Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Quasi-Traditional Art of the Day

Artist - Rowan Newton
Format - Portrait
Medium - Mixed (spray paint, acrylics, pen)
Image & Details via: http://www.visualnews.com

Too Late

Cads & 'Hanging Chads'

Thanks oh-so-very-much, former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, for letting the American people know that you did not think the Supreme Court should have become involved in deciding the 2000 Election! So said Mrs. O'Connor in what she must have thought would be a quiet little interview with a newspaper recently re: the Bush V. Gore ruling. But no! People like me are all in a huff of sorts. What, pray tell, kept the once-liked (now not-so-much) "Swing Vote(r)" on the Court at that time, from voicing her opinion – THEN? (Why wait 12 years from her retirement to express regret and doubt over what became another travesty of injustice?)

Just because Florida had "issues" with counting ballots (remember those "hanging chads"?) didn't mean that such a delicate decision need be placed in the hands and minds of a court filled with already politically biased and tainted appointees?

Wasn't it more than a chad tad odd how quickly The Popular Vote was jettisoned to ensure that the Electoral College "winner" would win The Big Prize? And, of course, it had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that the "winner's" brother was the Governor of Florida and everything. No. Not at all. Someone else took the fall. Jeb Bush's prints couldn't be found on the trail which led to a Supreme Court involvement. No way would a Bush bend the truth or play dirty to get what they want. Scratch that from your conspiracy-filled mind. Bigger Powers That Be made it happen – just like magic!

Only four Supreme Court Justices are needed to agree on whether or not they will "hear" a case. We don't know who the four were, but I doubt O'Connor was among them. And, to be fair to her, perhaps she did voice doubt to her colleagues. Nevertheless, Bush "won" and Al Gore "lost."

And thus did the United States lose. Naturally, no one can completely predict how another person will react; however, I sincerely doubt that Gore would have sent our troops to Iraq after 9/11. And yes, I completely believe 9/11 would have happened no matter who was president in 2001. We don't know with any certainty if the Taliban Memos would have gathered dust on the desks of Gore appointees as they did on Bush's watch, or, if they were read, if anyone would have done anything different than what was not done to deter the attacks.

But again, Iraq is not where we would have ended-up, losing so many lives and the respect of both allies and citizens in the U.S. who were not in agreement with the location of our Revenge War. Yadda-yadda-yadda. Gore did not have his eye on Taking Iraq's Oil and Cleaning Up Daddy's Incomplete War.

It's hindsight, of course. The past. Nothing to be gained here by dwelling on what did not come to be.
According to THIS ARTICLE, Bush probably would have won the election anyway.

But, it was nice to dream for a few minutes of what life may have been like under a Gore administration following a Terrorist Attack. Afghanistan would have been properly dealt with; our country would not be as supposedly "broke" as it now is from the waste of money, time, and again, too many lost lives and limbs by bombing the streets of Baghdad, as well as roaming an IUD-ridden land created from our Invasion; and the unbearable Saddam Hussein would still be harboring a serious jones for his "African Beauty" Condi Rice, while watching porn just like all of the other guys around him, simultaneously receiving a lovely mani-pedi.

So much for that….

Image via: http://2.bp.blogspot.com

Monday, April 29, 2013

Street Art of the Day

Who's To Blame

Catching-Up On the Catch-22

The below video silliness is my way of welcoming you to another Monday! Why not have a chuckle, chortle, giggle or full-on eye-rolling to begin your week? After all, not much out there is very funny unless you watch The Daily Show and The Colbert Report re-runs as well as current offerings. Jon and Stephen are just about the only healthy way to, in "fun," take down all of the inconsistencies, contradictions and dickies in the U.S. gubnet.

Otherwise, Bill Maher will tell the truth with a wry tone, but will, at some point in his weekly HBO show, find a way to insult someone, usually Wimmens if given the opportunity. So, I thought the demise of newspapers to be a fitting quasi-satire until Mr. Stewart and Mr. Colbert enlighten us later tonight with how bizarre politics and politicians can be. As well as the Iron Fist of the NRA.

Yep. As you know from the incessant chatter pro and con on the NRA debate/debacle of late, during the Boston Bombings week our Fearful Warriors in Washington chose to vote down a Basic Background Check on gun-buying despite most of the country's support for it. Ignoring a large majority of their constituents' desires, representatives Of Their People completely ignored their people. Yet another example of why GOPer's are becoming more hated each day by not only the usual "Liberals" – but also those within their party who have reading comprehension tossed in with a semblance of rationality.

Check out a brief example of how the numbers played-out for a few senators who went against the overwhelming tide of "Yes, we want background checks" from those who voted for them to supposedly represent their views in Washington: Quick Overview 

And yet we allow this kind of "Governing By Fear of Losing Campaign Money" every day, it seems, from weak politicians who are fed in more ways than one by Lobbyists who have the money (NRA), access (NRA), and more to The Lawmakers/breakers. Sure, many constituents of those who were not listened-to by their reps are now threatening to vote-out whoever the turn-coats are. However, why not go further and, as with Previous Unpopular Politicians, demand an Ouster of that person – NOW? Why wait? That's all they do in DC anyway unless you're a friend of a well-connected politico and had to wait an extra hour to board your plane and – voila! – a previously stubborn Congress unable to pass wind without threats of blackmail were able to fix that problem of The Sequester in a flash!

Oh well. We already know our "Democracy" is in jeopardy via Big Money and Washington Puppets. I'm not telling you anything you don't already know or believe. I just wanted to chime in on this issue lest you think I'm ignoring such blatant acts of Nefarious Votes while, instead, finding silly videos to share, and light-ish topics to flog.

One has to find laughter somewhere to boost our Immune Systems when Intense Background Checks are a Big Law if you apply for a Driver's License, job, credit, mortgage, health insurance, etc.…but NOT to handle a deadly weapon. Blah-blah-blah, it goes.

Don't you think something is very, very wrong, here?

Image via: http://www.motherjones.com (illustration by M. Matcho)

Monday's Attempted Humour

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Street Art of the Day

Image & Details via: http://blogs.artinfo.com

In Case You Missed It....

Thoughts & Impressions

These are the impressions of the White House Correspondents' Association Dinner at the Hilton Ballroom in Washington DC last night from someone – me - who was curious-nerdy enough to watch the entire event (minus "the arrivals"):

Best Comedian: The Prez (Unlike Bush who was a joke, Obama can deliver and land one.)

Best Awkward Moment: The camera zooming-in on Newt Gingrich and the Blow-Up Doll beside him standing at their table post-event, alone, glancing around the room as if waiting for admirers to stop by before giving-up and quietly slipping away into the buzzing crowd behind them at other's tables.

Best Celebs: No one appeared to be too terribly out-of-place other than Katy Perry: the hillbilly guy with his hillbilly beard; Sharon Stone reminding us that she still exists in something seriously black.

Nicely Done Celeb Overall Image/Performance: I adore Claire Danes who wore Prada (and something we call "low-key humility"). Although the blue gown was a bit too "light blue" for my taste, it was nice with a clean line with just enough sparkle in just the "right" places. She wore it well…and was charming in general from what one could see on CSPAN with the mountain of grey and balding heads mixed with the flash of a woman's blonde locks piled in a loose yet structured way who we knew was "someone" but what with the bright lights it was often difficult to realize who was who talking to whom and whomever. Not to ignore the brunettes with "Names" and "Fame" whose persons were often seen in the midst of what must have been one of the hottest rooms of Hot Air in DC that night.

Biggest Smiles: Everyone with new veneers.

Largest Ego In the Room: Forget (Leo ) Obama's well-known healthy ego and focus on the obvious: Bill O-Reilly. Why do I think so? Just ask Bill about why he would have the largest ego among large ego's. You'll have your answer in less than 5 seconds.

Thoughts: Why do Event Dinners make the people on the dais eat food under way-too bright lights on a stage in front of thousands of people? It is awkward?! It certainly has been for Michelle Obama in past photos and video of her eating at various events. Thus, I didn't notice "eating" pix/coverage of either The Prez or The First Lady taking part of what sounded like an excellent salad, modest dinner choices, and a dessert I now forget – which could mean it was basic dessert fare for which I don't care.

Additional Thoughts: The décor looked like a large high school auditorium sans balloons. Even if there were no balloons, I could just feel them in the room, ya' know? Or were they really there and I'm trying to block it out?

Otherwise, the WHCD was a tad better this year in terms of the celebrity quality of late. As far as the politicians and media CEO's are concerned, the same cannot be said.

Now that the self-described "Nerd Prom" is over for another year, everyone can get back to slashing each other to verbal pieces on their cable shows, while Mainstream Media (MSM) can return to its Current Owner's And Advertiser's Policies.

Too cynical? Okay. I'll admit is was fun to watch political and media adversaries in one room mingle and jingle about with Hollywood Types. In a human-nature-observation way, "inside" events which bring an otherwise unlikely gathering of High Profiler's together from all of our country's stages are both dull and subtly fascinating.

Image via: http://iamflashdance.com

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Unusual Art of the Day

Artist - Max Zorn
Format/Medium - Tape Art (brown packing tape)


The Weekly Fluff

Your weekly read-by of All Things Fluffy in Gossipy-like Stuff is back! On Saturdays, who wants to focus on Serious Subjects? Only those with a financial or emotional stake in a sport of some sort is serious on weekend afternoons; otherwise our brains go shopping or film watching or hiking, among other activities not related to the world's ills. Especially if you live and/or work in Washington DC. There, weekends are for flying "home," or golfing, entertaining, showing-up to refined, stuffy events while America burns, as it were/was/always will be.

But not tonight. A Big Glitzy Party is soon to be for the Media Elite who will mingle with "movie stars" and star-struck politicians in a format much like an awards show with a red carpet situation and everything! E! is planning to Live Stream the arrivals at the annual White House Correspondents' Dinner! Wow! How very fluffy the dinner has become. Just ask Tom Brokaw who no longer graces the festivities because he has reached his impatience level for BS at long last and prefers to watch the event these days from the comfort of home via CSPAN. Who or what was it that finally broke Brokaw's Back on not attending? Who else but America's Great Embarrassment, Lindsay Low-Hand?

That's right. The Walking Bruise has ruined/tainted another American Institution. First, she's caused the California Legal System to look like bigger fools than it/they are/is every year since she began hitting people in cars and for real; stealing jewelry; lying to the cops…you know, her usual MO. Then she made sure we could see how easy it can be to slip out of the prestigious Betty Ford Clinic to "party" while doing court-ordered rehab. Now she's ruined Tom Brokaw's fond memories of the days when celebrities were invited to the dinner who were at least somewhat politically savvy, intelligent, involved in causes and the like. Yep. Those days did exist until recently when Credible Celebrities began to be replaced by Tabloid Queens, or so Brokaw implied in a recent interview.

Although I agree with his assessment of the event as having become a form of a frat-house bash, I think his poison arrow should be aiming at the correspondent's and networks who do the inviting of famous names and faces, which was Fox's Greta Van Such-A-Turd  last year dragging The Low-Hand along with her to sit at Fox News' Special Table. Sigh. Low-Hand will go out with anyone!

However, none of the above is actual gossip. Tom Brokaw's diss of the WHCD is all over the I-Nets today where you can watch the video of the interview or read transcripts. He does remain one of the Saner Heads in the News Biz these days…and I applaud him for always being the Grounding Force for MSNBC's often OTT Chris Matthews when a Huge News Story is happening and Chris begins speculating and spewing stream of consciousness un-consciousness, while Tom, brought in to comment, strikes the "Let's wait for the facts…" tone which usually shuts everyone up and a tinge of actual journalism begins to creep into the coverage.

So, what's The Gossip Fluff today based on near-facts more than rumours which, nevertheless, have people whispering? How about a quick sentence rundown?

An actress who pretends to be "straight" wears a Pink Rolex and might be messing around with one of her own kind. (Other than the "pink" I'd say that sort of gossip could be about every other actress in Hollywood, as it is and continues to be no matter what the truth is… )

Goopy-Loop has once again shown us with her recent TMI on that "70's Bush" down "there" why most people find her to be insufferable.

Somewhere I'm sure at least one rail-thin actress is having food of some sort for the first time in days, particularly if it's a cookie laced with meth = a Two-For-One Special to retain the Bobble Head look while ingesting carbs and sugar.

Justin Beaverland may have posted an old picture of himself almost "cuddling" with supposed-ex, Selena Gomez, on Instagram today while his rabid fans are twattering how much they want to kill Selena – again.

Frankly, I don't want to kill anyone, but Beaverland comes close now that he has officially abandoned his Motherless Pet Monkey in Germany.

That's enough for today. There's too much Usual Fluff flying around, and most of it is Boring As Hell.

So, on that note, I bid you a lovely weekend day/evening/middle-of-the-night/dawn.

Image via: https://www.artforconservation.org

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Street Art of the Day

Artist - MTO
Format/Medium - Mural with Mixed Components


Swearing & Screaming at the End of the Day

I swear I'm going to throw something at the TV or a theatre screen if I hear another character telling another character, "I swear…." You know what I mean: "I swear I didn't do it." The "it" being anything. And, of course, almost all of the time you know the character is lying when they say "I swear…" In real life, do you say "I swear I didn't…" for whatever it is for which you're being blamed? In my world I don't hear people plead innocence that way. It doesn't mean I don't know liars; however, the corny dialogue crutch has out-lived its use from my perspective, I swear. (Yeah, I'm trying to be "cute" or something.)

Original lines written for actors and spoken by politicians appear to be on autopilot as if using something new to express the same intention would be a criminal act. The political example falls on the often dogmatic shoulders of U.S. Presidents who, for reasons unknown, fall back on the same phrase no matter what political party they represent. The mind-numbing "Let me be perfectly clear…" and "Make no mistake..." is a red flag to my brain not to listen to anything further from whatever the Current Prez is trying to impart because I have heard too many presidents say both lines too many times and, as with the "I swear…" liars mentioned above, most of the time whoever the president is, is not being clear, nor is he telling the full truth, which is a mistake.

However, truthfulness is not my point. Redundancy is. If you like old films from the 40's and 50's, you have, without a doubt, realized that most of the male characters' names were "Johnny". If you hadn't noticed the actor's screen name at the beginning of the film, by the end, you certainly have it embedded in your brain because all of the female character's seem to be in love with saying that name over and over again. "Oh, Johnny. Please don't go." "Johnny,I'll never leave you!" and the classic, "Johnny, oh poor Johnny, don't die, Johnny." They couldn't just say "honey" or something else. "Johnny" had to be used in almost every scene. How unoriginal! How ear-bending. How…dull. And annoying.

Then we have what I may have mentioned in a long-ago post ("speaking "of redundancy), which is the fact that I've heard enough of the "At the end of the day…" and "Having said that…" phrases by pundits in the midst of spewing interviews. One would hope that the English Language is not too difficult for supposedly well-informed commentators, presidents, and script writers to find new ways in which to say the same "thing" so that our eyes and ears don't glaze over at each utterance of the same old, same old's.

What, you might ask, would I suggest as a replacement for these innocuous but boring word-crutches?

Rather than a president doing the "Let me be perfectly clear" robot talk, I'd love to hear something akin to "Listen. Hear what I'm telling you because it is important that you understand." I know. It's a bit long, but it's different. I'd stop what I was doing and LISTEN. Isn't that their point? If so, then say so! Plain English. No Buzz Words. To the pundits, find new words to tell us that you've made your point and will soon stop talking – and then, DO STOP talking! Screen/script-writers, please cease with the cheesy "I swear" and earn your WGA Membership for a change.

One nice part of the film name redundancy is that "Johnny" is no longer the  preferred male character's name. Diversity is alive and well in that arena…until whoever the character is goes missing. That's when writers once again love to use the obligatory search scenes to audibly bludgeon us with an hysterical searcher screaming the MIA character's name at least twenty times with no other dialogue in-between. "Sarah!!!!!" "SARAH?" "Sarrraaahhh!!!!!" Pause. "Sarah!!!!" Pause. You get it. They (the writers) don't bother to add a few extra words, either, such as "Where are you, Sarah? I'm looking for you!" Nope. It has to be the name and the name only until the audience doesn't give two twits in a twat about how lovely the visuals may be and just want the damn character to be found and the Screaming Searcher to STFU!

Make no mistake about it, having said that, I swear to Johnny that I will be perfectly clear at the end of the day.

Image via: http://themilwaukeedrum.com

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Street Art of the Day

Artist - David Walker
Location - London
Medium - Spray Paint (nothing else)

Stop Fooling Around

Who Deserves a Flog Today?

The Flogging Whip is ready to flap its lashes into the air as wings to fly to Washington DC today. Why? Beyond the usual individual floggings of various people, this time The Whip wants to aim it's knotty tendrils in-person at almost all of the members of the so-called Joint Economic Committee which was to have met today to discuss unemployment/the economy. 

How many Congress People deigned to show-up? At last count it was 4. You read that correctly. Only 4 of our "lawmakers" exhibited one nth of an interest in dealing with how to grow the economy rather than blathering endlessly over the "deficit" – which, again, we would not have were it not for the wars and the Bush Tax Cuts. It is so thoroughly disgusting how important cultural and religious and corporate-greed issues have become the primary focus in those increasingly moldy rooms in the Capitol rather than dealing with the REAL PROBLEMS in this country, that my redundancy on our current political atmosphere can never be redundant enough when so little interest is shown in what we have been told is one of our Biggest Crisis' of the moment: the economy. 

People are out of jobs. People need jobs. Large corporations with tax loopholes as large as the Great Black Hole in space have been dumping jobs unnecessarily (in most cases) while they garner profits and yet have the audacity and Entitlement Mentality to whine about raising taxes on their companies, their high incomes, and, should they have to pay taxes at all, how they would have to sell a yacht, townhouse and their summer homes in the Hampton's to survive when they aren't visiting their money in the Cayman Islands. Grrr once again.

For a brief understanding of what did not happen today in the Joint Economic Committee, and why a few members decided to stop by, READ THIS and steep in the mind-boggling indifference of these flat-footed azzhats should you need a boost in your blood pressure. If not, don't bother – or else take your meds first.

Tiny rant over. Bigger rants to follow.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Creepy Street Art of the Day

Location - Paris

Sexy Stuff

Tuesday Tidbits #000,000

Visuals at last! Boston Street Shoot-Out 

Didn't anyone miss him? Anyone Need A Lift? 

Don't make these women mad: Look Out, Guys! 

I'm beginning to feel sorry for Kim: He Can Smile? 

And you thought YOUR dreams were strange! Nighty-Night Fright 

Just allow the picture to do the talking: All Hail The Crazy Man – Again 

A new, great Blues guitarist is on the scene: And He Doesn't Have To Practice Every Minute 

Don't read this one if you do not like trashy articles: Hurry! Click Here Before The Lawyers Arrive 

Do check this out if you want to know what NASA is up to these days: Current Missions 

I'll help him take a very long bath when it's finished Just Like He Will Be Very Soon 

That's it for today!

Monday, April 22, 2013

RIP Richie Havens

Street Art of the Day

Location - Los Angeles
Title - "Bubbles"

A Crowd Pleaser

Monday Drivel

It's Earth Day! Saturday was 4/20 Day (aka Marijuana Day)! Sunday was the Kurd's celebration of Newroz (primarily a way for the Kurds and others in the region to jump up and down in joy for being released by a "tyrant" in the days of yore). Today is also the one-week "anniversary " of the Boston Bombings, lest we forget while the world churns onward with other news and the belated media Mea Culpa over not providing enough coverage to the explosions at an unregulated fertilizer company in Texas which killed 14 people and harmed hundreds while wiping-out a town.

Speaking/writing of "wiping-out", today also brings news that Reese Witherspoon and her husband were more than a tad buzzed while driving in a weaving manner on a highway in Georgia within the past 48+ hours, causing a DUI arrest for her husband as well as a temporary hand-cuffing and arrest for Reese when she chose to be less-than-charming to the patrolman while she watched her husband undergoing his Not Sober Sobriety Wobbly Walk Of Moonshine Shame.

According to the officer who arrested both, Mizzy Witherspoon was being "disorderly" enough to piss-off the patrolman who, we have been told, wasn't impressed with whoever she is and hauled her off for one of those pretty "I'm ashamed" Mug Shots which are now flying all over the I-Nets. Oh well. No one is perfect, and Reese's PR Peeps are quickly floating Damage Control on the story that Witherspoon pulled the classic "Do you know who I am" bark by denying that she ever said such a thing. Who to believe? The officer who pulled a drunken driver off the road or an actress who – until now – has had a rather "sweet" reputation in the General Public's Eyes. Hmmm?

Do you actually care about the above story? I don't beyond the drinking and driving element, but hey, it's one of the Very First Slow News Days we've had in a week, so….

Is there anything I can impart that no one is reporting that may have an impact on our lives in a substantial way? Good question. I'm sure there are countless tidbits to be unearthed, but I'm hungry and still recuperating from my non-vacation. I think I'll have some pasta, ensuring that I won't offend the delicate ear-sensibilities of the One And Only Goopy Pale-Toes who just cah'nt stand the way in which the Brits pronounce pasta as PASS-TA! Yet another example of why most of us hold our ears when her faux British accent becomes as overbearing as she has become.

Oh tsk. There I go again being snarky.

But then again, according to one of America's Latest GOP Idiots, I'm just a "vagina" and, of course, have nothing else but drivel to add to society – unlike what I gather he thinks of all of The Penis' out there.

Image via: I don't remember.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Sam Spratt
Format - Looks like 'Street Art' to me
Image via: http://abduzeedo.com 
(Note: Correct attributions, format/medium, are often contradictory.)

Yes, I Have Posted THIS

Back With the Paddle Again

Well, hello there! Did you miss me? C'mon, be honest. You wanted to know what I thought about the Boston Bomber's Identifications; shoot-outs; captures/death, right? Or, did you wish for the usual Friday Silliness posts and the mind-numbing banality of The Weekly Fluff to shake the sound of gunfire and Anti-Muslim Hatred out of your ears and over-loaded head? Or all of the above?

In truth, the timing could not have been better on my end to find myself in an almost I-Net Dead Zone because I could not cease watching the Boston coverage and would have been writing incorrect information à la several news outlets with their We've Got The Scoop First frenzy.

Way to go Modern "Journalism" – fill that air time with no substantiated facts, and print false whispers. With regard to "false whispers" and the mounting Conspiracy Angles to the Boston Tragedy, I highly recommend taking a few minutes to read what The Daily Kos wrote regarding the way in which various pundits/fools said and/or wrote about the mess. I think you may enjoy it RIGHT HERE. 

For now I am not at all on a Conspiracy Bandwagon. I am, however, curious about the reports of a shoot-out between the Young Brother Hiding In A Boat and the police. Hints from authorities suggest we may never receive the full picture (in any way) concerning what that was all about other than my own "speculation" that the police fired on the guy first "just in case" he was preparing to throw more explosives in their direction. But did he have weapons on him in the little boat hideout? If so, no one is saying anything.

My question is not to be confused with having sympathy for the younger brother should he have been heavily influenced by his apparently Islamic-leaning radical older brother (who could barely get along with members of a local Mosque, by the way), as it is clear that loss of life meant nothing to him as he sauntered through the crowded sidewalks, passing by his future victims. I simply want to know what all of the "shooting" was about before he was captured because we have been told he was already bleeding heavily from an earlier wound. Period.

The deepest concern I have at the moment in a serious vein is the unfortunately expected Backlash against Islam. The inevitable stereotyping is Back In Biz against Muslims and men with dark hair and a swarthy "look." Beyond what I am reading and hearing, I had a personal experience with such narrow thinking while on the train on my way back to L.A. Sitting literally behind the Conductor's Work Table as his radio buzzed, crackled, and sent him off in many different directions every other minute (not an easy job), we had time here and there to discuss the Boston situation.

His first remark was against Muslims. His second was that when he first saw the pictures of the brothers he said "They look just like Terrorists!" He also chortled that everyone who wanted to place the blame on White Supremacist's were WRONG – because, in his world, it just HAD to be a Muslim and that all Muslims are violent and "bad." (Excuse me: Timothy McVeigh, anyone?)

I had to hold my own personal prejudice inside my head as I looked at his Lily-White Fat Face and saw him as a stereotype of people who would think the way he does. I breathed deeply, recognized what I was also doing, and let him spout off his generalized hatred and fear of those "not like us." Well, sir, just because I'm White Like You doesn't mean I will agree with you. Just as peaceful Muslims who may have darker skin than mine find embarrassment in what their extremist brothers and sisters believe and do to others in the name of Allah.

It's too easy to stereotype others, isn't it?

I'm working on my bias and stereotyping on/about Crazed Bigoted White Religious Zealots.

I hope others will attempt to do the same with Muslims.

Why? Why not, for the love of God/Allah/Krishna/Buddha/Elvis!

Until next time…

Image via: http://nurse-ratcheds.blogspot.com

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Grrrr x 1,000

Hello once again from yet another different California location. I'm on the move of late. My latest pit-stop is not allowing my computer or anyone else's to do more than minor things due to an extremely wonky signal...and I am surprised that I may actually be able to post words today without watching the Hour Glass Sands Of Computer-Waiting Time roll around and around on the screen to no avail most of last night and this morning.

Although much can be said/written regarding the daily craziness in the USA of late (now it's an horrific fire in Texas with a high injury tally), I won't risk losing the few words I'm writing, and will take my leave from posting anything until I return home in a few days.

Thanks, as always, for your patience.

Exasperated Blogger #5,000.013

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Canvas-Based Art of the Day

Artist - Annie Owens
Format - Traditional 
Image via: http://www.notcot.com

Mama's Broken Heart

Who Deserves a Flog Today?

The Flogging Whip has whiplash. From one ignorant, insensitive, opportunistic comment to another, once again the GOP has trotted-out it's Neanderthal Mindset. For example, the following link exposes an immediate political Grab-A-Chance-To-Dance On Immigration Reform's muddied almost-grave by using the Boston Massacre as a platform for nothing whatsoever to do with decency: Read This BS. And, who else but yet another Conservative mouthpiece would try to whip up anti-Muslim sentiment during a very delicate time in America, as this known-paranoid has done? More Crappola. Right now, as I wrote yesterday, speculators are speculating on Who Done It when it might be best to STFU and wait until more information arrives. Not to be outdone, another Loose Canon of Conservative Bent adds to the Finger Pointing in his idiotic response: Funny - Not!

To be fair, MSNBC's Chris Matthew's jumped into the speculation fray on Monday when he suggested that "Right Wing Extremists" could be responsible for the carnage. Otherwise, most cable and network outlets with restraint have tried to remain neutral in placing blame. 

Once again, it is prudent for everyone to have patience. The Who could be anyone. Speculators could be correct when they speculate. However, not all Muslims are Terrorists; not all Christians are hypocrites; not all Priests are Pedophiles - and so on. And yes, it's natural to want to find answers ASAP. Nothing wrong with that desire. Nevertheless, before things get all messy again with ill-informed words, ideas and ingrained Religious Bias', it is a time of mourning the victims, honoring the humanity shown by the swift, caring actions of strangers to help the wounded without hesitation.

Humanity at this time is all that matters. 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Street Art of the Day

Tell Me What I Gotta Do

Another American Horror Story

Over the coming days, TV and Online news outlets will continue to replay the horrifying images of the Boston Marathon Attack while trying to avoid speculating on Who and Why did such an outrageous, malevolent thing. At least most news anchors and reporters will try to report the latest news trickling out of the FBI, the Obama Administration, et al, without placing erroneous blame.

But, beyond having real information other than the increasing numbers count of those harmed (it seems to go up every other hour), and stories of heroism, pray tell, what will they have to report beyond the massacre without losing credibility by diverging from what most Americans are talking about or, in some cases, ignoring for their sanity? Not much. It will appear callous, too fluffy, for the Morning Shows to focus on a chef bringing lovely bowls of food to cook, or to chat on about the latest Stupid Tweets and Remarks Justin Beaverland has spouted from his increasingly foolish tongue.

Yes, there was an earthquake in Iran. That story should be good for a moment or two of diversion from the Latest American Strife. It's dramatic and goes with the somber tone of Keeping Things Serious. 

No, I'm not flogging the focus on what happened in Boston yesterday afternoon. Curious, furious minds will and do want to know how the investigation is unfolding, as well as how the victims are doing who lost limbs and are in critical condition for that and other injuries. What my point is, is that sometimes we find ourselves caught-up in the Rubber-Necking of viewing carnage over and over again. Some people watch the replays to learn something; others to attempt to comprehend that violence exists in Full Un-Glory once more on American Soil; and, sadly, others who are fascinated by watching Mass Bedlam and bloody bodies. Each to his or her own, correct?

All over the world in war zones of one sort or another, limbs are lost, lives are cost, for no other reason than hate, intolerance, or, for some soldiers, to get a paycheck cuz killing is their job. What happened in Boston is different when bombs explode on citizens in a Non-War Environment, which is why the media microscope zooms-in on what we now call "Senseless Violence." Frankly, isn't most violence "senseless"?

I'll refrain from speculating on anything beyond the Symbolic Elements of the destructive force(s). Yes, it was Tax Day; yes, it was THE BOSTON MARATHON, an institution not only for the city, but for the country and Runners From All Over the World. It also was Patriot's Day in Boston. A triple whammy of possibilities.

All of us who are not in the FBI, Homeland Security, or involved in anything at all to do with uncovering the perpetrator(s), can only sit back and hope that when (and if) the Truth Comes Out we will have satisfying answers.

However, the Real Truth is that Violence Will Not End Anywhere until that dastardly asteroid swoops down on Earth one day.

Am I pessimistic or a Fear-Mongorer? No. Simply realistic.

Until tomorrow, be well, do what you need to do to imbibe a small ray of Inner Light during the coming days, and, by all means, send your love, light, compassion, empathy, to everyone who was harmed; to everyone who had to witness horrors; and to the families who lost loved ones. 

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Monday, April 15, 2013

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Fintan Switzer
Location - Ireland

Monday Coffee for the Soul

Random Thoughts & Questions

Twas thinking thus in the wee hours of late night/early morning: Why do groups of people continue to lean IN toward each other in a crunch toward the camera when the end result would allow for a nice straight-up picture - NOT exposing empty space where people "should" be? Is it a knee-jerk desire to "huddle" or what? Or are we all duped by a terribly poor photographer?

Why is Keith Richards still alive and rockin'? Should we follow his drug-induced lead or just give-in and admit we're wrinkling like Average Pirates without a mirror to sabotage our sense of Well Being?

And then, on to more noise from my addled brain, WHY wasn't Angelina Jolie with her mate, Mr. Pittsky, seen anywhere behind or before the cameras during his jovial-mumbled MTV Movie Awards Presentation last night? I mean, they once touted not being apart for more than 3 DAYS! Has love been long-lost or is it simply professional survival as Independents? Hmmm. Tell me true.

Why aren't WE THE PEOPLE "Getting It" that Social Security really isn't on the Budget Chopping Block as much as everyone screams about it? Changes to SSA has/have happened in the past with no horrific discourse or dire consequences. Could it be that this time the sabers from the Far Right are rattling louder, cloudier, and - gasp - more frighteningly extremist than one has seen in politics since the 60's? Huh? Huh? You tell me after you do a bit of research such as THIS - and it is not all the GOP's Fault For A Change.

I wish some of my High School FB "Friends" would cease and desist on shoving Jesus in my face every day while touting guns in the same sentence as if Obama is going to walk up to their doors and rip their weaponry out from under their Bunkers with Jesus' blessing. Wow! Without Jesus and Guns, our country is Doomed, I tell ya'. Doomed! Or so "they" constantly "say."

And, as Jon Stewart has so frequently pointed-out, what's the deal on the GOP's endless focus on Sex? Sex with animals. Sex with curtains. Sex with ones' Self; Sex-sex-sex on the brain: in Lawmaking, speeches, focus. As written here a trillion times since this blog began publishing in Late 2010, the GOP is more concerned with what goes on in our bedrooms than our boardrooms - ignoring Jobs, Jobs, Jobs for diversions on Sex-Sex-Sex. Well, considering how often a GOP politician is "caught" doing some kind of dastardly sexual deed we may as well sign-off right now on any expectations of a Congress willing to look beyond their twitchy crotches to achieve anything to do with the True Crime of Corporate Ownership of our government.

 So, let's please continue to say "Less Government" while most of the politicos on the Far Right want to spend the night under our beds. Yeah (I swaggered), you've heard this complaint a thousand times from almost every Liberal Writer. There is a reason for the repetitiveness. Pay Attention! How can we have "Less Government" when all the Right-Wingnuts care about are/is how we have sex; with whom we did "IT"; whether women should have any "say" in what MEN are deciding about their bodies almost Every. Single. Day. And now, HOW anyone - straight or gay - SHOULD conduct themselves in the privacy of their Sex Dungeon's?

I'm more than a tad concerned that so many men (and a few mis-guided women) are beating that gavel into broken pieces while the economy barely trickles along due to no help or ideas to fix it because what appears to be a frantic group of Very Repressed Sicko's who are only focusing on Women's Bodies one way or another. Doesn't that incessant focus bother you - even a little bit - when it concerns politics/laws instead of How The Country Can Make Money Again Without War?

Really. Aren't you just more than a bit alarmed at the priorities of the GOP Base? I am. Cuz it's as Base As Base Can Be.

Oh dear. I'm sounding off again. I had hoped to find a few lighthearted comments to share that are twirling through mine mind. I gather that's not gonna happen on this Monday Post of Random Thoughts, but, never fear. I'm sure to find more insipid thoughts to share in the future which will inevitably lead me back to screaming at the ocean, desert, and the trees in the canyons.

Have a glorious day/afternoon/evening/middle-of-the-night and/or dawn.

Over and almost out - for now.

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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Different Art of the Day

Artist - Beverly Clark
Format - Pavement "Copy Art" 
Image & Details via: http://boldstreetart.blogspot.com

Bono Croons for Quincy Jones & Sir Michael Caine

Sunday Tidbits #100,004

Let's give him an Academy Award for being a Great Creative Douche And Talented Actor Before Someone Kills Him In Jail 

GOP Radicals have a problem understanding films beyond their IQ: No, It's Not A Celebration!

Guess which categories Lindsay Low-Hand falls into? It's Coachella Time

Someone at Mother Jones wrote something nice about Rand Paul: Is An Asteroid In View?

Sure, let's reach out and choke a certain someone's neck: Calling Hillary Clinton!

Lock and load this guy away: Boo-Hoo! He Almost Lost His Toys

Homophobes need not buy: Just Too-Too Gay Or Hooray, Hooray?

This explains why North Korea can't accurately locate Colorado Springs on their Target List Maps

Read this and learn why Marriage Equality is a Humane Necessity: Power Of Attorney - So What?

The answer to this is: Go Back In Time And Grab Christopher Reeves!

Spending money on a sports stadium while a state teeters economically Makes Real Cents, Right?

Pictures! Pictures! Comments! Here They Go - Off To See Daddy On MTV Tonight - Or Not?

That's it for today!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Ben Slow
Location - East London


The Weekly Fluff

It's Fluffy Time! Not that most of this week's posts have been serious. But today I really mean Fluff! So, what have The Populars been doing lately?

Jaz-Z The Great has decided to begin his World Rule by becoming a Sports Agent! Overseeing music careers must be getting boring for the guy, as it was reported this morning on various websites that he's aiming his latest cigar in the direction of Baseballers; specifically a player for The Yankees.

Not unlike the music industry, in baseball, it truly is Three Strikes You're Out. Thus, Jay's ability to turn average talent into Mega-Buckers is another gamble he thinks he can afford to do. The difference is that sports involves expensive physical injuries, whereas on stage his musical meeps need only to avoid falling off a stage in 15" heels or tripping over a huge ego. My bet is on the singers/musicians for never-ending royalties.

Shakira's former Lovah And Biz Partner, Antonio de la Rua (aka Antonio The Rude) is suing the singer for $100,000.000. Yes, you read those zeroes correctly. That's a lot of dollars no matter who it is. Does she have that much money to pay-out? According to Mr. Rude, yes! She moved-on to another Entertainment Company where deals are rolling in, leaving her scorned/irate kicked-to-the-curb amour-partner in a flummoxed state of some sort. And "they" say there's nothing like a woman scorned. Hah!

Tommy Cruz still sleeps with The Devil (or Something Else with Wicked Designs) as he looks a bit too refreshed "all of a sudden" now that he's out and about promiting his latest Look At Me Being A Bad Ass Dangling From Yet Another Scary Height film which, as its title goes, could very easily fall into Box Office Oblivion if we're to believe the reviews. How does Tommy do it? Look so refreshed after sagging-away only a short while ago? A quiet trip to his Brazilian Doctor, per chance? Nothing wrong with that in general; however he'll refuse to answer honestly (like other Celebs who obviously lie about "work" on their faces), just as he is now denying that he ever said he "didn't expect it" when Katie fled. I believe he didn't expect it, thinking her CO$ Chip Implant was functioning without error. Little did he know she was crafty enough to rig the code.

A touching story is circulating over Social Media regarding a woman who had been in a five-year coma and when she finally awoke, her first (supposed) request was to meet Bob Seger. He did kindly show up to give her a hug backstage at a recent concert. What I want to know is why Bob Seger and what in the world was she doing in that coma to cause such a request. Hmmmm? Was he singing "Still The Same" in her netherworld state which brought her back to life? Yep. It could be that benign. Or else hearing his latest music from five years ago was the Coma Trigger and she simply wanted to double-check her ability to avoid another leave from reality?

Somebody's somewhere are reporting that Kate Middleton loves to watch "The Kar-Kash-Ins." Oh, pleeze! Doesn't she have enough Real Drama in her own castles to handle? You know, the pissiness of Prince Philip; the nosiness of Camilla; her own Pregnancy Watch Bedlam; a sister who constantly embarrasses herself with frumpy clothing and questionable boyfriends? Wait! Mebe there is something to this story: misery loves company?

For the umpteenth time, while on the subject of the Kar-Kash-Ins, reports are flying around that Bruce Jenner is tired of his wife Kris' daytime, nightime, early morning drinking, and is filing for divorce. Not so fast, Bruce! She knows too much. Just like her ex, Robert, knew too much about his BFF OJ, which probably brought on the illness which caused his death. Keep looking over your shoulder, Bruce, and quietly bite the bullet that Kris might slip between your way-too-tight jaws.

Amanda Bynes wants to sue everybody everywhere who posts "non-approved, not-taken-by-Amanda" pix while describing her as a Lost Soul and someone who could be completely out of their mind. I write "could be" just in case she takes her threats beyond pictures. Wow! And we all thought it was only Tommy Cruise who had Total Picture Approval!

Angelina Jolie wore pearls to the G8 Summit last week. She looked rather Lady-Like for the event. However, I miss her in jeans and scrungy T-shirts. Just one more time for us, Angie. C'mon! Let's see some of that Witchy Rebel we know still lives inside of you. Or, did Brad Pitt suck that part out of you, too?

UPDATE: Today we were graced with new pix of The Angelina Of Almost Old. Spotted in an airport in tight leather pants, tall boots (all Black, natch), it looks like something's changing in her world. Either she's now a "Free Woman" again no longer oppressed by attempts at "convention," or else she finally came to her senses. Best look she's had in years.

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux have been very, very quiet lately. Methinks their wedding plans are in full bloom, and before any of us know it, they'll announce their "private ceremony" with a full-on magazine cover for one lucky magazine filled with pictures. If there will be a "Baby Bump" to be seen, I'll be shocked. Some people simply don't want children and she's allowed to be that way. Just ask Portia and Ellen.

Finally - and I know you've been waiting for it - everyone still hates Matt Lauer.

Until next Saturday, The Weekly Fluff is over for the day.

Have a wonderful whatever! And thanks, as always, for stopping by!

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Lydia Emily
Location - Los Angeles

A World Without Love

You've Got to Hide Your Head Away

How can I/we/you/they take anything seriously anymore? I mean, really! When such ridiculous things continue to occur in This Crazy Country Of America like THIS, and then THIS and, of course THIS ONE, my first impression used to be outrage and/or that nifty feeling of my hair "standing up on the back of the neck" in a blasting freak-out. But not at the moment.

I'm exhausted with the pettiness of politics; the Huge Egos of celebrities; the incessant roar of "Socialism" whenever a Democrat stands-up for Social Security, assisting the elderly, War Veterans, and The Poors. In addition, although I believe Prez Obama deliberately placed those so-called "Entitlements" on the Budget Chopping Block (despite the overwhelming support to safeguard those programs by those of us who voted for him) to show that he is willing to "cross the aisle" to "get things done" knowing the GOP won't agree to the other half of the story (such as TAXING THE RICH), I'm left with a dizzying desire to flee to the nearest beach with non-polluted waters to feel the sand beneath my feet and say Eff This, I Want The Oblivion Of My Past to waft over me once more.

Yep. Ignorance CAN be bliss. At least for a day or two.

And, my friends and foes, that is precisely what I intend to do right now. Enjoy a few days of providing a respite from High Blood Pressure Due To Anger & Frustration. With North Korea's madness looming over South Korea from a kid who has powerfully Expensive Lethal Toys, I think most of us may need a few days off to gain strength to face the unfortunate truth that, if not today or tomorrow, or next week, next month, the chances of Yet Another War In The World is nigh.

Therefore, enjoy a cup of tea or a Triple Latte, chased with the drug/alcohol of your choice (if you are so inclined) to Imagine A World Without Strife.

Right. I know. Dream on, Shauna. Actually, I like my dreams. No one ever gets hurt.

Pollyanna is signing-off now.

See you tomorrow!

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Unusual Art of the Day

Format - Light Art In 3D
Image & Details via: http://www.thehousestyle.com

Brighter Than The Sun

Here Comes the Sun - Eeek!

Good morning from another part of California! I'm on a semi-vacation, which means not a REAL vacay, but close. Have both Biz And Personal things going on to handle while away from the misty mornings in them there Hollywood Hills. I've traded the mist for intrusive sun streaming into the house I'm visiting (as if one can actually "visit" a "house" rather than a person). The sun is way too chirpy for me in the mornings, as, naturally, I adore moody environments because I am moody and like my weather to reflect my moodiness. Now that I'm where the Sun Shines Really Bright perhaps I'll set aside the Flogging Whip for a few days and write cheerful, bright-like things. Or not. We shall see, won't we?

But wait! How can one be all cheery and everything when The Light shines so bright that it becomes A Call To Action on cleaning-up all of the flaws the sun is tossing on almost everything I brought with me, as well as ME? Good grief! After unpacking and hanging-up various items of clothing, I could suddenly see that a sweater jacket I thought was Just Fine needs to see a Pro Cleaner Of Clothes ASAP! How could this be? It looked clean in my dark closet - even when I turned on the closet lights. Have I been living in the dark too long? Should I simply put my shades back on and ignore the obvious blemishes of neglect?

How easy it is to live in darkness. How daunting to suddenly See The Light and all that requires fixing. So much for the idea of taking it somewhat "easy" for a week now that reality is calling for a review. I have some cleanin' up to do. And I know you needed to read about this amazing fact which is why I'm writing about it. C'mon, admit it! You like to know that it's not only you who finds Reality Rather Shocking. 

Why am I not writing about the Latest BS going on in Washington now that Mitch McConnell is freaking-out over the leak of his plan to make Ashley Judd look worse than Amanda Bynes (the New Lindsay Low-Hand Of Cracked-Out Crazy) when rumours of a potential Judd run for his Senate Seat were circulating (she isn't gonna do it in case you missed that news), or snarking on Obama's seemingly endless flirtation with cutting elements of Social Security, etc. to "appease Republicans"? Or not writing about the supposed "deal" both Dem's and the GOP have made today to go forward with serious (hah!) debates over Background Checks for gun buyers and nothing else in terms of Gun Control?

Why? Why? Why?

Because, from my point of view, none of those examples have anything to do with Reality and I'm not wearing my shades today.

See? I am somewhat chirpy. Horrors! Too much sun. Yep. That's it. Lucky for me that the weather forecast for where I am includes an overcast and possibly mild precipitating weekend.


Image via: http://thumbs.dreamstime.com

Monday, April 8, 2013

Bonus Post - RIP Annette Funicello

Street Art of the Day Redux - TDFB Fav

Artist - Banksy


Monday Nattering's to Scare the $%! Out of You

Good Monday to you. In light of the death of England's former Prime Minister, the indomitable "Iron Lady" Margaret Thatcher, a tone has been set throughout the News World to, of course, write hoards of articles, post tons of pictures, and ruminate over what her legacy reflects in the world today. The Primary Image is how she rose from the quasi-ashes of A Simple, Common Life to become the most powerful Woman In The World for the 11 years she controlled Great Britain and the U.S. via the Admiration-Struck Ronald Reagan in particular.

As a woman it was quite nice to see a woman in Power for a change despite disliking her Ultra Conservative views/politics. Beyond that, in her "later years," she quietly slipped away from the spotlight; publically refraining from commenting on Current Issues of the world. A very graceful exit. With that written, I'll leave further remarks on her passing and legacy to the News Pros and step off the Mourning/Remembering boat to wade around in local waters where I may flog Conservative politico's from my own country. It's just the tasteful thing to do, don't you think?

So, who are the targets today? Is it too predictable that I would throw serious shade at lawmakers in South Carolina who want to make Christianity the ONLY legal religion in their highly enlightened state – something that is the precise opposite of what The Constitution "says." But, don't worry. These people LOVE the Constitution so much that they are willing to ditch it in rebellion against our "loose and wayward society" to mix Church and State like a happy bartender in Key West shaking and mixing-up a neat little Mojito. Not only is South Carolina blustering on about a State religion, but other Ultra Conservatives in the U.S. are sniffing around the idea that our country should have ONE religion. Period. That's it. You love Jesus or get the hell out of here!

So loving, these people are. I'm sure Jesus would be proud, were almost everything he stands for not be constantly stained by the very hoards of believers who swear they only want "decency" and morality to thrive while doing everything almost legally possible to oppress anyone who is not like "them." Can you believe it? Can the so-called Tea-baggers/Radicals become more insane? I fear they can, so I'll just shut up and stay far away from gun shows and Baptist Churches in order to live another day.

Yes, the point of this post is to redundantly remind you how mad/crazy our country has become ever since a man of colour was voted into the Highest Office In The Land – TWICE! As dismal as the scenario has become with endless gridlock in Congress; the New War On Women's Rights; untrue accusations that Obama is "ruining" The Constitution (how is he doing that I ask – again?), perhaps it's "just as well" that these ideas, views, opinions, be brought out into the open.

Why? Because, with the startling-to-some shakeup of The Old Norm (White Men Must Rule), it is as if someone pulled out a hidden old dusty rug that had been set aside in the barn or garage for years, then waved it around to set loose the debris left behind on it by KKK energy for all to see. If anyone had doubted that bigotry still exists, it is clearer than it has been since the 60's that America still hasn't grown-up. Better to know thy enemy than not, right?

As so many people say lately, "This is 2013. Why are women having to fight for their rights again? And why do Blacks have to be vilified as 'less than' – again?" Unfortunately, it is the usual cycle of taking many steps backward in order to move forward. That sort of thing. So, here we are. Backing-up. Loading-up. And the "Yee-Haw" of old rides again until another revolution takes place. I only hope it will be another Cultural War rather than the hyperbolic scary threats of a potential Second Civil War – with guns and everything (but no bayonets).

On that lovely note, I bid you a temporary farewell in writing for the day. And, lets not forget: God Bless the United States of America – if The Almighty is still hanging around to watch this mess unfold.

Image via: http://kukluxklan.net