Monday, October 31, 2011

Street Art of the Day

Artist(s) - UrbanCanvas Anamorphic
Location - Kent, UK

Happy Birthday


Special Announcement

It's The Daily Flog Blog's one year anniversary.

Thanks to all of the loyal readers who have hung in over a year of uneven, excellent, nonsensical, oft-tilted, entertaining, educational, vapid and humorous posts.

We've only just begun!

A new look/theme is on the horizon.

Shauna Z

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Who Deserves A Flog Today?

The disgusting people in the following story from GAWKER. Take the time to read this link: Funny?

Street Art of the Day

Artists - Tat Cru
Location - NYC
Materials - Spray/Regular Paint

World's Largest Time Warp Dance

Happy Weepy Hollow and All Of That

Hello on the Sunday directly in front of the official "Halloween"-calendar-edicted day of celebration for the Dead.

Were you out and about last night at parties? Were you hiding in a deliberately-blacked-out house to throw the neighbours' children off as to No One Is Home Don't Bother To Knock ala Martha Stewart's MO at various times in her always colourfully weird past history? Yes, she did do that. Read her daughter's book, if you dare or care.

When asked if she is attempting to 'sabotage' her daughter's book, Martha laughs with a jovial "Oh, it's all so jolly well fine with me that my daughter has outed me as the oft-times anal Mommy Dearest Follow The Rules maniac I once was and could still be, although I have been humbled over the years into a nice no-nonsense-loves-to-garden-in-Wellington-boots and smell-the-earth-between-my-special-gardening-gloves 'everywoman'. So far, so good - and appropriate." (Martha Stewart didn't actually say all of that in those specific words - but...)

OR, have you been treating the holiday-ish weekend with less than the spirit of goblins? Have you been going about your life as if nothing unusual is afoot? If so, good for you in choosing your own path and not falling into lockstep with what a calendar and peer-pressure (history, of course) tells us to do on such a given calendar day.

The one aspect of Halloween I do enjoy whether or not I go out to parties and events (depending on the year and cycle in my life), is the food. Squash. Nutty-tasting roasted vegetables, forbidden junk candy...

It goes on in the food department. Crispy Creme doughnuts. Cider. Hot Tawdry's of one sort or another.

Enough! I may have to summon something caloric and non-nutritional to get through the remainder of the day.

Enjoy whatever you are doing!

Image via: Martha Stewart Living 2010 Handbook - Clear Cover Shot

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Friday, October 28, 2011

Street Art of the Day

Artist(s) - Jan Wollert, Jorg Miedza 
Format - Light Graffiti
Materials - Lights, Camera, Time-lapse Photography
Click THIS for additional info.

New Divide

Hiding In Plain Sight

Good morning/afternoon/evening...

What a day it's been for this new temporary invalid! And, in my part of the vast Universe, it's not yet noon. I was awakened by a knock on my bedroom door by the owner of the house in which I reside who informed me that a plumber had to come into my room to check my bathroom for possible leaks. I don't know about some of you, but I have a privacy issue and over the years have endured strange men tromping through my room while I have been asleep in bed. Pulling the covers over my face and playing possum hasn't been a pleasant experience.

Now that I am unable to quickly flee the room to provide both the interloper and myself our own version of "space" I again growled at the sudden inconvenience (I didn't know the plumber would need to be in my bathroom) and flung the covers over my face in a silent fury. The second he left the room to get his tools I was up and angrily crutching my way into the living room muttering obscenities under my breath in a not-yet-awake fog.

Displaced, head full of nasty thoughts, I set myself up with tea and the computer to while away the time. "Just go with it" the soft, spiritual voice within directed. "Oh, go to hell" the pissed-off "other" voice shouted from my brain. By the time I had finally awakened and was no longer flummoxed from the intrusion, the efficient plumber completed his work and was gone.

Moments later, a nurse rang the doorbell. She was here to assist me with a shower. That was nice. She was professionally helpful so that I wouldn't slip and slide into breaking my hip again (this time through a messy bathroom fall), and when all was done, I was sparkling and fresh, smelling of the baby-powdered-scent lotion-oil mixture I like to use after baths and showers. Within moments, the kind nurse was gone and in her place arrived another nurse to take my blood and check my "vitals."

Looks like I'm going to live. All is well in those areas today. At least, for a few more more hours until the Physical Therapist arrives to whip me into walking shape. His name is Igor - pronounced EE-Gore - just in time for Halloween creepiness and a few stereotypical jokes. With his thick Russian accent and no-nonsense demeanor, I will certainly be walking sooner than later without assistance but reeling in post-PT pain for several hours after he is finished with me today. It's that classic "No pain, no gain" thing. Grit your teeth and sally forth. Ouch! Sheet! Grrr! Mommy, help me!

I won't complain too much. The fact that I have health insurance is key not only to the initial surgery and hospital stay/care, but the recovery process following any major surgery where mobility and/or regular monitoring is/are involved.

The help I am receiving is another reason why I firmly support Universal Heathcare and remain staunchly adamant that the people who oppose such an important part of a healthy, quality-of-life program are completely out of touch with regular Americans, especially when suggesting that churches and charity organizations should pick up the slack when people cannot afford medical care or have been tossed-out to the street through foreclosures and unemployment through no fault of their own.

I would love the Eric Cantor's, Mitch McConnell's and Tim Pawlenty's to live for one month unemployed, uninsured, no job prospects in immediate sight, a dwindling savings account, and have a plethora of health and financial pressures pushing on their lives. How would they fare? Would dropping by their local church asking for food and housing assistance be comfortable for them? Would they wait for hours at a free clinic to see a doctor for whatever ails them? Hell no. They are entitled. Just ask them.

Obama's Healthcare plan may not be perfect. Tweaking is necessary. But to do everything possible to block human beings from receiving medical and financial assistance to simply live a halfway decent life is, as I always write, inhumane, arrogant, cold, rigid and more.

I say (and will again and again) THROW THE JERKS OUT OF CONGRESS who have their heads all the way up their Brooks Brothers' cloaked arses. The 9% approval rating Congress has received is lower than any Congress in history on both ides of the aisle.

Now that says something quite loud, don't you agree? But very few are listening to "the people" anymore. That's okay. Next fall they will discover just how many of their constituents haven't been listening to their BS for quite some time. I know not who will replace them, but replacement is necessary. Just like my fractured hip had to be replaced so I can walk again. If something is broken, it must be fixed. And Congress is fractured in multiple places.

Have a great Friday!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Street Art of the Day

Artist & Location - Unclear

Image via:


The Errant Trap

All right. I give in. I admit I have a heart. I also admit that bashing and flogging Lindsay Lohan has become a lot like kicking a bad little puppy into a ditch. I just can't do it anymore. At least right now.

With the news that LiLo has opened her body parts for the bright lights of Playboy Magazine so that she can pay her bills (it is assumed that is the purpose of her deal), combined with more and more scary pictures of her degeneration into the ghost of tragic icons past (do you think there is a wee bit of a Judy Garland look going on in the above picture or am I still taking too many pain pills?), I feel sad for what is happening to her,

Over the past year I have flogged how she has continually vamped around the court system with barely a repercussion, whereas most people would have been thrown in jail for similar antics of flipping off parole obligations. The entitled attitude Lindsay has exhibited throughout her DUI hearings; the jewelry heist; parole violations, has irked me and many others to the point where once compassionate and empathetic people could no longer provide her with a dismissive "Oh, you little Devil" pass.

Instead, the public consensus has been that she has gotten away with too much and, because of the Kid Glove treatment by the court(s) over the years, she has been able to keep on with her clubbing ways; thus causing her once-young looking self to slide into the scary crack-ho land of deceptive mirrors with a twist of lime added to the vodka to ensure puffiness and often hollow eye sockets. Just in time for Halloween, no less.

But now I wince when I see the latest pictures of her. I don't see someone who is in their 20's. I see someone who has aged by twenty years since 2007. And it's painful to witness. More so to read that she has been (reportedly) accepting special favours from wealthy men in Europe as if she is On Call (wink-wink), following-up with a full spread in Playboy.

Not that modeling for Playboy is always tacky, but's a long way from The Parent Trap. It is a long way from her dalliance with Samantha Ronson, too. At least in those days she may have been way too thin, but one could still recognize her face as that of Lindsay Lohan.

You know, I really haven't followed her career. I wasn't interested. But my interest was piqued when she began crashing into anything that moved near her whenever she was driving, and when she repeatedly went to rehab only to relapse time and again. It became an unfortunate stream of watching the cliche'd trainwreck mingled with disgust at the legal system for allowing her to continually flaunt "bad behaviour."

Now her spiral, at least in mine eyes, has reached a new low. Somehow the idea of LiLo posing nude for a magazine creeps me out. It just feels tawdry. And I'm not being a prude. I look at the sad new pictures and all I see is a sorry mess on the verge of serious disaster.

Lindsay, your mother/manager isn't doing you any favours. Your father was arrested again and he's been a putz for years. You have barely had a chance to pull out of the grip of fame-gone-bad with the enablers around you. All I can say is that I hope someone slips into your life who doesn't need you for a meal ticket and that somewhere in your poor curdled, fried brain you will finally accept that you have a problem with substances and alcohol.

Most of the public who notice your news would like to see you become healthy. And I, for one, will try not to flog you further than you already manage to flog yourself. Two whips isn't better than one.

Lindsay's Playboy News: Oh No!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Who Deserves A Flog Today?

The Oakland, California, Police Department for using heavy protest-breaking moves on what has been reported as a typically non-violent OCCUPY event last evening. Tear Gas covered the immediate area in what can only be surmised as an overreaction. Although the police used rubber bullets, why was it necessary to show such force? You decide: It Ain't Pretty

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Manfred Stader
Location - London, Covent Garden
Format - 3D - Paint/Chalk

If I Only Had A Brain

Raising Cain

Welcome to today's Two-Part Post:

Timing is everything. Do you have a specific weird experience around "timing"? I do, and it's one that has been going on for years. When it again happened yesterday, I decided I would write a few words about it today simply to vent in a public way in hopes that whomever cast the nasty spell on me might take pity and reverse the Owl's entrails mixed with the blood of non-virgins capped with the teeth of rodent's evil potion and set me free - at last!

It's a small thing, really. The "timing" irritant. However, everything is relative, isn't it, and what I may find annoying you may not notice - and vice versa.

My landline phone will not ring for hours. Then a call comes in. I answer it. In less than a second, another call will beep in. I either take the new call or promise to call back and will continue with the first caller. Then comes another beep from yet another new call. I've been snagged by the Universe! I've apparently opened a heretofore closed portal to communication and anyone who has a desire to speak with me will "hear" the door opening in the heavens (or somewhere up there) and decide to call. It's maddening! All at once! I barely have time to find out who is on the other end of the line when the call-waiting beeps begin.

Sometimes I'll receive 5-6 calls in one minute. When I've finally finished returning, completing calls, the phone is once again silent for hours and hours until the Freaky Cosmic Mass Phone Call To Shauna traffic jam begins again. By now one would think I'd just roll with it and not let it bother me. Nope. It DOES bother me in the strangest way. Its a sudden sensory overload after hours of peace, solitude.

Isn't the phone jam weird? Wouldn't you wonder what was up with that kind of karma? Once or twice I can understand such a peculiar "coincidence" - but year-after-year?

Sigh. Makes me want to throw the phone somewhere. But then, you can say that I'm a bit high-strung and leave it at that.

All right then. Small rant over. The air has been cleared. I may now move on to more substantive subjects such as the continuing soap opera of the GOP Presidential Hopefuls Parade. Now the utterly foreign policy ignorant and United States Constitution uneducated Herman Cain is still leading the GOP pack in the polls as of today. Amazing that his popularity continues to grow the more he breaks the rules and shows his lack of preparedness for the Office of the President of the United States.

Think about what it says about the United States when a percentage of the voting population would rather place the safety of their country in the lap of a person who knows almost nothing about foreign affairs beyond, perhaps, who Prince Albert of Monaco might be stepping out with behind his newly minted wife's swimmer-toned back.

As so many have shouted and whispered, the U.S. will continue to fall on its face if fools are voted into the White House, Congress, Senate. The fact that Cain is receiving so much support regardless of his completely offensive attitude toward other countries and the unemployed in his own country ("It's their fault that they don't have a job") causes me to feel a bit squeamish.

It's understandable why many of us are disappointed, jaded, fed-up with politicians. It can be refreshing to see a non-politician slide into the fray and seemingly express honest disregard for politics-as-usual. But Herman Cain is not just any ole' "Everyman." He is unclear in his position on abortion - becoming suddenly inarticulate and contradictory on the subject during a recent interview where his position moved so many times one would think he was chasing a skittish stray cat around the room, and the in-your-face message about smoking that was unveiled yesterday in his new TV commercial.

Americans prefer to have leaders who exhibit spunk and spirit. I get that fact. Many do. But I for one do not like leaders who are either playing dumb, or are simply dumb by choice. And Herman Cain, crafty biz man he may be, is another cringe-worthy example of why other countries perceive the U.S. as self-absorbed and uninterested in the culture of "others" - and laugh at us, as well as deride the country for being all swagger and no class.

I doubt that Cain will win the GOP nomination. Nevertheless, his rise to the top of national polls via many different polling outlets tells me that America has a long, long way to go before finally moving on to adulthood from the current extended stay in puberty.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Unclear (Possibly Hara)
Location - Displayed in "Brooklyn Street Art" 

Why Don't We Do It In The Road

The Devil Makes Them Do It

With regard to the absolutely INSANE responses from most high profile GOPer's on President Obama's foreign policy ("disaster", "ineffectual" - a shrug over the Libyan Gaddafi success with applause going to the French and British - nary a word on Obama's/America's part of the action), I would hope that even the most entrenched-in-negativity-against-anything-Obama-does-right person would agree that were the proverbial shoe to be on the other political foot, Republicans would literally be dancing in the streets in celebration and chest pounding from all that has been accomplished this year to clean house of dictators.

Unfortunately, the word PETTY was stamped on the hand of the GOPer's upon their arrival into Washing-towns' elite stratosphere of Power as if they were entering the dark strobe-pulsating atmosphere of a tre' hip after-hours club for Members Only with nothing but Ill-Will and Drunk-At-All-Times-With-Power hallucinatory visions spinning through their - uh, um, hmmm - brains.

And so it is.

And so the narrow thinking will continue.

And, so, what are we going to do about it? Occupy the House, Senate and various state Governor's office buildings?

Now that's an idea.

Meanwhile, catch up on other people/persons/things swirling through the news today...

Oh get over it! Old News In A New Suit

Shut up, Trout Mouth! Mumble Mumble

Was it good for you? Only the Cigarette Knows

A glance at America's new conundrum: Peace In Pieces?

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Street Art of the Day

Artist - n/a
Location - Howard Street, NYC
Format - Stencils

Better Late Than Never

Oh %$#@!!!

Oh no! I did it again! No posts yesterday without explanation! I'm just all askew, per usual.

This home "recovery" thing is very distracting, not to ignore other elements involved with healing a physical wound of any sort. Lots of "Ouch's" and "Oh sheet" and so on.

Anyhow, I haven't ignored what has been going on in the world despite appearances. There are numerous comments to make regarding Gaddafi's gory demise...but the one that stands out the most to me is how so many bloggers and general op-ed's have been focusing on the many ways his name was spelled...just as I wrote in March: Lost In Translation 

Why has it been difficult for everyone in the West in particular to determine what one would consider to be the correct spelling? And why should we care? Well, why not? I'm sure you prefer people to spell your name properly, right? How many times have you received mail in one form or another with gross misspellings of your name from organizations and others who "should" know better? 

After all, our names are our identity; thus Gaddafi may have been a strange dictator who doesn't deserve sympathy or even empathy for his lethal actions over the years, but at least in death it might be nice to have all of the news outlets - TV and print - use the same spelling.

But then, that's just my opinion and the one area of "discussion" that I have to say in all humility (Hah!) I was slightly ahead of the game about when others were barely focusing on the trivial part of Gaddafi's saga.

OK. I have now patted myself on the back. I deserve to do so as I certainly flog myself enough in my blog posts for minor errors. A few self-appointed accolades can't hurt.

Beyond this little slide into additional superficiality, as written in other earlier posts, this has indeed been the year of global housecleaning. Mother Nature took one part of the job offer and continues to make her havoc-wreaking ways known for all to see (witness today's earthquake in Turkey). And on the other end of things, human intervention against tyrants has toppled a few age-old regimes and some sort of new order is at hand with what to do with the currently rudderless, leaderless countries on the verge of either Democracy or more of the same oppression under a different form of leadership (Egypt).

But one area of housecleaning didn't happen despite constant predictions to the contrary: The Rapture. Once more, Mr. Camping's assurance that October 21, 2011 would bring about the "real and authentic Rapture" (unlike the much hyped one that didn't materialize in May) was yet another bust. I guess the Cosmic Powers That Be are staying away from a total global disruption of the Final End Game.

Writing of housecleaning, kudos and much appreciation to my mother who arrived a few hours ago and immediately took a vacuum to my bedroom floor. So much traffic is happening in here these days that it requires a nice little clean-up twice a day. For me, at least, that's the only kind of housekeeping I want at the moment...practical and non-chaotic. 

The world can carry on with its overthrow of dictators and the weather will continue to take its own course.

Enjoy what's left of your weekend.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Different Art of the Day

Street Performer -  Johan Lorbeen
Location - Germany
Format - Illusion

Danke Schoen

Favorite Media Moment of the Week

Face Off: 
What did the lovesick puppy above do to Wayne Newton's face? 
How fast can Michelle Bachmann wash the Newton Surprise off her face?

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Who Deserves A Flog Today?

I deserve a flog for accidentally posting two different typo-laden drafts of yesterday's post, rendering my story somewhat awkward in its specifics and attempts at humour. As always, haste and juggling too many things at once, makes waste. 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

One Was In the Cuckoo's Nest

Note: Previous published editions of this post were drafts. Corrections have been made.

Apologies for the late post, but I was released from the hospital today and have been inundated with various tasks (Reality). I am thrilled to be home and away from one nurse in particular who makes the Worst Nurse Ever List with Nurse Ratchet. Up until last night I was hoping to have one more day of hospital therapy and care so that all would be in order and in place for home therapy and medical monitoring which will begin tomorrow.

But no. The nasty nurse changed my attitude and made it VIP for me to ensure a fast getaway from the hospital (if the Dr.'s approved, of course). And so it was done.

And what, exactly, did the nurse do to earn a place at the end of the Flogging Whip? She accused me of smoking in my room, which is against the rules. I was not smoking, nor would I ever do so in a hospital room with flammable gases drifting about. Somehow the smell of smoke was embedded in the bathroom and the nurse chose to call Security (official guys in quasi-police uniforms sans guns) rather than accept the truth that she was completely off in her assessment, as well as unwilling to check my bags and other areas where my things were stored so that she would see that I did not have cigarettes to smoke anywhere, and that I was truly minding my own business when her accusation came near midnight when I was happily ensconced in bed on the verge of sleep.

Miss Anal Nurse had a testosterone-filled Security Person barge into my room to stomp around in an attempt to try to locate a cigarette. Of course nothing was found anywhere because there was nothing to find.

Dejected, Nurse Pissy-Face and Mr. Brute Security Man shuffled out of my room with lowered heads from what I can only assume was frustrated shame. I, on the other hand, was livid as well as hurt. I had been getting along with all of the staff, which had been keeping my mood positive during the post-surgery experience and the beginning of the recovery process.

Now the balloon was burst and I couldn't wait to be free of the narrow-minded, run-to-Daddy mentality of the nurse which is too reminiscent of my school years when I was in the principal's office way too often for being what was considered "disruptive" because I liked to draw pictures rather than do math. I was also so velly velly awful because I liked to write love notes to the boys, which didn't go down well with the teachers.  The seething anger from a few was so intense that they felt a need to slap me in the face - even if I had said nothing derogatory about their seemingly crazed attitudes when they threw open my desk drawer and grabbed a few little notes and waved them in the air. Yes indeed, such horrific deeds required physical punishment!

Yep. Slapped. That was when people didn't sue and most schools allowed corporal punishment for the smallest of infractions.

Needless to say, I fell into a deja vu funk when the nurse became the Ghost of Authority Past. Sure, she felt she was on to something because she was protecting the rules of the hospital. However, why bring Security into a situation where there was no danger to anyone; no harsh words spat or said on my part; no drama; no need to make a huge deal over the smell of smoke wafting from somewhere. (Vents?) Had I actually committed this heinous crime, I would have thought a nurse would simply say "You can't smoke inside the hospital, okay? Please don't do it." You know, something rational, mature and fair.

I'm thinking about filing a complaint. Is it worth it? I'm not sure. I hope I won't be back in that wing of the hospital again, and, if so, anywhere near the woman. In addition, Nurse Pissy-Face had the audacity to peak into my room an hour after leaving it to check on me and I firmly asked her to return to her station in the hallway and to stay out of my room  and away from me. On that note, she quietly fell back into the shadows of the doorway and that was the last I saw of her.

So, now I'm home and smelling smoke, but this time it's coming from my head and not the figment of someone's overactive imagination.

The Criminal

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Street Art of the Day

Artist & Location - n/a

Liar, Liar

Who Deserves A Flog Today?

The supposedly "down to earth" Herman Cain who appeared from out of nowhere in the GOP Presidential Hopefuls Pageant to pull off a lead and/or 2nd place in national polls as of today. He is not just a businessman who has captured the interest of the "regular guy," but one of many Koch Brothers' automatons sent forth with money bulging from the seams of nicely crafted American-made suits to sell the Koch agenda, this time as the ace in the ever-influential Koch poker hand because Cain is an African American with extremely conservative views: the antithesis to Obama's progressive beliefs. Way to go, Herman! Looks like you've sold your soul to more than one devil to be leading the pack at this stage in the game.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Street Art of the Day

Getting Better

Where Did Sunday Go?

Hello again. It's your frightfully half-mad, half-funny, sometimes bitchy and other times itchy-to-flog blogger showing up to hopefully entertain you on this new weekday morning/afternoon/evening wherever you are.

Continuing on with the health saga, here I am following hip replacement surgery yesterday.

That's right. Hip replacement.

Jeez. Sounds kinda old, doesn't it? Oh well, if it means I can walk, then I'll live with the stigma. It's also to be noted that I didn't have dental surgery despite the seemingly gentle, careful way in which I protect half of my face.
In a pondering mood at the moment my image was surreptitiously captured in digital form, I wonder what I was thinking.  It's possible I was contemplating the previous 48 hours.

After weeks of horrendous pain, twice-weekly blood monitoring for the blood clot that was freaking everyone out but me (why I wasn't that concerned is a mystery), I may have been in a fogged dose of quiet relief to know I could be turning a major corner now that the fracture had been discovered and the surgery to repair it was finished.

Yep. The fracture was "quite messy" as the doctor indicated after he viewed (with what I gather was quasi-horror) the X-ray that finally provided the missing link of why the ailment/pain has/had gone on for so long.

I had the pleasure of seeing the X-ray and now I understand why my doctor and all of the hospital staff on my floor and in the ER are talking about how I am the first "hip fracture" they've ever seen who could move around on crutches without passing out, as well as maneuver in and out of bed, sit up, and stand up (placing NO weight on the leg and foot), with the help of those trusty crutches to provide compression relief - a position with less pain than others and, conversely, the ultimate reason for the hip fracture from the falling-asleep-at-the-crutch tumble onto hard floor tiles approx 4 weeks ago.

It IS an ugly looking confluence of misplaced bones to be sure. And to imagine dragging the swollen, sore leg around all of that time without further incident is testament to how the body can adapt to the strangest challenges.

However, I haven't been all ponder-y. I've inadvertently entertained the nursing staff with droll self-deprecating remarks, and "defying reality" (they are saying) by continuing to do things not expected of anyone in my condition - before and after surgery. Okay. That's nice to hear. All I will say is that I'm surprised that they are surprised. I have been doing what is natural to me, which means I was not to be in full bed rest - and though dicey at times, since Labor day, crutched around doctor's offices and the house with cautious abandon.

I have a cheerful attitude as well.  Any nurse or doctor will tell you how refreshing it is to walk into a room where the patient is smiling. Funny that, because I frown and look miserable when I go to my wallet and the wallet is bare. But hey! Give me a fractured hip and I'm just peachy.

But then, as I've written elsewhere, there's nothing like breakfast in bed, clean sheets and narcotics.

 Happy Monday to all!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Friday, October 14, 2011

How Long This Be Goin' On?

Oh Gawd! Just as my body-intuition was telling me, the difficulty in standing on mine own two feet is validated at last! I have a fractured hip. Not a small hairline fracture, either. A "nice, messy one" said my doc to me recently - as of a few hours ago.

No wonder this has been such a strange odyssey.

I's be non-fabricated in serious sheet-pain!

That's what I've been trying to convey for over a month

But, let's not toss accusations at my doc's. So much stuff has been going on since three days prior to Labor Day (when I ceased the ability to walk without crutches) with symptoms ranging from text book "debilitating pain" to nothingness/numbness (almost) that I have to attest to the process of alleviating one after another until what is still unwell stands out - at last!

Oh Lawd How Long This Be Goin' on! I cease to make sense to myself!

At least things have changed enough that I can actually sit down in my writing chair and make a few words into a sentence or two.

And that, I must say, is vast improvement. Slow and steady in this case I hope will rin/rim/win the race.

To be continued.....

So What Else Is New?

It certainly hasn't been a dramatic week in the news, considering what we've experienced thus far this year with weather-related disasters, Menz of Power chasing some kind of tail - whether it be their own in a frenzy to get out of lawsuits or to save a marriage.

The GOP seems to be paring down its contender landscape with the collective Tea Party sigh of "Please, don't let it be Romney!" wafting throughout the countryside. Herman Cain, the Man of the Hour, won't last for a few more weeks after both the anti-Cain's in the GOP and the Democrat's tear apart his radical 9-9-9 plan, and Rick Perry - well, it's just a sorry sight to see that man jump up to a podium with all the pride of Texas busting through his well-toned chest only to find himself once more unable to finish a sentence with any clarity.

So, the relatively calm news week works in unison with the relatively calm and sane steadiness of Mitt Romney as the only possible GOP candidate to stand next to Mr. Obama next year and duel it out in their civilized manner. Two gentlemen in a duel means no bloodshed, and what will inevitably end up to be the toss of the white glove rather than a musket shot to the head. No one will lay bleeding on the grounds when Mitt and Barack face off. The most heat we may see is when both are out on the campaign trails next summer in shirtsleeves looking all glossy and slightly dampened by the humidity.

Not much to rag on in celebrity-land this week, either. Just the usual baby-obsessed news of the currently preggers or recent deliveries, and the never-ending focus on Jennifer Aniston and her womb's condition. Poor woman has found herself on the receiving end of more pregnancy speculation over the years than a serial-surrogate.

Oh, of course, there is some news slipping out of the House today. Yet another bill has passed that messy Chamber of Whore-er's that will take away a woman's right to have an abortion. The on-going battle of who controls a woman's body - the government or herself? And, as always, a side-eye goes to the hypocrites in the GOP who want less government but will do anything they can to get into our bedrooms and, if a woman, our very own wombs.


Oh, forget I wrote that.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Street Art of the Day

Info TBA

Little Girl Blue

Last Night's Double Vision

Yep. This pic is blurry.

Oh Vey! Somebody's been out clubbing and showing up on little red carpets lately. Like that somebody above from an event last night in L.A. 

Would someone pleeze grab Lindsay Low-land and toss her in a shower, scrub those mites right out of her hair, and do something with that face - STAT! And she is in her 20's? 

Oh Lindsay, Lindsay, when will you stop flogging yourself?! You certainly don't need any help from my Flogging Whip today. You do it so well all on your own. Each new photo op is worse than the previous ones. 

The brassy hair, puffy rough cheeks, overly languid eyes and barely-there lip gloss accentuating the near-death style of Lindsay du jour, reflect the going-to-hell-in-a-box-of-wine with a twist of crackity-crack look she has taken up so not-so-well and is yet another perverse reminder of what can happen to you if you continue to avoid your court-appointed Community Service. 

The guilt of avoiding service builds up to such an intensity that almost overnight one becomes a mere caricature of one's former self.  With Low-land, it hasn't been a stretch to accommodate that aspect to what appears to be very little Community Service beyond her paid (we assume) appearances at various events throughout Hollywood and Europe of late, each time looking worse for wear from what is politely known as "party fatigue" when out at 3:00 AM.

Whatever the reason, Lindsay, look in the mirror, dear. Get thee back to your real hair colour and stop plumping those lips for a few weeks, will you?  

Sheesh. Some people just don't get it do they? 


Image via WENN

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Who Deserves A Flog Today?

Glenn Beck is back at his fear-mongering pitch of hyperbolic manufactured paranoia, citing the continually sane and peaceful OCCUPY WALL STREET protesters as crazed Marxist's - and more. See: He's Still Crazy

Street Art of the Day

Artist - n/a
Location - Milan

Image provided by:
 "tvboy" at


Anti-Flog Fog

Autumn is creeping into the atmosphere despite unusually hot weather this week in my area, but otherwise it is feeling and looking a lot like Fall. Inspiring morning views with the trees outside over the balcony swaying with a consistent breezy-like wind. The sanguine mood I'm in with such a backdrop, causes me to set down the Flogging Whip for a moment and simply take in the beauty of the morn.

Who feels like Flogging anyone when the sun streams through thick tree branches while scenes from heaven are in your eyes.

How refreshing to take things as they are. Enjoy What Is. Drop all stress.

There's nothing like a relaxing mix of tea and Percocet to put one in a pleasant frame of mind.

Basic FYI

Good morning/afternoon/evening. If you haven't noticed, there have been minor design changes here for several days. As The Daily Flog Blog moves close to its 1st year anniversary, tweaks and what-nots in design and functionality are due.

For a short while, the renovation stage will be happening. Hopefully I won't become carried away by making radical design changes that would alter the somewhat light-ish tone of the blog's primary energy. But, one never really knows until you get there. 

In the interim, thank you for your patience with the small shifts and tests. 

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Street Art of the Day

Artist - n/a
Format - Obviously Whimsical

Take Away The Pain

So What Else Is New These Daze?

Sending empathy to those who live with pain every day. Let's flog it! Not fun. Nope. Not. At. All. Tho' I've been there a thousand times in my life, this latest situation is beyond the pale. That's what's not so new these daze.

If you have been living in Pain's Hell for a long time, BLESS YOU and hang in there.

(And yes, for a while I'll continue to blather away on this topic as it is something many face each day and is an often misunderstood health condition. I've edited this post from yesterday's odd natterings because I was writing under the inlfuence of too much medication. Heh!)

Friday, October 7, 2011

Who Deserves A Flog Today?

Blogger for making it difficult to correct corrupt files without completely dismantling a blog. The purpose of using Blogger for many is to avoid dealing with technical fixes and hard-to-locate clear instructions if one is not an IT pro. 

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Unclear
Location - London Street Art Exhibition

For What It's Worth

The Tea Pouty's Can't-Ho

I do not like U.S. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA). He is at the centre of what is wrong with Congress; what is awry in the thinking of GOPer's aligned with the Tea Party who want to shave the American Constitution into little bits of parchment to fit their own view of who can be a verbal anarchist/arsehole and who cannot. (Perhaps that is why his last name so aptly defines his egregious personality - he just CAN'T find one wisp of moderation anywhere in his radical political views.)

Therefore, this recalcitrant rigid obstructionist is now using the primarily peaceful gatherings of disenfranchised Americans involved in OCCUPY WALL STREET to create manufactured negative hysteria by using the word "mob" to scare people into believing the Left has gone wild.

To present Cantor's continuing hypocrisy, read the following: The Mind Reels

Isn't Cantor's hypocrisy sad as well as infuriating to those with an honest sense of fairness? The GOP can have the Tea Party and people showing up at rallies with guns and threatening (oft-misspelled) signs of hate against the president, but anyone who dares to develop what is now a ground-swell of supporters simply saying that the 1% of our country's wealthy should pay a higher tax than the remaining 99% are "mobs"?

When the word "mob" is bandied about, it usually conjures visions of rowdy masses throwing rocks into store windows, beating on each other, looting and rioting in a very uncivilized manner. The inner vision we all share of that word is not conducive to peaceful gatherings, which is precisely what OCCUPY WALL STREET has been in the overview all over the country where the protests are in motion.

Fascinating how people like Eric Cantor love to create trouble: to fan flames that aren't there to win political points and maintain their insidious agenda of ousting a president they do not like through ignoring the overall will of the people who roundly support a tax on the 1% rich to save our sinking economy. It is, as I continue to write, a form of treason in my book of what is "right" and "wrong" with government to make the country pay for the stubborn, at-the-core devious ploys to turn back time to when social programs did not exist and many minorities had no power.

The twisting of words; the deliberate hot-trigger talking points to create a dust-up wherever possible between the GOP and the Democrats, is why I so loathe many in the current GOP more that at any other time over the years of political polarizations. This latest GOP group holds the copyright on how to play dirty politics despite the times Democrats pull out a few of their own ridiculous games. Dem's just don't do it as well.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

And So It Continues

Hello there. It's another one of those lovely days in the medical hood.

Will be back soon.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

RIP Steve Jobs

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Edgar Mueller
Format - 3D Chalk

Stop Being Greedy

Knock-xing the Stuffing Out of Real News

Well, well, well. Amanda Knox is free from jail in Italy after 4 years, and back on U.S. soil in the land of bold coffee and perpetual rain with left-over Grunge types to add character to the scene – aka Seattle. Let us rejoice that an American college student with fuzzy memory issues surrounding the brutal death of her roomie is getting what many believe to be justice at long last, while others sneer and smirk that she is the Devil Incarnate and deserves to be back in Italy until her own personal Hell freezes over.

I have no solid opinion on this case other than a removed, objective overview of what appeared to be atrocious police work, as well as questionable behaviour the morning of the roommate’s grizzly bloody body discovery between Miss Know-Nots and her Italian swain locked into each other’s eyes in a world of their own making-out quite publically as if it were just another day in Paradisio.

The question all along in relation to their actions is WTF were they thinking? A dead body was discovered at Amanda’s home and she decides to spend her time lip-locked and lustily lapsitting on top of her young man’s thighs, etc.?

Hmmmm. However, such actions did not/does not deem one guilty of murder. Guilty of extremely bad judgment, yes. Guilty of providing fuzzy stories to the police, yes. Guilty, again, of murder? Only Amanda and one or two others know for sure.

Meanwhile, the homecoming of Amanda Knox is once again taking precedence at the anchor desks of news outlets while the Wall Street protests which are gaining momentum across the U.S. are mentioned in brief once again although what is happening is a developing story of public outrage at the institutions that have torn our economy apart. Unlike the other grass-roots Mad As Hell group, the Tea Party, no OCCUPY WALL STREET protestors are suggesting that people be lynched or killed.

Sigh. It is so very clear that Wall Street influences the Mainstream Media (MSM) beyond what many anticipated or knew.

To properly cover the protests requires an in-depth view into the sample of Americans from everywhere and every occupation involved in the sign-bearing peaceful expression of pushing for accountability from those who accepted federal bail-out money and then chose to keep it for themselves, offering, instead, ginormous bonuses to one and all in the money biz who became drunk on their own power a few years ago and ended-up sticking it to decent people who simply wanted to make a few dollars and ensure their pensions and what not would be there for them when the time was right.

Things in the money world have now become so bleak with regard to closing the widening income gap that even Sesame Street is planning to add a “poor” character to their program.

It’s a very, very small world, after all.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Who Deserves A Flog Today?

The NYPD for over-reacting, over-reaching, in arrests against non-violent OCCUPY WALL STREET protesters.