Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Andrew Muniz Gonzaga
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Crumblin' Down

Canned Smiles & Crumbling Stiles

Hello again. Yesterday I was MIA – making my "See you tomorrow" sign-off from Monday's post A LIE, I tell you! I'm just like a politician: say one thing; do another. For shame! Twenty flogs and a trip to the woodshed in the dark on Halloween night is my penance. I didn't do it on purpose. My intentions were honest. Promise. Unlike a Certain Someone On The Campaign Trail during a disaster by "not-really-campaigning" by "helping" people gather canned foods and other articles NO ONE NEEDS in the flooded, broken areas in the aftermath of Sandy.

But You-Know-Who needed to look as if he were doing "something" about "helping" while insincerely smiling his way through the day NOT CAMPAIGNING one bit. Nope. Not at all. That's the kind of person I want for Prez. Yep. (Burp.)

Meanwhile, on The Real Work of DOING SOMETHING, kudos to Prez Obama for making the "right" moves and only asking the country to send money to The Red Cross, rather than his campaign in a subtle form. Oh sure, a few GOPer's are finding fault with his handling of the Largest Storm Evah because, you know, he can't look "good" with the election only a few days away. It's also quite ironic that one of the Naysayer's is none other than "You're doing a heck of a job, Brownie" Mike Brown, former FEMA Head Guy. Right. He really knows his disaster stuff, doesn't he? His fine-tuned non-handling of Katrina gives him the credibility to find fault with Obama. Such a predictable person, that "Brownie" is. So out-of-touch with what to do when waters rise, people die, power outages occur all over the place, and everything in-between. I wish someone had removed the Not-Ever-Ready Batteries from his brain so that he too could experience a Personal Power Outage. Who cares what he says? What in the world am I "talking" about? Link: This Little Thing

Onward from that mess go we into the subject of Infrastructure. Why? Because before Mother Nature began to flip-out more than usual in the U.S. over the past decade, bridges were crumbling, roads were falling apart – that sort of dangerous stuff. With more damage to the already frail, vulnerable roads, leaking tunnels, backed-up sewers, this country must focus more than before on taking care of our country's needs before jumping into Disaster Relief for other countries. Sorry to say, despite the good the U.S. does for others, WE need someone at the helm (with a non-politically-motivated filibustering  group of Azzhats blocking every bill/idea to improve our infrastructure's weakness) if we are to remain safe on our own soil…and cement.

Seems to me we have someone in a Big Position In Government who thinks about these things. Infrastructure isn't a sexy subject for most and is too often ignored when the Siren Call Of Deregulation, ending "Obamacare" and everything else of Basic Human Concern, sashays through the halls of Congress, leaving a trail of cheap perfume wafting in the rarefied air there.

Are you still awake? Didn't that awful perfume trip The Nausea Maker in your stomach? Would you rather I write about something else?

I will, but not today. I'm continuing to recover from my own vulnerable Infrastructure. I'm so wiped-out from being a Full-Time Caregiver to my mother for two weeks after spending three weeks prior to staying with her worrying that she was dying, that the above is the best I can do for now. The good news is, my mother is doing quite well and I was able to help in key areas. Now it's my turn to call in a Caregiver…such as was done yesterday with two very cool people who run an Efficient Cleaning Service showing-up right on time to give me a break from becoming Cinderella Before The Ball. I def need the help. Today another Physical Therapist is stopping by to check on me as my hip has experienced an unfortunate setback, and although I'm healthy in general, I am still provided with a Nurse when needed to check on my vitals. Since I'm not feeling Very Vital right now, and should be living with a B-12 IV, I welcome the assistance. Let's hope she can teach me how to blow the Mental Exhaustion Away.

Which, by the way, is an excellent example of what I was writing concerning how important it is for the USA to take care of its own ills before continuing to be The World's Doctors all of the time. When one is too rundown to take care of one's self, how then can we be helpful to anyone else? Remember the adage – "Physician, Heal Thyself." No truer words.

Until "next time" (see, I'm being vague on purpose), thanks for stopping by.

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Monday, October 29, 2012

Street Art of the Day

Mustang Sally (read below post)

Trains, Storms, and Stupid Dames

Good Monday to all! Today's post will be brief, as it's a packing, traveling day with much to do for my mother before trekking back to L.A. more exhausted than I have been since - uh - I don't recall when as my Grey Cells are barely functioning and the bags under my eyes are hurting.

I'm also distracted by the danger of Hurricane/MegaStorm Sandy. Several people I care for are "back there" living literally on the coast, if not a mere a block away - and, of course, no one I know in the numerous regions of harm's way have been on Facebook today and can't be reached, so my focus is elsewhere.

BUT, if you need a little laugh and haven't heard about Lindsay Low-hand's latest example of what over-drugging (as well as stupidity) can do to one's mind, please enjoy what Michael K of dlisted posted on his blog today. You'll be sure to feel 1,000 times smarter than a slug slithering around your garage and garden. Here's the direct link: (Prepare To Spill Coffee)

Be well everyone. Will be back tomorrow!

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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Street Art of the Day

Artist - C4RL

Ghosts N Stuff

Sunday Tidbits

Hello there. Let's jump on our Cyber Surfboards and start catching those waves....

This is THE story of the moment - from a different perspective: Scary, Scary, Fright

Mother Nature is also mad at Canada: On A Rampage

I stopped eating red meat years ago: Proof Of Why

This story could become interesting: Send In The Lawyers

Gee, I wonder why? Still In A Bind-er

They aren't dressed for Halloween: WTF????

It's almost headache time: Another Reason Why Lawyer's Exist

You already heard about this, but It's Worth Another Read

But will they snore? Take A Deep Breath And Smell The Future

A touch of political history: To Be Moderate Or Not To Be?

If we could only do the same for lengthy doctor waits: A Bright Idea

Good Luck to everyone facing "Sandy" on the U.S. East Coast! Stay safe!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Unusual Art of the Day

Artist - Michael Bosanko
Format - Light Art

Slip Slidin' Away

Oh No! It's Ohio!

It's Saturday over here in the USA. A day usually reserved for Sports Fans, shoppers, partier's...anyone and anything that will take our minds off of the upcoming Prez Election. However, I have to chime in on what I'm seeing in numerous polls: that Obama barely has a decent lead in Key States, and is in a Dead Heat with Romney in other places that usually make or break a candidate's chance to win The Oval Office. Places such as Ohio.

I grew up in Northeast Ohio (as well as Florida several months of each year) until I was 19 - the state where 18 Electoral Votes is VIP in Presidential Elections. What non-Ohioans don't know is how politically divided Ohio is based on territory. Northern Ohio is where more Progressives reside than Southern Ohio. The state may as well be sliced into two states with the incredible difference in beliefs, influences, industry. The scenery may be the same as Northern Ohio with its lush environments; gorgeous farm lands; rolling green pastures and thick, healthy woods, but the mindset is seriously Two Different Worlds. Naturally, I'm saying that Southern Ohio is Conservative far more than the North. And that is why my hair is standing on end to realize that Obama is not a favourite in half of the state, thus making "Liberals" like me a tad jumpy to know how much this election more than ever will be focusing on how Ohio votes.

Keenly aware of how deeply racist and narrow-minded many of the people are and can be "down there" in the Southern Pastures, I am not confident that Obama will win the Popular Vote, as well as pull-in the Electoral Numbers necessary for success. It's a fickle crowd. So, my point of this post is to scream at my "roots" and hang my head in shame that Ohio is THAT important to the outcome. Particularly when the Republican Gubner has tried everything he could possibly do to play the game of Disenfranchising Democratic Voters. Not only that, but the temptation for Dirty Tricks by GOPer's to play a cheap game with the numbers is strong because the stakes there are so high. Regardless of the fact that from what we've been hearing - early voters are going in Obama's direction - doesn't calm the dread many of us feel who know how that state operates. If people think Chicago is corrupt, believe me when I say Ohio is JUST AS MUCH - albeit in a less overt manner.

Therefore, LOOK OUT AMERICA! Ohio could be jerking votes around as easily as Chicago did for JFK in the 60's. Romney appeals to the insensibility's of the unconsciousness there. People take their Conservative Politics VERY seriously. When I finally decided to play the Facebook game and promoted this blog from time-to-time whenever I had what I believed to be an important political post, several former classmates who have moved to the Southern Areas immediately De-Friended Me after many months of pleasant exchanges on other topics. Talk about a lack of tolerance! They couldn't handle my intense disdain for a political party I firmly believe is more corrupt than it ever has been. Fine that they left, as who needs people - virtually or in reality - who can't handle differences? Nevertheless, that kind of Instant Booing and refusal to communicate with someone like me is why I feel the chills whenever The Pundits chatter on about how whoever wins Ohio will probably win the presidency.

And so I appeal to any Ohio readers who have not yet voted or may be apathetic, yet lean toward Obama, to VOTE! It's important, people. Don't allow bad weather or misinformation of the location of voting venues keep you away from taking a few minutes out of your lives to stand up for Progress in exchange for a handsome guy who doesn't give a sheet about you if you don't own a nice car, live in several homes, and, most of all, will return the country to the Way It Was in the 1950's, because, believe me, that is at the core of this election. The GOP doesn't care about creating jobs or fixing the economy or helping Vets return to society with Federal Support. All they care about is overturning Roe v. Wade, and almost all of the most important social programs this country has been able to utilize in times of need. Social, not economic, focus. Now that IS NOT "leadership" in a time of fiscal crisis.

So, get out there and do your duty lest you find yourself losing your job to more out-sourcing...along with having your business/company shut down if it isn't making the kind of money Mr. Romney And Friends desire and/or deem worth keeping. When, not IF, such scenarios play out, more people will need Food Stamps...and with how Romney-Ryan loathe all of you in the 47%, expect to see that safety net blown to pieces. It will be YOUR fault that you don't have a job or enough money to buy food, either. I never, ever, want to live in a country that treats it's vets and struggling populace the way in which Romney has shown his utter disdain for anyone who doesn't have a ton of money socked-away in Switzerland or the local bank - another potential victim to the still-hidden cuts Romney has said he will make to bring the economy back from disaster.

Bottom line? Someone HAS been working very hard to create jobs with no support at all from the GOP. The economy is getting better despite the sabotaging efforts. It takes time. Don't allow your impatience with Obama and other Democrats running for re-election to blur your vision on who will be your advocate.

Politics is a Dirty Business. Most of us are sick of politicians more than ever. But, and there is always a "but," at the moment that's how this country rolls.

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Street Art of the Day

Who Cares

The Weekly Fluff

How Fluffy Can We Get today? TDFB's partial-round-up of Celebrity/Famous People Newz once more comes to the rescue of those who are bored/offended/angry/apathetic and what-not, over Regular Newz.  It's akin to sitting back in a comfy chair, allowing the Grey Cells to take a much-needed rest for a moment or ten.

Hold onto your armchair and prepare to yawn your way into Glazed-Eyed Brain Freeze with information You Don't Really Need To Know about people who are supposedly more "special" than you, yet somehow manage to make the majority of us feel saner than we might be in our Real Lives - unless, of course, you live a life of Family Drama beyond what is considered "the norm" and have millions of dollars to throw away on expensive weddings, tres expensive exotic vacations floating around on yachts, and an obsessive collection of Birkin Bags.

First off, we have the Shocking Possible Revelation that our fav Ditzy Babe, Jessica Simpson, has a father who reportedly announced to his family a short while ago that he Likes Menz! As in, really, really, likes them - particularly if they are young - thus, his desire to divorce his long-suffering wife, Tina. If true, now we know why Jessica had the Longest Pregnancy Evah...holding onto her Womb Resident with whispers of "Don't Come Out Yet...Grandpa Has To Do It First."

Next on the list is how Prince Harry is regaling his fellow soldiers with readings from the much dissed book his Sister-In-Law, Pippa Middleton, placed on the market to tell On A Budget peeps how to have reasonably priced weddings and parties - something like that. Oh, that Harry! What a card he is. Laughter all around is the word from another Mysterious Source. Is he too making fun of Pippa, or merely showing his Hidden Lurve for her? Only his Heart Parts And Hot Pants know the truth.

Nicole Kidman is opening-up to reporters regarding how she didn't feel "comfortable" during the filming of sex scenes with her then-husband Tommy Cruisey when they were put through the hell of working on Stanley Kubrick's disaster of Eyes Wide Shut. She adds that, in general, she also didn't feel very "comfortable" with Tom during their marriage. My first question is: they actually had sex? The second question: they actually had sex? Nicole is telling us that since she married Keith Urban, she has "opened-up sexually." Well, of course she has. Ten years without sex makes one willing to "open up." Especially when there are no CO$'ers standing guard in the Cruise bedroom to ensure that Tommy wouldn't whisper the Secret Codes Of The Faux Church in a moment of Human Bonding. Also, chances are that anything going on in their bedroom involved Eyes Wide Open - with lights on. Eeek!

Breaking Newz! Prince William continues to sport an expanding Bald Spot on his head. That's okay. When he eventually becomes King, he'll have enough crowns to cover it up. (Yes, that was lame, but we are focusing on a Very Lame Story.)

Unless you aren't glancing at magazines while waiting in line at the grocery store, you could not have missed People Magazine's cover of Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel's 6.5 Million Dollar Welding (not a typo) with Justin placed above his new bride in a very odd leaping motion while Jessica's picture is demure and dull as she sits almost as a Lady-In-Waiting. In a way, I think the cover arrangement tells the tale of whatzzup with them. Now that the Grand Moment has been executed, they will return to their separate lives and we'll only see pictures of them walking around streets in LA every now and then to maintain their Image Of Sincere Happiness before Justin jets off to who-knows-where, and Jessica tip-toes to whatever places she likes to hide her "private life." (Or so "they" say.)

Am I missing anything? Oh yeah. Chris Brown still sees his Other Girlfriend, Tran-What's-Her-Name now that he's "single." Where's Rihanna? Blah. Who cares?

I could go on and on, but by now, if you haven't fallen asleep, you are certain to be ready to see your Dentist for that long postponed Root Canal to take away The Pain Of Banality.

See you back here tomorrow! And, as always, thanks for stopping by.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Txemy
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I Can't Stand It

Who Deserves a Flog Today?

The Flogging Whip decided to join me on my little travels of late, but was held captive in my luggage until this morning when I awoke to discover yet another Crazy Menz Of Supposed Power talking about Rape and how, in essence, the violation against women who become preggers from such hostile, quite violent acts, is "God's Will." Oh STFU you fools! Stop using God as your excuse for Pro Life agendas and to Control Women! I honestly wish the Todd Akin's, and now the latest Vagina Burner, Richard Mourdock's (READ THIS) of the world, would Stuff It and have Momma wash out their dirty, misguided mouths with soap. Someone needs to clean-up the foul odor emanating from their Speaking Place on their smug, pious faces and spend a week in jail having Non-consensual Rape by Brutes In The Showers, if not their snarly wild-eyed cell-mate. Then come back and tell the world and women how It Was God's Will that you had your anus ripped apart. Oh, I know the focus is on conception and not just the act of rape. Nevertheless, if Men Could Have Bay-Beez, I doubt they would carry to term the reminder of those wonderful sexual escapades. How dare these GOP politicians continue to make such outrageous comments! Really! Stop It! But then, if they chose to walk into a shower full of burly men, would these fools consider their Victimization/Humiliation a "Legitimate Rape" because they should have known better than to expose themselves to those who would harm them? They were "asking for it", right? All nude and everything? Tsk-tsk.  I, for one, am Sick And Tired of these GOP Self-Appointed Mouths Of God making comments about an act that has physically and psychologically harmed women for decades after the immediate trauma has passed. Piss off, as it were, Akin and Mourdock and all others who share their opinions. They Know Not Of What They Speak. My apologies to God for these sorry examples of Wasted Sperm.

Rant over.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Unusual Art of the Day

Format - Body Painting

I've Got You Under My Skin

Bayonets For Sale

The oddest thing happened to me last night. I was surfing around the TV Channels and saw two men sitting at a table talking about Foreign Policy without ripping each others' clothes apart. In the middle of the table sat an elderly man who appeared to have some sort of authority as he was asking The Questions - and was fair to both. Imagine that! In addition, one of the guys at the table agreed with the other guys' policies more often than not. I gather it was a debate.

Naturally, being the biased person that I am, I liked what the man with increasingly grey hair had to say - such as his retort to white hair at the sideburns guy on our current Military Defenses: "You mentioned the Navy, for example, and that we have fewer ships than we did in 1916. Well, Governor, we also have fewer horses and bayonets." He was on point most of the time. However, everyone has flaws, and he stumbled once or twice. Let's take a look at what The Truth of comments made last evening are all about: (Read Here)

I believe it was The President who showed-up for the debate; however, the Other Guy was a mere shell of himself. Could it be he sent a Look-Alike Proxy to The Last Debate of the Prez Election Cycle? I didn't quite recognize him. Red eyes, very, very pale skin, and a sudden addition of a double chin at various angles. Campaigning can be a bitch. Methinks Mr. Romney needs a long, Rumpelstilkskin nap. He'll awake in a hundred or so years to find A Brand New World Full Of Working Social Programs (in addition to a recovered economy) - if his former GOP colleagues lose their grip attempting to take away Grandma's Medicare, cutting into Social Security, and, behold - a world where Women Will Still Have Control Over Their Bodies!

The primary problem I have with all of these debates and the Monday Morning Quarter-Backing, is how tight the race is. Good grief! Isn't anyone listening to what is underneath the Romney-Ryan ticket? Both still refuse to be specific on what tax loopholes they will plug/drop/banish - among other details that a presidential contender "should" provide to the public. But no. Not Mittsky. On top of that, somewhere along the evening's Little Chat, I heard Romney mention having an "honest' relationship with America. Hah! if "honesty" means anything to him, I will continue to ask where are the remainder of his Tax Returns? Yes, my foes, I will not give up on beating that drum. If he has nothing to hide, then why has he skipped-around releasing more than the paltry two years' worth of $ Info? Hmmm?

The U.S. has only a few more weeks before The Official Voting Day on November 6. Has the year gone by that fast? Is it actually That Time Again to huddle in a voting booth? Apparently so.

Beyond who will win the Prez Race, remember that Congress is where the Obstruction Resides in Washington. Until many of the extremists are voted-out there will be battles. I wonder how the GOP would handle an en masse obstruction of anything a GOP Prez would like to do. I'm sure they would be flying all around Washington on their brooms screaming "Foul!" Wah-wah-wah! You know why? Because they are petulant when they lose; vicious in their Anti-American Agenda (how could what they have not done NOT be considered "anti-American" after all of these years?) To have an agenda to unseat a new president, as the GOP (via eye-sore Mitch McConnell - Read This) directly stated in 2009, is disgusting, dangerous, childish, and, above all, seriously dysfunctional.

I have to laugh when Romney and others blame Obama for not getting more done in four years when it is quite clear why. Romney talks about how he worked in a bipartisan way while Gubner of Mass. Good for him. He had a relatively civilized Democratic body of politicians who were willing to compromise. Thus far, I haven't seen that kind of spirit from The House and sections of the Senate in years.

So tell me. Who is fooling who? 

That's all she wrote for today...

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Monday, October 22, 2012

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Fin DAC
Details and Image via:

Truth From Fiction


Hello Monday Morning. I seem to be at a loss for subject matter - again. How many times can a person moan and groan about politics and celebrities? A lot. However, it does get old and new topics are a lovely break from straining one's brain on the same-old-same-old whatevers. I have not yet had my morning tea so I'm not quite awake, having slipped-out of my mother's abode early to beat the rush to the quasi-plush "Library" in her building where I write when visiting.

There is no Wi-Fi available in my mother's apt, as she finds The Interwebs too confusing to handle, and as I don't travel a great deal of late, I have no need for a "card" to tune into the freedoms I have at home where I roam around at will with my laptop. Thus, I use the extremely nice high-tech computers available to the residents here. But (and isn't there always a "but" somewhere?) I often feel rushed knowing any moment someone will waltz through the door, giving me the ole' side-eye to hurry-up - and there are two computers here - one is almost always in use and the "open one" is the Front Row Seat at the Cyber Machine. A Hot Ticket indeed!

Why am I writing about such a mundane thing? Because, as written above, I'm barely awake and other than more killers killing; more elderly statesmen and icons dying; excessive funds being spent on celeb weddings and blings; polar ice caps melting at a frightening rate; new planets discovered every few months; tainted medicines and peanuts causing death and serious illness; daredevils leaping into free-falls in space; "doping" issues ruining a certain person's entire career; another sad suicide of a teen who was brutally bullied; whales landing on shores to their death with stomachs bloated from the ingestion of plastic we humans love to throw away in our once pristine oceans; odd news of a man who granted his wife's wish to have the imprint of her vagina engraved on her headstone so he wouldn't forget about it; bank CEO's sulking that the public didn't "thank" them for supposedly saving the economy (!!!); there doesn't seem to be much to write about this morning.

Oh, BTW, what's on TV tonight? Anything going on? I need a break from serious issues.

See you tomorrow....

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Another Different Art of the Day

Bits And Pieces

Sunday Tidbits

It's that time again to find out what's happening on the Webs......

But...but...what about all the starving children of the world? Too Much?

Ah, the brilliance of little minds: Yo' There You Piece Of.....

Is something happening Monday night? Last Chance For Bromance?

Let's clear this thing up: Act Of Terror Or Just Another Miscommunication?

I thought they were all in Florida? Better Than A Cobra In Your Toilet

Give it up, Madge! As Sensitive As Always

Words of not much love: Watch Your Words Or Else!

Sure, just like no one needs air to breathe or anything. Here We Go Again - Again

Enjoy your whatever....and thanks for stopping by!

RIP George McGovern

Friday, October 19, 2012

Street Art of the Day

So What

The Weekly Fluff

Here we are, my friends. The Third Erection/ (*cough-cough*) Edition of the most banal Celebrity-Based Info of the week. Are you frothing at the mouth for newz you may already know? Do you care to read MY Take on All That Really Doesn't Matter in the "the long run'? Or, are you incredibly not interested in what a few of your From-Afar Imaginary BFF's In Show-Biz are up-to of late? If you Do Care, are you willing to relax, have a cup of Gin And Tonic-Toxic hidden in your Starbucks cup and read the following blathering's? Enjoy or not at your risk...or pleasure.

So, here we go...

I loathe to write about this Plastic Debacle, but Kim Kar-Kash-In recently lied said in an interview how she wants to "simplify" her life. Sure. Tell that to her latest purchase of Christian Loubautin shoes she must wear at almost every opportunity. BTW, is it me, or has Kimmy become a mere Showcase Stiff Doll with no light in her eyes ever since Kanye decided to take over her life? I dunno. I don't honestly give two twats in a twit box about any of the K family...yet, with each month of Kanye West herding Kim Of The East around like a wittle puppy, the light seems to leave her eyes. Not necessarily always flashing Life Signs, she appears to now be a form of a Barbie Doll based on an almost Stepford Wife Glazed-Eye Stare into the camera's as the month's of their color-coordinated outings sashay on?

Jeez. Kim seems to have been hypnotized or traumatized or, has become a lofty puppet of a Grand Manipulator...following, of course, in the Basic Tradition of Hollywood Sexy Women who Must Be Seen and Not Heard. Really. Have you read anything "new" about her transformation from a basic Gold-Digging Famewhore to the stilted Blank Stare In The Glare Of Her SO's Halo now that she's champing at Kanye's Little Bit?

Oh forget it. I've had enough of them.


Let's see. I don't care to be redundant on subject matter, but can anyone believe that Lindsay Low-hand didn't show up for her latest gig on another mess of a film - again? Yes, I know you can believe. So, we'll leave it at that. Yawn. I think I have had enough of her as well.


Nice Mr. Almost "Old Hollywood" Tom Hanks, must want to become relevant again and show the world that his horrendous mustache wants to help everyone forget how much he looks like Walter Matthau, and slipped-out The F Word On National TV!!! My goodness, Tom. You are so edgy. You make Brad Pitt appear brilliant in comparison as he has never lowered himself to use such language in The Public Eye-Yi-Yi! Brad, however, will say "Bitches" when they are mad at him, but then he immediately begins rolling the marbles he calls his tongue around in his mouth to pop out big words that fall into vaporous nothings once released. Somehow his attempts at intellectualism are akin to putting Lipstick On A... Oh, you know what I mean. You don't? You love Brad? Sorry (not really). I don't dislike the guy; however, why must he always try to impress with using words that sound smart, but ultimately make him sound pretentious, as well as creating sentences which make no sense when a basic word will do. Oh well. Carry on, Bradley. We'll always translate what you attempt to say into the real meaning: "Hey. I'm Brad. Um. The world is crazy, man, and I likes me some good roles in films where I can look like shit - saves time in the morning when I roll out of the alley I just slept in."


We have just learned that our Once Darling Britney Spears OD'd on what is reported to be at least 30 pills before she was held captive by Her Conservators. Uh, so what else is new? It was obvious she did more than just drive like a Crazy Person holding her child in her lap and running into gas station bathrooms barefoot and beating-up cars with umbrellas.


Oh, and aren't we all Just Delighted that Robsten are "back together" and everything? Yep. There are pictures to prove it. Look at your calendar and mark a Red X on the date that the PR Tours for the final Twilight flicker-flick come to an end. Give it a week after opening, and - voila! - once more, No Mo' BS about them, cuz' their contract with each other as Lovah's will be ovah! At least that's what "they" say.


Naw. I'm calling it "a day" - or words to that effect. Mebe I should give Bradley Pitt a call and ask what word would be better to explain that I'm exhausted as hell. I need more strong tea. And a mind tune-up myself these days. I'll spare all of you the Other Fluff fluffing around Celeb-Land and get back to my new job as My Mother's Keeper.

Until next time....

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Fin DAC

I Love Playing With Fire

Blinders Full of Ca-Ca

Okay. You know what I'm going to write: Mittsky's now-infamous latest tongue-slip - this time from last night's debate: "Binders full of women." That's right. Visualize that comment. Did he mean little blue binders filled with lotsa Little Women scrambling around in a binder, wanting to work for his gubernatorial stint in Massachusetts, or women bound in a bind over how to NOT work for him? Whatever, there went whatever gains he made with women from the First Debate.

Is that man real or is he Vintage Memorex (running on aging recording tape for those of you who do not know what I'm "saying")? Binders aside, he certainly has to be playing Ann's darling Dressage Horse while wearing blinders when wifey and husby get giddy and role-play around the house(s), otherwise, where do these ridiculous remarks come from? Obviously the man doesn't "see" very well; hence, Blinders Of Ca-Ca.

Now on to the Most Important Part Of The Debate: The Moderator, Candy Crowley. Wow! Are Mittsky's peeps more than a bit irked at her because she dared to correct Their Man over his slippery use of Quasi-Non-Facts? Miss Crowley didn't stop there, either. She sent both The Prez and Mr. Once-Perfect to the corner of the room from time to time. Now that's how to run a debate! From now on, based on how well Martha Raddatz did in her VP Debate Moderation, I think women should own that role for a while - just to even-out the lack of women in that position for almost ever until this year?

What about Obama's performance last eve? Thank the Lord Almighty-Righty that someone replaced his run-down batteries so that he could, in effect, trounce over his opponent. Pundits. et al, are talking about the "Alpha Male" attitude he exuded, as well as how he and Romney seemed to almost come to blows with their literal circling of each other as they roamed the stage. What I find so odd is how the Male Pundits are suggesting that such behaviour would be a turn-off to women. Say what? In a general sense, most women want to see "their man" stand up for himself and for them if, for some reason, they don't have the ability to speak for themselves. In fact, The Pundits reciting the idea that it might have been too "rough and tumble" for the wilting flowers of women's delicate sensibilities must not know any Alpha Women. C'mon, guys. We can take it. Perhaps you guys can't? No one who was disappointed in Obama's First Debate wanted to see another round of Mr. Polite and were cheering for him in the ring to knock The Insincere Smile off Mittsky's face.

Did Obama win last night? Yes, particularly when he began to "warm-up" in the last half. He begins slow, then builds to a stronger Sense Of Self as debates and speeches go on. It seems to be a pattern. At first I felt that it was close to a "tie" - however, when he finally found his fire and, thankfully, mentioned Romney's 47% comment, in my view, he walked away with the trophy. Last night. We have one more evening on the horizon of watching Mittsky and The Former Mr. Polite slug it out next week.

That debate, my friends, will be The One to linger on the minds of Undecided Voters; thus its overall importance. Right now we have a reasonably even score. Romney won the first; Obama finally showed-up for The Second and did his job, thus "winning" last evening. I only hope that next time Mr. Obama will answer questions in a direct manner, rather than skirting a few issues, and that Mr. Romney will cease lying and changing his position on almost everything when it suits him politically.

But, am I asking too much of these politicians? We shall see, as I often write/say/snarl/whisper. You know what "they" say: "Three times' a charm."

Have a wonderful, scintillating, day/evening/afternoon/late night/early morning.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Street Art of the Day

Artist(s) - TSF Crew
Format - Anamorphic 
Image via: Numerous Sources

It's All Too Much

A Bit of This, Not Much of That

Hello there, my friends and enemies! Am finally ready to dig in and greet the week, albeit a day late! Traveling and taking care of my mother, now that it's been decided she'll live and I won't have to cry for months and feel like an orphan, does take a bit of a toll on someone who has her own ailments (that's me, BTW!) So...I'm trying to catch up on the news and everythang I've missed for a mere few days.

I don't think I've missed very much with everyone in the media basically rehashing how tonight's Prez Debate will go; still commenting on Biden's Smile and Ryan's desperate need for water during their debate last week. Yes, Hillary Clinton is taking the bullet for the Obama Administration on the Libyan Embassy mess because, well, why not? She's not running for president this time around and has nothing to lose.

But the Most Important Story Evah is how Lindsay Low-hand had the producer's of the soon-to-be-seen Lifetime Movie Disaster, Liz & Dick, in which she looks like a bloated Low-Hand all dressed-up for Halloween, pay her rather large Chateau Marmont bill so that she can return to the scene of her numerous crimes, flitting down the darkened hallways of that Den Of Debauchery, knocking on random doors to find a place to crash for the night. Not to ignore how much fun she has driving into people in the Marmont parking lot.

One knows it's still a very slow week in Celeb-Land if that's one of the "more important" Gossip Stories making the rounds today.

In other celeb news, it appears Ricky Gervais received his Golden Globes Hosting walking papers now that it's been announced that Tina Fey and Amy Poehler will be taking over the gig at January's Get Drunk While Bored And Waiting for An Award, event. Now that Tommy Cruise is no longer married and could be slip-slip-slipping away from the clutches of the CO$, and John Travolta continues to pretend he isn't going bald by wearing the worse-looking wig in history all of the time these days, what else would Ricky have to offer?

In fact, I'm in Ricky's camp today. I don't have much to offer right now, either. I'm too distracted by just having a political debate with a Romney Supporter in my mother's building. I say let's find out who really has the cajones in tonight's Prez debate when it involves Truth, and go from there.

Meanwhile, when I eventually return to LA I intend to go over to the Chateau Marmont for the first time in a few years and hang around the parking lot just in case dearest Lindsay is driving again and might run over me. I need the attention from the famewhore, and I cherish being called "names" as exhaust fumes fill my nostrils from a speeding/fleeing car. Then I can complain to the media and receive the fame I've always desired second-hand from a Snotty In-Denial-About-Everything child who looks 50.

That's all she wrote for today.

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Monday, October 15, 2012


Oh God! Another Monday! Another new city. Another way too late night. I think I'll do all of us a favor today and come back another time.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Different Art of the Day

Artist - Jenn Porreca
Format - Canvas

Princess Of China

Sunday's Tidbits

Hello again! Time for a saunter through the Interwebs to make your day cheery and bright? 

Haven't they done so already? Bank Stabbers

I agree, he has a point, but… Drug Days "Long Since Passed" – Hah-Hah-Hah!

A similar opportunity came my way in years past while in-between jobs and almost broke. I Regret My Honesty Every Day

What was that all About? Ryan Personifies The GOP Blinders

Isn't this activity kinda illegal or just plain "Wrong"? Vote This Way – Or Else

You may have seen this already. Look again: What's This Crap About 'No Racism' In The GOP?

Thank God for snobs: Not In My Neighbourhood!

Not such a bad idea. Pinch-Hitter To The rescue?

I love trains: A Bit Of Trainee Fashion

Speaking/writing of such, I'm soon on the way to a train station for a little ride today. But not dressed like the above! Meanwhile, have a glorious day/evening/whatever...

Friday, October 12, 2012

Street Art of the Day Bonus Post

Artist(s) - ROA & Phlegm 
 Larger version of below for perspective.
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Street Art of the Day

Artist(s) - ROA & Phlegm
Location - UK
Image via:

Laugh Laugh

A Few Words

Did you watch or read about last night's VP Debate between VP Joe Biden and Congressman Paul Ryan? If so, you must have wondered if good ole' Joe would continue to flash That Laugh all night – which, of course, he did. One part of me likes the fact that Joe brought out The Smile, however, another part thinks he did so way too often, which I found distracting.

But, Joe came through when it mattered. Finally! A solid, passionate defense and call-out on the Romney Campaign's Unfortunate Tendency To Revel In Truth-Bending – in a debate! Pushing for answers directly at the opponent's face! Laughing! Passionately discussing FACTS! In real time, no less. Amazing.

Naturally, the debate last evening won't completely Tilt The Tilt of Obama's recent lack of passion on a Debate Stage, but things for the Dem's look slightly better today than they did yesterday. Now Mr. Polite may have to sharpen his verbal knives into a very pointed tip, as VP Joe's strident refusal to allow Paul Ryan to spew more BS, made point-after-point about what even some GOPer's admit are untruths. Plain English: He wouldn't let Ryan get away with it. Period. That's all we need Obama to do in the next debate.

Will he step up – finally – and show us his fire? We shall see, as "they" say.

Meanwhile, I'm beginning my prep's today for a trip away from the City Of Angels/Devils/Money/Narcissism/Great Food/Etc. which/that/could/might/may/possibly last/continue/for a week – or more. I'll post as usual each day, although when each one makes it to "Publish" could be different than usual. But, if you've been reading TDFB for a while, you're used to late or earlier-than-usual posts from me, so it shouldn't be too askew.

Off to the packing process go I. Have a lovely Friday! 

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Txemy
Details and Image via:

Two Dance Choices for Thursday's Fluff

The Weekly Fluff

Good morning to you from my end of the time zone. Here we are, at the second step in the debut of The Weekly Fluff, a seductive account of the most vapid Celeb/Public Figure Newz in print and On The Online. Our chance to waste more precious minutes of our lives learning about "famous" people who have Active PR Rep's and/or a tendency toward creating drama and "scandal" so that all of us will notice them, thus providing an audience for their Attention Requirements...such as Lady Gag-Gag actually gagging and following-through on the urge by unloading whatever bile resides within her peculiar physical system while on stage during a recent gig. If she considers what she did "performance art" rather than doing a Bulimic-Example to support her recent "I was Bulimic" claims, then that woman is def in the mood to show Madonna that she is NOT COPYING Madonna IN ANY WAY!

See? I'm vomiting on stage! Three times! You, Madge, only know how to flash your crotch! I, The Lady Of Gag-A, am just as talented and edgier than you'll ever be! Or, mebe she's preggers.  Can't quite rule that out. She's gained weight and isn't apologizing for it (good for her no matter what the reason), and very well may be feeling the Celebrity Must-Have-Child(ren) itch. Hmmmm?

While people natter on about the Gag-Gag's possible "stunt-gag," the earth is shattering into little pieces of non-sense with one of The Biggest New Phenom's for Reality TV: a cheeky white trash child who says lots of astounding and, I gather, VERY IMPORTANT words to millions of TV viewers while Her Trash Mama jus' looks on and chortles over what a cash-cow she spawned. Honey Boo-Boo? All over the Gossip Sites? WHY? How many palms have been greased on this one? Puleeeze!!!!

On a classier note, Brad Pitt has decided to remind all of his fans/potential producers/co-stars/loan-sharks how he can play any part you want him to play with a pic spread in Interview which "artistically" depicts his multi-talented "looks" –  without mumbling dialogue to ruin his latest attempt at relevancy. (See Here For Pics). Oh Brad, you shameless Image-Faker!

The Flogging Whip found its way to a private party for Matt Damon's birthday the other night where both Matt and his sudden "Friend" Tommy Cruisey, had a right good spanking! It was a grand relief for all involved, I was assured by The Whip upon its return, having been held quite sternly during the exciting butt-whacking by a Transsexual or Transvestite – I don't recall which, to be honest, and don't feel like doing a Google Search on what is so easy to find. Just know Matt and Tom got their butts smacked. Wow-ee!

Oh, and everyone is writing about all the engagement and wedding rings celeb women are flaunting of late. Rings-Rings-Rings. The consensus on most go like thisOh man, Blake Lively's wedding ring is "soooo trashy"? Justin Theroux's engagement ring to Jennifer Aniston is BIG and is so gauche as to be YELLOW GOLD, of all the tacky things to wear! Natter-natter. Angelina Jolie's "Promise for the Future" ring (that has been photographed only a few times since the apparent "engagement" to Brad Pitt was denied announced by their jeweler several months ago), is always a hot topic of discussion if she isn't seen wearing it, especially when she's in character and working on a film. Yep. That's when we always wear our personal jewelry. However, tongues flap, "Will they ever get married?" – and was the "engagement" announcement and loving story about Brad's "year-long" design with the jeweler really true? Overly-curious Gossips Want To Know!

Oh again! At least six more celebrity women of Very Little Reason To Be Famous are pregnant! More Showbiz Babies. At the rate celeb's are popping-out wittle bay-beez, the film industry is pooping-out more flops ("pooping" was a typo – I'll keep it in anyway). There must be a connection somewhere? "Hollywood" is spending more time in beds and hotel hallways and elevators and mini-coopers to ensure that the Human Race will NEVER fade away!

Heaven forbid! Mila Kunis, Esquire's 'Sexiest Woman Alive', went out on a dinner date with her beau, Ashton Kutcher, wearing sweatpants OF ALL THINGS! In Manhattan, no less. Fashionista's are astounded! Why? She already wears Ashton as a drape, so what's new?

Before I go, I must mention Lindsay Low-Hand's recent brawl - this one with her mother after they went "clubbing" together in NYC. Or maybe I won't.

There's more. But we'll stop right here. All of this TMI is making me want to either buy a BIG TACKY engagement ring or wear sweatpants to a nice restaurant...just cuz'.

See you tomorrow!

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Street Art of the Day


'Mr. Polite' Is Now Contrite

Andrew Sullivan's article (that I linked in yesterday's post) has "everyone" talking – pro or con – regarding his Doom And Gloom-based perception of Obama's lackluster debate as well as current (and possibly negative) future Poll Numbers. Wow, indeed a nerve was hit with that article. Today, headlines are shouting President Obama's admission to a radio interviewer that he was "too polite" in his Romney debacle debate and he won't let it happen again, so there! Time to get those fightin' shoes on and start sluggin' away.

Okay then, Mr. Obama. We're waiting impatiently here, frustrated there. According to several writers on various News Websites, those of us who have begun to Ring The Death Knell for Prez Obama's "campaign" for re-election, are simply freaking-out – unnecessarily – and should just roll with the ups and downs of what has been expected to be a tight race in November, so what's the Big Deal that Obama blew the First Debate? Patience. Patience, everyone. The election has not been won by either candidate – yet. The same Victory Romney has claimed for his debate performance could easily whiplash into Another Upswing for Obama following next Tuesday's debate. True. However, I'm not quite finished, thank you very much, although I admit I'm not thrilled to continue this line of focus, but….

It's just that he was SO BAD BY SEEMING CHOICE that people like me who pay attention to the details of political races and their participants, appeared to be hand-wringing a bit too much. Well, for anyone who cares about social issues (such as women's choices – social security – jobs that will not be outsourced even more than now – a tax reality of history that when the wealthier among us are taxed at a rate where they might have to pay more than their secretary does, the economy improves, and on and on it goes), WOULD become a tad unhinged in frustration with Obama since his in-actions and half-hearted attitude almost hands the job of Prez over to Romney as if it were one of the basketballs Obama uses while playing with his regulars almost every week. Here, YOU! Take the ball although I'm in a perfect position to make the winning shot - cuz' I'm just that kind of nice guy! 


Meanwhile, tomorrow night's VP Debate with Joe "Loose Mouth" Biden v. Paul Lyin' Ryan, should be quite interesting for a multitude of reasons. Which ones, you ask? Oh, I can't tell you what the reasons are in detail, okay? Just trust me. I know my reasons and that's all you need to know, you know?

Image attribution not found.
(If anyone knows, please place in Comments.)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Quasi-Traditional Art of the Day

Artist - Stephanie Hartmann

One More Night

Who Deserves a Flog Today?

Obama is at the end of The Flogging Whip today. My rant won't go on for long. What I feel and want to say has already been written, quite beautifully, I will add, by Andrew Sullivan from The Daily Beast (Read Here). What Mr. Sullivan is saying about Prez Obama is nauseatingly true and, therefore, I am Flogging Barack Obama to the nth degree once more. Why? Well, if you didn't read the above linked article, then I'll make it succinct: To me and many others, if Obama loses the election because of that piss-poor "debate" last week with excuses from allies and foes that he feels "too busy" or arrogant or has fallen head-first into the Presidential Bubble of Out-Of-Touchness, it won't be anyone's fault but his own. The IMAGE he projected during a VERY IMPORTANT DEBATE often means more than what is said. Just ask the ghost of Richard Nixon next time he flies by your window on a cold, damp night. Already Obama is losing in the polls to a man who is nothing but a liar because he LOOKED STRONG on stage while Barack looked like a bored or chastised child. I'm not sure which one it really is, but my guess is that he just didn't care to properly prepare, which is one of most arrogant, conceited attitudes a person can carry around. I am beginning to agree with other writers/bloggers that The Prez may not really want his job anymore. If not, he is letting his Base down once again, and if so, he's letting his Base down once again. Know what I mean? We are pissed now that the numbers are coming-out from the debates and once-strong leads over Romney in key states and voting demographics are reflecting a drastic shift in focus. All of which are AWAY FROM the president –  partially because he became Clint Eastwood's Empty Chair last Wednesday. He's smarter than that. He is better than what he was that night. If he had gone into verbal combat (as in a real "debate") with Romney and still came out of it losing support, then the perception many of us have right now would or could be different. But NO. He lost an important opportunity through inaction - and this time, bro', it really matters how one looks and acts on a stage with a contender. Shame the eff on you!

(Do read the article above. It is one of the main reasons why I wrote this post today.)

See you later!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Almost Street Art of the Day

Format - 3D

Crocodile Tears

Acting-Out: The 411 on 911 Calls

As the world continues to swirl around on its axis', and Mitt Romney's "bouncing" in the polls; pundits continue to write and talk about Prez Obama's horrendous "performance" at The Debates last Wednesday and, the lead story on several Celeb Blogs is that, shock-of-shocks, Jay Z deigned to ride The NYC Subway over the weekend as if he were a True Commoner, it seems there is an opening for another subject to play around with today: the difference between Professional Actors and Amateurs.

When I use the word "amateur" in this post, I'm referring to Murderer's who make those oft-notorious hysterically over-acted 911 calls to report that their husband/wife/some random body/person in their home, is bleeding, dying, or already dead.

You know what I mean. THEY DID IT and OMG! OMG! THEY ARE SO UPSET! Hysterical! Hurry-Hurry! Sob-Sob-Sob. Who would have done such a thing? (Or, the funniest/most absurd "defense" of them all: "I tripped and the gun went off" - yep - right into their SO or The Strange Intruder's temple at the perfect location to ensure death.) The "Callers" usually have jaw-droppingly convoluted and/or the most lame excuses EVAH for why they were creeping around the area of the "victim" when the "accident" occurred while jus' happening to be holding/carrying a weapon. The explanations are, indeed, priceless.

I could have been a Criminal Profiler in another incarnation. I love to analyze, intuit, uncover, research things and people, with a special focus on criminal behaviour; therefore I watch several True Crime TV shows and have been quite a fan of mystery novels. On TV, before I know how the story ends and who truly did kill the victim, I can usually discern through the 911 Call Playbacks whether or not the caller is lying. I'm sure many of you can pick up on the same thing if you have a well-honed ear for BS and/or vocal tone.

And that is where the Professional v. Amateur Actor observation comes into play: I often laugh when I read or hear how actors are perceived by people who have never acted. The derision over how "easy" it must be is off the mark. Unless, of course, the "professional" IS a "bad actor" – but otherwise, there is a huge difference in exuding an emotion with sincerity, believability, and TRYING TOO HARD to "sound" hysterical, shocked, concerned.

It requires skill, a sensitivity to The Character an actor is playing to make the work believable. To get inside one's emotions – dark or light – isn't for those who aren't able to convincingly "Pretend" to be something they aren't. Unless, of course, one is A Natural At Lying, which is how Con Artist's do so well at their "craft." Conning is another form of acting – just not on a stage or studio set. Whereas, a Regular Person just copies what they think is "acting" from watching too many bad actors, perhaps, or simply because they are inept actors and often Stupid Murderers.

For example, one silly wife killer who happened to be a doctor made one of the worse acting debuts on a 911 call I've ever heard. In a high-pitched breathless-strained-hysterical voice, he told the 911 Operator/Dispatcher that his wife was in their bedroom covered in blood – he had just arrived home – she might be dying – Help! Help! While the female dispatcher sent the info to EMT, she asked if he had used CPR on his wife. He paused in the midst of his OTT heavy-breathing-sobbing-screaming in a way that was amazingly indicative that the thought had never crossed his mind, and then, remembering his "role" as Shocked Husband, answered that he hadn't done CPR and would do it RIGHT THEN! Hold on, Operator. I'm doing CPR on her THIS VERY MINUTE, by golly! 

All of that went down REALLY well in the end, wouldn't you know? Not only does The Doc receive an F In Acting, but an additional F in Pure Idiotic Comments Under Stress. Ah, but aren't we all different in how we react to shock and stress? Yes. This case was different than most. And, once again, it began with The Faux Hysteria. Questions needed to be answered, and answers sometimes beg for questions.....

First, he's a doctor and no matter how shocked he might have been to see his wife lying in blood, one would think he would have gone over to her body to check her pulse and attempt CPR rather than running to the phone first, sounding like a Frightened Wuss. It also would have helped his eventual trial had his clothes provided any indication that he had been in physical contact of any sort with his bloody wife. Needless to say, he's in prison for her murder. Tsk-tsk. However, all one had to do was really listen to his voice to feel the "acting" he was doing – CPR or not.

It is that Over The Top element that does many an amateur in, as it were/was/always will be. Whereas, a Professional Actor, A True Actor, would have found the right tone. So, my point here is not only to share the observation of Bad Acting by non-actors, but how more respect should be given to many of the honestly Excellent Actors we have in this world who take us to places inside ourselves we never knew were there.

To them, I write "Bravo" and "Carry On" with your work. To those Future Murderers Out There, I say, "Watch Your Tone" and remember to view CSI on a regular basis.

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