being herself at a prison-based "Scared Straight" venue, had to go on and on and on, ending roughly with threats of rape. How funny is that? Oh, hah hah hah! Not. No way.

When I watch the actors try to turn the bland, unfunny material into more than it is, as a true talent will do, half of the time the strain to find the punch-line and make it work is palpable, thus uncomfortable to watch.

Writing comedy isn't easy. You've heard and read that comment/statement thousands of times because it is really true. You need to be a be a bit bent as well as disciplined...or, as in the first years of SNL, totally coked-out of your mind. Seth Meyers, Weekend Update's bland-looking, blah-acting, uptight clean cut white college-type male is currently the show's Head Writer. I can't imagine him letting loose on anything other than a tennis court, so maybe that's a hint right there.

I don't know what, if any, drugs are openly going around in the writer's room these days, but if so, they must be prescription and primarily Opiates. Zzzzzz.

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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Saturday Cleaning

Hey there. We're doing a little pre-spring cleaning on the site today. Check out recent posts and archives if you'd like to see what you've missed. 

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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Street Art of the Day

We Found Love

How Green Is Your Valley?

I woke up this morning wondering what to write today, but nothing raised the still sleeping Flogging Whip. The Rush saga is now tiresome, U.S. politics remains a strange game as the GOP continues to grudgingly support Mr. Perfect Mitt Romney for the presidential bid, while Mr. Sanctimonious Rick Santorum nips at his heels. Yawn.

But one announcement today proves that Hell has indeed frozen over: Pat Robertson, the religious leader and one who blames natural disasters and terrorism on gays and women and most peoples of colour, and, of course, lack of praying, thinks that marijuana should be legal. Of course, he doesn't smoke it and, according to him, never has, but allows himself a drink of alcohol or two every now and then, so what's the difference between a little toke on a weed and a few shots of tequila? Not much, per Mr. Robertson. Read It Here

After having a second cup of strong black tea I re-read the Robertson article to make sure I wasn't dreaming. Yes, it's true. What's next, I wonder? Will Rihanna try to get Chris Brown to dump his girlfriend and go back to her now that the scars from his brutal beating on her face have healed and are but a mere memory? Uh, yeah, that seems to be going on, too.

While perusing a few entertainment gossip and "news" sites to ensure the continuing degeneration of my mind, headlines were shouting out a Twitter war of the words that went down recently between little ole'  misguided Rihanna and Brown's latest g-friend (whose name I won't bother to write as her few minutes of "fame" may soon be over). If you haven't heard/read the mess, here are the mature words she tossed Rihanna's way on Twatter: Paraphrasing, "I'm Angelina, you're Jen..." Referring, naturally, to the Greatest BS 'Love Triangle' of almost all time cuz, girlfriend is with Chris (as Angelina is with Brad Pitt, and Jen is not, get it?), and Rihanna isn't. Supposedly. Despite holding hands at a private party and being all cozy together and stuff.


Maybe I'll return to the marijuana focus. TMZ has provided their readers with the latest episode of "Weeds" courtesy of the Afghanistan war: Waste Not, Want Pot

On that high note, I leave you for today. I have things to do, such as call my dealer now that Pat Robertson has given the okay. May God bless his strange little heart.

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Different Art of the Day

Artist - Michael Bosanko
Format - Light Art

Somebody That I Used To Know

Who Deserves A Flog Today?

Today Bill Maher has joined the hallowed group of Floggee's with his defense of Rush Limbaugh's so-called "apology" to/about Sandra Fluke. Bill, Bill, Bill. You are showing your bias again with regard to misogynists like you. If you believe, really believe, that Limbaugh was sincere, then I and others have overestimated your intelligence. But then, I think back to the days when you and my former long-term employer were close friends and he helped your career in the early days. You were one of the few (I was told) who showed-up to his funeral. He too was a misogynist of the highest order, and one of the largest bottom feeders in town. But he was smart. Clever. Sly. You, I'm not so sure of anymore. Especially when I also think back to your show ("Real Time" - HBO) when you last invited Ann Coulter to join your panel and nearly jumped her bones in the process. Ewww.

Here are the details of Maher's Limbaugh defense: Double Ewwwwww

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bonus Post

The following linked article is the best rant I have read regarding the Obama-hate in this country...along with the general problem of "hate."

Highly encourage a read: Here It Is

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Street Art of the Day

Artist - Max Zom
Format - Tape

Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word

It's Not Just A Fluke

The Rush Limbaugh debacle continues to spiral as a daily dose of reality hits his program, and thus, the station owner's bank account, as a total of 26 advertisers (as of this moment *) have said Adios to Mr. Viagra. Limbaugh's loyalists have conceded that he crossed a line with his crass personal shots toward Sandra Fluke. At the same time, they will point to Liberals in the media who have made less-than decent remarks toward women such as a Sarah Palin, Hilary Clinton, Michelle Bachmann and other public figures who happen to wear skirts.

In yesterday's post, the first link points to an article by Kirsten Powers calling-out the seeming misogyny of well-known "Leftists" such as Bill Maher, Ed Schultz of MSNBC, and others, stating that Liberals ignore their own when the above have used rough language, names, against women in media and politics with whom they disagree, and are being more than hysterical over Limbaugh's mouth-off.

I agree with the author in her general premise: In my opinion, it makes sense that everyone who was offended and disgusted by Limbaugh's use of "slut" and "prostitute", in addition to suggesting Fluke make a sex tape so we can all vicariously join in on the action since, in his mindless mind, if taxes pay for contraception, then all taxpayers should be able to have a front row seat to watch where the money is going, would be upset by any man slamming a woman in public in such a crass way.

However, the difference between Sandra Fluke and Sarah Palin is vast: one is a public figure, another had been a private citizen who simply had a different view within the contraception debate from most Conservatives. But it goes even deeper than that. Let's look at the entire situation of what men have said about women without wearing our usual tinted glasses of political divisiveness.

Example: I like Bill Maher up to a point. But that "point" has always stopped when he smirks into his obvious misogyny and thinks he's really courageous and edgy by calling Sarah Palin the C word. I don't like Palin, either, but I won't call her anything beyond "stupid" and "opportunistic" and, at least at one time, "dangerous." There was no public outcry against Maher when he used that word because he doesn't slam his enemies every day on a large public platform, nor does he incite hatred. All he incites is laughter or cringing feelings through his smarmy, flippant remarks that sometimes are clever and funny; other times completely OTT. On cable TV once a week, he's basically harmless.

Opposite of Maher is Limbaugh. On the radio 5 days a week, year-after-year, feeding on the fear of Americans who are not in agreement with what is considered to be "Liberal" values and agendas, Limbaugh's continued railings against minorities, et al, has created a slow, yet steady build-up of anger and utter amazement that this guy still has a job. All he had to do to bring things to the current boiling point was precisely what he did last week regarding Fluke. That was it. Enough is enough. It's not all about this one story or person; it's about how demented this man can be in the name of ratings.

If other men in the media who have made snide or rude or vulgar remarks against certain female public figures were angering a large majority of the public on a weekly, if not daily, basis, you can be assured I, as well as many women and evolved men, would turn the TV or radio off and boycott that person's program. Liberal or not. If Ed Schultz had continued to call Laura Ingraham names over a three day period on his TV and radio programs, I would be offended from the point of view of a woman despite how much I dislike Ingraham's beliefs/opinions.

Without turning this post into a dissertation on the current "War Against Women", my purpose here is to be a voice in the wilderness of much miscommunication and misunderstanding over why Limbaugh is getting his arse kicked this time around unlike the general rumblings a few of his antics have produced over the years (ie; mimicking Michael J. Fox's physical moves due to Parkinson's Disease).

Language is potent. Certain words will be triggers for outrage, while others are not. Another example Kirsten Powers brought up in her article was the use of the word "Bimbo" to describe another female public figure. Truth is, "Bimbo" -  just like "Air Head" and so on - do not pack that classic offensive punch as "Slut" and other ire-raising words. It's a cultural thing, but it is real.

Men have been called both "Bimbo's" and "Sluts." Our society accepts "Bimbo" for women, up to a point, and as men rule the world and, apparently words, too, most will laugh at being called a "Slut" because there is no true stain left on them from the name-calling (just what remains on their sheets). In fact, most guys laugh and shrug and agree if they believe they "fit" the dig.

Not so with women. There is a great difference between using that word to describe a woman. Period. It's just how it goes in our vernacular these days (and as far back as one can see to when "Whore" was first brought into being as a way in which both men and women belittled and judged a woman who was not considered chaste). And, by Golly Gee Whiz, here we are in 2012 still fielding those damning words against women if they choose to be as sexually active as most men.

Bottom line? Any broadcaster with even a tad of integrity knows that it's really bad policy and practice to go after anyone in such a personal way. That is the reason why we're screaming "Foul!" en masse and advertisers are finally feeling the sting of association with an extremely misguided "entertainer" who just happens to have quite a bit of influence within the GOP, whether they like it or not.

I have used less-than-pristine words to describe several men and women in politics of both parties that some may consider unfair and offensive. As a woman, I have used the word "Bitch" and "Beech." Okay, perhaps a few of you think I went over the line. Maybe. Maybe not. But you will not read any words from me (beyond funny names and the odd "idiot" or "fool") toward a woman or a man in a high profile position from any country on the level of what Limbaugh used, as well as his sleazy sex tape suggestion.

There truly is a line one doesn't cross. And, to me, that is the real reason why the Sandra Fluke issue is so big right now.

And to those who are appalled that President Obama spoke to Sandra Fluke, but did not call Sarah Palin or Bachmann or any other woman in the Republican party following their own take-downs, remember that Fluke went to a government institution overseen by the President of the United States and for that purpose only was treated with such a deep disrespect it was only proper for Obama to reach out. I'm sure George W. Bush would have done the same had a Liberal Flamethrower used the same language and suggestions against a Conservative woman who was preparing to speak before a panel in the House.

Or, if not, at least his father would have done so.

It goes both ways, my friends.

* UPDATE: 33 sponsors have dashed out the door per The Hollywood Reporter - as of 11:57 PST

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Monday, March 5, 2012

Street Art of the Day


Monday's Tidbits

Good afternoon/evening/morning. The week begins with a stroll through the Interwebs...

One woman's view from the other side of the Limbaugh storm: Oh, Them Menz!

Interesting how media ratings are mangled: Those Smokey Mirrors Have Cigar Residue

Sure, sure, sure... Our Little Darling 'Homebody'

Is a cat fight on the horizon? Purrty Strange

Something nice for a change: Let's Get Sirius

If you like Fox News, you're gonna hate this one: Race-Baiting

Uh, make sure to lock the gun cabinet and hide the knives: No Kidding Around

And, if you are Rachael Ray you might want to get out of Martha's kitchen STAT! Scary-Starey Night

No, if you thought you saw what you didn't see you were not hallucinating: You Can See Clearly Now

That's it for today.....

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