Monday, January 31, 2011

Pre-ramble Rambling

Good morning/afternoon/evening/middle-of-the-night – to you. TDFB is experiencing a font issue today. The post has come out as if it had been CCP'd from various sources. Not the case. It's all new. Looks rather crappy, if I do say so myself. However, it's on with the show.

After a very-very long-long weekend not speaking on my “Silence” at-home retreat, I’m filled with suppressed blathering and am out of the gate to begin the week’s complaints. So…..

Who deserves a flog today?

MSNBC for removing Ed Schultz’s excellent “Psycho Talk” segment on his successful program. A truth/fact-based slam at the latest madness coming out of a variety of high profile mouths, “Psycho Talk” was worth the time. Ed could be quite fiery as well as funny in his delivery of the segment. I liked it because it was brash. Fresh. Energetic. Alive. Entertaining. You know, all of the elements that make a TV program and network a hit. Something I predict MSNBC will soon realize they are not when they watch their ratings begin the Big Decline.

MSNBC again for moving The Ed Show to 7:00 P.M. PST/10:00 EST from it’s 3:00 P.M. PST/6:00 EST slot where it had garnered the highest ratings ever in that time period for the network. Another wonderful biz move. Yes, Ed’s now in prime time, but the lineup doesn’t make sense anymore. They placed the well-connected, carefully sub-toned, urbane Lawrence O’Donnell’s The Last Word, in Countdown’s slot, followed by The Rachel Maddow Show, ending their evening lineup with Ed. I don’t know about you, but shouldn’t The Last Word BE The last word?

MSNBC once more for playing musical chairs with their female anchors so often over the years that I no longer know who to expect on a given day at any specific time other than Andrea Mitchell at 10:00 A.M. PST/1:00 EST. And who are these new fill-in cookie-cutter young white guys who all look the same that have been popping up unannounced over the past few months? Shouldn’t they be at CNN?

CNN for having too many white males who look and act alike as their primary program hosts.

FOX News for – well, for being Fox “News.”

Considering how close to GOD the above organization claims to be, I must add GOD to the list for kicking humans out of the Garden of Eden over a little bite of an apple. Isn't it supposed to be good for us? “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Nope. An apple one day caused the Creator to stray from a merciful way with his/her/it’s lack of compassion for two nude and suddenly ashamed of it, prey.  

If Adam and Eve were wandering around the garden nude all the time with no discomfort until a “no no” fruit from a vine was tasted, you must wonder what was in that apple – or was it an apple at all? A Pomegranate is by far the more alluring fruit of the two. 

Which reminds me, religious zealotry in any form is knowingly one of the most dangerous illnesses in the world. People hallucinate chariots on fire in the sky; beasts and more beasty beasts may take our souls and have them for breakfast and afternoon tea with fresh baked apricot scones bearing an uncanny likeness to the Virgin Mary.

I wonder why it’s always Mary or Jesus or Elvis making such unexpected appearances on food… The Elvis part makes better sense than the other two. We know how much Elvis liked his peanut butter and jelly banana with honey and maple syrup and the juices of nubile virgins sandwich's at night, don’t we? The guy had a jones for it. Jesus, on the other hand, was refined in his dining habits. Fish’s, loaves, wine and more wine. Thrifty, too. Could feed hundreds on a budget as if all were kings and queens.

Perhaps Elvis and Jesus are shape-shifting into grilled cheese and toast, pizzas and roasts, cuz it floats their boats. Yes, I did just write that.

Mary is an enigma. Haven’t read much about her eating preferences. Why she more than Jesus makes her saintly presence known with food particles is a definite mystery. She always seemed like a bread and water kind of girl. Not a typical Jewish mother pushing Jesus to “Eat! Eat! You’re a growing boy!”

Oh, this is turning into a lovely ramble, isn't it? Watching how a mind twists and turns can be a frightening or fascinating experience, depending on where that mind is going. Mine wants to revert back to the concern over religious zealotry and the atrocities associated with such a mind-set. And it will. In a new post.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Complimentary or Ironic Segue?

Rafal Blechacz - "Chopin Piano Concerto"

Too Much

I think people talk too much and end up doing less when the energy of speech has been released; therefore, I’m spending the weekend in a “Silence” at-home retreat. Thus far it’s been refreshing. I’m sure my neighbors appreciate it as well……

Will be back to flog another day when I have something more to say.

Psycho Babble

Talk Talk - "Talk Talk"

Saturday, January 29, 2011

True Pfffft

Have you been following the chaos in Egypt? Wow. There are a lot of very pissed-off citizens in Cairo right now. Thousands of people “gone wild“ while keeping their clothes on and not drinking Mojitos. Not exactly a “Rave”or Spring Break in Miami, is it? Well, it couldn’t be as women aren’t allowed to participate. Just a lot of angry men running around screaming and looting.

What is the revolt all about? The simple explanation is that the people don’t like their leader, President Mubarak, because he hasn’t followed through on promises to improve the economy, among other things, and they’re mad as hell and aren’t going to take it anymore. Period. So there.

I defer to the various professional news outlets to further comment on the crisis, because, well, you know, the situation isn’t funny and today is Saturday in the US of A, which means most of us turn to lighter subjects and pastimes so as not to strain our grey cells. And, someone else is mad as hell - Charlie Sheen - and if we don’t pay attention, our streets may soon be overrun by thousands of porn stars, “escorts” and other “ladies of the night” in revolt, furious over an impending loss of income.

After his latest slip off the stripper’s poll, Charlie’s back in rehab – willingly, we’ve been “told.” Sure. His attitude indicates a true grip on reality as he angrily addressed his critics via text to "People don't seem to get it... Guy can't have a great time and do his job also? Bunch of Turds."

Whoa. I must be a “Turd”, then. How dare I or others criticize a father of 4 young children for consistently ending up in trouble via overindulgence in almost everything deemed decadent, not to ignore, illegal. By the way, how is it that this guy can openly hire prostitutes, trash hotel rooms, allegedly choke his then-wife, threaten her with a knife, yet continue to walk free among us? Oh, that’s right. He’s a charmer. The “girls” love him. He’s a mega TV star. His ex had problems, too, so it’s not all his fault.

Making almost $2 million dollars per episode of his curiously successful sitcom has nothing whatsoever to do with a Teflon coated life, doe it? It’s not that money “talks” with Charlie when he always “walks.” Nope. The “girls” don’t press charges if they’re mistreated; police don’t arrest him most of the time because he’s “polite and cooperative” when all hell breaks loose whenever he doesn’t get his way, and CBS executives adore him for the money his show makes for them.

Hey, so what? Charlie likes to party hardy. And when he’s very bad, he goes to rehab. When others are very bad, they go to jail longer than a night or two.

Yes indeed. Rehab is just the place for him to mend the error of his ways. Until next time. If there is one.

Saturday Vapidity

Avril Lavigne - "What The Hell"

Friday, January 28, 2011

The Week's Eews and OMG's

Another week has sped by. Is it me, or is it true that time is speeding-up? I swear I was just writing about last week's events a moment ago on a late Thursday evening to be published early Friday morning. No wonder I feel as if I've been in a plane for hours. I don't think I've left my desk for a week and have been traversing the globe at an astounding speed. I'm a bit desk-lagged.

So who and what were the world's high-and-low-lights worthy of a snark or three? It wouldn't be a very productive thing to flog about what's going on in Egypt right now. Protests, deaths, a city "dark" at night to attempt to curb the fights? Or did someone knock out the lights? It is safe to suggest that there is extreme unrest and let the story play out to its inevitable strained conclusion. *

Isn't it too easy to single out good ole' Mama Grizzly up in Alaska once again for opening her uninformed mouth regarding President Obama's State of the Union speech? Or to add to the chorus of WTF's over what on earth Michele Bachmann thought she was doing in her very own little plastic-wrapped befuddled bubble Tea Party Express uneducated, misinformed, lying SOTU rebuttal speech which CNN shamefully exploited only to find that Bachmann not only can't speak straight, she also can't see straight into the correct camera. Oh, to be kind, someone pointed her in the direction of one camera while the second camera must have been guided by one of North Korea's missile launchers. 'Nuff for now on that embarrassing example of education standards in America. If you don't know what she said, I guarantee you'll find it all over the interwebs. Remember, Google is your friend.

For those who are dealing with more snow in your part of the world than you can remember, my suggestion is that you make igloos in your spare time, burrow through man-made tunnels in your backyard or street, and pretend you're in Alaska. Perhaps you'll end up craving moose jerky, and through the haze of snowflakes, you'll finally understand why a certain someone thought she saw Russia from her porch when, in truth, it was only a faint outline of a snow-buried SUV.

For the more lascivious news of the week, our Bad Boy Charlie Sheen didn't let us down when he was "rushed" to an ER after spending 36 hours on a "bender" with 5 "porn stars" and having his own snowstorm. Hey, most of us would have passed out after the 2nd pro showed-up. That Charlie. Tsk. I really flog his nuts. $25,000 in one week on prostitutes? Hey buddy, everyone has known about your penchant for paid company for many years now. Are you going for the Guinness World Record or simply going to hell in your own hubris-based silver basket-case? I'd have more compassion for you if this hadn't been a long, long time coming. Get a grip. On something other than a female body part. If not, your show might just end up as One Half of A Man.

And, oh yes. The Academy Award nominations were announced Tuesday morning. Yawn. Colin Firth will win Best Actor for The King's Speech, and unless the voting Academy members decide to stick it to popular opinion expectations, Natalie Portman will do her Swan Song as Best Actress to much applause before she slips off to have her baby and falls into the dismal well of the Oscar Curse, almost never to be in a decent film again. Actually, she already has a head start at the moment in the critically panned film, No Strings Attached. Well done, Natalie. You already know what's ahead for you. Great timing on having a baby. That'll keep you and your nanny busy for a while. Let's hope you'll have better luck than Sandra Bullock's brief shine in the light last year. Hope your man friend isn't into tattoos.

There are other events and stories, of course. But, there are times when it's wise to simply follow the rule of "less is more." Unless you're Oprah Winfrey. OMG! OMG! Oprah has a half-sista! OMG! OMG! The sista kept her mouth shut for over 3 years knowing she was the Big O's half-sibling. Now, THAT is worthy of a true OMG!

And last.... Keith Olbermann withdrawal for many. Missed his Friday night James Thurber readings. Missed his punctilious air. An 8 year habit is hard to break. I may need to start an Olbermann Anonymous 12 Step Countdown program for the clinically distressed.


Next Up

Usher / - "OMG"

Thursday, January 27, 2011

To Be or Not to Flee

Today’s flog takes a turn into different territory so that I may continue to be fair in all that’s not love and more.

This time, I flog all of us who haven’t the time, desire, interest or magnanimity to support our friend’s projects – whatever they may be. So self-involved are we that reading a friend’s book, watching their latest documentary, buying their latest music CD, attending an event they have invested enormous time and money into, is just too much to ask. The same can be said about non-entertainment/media-based enterprises, such as a friends’ interior design business, or new restaurant – any achievement.

I know I’ve been one of those “bad friends” for many a year. Books written by friends remain on my bookshelf unread; music CD’s “go un-bought”; concerts remain unattended. And yet, I’ve had the ironic puzzled and often times angered reaction to when my friends don’t support whatever my newest “thing” might be. “What’s up with them?" I think in an irritated or disappointed frame of mind with festering negative emotions. “I supported their (fill in the blank). Harrumph!” Or, in the opposite direction = “What’s wrong with my (fill in the blank)? I’m not good enough for them? They didn’t/don’t like what I do? Wah!”

Reciprocity is often a dicey forest to saunter into when many of the hiking trails aren’t going to lead to where you want to go. In my current situation with a little blog, I realize that most of my friends aren’t interested in politics. And if they are, my way of expressing  views may not be their cup of tea, especially if mine is heavily caffeinated and they prefer herb. Therefore, I don’t expect a reaction from them. Nevertheless, a few good souls have taken the time and effort to send an email, make a call, or comment on FB.

On the other hand, as it were, was, and so on, I haven’t read many of my friend’s books, or watched some of their TV programs and films because I simply wasn’t interested in the subject matter. But I bought the books anyway. How nice it would have been had I read them and provided feedback. If I hadn’t cared for their writing or the subject, the least I could have done was to tell them how impressed I was that they had made the effort. The same can be said for those with films and TV programs.

Are we taking our friends and acquaintances’ talents and interests for granted? Is ego a part of the hesitancy for many to jump aboard another’s ship for a moment to smell the sea breeze of their accomplishments?  I’ve given this subject much thought over the last year or so. I read and hear the disappointments of a few when they have discovered how little interest their project has generated and the either bitter or pained reactions they’ve expressed when friends they had counted on for support didn’t show up in one form or another.

Despite how busy most of us are in our careers and big or little worlds, I think that if we can take the time to listen to a new CD by an admired artist, we could at least take a moment to check out a friend’s latest offering. If we have time to go out to a film, we could at least try to set aside an hour or two to watch a friend’s documentary. If we don’t like what we see or hear or read, again, at least we tried. Although it’s often true that strangers tend to become our best audiences, what does it say about friendship when we don’t have the decency to take the time to help those we know reach their goals?

One part of this apparent “lack of support” is, of course, the evident fact that we know the person, and fear that if we have a critical response to their work the friendship will falter. Thus, many remain silent. Others won’t respond with positive feedback if they believe their “friend” is an egomaniac and becoming a “fan” of sorts would only aid their already swollen head. Some of this is true. In other cases, though, it truly isn’t when one looks below the surface. Most of us want and appreciate praise. Most of us would rather not be criticized. It’s my opinion that a balance can be found between the two in the name of support.

Ask yourself this question: would you rather not know you had been standing on a stage for an entire speech with your “fly” open? If you nailed a presentation or won an award, wouldn’t you like to hear “Congrat’s” from a friend or two? How thick or thin is your skin? How much are you willing to risk to set aside your myopic focus on your own life to send a little “like” or a private message re: someone’s news?

C’mon, everyone. Send a little love or feedback to those who are carving out a place for their talents and interests. You don’t have to lie about a thing if you don’t find what they’re doing very exciting or great. All you need to do is focus on how you would like to be treated if in their situation.

I know that I still have a way to go to be a fully supportive friend when one has a new project to share. I’ll do my best to be better. It’s also important to thank those who do show up for us, and I take this opportunity to do so to all of those who have brought wonderful smiles to my face via their feedback on my writing, as well as to those who have provided very constructive criticism.

Now, if I could only learn how to follow a few of the suggestions…..

Friendship Tribute Segue

Ringo Starr & the All Stars  
"With A Little Help From My Friends"
Live 2010

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

State of Strange Dates

Did you watch the State of the Union address last night? If not, this post may bore you beyond words. Even if you did, you might have been bored beyond words. Not that President Obama wasn’t inspiring. Not that he botched the speech. Far from it. He hit all of the right notes to attempt a bipartisan tone while, at the same time, cleverly inserting where he’ll knock down the gritty sandcastles of Congressional obstructionism.

Part of today's flog is once again focusing on the official Republican rebuttal (ignoring the non-official Michele Bachmann Tea Party rebuttal debacle – <rolls eyes>).

Ahhhhhh. How cute and earnest that wittle darling Rep. Paul Ryan was last night wif his wide Bambi-eyed rebuttal speech. Made me wanna just pinch that cutesy cheek and coo words of “What in the world are you SAYING, dude?” Really. WHAT was his point? “I’m earnest, folks. Really I am. Look at me and ignore the non-words coming out of my mouth insinuating doom and gloom. I’m the new face of the Republican party even though I’ve been around for seven years and barely anyone’s noticed me…until now that I want to drop Social Security and dump Medicare. And, above all, slash spending. Cut spending. Curb spending…” Blah blah blah.

On to the really fun part of last night’s gathering.

The State of the Union address was more than the usual union of opposites, as the Dem’s and GOPer’s decided to sit together for the first time ever, some joking with the press over who their “date” for the evening was with big smiles plastered over their faces like Prom Kings and Queens back in high school.

For example, a mildly giddy Barbara Boxer (D) spent the evening sitting with her “date", the beaming like a school boy Rep. John Mica (R) of Florida. Others had a more shot-gun-like marriage arrangement as with the pairing of John Kerry and John The Pain-McCain. They looked so…so…happy together…not.  Or maybe Mr. McPain was half asleep and Kerry wanted to weep?

The tone of high school redux continued to play out in public yesterday when House Majority Leader Eric Cantor made sure everyone knew that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi rejected his offer for them to sit together. Seems that Nancy already had another date lined-up for the night and felt the need to tweet her reason for rejecting Mr. Cantor in order to ward off the chance that Cantor would toss the corsage he had bought for her into the House Chamber like a forlorn lovesick sucky puppy.

Do people ever truly GROW UP?

If the behavior of the past two years in Washington is any indication, then the answer is perfectly clear.

Date Night Unions

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Who’s Fooling You

Look out, everyone who follows U.S. politics – and actually cares about the outcomes of bills, policies, and the declining quality of life in the supposedly greatest nation in the whole wide world! Tonight is the president’s State of the Union address before Congress and a vast television audience. I’m not warning about what the president will say, I’m warning what the GOP rebuttal via House Rep. Paul Ryan will sound like. Chances are it will be cautiously genteel, while, at the same time, undermining anything positive the Democratic administration has achieved thus far, and intends to create for the future.

Why should we care? Because the GOP’s agenda goes deeper than a simple “No” to progress. The Republican’s idea of cutting the deficit isn’t to create jobs, as they love to say over and over again, but to raise taxes on the middle class, while once again providing deeper tax breaks for the wealthy. They want to take Health Care (in every form that isn’t private) away from those who desperately need it; turn back time to when Social Security didn’t exist, and, in general, while providing fork-tongued lip service to creating “jobs” (for which not one GOPer has provided an idea or plan), ensure that their own campaign pockets remain well-lined from their wealthy contributors, and, in general, absolutely ruin the United States of America in ways far worse than most realize.

Another crazed aspect to the drumbeat of the GOP is that they believe the country is behind their desire to dump entitlements based on their boost in the House from midterm elections. Who are they listening to? Their unemployed middle class and poverty-stricken class constituents, or the lobbyists who make sure those campaign checks don’t bounce? Where was the “mandate” they claim was laid at their feet? Hey guys, the Senate is still a Democratic majority. I wouldn’t claim a “mandate” to cut off the heads of your fellow countrymen and women unless you adhere to the out-of-touch pomposity of Louis XVI of France. In fact, it’s beginning to look as if many of the GOPer’s are moving in that insane direction.

Pssst. Remember what happened to Louis and Marie in the end? I’d think twice before cutting off benefits of “the people.” We may not have a guillotine, but we do have other forms of effective punishment, such as voting you all out of office when the time is right. 2012 may be very different than 2010 at the ballot box.

Oh, I hear it now out there in cyberland. “Typical Liberal talk” some of you are thinking. Okay. It may be “Liberal”, but I believe it’s basically “Humane Talk.” Why is it wrong to become absolutely paranoid over the very idea that the agenda of a party is desperately dangerous to the health and well-being on every single level for the average American citizen! How many of you out there have enough money socked-away to not need your Social Security check in the future – or now?

How many of you have pre-existing medical conditions which could very well ensure that the only private insurance you’ll ever be able to be qualified for is barely “insurance” at all and will cost you thousands beyond what you would have been able to receive through having a choice between government-funded or private insurance – or both in the form of Medicare which has an excellent supplemental insurance policy option in place.

I’ve written it before and I’ll write it again: the Republicans are throwing the middle class and the “poor” under the bus, and the future of our country under their rule will cost millions of lives, drain our government even more than it is now through the uninsured, and inevitable amping-up of crime as desperation sets in with the monumental numbers of Baby Boomers who are just now reaching that magic retirement number to be eligible for SS benefits and Medicare. What happens if all of these options are taken away? A colossal national nightmare, that’s what.

Think about it. Then think about it some more. The above radical ideas to shelve what is rightfully “ours” are absolutely crazy. Nuts. Perverse. Stupid. Greedy. Self-serving. What the GOP loves to call “entitlements” are part of the fabric of our modern society. We pay into these “entitlements.” It isn’t a hand-out. Had we not gone into two wars with nary a cogent thought beyond an administration’s petty greed for oil and revenge, we wouldn’t be in such a financial hole. Yes, we need to defend our country. But for how long when we must defend our rights in our country so that we are strong enough as a nation to withstand further attacks of many varieties.

Unless we have a solid base at home, we cannot bring war to an end elsewhere when we step up a war against ourselves. And that, my friends, is precisely what is happening: war has been declared on our turf by our own representatives. The voices of dissent are growing louder and are targeting the very foundation of all that keeps us together.

Bottom line. Beware the seemingly silver-tongued Ryan, the laid-back clueless Eric Cantor, and all of those who wish to stick it to the “Middle Class” while the rich get another tax break from their cronies in D.C. who, by the way, have a great health care plan as members of Congress, and lucrative jobs waiting for them when their terms are over...while those who aren’t in such cushy circumstances are left in an arrogant, insensitive toxic dust because their so-called representatives just. don’t. really. give. a. damn.

Beware the ignorant voices.

Hint of Words to Come

Eminem / Rihanna
 "Love The Way You Lie" 

Monday, January 24, 2011

I Feel Pithy

No flogs at the moment. I'm still reeling from Oprah's BIG SECRET revelation today. Am all choked-up. Not sure if it's from the GERD reaction or suppressed softy emotions. Either way, I must recuperate. I also have things to do, like take a shower, wash my hair, get a manicure, waste time on FB and stuff.

Not to worry. As soon as something tickles my little irky-fancy, I'll be right back to share it all with you.

Happy Monday.....

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Segue Fo' Mr. O.

Stevie Wonder - "I'm Free"

Much Ado About Something

Rumours, speculation, and commentaries continue to gather momentum surrounding Keith Olbermann's abrupt departure from MSNBC last Friday evening. Not that it was unexpected for people like me and others to toss their opinions and suspicions into the pot before any of us knew what kind of soup we were making. Its simply interesting to read all of the differing opinions about this edgy thorn in the side of conservatives and others who have been aware of Mr. Olbermann’s feisty (to be kind) behind-the-scenes reputation for many a year dating back to his days at ESPN; the first firing from MSNBC in 1999; and now this……

The many ideas scurrying about, a few aided by the always anonymous “source(s) close to the situation” is whether or not it was a dispute over a pay raise; the taint of his “no-no” minor campaign contributions to several Democratic candidates which caused a temporary suspension of Keith O’s duties on his program last November; that it was entirely his idea to leave because he plans to build a media empire along the lines of The Huffington Post and rule his Kingdom for more than the ageing horse he was given at MSNBC, or that he is a megalomaniac who has “sharp elbows” and prefers to rattle the mahogany-lined woodwork offices of whoever his current boss may be. Shall I call the new troops involved  “Comblast Boots”?

The mystery regarding whether it was truly a “firing” or a planned exit by Olbermann due to a combination of the above, deepens when one learns that on Friday, Olbermann was tweeting his usual tweets for his program with nary a change in tone until, mere hours before his program was to air, the tweet to promote his reading of James Thurber at the end of his program each Friday suggested an “unexpected change” afoot in a different tone than his earlier twittering's. Hmmmm. Last minute decision? Was the ball truly in his court? Did he do a preemptive strike? As many are writing, why did MSNBC continue to run a promo of his show an hour after he had signed-off? Surely had a plan been firmly in place for his announcement such arrangements to drop further promos could have been issued – quietly – in advance.

In addition, he now has a new agent from mighty ICM. Such a move usually involves sweeping changes in career details as well as direction. What’s goin’ on there inside your rather debonair silvery-black hair, Keith? Curious and furious minds want to know.

Who cares about why and what and how, a few of you may ask as you yawn and roll your eyes. I care. So do his 1 million viewers. Not only was Countdown a place to go to hear sane analytics of politics, it was also a spot on the often-dull and humourless cable news outlet desks where one could learn about the antics of a Baboon breaking and entering a local market, fleeing gleefully with a bag of Doritos, accompanied by lilting silly music and an air of the absurd.

By the way, do you know that those of us who are writing about this development are “unhinged” by the (hopefully temporary) loss of Olbermann’s exit? Yup. That’s what “the others” are saying. I wonder what they would do if Rush just huffed himself out of his radio chair one day with no advance notice and spat his last gasp of arrogance with his usual growl – no explanations and no expletives connected? I’m sure candles would be lit and make-shift shrines would be built outside of his studio.

The point for today is to act on the promise of the “Developing” story. A round-up of sorts in the state of Keith’s disunion with his (former) employer, and what all of the “talk” is talking about.

It will be interesting to watch MSNBC tomorrow. After all, it is a news channel that has just made news. Not mentioning what everyone else is discussing would be akin to the ole’ “Elephant in the room” analogy. Mentioning it in any way other than a few tepid words might be akin to to placing one’s job at risk. In fact, I’ve been hearing that Ed Schultz has been taken to task of late by his bosses at MSNBC for “crossing the line” with his own form of political righteous indignation. Wow! Just when I was beginning to like the guy.


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Friday, January 21, 2011

Posting Cuz I Like It

Linkin Park -"Waiting for the End" 


Holy crappola! The week’s been full of flog-worthy subjects beginning with the "Wild West" of Los Angeles experiencing trigger-happy episodes in or on or near various metropolitan and suburban high schools, moving on to another round of bullets rat-a-tat-tatting in Miami on Thursday. Two more teens have committed suicide due to bullying, and the charming U.S. House of Reps pounded their death gavel rattle to repeal Healthcare despite an increasing soar in popular support for the bill Obama signed into law last year!

Someone over at Facebook decided this blog was offensive and blocked TDFB message-link from being published – even on my own Profile page! Next thing I knew, a gringe of some sort surreptitiously slipped into this blog, rewrote a draft of a post I had not completed, published it (warts and all) to my utter dismay the next morning when I awoke to find the slightly off-colour post front and center. The worse part of that mess was that I had more hits on that post than almost any other to date. Blushing much? Either the readers couldn’t believe how messy the post was and continued to come back for a second view, or else sex in any form really does sell – hah!

200 cows fell over – dead – in Wisconsin from what is suspected to be a virus. At least they weren’t falling from the sky; imagine what a mess that would have been with crushed roofs and cars. I know, not a pretty thought, but one must find some humour somewhere these days, even if it’s a tad black and not white. Ahem.

On the Hollywood scene, beyond the continuation of chatter over Ricky Gervais’ Golden Globes jabs, it was announced yesterday that the cad-of-cads, Jesse James, Sandra Bullock’s (thankfully) ex, has become engaged to his “best friend”, the head-to-toe-nail tattooed Kat Von D. In an interview with People, he said, “I have never met anyone so kind and loving and committed to making the world a better place every day. My love for her is beyond description. So honored that she said ‘yes.’ Growing old with her is going to be a f—–’ blast!”

Wow, Jesse! What a stand-up guy you aren’t to passive-aggressively diss your ex-wife in such a public way less than a year after she gushed you were “the best” in front of millions when she claimed her Academy Award, only to discover a few weeks later you had been spending time with another heavily tattooed femme while Sandra was away to make the film that brought her such acclaim. By the way, just who are you anyway, Jesse? Another "Reality Star" non-celeb taking up tabloid space?

On the tech side, everyone is all a-twitter over the news of long-time Google CEO Eric Schmidt stepping aside to part the gurgling waters to co-founder Larry Page while Schmidt wanders off to schmooze with lawmakers and "other" officials on behalf of Google. Hmmmm. Wonder what that means. Could it be that Google Earth wants to rule more turf? I say, so what? What's the big deal? Lotsa nervous peeps out there. Whatsamatter, does everyone fear a Bing takeover? If so, hahahahaha! There's not a lot of ping in Bing.

And then Mother Nature flipped-out on Pakistan with a 7.2 earthquake – ensuring that the human race not forget who’s in charge after cackling at Australia the previous week with floods, the America Southwest a few weeks earlier, and sending a not-so-Merry Xmas snow-laden blizzard to numerous locales over the world at the same time. Duck, everyone, I say duck! Mother Nature is on a revengeful kick.

Yep. There have been far worse weeks in the world. But, if this is the way 2011 is beginning, my head may start spinning faster than a cranked-up Roulette wheel on a hot night in Vegas.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Temporary Investigation Afoot

Hello there. Today TDFB will be scouting about to determine why there have been apparent security issues on this blog in the past few days.

Please check back later....

Thanks for your patience.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Honorable Intentions

The Vapors - "Turning Japanese"

Soiled Sauce

Hey, all of you sex addicts out there! Japan needs your help – STAT!

According to a study by the Japanese government, young adults/teens (primarily men) and married couples in Japan, are admitting to an increasing decrease in their libidos, thus continuing the decline in their once massive population. The only turn-on most of the young men and women seem to be experiencing is what they feel after placing money on the bed next to the latest tech device to keep them up-to-date on investments. The good old days of a shimmering Geisha girl inciting lustful thoughts has been shoved aside in the modern age of sexual indifference, causing a name for the condition, "herbivorous," to slip out of the closet and become more than a whisper in mixed company.

What is going on here? The Japanese gave everyone the “Kama Sutra,” for someone's or some-thing's sake. Geez. The Japanese, ever-so elegantly refined in their decadence, caused many to enviously look upon the Japanese culture as the “go to” research to cure the bedroom blues and “eeew’s” of millions for countless years.

How can we let these “too tired to be bothered” Japanese teens and near-adults now-burrowing-in-their-own-cracks to interact intimately with another human being, to suddenly turn their backs on what had once been the silk kimono of many a sexual fantasy?  Hmmm. Something’s fishy, here.

Looks like Japan and China need to try cross-breeding. That way, Japan would grow, and China would slow…and the slaughter of young female babies in China would be no mo’.

Ah, but that idea ain’t gonna happen. So what to do? Oh yes, there is much to do. BUT – the age-ole’ question that actually is new, is how can any of us hope to ever again enjoy sexual pleasure knowing that there is an entire civilized society slowly fizzling-out on human touch? Isn’t it true that our electronic marvels have been generated primarily from Japan? Is this dire news of sexual avoidance a harbinger of trends to come - here, there, and everywhere - in modern societies? If so, intervention must be launched before whatever is going on over “there” reaches the shores over “here" – and the other “there” ‘s.

It can’t be the food that is causing such sexual indifference. Japanese food is one of the most sensual in the world – raw or deep-fried - as with Sushi/Sashimi and Tempura. Hot or cold Sake is akin to an aphrodisiac once one gets over the Nyquil-like taste. For those who view raw fish as disgusting or alien, chances are you have never had a fresh cut of Yellowtail sushi or sashimi which, if of a fine chef, will almost melt in your mouth and kick your once-numb arse across the room with a nice touch of pure wasabi, the green horseradish of the East, mingled with a rice vinegar-marinated rice that is key to any sushi chef’s finest hour.

For the more adventurous and suicidal, there is always the gem of having Blowfish sashimi spread out in front of you in a grand design of one sort or another on a charming plate where you may partake the wrenching ache of knowing that you may die in a micro-second if your chef had not cut that damn fish’s poisonous elements out of the safe-way of it’s hawty-body. Oh, what a rush! Who needs drugs when you sit at the sushi bar, chopsticks clamping a seemingly innocuous piece of transparent slim-cut raw fish which may end your life? Whoa! No sex for me tonight! I’m already full of might! Or “might-not.” Perhaps that’s what’s gone awry. The new generation simply will not try.


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sit Down and Shut Up

Terri Clark - "Poor, Poor Pitiful Me"

It's A Bit Frosty in Palin-Town


Had any raw lemons lately? Brrr. That's one nasty-lookin' picture. Look at that face, just look at it; look at that pissed-off face above. I knew one look I took of it, this was a face that most of the world won't love......

The woman is the gift who keeps on giving. The picture is from her Fox News interview yesterday, yet another perfectly timed day for Sarah Palin to insert her stealthy self into yet another historic and memorable day in our country. Last week she choose the Tucson Memorial day to launch her Mee-Mee-A-Culpa on the otherwise somber mood of a nation in mourning for the victims of the mayhem in Tucson, AZ, mere hours before President Obama was to give one of the most inspiring speeches of his presidency.

Now, on Martin Luther King Day, there she was once more in all her bitter glory to tell all who cared to listen how the "horrendous" act had nothing to do with her. In fact, so magnanimous was she in her interview yesterday with Fox News' Sean Ham-To-A-Tee, that she actually allowed Sean his very own moment to take some of the flack for incendiary language which has been placed so heavily on her staunchly rigid shoulders. Combined with her warm and gracious words and pleasing facial expressions throughout the interview, one might have come away from the latest moment of Palinesque gravitas with the impression that she was suffering from a bout of more than the usual mental constipation.

Oh, how painful it was to watch her waxen face move nary more than one steely and/or dazed eye blinking as if she had sent a robot to take her place in front of the camera to further deflect any responsibility, or offer a smidgen of accountability, for what has now became the cause de celebre of Washington DC lawmakers and knee-quakers to "tone down" the inflammatory rhetoric and move forward to do something, anything, to control guns in America. Unless, of course, one wants to turn a blind eye from a few Senators who want to be able to carry weapons into their Congressional hearings. Ahem.

The interview was received by both her supporters and detractors with another groan, cringe, and head-scratching when she once again defensively explained how innocent she was in the toxic weaponry imagery debacle which assists hatred to reign in the hearts and minds of her truly base "base" - which appears to be dwindling with each view of her of late.

Once again, I agree that she did not pull the trigger in Tucson. But, in theory, she may as well have with how she continues to muddy the verbal waters by twisting her message on who is actually responsible for the shootings by pointing her own trigger-happy fingers toward the "Left" in connection with the shooter. 

Thank Heavens for such Good Will! But then, she made it extremely clear as the TV lights were about to fade that she has no intention to be silenced by those who don't care for her point of view. Okayyy. That's just peachy-keen, sweetie, but then, no one was actually blaming you for your beliefs whether they agree or disagree with you. The point was and is the language you love to use. But, in the crosshairs of your vapid vision, all you can see are targets, and all you care to do about it is behave like a victim rather than a leader. Then again, a leader doesn't walk away from their political position midway through their term just to make money and let their daughter dance all over TV.

See ya' Sarah, and next time, try to smile with those violins in the background instead of the sound of guns loading another round.

Monday, January 17, 2011

On the Edge of PC Gone Mad

Victoria Wood 
"Political Correctness Gone Mad"

The Golden Nodes of Tee-Hee PC

                               Golden Globes 2011 - Ricky Gervais 

 Now that I’ve had several cups of strong black tea to knock the cobwebs out of my sometimes fuzzy brain, and have finished my Internet reading rounds, it appears that aside from words of wisdom and tributes to Martin Luther King, Jr.’s legacy, and the good news on Gabrielle Giffords’ increasingly positive recovery process, the primary focus is on what happened at last night’s Golden Globes awards in Hollywood (technically in Beverly Hills).

It surprises me how the host, Ricky Gervais’ opening speech/monologue, has caused an enormous amount of dust to flair up into the rotating spotlights of the blogosphere today. People are shocked, I tell you, shocked, that he had the British form of cajones to throw several darts at many of Hollywood’s “finest” – as if that sort of thing had never been done before last night’s program.

Does anyone remember the many jabs Bob Hope would sling when he was the recurring host of the Academy Awards? Or Johnny Carson’s well-timed remarks doing the same gig years later? No? You’re too young? If so, ask your parents or grandparents. Part of the fun of many of the awards shows was the very “inside” jokes the hosts and presenter’s would aim at the poor ducks sitting in front of the podium, or, if smart, hunching down at a pre-requested little table or seat as close to the back of the room as possible.

Have the collective “we” become so incredibly PC that one now gasps when zingers are dead-on? Cruel humour is just what it is – cruel. Gervais has been accused of being so in his rip at Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie’s nominations for their lack of decent performances in a less-than-successful on any level film that ended up in the “Comedy” category rather than in “Drama” which is what the film was supposed to be - ”The Tourist” - which should be re-named “The Turdist.”

Gervais wasn’t “cruel” in my opinion. His remark was – it would seem to be – absolutely on spot with the suggestion that the nominations were a “bribe” and that the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (hosts of the GG’s), merely wanted to ensure a way to lure Angelina Jolie out of hiding to amp up the appeal for the show’s PR machine. (Depp was nominated for another film, so he would have been there regardless…)

Listen, I’m not a fan of the Incredible Shrinking Woman Jolie (in fact, at the rapid rate of her weight loss I would hope Mr. Pitt would feed her more than a hand on her butt for the now-predictable Red Carpet photo op’s), I can almost assure you that she and Depp would have given almost anything not to have been in the glare of any lights last night. However, showing-up at an awards program when you have no viable excuse to be out of the country, unable to attend, is part of the job of an actor whose film or person (or both) has been nominated for an award.

But I almost digress focusing on Miss Jolie and Mr. Depp. Gervais had a few choice flame-throwers at two high-profile Scentologists’ sexual preferences. Hey, someone had to finally comment on those two (or three) rather than adhering to the adhesive tape all of “Hollywood” places over their mouths for fear of having their homes burned down or their agent losing his or her best table at the latest “hot” restaurant…not to ignore losing much, much more. Sometimes contained knowledge and/or rumours just explode following years of collective silence. Someone has to blow the lid off those boiling pots. And, gasp, Gervais did just that.

I’m completely, unwaveringly, PC when it involves racial slurs and the like. To me, it’s not a matter of being “politically correct” to avoid using inflammatory language against various groups. From my point of view, it’s common decency to refrain from name-calling. Although it’s clear to those who regularly read this blog that I’m far from what one may deem to be “Conservative” – beyond the use of the now-new word “Tea-Baggers” – you won’t find me using demeaning terminology or labels against those with whom I disagree. Yes, I will, on occasion, use base language if in a bit of a twit-fit, but beyond hitting a sour note from time-to-time, it’s all within what I consider to be reasonable bounds to flog with authenticity.

Beyond the above, I honestly believe everyone has become just WAY too PC! Where’s our collective sense of humour – especially when in many situations the jabs have at least a grain of truth beneath the joke? There is also a difference between using humour to bully and utilizing humour to be funny. Now, with that sentence in mind, Ricky Gervais did go below-the-belt with other comments throughout his time at the podium last night.

Was it necessary to make the President of the HFPA squirm in his seat over a bathroom and false teeth joke? No one other than a small percentage of the film and TV industry know who the man is, or why Gervais had to bite the hand that fed him? But, sometimes the aim goes awry when using one’s tongue as a weapon. Then again, Gervais used that very tongue to point out a perfect, albeit crass, indication of what it might be like for a 24 year-old Playboy Bunny to marry and have sex with the ole’ “Horniest Man in America” – 84 year-old Hugh Hefner.

Now, that’s the kind of tongue-wagging almost no one took issue with last night.

I wonder why?

No Respect for the Beck

OMG, it’s Monday! Not only that, it’s a holiday…Martin Luther King Jr.’s Day. I’m running late on writing after having fallen asleep early last night after watching the Golden Globes and remaining awake for almost 48 hours straight, obsessed with building the new website I mentioned earlier. Now that I’ve caught up on the “Beauty” sleep (tell that part to my mirror which almost cracked this morning), it’s time to get flogging.

Perusing the day’s news, I stumbled on a tiny blurb which has now become a fairly large burp on the national stage: Fox News’ latest attempt to ruin yet another positive moment in America’s history by allowing their in-house clown, Glenn Beck, to deliver their own version of MLK’s “I Have a Dream” speech with a rebuttal titled, "I Have a Feverish Nightmare.” One portion of this delightful “rebuttal” declares, "I have a dream that one day every American will be armed to the teeth in his or her own personal bunker, with piles of gold bullion and enough ammo to last until Rapture."

Is this a joke or is Fox “News” blowing more smoke up everyone’s arses? Oh spare me. I won’t be watching that one today as I prefer to avoid an acceleration of blood pressure via either feeling too much ire or through laughing way too hard. I’ll let my usual pundits and Jon Stewart tell me how it went so that I don’t need to reach my own conclusions.

I’ll be back later today….

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday Break

"Reverie" by Claude Debussy

A different music segue for all who care to listen.

Small FYI’s from Tired Eyes

Viewing the most recent video line-ups on this blog might cause a new reader to wonder if they have fallen into a time warp. It’s understandable. Part of the reason for going retro is that many of the newer artists’ videos on YouTube I wanted to post were “unavailable” for sharing. Never mind, though, as it does feel a bit like the old days of civil unrest and shocking, disturbing revolutions with the most recent American outburst of violence, as well as an angry mob crying “foul” against the government as it was in the late 60’s – early 70’s.

The difference this time around is that many protester’s from the “old days” are completely against the new angry mob of Tea Party malcontents, and, as noted here in a video, violence once aimed at basically innocent college Vietnam war protester's at Kent State University in Ohio by government forces in 1970, are now aimed at basically innocent government forces/politicians and citizens by an angry unhinged former college student in 2011.

The comparison has not been lost on those who remain engaged with political concerns, as one of the living victims of the Tucson shooting, Randy Gardner, had also been on the campus of Kent State dodging bullets on that fateful day in May. According to his perception, the Tucson incident is just as important in American modern history as it is with the legacy of Kent State where 4 innocents died when the National Guard fired into the unarmed crowd on a once peaceful green campus lawn. Mr. Gardner is certainly “Zelig” of the survivor sort. Imagine the odds of not only being in both places in history, but a civilian living through a barrage of bullets each time?
Kudos to him, I say.

And to myself I say that it’s time for me to set aside any direct flogging for at least a few hours so that I may finally crawl under the covers after what has been an all-nighter attempting to build a new website where both a discussion forum and a blog may live under the same roof one day. But, oh those tricky little templates can prove to be quite a challenge if one isn’t building everything from scratch!

G’night to me, and Good Morning (or afternoon) to thee……..

Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Slight of Hand Over the Land

Donovan - "First There Is a Mountain"

Now You See It, Now You Don’t

Have you heard that your astrological sign may not be accurate? Based on the fact that earth “wobbles”- the astronomical alignments of 3,000 years ago are not what they are in our modern age. Earlier in the week “astronomers” sent a belated Happy New Year round of fireworks into the air to inform many that “You aren’t who you thought you were.” Such startling news is yet another shockwave rippling throughout the world to remind the human race how vulnerable we are to forces beyond our control.

Is nothing sacred? No wonder the world is having a nervous breakdown. Everything we thought we knew is now challenged, debunked, or contradictory. Odd to read and hear how this latest news has thrown so many people into a tizzy; most insisting that their astrological sign is absolutely who they are and nothing will change their world of identity with what their sign has spelled-out to them all of their lives concerning who they are and what their paths might be for the present and future.

I’m one of the few, it seems, whose sign remains the same. Thank God, because I’ve been using the quirks of my sign as an excuse for years to explain why I am who I am. What on earth would I do had I been one of the many who now face a looming identity crisis?

In truth, I completely understand the shock and chagrin of those who have been told they aren’t what they supposedly seemed to be on an astrological chart. In thinking about the personality traits of many friends who have been tagged as “perfect” for their once-labeled sign, I must concur.

Too many Gemini friends, for example, simply don’t fall into what a classic Taurus is supposed to be, which is now what many Gemini’s have been informed they are. In fact, for years, I’ve been able to correctly identify people’s signs with 75% accuracy based not only on the knowledge and research of each sign,  but through observance of people who absolutely must have been separated at birth because the personalities and habits I noticed were/are so incredibly identical and predictable to their designated sign.

So what does this shift in our current planetary alignment vis a' vis Astrology actually mean? Not much to those who have negated this ancient belief. (Ironically, most of those I have known who have refused to accept Astrology as a legitimate Science - and have laughed at any significance to them as having traits of their “sign” - have all been of the same “sign.” Hint: it’s one of the Earth-based alignments.)

Is there truth in our galaxy that an alignment of planets (a “Constellation’) actually influence a person’s inner and outer Self due to an infusion of energy waves emanating from that particular planetary alignment at the time one slipped into the earthly plane?

I believe it to be so. Indeed, the Moon influences our sea tides. At least, that’s what Science has proven unless you adhere to what the ever-charming Mr. Bull O’Really recently debated with an interviewee on his TV program: that it’s “God” who moves the tides, not the gravitational force of the Moon interacting with planet Earth. I mean, he does have a point. A creative energy begat all there is. And, naturally, “all there is” involves the rotation of planets within the solar system that was created by something or someone with powers far above mere humans…who some call “God.”

Friday, January 14, 2011

Dedicated to the Week's Clueless Geeks

Words of - “Duh”

Questions have been raised among my circle of personal critics regarding why I would write about Gwyneth Paltrow’s self-absorption when there are numerous issues of substance to flog beyond such froth as a celebrity. Well, that’s the point: froth.

It’s been a rather intense week for the world in general, don’t you think? We had a tragic event in the U.S. that claimed lives, caused harm, because an unbalanced person was able to get his hands on a semi-automatic weapon to settle a deep-seated grudge-obsession of sorts he felt against a politician…and, as it turned out, anyone else within shooting range.

We have Australia drowning in waters teeming with poisonous snakes, and lives and homes and beautiful landscapes ruined; perhaps lost - forever. There are thousands in Haiti who still live in “tent cities” following last year’s Mother Earth smack-down on their soil. And birds continue to fall from the sky – everywhere.

I say, what do you all want me to do? Flog Mother Nature? What will that focus achieve other than the chance that the stream below me may rise up one day in retaliation and send my part of the house into a new form of Noah’s Arc floating down a hillside to the sin-city of Hollywood beneath my feet. Imagine that. My little all-black “familiar” cat and me in a rugged mess of debris without all of the other animals and humans aboard to re-seed this section of perceived degeneracy.

Wait. Don’t imagine that image. If so, Hollywood would immediately go out of biz and everyone would be a quasi-recluse with a cat and will have a penchant for bashing certain politicians and a love of almost all things Japanese. Hi!

All of the personal elements aside, would you be interested in the fact that the new Speaker of the House, Mr. Orange Tears, couldn't take a break from a fund-raising "cocktail" party to be in the same air space with other House members to go to Tucson to show his support for the grieving community and his fellow Congress participant Gabrielle Giffords' recovery?

Would such an appearance among even the likes of John-the-Pain-McCain and other GOP elites who did show up (quietly) to mourn the death of six innocents and the harm to 14 others, indicate some sort of decency that would bring a symbolic, if not fully authentic, copacetic moment in political arenas, be out of bounds? Or was it that Mr. Weeper simply ran out of Kleenex?

This "back-turn" by Mr. Bay-ner is how the die-hard nay-sayers want to deal with a national tragedy? Make a few bland statements and then rush to raise more money to keep the No-No-No machine running?

Nope. I won't dare to be so petty as to suggest that the "other side" continues to be petty.

Where am I going with this post, you may ask? Nowhere in particular, to be truthful. After all, it’s Friday, isn’t it? Time to chill or go out for a thrill. There’s always another day to flog and grill.

Now, on to another Beatles tune in honor of those who have been the main subjects of this week's flogs.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Post Segue of the Highest Form

The primary subject of the previous post's flog reminded me of this music.
Could it have something to do with the title of her post? 
Could it have been "A Day in the Life"?

A Change of Face

I begin today’s post on a positive note to applaud President Obama’s uplifting, sincere, and extremely presidential speech at last night’s memorial for the Tucson, AZ, shooting victims. I saw and heard the person for whom I voted to lead the country with both inspiration and pragmatism. What a welcome sight! What a pleasant night! Thank you, Mr. President.

Now, on to flogging, as that’s what this blog is about. Where to begin? Are some of you in a Tucson-focused news fatigue and would like a break from the hate? Would you like to read yet another diss-hiss of Sarah-the-Impaler’s reference to “blood libel” in her misguided iced-as-Alaska video presentation? Oh, the latter would be too easy, wouldn’t it?

I’ll continue to let Palin's video hoist herself on her own petard. Nobody can take this woman down like she can. Apparently she forgot to place herself in her own crosshairs on that now infamous map. She’s quite the shooter, isn’t she? I wonder if she’s on crutches today having misfired into her own foot with what is now yet another case of hoof-in-mouth dis-ease.

On to another potential floggee – the always predictable Rush Out-on-the-Lim-Baugh-Humbugger who has once more opened up his bacteria-infested microphone to spew another round of his version of a verbal 9 mm Glock-fire to take down the evil Democrats, this time on the Tucson shooter’s “situation.”
"What Mr. Loughner knows is that he has the full support of a major political party in this country. He's sitting there in jail. He knows what's going on, he knows that...the Democratic party is attempting to find anybody but him to blame. He knows if he plays his cards right, he's just a victim. He's the latest in a never-ending parade of victims brought about by the unfairness of America...this guy clearly understands he's getting all the attention and he understands he's got a political party doing everything it can, plus a local sheriff doing everything that they can to make sure he's not convicted of murder - but something lesser."
I’m so glad Rushee can get inside the head of an assassin and tell everyone what the guy’s thinking. Hmmmm. Is there some kind of similarity, per chance?

But naw, I’m not gonna go beyond the above for what’s really deserving of a trip to the woodshed. One is them will be around for a while to endlessly flog on a slow news day, and the other may be on their way out of the game…. There is another irritating presence in our culture who consistently triggers GERD symptoms in my body, and it’s about time I let this insipid piece of noise have her moment of blame for insulting the “unwashed masses” with priceless little tips to her beleaguered “common” followers....

You guessed it. Who else could it be but Queen Gwyneth Paltrow? Oh, I know, how disappointing. A simple celebrity rather than Laura Ima-Grim-Ham? Yep. Why? Why not? This poor little bitch girl has such a busy life raising her two children and keeping her body in shape, as well as ensuring that her social life remains uninterrupted whilst eating well and, groan, getting up to send her little ones off to school in starchy uniforms, that she has posted tips to other “working” mothers on how to juggle a busy daily sed-ule over there in London town. My goodness, when I read her GOOP newsletter rundown on what she has to endure, I could barely breathe from the thought of such daunting responsibilities.

Here is one example of how this overworked woman begins her day:
“Got Apple all fed and dressed in her uniform and ready to go but no sign nor sight of Moses at 8 am and we have to be out of the house by 8:20. I went up to arouse the little man from slumber and he quite happily got up and crawled into my arms. We got downstairs and I made him a quick breakfast of eggs and toast followed by a spoonful of lemon flavored flax oil that I try to remember to give them both every morning.”
Whew! That almost caused me to weep. And then, hold on, after the above tasks, she has to do this:
“Did dance aerobics for 45 minutes then all of the butt lifts and the like. Rushed upstairs to have a shower, doing my post workout stretch while the conditioner was doing its magic on my hair to combine activities/save time. Dressed quickly and rushed downstairs.”
I almost hear a Beatles tune running in my head. Oh, sorry, wrong band. I meant Coldplay, her husband’s band. Sorry, Gwen. But now, we get to the fun part:
“At 6:30 pm we all get in the bath and it's hair washing night for the kids (every other night - never popular). Then back downstairs to check on cupcakes and have a visit from an auntie and uncle. The kids indulge in a super sugary cupcake before bed but I don't feel too bad because they had a brown rice stir fry for dinner with baked sweet potato.... ”
Oh, God Bless her, ya’ know?

Following the above, she then slips out for a fun frolic with Stella McCartney and other friends who had been slaving all day to run a household and some kind of “work” that makes them all so tired they must have a “blow-out” of some sort. Oh, to be a fly on the wall…or maybe not. Gwyneth would be certain to find a fly-swatter within seconds, and then write in excruciating detail about the best way to keep those dratted flies away from the table of other working moms out on the town who have the liberty to leave their children home with the “help.”

As Queen Gwyneth is so full of practical advice for those in the “real” world, it’s certain that she would have a nifty way to explain to the waiter the most effective fly-swatting techniques available that she learned from one of her humble servants. You know, just like any “working mom” would do under such despicable circumstances.

'Tis a shame that such a seemingly darling face as dear Gwen has masks a deluded sense of self. Until Katrina, I barely spent a moment thinking about this woman. However, at an awards program immediately following the horror's in New Orleans, one interviewer asked what she was planning to do to help the victims of the flood. Paltrow's expression was akin to one who has been asked their net worth. In her faux British accent, she stammered, "Oh, well, I guess I'll send a check..." and then quickly scurried off to the safety of the dry Red Carpet as if a flood of Katrina victims would wash-up to stain her precious gown.

It's As Simple As This --

Tears for Fears
"Everybody Wants to Rule the World"

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Palin's I'll-Ass-Ya'

Yep, you betcha'. Wink. Those are "Surveyer's" lines, not crosshairs. Wink-Wink.

Sarah Palin's Mee-Mee-A-Culpa

Sarah Palin Speaks On AZ Tragedy

Times HAVE Changed - So What?

Kent State Massacre Montage
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - "Ohio"

Ironic where the violence now comes from compared to 1970.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Below the Belt-Way

A second post on the same day! I'm either on a roll or I'm in some kind of hole.....

Oy friggin’ vey! The Tucson incident has become an enormous lightning rod dividing not only the already polarized political atmosphere in the US of A, but on social networks as well. There has been a rash of “unfriending” taking place as many discover just how different their FB and MySpace (what’s left of that place) “friends” are from them regarding gun control, the intent or lack thereof, of Sarah Palin’s “crosshairs map,” among other examples.

In addition, my blog-flog posts have stirred-up a rather unpleasant fervor in a few of my conservative-leaning friends who have contacted me in private to express their outrage regarding my perception of events of late, as well as my overall political attitude. One friend wrote that he wouldn’t comment on my posts because there isn’t a “Bullshit” box to check. I rather like that idea and think it would be an excellent addition to the "Reactions" section - if I want to research what the HTML code would be, and if this particular template will accept another box. However, once more I will note that there is a "Comments" section where one can write the word "Bullshit."

Tempers are flaring, aren't they? Well then, where is the debate? On Rush Out-On-A-Slim-Lim-Baugh's consistently insensitive-for-ratings remarks? Oh, whoops. I shouldn't mention him because I'm a "Liberal" and dislike anyone who is otherwise despite the fact I would loathe anyone who would dare to make fun of someone with Parkinson's Disease as he did years ago concerning Michael J. Fox, or anyone who insults minorities. Or a few of the overly-sensitive PINHEADS at Fox News who claim to be so fair, so balanced, as to have Republican consultants on their payroll.

Politics and religion are hot button topics that many families censor at holiday get-togethers lest someone's feelings are hurt or, if Uncle Don has a Colt 45 in reach and cousin Nancy has an anxiety disorder. Strong feelings produce intense reactions, which is why we are continuing to see so many countries fighting with each other after hundreds or thousands of years.

Grudges run deep; a sense of "being right" on a position is often backed by an unyielding rigidity that blinds many to see beyond the tip of their flaring nostrils when reading or hearing something which causes all rational thought to flee from reality. Blogging and flogging on political issues has its risks, but I write about what draws my interest. For years, the hypocrisy of religious and political zealots has attracted my grey cells.

Listen, as it were, all of you who disagree with a "progressive" mind-set. Not all "Liberals" agree with each other. Not all Republicans agree with each other. Not every Democrat agrees with everything President Obama has done. And not everyone who points a finger at Sarah Palin or Michele Bachmann for using language that may seem offensive and far from innocuous are "Liberals." Many in the GOP are suggesting that violent rhetorical imagery has added to a dangerous air space and is the last thing our country needs.

The classic knee-jerk reaction from very angry conservatives immediately goes into overdrive when arrows are flung at their peeps. Suddenly, assumptions are tossed in one's face and below-the-belt punches are in play. Is it at all out-of-bounds to perceive such blatant overreactions as a gage for how "on the edge" a percentage of the country is feeling, and why anyone who expresses a "Liberal" opinion might feel as if they are hitting their head against a wall to dare to suggest to a "Right-Winger" that they have a closed mind and it's exhausting to continue a debate when it's clear neither person will "win." Heck, forget "winning." How about just "listening"?

I do listen, my friends. I listen to what I sense is a very odious message that has been sent into the country's atmosphere from the day a Democrat, not to ignore a man of colour, took office two years ago. Hate. Bigotry. Fear-mongering. No-No-No. That's what I hear.

And so it is with tongue-in-cheek I'll write that "Conservatives" are totally innocent of anything other than wanting another chance at ruling the country into bankruptcy and war and certainly not aiding and abetting the Hitler, Stalin and "not born in the United States" accusations against the current president.

What's up, here? All I can truly glean from the behaviour of traditional "Conservatives," and now the Tea Bagger's, is that they're a group of sore losers who have absolutely no desire whatsoever to give peace of any sort a chance.

Therefore, I gather my floggings toward a quitter cashing-in former Governor who seeks fame, glory and money indicates how lame I am not to grasp that her "Map" was nothing more than a blip for a future victory lap? Or whatever.....

C-mon, I don't believe Palin wants violence in the country to achieve her ill-gotten gains. And that's what is so scary - that people may want a financially shrewd, yet intellectually stupid "Babe" who doesn't "get" how dangerous her words can be, as President to make any thoughtful decision with sane precision.

How in the world did this bimbo become a symbol of "American Values" and deep admiration? Oh, that's right, we here in the U.S. are as shallow as a drought-ridden riverbed - at least for a specific time. Public perception from all political cross-hairs now murmur that Palin's popularity has plummeted to numbers lower than below-the-belt-ways-and-means ineffectual committee(s).

Too bad it required the death of many, the tragedy of the new, to cause such a sane reaction.

Civil Disunion

As it is with any terrible public tragedy, unless one is on a silent spiritual retreat in the Himalayas or elsewhere, it’s almost impossible not to hear, watch, or read the continuing coverage and updates regarding the Tucson, AZ, January 8th shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, the deaths of six innocents, and the maiming of 14 others. The information sent out from the attending physicians, family members of victims, and the promising prognosis of Giffords’ head wound, are, indeed, important to those who are following the story.

But now the usual drumbeat of conflicting forces has begun in earnest regarding gun control; NOW many lawmakers are reportedly prepping new bills to deal with the proximity of gun-toters to any federal official; NOW the debate begins again over why the USA allows citizens to carry weapons if we’re no longer living in a Wild West environment or in the kind of danger the country faced with militia forces when the constitution was written. The usual response to these questions is that aside from the liberty for Americans to have guns, it’s important to have protection for “the family.”

Yup. Keep those door-to-door solicitors in their place, bro’.  Hey lady, chase that rascally squirrel off your lawn with your rifle cuz’ that’ll show ‘em! And, by all means, when you hear something go bump in the night inside your home, grab that gun and tiptoe into the dark ready to shoot what moves, forgetting that your mother-in-law is spending the weekend and just emerged from the bathroom. (Well, that’s how some “accidental” domestic-based murders have occurred, isn’t it?)

All right, what else can people do but attempt to place a patch over a cyclical wound of “senseless violence” the U.S. faces from these “lone wolves” who often leave a trail of hints and sometimes blatant threats posted on public venues of one sort or another before embarking on their deadly mission. It’s not as if many of these “loners” weren’t exhibiting strange behavior which went unnoticed, was it?

I know. What to do? If everyone called authorities every time someone posted a chilling comment on the interwebs or acted like they should be in a straight jacket when in public, our judicial system and law enforcement would be in worse overload than it is now. So, isn’t the real bottom line that even with a change in gun laws, just as with drugs and prostitution, nothing will stop a person from getting what they want if they want it that much.

Another key element to the latest crack in our country’s psyche is the Sarah Palin factor in all of this – of which I have played a part in a previous blog. I won’t back down from what I wrote, and regardless of my admiration for several pundits and public figures calling for those who are pointing fingers at Palin in particular to not play the “blame game,” I disagree with such mild civility. Yes, it’s magnanimous, mature, and “sane” talk to take such a stance. It’s velly-velly civilized. At least the tone doesn't incite violence.

It’s true that Palin didn’t pull the trigger of the Glock on Saturday. It’s true that the young shooter may not have been swayed by anything she or others have said and implied in their stump speeches and interviews and tweets. To me, it doesn’t matter. Why? Because there are other crazy-eyed people out there who do listen to these words, and find their heart racing in excitement and anger to plan their own action against anyone who disagrees with them.

Thus, to add my voice to an increasing chorus: Palin and friends – STFU!

And gun control advocates? Ask yourself: Who will ever be able to control what is slipped under a table anywhere, at any time? And to those who take pride in gun ownership, I can say that if you need one to keep a Black Bear from smashing through your front door, or you use your weapon for sport, try to keep it under lock and key. To the rest of you, shine that baby up nice and clean and stay out of my neighborhood – although, of course, I’ll want your guns as protection when the Apocalypse arrives and the masses storm our little castles with flaming torches - food and water on their delirious minds.

Ahh, therein lies the latest excuse to own a weapon. The Apocalypse. This way of thinking is spreading like a very virulent flu.

Anyone have a bullet-proof vest they can lend to me?


No Intro's Required

Monday, January 10, 2011

A Fock-Twaw On Thee

Hey, all you "Conserve-a-won't-gives" who check in to this blog and don't have the cajones to piss back at me when I toss a flog at your heroes/heroines, I now send a Fock-Twah on you for being such wussies.

You like it that your rep's and fellow baggers/taggers/tongue-wagers are more dangerous than falling into an oil spill-polluted sea of clumps of sheet-looking lumps of crap? Just cuz' you think that taking care of the health of ALL Americans via a federal budget is "Socialism" while some of you happily pocket your monthly Social Security checks and don't fight your employers for taking money out of your paycheck for unemployment benefits as well as for your SSA retirement benefits you feel you have a right to eff-over everyone else in the sorry game of name-blame?

You are a disgrace. You are hypocrites.

Next time you or a loved one is diagnosed with a deadly disease and Medicare via Social Security might be your only way to be even "half-way saved" from certain bankruptcy, I hope you'll remember when you smugly sat back on your thin or fat arse and pontificated over how our country is becoming more and more "socialist" - and, in kind, I wonder how many of you are so-called "Christians" and claim to "love thy neighbour as thyself" when you wouldn't treat your outside dog like you prefer to treat you fellow man who has not the means for individual, PERSONAL HEALTH CARE!

Oh man, you hypocrites deserve a big fat flog today.

If anyone preaches hate, they don't know love. If anyone wishes death on others, they are not following their "righteous" religion. Yeah, go to church every Sunday and pray. Big effing deal. Unless you have some kind of loving energy in your heart; compassion for others; empathy; ain't more than another wing-nut on the slippery slope of "rope a dope."

You don't comprehend my gibberish? Okay. No lectures here - today. Just sayin' that most of you who've been praying are the biggest hypocrites I've ever met in my life. Those who don't follow that lead, yet follow the likes of the swaggering anti-government gun-slingers, can get back on your low horse and ride into your feathery hell-fire sunset for all I care.

Welcome to Monday.

Git Yer Guns & Run

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Let 'Em Eat Hate

The blogosphere, TV news, and what's left of the traditional newspaper(s), is/are all over the place regarding the horrific shootings in Tuscon, AZ, yesterday that claimed 6 lives, and has resulted in AZ House Rep Gabrielle Giffords' direct-to-the-head shooting where she now clings to life in an ICU, thus far escaping all odds to be alive, as well as able to communicate, because a seemingly off-balance 22 year-old anti-government head-case decided to shoot her and anyone else in sight with a (reported) nifty 9 mm Glock carrying 30 rounds that all 22 year-old's should have at the ready in case they're in a bad mood.

What more can be written or said about this event that hasn't already been bandied about? What can this blogger add to the dialogue and outrage? Just my own voice. My own stomp through the crowded territory of Opinion.

Of course I must weigh in on this news. How could I miss such a flog against senseless violence, the much-talked-and-written-about hostile atmosphere of many in the USA who don't like the direction our country is and has been "going in." It really makes it such a wonderful, bitter environment in any country when leaders and supposed "role models" use suggestive violent language to get a rise out of the already extremely pissed-off.

As a refresher, check out this quote if you haven't read or heard some of the comments and veiled "marching orders" a few prominent assholes have been slinging. Here is one classic example:

As early as March, 2009, Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota (who may run for Prez in 2012), said this happy little thing in a speech...

"I want people in Minnesota armed and dangerous on this issue of the energy tax because we need to fight back. Thomas Jefferson told us ‘having a revolution every now and then is a good thing,’ and the people – we the people – are going to have to fight back hard if we’re not going to lose our country. And I think this has the potential of changing the dynamic of freedom forever in the United States.”

She's still sounding that alarm in 2011...just in a different way with the underlying message still the same.

Then there is merely one simple yet extremely "telling" action by the reprehensible Sarah  “Don’t Retreat, Instead – RELOAD" Palin who did the following after yesterday's bloodbath:

"Former vice presidential candidate, Alaska governor and Tea Party leader Sarah Palin quickly pulled a graphic from her website today that used a gun "crosshairs" logo to show that her supporters were "targeting" the Arizona district of Democratic Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords." (source:

Of course, much has been made about Palin's "reload" tweet. Supporters intimate that many "overreacted" to her remark. That she was simply being "strong." Okayyyy. Gun analogies are okay now? Especially if the majority of these comments are coming out of the mouth of "Babes." Well, fock-tards, go find a nice little corner in your horny brain to have your way with these "Babes" and, when your fantasy is over, remember that you may end up with a gun stuck down your throat rather than the tongue that has been wagging hatred over the past few years. That would be fun, wouldn't it?

Okay. Time to be "unfair and unbalanced" as much as possible. The culprit from yesterday's atrocious shooting may not have a thing to do with the incendiary putrid expectoration's of the women mentioned above or the madness implied by Glenn Beck and others of that ilk. The kid, whose name I prefer to ignore, may be just another crazed loner such as John Hinkley, Jr. (attempted assassin of Ronald Reagan) or Squeaky Fromme (attempted assassin of Gerald Ford), or Lee Harvey Oswald (ahem, cough, got a bridge to sell ya' re: Oswald). A tad unbalanced, this young man may be, but not the tool of any particular party for all we, the all-unknowing public, know at the moment of this post. He appears to be simply a loose canon malcontent.

I don't know how this will end up. A second "person of interest" is in the picture, as it were. Who knows? Maybe this mysterious man brainwashed the shooter for reasons most malignant. Or, maybe not. We must provide the benefit of the doubt when it gets down to those who gun down strangers in shopping centers or take out their vendetta-based fantasies on their current or former college or high school. There are all kinds of people out there who have their own reasons for what would seem to be "senseless violence." Time will hopefully unravel the true reason behind Saturday's tragedy.

I am one voice among many suggesting that the Palin's, et al, who use weaponry cheap talk to show us they have that good-ole' swagger aren't helping, but are dangerously harming what is already an extremely touchy trigger-happy group of malcontents/disgusted-with-government - or any "progressive" change in government - who deem themselves disenfranchised in one way or another in this land of the free and home of the brave. Yewp. The "free" - to carry guns into churches and bars. Yee haw! Ain't it all grand? (Are you brave enough to slip in the door when everyone in the bar is drunk and carrying?)

The sickening part of all of this is that the location of the shootings happened at a grocery store by the name of "Safeway."

Hey Bachmann, Palin - wanna go shopping for some cake with your clever icing filled with hate?

More to come....