Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Janet Shearer
Format - Mural

Pastime Paradise


Do you know what I just love? Discovering hours and hours after the fact that I made a huge typo in a heading. Below is one I'll keep for at least my own laughter's sake. There's nothing like "Street Arf" to spice up a blog, right? Did I channel my Inner Dog or something?

There is also nothing like writing in a dimly lit section of one's abode, either. AND, there is absolutely nothing like needing new glasses. All true.

With the above CYA finished, I'll move on to another round of links for you to peruse. Yes, I know. Been doing a lot of linking lately. What can I say? As always, there are wonderful articles floating around, and I can only write about Mr. Sweater Vest and Mr. Perfect a few times a week before excessive repetition sets in.

I could make another U-turn and this time go from politics to celebrity, rather than the reverse from The Leg post of the other day, but I have no desire to write about something that is so visually fascinating that people are still talking about it 3 days after the unveiling. Or shall we say, "unravelling"? Or whatever all of that Leg-Oh-No-Showcase of Angelina Jolie was all about at the Academy Awards.

Meanwhile, in other cracked corners of the Hollywood Universe, despite less than a few months ago vowing to go easy on Lindsay Low-Hand's apparent journey into an early mortuary where, of all the probation slaps on the wrist she has received from the California Injustice System, a moment of brilliance must have descended on the authorities to place her in the County Morgue where she behaved better than she ever does among the living, I must now join the chorus of WTF on her latest version of "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" during her blatherings to the ever-steady-ready-to-raise-an-eyebrow-at-a-celeb's-latest-garble Matt Lauer on an upcoming segment of The Today Show.

The headline alone is enough to raise your anti-bodies and endorphin levels from incessant laughing: Miz Homestrung 

Here's another (with non-newsy-like commentary): Party Off?

Burp. I think that'll do it for me today. I feel like having a drink and slipping into restaurant bathrooms with a friend every 20 minutes. Kinda rubs off after seeing enough of her latest "at home" antics while she was in NYC for Fashion Week....

Sorry, Linds. At the moment I don't feel sad for your plight. And to be sure, anyone who ever respected and loved or admired Elizabeth Taylor has to be joining Rick Santorum in the bathroom - without Lindsay's "helpers" of course.

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Monday, February 27, 2012

Street Art of the Day

Artist - INSA
Location - London

Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress

The Leg That Ate Hollywood

The U.S. has nothing to worry about with handling national security issues now that we have The Power Leg of Angelina Jolie to defend our turf. Can you see how confident that leg is? You don't wanna mess with that limb, no-no-no! Even George Washington and friends are safe from their enemies with that 'Here I Am' Leg protecting their treacherous course through the icy waters of the Delaware River.

All over the Interwebs, The Leg is making its questionable appearance in many forms. Why? Did you see Angie last night at the Academy Awards? No? Don't care? But are intrigued by the temporary Leg phenom? Or do you want to view that dangerous, razor-sharp knee once more? (The knee is really the Bad Azz here. Bump up against it and you're toast, suddenly cloaked by a black Versace curtain.)

But, let's return to the idea of The Leg protecting what George Washington stood for (accidental pun) when he and other patriots fought for Freedom, thus ensuring the fundamental purpose of why America was founded "to begin with." We need some kind of protection the way a few high profile politicians are playing Russian Roulette with the country.

Do you feel it coming? The shift from the buzz over a celebrity's leg to focusing on the current threat against the already-fought-for turf of the rugged shoreline of rationality in politics and religion which/that the New and Unusual Suspects of the GOP are cockily, self-righteously, spitting-back in the form of comments such as these: Nauseating

And, to add to the above linked balderdash, Mr. Sanctimonious spat more crap-scat from his mouth by saying that Prez Obama is a "snob" for wanting all Americans to go to college. What does this terribly misguided "regular guy" have against education? He has degrees - went to three colleges. I doubt he would be where he is on any lifestyle or political level had he not had a least one college degree under his sweater vests.

Are these accusations sane? A president of a country with lagging educational standards (with GOP-only state rep's doing their best to kill decent education for thousands of reasons) on an international level at a serious low is a "snob" and wants to make us "in his image" because he went to college and would like his countrymen/women to be smart enough to compete in the world markets (as well as get their act together enough to get off Welfare and make a change in their lives)? Check This Out - VIDEO

This acrimonious Santorum guy spouts the most dogmatic, polarizing, entitled, self-righteous examples of mental confusion on the same "I Can't Help Myself" physical tick level that The Leg may have experienced last evening when not in competition with Rodan.

Keep talking, Rick. Makes it even better for Mitt.

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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Almost Street Art of the Day

Celluloid Heroes

Nip It In the Butt?

Unless you are completely immune to the media hype that always surrounds the week prior to the Academy Awards, you may be preparing to go to or host an Oscar party tomorrow night.

Ah, the glam Academy Awards! The final Stamp of Removal of the awards season until Cannes in May.

Tomorrow night we will once again place ourselves in front of a TV screen of one size or another to watch the glittery gala where the most uptight, faux-smiling group of once-relaxed and sometimes real demeanor-ed people become mere robots and/or caricatures of themselves - on the carpet of red, in their row-only seating arrangements, and/or on the stage.

Dashing and often gnashing their way around town (aka Beverly Hills) today are pro stylists from hair to brows making house-calls to Oscar-Up their uber special clients. Others already hit the salons, doctors (cough) yesterday and the day before, probably even before then, to do the Ultimate Awards Cleanup! 

Who can blame anyone who is expected to look fabulous no matter what  their age when they must go before cameras for having a little chemical peel or tiny shot of this 'n' that in all they key facial places. What's wrong with that? A few of my friends do it for a living. Go on camera, flash that bright white smile, look young, become miraculously refreshed overnight; keeping it subtle. Goes with the job.

So, today is Hustle Day prior to The Penultimate Bustle of what it will be like for the assistants, the celebs, the crew - all involved - when they awake in the morning to a minimum of 16 hours-straight activity for what trails off into a three-hour mostly yawn fest with the continuing persona roles intact after the show finally ends, when the schmoozing, boozing, sexual oozings of many a participant really begins at the annual parties of trés chic secondary red carpet paparazzi moments and entertainment reporters shoving mics in guests' faces as they try to flee into the mysterious and rarefied-air establishment where the "must be seen at" events are held.

It's always Elton John's charity event, Vanity Fair's "Elitist of the Elites" soireé now followed by Madonna's latest foray into the Popularity Contest battlefield. Vanity Fair and Elton worked it out. "Everyone" drops-in on both - if invited. Now that Madonna is strutting her Diva-Hood in what could be misconstrued as a sense of The Me-M-'Me's, My-My-My's - it's going to be an interesting night. Elton may have to sit on David to stop him from tweeting misdirections to Madge's Golden Palace of Eff-U.

Post-Oscar etiquette and PR requisite has now grown from the days of enjoying the basic celebratory party at the Governor's Ball, to the now every Limo Driver's dream night of stop-and-go grid-locked traffic between the various locales of each party - although a few are near to each other in LA-speak, the streets are busy, busy that night of all nights. Just a cab fare for a simple few blocks could be your maid's monthly salary - if you are even the littlest bit cheap.

So, as the town filled with smoke and mirrors covered in tinseled glitter prepares for its big night, it could be brought down to an honest reality by someone who has been there, done that, yet still hasn't turned his back to the World's Second Oldest Profession, and will hopefully show us a few more of his excellent acting tricks: Page Six

Enjoy your popcorn and try not to choke during a yawn!

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Friday, February 24, 2012

Street Art of the Day

Location - Thailand


Valley of the Sads

It's that time of year again. Astrologically speaking. If you follow Astrology with even a modicum of belief in its odd truths, then you'll understand why a Major Pisces like me would be having a case of the Major Sads today under a Pisces Sun influence that just began a few days ago. Pisces is an emotional sign - "sensitive", "artistic", "healers", "dancers" - and prone toward addiction and self-destruction like almost no other sign if so inclined to slide down that scratchy rope.

When the Sun is in Pisces, you can expect your emotional interchanges to be more involved than usual  - for good or ill - as feelings are closer to the surface. Look out if you're having relationship or any interpersonal conflicts, problems. It can get nasty out there for a month more than usual. On the contrary, should your Pis-ycon days send you into the wonderfully invigorating energy of inspiration, go for it if you are moved to write your novel, tune, thesis, or hedonistically over-indulge in almost everything. Eat, drink and be merry and all of that.

Despite the "sensitivity" associated with Pisces I can definitely attest to the fact that most of the Pisces WOMEN I have known can cut you off at the knees with one word or pointed stare, while having a full-on emotional breakdown moments later after reading the last page of Edith Wharton's "The Age of Innocence". Don't get me started. I'll be crying until this time tomorrow - yet again. Sheesh!

Most Pisces are a variety of fish from little guppies to sharks, unlikely to be as quickly (if ever) understood or "pegged" as easily as those with one animal, creature, or one symbol to reflect their astrological leanings. Pisces is represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions. And that symbol could not be truer for almost all Pisces - male or female - I have been close to in my life.

So, that's the most superficial overview concerning Pisces and our well-known moods/sensitivities; good hearts/black or white arts (depending...) I can pull together today as I work through this peculiar onset of ennui.

Or, could be I'm a bit irked at yet another "Gardener" using a loud blower to clean a neighbor's property as I sit outside trying to breathe in the pervading scent of jasmine blossom - blooming nearby, appreciate a very clear, sunny, warm day in the waning days of February while watching squirrels leap from tree-to-tree. Really. It's true. Quite urbany-bucolic, isn't it?

Yep. I'm feeling that moody Pisces thang again. The creative side doesn't feel like writing today and is in conflict with the other side that is ambitious and willing to leap over what may just be a temporary Major Sad Moment and get on with writing a coherent blog post about something or other.

I've kinda done just that by writing how I feel about not writing as a creative outlet today, haven't I? Alright then, having satisfied one part of the Pisces Opposite Direction Dilemma, I'll now take leave of the written word, brood a bit more to ensure that I am indeed a Pisces, before diving over to the other side of the stream in which the other fish of me swims in the path of the sun, bringing-out the light, silly, or at least emotionally content person, desirous of spending the remainder of the day turning to other avenues of expression for inspiration and a gradual climb out of the Valley of the Sads.

It's Friday. Be safe and have fun whatever you're doing....

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Different Art of the Day

Artist : 
Vicki Dasilva
Format - Light Art

When The Rain Is Gone

It's Tidbits Time

Stumbling around the Interwebs....

Morbid? Typical? Distasteful? At least one site shows respect for Whitney's open casket pic: Playing Nice

Check out the current state of the Occupy Movement from a new perspective: You Can Bank On It

Don't open that special bottle of wine you've been saving for 100 years: Ka-Ching-Ching

Look! It's another UFO! Maybe? Lotsa Sightings Not Mentioned In Mainstream Media

Okay, okay. It's Big Gossip Newz! Read the latest: Betcha This Isn't A New Development

Need a laugh or three? I Do

Thank God his wife didn't cook ribs: Shoulda Slipped A Chill Pill In It

Politicians really, really value their families: The Family Parade Charade

That's it for today.....

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Banksy

A Reminder

Mr. Sanctimonious' Drivel Diss

Rick Santorum has become TDFB's latest target for the almost-ever-ready Flogging Whip. The dislike, disdain, isn't due to a concern that he will become the next Prez of the U.S. It is because the soapbox upon which I have spent hours of my life standing regarding the "evils" of Organized Religion, has his name on it as one of the latest offenders.

Santorum's mind-boggling, common sense-numbing comments and self-righteous attitude are/is/could be/might be/probably is/are the epitome of why I have a vast distaste for religious-based rhetoric.

I believe that anyone who places their personal religious preferences, beliefs and jargon into almost every conversation or speech is pushing their agenda on others - whether it be Islamic, Christian, Buddhist.... Unless one is recruiting for their cause in an environment where those who want to learn more about the religion and/or teachers, it just feels wrong and I, for one, am tired of it and will not stop disagreeing with politicians in particular who use "The Lord Jesus" or any other religious figure/ideology as the cornerstone of their candidacy. And Santorum is doing just that despite his denials.

The guy is now claiming that statements he made about religion in 2008 should not be brought up now that he is running for Prez because his only concern NOW is about creating jobs and fixing the economy. Really, Rick? What plans do you have for that, may I ask? Dumping Public Education? Doing so will create jobs? Barring women from having abortions - this will help the economy? So far, beyond a few remarks on the true crisis in the country (economy) all you, Mr. Ricky-Dick, seem to care about is Religion. Religion. Religion. Fine. Take it back to church where it belongs.

Per Politico, this is the latest nattering from Santorum to the media concerning accusations such as mine: (For reference, the "forces" are Lucifer and Liberals, which, in his world, are one and the same.)

 "You guys are asking questions that are not relevant to what's being discussed in America today. What we're talking about in America is trying to get America working, that's what my speeches are about, that's what we're going to talk about in this campaign. If they want to to dig up old speeches when I'm talking to a religious group, they can go right ahead and do so but I'm going to stay on message, I'm going to talk about what Americans want to talk about, which is creating jobs, getting our country safer and secure and yeah, taking on the forces around this world who want to do harm to America. You bet I will take 'em on."

Well then, I'm taking you on, Mr. Sweater Vest. (He's so much fun. How many names can we give him? The Lord Vest-In-Threats? Mr. Preppy Chest? Mr. I-Don't-Know-How-To-Dress-Mess?)

First, I'd like to dispel the assumption that if I have a problem with "Organized Religion" I am against the spirit of religion, or that I am an atheist. I am none of that. And, as I have taken shots at religion and people who use it for what I perceive to be less-than-true or opportunistic means, I believe that readers who have supported this blog (one way or another) deserve to understand what is beneath my queefs.

What I believe - written in an absolutely non-academic or literary fashion: We, the human race, are here on this earth and have no real idea why or how - in reality. Obviously, some-thing or some-body or some-energy made not only our planet but the "Universe." Ergo; there is something going on we don't really know beyond what Science tells us with regard to time and black holes and comets and other planets and what revolves around what....

There is also something happening in another realm of our reality that we call the "Spiritual" level, which can also be lumped into the "Faith" category. Strange, incredible things happen in our lives and in the lives of others. An energy within us can be tapped to view "reality" in whatever way we choose - or what we may attract (which is basically the same thing - conscious or subconscious).

Loving Jesus, or a leader of a faith, is everyone's right. But it is not right to run a country on one, and only one, belief or faith. It is dangerous. See all historical references from all faiths regarding the many wars that "Religion" has spawned.

C'mon, people! Just chill. You have chosen your faith, others have chosen theirs, and even more have dabbled in various faith-based doctrines and guidance to find their way. It's not all bad news. It becomes as such when the muddied halo surrounding the Religion of Choice tells me I'm going to Hell if I do not agree with them.

Am I planning to slay Mr. Sanctimonious because he is a Christian? No! I slam him because, as written in previous posts, he wants to send us back to the Stone Age based on HIS religious beliefs, which, quite frankly, do not reflect the full picture. Meaning - one religion, one belief system, is not always the FINAL ANSWER!

I have had what might be considered "miracles." I do believe in a Higher Being. I simply believe in what may be deemed as "faith" on a different level than those who come together to agree, celebrate, elucidate, educate, in a temple or church of one specific faith/belief system.

But I will not preach to you about my beliefs. I have more than just the surface explanation going on within my life. I will write about how I feel as a blogger. But you will never "hear" me suggesting that any of you are going to Hell because you disagree with me. Nor will you find me (and others who are of like mind) constantly forcing my fairly unorthodox beliefs upon you. My opinion? Yes. My agenda? No way!

I do continue to enjoy taking anyone to task who is a pious jerk. (Yep. That's my opinion.) And, to make a few of you laugh and others completely disgusted, here is one of the most creative anti-Santorum ditties to date: Ricky-Dick's Porn-um

Bottom line? I believe in a God, maybe not YOUR GOD, but an energy that is absolutely beyond a comprehensive explanation in such a short blog as this (despite its already lengthy space).

And, I truly resent the Rick Santorum's of this world when they play with religion to win political races and generate further discord during a time in our country when coming together is more important than ever.

I have so much more to say/write that would be far more articulate if I were talking to you rather than writing. It would also help if I had another cup of tea. For now, however, this is a writing blog. Perhaps one day I'll share my voice via an audio feed and then, perhaps then, my tone may be found to be far more gentle than my currently quasi-edgy-blunted "pen."

*Note: For background, I was raised a Presbyterian. My father was a Deacon in our church. I sang in the church choir. I did not have any negative experiences concerning "my" religion. I was a participant in a Bible Study class to become a member of our church. As I learned more about the world, religions, and alternative beliefs, I followed my heart and mind which led me to a decision that no one really knows the "Truth" and that life, no matter from where it came, is sacred, special, miraculous. Most of all; there can be no light without darkness. Thus, the power and fact of Yin and Yang. One cannot exist without the other. 

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Street Art of the Day

Format: Design
Image via:

Music Vid of the Day

Just One of Those Days

A bit busy today, finally opening the bills I've been ignoring and filling-out forms, as well as other paperwork involved with hospitals, doctors, caretakers.... Too bad my "Home Care" officially ends today after I sign my name on a few hundred documents. When I peek through the fingers covering my eyes from the "Balance Due" section of each bill, I may need a nurse - STAT!

Will catch up with you all later......

Monday, February 20, 2012

Bonus Post of the Day

Had to share the following article: THIS ONE  A very distinct, honest look at the media coverage (or lack thereof), delving into the increasing cross-cultural tragedy of addiction. This is not a somber, sappy or lecturing article. It has just the "right" tone. And, it is extremely well-written.

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Kurt Wenner
Format - 3D

Mr. Slaughter - Hands In The Air

Hey Rick, I Don't Like You

I haven't written about politics in the U.S. with any depth in a while because the only depth I've seen is how low most of the GOP mouthpieces and Prez Hopefuls have sunk in their attempts to out-Conservative one another. In addition, the incessant in-fighting with the GOPer's has become less of a humorous headline than another example of how childish, desperate-for-power and sleazy the political field is for the Republicans.

One day Newt rips Mitt a new one over something. Then someone else slams Newt for hypocrisy. Now Newt is allowing his wife, Callista, to wave her bejeweled hand to the unwashed masses and, at the same time, open her mouth to speak.

Oh, those political wives. They'll say and do anything to help their man get into that big white house in that swampy town of DC. Until they actually have to live in that place. As with Romney's fortune and 9,000 homes across the land the size of little villages, Newt lives a nice life as well, and I doubt that Callista will approve the decor of the aging house just as Nancy Reagan found herself in less-than-luxurious surroundings compared to her previous abodes when she and her "Ronnie" were its inhabitants. Does anyone recall the "stir" when Nancy changed the china to something nicer than what had been offered? Oh my! She was vilified! NEW china? Heaven forbid! Wasn't the country in a recession then - or something?

Writing of the political circus beyond a few remarks from time-to-time has lost its cotton-candy appeal now that Rick Santorum (aka Mr. Sanctimonious) has continued to bring religion into the discourse. Now, that's not funny. Nor remotely humorous. Or American, if one is to hearken back to the Constitution regarding the "Separation of Church and State" that I referenced yesterday in a link to Santorum's accusation against President Obama for not following the "Bible" in his leadership.

Such broad, absurd pronouncements, make me mad. Bible-thumping in politics brings the Flogging Whip into play. Why? Doesn't he too have free speech? Sure he does. BUT, he is a public figure; running for the highest office in the land, as it were, parroting the narrow beliefs of his "base" - which, I must say, is "base" within the slurs, racial innuendos, and accusations of every kind, as well as the extraordinary disrespect the GOPer's have shown toward their President. No one, not one President of the U.S. in modern times, has ever received such crass disrespect via the infamous shouted "You lie" during a speech.

Or publicly taken to task (it was to appear) on an airstrip as Governor Brewer of AZ did a  few weeks ago apparently to make herself look strong to her Republican constituents. MAJOR DISRESPECT NO MATTER WHAT THE PROBLEM INVOLVED.

In the midst of the most embarrassing, lying, inarticulate moments, years' worth, of George W's presidency, no Democrat ever screamed at him in public despite the ill-will. Tell me, where is the "Love thy neighbour" thingy when certain peeps don't get their way? Goes right out the door when they leave church, doesn't it?

Santorum's recent insinuations, direct blatherings (from which he is backing-away - to an extent) is a mind-set I fear the most for tossing America into the current toilet. Using religion as a deflection tactic is yet another way the GOP is attempting to ensure that their "audience" focuses on religion, rather than the economy; to deflect from how the GOP has refused to aid its country in the name of political mud-slinging; to flaunt the fact that Obama doesn't get up in front of a podium and start preaching to the choir. The issue is, I and many (millions) of people in the U.S. don't want our politicians making decisions based on their religion - whatever it may be.

And, if those who wish to use their religion as the backbone for tearing-down Obama, I believe a refresher from the Bible may be in order: There are six things that the Lord hates, seven that are an abomination to him: haughty eyes, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked plans, feet that make haste to run to evil, a false witness who breathes out lies, and one who sows discord among brothers. Proverbs.

The bellowing of the "Right" is that the U.S. is no longer what it used to be. (Meaning: NOT TOTALLY WHITE.) Immoral. (Meaning: NOT ALL CHRISTIAN.)

You know something, you Santorum-type people? If you so dislike the way in which the country is run during a crisis created by a string of president's over the years, why don't YOU GUYS LEAVE?

I know that I and others have become so disgusted with the actions of both the Congress and a few of the moves Obama has made that we have commented on leaving the States. Nope. Changed my mind for now. As I just wrote, Mr. Sanctimonious and friends, YOU GO AWAY and live someone else where Religion rules the actions of governments. Or, go find your own island. I'm sure between Mitt and Newt and the Koch brothers and all of the other hidden billionaires who fund the top GOP campaigns, they can afford to create their own Promised Land...with no "Big Government" interference other than that little hidden Camcorder in everyone's bedroom and doctor's office.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Street Art of the Day

Location: Hollywood, CA

I Can't Explain

The Latest Tidbits

The weekly roam around the Interwebs....

Tell me true; what is in the U.S. drinking water? WTF #254

Facebook is pissing people off - again: Blood vs Sex

And again.... To Friend Or Not To Friend

Everyone likes Kevin now: Back On Track?

Uh, Mr. Sanctimonious, there is this thing called "Separation of Church and State." DUH

Oh, Bobby, Bobby! Drama Peen?

That's it for the day.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Street Art of the Day

Tony Sings With Aretha

Dueling Fandangos

It has been less than a week since Whitney Houston passed away, singing her way up into Heaven's fluffy white clouds along the way. It is also less than week since Adele swept the Grammy Awards, brooming-away some of the usual music debris found wobbling on the red carpet.

The only problem I have with two quite strong stories/events occurring within the same time frame is that both were/are fabulous singers, with Adele adding songwriting credits to her resumé, and both of their biggest hits are dueling it out in my head 24/7.

One minute I hear the soaring sounds of Whitney's "I Will Always Love You" interspersed with "Rolling In The Deep." One moment I'm loving someone forever and the next "we could have had it all..."  It can work back-to-back. A creative DJ can blend it, mix it, go back and forth, tweaking the controls until a quasi-symphony of pathos and current joy can be married to express both sides of the Love Issue in a fabulous dance of sorts. Sure, one can click their fingers, tap their feet, to Adele's hit. With Whitney's, it is a slow dance indeed - if one wants to dance, that is, to a heart-piercing pronouncement of undying devotion.

For now, I know not of anyone doing this, mixing-it-up, although I'm sure someone will (if not already up on YouTube), thus I'm still finding myself roaming around with the highs and lows of the lovely music playing in my very own inner CD player. But there is a slight struggle. One side of my body wants to lay down and sob, the other wants to look heaven's way and sigh and smile. Good thing I have an astrology chart that explains how I can exist in some form of sanity with conflicting desires.

Thanks again, Ladies, for your talent. And Adele, keep on falling in love with the very wrongest guy you can find. It is obviously the one part of Love that has been good to you. Honest.

I certainly can relate. Many times in my life I have agonized "We Could Have Had It All." And, there are a few beings on this planet I will alwaaaaaaays loooove...

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Street Art of the Day

Tired Of Your Jive

Who Deserves A Flog Today?

Today TDFB is writing a second "Who Deserves..." in a week because Google is getting to be far too intrusive in the lives of many, and this blog is one of the areas of their intrusion. From the day I joined Google+ a lot of of odd glitches have occurred here. Most were handled without public notice and all was well, I thought, until I checked the "Contact Me" and other email links provided on our extra pages. At the moment, none of the links are working although the original email address provided once worked, and my independent profile page was intact. Today I discovered my picture was gone, the email link no longer works regardless of what address I use. The original email link works from all other areas on the Interwebs where I post and utilize the address. Except here. I also realized when joining Google+ that, unfortunately, the entire setup was too public for me and I ceased being active. If I delete the account, I'll also lose access to this blog, and all other Google-based connections. And so my Google+ page languishes; my profile page email is changed and may not work. Also, prior to the changes at Google, posts from this blog were automatically recorded to Google Buzz. No more. Now I must work through yet another system to make that once-easy step happen again. As written many times, TDFB is not moving from Blogger at this time for practical reasons. But, in order to remain for a while until other arrangements can be made with trust that the content, etc. of the blog won't be lost or corrupted, I will have to go on yet another search for answers on the Blogger issues, which is also a frustrating experience as few have answered any of the questions others have asked pertaining to the exact problems I am having with the email link, to name one. So, I'm ranting as you can see. This may not relate to your life in any possible way, but as it does create an unpleasant effect in my mood, as well as what I do each day in an attempt to have a properly functioning site, and as I'm too disgusted with the House GOP's attitude today toward what was to have been a balanced discussion of Contraception by a GOP male-only crowd who have now refused to hear the only woman the Dem's were allowed to bring to the hearing to tell her own tale of pro Contraception, I'll leave this format-less space and take the Flogging Whip with me to the Google hell of attempting to fix something no one on the Blogger Help site seems willing to deal with.


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Street Art of the Day

Conflicting Attributions

A Real Grammy Awards Performance

Pissy Hits

Glancing through the news this morning tells me that there is nothing new in the news worth ranting-on about. The U.S. political fiasco remains as such for the moment. I and others have written numerous accounts of the up and down nature of the GOP primary season until most of us who don't have to write of politics for a living have grown so bored with the entire process that cheesy celebrity news (beyond obvious newsworthy events such as an awards program or the death of yet another icon) is preferable to dissect than how many times Mitt Romney gets slapped in the face by his fellow Republicans.

I could write about how I (and others) believe the excessive stage time given to Chris Brown at the Grammy Awards was in more than poor taste regardless of the fact that Rihanna has apparently forgiven the thugster for beating her from hell and back a few years ago, showing very little remorse for his actions and continuing to act like a full-on ass now that he has that little statue in his brutal fist.

I mean, why not have Chris Brown yell and jump around a stage doing several different numbers when it's clear that within the music industry there are apparently not enough musicians and singers around to fill in the performance slots. We all love Chris Brown, right? We can't get enough of him, right? So, let's give him more performances in one night than someone from, let's say, the Jazz genre? Or would a moment of classical fare been too stuffy for the viewers? Sure. As if keeping Chris' face on your TV screen kept everyone from changing the channel. Well, it didn't. But never mind. It's all old news and the damage has been done. Mr. Brown's tweeting that everyone can go eff themselves now that he has his Grammy. Good for you, Mr. Azzhat. Getting an award doesn't guarantee continued success. 

But enough of that. My point is how absolutely dull the current news is despite Nancy Grace's attempts to see a conspiracy in the death of Whitney Houston. Say what, Nancy? Did you dance with too many stars swirling through you head last season? Zzzzzzz.

And what about international news, you might ask? How about a few words on what's going on elsewhere? Good question. I don't know about you but with regard to Syria, I say let them work it out. Why does anyone else have to come to the rescue? In fact, I'm getting tired of the U.S. always going to everyone else's rescue while ignoring our own homeless, sick, poor. How about sending some of that money set aside for wars to rebuild the towns, industries and lives of those who live on our own soil for a change?
But that's not gonna happen anytime soon, is it?

Despite cutting Defense spending, Washington will always ensure that we have enough gold left in Fort Knox to help other countries in times of disasters. Forget what our Constitution says about not interfering in the causes, etc. of other countries. Let's keep pouring those dollars into countries where yet another horrendous earthquake is bound to topple an entire city while victims of Katrina continue to wait for much-delayed paperwork to retrieve their own property while they languish in FEMA trailers after how many years now? 

Yep. That's where the Flogging Whip is at today. Wildly flinging it's little lashes at anything it sees and hears. And, although I'm writing about how dull part of the news may be of late, we are certain to be in the midst of another "calm before the storm" of something before The Huffington Post puts up another huge headline to take over half of our computer screens.

I guess we should all take the day off with regard to the news unless redundancy is your friend.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Special Art of the Day

A Special Tribute to Adele

Who Deserves A Flog Today?

Check this out: Too Much Man-Handling. Yeah, okay, okay, It makes sense that the police involved were doing their jobs to find an abducted child and that the grandfather fit the vague description. However, what's with the continuing heavy-duty arm-wrangling police are doing before checking who they actually have in their temporary custody? Why did the police take so long to make the calls that would have immediately exonerated him? Most of all, imagine the fear the granddaughter experienced in watching two different attempts to arrest her grandfather within minutes of each instance. Do you think she enjoyed being thrust into the backseat of a patrol car regardless of the info that she was allowed to play with a flashlight? Oh pleeeze! Next time, police peeps, get your facts straight before slamming people up against cars and tossing young children into your supposed "protective care." How about using the same tactics on crimes you guys ignore every day? Such as domestic abuse calls. You know, where people are bleeding and screaming and stuff?

Monday, February 13, 2012

Unusual Street Art of the Day

The Talk of Monday

Adele made a Grammy Sweep! Good for her! And didn't she look beautiful - inside and out?

What else to say? It was quite a news-filled weekend with the death of  Whitney Houston, the drama with her daughter's need for medical attention due to reported anxiety, the also reported heart-wrenching "hysterical" "inconsolable" brokenhearted reactions from her mother, Cissy; cousin, Dionne; ex-husband, Bobby Brown...and others. The sadness is so thick in Hollywood that yesterday's sunny weather has slipped into an overcast gloom as the reality sets in. The once very chatty birds are still hanging-out in the trees, but are unusually silent. Just following the mood, I guess.

It's not just that Whitney Houston passed away, an apparent (thus far not confirmed) victim of Prescription Drugs combined with alcohol, but that so many musicians, actors, actresses, authors, are dropping from the earth at what would seem to be an alarming rate these days. Some with the aid of legal substances via abuse.

The death-by-drugs scenario is far from new, particularly for those who were around when music icons of the 60's and 70's took their Southern Comfort with a grain of heroin and other such means as their bodies waved goodbye while their music and legacy moved-up the Billboard charts and right back straight to the heart in memorandum.

So, as many wring their hands, tongues, words, around this trend, citing "had someone just intervened" ...the bottom line is that addiction knows no class or colour, and all of that....... And indications are that many had tried to intervene in Whitney's situation. Perhaps a few had given-up or were living in denial regarding what was really going down. In the end, it doesn't matter. If one is on the road to self-destruct, despite all of the best intentions possible, they will find a sad, tragic end.

And now that the drugs that are increasingly taking and/or compromsing the lives of many who kick-on the Kleig Lights, are Legal, it's simply jumped another shark.

It's all too easy to feel immortal. Even if you aren't a music icon. Your quiet, suburban or, conversely, urban neighbourhood, most definitely harbors a mirror image of high profile substance and domestic abuse incidents, participants. They just don't end up on the cover of a tabloid.

Whatever the toxicology reports reveal in the cause of Miz Houston's death, I believe it's safe to link too many something's mixed with too many other something's = an unfortunate, final, combination.


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Street Art of the Day

True Diva

I'm sitting in bed, looking out at the trees by my window, wondering how to delicately write about the death of Whitney Houston and also make the post about me at the same time, because, well, I'm nonplussed! I've been caught off-guard! Me! A "News Junkie." I must be among the last to know that Miss Houston's soul decided it was time to say goodbye yesterday afternoon in her room at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

Apparently it was around the time I turned-off the TV, shut down the laptop, and went into a working mode on a house project for many hours before slipping off to sleep without checking the news. It had been just a normal Saturday, after all. Or so I thought. 

And then, after a long and fruitful sleep (many interesting dreams), I awoke early; listened to the birds having quite a conversation (birds certainly love to talk to each other, don't they?), wandered off to the kitchen to make tea, feed my Little Familiar, returned to the bedroom, placed the laptop on my lap, turned it on and - Whoa! Whitney Houston has died!

It was momentarily rattling. And very sad. The more cynical among us point to the chances of her known substance abuse problems as being the cause of her death. It's happening now all over the Interwebs as people chat and comment on the news of her passing, that she had been on a self-destructive path, so why should everyone be so surprised? That it was inevitable.

Yes, it would seem that way despite word that she had cleaned-up her act and was on a comeback. After several embarrasing and disatrous comeback attempts over the last few years, another try seemed plausible, although it had become clear she had lost the purity of her once-pure voice and would still have a struggle to stay on course.

I'm sad. Inevitable or not, many people say they are shocked simply because she hasn't been going through public meltdowns or looking rough and overly tumbled-down by something heavy for a while, I would have thought the same had I not seen THIS  the other day. (The author has written a nice tribute to her today in his most inimitable way.) After viewing the pictures, it was more than clear that something wasn't "right" with Miss Houston again.

What a sad tale, the rise and fall of yet another entertainment icon. Such talent, we all chime. What a waste, we shake our heads. It makes our hearts feel heavy while we always pull out their old music or films or TV shows or books..... We pay tribute regardless of what took the life of the icon. We do this because there was and is a reason why they became icons: they moved us in some way. They brought something special, inspirational, into our lives, often educating, uplifting, our minds and spirits. They were (or had been) the best in their field.

So, today the world mourns yet another who is "gone too soon."

As someone wrote on Twitter in response to the news of Whitney's death, "Enough already!"

I agree.

The Grammy Awards are planning a tribute to Whitney. Only a True Diva would die the day before the Grammy Awards! And I write with a wry smile. Good for you, Miss Houston! The Grammy's will be almost all about you in one way or another - in private conversation to a major public celebration of your great tunes and pitch-perfect delivery. You deserve the attention. Your timing is, once again, perfect! 

Bravo! And RIP.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: Sincere condolences to all who knew, loved, and cared-for Whitney. 

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I Wanna Dance With Somebody

RIP Whitney Houston

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Remi Rough
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Let It Rain

Deep Thoughts

OMG. I'm doing it again! It's another Saturday and the last thing I want to do is write or think about anything beyond contemplating why Katy Perry chose to wear what appears to be her dress on her head at a Grammy-related function. 

If she's feeling that confidant these days, then what in the world will she wear to the actual Grammy Awards tomorrow night? We shall see, won't we?

The Flogging Whip is anxious to send a few of the  NARAS executives to the woodshed based on their changes for Grammy categories this and next year. Among the changes - excluding the category in which I once received two Grammy nominations: Best Spoken Word Album for Children. *

More than a few people are upset about all of this change and exclusion.  But, for now the Whip is still sleeping, and as it's an overcast day, perfect for sleeping-in, I'll let it rest - for now.

I'd rather post another interesting music video, this time not a visually-cheesy one as so many I have posted of late have looked. Too bad I like the music but rarely the visuals.....

How about another one with Pavarotti singing with an unlikely partner?

(NARAS, know that in the future we'll be swinging at your door, so to speak, as it were.)

* (Details Here
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Friday, February 10, 2012

Making of Street Art # 3,431

Friday On My Mind

Weekly Tidbits

The weekly stroll through the Interwebs....

Cupcakes are isolationistic and should be analyzed to death: Strange Take On The Cake

Someone finally woke-up and smelled the awfee-ness of a once brilliant show: CuddyLess

This is why I loathe most of the high-profile GOPer's: Yes I Believe Rick's A Dick

This is an interesting development. Perceive at your own sweet or cynical twist: Hmmm

At first I thought this was another The Onion satire: But It's Not

Perhaps someone else should not have been born: Off Key

Sleeping on the job is one thing, but c'mon guys! Who's Porny Now?

If you thought your Dad was a bit testy, few can beat this one: Daddy's Little Power Display

That's all she wrote....

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Banksy

Shut Your Mouth

Oh No-No-No You Don't!

Mr. Sanctimonious won all three primary's last evening. All I will say is God help us all! On that note, I will take leave of the writing part of my day and spend most of it curled over the bidet/toilet.

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Mizu
Location - Colorado

It's A Man's World

This Isn't Just A Man's World

If you are following the U.S. political morass/abyss/circus/charade, you may find the following article interesting: Twittering Blights 
There is a reason for linking the article, but it's not all about how bored many of us are who don't spend our lives on Twitter.  I'll get to the point in a moment after setting the stage...

The 2012 campaign remains on the social ideology road when it involves the GOP. Newt Gingrich loves to remind his audience that Mitt Romney, when Gov of Massachusetts, set many progressive-based laws in motion such as Healthcare for the state, and contraception at Catholic hospitals for victims of rape. Good for Mitt! It's extremely sad that the man has to pretend to be someone he is not: A True Conservative! In order for Mr. Perfect to gain the votes he needs from members of his own party, he must denounce almost everything socially/culturally decent he did in the past.

Too bad he continues to step on his own shiny shoes with remarks such as "I like to fire people" (taken slightly out of context), and the now infamous "I'm not concerned about the poor..." The guy just doesn't have that "populist" touch that endears the naive and hopeful to vote for someone they believe has a heart.

However, beyond the constant political Twitterings mentioned in the above-linked article, what I find to be the essence of the in-fighting between Newt, Rick Sanctimonious and Mitt, is the way in which all hide behind the threat of ending Legal Contraception via religious reasons and "family values" rhetoric. The GOP with the dripping wet tea bags hanging around in the House Chamber to bring down America and return the country to The Wild West, are a disgrace to common sense when it involves human reproduction (or not).

Where does the Bible say that aborting a fetus is against God's Law? If I'm correct, God spent a great deal of time trying to lure his truest believers to kill their children as well as to procreate with their children and close relatives. Conflicting messages? Yes, of course there are. The Bible has a different sounding God in almost every chapter in both the Old and New Testaments. One moment he's pissed as hell and destroys a city; another he's being jealous if someone bows down to a "graven image" other than his own (I thought God was "bigger" than such petty egoism).

Elsewhere in the text(s), God is completely cool. He is kind and gentle and loving - all that "Godly" and "Holier-than-thou" 'tude 'cuz he's experiencing the Bliss of Heaven! No kiddie killings and everyone, stop sleeping-around! You have no idea the infections you'll get otherwise.... Okay. That may have gone too far for some, but wouldn't God want his flock to avoid STD'S without antibiotics?

Anyhow, as it were, so to speak, I don't care what any book says about whether a woman should or should not have the right to decide what she wants to happen to her body. It certainly makes sense that it would be against most laws to abort if the civilization was dying and needed to ensure the life of its inhabitants. It would be reasonable if our entire planet was in danger of human extinction. Then it would be more than a bit difficult for a woman to say "No" to following through on her pregnancy.

But our modern world is teeming with humans. Our planet is overcrowded. We are in danger of ruining the planet because there are too many people requiring too much food, tossing too much waste into the oceans...and all that goes with overpopulation.

The argument for and against abortion, as well as the use of contraception, is well-documented by people with far more statistics in their head than I will ever care to store in my database. I won't fight the fight beyond slinging a few words around to get to my primary point: We are now far enough along in the "be fruitful and multiply" message to grasp that it is a Woman's Choice, not anyone else's, for what will happen to a pregnancy (or to avoid one). More than that, forcing women who are victims of rape and incest to spend 9 months of their lives living with a daily reminder of what may have been the worst moment in their life is Barbaric. 

So Newt and Rick and others. Until you grow your own wombs and find yourself slammed against a wall where some grizzly guy will force his always-there-weapon-of-choice into your sacred space, I suggest all of you STFU!

Spare me the religious platitudes on this one.  

Monday, February 6, 2012

Street Art of the Day

Bad Girls

Missing In Accuracy

Yesterday's Super Bowl extravaganza was marred yet again by another scandalous moment (no, not that the NY Giants won). During the half-time performance of Madonna, one of her guest singers - M.I.A. - did a Big TV No-No! A most shocking, barbarous, inhumane and downright disgusting thing!

Or so it would seem according to the "outrage" over a gesture one would think a parent would overlook considering how often the particular gesture is used in real life...such as on the playground, by siblings and a few parents!

Check this out: Heaven Forbid!

C'mon! Again I'll write that authority figures (parents, school officials and others close to children on a regular basis) are either going too far out of their way to "protect" kids from what they see every day, or tend to overreact when a kid behaves like a kid (such as a small little kiss on a girl's cheek which caused the young boy in question to face suspension from his First Grade class).

What is up with all of this "police state" mentality over a stupid, provocative, yet-in-the-overall-scheme-of-things extremely minor infraction by an already controversial music 'star.' Wow! M.I.A. showed the world her middle finger! My Gawd! Let's stone her in the town square and make Janet Jackson's once-famously exposed nipple the tattoo on M.I.A's forehead so that no one will ever forget that salacious Super Ho Moment!

Meh. Isn't this little dust-up Much Ado About Nothing? Is that the best post-game PR anyone can conjure to keep the non-athletic part of the event in the sidebar headlines? No. There's another set of quasi-bashings going on with Madonna's performance. Aside from obvious lip-syncing on 97% of her tunes, she walked-strutted with an unusual care in the now-must-wear-by-all-Divas 5 Mile High shoes. Or does her back hurt or something? Stiff might be the operative word, here.

Oh yes, I've read glowing comments on Facebook and in Comments sections around the Webs. Apparently many are impressed that at 50+ the Madge can still strut her Vadge. By how her arms are so well defined, why would anyone be surprised to find such new admiration of her physical prowl-ess-ness? Without a doubt she could lift Elton and David at the same time while reading David's most recent bitchy Twitterings over how she did not, never will, write a piece of music to compare to what Sir Elton can tinkle out in seconds on those Ebony's and Ivories (I know, wrong artist).

Nevertheless, Madonna has her fans and they won't say a word against her. Which is probably wise because something tells me she and Lucifer have a good thing going, which is why she's back to wearing those huge crosses around her neck to lead everyone astray. No more Bad Catholic Girl Against The Pope! She's smart enough to see what has happened to Sinead O'Connor after tearing the-then Pope's picture in half on the Telli-Vision.

Not only did Sinead slink back into Purgatory after that mess, but during her recent resurfacing, she married a guy, then said the marriage was over, then tweeted to her fans that she was in need of mental help, then reunited with her not-husband-husband, then..... Well, you get the scenario.

Back to the point: Parents, I'm writing to you now. Unless you completely cut your children off from watching TV, playing video games, talking with their peers, using the Internet, a cell phone, keep them away from walking past any sign or billboard or shop with advertised adult content, then I suggest you rethink your priorities on what and where to spend your parental ire.

Rather than scream around about an "obscene" gesture that most viewers didn't see, how about focusing on the lack of a decent education (unless your children are in special private schools where, of course, no one ever uses "the finger" against anyone nor says a disrespectful word to anyone) because public schools are underfunded, and teachers are desperately underpaid as well as under fire by politicians; or what the world will be like in a few more years for your children to live in when most of the bridges in the U.S. are crumbling and the world is changing on every level (from economics to the increasing pollution of the planet) to such an extent that bellowing about someone making an "obscene" gesture is Just. Plain. Petty.

I'd worry about whether or not my child can get a job in a few years or will end up living on the infamous Pacific-based Plastic Floating Island, because at the rate we use plastic and toss it away, many more islands of that nature will be banding together into the size of a small continent. In my mind, the "gesture" of the moment would be to teach your children how to create little plastic igloos to ensure survival.

You know, teach them something practical.