Saturday, November 30, 2013

Special Art of the Day

Artist - Max Zorn
Material - Packing Tape
Subject - James Dean


The Weekly Fluff

What a week it's been for The Populars/UnPopulars! Nothing says Thanksgiving more than tons of Instagrams from The Celebs showing-off their kids/step-kids or Just Them with No Kids.

Or, if you're Taylor Swift, nothing says Social Climbing more than singing with Actual Royalty, which she did a few days ago with Prince William at a London Function. So, with that Already Heavily-Covered News, let's glance at what we've been spoon-fed shown via The Tabloids and Other Outlets about those Sparkly "Stars" lately.

First, I obviously have nothing else to do on Saturday mornings than cram for writing this post almost every week – and thus far I've found my perusal of Celebrity Gossip to be interestingly devoid of any mention (to my knowledge) of why several outlets are showing an Instagram of Jennifer Aniston having Thanksgiving with a strange young man everyone but me seems to know about – Ed Sheeran – and Aniston's manager, Aleen Keshishan, along with Aniston's New Hair. Not One Word about where her fiancé was and if he had joined her that day or not. No Mention At All! Hmmm. I find that hole in the PR Machine quite odd. Is it possible Justin has Truly Left The Building?

I have always appreciated Blythe Danner as an actress and, from what I have heard, liked her as a person-person. But then, over the years I had to come to the realization that she is The Goop's Mother…which means something had to have rubbed-off on Miz Pale-Throw from her mother, and now Blythe has confirmed that she very well could be almost as pompous and out-of-touch as her daughter is during an interview where she attempted to defend Goopy's Goop by putting-down anyone who puts-down Dearest Gywnie by declaring we're all lazy, jealous and sit on our "asses" (her word) in Unholy Judgment of her extremely Judgmental offspring.

Oh, Blythe! Yes, you're her mother and you are doing the Protective Mother Thing, which is nice, but you went a bit too far and now I am having side-eye issues with you. Yet another Celebrity Disappointment! Sheesh!

God Kanye West's Ego has blown into a huge balloon resembling the size of his Always Angry Frown-Full Face as he insists that not only is he a "genius", but his Beard fiancé, dear ole' Kimmy, is to be considered The Most Beautiful Woman On Planet Earth!! That's right! Everything and Everyone he touches must turn to Gold! Which means, we should be on the look-out for anyone who is in his Special Stratosphere who looks like Gold Dust in the Rough. Ruff-Ruff!

Brad Pitt is apparently having trouble dealing with his co-star, Shia InTheBuff, cuz Shia actually Acts when he makes films, rather than spending most of his off-set time hanging-out with Brad in a trailer filled with Special Smoke. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against that past-time. But the use of it might be the Ultimate Explanation for why Mr. Pitt is barely able to speak lines in any of his films without sounding like he's mumbling through a Bong filled with marbles.

Some People on the Internets are beginning to wonder if Angelina Jolie and the CIA are more than just Film Research Work/UN-Related Buddies, if you know what I mean? We'll soon find out if I wake up tomorrow to discover this entire blog has gone into The Black Hole of Cyberspace…just as several Facebook posts about the NSA's Spying have mysteriously vanished from various friends' posts. Hey, if true, it wouldn't be the First Time Hollywood Stars and the American Gov't were BFF's.

Is Mila Kunis preggers with Ashton Kutcher's Baybeeee? On that one we'll just have to watch and wait, won't we?

Did Ryan Seacrest just hire find A New Love in the form of Another Tall Woman? According to Personal, Seacrest-approved pix floating around the Internets and papers, Yes! I'm so glad he finally got over his broken heart from his Last Beard Girlfriend, aren't you?

You can be assured that Somewhere In Hollywood, a lot of Somebodies With Famous Names have done terrible things this week and it's all been covered-up and taken care of by the "Ray Donovan" Types out there. Isn't that refreshing to know? It certainly is for Those Who Need Them.

I have almost put myself to sleep writing this post today. If you haven't dozed-off, then you must not read Gossip Stuff and most of what has been written here managed to boost your Curious Cells – or else you are just as bored as I am with reading about how many people died and were seriously injured all over America yesterday when our country proved to the world one more time just how debauched, insensitive, greedy and inhumane we are on a day so perfectly named as "Black Friday."

Walking over a dead body, and/or trampling someone to death to buy a discounted DVR is beyond my comprehension.

And on that Uplifting Note, I'm getting out of here to spend time watching People Kill Other People over Wills and Insurance Policies on the TeeVee…where all of the Bloodshed should be, right?

That's it for me. I'm tired.

See you later!

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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Some Kind of Art of the Day

Who Deserves a Flog Today?

The Flogging Whip would like to inform everyone that despite the American Holiday of Giving Thanks tomorrow, it wants to make a very simple, concise Serious Lashing statement to Those Who Have Denied FOOD to those in need in our country through Cutting Food Stamps; creating an environment of Let's Piss On The Poors One More Time… And so on. The message?

Go to Hell.

In a Very Hot, Over-heated Balloon.

That means YOU, Paul Ryan. 
And YOU, Eric Cantor. 
And YOU, Mitch McConnell. 
And YOU, Wussy John Boehner. 
And YOU, Ted Cruz. 
And YOU, Rick Sanctimonious. 
And YOU, Michelle Bachman… 
And All of The Others who don't give two Twits in a Twat about anyone other than their Corporate Backer-Hackers. 

And, oh yes, that also means YOU, Koch Brothers…


That's it.

See you tomorrow on a much happier note.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Unusual Art of the Day

Medium - Sand
Image via:

Good Enough

A Malibu Thanksgiving from the Days of Yore

Although there are many important News Stories out there in which to snark or lark-about on, it seems fitting to remain on the Thanksgiving Theme

In yesterday's post, the focus was how I'm avoiding Family Gatherings this year so that I will not be drawn into unnecessary negativity coupled with Potential Drama…and how, in Another Time and in Another Head Space, the holiday had been a pleasant experience.

Aside from when I had great fun with relatives and Extended Family in years long past, one Thanksgiving with only a few friends remains at The Top of my Memory List – a simple, yet oddly profound experience I would like to share.

Long ago and seemingly so far away, Malibu was home to the Iconic Alice's Restaurant on the pier (which sadly, is no longer there). One could always count on Alice's to be a bustling, congenial location for any occasion. Views of the Pacific Ocean were available from almost every table, and one could be casual or Dressed-Up without feeling out-of-place.

Two friends who were living in Malibu at the time invited me and another mutual friend to join them for a Thanksgiving Early Dinner at the restaurant, with the additional invitation to spend several days at the home of one of the two where his home rested high on a hill with an extensive view of the ocean with its additional perks of breathtakingly beautiful sunsets and sunrises glowing Right In Our Faces.

How easy, comfortable, and relaxed our mid-afternoon dinner at Alice's had been. The sun was out, providing a glistening sheen on the ocean waters below us. The food was perfect: completely traditional; the company full of wit and wisdom. When we finished our desserts and aperitif's, three of us went our way to experience a Private Giving-Thanks Ceremony on a secluded, little-known beach further up the coast where rock caves dominated the sandy landscape. 

The Other Friend chose to return to her home in The Colony where she wanted to be at peace in her luxuriously decorated home and nap in a bed fit for The Queen of her mini-castle.

My two friends and I found our Secluded Sandy Paradise completely devoid of Other People. Thrilled for the privacy, we set about creating a charming makeshift Mini-Table balanced on flat rocks, covered with a Linen tablecloth where we placed wine chalices, an iced wine bucket, and, of course, a bottle of wine. Candles were strategically placed at each corner, with a simple finishing touch of small china plates set out in front of our respective "seats" (aka The Sand) for the continuation of our partial gluttony. We shared spiritually-based stories and experiences, recited our goals, and then quietly absorbed our ocean-air-filled atmosphere.

As the sun began to set, we raised our chalices and toasted the day, each other, and our Collective Belief in a Universal God, telling each other what we were thankful for on such a Glorious Day. When my turn came, I recall the freeing, deeply sincere statement that I was Grateful to NOT be involved in a Romantic Relationship filled with turbulence and Unhappiness. (I had recently ended one of those horrendous experiences after three grueling years.)

In the background, the sound of the ebbing tide lulled us into a near sleep until it was time to go. After we gathered our things, we affirmed our Ritual Of Thanks by bowing to a spectacular sunset, and calmly walked up the steep cliff to be on our way to the next destination.

And where would that destination be? A grocery store in the heart of Malibu, of course! We were a hungry lot. We gathered soft cheeses, fresh baguettes, and additional foods for the next day, then scurried-off to my friends' lovely home which was filled with original art of every kind: priceless sculptures, paintings…and exquisite, thematic lighting. My friend, The Guy, was an art aficionado and had dabbled in collecting rare pieces for years. Wherever he lived he made his home into a museum, adding to the already refined spirit of his creative nature.

Following a laugh-filled evening of jokes, more culinary delights, gentle jazz and wine, we retreated to our respective rooms for the night, blissfully satiated and wonderfully happy. I had not felt so at peace within myself for what seemed like years – which, considering everything, was indeed true and A Huge Relief.

I fell asleep with a wee grin on my face, grateful, thankful, for the friendship of these two wonderful people; the inspiring environment, and a day that had involved the beauty – natural and man-made – of Life.

To me, that's what Thanksgiving is all about.

Until next time…..

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Monday, November 25, 2013

Different Art of the Day

Format/Medium - Fire Art


Stressed? Maybe There Is a Way Out

Good Monday to you! Or is it? Did you know that most heart attacks occur on Monday mornings? Yep. The thought of going into the office to face another day of Business Whatever's can be a Huge Stressor for some people. So, what's my excuse for feeling so stressed already? I have a home office and no deadlines to meet – other than TDFB's postings.

Perhaps today's stress is based on a combination of seemingly minor events and things that, when combined, make me want to jump on a train to Anywhere for an indefinite amount of time. For the past month my Mondays have been full of drama.

Today, thus far, it's not so bad, but still comes with strains I'd rather not have to deal with: more technical issues with the Internet connection; a long, upsetting talk with someone close to me; the realization that The Holidays are upon us, which, in my case, has become a time of year I'd rather skip and, instead, jump right into New Year's Eve (Wheeee!) and The New Year without all of the complications, preparations, irritations, excessive libations (not always on my end) and Family Angst, among a longer list of reasons for High Blood Pressure and Irrational Behaviour.

As I've written over the years, both Thanksgiving and Christmas-Hanukah gatherings with what's left of my dwindling family have been quite horrible. It wasn't that way for many years. But, for a variety of reasons a shift happened and this year I have decided to spend Thanksgiving away from gatherings and will, instead, be with one of the few people in my life with whom I can be fully myself without High or Low Drama attached. We're going OUT for dinner where neither of us have to cook, do dishes, or deal with critical friends and relatives. This year I'm taking care of myself that way, with – I'll admit – a tinge of nostalgia for the days when Thanksgiving had been My Favourite Holiday because it had been a relaxed, easy-going experience whether I was the host or not.

But that was Then, and This Is Now.

It's too bad so many people feel the way I do about holidays when Forced Socializing brings out the Very Worst in some of us (or The Others). It's really a shame that times of Thankfulness often become Times of Hatefulness. We read lists of What Not To Say at these holiday gatherings so that Peace/Non-Drama can prevail on One Day. I think it's sad that with some families it Has To Be A Certain Way and Certain Subjects should not be discussed, isn't it? Are there alternatives to being with Family and, instead, help others to have a Good Day? Yes, but often there is a "catch" to doing even that.

I wanted to offer my help at several Charity Groups that provide food for those who are Homeless or simply unable to feed their families for one reason or another, but whoa – was I surprised to find out how rigid and strict the guidelines were for the two charities I wanted to become involved with for Thanksgiving.

The entire idea to Help was dashed by an almost Nazi-like attitude from the organizers. One would think that those of us who wished to assist were asking to be treated as children and slaves, as their Rules informed potential helpers that if any of us didn't show up with half our possessions and assets to give away along with serving the recipients, we would be sent home – without our own supper, as it were. And I'm not talking about Reasonable Rules, either. (A Reasonable Rule would be to not smoke or drink; to wash our hands; to be polite; etc.)

Therefore, on this Monday of Thanksgiving Week, I'll continue to lower the Stress Level from earlier today and, to be Trite But True, will count my blessings that I have a home to live in; a BFF to hang with on Thursday; and, as of this moment, have almost all of my physical and mental faculties intact.

There. I feel better now. "Charity begins at home" has never been truer to me than it is right now when I realize how I am dodging a bullet by Side-Stepping Drama for my sanity. I hope you'll do the same for yourself if you want to and can.

On that note, I bid you a Fine, Fine Day/Afternoon/Evening/Night/Dawn!

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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Different Art of the Day

Artist - Jonathan Shackleton
Medium - Paper
Format - Oragami
Image & Details via:

The Weekly Fluff

Hello there! Let's jump right into The Latest Fluff oozing-forth from Celebrity Websites, Tabloidy Magazines and TV Shows, shall we?

First, and most important, is how Everyone is talking about The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, and every little thing that Jennifer Lawrence is doing, has done, and might do while promoting the film. To her credit, Jennifer has made it known through interviews how she is not at all amused or entertained by how Mean women can be about Other Women! She has that one right, eh?

Good for her, I say. Aside from my days in school, I have never seen nor heard or read such malice from women toward their humble counterparts or Female Celebrities than when I fell into a Cesspool of the bitchiest women on The Interwebs a few years ago.

There are a lot of bitter, judgmental females out there! Yikes!!! You tell 'em, Jennifer!

Next, tomorrow night the American Music Awards will be going full-throttle at the Nokia Theatre in Downtown L.A. Yes, it's Yet Another Awards Show Event to stir the Inner Teen within all of us, should we choose to watch the spectacle while DVR-ing our Fav Sunday Night TV Escapes. Or not.

Because nothing of Real Importance is happening in the Entertainment World beyond the above-mentioned Hunger Games sequel, the AMA's have been hyped and hyped and hyped. I honestly wonder why as most of the music almost anyone has put forth over the past year is nothing more than an Auto-tuned Mess by Children Of The Hornies. And yes, I'm talking about That Beaver Kid and Miley-Not-So-Serious. Big Yawn, if you ask me, which you didn't, so I'll write of it no more and leave Everyone Else to do the AMA's' Bidding.

Is there anything else to write about? I don't think so. I'm Completely Over the Kim-Kanye-Jay-Z-Rihanna-Chris Brown chatter. So done with the faux excitement about Posh Beckham putting her Tired Possessions up for auction; what Kate – as in The Duchess of Cambridge – wore the other night that she had worn on another night and whatever Wardrobe Malfunction she reportedly experienced; or how great (or not so) This Actress and/or That Actor looked when they were seen at Some Place attempting to have dinner without being disturbed by Someone's Cell Phone lurking about to snap a grainy picture of Whomever It May Be for an Instagram Moment….

Yep. I'm jaded/bored with it all for sure. But wait! I do have One Thing to write that you won't find anywhere else, which is that Tom Hanks actually IS a True Gentleman. I have proof! At a film screening a few nights ago Tom approached a former Major Publicist who has retired due to health issues, and, with grace and aplomb, went down on his knees in front of the PR Whiz as she sat in her wheelchair, and gently kissed her hand. He was sincere. And she deserved the gesture.

Now THAT is NICE and one doesn't hear about those moments very often, which is why I'm doing so here. Sometimes Being Nice IS news, and a lovely way to end what could have become a Mean Girl Post. (See? I'm listening, Jennifer!)

Have a Wonderful Whatever, and, as always, thanks for taking the time to stop by!

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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Martin Ron
Location - East London, UK

Who's Zoomin' Who

Who Deserves a Flog Today?

Oh, for Bleeping Sake! What is going on over at MSNBC – you know, "The Place For Politics"? Today, for the first time in a while, I decided to turn on The Newz earlier than usual, knowing that an important development was in progress in the Senate when  Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid FINALLY moved on what is known as the "Nuclear Option" to stop the un-ending filibuster's the GOP have been flinging at Every Single Nominee  Prez Obama has offered to Congress to accept so that our government can get moving on filling judicial seats, as well as any other Open Position in Government that requires a vote by the Senate.

While the Senate Action was happening, "The Place For Politics" was immersed in a detailed discussion of Thanksgiving Food, Thanksgiving This, Thanksgiving That. What? If I wanted to know how to better stuff a Turkey or how to deal with unruly relatives I would have gone to a show that focuses on Lifestyle Issues and Events. I didn't tune-in to a News Channel to hear about that nonsense. I wanted Real Time Coverage of the Senate Vote! But no!

Can you believe it? MSNBC has become my punching bag of late for dropping the ball way too many times over the past year in particular on covering Political Stories and Events in a timely, as well as Serious Manner. Today's absurdity in yammering about turkeys rather than The Main Turkey of the Senate, Mitch McConnell, who tried to make the New Rules appear to be yet another excuse to bash Obamacare, is truly pathetic.

What just happened this morning in the Senate is something many of us have been wanting Reid to do, and is a very important development. While MSNBC mumbled-away in the background about cranberries and stuffing, I assumed nothing was moving on the Senate Floor about the much-touted Nucelar Option so I followed my usual routine of going to a few Online News Outlets and Facebook, where, to my surprise, headlines and posts blared that a vote had been taken and that the Filibuster Rules have now been changed. Thank God we can finally get something DONE! How disgustingly obstructionistic the GOP has been since Obama took office, obviously using the filibuster tactics as a cynical Partisan Ploy to continue the sabotaging actions/in-actions so that the Obama Administration would continue to look like a failure.

The Flogging Whip was so appalled by the lack of Political Coverage of A Major Political Event at MSNBC that it almost fainted, slumping into a corner of it's little mahogany-lined box in frustrated disillusionment, then tossed its lashes at me to use for this post. Considering that I'm still trying to wake-up following a wonderfully sleepy morning filled with welcomed rain and have more cotton than grey cells for a brain thus far, I'll stop here and provide a few links that will explain the finer points of what I'm writing about. Read THIS and THIS if you wish.

Bottom line? "The Place For Politics" is increasingly becoming The Place For Hollow-Icks!

Rant over…and out!

Note: Updated & Corrected as of 7:00pm PST

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Pro176
Image via:

Around The World Redux

Wednesday Tidbits # 1,450,697

It's Interwebs Strolling Time again! Enjoy!

If there is nothing to hide, why has this info taken so long To Be De-Classified? 

And we thought some teachers were Monsters In Name Only!

I've been on this dangerous "turnpike": They Should Pay HIM 

Unbelievable. Ridiculous. Absurd. The Ritz Cracker Debacle 

Someone must have had a Very Bad Dream About Knobs

She's used to having the right To Remain Silent 

Attention Gold-digger's: Your Time Is Nigh 

There's nothing like A Woman Forlorn-ed

Another reason to Hiss At The Hypocrites 

Oh, Please Just Go Away!

That's it for the day!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Unusual Art of the Day

Artist - Jeremy Laffon
Material - Chewing Gum
Image & Details via:

Withering Fights

Have you been following the Now-Infamous Cheney Family Feud? Or, should I say, have you been able to avoid seeing and hearing the Wall-To-Wall coverage of The Most Important News Story Of The Moment?

Ah, such an almost Shakespearian scenario the Cheney sisters – Liz and Mary – are providing the MSM (Mainstream Media) these days. How So Very Important to the fate of all of our lives that two sisters are at odds over Gay Marriage!

Nothing else of importance is going on in the world beyond horrendous typhoons and tornadoes, continuing wars, and, of course, that little bump in the Big Road To Healthcare For All caused by inept programming of a crucial website. Other than those events, why not spend endless minutes absorbing the knowledge that, in all probability, the Political Sister, Liz, is nay-saying Gay Marriage to gain political points by an Ultra-Conservative element of the GOP in Wyoming – Liz Cheney's newly adopted state – by denouncing the Very Thing her sister did, which was to marry her long-time "partner" and Equal Mother to their children, Heather?

I mean, why not slam Legal Marriage Equality for a sibling after you have enjoyed the time spent with the Gay Sister and Her Gay-Tainted Family in joyous family gatherings?

Actually, I'm sure it's very easy for Liz. How could anyone expect anything less from a Cheney than calculated political posturing regardless if it may hurt a member of one's own family? After all, the Cheney Patriarch had no problem almost blowing one of his close friends to shreds on A Hunting Trip a while ago.

Unfortunately for both Cheney Women, the disagreement they are experiencing is Public, whereas the bitter feelings, apparent hypocrisy, and all of the vitriol that the subject of Gay Marriage evokes in Certain People, happens everyday – somewhere – in the world within families. It's nothing new. But, although some people will and do see the Public Brew-Hah-Hah as another way to educate others on same-sex marriage, as well as to puff-up the Opposition to such a union, the amount of air-time being spent on this Current News is Overkill – more gossipy-edged fodder for Washington Pundits and otherwise bored news anchors/hosts.

We can titter-away at the fact that it's the Arch Nemesis Of America, Mr. Dickie Cheney, whose daughters are embroiled in a spat with potential political (in Wyoming) consequences should Liz win (doubtful) the coveted Senate seat for which she is running; however, the truth is that whatever one does and doesn't do or feel or say about The Daughters, the bottom line is clear: in less than ten years the American Public has changed its opinion on Gay People In General and Same-Sex Marriage with increasing speed (Stats HERE).

With the above facts, perhaps Liz Cheney IS "on the wrong side of history" as her sister so pointedly stated. And, as one of the guests on a news program this morning implied, Gay Marriage is not a Top Priority for Wyoming residents; therefore Liz' Anti-Gay-Marriage-ing Message is playing-out in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

Considering that her move to Wyoming was (reportedly) politically motivated, perhaps she should have chosen a different state in which to flaunt her views where her chances of becoming a Senator are stronger. As in, why didn't she go to The Deep South? Better yet, why not move to Saudi Arabia where women aren't allowed to drive cars or go anywhere without a Male Escort – you know, among Like-Minded Oppressors?

I bet she'd look really cool in a Burka.

Have a Wonderful Whatever!

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Monday, November 18, 2013

Some Kind of Art of the Day

Image via: (as a GIF)

These Days

The Morning After

Edited/Corrected Version as of 2:16 PST

Good Grief/Good God/OMG/Oy! It's Monday morning and I feel like taking myself to The Woodshed for a little Self-Flogging action because I spent most of yesterday NOT taking care of personal biz (as well as the planned housework touch-ups), and, instead, found myself on the phone with a close friend wherein we talked for – get this – Almost All Afternoon until my phone battery began beeping, alerting me to its potential death if I didn't get off the Talking Machine STAT!

What am I now, a teenager again? Talking on the phone no longer than a few minutes (unless it's Biz-Related) has become The Preferred Norm of my use of vocal cords via Electronic Devices. To spend almost an entire day chatting-away with another Chatterer was fun, but brought out a bit of the Party Gurl Within as I decided to begin The Cocktail Hour Early to be in-sync with my friend who was nursing wine on the other end to cheer-up her day. Couldn't let her have all of the Alcoholic Fun, could I?

And then, when our call was over, as is often the way when one is Feeling All Sparkly-Buzzy from too many libations, I just Had to check-in at Facebook to make sure I could potentially make a Complete Arse Of Myself by writing absurd comments on a few pages of both Real Life Friends and FB-Only Friends just to ensure my standing as a Loose Canon! Wow! What a clever way to build a Foolish Reputation! I do it so well…and loathe myself in the morning, of course, rushing to my FB "Activity Log" to see if I actually allowed myself to follow-through on posting several slightly inappropriate responses.

To my surprise, I discovered that I didn't create much damage. A saner side of me must have stepped-in to stop myself  from hitting "Post" – with perhaps one exception. I know I commented on an entertainment agent's status wherein she posted a lovely piece of music from Jackson Browne collaborating with another artist. All my more-than-slightly altered state could deduct from her post was the mention of Jackson Browne, which sent me into the caves of My Past when Browne was beginning his career, and the radio station for which I was working as a DJ held a Live On-Air Concert to debut his first LP – not a CD, as we are talking about The Old Days here.

The reason why I felt compelled to write more than a few words about Browne is due to how odd my experience with him was at the time, as I was the MC of the event, sitting on a stool a few feet away from him as he played his guitar, sang a few tunes, all while staring at my cleavage.

Now, to a few of you, such attention from Jackson Browne – then or now – could be a thrill. To me, it was more of a detached observation mingled with increasing discomfort that I obviously haven't forgotten. Yes I was wearing a low-cut top which didn't leave a great deal to the imagination, but, I was always surrounded by guys in those days – colleagues, friends, and other noted musicians – none of whom were so obvious in a Leering Way.

Jackson was not yet JACKSON BROWNE, Music Star, and so I had no idea what to expect. However, I didn't expect having a form of a serenade aimed at my breasts for over an hour by a scrawny-looking guy while a crowd of people lined the studio and watched our slightly awkward interplay between songs. All of my trained Acting Skills were called-forth to not react in a Visibly Embarrassed fashion...and keep on with the show.

The last impression I have of him is when the concert was over and everything was wrapping-up. I thanked him and his manager for his participation in the station's First Multi-Cast Concert, shook hands to say goodbye, and, without more than a second from moving my mouth with the Thank You Words, his eyes once again spent time replying to my chest. I was glad it was over. It's not as if he had been a Physical Letch, or had Assaulted Me, but the Obvious Focus on my breasts really left a negative impression, as well as producing Way Too Many Boobie Jokes by my co-horts in the aftermath.

For some reason last night I felt a need to mention all of the above in my Comment. I know I continued to edit what I was writing; aware that I could be saying too much, but unlike all of the other posts on which I commented, I don't remember if I chose to delete my out-of-context put-down of him or not. All I know is that, thankfully, it's not there this morning.

Perhaps the FB Friend was wise enough to delete it. I won't ask. In fact, I'm slinking around FB this morning with nary a word or even a "Like" to any post/status I would normally publically recognize. I can be Too Sensitive that way if I feel I have made a fool of myself. Or, perhaps I'm being smart by not leaping into action with anything which would call attention to my presence. For the moment, I've sent myself into Facebook Exile.

Maybe all I really wanted to convey was that Jackson Browne found my breasts interesting when I was 20 years old and that I didn't find his attention exciting at all. Why I feel a need to write about it on my blog today is indicative of some kind of Unclear To Me Need to "share" that one experience when I have so many other stories to tell that have fun, positive beginnings, middles, and ends with musicians/artists I do admire.

Maybe I just don't like him as a person ever since he reportedly beat the Bee-Haye-Suse out of his then girlfriend Daryl Hannah years ago. Maybe I don't like people who beat up other people – particularly men who hit women.

Maybe he was just being a guy looking at breasts that were noticeable.

Whatever my motivation is for continuing the non-story on TDFB, what I have learned from this seemingly minor, possible faux-pas on FB, is that I should probably attach a Breathalyzer-Button to my computer to avoid embarrassing myself in the future.

There is nothing like waking-up The Morning After and freaking-out about "Did I call anyone?" "If I did, what did I say?" "Oh No! I went on Facebook and Wrote Something Inappropriate. Have I shown myself to be as Out Of Control as I've been feeling of late"?

It's always rough when we discover that we too can be as jerky as we think Others Can Be/Have Been when they think they are being clever on Social Media.

And so I chose, instead, in the Sober Light Of Day, to embarrass myself on my Home Turf Here.

With that form of a Mea Culpa, I bid you a temporary farewell for the day in writing…at least here. I doubt that I can control my FB Addiction longer than abstaining for a few more hours. And so it goes…

Have a great Day/Evening/Night/Dawn! And thanks for stopping by!

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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Laughs & Giggles Link

Need a good laugh? I had this as my FB Status for a few minutes today. It's been around, yet never loses its real luster. Now, after laughing every time I hear it, it's time to share it with you...


Just Another Sunday Fun-Day!

So, how's your day thus far? Mine is just beginning. 
I know, you really envy my glam life, don't you?
See you tomorrow!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Unusual Art of the Day

Format - Optical Illusion

Holding On For Life

The Weekly Fluff

The past week has been very full of Fluff, so there is more than enough to write about The Populars/UnPopulars today.

One strange trend among The Wimmen Celebs is how several completely NOT clichéd Feminist Types are suddenly declaring that they are "Feminists" because…um? That's what our New Miley is saying about herself, and Courtney Stodden (who?) is saying about her own self, too, and Alec Baldwin is – not – actually. He is, instead, a Nemesis-t of himself.

Based on Baldwin's penchant for calling people names (daughter = "Pig"), and The Paparrazzi's even More Names that end up flowing from his Baldwin-Family-Patented-Lips in such an angry, mangled fashion that it sounds just like he's using anti-gay slurs, he's in Big Mouth Trouble again!

That's right! Trouble with a few $$$ losses attached. Mr. Not-So-Calm-Guy has a new gig over at MSNBC in a Graveyard time slot (a show I've not bothered to watch or to even Google its title), thus, based on a Very Recent, much-publicized Homophobic Outburst at a photographer/cameraman or reporter - depending on the source, The Suits at MSNBC have suspended his program for the next two weeks! Take THAT, Alec! Bad Boy! As if anyone thought he had "calmed down" lately. Hah! Baldwin's rants are to Alec like Misreading Everything Rational is to Michelle Bachmann. Or Sarah Palin. Or Ted Cruz, or…wait, this is a post about Celebrity Gossip, not supposed-politician-preacher-types … sorry!


Do you care that LeAnn Rimes might be freaking-out because her victim husband, Eddie Whatshisname, could be cheating on her with his ex, the ever classy and lovely, Brandi Glandville – something like that? You do? Okay. Well, The They's are saying it's true. So does her newly rebuilt body with added pounds = eating away The Blues. Or not. We don't really know. But, when LeAnn's squints become Even Squintier and Eddie's Squint is replaced by Wide Eyes, wait for the Brandi-LeAnn Twitter Wars to resume. It's been a while since they Out-High-Schooled each other in a public forum.

"Drake" This, "Drake" That… What is it about that guy that so many Celebrity Wimmen keep waving their form of underwear in his direction? He's kinda handsome, from my POV, but beyond that and a few good tunes, I don't quite "get it" – but then, he seems to be a nice person who simply knows what he's doing when he's a-doin', you know what I mean? At the moment it very well could be Rihanna again who is enjoying his company… A far better choice than her last one, don't you think?

Thinking of Drake reminds me of the Unfortunate Brainwreck, Amanda Bynes, who declared to the world via Twitter – and everywhere else on Social Media – that she wanted him to "murder" her vagina, which, somehow triggers a Lindsay Low-Hand image in my fuzzy Saturday Morning Brain because Amanda briefly held the title of The Biggest Mess earlier this year, bumping Lindsay off that forlorn pedestal and into the drink, as it were.

Where has Miz Low-Hand gone? We barely see her stumbling around these days. Based on a posed picture of her sitting in a bed somewhere smoking a ciggie while nude and side-boobing (one has to look down, not up, to find the boobies), she must be feeling "artistic" and is refreshing her Here I Am résumé. What was the point of the boring picture other than to silently announce that she's Ready For More Money from yet another Older Patron of her Taint. Hmmm?

According to Just About Everyone, Paris Hilton (who?) no longer has any friends.

And, according to the Same Everyone's, Kim Kar-Kash-In and her Not-So-Real-Really Fiancé', Mr. You-Know-Who West, don't live together – still. Gasp! Does this mean their Love is all fake, or that Kanye can't handle the stress of a baby crying in the middle of the night? Or, could it be that he has Others to spend his precious time with? Perhaps only his Fashion Designer knows for sure.

Jennifer Aniston allowed herself to be Papped while wearing Her New Short Haircut when she was walking into a Spa – and yet the World Kept Churning! Can you believe it?

Someone in Hollywood still likes Julia Roberts. True. It's George Clooney, who wasn't at all concerned to be photographed with her at a recent BAFTA event. He must be thinking that making another Oceans #### with Mizzy Roberts and Gang could bring in a few more dollars to keep his Former Paid Escorts Girlfriends happy. Or, is he just a nice guy?

Before I end this overview, it would be remiss of me to not mention Jennifer Lawrence. So, here you go – Jennifer Lawrence this, Jennifer Lawrence that, and yep, she's still outspoken, fresh, and sweet. She even went into the crowd of the Unwashed Masses to comfort a crying fan while she was floating down the Red Carpet of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, London premiere last Monday. Amazing! She's almost like a Real Human Being and not a crusty-like Academy Award Winner. Let's hope her "real-ness" lasts.

That's enough Fluff for me today. Have a Wonderful Whatever!

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Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Making of 3-D Art

Castle Of Glass

Thursday Tidbits #003+2

It's time to follow the links for your educational pleasure. Enjoy - or not?

Is The New Yorker trying too hard to show us how Unfunny Certain Persons in a Certain Profession can-not be, or is This Therapist Thing simply flat. You decide.

My, my. A good ole-fashioned Sing-Along At The Four Seasons for PR. A new trend or ???

Something else isn't "necessary" – such as Anything This Guy Says

Watch the last performance EVAH from The Velvet Underground

Just in case you care about the (supposed) status of JustJen 

Wall Street's continuing Eff You To You & Me 

A not-so-sweet ending for A Mildly Slick Act

What a Slightly Strange Group This Is

Change through Shame

The Devil IS Prada 

That's it for today!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Street Art of the Day

You Don't Love Me Anymore

Who Deserves a Flog Today?

While House Members of the USA's Inept and Cynical Congress pound their Mouthpiece Gavels against Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, a special flash of anger grows inside the tips of The Flogging Whip's stinging knotted strands. 

Cutting Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, based on the supposed desire to "Stop Socialism" in the USA (!) and to "cut wasteful spending", is truly laughable were it not so frightening in the overall Message, and the zeal with which the Proponents of Gutting These Programs lie about it everyday. 

It's quite "telling" that their priorities always involve shafting the Vulnerable Ones among us, while they certainly have no problem ignoring all of the waste our government spends on Military-oriented non-essentials and ensuring that their Money People get whatever deal they were promised when they wrote the campaign check.

In addition, we are learning how many of the Big Mouths of The Tea Party who are pushing reform are often discovered to have received, or are still receiving, similar "Socialism-like" grants and subsidies for their own personal and business use. The hypocrisy of focusing on killing the programs our country has successfully utilized for years is beyond irrational: it's complete and utter pettiness, to be kind in language for a change. 

To gain a sense of where a large amount of Government Waste has gone, and, in some instances, continues to go, The Whip is happy to point you to links that provide mind-numbing, head-shaking, eye-rolling examples that have been compiled by actual journalist's and/or publications/websites who/that dare to research the winding road to "Where's The Money Really Going"? 

The links provide a small portion of the Bigger Picture, but should be enough to make you too feel a little Whippy! Let's begin with a visually-oriented POV by going HERE to set the scene.

For more specific edification, go HERE, HERE - and ALSO THIS ONE - then sit back and breathe-in that sour smell of rotting soil on farmlands we no longer use, and upon whose owners are making millions - from U.S. taxpayers - for doing Absolutely Nothing Productive to procure Government Assistance. 

I know. You hear the complaints all of the time. It's become Just More Chatter. But, do you actually know the Details of The Waste? If not, you may find the above information helpful to your overall understanding that there IS a problem with Government Waste - but, perhaps not where you had expected to find it.

Calm Rant Over - for now.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Different Art of the Day

Title: Assembler


Confessions of a Former News Junkie

When I first began blogging over three years ago I was focused on politics more than other subjects. I had been a News Junkie, finding relief in seeing and hearing hosts and guests discuss the many, many wrong-doings of the Bush Administration, as well as the broader view of whatever International Crisis or Event entailed. Now I almost don't care what "they" say. Do you feel the same?

To one who enjoys staying on top of "the news" of any kind, the fact that I can barely stand to see or hear almost anything my former "TV Friends" report is indicative of the weariness many of us feel now that we are witnessing how The Emperor Really Isn't Wearing Any Clothes. The 60 Minutes debacle of late is yet another proverbial nail in the coffin of Mainstream Media's lack of credibility. I find the entire shift in how we are viewing our sources – in print as well as over radio and TV – to be yet another American Disillusionment as we discover that one of the few Objective News Outlets has become al Jazeera, of all places/people!

At one time not very long ago, no matter what I was doing, the television was always on, always News during the day. I was riveted to the information, the debates between pundits and hosts, the insight into behind-the-scenes (it seemed) machinations of specific politicians and the gradual, yet palpable, emergence of what is now known as The Tea Party.

To me, the Wall Of News within which I lived was a fascinating daily education into our current political system and overall climate that I had ignored beyond the basics when I was buried in a very exciting yet time-consuming career.

When I had lengthy "down time" due to a visual impairment, I grew closer to my Then Favourite News Outlet, MSNBC, accepting the shouting and spittle of Chris Matthews; the delightful Righteous Indignation of Keith Olbermann during the Bush Years; the sometimes confusing, yet always interesting, rotation of the network's Wimmen Folk who were usually slotted for the first half of the day with MSNBC's exec's trying to find the Perfect Fit – which seems to have worked only with Andrea Mitchell's continued presence in the same time slot, and, of course, the extremely wise decision to give Rachael Maddow her own show. Beyond those two women, it has been a true Musical Chairs Parlor Game over there.

Now I rarely have the TV flickering away in the background during the day, and when I do check The News, I move around more often than I had been doing to compare the coverage of Major Events from diverse points of view. What I have discovered is that not only do I tune-out half of what is said, but, as mentioned earlier, I Don't Care Anymore regardless of whether or not I agree with the host's opinions.

Moving outward from MSNBC, I find myself almost falling asleep when I tune in to CNN, and, of course, with Fox News I have to wear soft gloves to avoid breaking the TV screen by punching it whenever another Outright Lie is reported as Truth.

But it's not just the the personalities on each channel – cable or the Traditional Evening News coverage by the Networks – that have worn me down and literally turned-off the former interest I had in following political news in particular as Educational Sport; it's the increasing madness of what has become nothing more than canned responses, wooden accusations and expressions of Moral Outrage which have no resolution to them beyond leaving the viewers with feelings of Helplessness or Rage over whatever is the Newest Washington Crisis or the Latest GOP/Tea Bagger's Attack Against Minorities.

As many of us have been learning, our Once-Trusted Sources of information have become compromised over the years more than ever before by a combination of Corporate Pressure and new owners of outlets with a Very Specific Political Agenda that is carefully monitored, causing Once-Honest Journalists to become mere parrots of their owner's priorities. Too much Real Info is withheld – and it comes from Corporate Interests more often than from whoever is in The White House.

It's true that from the inception of both print and broadcasting platforms, information had always been withheld if it was deemed to compromise National Security or, as with scandals, too close for comfort to the Top Exec's at the papers and networks if the findings of an investigation would embarrass, if not ruin, a close friend/business ally. But, I don't think everyone has been as naïve about The Press as has been reported. Even those with Inside Knowledge of how The Media Works are beginning to look over their shoulders with more than a casual, quick glance, but with a chilling feeling of Info Suppression and a creepy sense of Big Brother nestled in the next cubicle or Corner Office.

And, as with Cable and Mainstream Media, I too have no resolution to my opinion today on why I find myself no longer a "News Junkie" and feel better when I turn off the Talking Heads other than to NOT turn on the TV or read too much balderdash from online news outlets.

If I want to gain at least a small sense of what may be True Reporting of a Major Story/Issue, I'm more likely to seek the info from smaller publications and websites where it is clear that someone actually did their research to form a cogent point – to provide "food for thought", and to report what the MSM ignores…such as the actual damage occurring in the Pacific Ocean from Fukushima's continual radiation leakage and precisely what factual value such info provides to anyone who is and/or could be affected by the toxic waste through food as well as general exposure.

Of course no one wants to focus on what is considered a "Negative" story, and so our sources would rather distract us with pictures of an actor or actress "Looking Hot" or going through a scandal. I'm not suggesting that we stop searching or asking for details on important developments that will or do effect our individual lives. I am suggesting we remain informed by different sources than our Comfort Zones have provided.

Depending on your appetite for information and your political affiliation, it could be more than helpful to shake things up and begin to locate Other Sources For News. We may see a headline every few days about the latest radiation leaks from Japan, for example again, but how accurate is the information when, in less than a day from publication, a new twist on the same story comes out from a Smaller Source filled with the Fine Print your once-trusted anchor/host/paper/website chose to downplay or completely omit.

Ignorance is no longer bliss when you discover that the food you are eating contains more radiation than previously reported. How nice it would be if our so-called "journalists" actually did some real Journaling.

Oh, how those who remember Edward R. Murrow wish he and his signature cigarette(s) would spring back to life!

That's all she wrote for the day. As always, thanks for stopping by!

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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Street Art of the Day

Artist - SeaCreative
Location - Italy
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Sunday Blues

The Muddled State of Ennui

Today is a sun-shiny day in L.A. Yet, within the walls of the abode I'm in rests a mild foggy cloud of  Doom & Gloom, with a touch of Self-Pity on the side. I thought I was feeling reasonably okay a short while ago until I read an article concerning Negativity within one's self and – Bam! – I began to feel really negative about everything.

Hah! Am I susceptible to outside influences or what? Yes. I guess I need to "work" on that so that I may chase The Blues away to enjoy what remains of the day.

Anyhow, I need to pull three thousand things together today while dragging my Doom & Gloom Self around the house to handle a plethora of details to be dealt with before The Evening Arrives and with it several of my fav TV programs. Maybe then The Sads will become distracted and, once fully nourished through entertainment, will float off on that foggy cloud that swept into my Body Parts earlier.

It should be easy to kiss them goodbye as one of the shows I'll be watching is Homeland, and, if you too are following this seasons' plotline, you know the condition Carrie is in, which, though I don't like seeing other people or basic "characters" flip-out, is certainly a reminder to me to take my meds. After watching her spiral, bounce-back, then spiral once again, my Pity Party could be kicked-out the door in relief that I'm not Claire Danes' emotionally tortured character.

And, with all of the above "said", I'll now quietly exit Stage Right.

See you later!

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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Street Art of the Day


The Weekly Fluff

It's a tad difficult to Feel The Fluff today with so many deaths reported in the Philippines from the Monstrous Typhoon, not to ignore that at this very moment my New TV is being set-up with all kinds of technical thingy's and the Cable Guy doing it can't get cell service "up here" – as he so aptly explained to his irritated dispatcher which is creating a mild form of chaos. Priorities, priorities.

But you didn't drop by to read The Weekly Fluff for disaster reports or to learn what my feelings are concerning  another flip-out by Mother Nature, did you? And I bet you don't care that I have a new TV to soothe my healing broken nose from the recent TV Disaster. Therefore, I'll forge ahead with The Overview of what The Populars/Un-Populars have been doing of late…or what has been reported about their oft-wayward ways.

So, let's jump in and get down to the core of Fluff on this Saturday in America, home of the Knaves:

By now you may know that Jennifer Analstone supposedly had most of her famous hair chopped-off due to damage from Keratin treatments…but you may not know how she celebrated the event: An Ear-Piercing! Something we should all do should we find ourselves almost hairless and stranded in Image Makeover Hell. I mean, what else is there to her than That Hair and a fairly toned body and Mexican Sunsets? Oh, that's right. She's still Brad Pitt's Ex and he continues to talk about their doomed marriage in almost every interview he has done over the past year.

Okayyyy … but back to the ear, which is now graced with a little stud, something that could be equated with her current beau. I certainly hope the stud stays in so that we won't be reading pitying headlines about Jen's "Broken Heart" and her apparently atrocious choice of male companions for the One Billionth Time.

Charlie Sheen's Never To Be Denied Open Mouth to the Almost Rescue of his twin sons as he ignores a Judge's Gag Order to not discuss the on-going Child Custody Madness that is happening with his ex-wives, Denise Richards and Brooke Drug Mule, as Denise can't handle the unruly twins and Brooke, Miz Unfit Mother Of Any Year, is poised to take them back under the guardianship of her brother who now has Legal Custody and will, in turn, move in with Brooke to ensure that the boys receive more Horrific Parenting.

Charlie's not too keen about the latest development and has indirectly told The Judge who allowed the boys back into Brooke's Drug-Infused Atmosphere, to go to Hades and back, admitting to someone at TMZ (I think) that he's willing to go to jail for breaching the gag. For the first time I won't bash the guy nor will I follow-up on what could have been a pun of sorts on "gag." Two kids are involved and have been passed-around with whirling speed from one home to another where drama of one sort or another occurs. Their future as well-adjusted adults doesn't look very bright.

And then we have the Best Example Evah of why Miz Goopy Palethrow is not the most cherished celebrity around now that her War On Vanity Fair has amped into Desperation Mode as she contacts her Top-Tier Hollywood "Friends" to boycott VF's annual post-Oscar party next year – just because the magazine wants to run an Honest Article about her life and loves – mingled with supposed accusations of several affairs while still married to Mr. Coldplay Geek.

Yeah, sure, Goopy. Just for you no one will dare to be seen at the Numero Uno Place To Be that night. Some people have all the nerve – or, more accurately in her case – delusions of Grand Influence over her acting colleagues. Entitled much? Geez (with a triple eye-roll)!

Everyone's making a huge deal out of how Mila Kunis looks when she's not wearing makeup. Yes, it's true. She looks like a Regular Person who is often tired. Wow! What a fascinating topic for discussion!

The Other Everyone's are not making a big deal out of how terrible Many Aging Male Actors look while they continue to land "Leading Man" roles with much-younger women always cast as their love interest. Typical. Not news, but still an unfortunate reality of Double Standards when it involves an attractive actress' Acting Career Shelf Life.

Little Baby Boy Bieber appears to be spending a lot of time and money on Hook-ah's wherever his latest gig takes him and his 3 million BFF's. Nothing THAT unusual for someone who is young, successful, worshipped by young girls and covered in money and a new tattoo almost every other week to go a bit crazy in excess. But it's the possible steroid use that may be the end of him – one way or another – as one can clearly see the sudden Super Abs and Pecks. How could we miss the new body? He rarely dons a shirt these days cuz he's so, you know, Uber-Cool and everything.

Well, my new TV is ready for me to test and adjust the Factory Default settings and get on with what remains of the day.

Thanks for stopping by and have a Wonderful Whatever!

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