Thursday, January 31, 2013

Street Art of the Day

Location - Ireland
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Love Sex Magic (with Justin Timberlake)

An App for THAT?

Well, well, well. REAL NEWS has returned to the world today! In the U.S., we're facing this mess while the UN is telling Israel that their settlements are illegal – yep. That's what the UN is saying RIGHT HERE. AND, the U.S. economy is "shrinking" and China has hacked into The New York Times' computers! South Korea is testing missiles, letting North Korea know not to Mess With Them!

Oh No! The Sky Is Falling! The End Is Near Once Again – only this time in a non-biblical way. Never fear, my friends. There are always other subjects we can focus our attention on to cure ourselves of The Daily Angst. The latest diversion from High Blood Pressure, Anxiety Attacks & Homicidal Tendencies can be found via the Internet, of course. This time in the form of a new App For Facebook that's all about sex! Yes! Sex! It sells! READ THIS!

What does this mean? Cyber sex? In-Person sex? Both? Now Facebook, although not the original creators of The Sex App, will become the Go To Website for quickies, leaving Craig's List in the dust. (They already had to shut down the steamier, sleazier elements of their "Personals" section after "The Craig's List Killer" ruined all the fun.)

Facebook's identity is changing by the day. It has been shifting into corporate-oriented directions, causing freak-outs among many users when notifications sent by non-Facebook-based sources inform us that unless we change our Privacy Settings almost every month all of our info will be sold, used, abused… With the new app now we can all have an orgy of sorts with "Friends" we may or may not know in Real Life! Can you imagine signing-up to be "matched" with your FB Friends? I would think all of us know how to handle hookups with people we already have some form of contact with on our own. Such as a Personal Message or something?  I don't need to "find out" who wants to know me better through an App! Huff! 

I will give The Creators of the concept credit for knowing what sells and where to sell it. I simply don't know who will be brave enough to play with the New Way To Find A F-K Buddy! Possibly teens of Legal Age? And/or Grandpa needing to find a use for his Blue Pills? 'Tis true. The Very Much Older Generation is rife with Gratuitous Sexual Escapades, and thus are falling victim to an inordinate amount of ER visits to soothe those unfortunate side-effects of sexing without protection.

I know. You don't want to imagine any of the above if you want to hold on to your lunch/dinner/snack/breakfast. Just erase that image. (But it's true, nonetheless.)

Meanwhile, the earth still turns; more strange App's are in the making, and if you decide that you want to fly to another country for a hookup with a "matched" FB "Friend" – then, Have At It!

I'm off to begin what remains of my day by dealing with never-ending housework. Why doesn't someone create an App For That?

See you tomorrow!

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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Zio Ziegler
Location - California
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Rain On Your Parade

Glazed and Not Amused

EDITED 15 x - Glazed, indeed!

It's "Hump Day" – and I'm not confident that I'll make it over the hump on this Wednesday as I have absolutely nothing I want to impart of either substance or fluff at the moment. All morning I have been perusing, gazing, glancing, through all kinds of websites and blogs – World News to Local News to No News, just stories – only to find my eyes glazing-over – falling deeper into a mood of ennui as nothing I've been reading has lit my fiery-ire.

Sure, Harry Reid's getting some heat from his colleagues over the deal he made with Mitch McConnell – so, of course, more questionable stories are slipping out about Reid which could be problematic – or not – for the Senate Majority Leader – but, yawn, I find the man blatantly boring unless he's throwing memos from the president into his always-burning office fireplace. Other than that, I am tuning-out his meek-whisper-voice for a while.

And why write about Lindsay Low-Hand's latest appearance in court this morning for a nano-second where she received an "OK" from The Judge that Low-Hand could have her New Attorney represent her in California although he is from New York? Because, in my Glazed State, I'll be on Low-Hand's Always Glazed Level and might better misunderstand her.

So, the upshot of today's Latest Low-Hand Court Drama is that on March 1, Judge Stephanie Sautner, who has overseen Mizzy Low-Hand's most recent legal travails, will Retire! True! That day! The same day LL's pre-trial motions hearing will begin. But Sautner won't be around to preside over any of Lindsay's Current & Future Dramas! This may not look great for people Who Want Justice for what they perceive is a Full-On Party Girl-Gone-'Escort" (reportedly) to make money to survive while she flits around the world pissing-off people and hotels with her entitled behaviour, while her Enabler Mother Dina dances right next to her at the latest club – and consistently gives The Finger to the Justice System in one form or another, and The System smiles at her and sends her on her way back into the Clublife Jungle where she will def stop doing drugs, drinking and…..

The only question I really have about the situation is The Judge. Sautner has been the only California Judge to slap Lindsay's Sticky Fingers a bit harder than she had been slapped in the past at other trials, so those who want Low-Hand to face Real Justice AT LAST have been hoping for the stern judge to really give it to The Biggest Liar Denier around. The sudden "retirement" announcement may not bode well if another Softy On The Bench (there have been a few) is appointed to take the case. One who perhaps is more inclined toward sending people to Rehab (which never works for Low-Hand), rather than jail. For the Lindsay-Haters and Those Who Think She Needs Help, a new judge is a dubious bit of news. If there is indeed a full-blown trial on the slated date of March 18, the judge everyone expected to really literally Lay Down The Law to The Cracken (as Low-Hand is known on other blogs) won't be there!

Is it possible LL will once more make a mockery out of California Law if she receives yet another 2 seconds in jail, a month or two doing more Public Service (like she did at The Morgue) and then skips off to the Chateau Marmont? (If they'll let her in. Both she and her mother were turned-down at two hotels last night when she finally arrived in L.A. from NYC to be at court this morning.) We shall see, won't we?

Yes, isn't it pathetic that it's Once Again Lindsay Low-Hand at the top of the headlines. Worse still is that I began this post telling you how empty I felt the overall news is today and have proved it by writing about one of The Emptiest People In Hollywood who no longer deserves our pity but deserves a Serious Dose Of Reality in a Controlled Environment for at least a year if she doesn't die on us first.

Wow! I'm so proud of myself for writing all of that nonsense. Because "nonsense" is what it is in light of tedious "news" on other subjects. At least I WROTE SOMETHING even though I'm just not "feelin' it" today about making serious posts or even a half-way silly one. The News Glaze I'm in has me all fuzzy.

One important detail before I go, though. Lindsay wore a demure black sleeveless Chanel Number to court this morning. Oh, and her hair was in a ponytail. But you knew that already, right? After all, it's the only story other than people killing and beating on each other that's grabbing the biggest headlines today.

Glazing-out for now. Have a Lovely Day/Evening.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Street Art of the Day

Artist - DFACE
Location - Australia
Format/Medium - Street Art Print: Paint on Canvas
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Burn It Down

Who Deserves a Flog Today?

I've been taking my time to fully absorb another cheating, low-down, underhanded, sly, deceitful, un-American attempt by members of the GOP to use redistricting in their states to ensure winning elections. I know that today's Big Focus in Washington is on Immigration Reform via Prez Obama's speech today, but I won't let last week's "Nefarious GOP" machinations that were headlining most Newz Sites slide by. Immigration Reform is absolutely necessary and I back anyone who has a fair, decent solution. But that's not why I'm here today in front of the Writing Machine. 

I'm here to raise my writing voice several notches in Quasi-Hysteria And Anger! And my trusty Flogging Whip is looking over my shoulder as I write, champing at the bit to crack a few whacks on the backs of those who have shown themselves to be The Worst Losers Ever since a Black Democrat stepped into the Oval Office. Yeah-yeah-yeah. I always make sure that I mention a "Black Democrat" in these posts for the simple reason that Republicans these days are so extreme, so hateful, so not-of-this-time in the evolution of Higher Consciousness that the fact the GOP isn't running The Entire Show in Washington and a Democrat is, was and is just Too Much for Evangelicals, Libertarians, People living in caves with an armory at their disposal to slaughter looters following a social or natural catastrophe, and so on. It runs against what they always believed America was: White, Right, and Superior to others. My, what hubris! The party of supposed religious ideology has been proving themselves to be nothing more than back room poker players, taking breaks to plot how to rig the next elections by moving districts around to fit their needed demographics with fellow GOP constituents. Doesn't anyone realize how desperately desperate the game has become? And may I ask if you believe moving districts around to stack the Voting Deck is the direction our country should be going for the future? No, it isn't decent. It's a Disgrace! It must be stopped! I don't care how many years this sort of Jigsaw Puzzling has been going on. NOW is the time to step up and YELL "NO!" to your representatives (if they'll listen) that RIGGING ENDS in this decade. As in NOW. Before the wily minds of these Robbers Of People's Rights get their way.

Pay attention Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Virginia. Unless you want cheaters to continue to be your political voices in both State & Federal Elections, there is a fight coming that requires constant vigilance so that our Democracy will remain a Democracy. The part of all of this BS that rankles me to the core of my Anger Gene is that those who are cheating and plotting to overthrow another political party in such devious ways claim to be on a Self-Righteous Path by using every "Family Values" argument available, although a few of those screaming about how our society is crumbling due to the supposed breakdown in Morality have more sleazy skeletons in their walk-in closets than a Serial Killer has victims. I will write it again and again – the Extreme Wing of the GOP are NOT to be trusted WITH ANYTHING! They are missing the point entirely for what America "stands for." They are cherry-picking The Bible. They are Bigots. And The Flogging Whip and I have had it up to our eyebrows with them. The eyes have already been blurred by fury.

If you care to know more to understand how serious a threat to our Freedom the redistricting plan is, Check It Out Here

Rant Over – for now.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Skurktur
Location - Norway
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What Else Would I Play? (See Below Post)

Rainy Day Ramblings

There is a fog upon L.A. – and it's raining. It's gorgeous. It's welcomed.

I've been awake since the wee dark hours for the 5th day in succession, finding myself falling asleep earlier than I have ever gone to bed in my life on a regular basis. Are you like me? If I have to be somewhere (such as an office job) I struggle to get out of bed, into the shower, into the clothing and grooming parts to barely make it in on time. And then, at the end of the day, once home, I'm awake until it's very, very late.

Now that I'm not working for a specific person or place, I jump out of bed early via my own Inner Clock and immediately get down to work before I've finished my first cup of tea; then, if not socializing in the eve, fall into bed with the TV on and quickly fall asleep! Thank God for Hulu and next-day reruns of The Daily Show and The Colbert Report because I'm not able to stay awake for their late shows these days. But I'm def getting my eight hours each night and certainly feel "rested".

Isn't the Above Info precisely why you stopped-by today? C'mon, be honest. You want to know that I'm sleeping well, right? And that "Blue Jay Way" by The Beatles is running in a loop in my head this morning as I look out at the fog in the canyon only a few miles away from where George Harrison penned that little ditty over 40 years ago. Or is it longer than that? Wow. That was a Long Time Ago. "We" were different then. Some of you weren't born at that time. Others may be older and recall "those days" with fondness. Where did the Peace & Love go? And why is having once been a "hippie" considered to be a laughable, negative term? Is it The Birkenstocks And Brown Rice? I ate brown rice but I've never put Birkenstocks on my feet and never will unless that's my only option in the world for footwear.

I find it puzzling when I read and hear people who are younger make disdainful comments about that time period in World History, as the Hippie-Flower-Power days were just as much fun for its participants as were the Roaring 20's with The Flappers dancing the jig and having a wonderfully decadent time. I didn't deride that time period at all when I was a teen looking back on American History. Creativity was high on stage and music, just as it was in the mid-60's through 1973, the year I believe officially killed the spirit of the 60's by moving on to Disco, Polyester Suits & Dancing To Pop Tunes.

The 70's also showed many "Hippies" how fragile the "movement" had become when former Major Social Activist (part of the Chicago Seven*) Jerry Rubin, suddenly, inexplicably, put on a suit and tie and went  into Stocks & Securities and anything else he once railed against. Ouch! Obviously he knew what the future held and where to find his own Bliss without flowers in his hair. That one change signaled the beginning of the divide in political and cultural beliefs between Hippies and what would eventually become The Yuppies – a term coined by a journalist to explain what Rubin had become. It was now time for everyone to become their parents.

Former long-haired men in wrinkled jeans stopped smoking weed in exchange for cocaine, cut their hair, had to get a job, raise families, and become "responsible citizens." Women put away their flowing paisley dresses, cut their hair a bit shorter, put on their version of Business Attire and went out into the Work Force with the occasional trip the The Ladies Room for an afternoon pick-me-up – which lasted for both men and women into recent years until drug-testing began. Now everyone is Clean And Sober and no fun at all and happier for it.

The hair is going grey and many now have not only children but grandchildren! However, the appreciation for the music that came out of The Hippie Daze remains. Why? In many ways, more than nostalgia, the truth is that anyone with a good ear for music knows how bad most of the junk is that has disguised itself as music during this time period compared to the late 60's-early 70's.

Not to suggest horrible tunes didn't pop out of the radio /stereo speakers during that time. They did. However, who now can come up with a pleasing, innovative Rock Opera as The Who did with Tommy? Or create tunes with multi-layers of sound and harmony as the Crazy Phil Spector could produce? The whimsical sweetness of some of the Beatles' tunes? The classical music influences slipped within the refrain or bridge of a heavy rock piece?

I know there are incredibly creative musicians out there who will never get a chance to play on The World Stage because the minimization of non-creative music is leading the way. When we have a Little White Boy who looks like a Baby Lesbian trying to be a Hip-Hop Thug at the top of the music charts singing (sorta) a form of Bubble-Gum Rap...well, need I write more?

The point is that liking "the older bands" does not make one "old." It makes one discerning. There is substance involved in many of the lyrics from "the old days" which are relevant now. And, naturally, substance use helped to fuel the music. The difference is that for most singers and musicians these days, they aren't the ones writing the music. The Sober Ones are! Aha!

Just kidding. Maybe.

Enough of this ramble about music, pop culture and drugs. I need to get going and roll a joint find something decent to play for our daily music video. What a difficult task. Hah! (Actually, it is if I want to play something new and different.)

Enjoy what remains of your weekend!

* Chicago Seven Info Link

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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Phlegm
Location - London
Format - Mural
Image via: Numerous Sources

Rumor Has It

The Weekly Fluff

During a week of American Inaugural Celebrations and/or Deflation – depending on one's political affiliation – the Gossip World merged into the Political World once again to TDFB's delight! Celebrities in DC! Beyoncé's possible (ahem) lip-syncing. However, twas for only a few days before the Fluffy Newz rebounded into the often-oily pranks of our Cultural Celebrities, printing-spouting more lies, speculation, titillation and, in some situations, true but not confirmed "stories" about them. In other words, Biz As Usual. So, let's feed the beast and check out what's floating around in the Murky Ions.

OMG! OMG! It's no longer a rumour! The scorned yet quite crafty Liberty Ross, model and wife of the philandering-with-Kristen-Stewart director Rupert Sanders, has filed divorce papers - at last! Wow! What a surprise! Actually, the only surprise is that it didn't happen sooner than later. You don't mess with Liberty's betrayed feelings following her professional sacrifice by accompanying Rupert to The States for the enhancement of his career while she had been more than semi-flourishing in London.

Tina Turner is renouncing her U.S. Citizenship in trade for a Swiss Passport now that she is making her home in Zurich a permanent fixture in her incredibly interesting life. I'm with you, Tina. Switzerland is a gorgeous place, and part of my heritage. Now, if you happen to have a guest house that's empty…

Rihanna is still showing her nipples in see-through clothing and doing yet another odd thing with her hair. Okay. And.....?

Taylor Swift is starting to show her breasties and nippies in revealing gowns but still has bangs.  Oh, and she's still soooo mad at Harry Turnstyles of One Direction that she's (reportedly) jetted over to Londontown to give him a piece of her mind – or possibly to test out the song she's writing about him to see if he likes it. I'm sure they giggled all the way through it. Just ask Louis.

Somebody's pregnant but won't tell The Media until she begins to show. She's not married – yet, at least – but her guy friend, also "famous" (but not as much as she), is "happy" but wants to keep a lid on the situation a while longer for some reason. Hmmm. Haven't we heard this before? And no, it's not Angelina Jolie because the latest rumours of a pregnancy for her are in full force again – this time as the reason for why "we" haven't seen pictures of her in months. She's "in hiding" so people won't know until she's over her Morning Sickness, and able to grab Brad Pitt by the neck to join her one more time in a joint "Happy News" announcement – when she can find him. (Hint: LAX is the best bet. He's in and out of there every other day.)

Jennifer Lopez feels lousy about her life after watching her former almost-husband Ben Affleck pick up his Golden Globe Award. Awwww. Don't worry, Jenny-No-Longer-From-The-Block. You'd still hate his night's out with "the guys" and the scent of cheap perfume on his collar when he comes home late and you'd be outta there! Not like that other Jennifer, though.

Whispers abound that Jay-Z and Mizz Goopy know each other better than their spouses are aware. Huh? Say what? Nooooo. Couldn't be. Could it? Maybe. I mean, NOT EVERYONE is Perfect No Matter How Hard They Try, right? Eww. Hey, I'm just reporting what is reported by people who may or may not be real reporters but think they are and this is what they are writing about so don't throw shade my way. I'll take this one with a grain of Bath Salts.

Moving on…

Mizzy I'm-So-Posh Beckham and Her Trophy Husband, David, have returned to London to live until he decides where next to kick that ball around for more zillions. Meanwhile, their children hate it there; miss L.A. and their friends and the Fast Food. Those kids are All-American, I tell ya'! But they shouldn't worry about the food part. I'm sure they'll find equally Bad For Your Health foods in England without too much searching.

Okay, now that I've offended my Brit Friends who don't have a sense of humour, I'll be off and fluffing for the remainder of the day.

Have a wonderful Whatever. Thanks for stopping by!

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Street Art of the Day

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Don't Mess With Me


I must weigh-in on Today's Buzzy Newz that is going around in both humorous memes and numerous articles, along with TV coverage and Print Media in the form of THIS regarding the grilling, drilling and, for a few GOPer's, shilling for 2016, by certain members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee yesterday during Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's Benghazi testimony -  as well as the mild brew-hah-hah over Madam Secretary's intense outburst at the narrow focus on why it happened and the Let's Blame Hillary crowd.

And wouldn't you know it? Already Faux News And Friends are accusing Clinton of deliberately "acting" her outrage whenever she dared to stand up for not only herself but the State Department in general. She did her version of "Lip-Lynching" – as it were. *rolls eyes*

I don't care if she was "acting" – because if she was, which I doubt, it's TIME for People In Office to raise their voices to Be Heard And Noticed Enough for the primary point of why they are speaking at all. Intentional or not, we all perk up when someone expresses intensity in an "outburst" – the shock of such an unusual sight in the midst of attempts to be unnecessarily polite can certainly make a dent in the Primarily Obtuse Politicians who spend more time running around to keep their Money Men happy than showing-up for key votes – you know, as I always write – DOING THEIR JOBS!

Back go we to Hillary Clinton's strength in the Literal Face of GOP Hostility. Okay, guys. Yes, the American Embassy was not protected in a proper, safe way considering the overall political climate in that region. Money was not approved via a chintzy GOP and a few so-called "Democrats" to cover everyone. Benghazi fell through the Communication Hole we witnessed in the ignored briefs warning of 9/11. Unfortunately, it happens. No military, political, or civilian units, can avoid important info failing into The Void.

How to "fix" this problem is one of the points Mrs. Clinton was there to discuss yesterday – not just sit on a Hot Seat and have a crew of Embittered Political Losers slap wet towels in her face, as did my Current Favourite Wingnut, Rand Paul. He said he would have fired her had he been president because she didn't receive the missive from the Embassy, nor did she go on the Tee Vee Shows to beat her chest in a Huge Mea Culpa. In other words, for primarily political purposes, the incident in Benghazi became the rallying cry for a pile-up on a woman who many in Congress feel should be baking cookies in the kitchen.

Of course, the hearings weren't as vitriolic as others many of us have seen through the years – such as Watergate; the Clarence Thomas Supreme Court Nomination proceedings; McCarthy-era madness. Nevertheless, it was a long three hours – which The Secretary handled quite well and with a fierce backbone I believe few would want to challenge in private.

Now that it is almost a Done Deal that Senator John Kerry will become the New Secretary Of State, in a fairly "karmic" way, the timing of Clinton's testimony so close to her departure, will leave behind a visual legacy of her No-Nonsense Approach. Although appearing exhausted at times (who wouldn't?) she used remarkable stamina over the miles and miles of flying and prying into World Affairs when needed, and walked with seasoned, diplomatic courage, into one of The Biggest World Messes Ever in Modern Times – and managed to come out of each palace, each office, with the respect of World Leaders, if not her poisonous American naysayers.

Good job, Madam Secretary. Bravo!

Image via: NBC News

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Banksy
Format - Graffiti-based
Image & Details via:


Our National Pastime: Dissing the Diva

Le scandale du moment is not political, sexual, or drug-related. 'Tis on an entirely different level because it involves what appears to be a group of Beyoncé-disliking/hating/jealous people who are throwing more than shade her way for reportedly having the audacity to lip-sync(h) The National Anthem on Monday at the Inauguration! It's all over the news! It's a Major Story! She supposedly LIED! What? Who said she said she sang live?

Hey, she may have have sung in Real Time for a few minutes here and there, allowing the backtrack to pitch-in where she felt it was needed. So what? I would have done the same thing if I felt there was a chance of botching a few notes wherein I would embarrass myself in front of my SO, The President, and the Rest Of The World – providing fodder for negative press and comparisons to Kelly Clarkson's strong live performance, albeit with flaws.

The chatter and headlines over this silly Beyoncé mess is one more example of where many of the Collective Consciousness energy fragments go to die when ignoring the True Scandal's around us. Such as what the GOP did on Monday in Tennessee to ensure a win in a very imbalanced, as well as deeply unfair, Redistricting Vote taken in stealth when a key Democratic member of the Virginia Senate was attending The Inauguration, thus not in attendance to vote, nor aware that a vote was being taken. Had he voted, there would have been a tie. But one less Democrat vote guaranteed the Republicans would get their way and own certain voting blocks 'forever'…causing extremely unlikely wins for any Democrat in the New Districts.

Wasn't that little Voting Game clever? Most are calling BS on it – and the PTB might not let it pass the Governor's desk. We shall see. The point is – THAT kind of sneaky, chicken-shit activity is precisely why I loathe the GOP. And why I believe it is a "scandal" we need to be discussing more than whether or not a singer sang LIVE during a highly visible event. Not aware of this latest GOP-based slime-fest? Check it out HERE.

Another scandalous element of American Politics came to our attention during the Election Season when many of us discovered that a Filibuster has not required the person filibustering to SAY ANYHTHING about why they are filibustering. Now, that is disgusting. Irresponsible, and beyond the pale of my imagination when it involves how I have perceived the political system. Most of us always think of the film, Mr. Smith Goes To Washington where we see the exhausted, sweating, hoarse James Stewart filibuster the hell out of Congress – endlessly. Oh, The Drama Of A Talking Filibuster! Apparently there is no such thing anymore, although a few politicians are beginning to murmur something about changing the rules back to "the way it was" before the Silent Filibuster began.

We could go on about the odd, awful, unfair, absurd rules and the like of American Politics, but that would require more time and focus on issues and things that might make us sad, which is why Beyoncé is leading in the headlines. No Sads there. Just snark and bark and "uppity" comments because not only did she have the nerve to MAYBE NOT REALLY SING, but to also wear Emeralds and hair extensions and – you know – she wanted to look pretty and all of that. Shame on her! One would think she's a Diva or something!

Gee, can't we all just get along?

Thanks for stopping by!

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Traditional Art of the Day

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A Jaunty Tuesday Tune

Shall We Dance?

Ah, the Morning After! Back to work or whatever it is that we do each day. The Party Is Over in The States and now we're off to the races, as "they" say in the classic cliché. Before we get back into the grousing and back-biting of Washington Politics, a few words are in order regarding yesterday's Pomp & Some Kind Of Non-Regal-Regal Circumstance. 

It is a "Regal" event to inaugurate a president/leader in most countries. The USA is no different. We do our own version of Pageantry with Troops Marching In Review past the president as if we were in The Queen's Jubilee ceremonies. I kept looking for William and Kate for the waving part but they were nowhere to be found. Just a bunch of Americans smiling and waving.

Yes indeed. There is nothing like a huge celebration, is there? Out come the white ties, champagne, curvy women with long hair singing everywhere from the VIP/Presidential & Big-Wiggies Section at the Capitol, to showing-up at Stage Left at a Ball to croon to The First Couple as they dance-romanced their way into non-hardened hearts one more time. We could almost call it the "Last Dance" as the Obama's won't have another Inaugural Ball. They will, however, have another four years. Thank God. And, God Bless America it wasn't Mittsky and Ann in the middle of our National Seal Of Approval gazing into each other's eyes last night.

All went very well from what the public could see during the entire day of festivities – public and private. Our Always-In-Danger President and The First Lady walked through the streets of Washington DC without wearing helmets or obvious body armor and managed to remain alive. I'm sure it was another Secret Service Nightmare; however, kudos to the agents for doing an obviously excellent job of protecting The Prez, et al. A well-oiled machine when they aren't having parties with hookers, eh?

On the other side of things, the GOP's Speaker Of The House, Mr. Orange Tears John Boehner, has to be feeling even sadder than usual after (by now) having seen the GIF of Michelle Obama's now-infamous eye-roll at something he said to the president during their brunch-lunch. If you haven't watched the fabulous Moment Of Truth, check it out HERE. Hah!

The focus of many an article today in various online magazines and blogs about The Inauguration is Fashion! How Michelle Obama looked in her coat, dress, gown. I thought she looked good, but I like men's clothes at these affairs (dresses/gowns are usually too frilly for my taste), and I'm wondering why Prez Obama's Tux Jacket was so bulky-looking from a side view. The cut of the jacket was wrong for his physique. Tails or a shorter coat would have been better. But I did like the White Tie.

Oh yeah, and The Prez gave a very good speech! In fact, it might have been history-making. But, about those gowns...

UPDATED: And now, What About Beyonce's Lip-Syncing-Singing? Oh Horrors! She isn't perfect! Sheesh! READ THIS DITTY

See you tomorrow!

Image via: Reuters

Monday, January 21, 2013


Greetings. Pictures/Photos/Images will bring The Newz to you today.

Writing will return tomorrow.

Have a great day/evening/afternoon/depth of night/early dawn.

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Special Street Art of the Day

Artists - The Dude Company
Image & Further Credits via: 

Something Is Happening Today

Super-Power Day for Jay-Z & Beyonce

Make way! Isn't it grand to be BFF's with the POTUS & FLOTUS?

... Not To Forget It's Also 'The Inauguration'!

Image via: - Reuters

And, It's Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!

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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Street Art of the Day

Location - Cape Town, SA
Image via: - Simon Falvo

The Harder They Come

Sunday Tidbits #77,902

Zipping through the Internets for pleasure, education, and - because it's Sunday and I'm resting.

Visually quite interesting: Blended Faces

And we think the NRA are extremists? Not So Fast

Each country should have such dire problems as Canada: Turning Over A New Leaf?

One of the strangest Gawker posts: Fashionista's Of The Inauguration

How things have changed – or not: More Inauguration Info

Forget the source, it's creeping up everywhere: Something Was Always Fishy

It's always fun and horrifying to read about the CO$: Biggest Scam Beyond The Vatican?

And he keeps on lying, lying, lying: Once A Liar…

I fell down and hit my head last month. Look Out - It's Going Around

One more time for Lance: Silly But Plausible – Heh

That's it for today. Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Eduardo Korba
Location - Brazil
Format - Mural
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Friday Music Fun

The Weekly Fluff

Hello there. Welcome to the part of TDFB where we delve into The Underbelly Of Gossip. It's Friday and we've already had enough "stuff" to deal with on Serious Issues in our own lives, perhaps, and certainly in The World, this week, so it's time to relax and let those brain cells atrophy like a muscle on an anorexic.

First off, Justin Beaverface and Selena Gomez are still broken-up. Same with the increasingly Embarrassing To Be Dating (ask Bradley Cooper) Taylor Swift and Harry Turnstyles. Ho hum.

And then there is – LANCE ARMSTRONG!

Peeps are wondering if Mel Gibson is the Sperm Donor for Jodie Foster's boys. What else can explain her undying devotion and loyalty to him? But what about LANCE ARMSTRONG?

For some reason, Anne Hathaway's huge smile, cute little haircut, and acting abilities aren't staving-off anti-Hathaway comments and articles all of a sudden. Just because she'll probably win The Oscar, I betcha. Or maybe because she – wait! What did LANCE ARMSTRONG say to Oprah in their interview?

Some foolery has been buzzing around Notre Dame Football Hero, Manti Te'o, regarding a fake girlfriend who died and to whom he dedicated a stirring string of words only to discover (or have it uncovered?) that "the girlfriend" never existed at all! There is speculation that Manti Te'o was "in" on the hoax, possibly imagining Anne Hathaway's Les Miz character's demise as the inspiration for his non-existent g-f. Or maybe he was inspired to lie by – who else? – LANCE ARMSTRONG! Look how far and long that scandal had been going down. Manti could have kept his sad, sad story going through potential Pro Football negotiations, but no…he's now tarnished no matter what he knew or didn't. And just like LANCE, he may now have to slither away into a new sport if he wants to regain credibility. How about Cycling? It's a clean, non-violent sport, but with dirty, dirty needles.

Pssst. Diane Lane didn't go to The Golden Globes this year although her husband, Josh Brolin, did. Whispers abound that they are secretly separated. It's probably LANCE ARMSTRONG'S fault!

I believe you get the gist of today's post. That's right! It's all about Oprah – as always.

See you later!

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Thursday, January 17, 2013

RIP 'Dear Abby' (Pauline Phillips)

Different Art of the Day

Artist/Photographer - DS
Medium - Light Art/Painting
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Go Insane

Ship of Fools

So, the NRA and their proponents in Washington are going Batshit Crazy over Prez Obama's directives on Gun Control, threatening to "nullify" it ASAP. Screaming wherever anyone will listen, Crazed Fanatics Of The GOP, such as Rand Paul, are saying things like this in interviews concerning Obama's resolve in passing his version of Gun Legislation"I'm against having a king. I think having a monarch is what we fought the American Revolution over and someone who wants to bypass the Constitution, bypass Congress -- that's someone who wants to act like a king or a monarch."

A Monarch? A "King" just because he could use the Executive Power of his office (as have many other presidents) to move legislation in the correct direction. Hints that Obama could use an Executive Order in this Gun Control Battle is just that: a hint. Not a current reality, and based on the finer details of Constitutional Law, could cause problems for the Prez. Do we have more fear-mongering going on again? Is that all these GOPer's do? Stir up controversy? Why are we paying most of these Congress People? They haven't done anything. I, as with others, suggest cutting Congress' salaries if they can't get their act together. You know, as in Fire Them!
Who are these Fools like Rand Paul? Where have they come from? Until taking office in Washington, were most of the Tea-Bagging Whiners sitting around festering a deep hatred for minorities; refusing/ignoring realities surrounding the perfectly sane reasons to Legalize MJ; non-accepting that for-effing-ever in the human race (as well as Animal Kingdom), homosexuality has been part of nature – and, as so-called Christians, toss hate rather than Love At Their Gay Brethren because one line in a book suggests it's not cool despite so many other "Not Cools" all over Bibles and Holy Books that worked for THAT time period in history…not necessary for All Kingdom Come. I really want to know how these people can look in the mirror every day when they use religion to hurt people via selective line-believing, ignoring other so-called edicts which don't receive the adherence to God's Law as does that one in Leviticus. Hypocritical, right?
So, in my own outrage over the NRA and Others' Outrage, I eloquently, and with no due respect, suggest that all of these people STFU! Really, just S.T.F.U.
Note to mine self-appointed "enemies": You guys want to point "Monarch" and "King" in the Prez's direction, do you? Sounds awfully OTT and pandering to the Little Minds to paint another unflattering Image of a man who represents almost everything you hate. And I do mean "hate." That's what I'm getting out of these crazed statements from the GOP over the past 4 years: a group of Americans who have gained some sort of power and now want everything THEY want or else they will call you names, block your every idea, and, in general, play dirty at every game in the field of Political Drama…acting like "Kings" themselves by holding a nation hostage every few months because they are too petty to pass a bill they loved a few years ago under the True King And Monarch – George W, held by puppet strings by the crafty hands of Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld.

Sure. Let's go to war and bypass Congress. Let's do everything the GOP way while a Republican is in Power, but act like Judgmental Gods to deny a Democrat the same support for many a law/bill/whatever that once had been completely okay with GOP back in "the ole' days" of a White Man Republican at the helm. And we certainly were led like pigs to slaughter, weren't we? (Unless you are part of the 1-2%.)
I have to be redundant here and ask again, in a different way, perhaps, if someone would please explain in Plain Rational Terms how Banning Assault Weapons and declaring limits on the the amount of ammo a "regular" gun owner should have for basic protection and sport is akin to playing "King"? This title wasn't placed on Bill Clinton's head when he first passed an Assault Weapon Ban in 1994 (which expired in 2004 and has met with resistance – of course – since the expiration, to breathe new life into it and pass the Sane Law Again, for %#$@'s sake).

I don't like these people very much, obviously. They are Crazy & Irrational about anything Obama does - and are willing to sacrifice the safety of our nation on both violence and financial concerns (such as hassling about the Debt Ceiling). To me, that is called "Madness."
In the interim, have a wonderful Whatever!
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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Ice
Location - Buenos Aires
Format - Mural
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Where Are We Now? (New Bowie)

Who Deserves a Flog Today?

The NRA is (I'm sure) the Very Willing target of the Flogging Whip's ire today. If you have to ask why, then you're either from another country where the USA's petty (!) political and ideological games are not on your Every Day Radar, or else you just don't give a) a "rat's ass", b) a twit or a twat, c) crap, d) damn – and so on. Well, let me tell you how CRAZY the USA has become beyond how Completely Whacked-Out many of you believe we are anyway, as well as those who live HERE and are freakishly Not Happy About Change. The NRA is the Perfect Poster "Boy" for how deep in the Lobbying Cesspool the Ultimate, Absolute, Wingnuts slither, and how paranoia is parlayed into an Industry of Cock 'N Load. In our country, the Gun Issue is one of the most searingly complex issues we have faced in a long time.  It need not be that way. Skeptics, give this quick article a read before you talk about Gun Control with people who aren't going to always agree with you. Read the details on what all of this Gun Control Controversy really means, for Effin' Sake, Pay Attention and Learn. CLICK THIS. The article says it all, doesn't it? Simple logic.

Rant via Proxy Is Now Over

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Alice Pasquini
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Out In The Cold

'Mister' Secretary, I Presume?

As promised yesterday, we're delving into why Mr. Obama is appointing All White Men to his Cabinet for his Second Term. This current brew-hah-hah is a discussion not to last for only a day or two, but one to view in a variety of ways over time. I have a little theory brewing in mine brain (still filled with enough grey cells to conjure cogent thought - amazing!) about why Obama is going down the primarily white grey-haired (and sometimes balding) road this time around.

I think Obama's Sobering Wakeup Call over the past four years of having so many of his appointments stalled, blocked, rejected, caused him to realize how deeply chauvinistic, delirious, askew, and, on top of everything else, OBTUSE, most of The Menz Of Power in the GOP are concerning what to do about Them Wimmen. So, in an unfortunate yet possibly wise move, Obama is appointing Men who the GOP would have trouble voting down.

It's easier to obstruct women such as Susan Rice from gaining power when the opposition uses Hysterical Lies against her "role" in the Benghazi incident, tainting any chance of passing Congress for Secretary of State. No, how could I possibly suggest that John McCain's remarkable campaign against her is/was sexist anything. No. Couldn't think that after he selected a Female Running Mate in 2008. He knows who the "bright" female bulbs of the GOP are and by golly he'll make sure they are vetted well enough to run a country better than a solid diplomat with Foreign Relations experience who happens to be a Woman Of Colour. Nah. Twas Just Politics. Nevertheless, it worked and probably "told" Obama how he'd have to play The Game if he wanted to get a few crumbs out of the crummy Congress.

Eventually he'll get around to finding a few People Of Colour, a Woman, and Mebe A Gay (Hah!) to fill Lesser-Important positions, but chances are the visuals we'll see in 2013 of Cabinet Meetings will resemble a Frat Club Alumni Luncheon. Sigh. And I burned my bra for this treatment?

Yes, yes. Jobs "should" go to the Best Choice, not based on gender or ethnicity. However, in an attempt to reflect what The United States of America really is/has become, it does beg the proverbial "begged proverbial" question of Where Are People Who Reflect ME – NOT Just My Politics? And that is the fact, I believe, surrounding the baffled female members of Congress, as well as reflecting the furrowed brows of Progressive Women Everywhere, that our First Minority President would opt to surround himself with The Appearance Of Business As Usual. Such is how the Enigmatic, pragmatic, political-poker-playing Prez rolls.

I agree with the Chuck Hagel appointment. I believe he plays down-the-middle and I would trust him as  Secretary of Defense. Same with John Kerry's appointment as Secretary of State. He knows his chops all over the world. Makes sense. For Treasury Secretary? Jack Lew? Who? I hear he's good at what he does, but, for years women have ruled the Household Budget when in slim times, and seem to have a knack of working things out so that the bills can be paid, the kids can eat, the deposits are made. Don't we have a Woman Who Knows Money around? A Chinese-American woman would be perfect. You don't want to mess with Chinese women when it involves money. Sharp as a needle on the tip of a soft finger. (Quite an odd Mental Visual, isn't it?) You get the point: There are Others Out There who would be as accomplished in their jobs as Going The Safe Route, which, as written above somewhere, I believe Obama is doing in order to make some kind of progress in the Vitriolic, Insane Atmosphere of Washington.

Unfortunately, if that's what he has to do to succeed in his plans, then some of us have to suck it up, as "they" say. I'd rather have an Obama All-Male Cabinet than a GOP-Infestation at The Top. BUT, such truths don't indicate total apathy on the part of women and men who dare to speak their minds in public forums (TV, radio, print). Let's not ignore what Obama is doing. Try to understand it and also push harder for what remains in positions where Diversity Is A Reality, not simple ideology.

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Monday, January 14, 2013

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Eduardo Rolero
Format/Medium - 3d-Chalk
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Everybody's Talkin'

The Never-Ending Story

Good Monday to you (or Tuesday if you're far, far away). Should you be far-away, you might continue to ponder WTF Jodie Foster was trying to say so eloquently in her rambling Golden Globes Speech last evening.

I am all for Jodie. Always have been. Gay or straight. Quiet and private, she is, which certainly was one of her main points last evening.

However, if one reads all over The Internets from "Legit" News Outlets to small little blogs like this one, confusion reigns over whether or not she officially "retired" from acting; "came out" despite having already done so a few years ago; announced to The World that she is "single." Okay. I "get" that she was almost trying to be funny with that admission when, natch, everyone expected "I'm gay" to slip from her tongue.  If she said it, most of us wouldn't have heard it as NBC censored several of her remarks. Strange they would do that to her rather benign "confessions" when her "guest" of the evening, Mel Gibson, Pariah Of Hollywood, is the one people want to shut up. Even Mel looked baffled and concerned as Jodie's much-dissected speech rolled onward. What in the world would she say next?

Backstage, it has been reported that Jodie indicated that she hasn't really "retired" from Showy-Biz, but will take an even longer sabbatical than she has been taking for how many years now? Why? Because she's 50 and has been acting since she was three-years-old and, apparently, is WAY over it. Esp. "these days" when privacy for celebrities is almost a joke unless one wears disguises, plots trips out of their residences dressed like anyone other than who they are, and basically 'minds their own business' by having a Real Life in the midst of Surreal Celebrity Worship. After all, her privacy was horrifically invaded when John Hinckley, Jr. shot then-Prez Reagan because he wanted Jodie's attention or something. That is creepy. I don't blame her for dodging paps or shielding her children from random intrusive private pictures shot through a grainy lens by a freelance paparazzo with a long-range camera. So far she's managed to get away with it. Bravo!

In fact, she's been sooo private over the years that despite my acquaintance/contact with several of her closest-in-the-world friends, the most I ever knew was that she is gay – had been in a long-term relationship – is a loyal friend – a good mother – and a very dedicated worker for whatever it might be that she has devoted her energy to (incorrect grammar alert!). Not that I would expect her closest friends would dish or diss on/about her to mere fringers, but the lid has always been on tight for Jodie, and that it tells me she has surrounded herself with decent influences. Another Bravo!

Back to Jodie's speech: I respect you, Jodie. You moved many to tears (why, I have no idea - well, yes I do, but still...) last night, and I believe you wanted to give a heartfelt expression encompassing your length and quality of work; how it was difficult to be private – esp. when Gay In The Public Eye when your "secret" stopped being a "secret" years and years ago. However, although I kinda understand your points, any speech that causes Mel Gibson to have "WTF" eyes rather than a murderous bug-eyed glint tells me you went on a bit too long – and BTW, 50 is a GREAT age! You've JUST BEGUN, darlin'.

Any other Newz I "should" be covering today? Oh, yeah. Women are pissed that Obama hasn't appointed ANY women (thus far) to fill vacant Cabinet Posts and now has one of the less diverse cabinets we've seen in a while. All White Men. That, however, is another story for another day.

See you later!

Image & Link to article via: ABC - Watch and Read

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Gaia
Location - Baltimore, MD
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For Those Who Aren't In Barbados/Cabo/Private Islands

Vocals: Zooey Deschanel and Leon Redbone
Performed in ASL by Benjamin and Shanna

Sunday Tidbits #9,439

Skipping around the Internets today – found a strange brew of non-newsy-newz. 

It's time for The Golden Globes! A Check-In With The Hosts

Don't know what to watch on TV tonight? Here's Your Best Guide

Want to see how Nicole Kidman looked at a pre-Globes gala? White On White = Botox – again?

If a certain someone doesn't win tonight, he might cry: But Why DO We Cry, Anyway?

On to other subjects: I Thought All The Kennedy's Knew The Truth

But…but…did she ever actually live there? Just Another Piece Of Expensive Land To Dump?

Of course it won't pass Congress: Not With A Gun To Their Heads

A novel way to deal with shit: Oh, How Much Fun!

Uh-Oh! Too Hot To Trot?

Attention Chuck Hagel Haters: He's Not All That Bad

Okay, friends. That's it for today!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Street Art of the Day

Medium/Format - Chalk & 3D
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How to Lose Grey Cells Fast!

It's Saturday in The West! Shouldn't All Americans be out at The Mall right now? Returning more unwanted gifts and falling into SALES-SALES-SALES temptations? Isn't the economy on an Upswing where everyone (except The Poors) can buy more "things" beyond basics such as groceries and toilet paper like "the bad ole' days"? With exception of The Midwest of late, the weather on the East Coast is unusually warm this weekend, allowing those who normally are spending Saturday's shoveling and/or plowing snow to go out in mere sweaters, if that, and run amok through their cities/towns doing healthy things like skateboarding, riding bikes, going for a woodsy hike, or taking the boat out for a turn.

Whereas, here, on the West Coast, although the skies couldn't be clearer, the sun brighter, we are having freezing weather, wandering around in Wool Coats and hats – even gloves! But then, the exceedingly crisp air is a bit of a novelty in a flip-flop, shorts-wearing culture. So, for those of us who prefer Winter Clothes & Styles, it's a time to strut our It's Finally Winter Here attire. The change in fashion due to weather considerations is another incentive to The Fashionistas who MUST go shopping for more clothes today. And after that, get a Mani-Pedi, a Blow-Out, and back home to prepare for any parties that might be on their China Plates.

Should you not be dashing about with handled shopping bags weighing you down, or getting ready for an evening event of some sort, you might want to stay inside, turn on the TV, and, if not lulled to sleep by watching Golf Tournaments or Increasing Your Natural Testosterone Levels through the aggression of Football Games or going about a hobby, I suggest you give your brain a rest and watch Really Bad/Insipid Movies wherever you can find them.

There's nothing like staying away from the crowded fray, slipping into whatever makes you feel soft and comfortable, positioning one's self on the couch/chair/bed to watch films where "lost children" show up at the door of Leave It To Beaver parents who readily take their "long-lost abducted/ mixed-up-at-the-hospital/runaway/thought 'dead'- now-half-grown-up-child" into their lives with heartfelt hugs and kisses offering a home (usually Upper Middle Class), a credit card, "family" – only to discover the kid wasn't theirs and had plotted to kill or bilk both of them. Now that's my kind of Soul & Intellectual Nourishment way to spend a Saturday if I'm in town! NOT watching the Academy DVD Screeners of decent films.

Nope. I want my Perry King/Harry Hamlin/All Canadian Actress's/Jennifer Lopez messes. Not that a decent Old Classic Film Marathon won't fill the day. I'll watch "The Philadelphia Story" every time. Or "The Thin Man." But, newer films are best seen on the Big Screen, and I confess I don't have a large enough TV or a leather-seated comfy Home Screening Room for that sort of viewing. And so, I'm finding new ways to lose grey cells and encourage anyone who has an overabundance of them to join me in my Saturday Ritual of Film Marathoning (if not writing, of course…or sweeping the balcony of it's daily three-thousand leaves…or walking across the street to get the mail).

Yes, yes. I "should" at least go for a walk, as I often write. But hey, I might miss Patty Duke playing another pissed-off mother of a murdered-by-the-wily-wife, son! Can't have that, now can we?

Until next time, you'll find me continuing to devolve. Have a Lovely Whatever! 

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