Thursday, October 31, 2013

Poster Art of the Day

For Your Scary-Fairy Day & Night

To Thine Own Selfishness Be True

Halloween Greetings! Before TDFB (me) creates All Hallow's Eve postings, I'd like to add one more Key Force which was not included in Who Deserves a Flog Today....

In yesterday's Flog, Religion and Politics were given the Not-So-Grand titles of being the Two Primary reasons why the world is spiraling into the fire of destruction. It's how many thinking people view why torrential social/cultural-focused upheavals are occurring in numerous parts of the world. Those who share this perspective may also agree that one essential-to-downfall ingredient of The Decay Of The Moment is the Huge Elephant In The Room whose name is Greed.

We've been bellowing at Wall Street in general, particularly directed at CEO's who receive bonuses when they've done absolutely nothing to deserve it. We know how grossly despicable this crazed practice is, as well as how sickening it feels to learn that a Top Executive Of Whatever receives millions for ruining a company, if not an Entire Financial Structure that deeply impacts The World Economy.

Setting aside the reality of how The Poors and now The Once-Middles have been faring, as well as Under Attack by supercilious bought-and-paid-for-by-greedy-power-mongers, a Fully Thriving Economy would still reel over the news of yet another Total Failure Of An Executive receiving perks and monies large enough to fix the USA's Entire Infrastructure (which continues to crumble). Regardless of the overall financial atmosphere at any time in history, the scent of Bullish Dung wafts through our noses when it happens - over and over again.

Greed is the Word Of The Time now. It's tossed-around – increasingly – from comments on websites to Op-Ed's and Everywhere Else. We're hissing in public, endlessly acknowledging that greed is behind Almost Everything Going On Almost Everywhere except the most remote regions of the planet and is grossly unfair, unjust. And we are Right. And The Greedies Are Wrong: Really Big Time Wrong.

Last night, NBC's Rock Center finished its final show with one of their best pieces by airing a deftly handled segment on the Appalling Greed exposed in THIS STORY about Goodwill. If you have a moment and didn't see it, you must – if for no other reason than to grasp how seriously greedy this Once Trusted home of good will was.

When you can't trust "Good Will" you know the world has gone to Greed.

On that lilting note, we'll now move on to lighter fare.

Have a fabulous morning/afternoon/evening/middle-of-the-night-dawn!

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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Street Art of the Day

Location - Syria

Controversial Word - But It's The Truth

Who Deserves a Flog Today?

Whoa there! Could The Flogging Whip find a better target to flash its lashes than on the backs of The Neanderthal Minds behind the Latest Brew-Hah-Hah to deter Women From Voting? Pleeeze! This On-Going Attack against Anyone Who Isn't A White Christian Male has grown dangerously close to Minority Oppression of the highest order. In "their" minds, women remain a Minority…and Their Personal Property. Thus, just as The They's have been playing-around with Blacks and Hispanics with cynical, subversive attempts to keep them from Easy Voter Registration, as well as Actually Voting, now we have THIS!

Many women around my age went through the late '60's, early '70's, dealing with Sexist Rules, Regulations, Perceptions and Rejections. And yes, Bra's Were Burned in a  symbolic flourish of Freedom and Liberation from Male-Enforced Restrictions. Women marched for Equal Rights before I was born. Do we have to do this again? Why? What is truly going on with The Menz about their Wimmen-Folk? Does it break down into Two Reasons? The Whip thinks as such:

First, the Political Element = the way the GOP has been hammering at Abortion/Birth Control, are causing women with brains to flee the party. What better way to rig political gain than to create a maze of Bureaucratic Roadblocks for women to vote for those who actually respect their wishes and Right To Do What They Will with their own bodies!

Second, Religious Excuses: The problem with the Bible Thumping Pasty-Faced Bigots is that nowhere in their Holy Bible does abortion come into play. Jesus said nothing about it. Narrow minds, instead, have hunted for driblets of inferences which they have used to promote Life At All Cost(s).

Politics and Religion – the Two Biggest Reasons why our world IS falling apart.

It's Enough Already that suppression-oppression of Women's Rights is now a focus of attack by the tea Party Types and Other GOPer's of lesser verbal noise. Combine it with the Nauseatingly Incessant Cry-Baby stance of the politicians in Congress who don't seem to care one whit-in-a-twit about our country because they aren't getting their way, and we end up with an astounding realization that somewhere, somehow, all of these creeps were dropped on their head when they were babies.

And I'm being kind in that assessment.

VOTE THOSE IDIOTS OUT OF OFFICE in November if your area has an election on the calendar. For now, other than storming Washington with signs and loud voices, that's the best we can do.

Rant Over – for now.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Gallery Art of the Day

Artists - Icy & Sot
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Let Her Go

Tuesday Tidbits #00000

It's time to roam the Interwebs….

Finally, someone other than Elizabeth Warren Stood Up & Yelled At A GOPer 

To be less than genteel, I say WTF Are You Men Doing To Us!!! 

Smart idea, but Way Too Controlling If You're A Sneaky Kid 

C'mon, Nicole. It's Just Fine for you to "disrespect Tom"!

Has the Vatican suddenly become A Place Of Reason?

A touch of silliness for Slasher Movie Fans

My cat approves: Cats Get Some Respect

Oh no! What Was She Thinking?

As if she would have Said No 


That's it for today! Have a Wonderful Whatever!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

We're Up & Crawling Once Again!

(GIF's don't like to be re-sized.)

Well, what do you know? TDFB's tech glitch has been fixed. Tomorrow we hope to return to our currently Irregular Programming.

Thanks for your patience today.

The Weekly Fluff

Hello again! It's time for TDFB (me) to write a few words that won't strain my already Strained Brain, so here we are on another Saturday, ready to Get Fluffy with the goings-on and Gossipy Things surrounding The Populars and Un-Populars!

The Name-Any-Fashion-Magazine-Editor's favourite photographer perve, Terry Richardson, is finally receiving negative reviews all over the Webs – not for his "work" – but for what he does with the young women with whom he "works."

If you're young and pretty and want to be an actress or model and don't know who he is, you are lucky. Keep it that way. Should you want to know more, hold your nose and return to your close relationship with Google Search.

The intelligent Celeb-Based Newz of the week is that Russell Brand apparently started a Revolution of some sort because he actually made complete sense about politics/voting during an interview. I thought his comments were brilliant – because, of course, I agree with him – but more importantly, where is that "Revolution" manifesting beyond just the headlines?

Everyone is buzzing-about – pro or con – Johnny Depp's Blonde-ish Look. I say, Good God he looks like he's aged 10 years! Yes, the facial bloat is gone, and in its stead we've been left with a Non- Shades-Wearing almost gaunt-faced, older looking Once Hot Mess! And, more often than not of late, All Dressed-Up in a Suit, looking serious, sober and everything. Did Amber Heard do this to him? Did he decide it was time to clean up now that his primary rivals are women?

But, let's go back to the really important point: WTF is going on with Johnny Depp's "new" hair colour? Did he find himself standing on a sidewalk one day below a 10th-story building when a maintenance person tossed-out a bucket of mixed bleach and Stain Remover from the roof– which, naturally, splashed upon his once-brown locks? Sorry Johnny, but Noooooo!

And OMG! OMG! The laid-back, chilled-out, Cool Dude Brad Pitt, reportedly flipped-out on co-star, Shia Laysinthebuff, who Mr. Pitt found to be having too much fun with a rifle on set that Shia managed to whack Pitt in the face with. Normally, Cool Dude would laugh it off. Not this time. He EXPLODED all kinds of mad words on Shia's ears over the "accidental" apparent prank. But, naturally, after cooling his lifts heels in his trailer in one form or another, Pitty Boy emerged willing to carry on with the asshole slightly anger-mismanaged Shia in their next scene. They are Pro's, I tell you! At least they were in character during the run-in. They are working on a War Movie, after all.

Unless I missed it (which is possible these days), no one mentioned Jennifer Aniston's Womb on a magazine cover this week. That's right. No She's Pregger's!!! stories or pictures of Jen wearing yet another outfit that calls attention to her Baby-Growing Body Spot. Wow! And yet the world still turns.

Was it just me having a Drug Flashback, or did Kanye West actually tell an interviewer that his victim fiancé, Kim-Kar-Kash-In,  is a "socialite" of the highest order? That she's a Major Money-Making Designer of Great Clothes that sell Millions and Millions at the Grand House of Sears? I checked. It's true. He did say that. And more. Just ask God. That's who Kanye refers to at every opportunity of late – just so we know how very religious he and Kimmy are. In addition, he believes they are now THE POWER COUPLE! (Methinks Jay-Z and Beyoncé are still laughing at that one.)

Miley Cyrus, the latest Unfit Girl, is reportedly "making-out" with "everyone" she hangs out with these days. Such a shock! What a slut, "they" are saying. Hey, wait a minute! I was in my 20's at one time, and I too made out with everyone within five feet of my face half of the time. And I wasn't a … oh, wait!

Last, lotsa little birdies have been chirping somewhat quietly about how A Certain Someone is drinking again, although not anywhere in public lest she find herself in prison - finally! Well, at least she's not driving these days.

That's enough Fluff for me. Have a Wonderful Whatever!

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

3-D Art of the Day

Artist - Marchal Mithouard (aka SHAKA)
Location - France
Medium - Mixed
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Too Much (NSFW)

When Too Much Is Just Too Much

Greetings! After waking at dawn again (a new personal rhythm that I have yet to fully comprehend) and stumbling around in the dark to find a light switch for both my sight and my brain, three million, five-hundred-and-ninety-thousand thoughts whacked me in my Face-Reality Face in a rather rude manner.

I really have A LOT on that over-used "plate"  – not just today, but for the next several months. And it makes me very tired, edgy, intense, paranoid, worried, excited, reluctant, frightened….oh, I could go on…and on. But I won't. Otherwise, TDFB will become a personal journal and that just isn't going to happen.

So, this is a heads-up note that for a while, more than usual, you may be seeing GIF's of water dripping, paint drying, and anything else I can post to reflect The Mood Of The Day. That's the Truth – pithy as it is.

And that's all I'll be able to write today.

My Inner Muse is not amused. (But it did enjoy that sentence.)

Until later, be well and thanks for stopping by!

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Monday, October 21, 2013

Street Art of the Day

Location - China


Monday Tidbits #101+6

Welcome to a new week! Let's begin with a stroll through the Interwebs…

Millions wept, and then rejoiced! Who Spilled The Coffee? 

Someone(s) should take on the fight 'Cuz I'm Too Tired 

Could they be faking-it more Than They Already Are? 

Makes sense to keep them: The Enemy Is Up There 

Would someone please stuff a Sock In His Mouth?

In the mood for queasy guessing? Read This Site 

The New Pope still amazes: You Tell 'Em! 

Just another day at school in 'Merica

Who knew? A Violin For The Sads 

Oh really? Tee-Hee?

That's it for the day!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Curse of a Novice Techie

Yikes! I'm designing a new website for my freelance work, which is quite challenging. 
I feel a tad overwhelmed, so a break from Techie Things is on the menu for today.
TDFB (me) will be back with Who-Knows-What tomorrow!
Until then, have a Wonderful Whatever!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Special Art to Bend Your Mind

Format - Poster

Saturday's Ironic Pre-Post Classic

The Weekly Fluff

Good Saturday to you! It's time for The Weekly Fluff! Over the past week in Celebland, despite Marriages and Babies-Babies-Pregnancies-Pregnancies by So Many of The Populars, one story has gained quite a bit of attention: Bruce Jenner's possible Transgender-Obsession. Or, as others are conveying the slightly salacious news, his Cross-Dressing Fetish! (I wonder how this story "got out" – could A Certain Someone be looking for a Better Image?)

Wherever the tongue first wagged to The Press, the "explosive claims" are causing many people (as opposed to animals) to wonder if it's true that Bruce Jenner, the once Most Tip-Top-In-Shape Athletic-Testosterone-Based Human On Earth, really is a Closet Cross-Dresser?

Yes, so say many Blind Items, Direct Articles, and so on – for longer than Just Last Week when People led the story/rumour. Rather than ramble-on, The Weekly Fluff suggests you read The Real Down & Dirty through different fingertips by going HERE. 

Poor Bruce (we assume he's a "Victim" of something…) has (reportedly) been struggling with his True Sexual Identity for years and years. Nanoseconds before he (reportedly) was ready to shock the Whole Wide World by becoming a Woman (otherwise known as a Transsexual, a word used frequently within the Kar-Kash-In's Castle), Kris Mama Jenner dived into his Secret Life, accepting His Feminine Needs, and thus, no CuttathePenisasa Evah Happened – beyond his face. She would take care of that. What a Savior!

Did anyone notice (if you were you more than 10 at that time), that Bruce's face began its journey toward Femininity around the mid-80's, if my memory is reaching-back far enough into its Odd Observation Vault. Had his once-perfect physique begun to shrink due to lack of intense training or lack of a bit of "help" from An Athlete's Friend-By-Injection, the change in his appearance below the neck would have been understandable.

However, as mentioned earlier, suddenly Mr. Bruce's face had morphed into Something Else Beyond Basic Plastic Surgery. He seemed to be on his way toward A Woman's Face. At first, the change was unsettling. He also appeared to be taking Female Hormones as he had begun to sprout Little Titlets. Whispers were slowly seeping into The Media about a possible sex-change. And then – bam – it stopped! (With the exception of continuing Face Work – most meant to downplay what the first one caused.) Instead, to those who don't really know The Real Facts Behind-The-Screams, it's been perceived by TV audiences and the General Public that Jenner simply turned his Male Parts over to Kris and let her do the Decathlon.

In my opinion, I believe all of the above to be true with regard to Jenner's desire to cross-dress as well as having had – at one time – a plan to take it all the way until various roadblocks, perhaps second-thoughts, hit him in the face following an unfortunate bout with his mirror one day.

It has to be a difficult time period for Bruce Jenner. He is finally Officially Separated from his Questionable Other Half (which is a good thing), but divorce/separations still cause stress. Now this latest Tabloid Hell. I wish him well in whatever he does concerning the recent PR he is receiving. It has to be a Grand Embarrassment – true or false. Men don't receive the same nod of "it's okay" to cross-dress as women do.

Now, on to the remainder of my day where I will search the pantry for a Fluffy Breakfast Of Champions! Yes, Bruce's past Cereal Box Covers have been an inspiration! Future endorsements by Bruce could also inspire should they involve a box big enough to place a Certain Someone to be shipped to Dubai where I'm sure someone would be willing to pay C.O.D. for an opportunity to be exploited in the media Every Day For The Rest Of Their Life.

Have a grand, Fluffy day!

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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Photography Art of the Day

Burning Down The House

Lords of the Lies

Well, what do you know? Today the USA is Up And Running– to somewhere. At least the Most Important areas of The Former Shutdown, such as parks and Memorial Places, will be open once more (you know, those Life-Saving Priorities of the Tea Party). And maybe, just maybe, people who were starving; without needed meds or medical treatments, will have their lives back to the Poor Normal once more.

Isn't it amazing how desperate the Eric Cantor's, Jim DeMint's (the insidious behind-the-scenes dictator of The Tea Party via The Heritage Foundation) behaved over the past few weeks?

Almost every single word they said to defend their egregious desire to ruin America just because they lost an election and disagree on social, ideological agendas, were Complete Lies! More money was LOST due to their Pointless Opposition than a rational mind can fathom.

Really, what were these people thinking (as I always ask with an eye roll)? Did no one know how much it would COST to NOT have Federal Property (parks) in working order? The parks are just one example. There is more. Check THIS out for the cost PER DAY these Wingnuts tossed to the wind while decrying the deficit and pointing pointy fingers at a president who has actually been acting like A President.

It's far more than a snide tsk-tsk against these fools. They are, as I have been writing for almost three years, CHILDREN. Bad Children. Mean Kids. Children are often seen as cute and "know not what they do" when they are mean, cranky, belligerent and hungry. We witnessed just that in Washington for 16 days. We've watched the hubris of a faction of a once-revered Grand Old Party prepare for the complete destruction of faith in the USA on the World Stage while flinging a Middle Finger to the 90% of Americans who WANT Obamacare/The Affordable Care Act, and who did NOT want us to go into a Debt Ceiling Default. Tone deaf to the Will of the Majority, wouldn't you say? Just like Unruly Kids ignoring their parents/guardians' requests for them to do their homework – or mow the lawn…all of those cliché'd chores.

"Children", in fact, may be a "too grown-up" word for Tea Baggers. How about "Babies"? Babies don't listen to their parents or caretakers because they are not quite "formed" to speak or make sense other than gesturing for what they need. They, as Babies, have an excuse for being Obtuse. Not so with The Children Of The House. As it goes, many REAL children showed more curiosity about the truth behind The Shutdown than almost everyone in The Media. (Example)

We knew it was The End when a culmination of The Crazy Thinking of the Home-Grown Terrorists trotted Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz out into the open to spew absurd hate toward an administration that, although' far from perfect, has been able to increase the economy; promote progressive and humane Social Concerns such as Gay Marriage; block Voter-Rigging; provide a Healthcare option for Americans who otherwise could not receive health insurance, etc. Seeing a Sour-Faced Ted Cruz coupled with Palin was a Last Whimpering Stand.

Yes. The GOP is in Tatters. Broken. Bitter (nothing new there), and well on its way toward extinction. And yet, the Mainstream Media – until perhaps a few hours ago – continued to report on the Latest Crisis as if Both Parties were being "stubborn." Well, hell yes the Democrats would be stubborn. Any political party SHOULD hold their ground when attacked so viciously, so disingenuously, over A LAW that requires no "negotiations or compromise."

These Lords of The Lies have shown the world just how immature they are at the core. They are, indeed, the spawn of Rabid Primitive Instincts to maim, destroy and callously turn against anyone who doesn't have a Koch Stamp Of Approval embedded in their cold, dark hearts.

And so I congratulate The Senate, most Democrats who stood behind their campaign promises, and President Obama for NOT caving this time. For now, we have a Moment Of Calm streaming across the nation. Until next time, of course. That Next Time involves repeated attacks against Medicare and Social Security. Again!

I'm rolling-up my sleeves for that fight.

Otherwise, that's all she wrote on this New Day In America

Have a Wonderful Whatever!

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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Street Art of the Day

Artist - L7M
Location - Sao Paulo
Image & Details via:

Retro Wednesday Music

Wednesday Tidbits #53,719

Here we go on another jaunt through The Interwebs…

Breaking Newz:  Give Us A Break, And We Mean Now - In The House

Note for bloggers:  Sarcasm Is Your Friend – And You Are Brilliant

Don't tie this smart Kangaroo down, Oy! Where Else Would It Go?

And "they" said women couldn't understand Techie Things…

How many pennies can I scrape together To Afford This? 

Um, a new way to find OM: Creepy Or Wheeeee? 

Is this a potential Battle Of The Indulged? 

The Old Days are almost New Days Again

Hall & Oates finally receive Respect

Open mouth, insert Hoof 

That's it for today!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Commercial Art of the Day

Format - Digital
Image & Details via:

Leave Me Alone

Who Deserves a Flog Today?

The Flogging Whip is All Whipped-Up and Exhausted! Just look at it - all fuzzy and limp but still ready to Flog Away! Today the lashes are flailing at Financial Lender/Brokers who have been inundating my space with an avalanche of Unwanted Calls! 

Other than that, how is your day thus far? Mine has been nothing but aggravating phone interruptions since 6:30. 45 calls from potential financial lenders within less than two hours was how my day began. How they found my number and other info can probably be traced to one source which had guaranteed Info Privacy. Hah!

My primary phone number is unlisted. And, I researched the Original Lender before going in that direction a few months ago. They are reputable. Or so I thought. The loan is one month away from completion, so the Shady Money Wolves from Other Places are now on The Hunt to gain my business/money when I'm no longer obligated to Another Bank/Lender. I can only Assume "they" received my info via the Lender. It's too coincidental to be otherwise. Or am I lashing-out in the Wrong Direction?

At first I ignored the calls – until I noticed several Repeat Numbers. They weren't going to stop, so by a certain Boiling Point I chose to tackle the increasing bombardment with Direct Action. After speaking to several Brokers and declining their offers, yet still receiving more calls, now I'm picking up the phone, demanding to know the name of the company, and yelling at them to stop calling and hanging-up! I'm not going to accept their offer. Period. Done. Go away!!!

What a job these people have. They are trying to "make a living" and I realize how difficult jobs of a Financial Lending Nature can be via banks and other institutions such as Credit Unions. But Whoa!  It's one thing to receive a few annoying calls. It is truly an assault on the senses, not to ignore a Concentration Interruption, to Literally Have The Phone Ring every few minutes for hours – and I am NOT exaggerating on the number of calls. In fact, during the few minutes I have been writing, I've had 4 5 6 7 more calls – all from yet More Desperate Lenders with shady deals. Again, I'm answering the calls to Get Rid Of Them! Otherwise, they'll continue to auto-dial for days – or weeks.

If you've read how much I loathe the sound of phones ringing/or making sounds at all, as well as the Time Drain to deal with most of the strangers on the other end of the line when I finally have to pick up the phone to request NO FURTHER CALLS, you may understand why I'm airing a hint of Personal Experience with this mess I may have inadvertently created for myself by providing simple things such as a phone number to a new outlet-resource.

Recently I wrote of a phone call I had with Rep's of a skincare line I want to try. In the post, I mentioned how I would not pick up the phone for those 800 + numbers again. How doing so that day was a break in my rule to NEVER answer unsolicited calls. "Never" say "never" is certainly true in my current situation. Rules are to be broken, it seems, particularly when it is a constant stream of calls. Defensive measures aren't always effective, such as turning off the ringer, not answering the call, as it won't end the problem – it merely prolongs the harassment.

That's it. I'm venting. The entire topic I had intended to write about today is completely squashed in a cluttered maze of what's left of my patience, concentration, inspiration and desire to be reasonable, unreasonable, or slightly humorous in another politically-oriented Hissy Fit of my own.

If you learned anything from this post, it's that we no longer have ANY privacy even when we try. As careful as I have been over the years to maintain privacy with my personal info, one seemingly safe action can create, at the least, a Mountain Of Annoyance. Unless one completely dumps all credit cards, banks, email , Cell Phone/Landline accounts, and social media accounts – going Underground/Off The Grid – these battering intrusions may only get worse. So, Welcome To More Spying beyond the NSA!

Meanwhile, back in Washington… Oh, screw it!

See you later when I find my sense of humour again.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Another American Holiday

It's Columbus Day in America! We celebrate someone who didn't really discover "America" because we need a reason to celebrate slaughtering Native Americans - or something? 
Whatever, I'm My Boss, and I'm giving myself a Day Off.
Have a Fabulous Day whatever you're doing!

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Sunday, October 13, 2013

3-D Art of the Day

Artist - Eduardo Relero
Location - Spain
Medium - Chalk
Image & Details via:

American Idiot

A Very-Few Words About Devils

Before I go off for the day to spend more time in 3D Escapism-Terror In Space via a Huge Screen at a theater with the best sound in town (yes, it's Gravity, of course), I'm finding myself deeply rooted to the Wicked Going's-On here on Earth.

The spirit of Kindness & Love one attempts to find and Be on a Sunday (or any day if you try), has been tossed into the Creepy Dark Black Hole of more GOP/Tea Party BS that I simply won't avoid mentioning. How can I?

Paul Ryan is at it again in his Fervent War On Women, nestled always within his speeches and deals. This time, he wants to attach an anti-Birth Control Thing into the upcoming Debt Ceiling Debacle. That's right. He can't help himself, can he? (Here's the ARTICLE) Obviously, I want to throw pitchforks at him.

Meanwhile, Texas Senator Ted Cruz continues to be blasted by his so-called GOP Colleagues, while maintaining what I believe is The Pious Mask Of Satan he wears as his face. It's a Creepy Face, don't you think? All pointy and pasty and sleazy and slimy and slick and sick-looking. And that's my impression before he allows the Fire Of Hellish Beliefs to pollute the atmosphere when he speaks. And when he does speak, his condescending tone; entitled attitude; smarmy manner and Obvious Out-Of-Touch With Anything Other Than His Ego words make my skin crawl. There is something about him that reminds me of a former Duplicitous Pastor who has become an Undertaker – which is perfect, actually, as his destructive, hateful ways are killing the GOP...not to mention his whiny voice.

You disagree? You aren't sure? You don't know what he's like? Well, thank The Lord you stopped-by TDFB today as I will happily provide a few links for your viewing/reading pleasure/displeasure. He's SO LovedGreen Eggs & A HamThe Warning ShotGeneral BS

With regard to Eric Cantor? Pfffft. He's already doing enough of The Devils' Work that I won't bother to replay or rewrite. But, I had to say something about him not only because he's such an ass, but also because his picture is included above.

Okay. I did my duty for the day. Mud-slinging just a tad, I feel it's time to wash my hands, jump in the shower, and shake off all of the cockroaches Cantor, Cruz and Ryan bring with them wherever they ho.

And no, the last word above is not a typo.

You're welcome.

See you later!

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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Street Art of the Day

Artist - BTOY
Location - Barcelona
Image via:


The Weekly Fluff

Hello there. It's definitely time for a bit of Fluff, don't you think? What have The Celeb's been doing lately, and what are The Masses saying and thinking about them? And do we care? Sometimes. Today might be one of Those Days.

Hugh Jackman is absolutely perfect in every way: how could anyone resist his cute, happy family riding on "scooters" together with their dog ? Or giving a helping hand to a lady in potential distress?

Yep. He's The Current Prince Charming – did you hear that, Kanye?

Miley Cyrus has been making sense, exhibiting maturity, in her answers to questions regarding her breakup from former fiancé Whatshisname Hemsworth. Maybe twerking has accelerated the flow of oxygen to her grey cells.

Are Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie privately separated and simply co-parenting? Odd, curious minds want to know.

Catherine Zeta-Jones and her estranged, strange husband, Michael Douglas, reportedly will spend Thanksgiving together for the sake of their children. If their Thanksgivings are anything like mine have been for the last 3 years, the children will fare better having dinner at a Soup Kitchen. Oh, to be a fly on the wall…

Now that Sandra Bullock has freaked the bee-hay-suse out of us, touched our hearts, and shown what courage looks like via Gravity, Cate Blanchett (Blue Jasmine) may not end up with that Nude Gold Man next year after all. Sandra deserves another Oscar anyway, considering how Douchey Husband Jesse Tattoo's Everywhere With A Weird Chin Beard poured a huge cold bucket of iced Swastika's all over her post-Oscar Win last time.

No one's mentioning this but me, it seems, but Where The Eff is Al Franken these days? Why isn't he stepping-up for the Dem's during The Shutdown, and adding his once-brilliant wit to provide another voice to the issue/crisis/blackmail/hostage-taking? He became a Senator for/from Minnesota in 2009 based on his intellect, Fair-Liberal leanings, his Outspoken Voice and Former Celebrity Influence. Once within the foggy chambers of Congress, he has squeaked-out a few words when he has to, but otherwise he appears to have become Just Another Politician by remaining non-controversial to hold on to his seat in the next election.

Hiss on you, Mr. Franklin. Let the Gossip Begin on your wussiness. Time to sit down in front of a mirror again and remind yourself how wonderful you truly are, eh?

Moving on to Actual Gossip….

And then we have The Latest Possible BS (or Truth) concerning a rift (again) between Jennifer Aniston (aka Analstone) and her swain, Justin Theroux. The cause? He's a Real New Yorker and she's a Real California Girl…and she hates NYC and he feels trapped in Bel-Air, spending too much time whitening his teeth and taking care of his fine looking abs, it seems. AND, he has a NYC-based project that will take him away from the Jennifer Trap for almost 6 months, and she isn't willing to set-up a cozy little penthouse suite there to share the time with him out of her Comfort Zone. Thus, Trouble with a Big 'T'.

Is the above a surprise to anyone should it be true? Having felt NYC sneak into my blood based on a few relatively brief stays over the years, as well as living in L.A., it was clear to me from the beginning of their relationship that if Mizzy Suntan Queen of Cabo San Lucas couldn't compromise to spend part of their time together on his turf – where he is comfortable and carries a prestigious family name in literary circles – their union would be doomed. "True" love aside, geography can mean a great deal to people.

On that factual note, I'm off to be Even Fluffier than usual today with mindless activities. Have a Wonderful Whatever!

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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Expressionism Art of the Day

Artist - Dali
Title - Exploding Clock
Image & Details via:

Wasting My Time

One Less Call To Answer

I made a mistake today (unlike every day). I answered my phone. Just like that! The number was a toll-free thingy, which is the warning signal not to ever, evah, answer the call. But I did on a whim, and, almost 30 minutes later, was freed from the verbal grip of two (count 'em – TWO) Customer Care Rep's thanking me profusely for ordering a Trial Version of their skin care line.

Before I could finish my first Caffeine-infused Morning Tea to find the Bitch Within to abruptly end the call, both (True Pro's, by the way) held my attention convincingly, earnestly, by informing me that the company offers a Great Rewards Package!! I wasn't interested in anything other than the skin care line, but barely had a moment to comment as the Female Rep soothingly began her genteel spiel.

Included in The Golden Rewards Package I will receive for Only $1.00 (until I call to cancel in 2 weeks or agree to spend $30.00 a month for "savings"), I will have a $100 Gas Voucher that I can Keep Forever!!! 

Well, I like that one as I owe a friend who takes me places and picks things up for me (while I'm stuck in The Hills While Not Driving at-the-moment) a generous bonus for their gas-guzzling efforts. Nevertheless, though I'm known to be quite direct/blunt to Telemarketers and others who are attempting to sell something, and refuse to waste my or their time, The Two Pro Rep's were on a roll, pulling me in to Listen-Up, if nothing else. Sipping more tea, shaking last night's First Time In Weeks Decent Sleep from mine brain, I sighed and decided to let them practice their pitch.

But then, as it usually is with calls of this nature, someone goes a bit too far and too long in asking the same questions the Other Rep had asked, as well as Double-Confirming my address, email, name of Spirit Guide, Net Worth, Designer Labels in my closet, etc. Interrupting the Male Rep after the Female Rep went on to other customers, I queried why I had to duplicate my info with him? I had just given the same info to the other person.

How time-consuming, I told him. I had a writing deadline, I said. The call needed to end, but I appreciated the heads-up on what will be attached to my Trial Purchase of a Skin Cream; however, for the record, I wouldn't need the Rewards Stuff. Brief silence on the other end. Then, he must have silently nodded in agreement, as he knew his time to Sell Me On It was waning, thus he accelerated his speech.

We ended on a pleasant note, but, For Once And For All I will remember to ignore those 800/866/877 numbers on my screen, conserving what remaining sanity I have by enjoying silence in the morn, as well as not beginning my day talking to strangers about how great it is I chose their product, yadda-yadda-yadda…and here's a little Thing Attached You Need To Hear.

I know. It goes with The Territory of buying things online, as well as accepting trial offers. So, now I have to go through the hassle (not huge) of Remembering To CALL (not email or anything else) the company within two weeks to CANCEL or else – you know how it goes – the charge will be automatically deducted from my account.

I'll remember. And I'll also remind myself to Follow My Intuition when it involves my decision years ago to not waste time on the phone with anyone, which is why most of my friends have grown snarly at me over the years because I no longer enjoy hours of chat. I prefer writing, which is why Social Media is my Time-Waster-Of-Choice right now. At least there I can hang with former colleagues and learn things I can never write about on this blog.

Pssst. I can keep some things to myself, but not when it involves Disruption Of Peace – be it my "fault" or not.

Side note: With regard to Disruption Of Peace, isn't it a Serious Hoot that To This Day some people are STILL trying to comprehend that it is The GOP/Tea Party who are responsible for The Shutdown madness, not Obama? That it will be The GOP's Swan Song should the USA default on the Debt Ceiling? AND, isn't it a True Smackdown that the Owners of our country, the Koch Brothers, are hissing derisively in the direction of John Boehner?

Oh, tee hee. But, that's a story for another day… from TDFB …cuz' it is definitely THE political story Today Everywhere Else.

Well, look at all of those words I've written! I must have had at least 3 cups of strong black tea during this morning's Custom Care Listen-Fest!

See you tomorrow with Friday Fun postings….

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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fine Art of the Day

Image & Details via:

Jazzy Tuesday - 'Autumn Leaves'

Tuesday Tidbits #2,000 +

Greetings! While doing the usual rounds through Cyberspace, the following links caught my attention... Enjoy!

Why does anyone take This Guy-Guise seriously? Randy Small Gets All Fired-Up 

Yet Another perk Congress won't discuss during the Shutdown: Abs are VIP 

I always knew there was a noble reason for Why I Love Basketball!

How's this for Twitter Political  Madness? Surprised? 

Why? Just Why? Unless You Love Hotdogs 

Happy Birthday to The Cool Kats & Chicks 

For Serious Nerds: Punctuation Plummet

In China: Waste Not Or You'll Lose A Lot

So does my mother: All Typed-Up 

Box Office Results – Up To Date 

That's it for today!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Bonus Fin DAC Art of the Day

Fin DAC 
Location - Munich
Image & Details via:

Man! I Feel Like A Woman

Isn't He Funny!

Good Monday to you! Were it not for the You Get A Job For Life part of being a U.S. Supreme Court Justice, I'd happily grab Justice Skull-Will-Eat-Ya' by his too-tight collar and throw him out the door, cursing all the way Cuz I'm Not A Real Lady, doncha know, and I'm The Downfall of Civilization – behind Neanderthals such as this slap-happy egomaniac.

For details, CLICK THIS.

That's all I can deal with on this wonderfully overcast morning in the Early Days of Fall.

Have a productive day!

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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Almost Street Art of the Day

Artist - Fin DAC
Location - London (Exhibition)
Medium - Stencil

Special Clip: Beware of Fools & Wooden Soldiers

Who Deserves a Flog Today?

Allow The Flogging Whip and me/I/TDFB (me), to write about The Shutdown One. More. Time. After reading yet another article (THIS ONE) defining the actions of the Tea Bagging Few as well as succinctly explaining – one more time – what services, agencies, are suffering from the Hissy Fit of The Twits, the sleeping Whip was roused to ire – one more time. 

How can one not become upset and further aggravated, if not utterly astonished, to hear and see The Culprits do their little Fancy Dance Press Conference last Friday wherein they said nothing, did nothing, but whine and cast blame everywhere but at their own perplexed-by-what's-going-on faces.

John Boehner responded with another one of his Lying Nay's that no, he and others in The House, were not drinking/drunk when they were making the decision to Remain Stubborn over Obamacare, resulting in the Now Infamous Shutdown. He answered with a slurry few words, denying such a thing, sounding like someone who just finished a drink. Yes. He slurred a word or two. Did anyone else notice it?

WTF Is Wrong With Those People? Really! I truly mean it – and not "mean" by Their Mean Standards, of course. Where did they shove their misguided heads this time? It's doubtful that anyone's azz could be large enough to place those Swollen Egos. Complaining about Memorials and Parks closing as if they were unaware of the consequences of their idiotic, absolutely unnecessary Game On attitude about healthcare for Americans, was so disingenuous it was breathtaking. Unfortunately, it appears that very little Advance Thought was given to the fallout – in addition to how many Americans would begin to slink away from the sight of them and what they stand for.

With regard to The Global Image Effect of how the US of A is perceived, these spoiled, belligerent anti-Americans, should climb aboard a few planes, wrap bombs around their waists, and create a replay of 9/11. 

The Terrorists are here. They are Extremely Dangerous to Every. Single. Point. Of. The. U.S. Constitution. These people are a threat to the safety and health of you and me. They are ignorant of/about The Facts of The Affordable Healthcare Act; they are deliberately oblivious to polls and elections which have shown how high the Positive Numbers are for Obamacare, and that Mr. Obama WON THE ELECTION! 

And, they conveniently forget that The Spending Problem owes a great deal to votes their own members - as well as themselves - cast a while ago. Our Debt is not from Future Spending. Our debt is already A Current Debt. The lies Boehner spewed forth on Friday about this very concern was Another Moment In Misinformation-Land, a place where Tea Baggers go to find comfort in their delusional grins of "victory" for ruining progress on Every Single Human-Based Need.

When The Few disregard The Will Of The Masses to cause Complete Failure of a Constitution and Country they supposedly hold so dear while clutching bibles and are steeped in Outrageous Indignation that they didn't get their way, thus causing pain and Death (via lack of supplies for people who depend on Blood Transfusions, for example), there is only one word to describe them:


And what do we NOT do with terrorists? We don't "negotiate."

So, tossing all refinement off this page one more time, The Flogging Whip has asked to have the last words:

^%$&* ((lash)) @!*&^ ((flap-slash-lash)) !!!!!!!! ((crack)) *%%$! ((whack)) !!!!!! ((BAM))

Rant Not Over

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Special Art of the Day

Location - Iran

New Female Music Group - Playing Jazz & Wearing Clothes

The Weekly Fluff

Good morning/afternoon/evening/dawn! We – TDFB (me) – have nothing whatsoever to report with regard to The Populars and Unpopulars that isn't already filling space on The Internets and TV's.

Every outlet from Washington DC Gossip Sites to The Huffington Post and Regular Gossip sites, all the way through TV Talk and Entertainment Shows, have already flown with the Miley Cyrus-Sinead O'Connor Open Letters Feud, along with anything else O'Connor has been writing and bashing during the past week into this morning.

What's new to add to the trend of Open Letters between Celebrities? Not much other than Shaming & Blaming one or the other for this and that and so on and so forth and then, in a week or two, we'll forget about all of that verbiage on Sinead's part, and Miley's Eff U Antics in response (and Who Knows What Other Stale Hell Miley will wreak upon SNL tonight to keep the Miley Career Pyre's On Fire), and then The World Will Churn Again in another Celeb-Of-Sorts Scandal, leaving Sinead's Crazy-But-True Opinions on the exploitation of women/girls in the Music Biz in someone's archive for retrieval when the Next Twerk-To-Jerk arrives on the scene.

Sinead, despite her usually OTT behaviour and TMI about her body parts, made a great deal of sense in her initial Open Letter to Nashville's Answer To Green Grass Pastures dotted with gifts from the cows. Have you read the Opening Shot? If not, HERE IT IS

If you have been following The Spat, you know that more words were flung while Miley continued to stick out her tongue…but I won't go into that because the focus of this post is to back-up Sinead's claims about the music industry and the incessant demands on female musicians, singers and performers, to conform to The Glam-Hip-Hookah Thing.

First, she is 100% correct on her assessment. I've heard this story many times from women in music who chose to walk away from Big Labels to pursue their passion, which is Playing Their Music while not wearing Fishnet Stockings. If you don't conform, you won't perform for the Money Guys cuz, in their minds (and so-called "experience") women won't sell-out concerts or draw a paying, downloading, CD-buying, group of patron-fans. You gotta have Titties and then Show Them! You must wear so much makeup you are barely recognizable. If you aren't a Madonna or Lady Gag-Gag Type with tricks flowing all over your body and stage, then you Best Listen-Up and Do What Big Daddy tells you to do.

That's right! Shake that bootie, baby, and wear revealing, provocative Almost-Nothings In Leather & Lace outfits, and be sure to have a Wardrobe Malfunction somewhere along the way that reveals a Private Part or two. Also, don't forget to grab the crotch of a Male Or Female Backup Dancer, simulate sex with them for a minute, then lean over and shake that ass one more time!

Sure, it's not news that Agents and Managers and Producers and Executives in The Biz have always pushed their "Talents" to change their image for better PR and Sales. However, a trend with women whoring-out more than not while performing is growing. Part of the current atmosphere undermines any true, honest, musical talent the performer may have. For example, Sheryl Crowe is a Musician and Writer – not a Glam Queen. Lucky for her, hit songs made it possible for her to retain artistic credibility without resorting to Extreme Pseudo Sexiness. How many female artists are out there right now holding a guitar or any instrument, taking their music seriously by being Completely Involved In It? Beyond seeing a few women at pianos, no one new Who Is On The Charts immediately comes to mind.

Perhaps that's another reason why Sinead is so pissed-off at Simon Cowell's The X-Factor: His formulaic programming of Singers Only hopping around a stage does not meet Musician Standards. The culture in which our Current Music now lives has more to do with Autotune than Genuine Skill.

There is a reason why so many people are going back to the Music Vaults from the 60's and 70's to find inspired original work played and sung by Actual Music Artists. Right now all we have are Fluffy Kids on the skids half of the time, making you pay to see them with what is left of your dime.

And so I stand beside Sinead on her first impulse to lay it out to not only Miz Cyrus, but for everyone to read for a better grasp on how The Female Kind are treated and directed in their careers. I sincerely doubt that anyone has ever asked Jeff Beck to change his hair, or for David Crosby to lose weight, or for Bob Dylan to change his clothes and get a new voice.

And so it is with No Real Gossip that TDFB (me) signs-off in writing on this lovely Saturday on Planet Earth.

Have a Wonderful Whatever!

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