Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Jules Muck
Medium - Paint

My Mood Swings - (pssst - it's weird but the title works)

Wednesday Tidbits #6,738

A quick perusal of a few of the most inane things I've read today – with a few exceptions.

Poor baby. Life's been so unfair. Does He Always Win At Monopoly? 

Not to be petty or anything, but the "air" may not be pure: Say WHAT? 

White People Alert! We are all crazy, violent and effed-up: Really? What A Concept! 

It's none of our business, but here's Kirstie To The Rescue – Again! 

Um, dare we ask why? Who's Their Christian and/or Anastasia? 

For those who are really, really, bored: Over The Barrel 

Are we humans emotionally stunted? Yes, According To This Advice

Not too far from the truth: Judge Not, Judge With No Brains 

Oy! That's it. Just OY! 

I concur. Please DO! 

That's it for today. Time to get back to my odd mood swings of the week. 

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Monday, July 29, 2013

Street Art of the Day

Artist(s) - RETNA & EL MAC
Location - Salt Lake City, Utah
Format - Mural
Image via: Everywhere


Did the Earth Just Flip On Its Axis?

Have I read the headlines correctly?

Wow! Amazing! Incredible! Surprising! Enlightening!

Pope Francis has hit a home run two times in a row over the weekend. Who knew he could play Religious Leader so well?

To discover his Real Pope Colours, we had to wait until he forged forth into another country (Brazil) to make speeches which were uniting rather than dividing.

Following his quite balanced comment about the Amazon where he stated that We Humans have a responsibility for the "…respect and protection of the entire creation which God has entrusted to man, not so that it be indiscriminately exploited but rather made into a garden", he now believes that Gays Are OK if they are willing to love God and so on. Yeah. A Pope Said That. He also humbly admitted, "Who am I to judge (them)?"

What? He actually expressed an Understanding (of sorts) that All Humans have a right to love whomever they love – and/or that despite being "Gay" if one loves The Lord it shows a desire to be a good person no matter what! What happened? Did someone hit him in the head with one of those Ruby Red Slippers? Or, perhaps he simply gets it about human nature. That tells me he has been watching Animal Planet wherein we've learned that homosexuality exists in other Living Beings beyond Humankind. OR, an angel floated into his dreams one night and whispered sweet something's into his consciousness. Who knows?

What I do know is that he is spreading a message of love, tolerance and a Higher Awareness unlike most Religious Leaders with a High Profile. Unlike his Baptist Brethren who spew Hate and Intolerance, inciting violence and other unsavory feelings, attitudes and acts against those who are LGBT, a bit of Positive Energy is circling his Being, which then spreads out to his followers. Nice move, Pope! I may have Big Issues with your church in general, but I certainly like how you're handling your new job.

No flog today, obviously. At times we need to applaud the Good Deeds And Words of some of the Peoples Of Power.

Shine on, Pope Francis. Hopefully another Angel Of Mercy will tiptoe into your chambers tonight and tell you that Women are just as capable of being Priests as are men. For now, however, carry on….

Have a Wonderful Whatever, everyone, and Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Phlegm
Location - UK
Image & Details via:


Who Deserves a Flog Today?


Although TDFB (that's me) prefers to write vapid posts on Usually Vapid Subjects on Saturdays to lift the spirits and empty the mind, today is the opposite. The Flogging Whip has had enough whining from George Zimmerman's smug, smirky, arrogant brother, Robert Zingingman the Bitter. His now-apparently-ceaseless insensitive baiting comments and insinuations about Trayvon Martin and his parents, indicate an intolerance for Others Not Like Him Even Worse Than his trigger-happy brother George. Proof? HERE 

 Yes, let's make the victim's past an issue (a fairly Regular Modern Teen). Let's ignore the facts of what he was doing in the neighbourhood AT THAT TIME on THAT night and focus on everything else, unlike how The Perpetrator's past of violence has been ignored by family and The Law.

Although you may be tired of the Trayvon-Zimmerman incessant media focus as I have been as well (I turn off, tune out, of late when pundits begin their coverage of the same-old-same-old outrage and or defenses), This Is A Story That Won't Go Away. And, as we now see, it's all for a very enlightening, thought-provoking reason:

A mere few days ago, one of the jurors in the trial admitted that she believed Zimmerman was guilty, yet had to acquit due to specific language in the legal instructions provided by the judge. Without definitive proof of any sort that Mr. Z deliberately killed Martin, the jurors could not charge him with 2nd degree Manslaughter. Period. Or so "they" say. We shall learn more upon the Obvious Appeal and/or Civil Suit – should either go forward. Thus, as millions believe, the guy DID get away with murder. Or so many of us think. (How could we think otherwise? Honestly? Don't give The Whip that Legal Language Crap. Most whips have lashes of their own with which to distribute punishment to Crimes Of Injustice.)

Beyond the sniffling brother, the admission of perceived guilt by the juror, is the Questionable Timing of the Hero Zimmerman sans cape or pictures or credible witnesses on his role in the rescue of 4 people trapped in a truck of some sort. Wasn't that development just a bit convenient for public opinion? Have you heard about this? RESCUE BS? Do you think anti-Zimmerman fanatics have gone too far this time? I don't. The connection between Good Old George and the officer at the scene is simply too coincidental to ignore. In addition, prior to hearing and reading anyone suggest a Staged PR Opportunity, my initial gut reaction "set off" my BS Detector. Unless it involves romance, my instincts are usually on target.

And get this! The Hate Mongering Racial Profiling Polarization population is now doing THIS

Mind-Boggling to those with minds.

Semi-rant over – for now. 

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Street Art of the Day

Location - Granada
Image & Details via:

Something Different Again

Thursday Tidbits #918,707

It's quite interesting and odd out there. Check out the latest info mine eyes fell upon to share with you for your inevitable Time-Killing-Escapist-Moments. Enjoy.

You cannot make this up: What Kind of Tea Are They Drinking In DC? 

The Onion wasn't kidding, for a change. Odd & Creepy 

Just another day in the life of a Celebrity Kid In Camo's 

Who knew? The Sun Has Holes – Sorta 

Yes, yes, I know we're in the midst of Climate Change, but take a breather for some Cheap Thrills 

Just one more Weiner Thingy 

Are they sure this isn't Lindsay Low-Hand in disguise? Let Us Count The Ways 

As if some of us need to be reminded of the sick feelings of Horrific Angst 

Multi-tasking is his specialty: He's Superman! No, He's Satan! WTF? 

Let's get rustic with Refinement 

That's it for the day!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Gallery Art of the Day

Artist - Mr. Nerfect
Format - Print

Hot Diggity (Dog Ziggity Boom)

A Tale of Two Poles

Let's go directly to the non-point of this post: Anthony Weiner and his problems with his own. (LINK) My primary reaction to his latest mess is to say, Forget About Becoming Mayor of anything, anywhere, at any time. Why? Well, why not? 

Did you see how tattered he looked during his Mea Culpa Press Conference yesterday? Does he look a tad unhinged to you? Why is he bothering to run for any political office again?

Obviously, his judgment is off, off, off on soooo many levels. "Delusional" is what I think The Weiner has become. But then, our country has a tendency to give most Menz Of Power a pass for their crude behaviour. However, I believe this time the Prior Weiner Sympathizers are now feeling a wee bit nauseated.

Wife by his side, wife speaking-out on his and her behalf – oh, how cringe-worthy! Please take your Hot Dog and go home. And, BTW Mr. Weiner, did you know that yesterday was National Hot Dog Day in America? See what I mean about being delusional = out of it = poor judgment. 'Nuff said.

Hey, I have another idea on today's Post Topic: How about Climate Change? Sexy stuff, eh? Or GMO's? If I were to add a sprinkle of sexually-charged double entendre's (or something) in-between facts about how soon it will be before we find ourselves underwater beginning on/in Major Coastline Cities such as Manhattan, perhaps someone will perk up and pay attention.

What do you think? Should I try it? Creating a little story about Climate Change/Global Warming could be a fun way to begin the sordid, sizzling, tale.

PG-13 Version:

Once upon a time (that's how all tales begin, right?) a lusty ball floating in space rife with succulent life in all forms began to feel hotter than usual from its bare-backed exposure to a glowing orb nearby. In the early days, one area of the ball was frigid, choosing to decline the seductive advances of its fiery neighbor beyond a few minor flirtations here and there. Surrender was not an option for the Icy Layers of sensuous liquids, as the Private Parts of the plump beacon of Wild Things enjoyed the company of its inhabitants who were free and beautiful and cute and innocent Beings. Their presence tickled the heights of the area's naturally fine-chiseled mountains, causing it to feel loved and happy.

But then, as time passed, the atmospheric condom the Rotund Entity had been using for eons to ward off excessive exposure to the seething, sweltering, potentially destructive advances of The Orb began to break, allowing streams of passionate heat emanating constantly from the Horny Neighbour to intrude on the Private Region's celibacy. And when the leak of heat began, our once-pure North Pole became dizzyingly overwhelmed by the intense, hot desire drilling into its icy caps, feeling weak, fluttery; and then, grudgingly, began to melt as only lovers do upon deep surrender until it discovered that it had lost its identity. Following years of decadent pounding by the Hottest Orb Around, it realized that it had become a Huge Mass Of Liquid Shame for all to see.

The once-happy sexually active inhabitants of the Pole Of The North were no more. Other creatures in different parts of the vibrating, throbbing planet were running for cover. And, akin to the dismay of awakening to an undesirable person following a drunken One Night Stand, the once beautiful, shimmering gleam of Arctic Bliss looked around it's environment in horror, blistered and burned from its Lover's Constant Presence, wondering how it got to where it was; why didn't its Keepers Keep It Safe from the insidious approach and assault from a known predator when, unlike a one-nighter, there were years and years of warnings.

I'll stop now.

Please place some constructive attention Without Negativity behind becoming further aware of Climate Change and do whatever you can to prepare yourself and loved ones because it IS happening. Can we save ourselves from the damage we know will happen? I don't know. I do know, however, that despite the glistening seas and beaches and spectacular sunsets one can experience living directly on a coastline, building more structures on "the beach" or anywhere below or at sea level is simply foolish.

We can adapt. We'll have to.

On that note, I take my leave for the day. Have a Great Whatever, and thanks for stopping by!

Image via: Andrew C. Revkin/The New York Times

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Classic Art of the Day

Artist - Edvard Munch
Location - London/Sotheby's Auction
Image via:

We Are Here To Make Some Noise

Under Pressure

Hello there. Continuing the brief posts as activities in the abode continue to intrude.

 Today is another House Quasi-Renovation day with everything exterior to be Pressure Washed.

Great, but Very Noisy! At least the guys doing it are pro's and provided ear plugs.

See you later!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Street Art of the Day

Image via: It's On The Image

God Save the Queen

Did Something Happen?

Hello there! And some thought it would be just another Hum-Day Monday in the Big Wide World! Not so. Some guy with a funny little costume and an even funnier vocal range (making it difficult to understand WTF he was saying) was seen from half-way afar (note the passing cars and people) on a sidewalk on a street in London ringing bells and screaming something about "Cambridge" and England and what-not.

Apparently Someone Really Special had a Baby Boy!

I guess we'll now move on to other topics. Eventually.

I cringe to watch how the announcement of The Name will be handled. Hopefully someone else will decipher it for me if the same guy is sent out to Mouth Garble the announcement without a proper microphone and street noise to make it harder to hear a friggin' thing. (Yes, yes. I know. It's Tradition to stand on streets and scream Important News like it's "always been done.")

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Unique Street Art of the Day

Artist - WK 360
Medium - Twisted Paintings & Pictures via Photocopying
Image & Details:


Who Deserves a Flog Today?

The Flogging Whip is running around with its lashes all in a dither over the increased examples of Bigotry polluting our nation. It's not bigotry just for Blacks, but for Americans without pure White Skin…which, after reading hateful Tweets, I find to be a "Sin" of the highest rank of the Lowest Skanks around. 

Can you believe that Marc Anthony, a USA Citizen, was deemed "Unfit" by Basic Racists to sing the National Anthem at a recent event simply because he hails from Hispanic Roots? Please check THIS out for details.

Yes, it's not a Brand New Story; however, if you have been awake rather than Sleep-Walking, you have noticed how the Rabid Anti-Anyone NOT WHITE Crusaders have taken to Social Media to slap the Little Bubble many of us had been living in over what we had thought was an improvement in Race Relations over the past 30-40 years.

It isn't that many of us didn't expect a Race Backlash upon the election of America's first minority president. Such a response was inevitable. What is surprising, though, is how the tensions are escalating with time, rather than receding. If the vitriol was based solely on our economic woes, I would suggest that it is an historical element in all civilizations to turn against whomever The Masses deem to be unworthy when jobs are difficult to find and keep, thus the competition for finding jobs becomes a stone in the shoe of those who resent being overlooked when they see Peoples Of Colour beating them out for a coveted job or promotion. BUT again, I don't believe economics is at the heart of what is truly a Genuine Reflection of seething hatred and fear mingled with White Entitlement.

This morning The Huffington Post provided their readers with the headline, "Still Not Free" with regard to the struggle African-Americans have faced ever since the Civil War technically ended in 1865. Yesterday, hundreds of rallies were held all over the U.S. in the name of Trayvon Martin. On Friday, Barack Obama boldly and bravely spoke HIS truth about what it is like to be a Black Man/Boy in America. Some cheered, while the Usual Suspects not only jeered, but dived even lower than in the past into Baseless Scum when Sean Hannity, Fox News' saner version of Glenn Beck, decided that Obama's past history with experimenting with drugs caused him to relate to a kid wearing the "wrong" clothing and becoming a target for a prejudiced vigilante. Oh, such rational thinking just causes my heart to go thippity-thump – not in a very pleasant way.

So, what is it about Americans who are Primarily White who have lost (if they had ever gained) an understanding of why America was created? I believe it is both simple on the surface and deeply complicated internally. First off, the drumbeat is growing louder that Americans have Serious Amnesia over how we basically invaded another country with Indigenous People already taking care of the land – Native Americans we now call them – and because we WON in our wars with them, have been Entitled to pretend that until the Mayflower docked on the American Shores of New England, no one was living here who were worth anyone's respect because they were Indians and NOT WHITE!

And, what's up with the spawn of Italian Immigrants to feel as if THEY are True Americans? Or the Irish? Or the Germans? Did everyone who nastily tells African-Americans to "go back to Africa" forget who brought them here and for what purpose? And they blame Blacks for staying? And they chastise Hispanics and other Brown People of infringing on American Turf despite the fact that there are almost as many White Illegals hiding-out in The States as "they" claim for others? That Food Stamps and Welfare are used by tons of Whites and not just "minorities"?

Hypocritical and irrational, hateful attitudes and perceptions prevail. Yes, "we" need to discuss the obvious problems in Public Forums to attempt a peaceful resolution. I'm all for it. However, the people who most require a serious Come To Jesus moment about prejudice and calming-down over All Racial and Bigoted Attitudes are the influential leaders of communities such as Pastors/Ministers/Politicians. As long as these so-called "Leaders" continue to fan the hatred, nothing will change. And, with regard to Race in particular, what is the defining emotion of Generalized Bigotry? FEAR.

Fear of "Difference" in Look/Skin Colour/Culture. The clichéd' Fear of the Unknown. Fear will always cause people to behave, think, react, in equally frightening ways.

Perhaps the first step toward any possibility of Understanding and Tolerance toward all "minorities" should begin with education-information classes/workshops on How To Overcome Fear. Adults/Parents need it most, as they are the examples our children follow. Once again, most of the hatred Begins At Home. If not one's own home, then the abode of a friend whose parents turned any semblance of Love Thy Neighbour into a farce.

Quasi-Rant Over

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Roa
Location - Buenos Aires
Image & Details via:

The Waiting

The Weekly Fluff

"Waiting" is the theme for Fluffy Stuff today.

Part of The World is waiting for Waity-Katey to have her Royal Baby.

Others are still waiting for Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux to get married.

Another group of "Others" are waiting for Brad Pitt and Angelina to do the same.

I'm not waiting for anything other than a Lazy Saturday.

Thanks for stopping by! Will be back soon with more words.

Image via:

RIP Helen Thomas

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Unusual Art of the Day

Artist & Photographer - Marco Guerra & Yasmina Alaoui
Medium/Format - Body Paint Art
Image via:

The Beatles Are Back - Almost

Thursday Tidbits #400,534

Today we're tripping all over the Webs for your entertainment, education - or whatever. Enjoy!

Gay or not? Who cares? The paintings are Perfect 

I know you need to know all about This Mess 

And now it begins! Gonna scrub that stuff right off of the web.  Scarier Than Dad? 

Uh, how much was that steak and pedicure again? Pampered Peeps 

Now we know why NBC is falling apart! Doesn't He Have Something Better To Do? 

Pssst. Are you overweight? Can you afford Dubai? If so, Here's Your Chance For Golden Dreams 

Want to kill some grey cells? Here You Go 

A thought-provoking view of the Rolling Stone Cover 

Let's get really trashy: PLEASE DON'T BREED! 

"Comments" are often funny or scary or Just Plain Crazy 

That's it for today! Have a fabulous morning/afternoon/evening/middle-of-the-night/dawn!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Eroding Sand Castle Art of the Day

Lay Down (Candles In The Rain)

Tropical Blunder(s)

Now that Anderson Cooper has provided the world with an interview with one of the Zimmerman Trial jurors, and we have learned precisely why the verdict went down as it did based on her completely uneducated remarks, I feel a need to distance myself even further from the dialogue over the trial and verdict. Let Florida retain its Crazies, I say, and, as with Stevie Wonder, will place a Personal Boycott on the state. Unlike Mr. Wonder, however, I doubt that Florida will ever see my face again with or without the Stand Your Ground law in place.

The laws in Florida, along with a governor who hates poor people and minorities, causes my neck to become stiff from the repeated shocks of what goes on down there in court rooms and voter's rights. I don't need further reasons to see a chiropractor, thank you very much. I'll remain in California – at least for a while longer – and enjoy the earthquakes and fires, instead of fearing that I could end up in jail were I to attempt self-preservation from an attack by doing something aggressive to save my life, as Marissa Alexander did when she fired Warning Shots Only to keep her abusive ex/estranged husband at bay and was rewarded for her efforts with 20 years in prison.

Yeah, I'm White, unlike Marissa who is Black; thus "they" might let me Walk, as the jurors down there appear to like white women, particularly those who may have killed their own children. Nevertheless, I could say something "wrong" to the "wrong" Authority Person and – BAM – find myself cuffed, kicked and verbally abuse-lipped.

It's really too bad about what has been going on in Florida for many years, as I spent part of my childhood living in "surrounding Miami" areas for a few months each year until I was 6. It was lovely then. I still remember how the ocean smelled and can feel the sand pebbles beneath my feet, along with the blistering heat and the agonizing sensation of a very painful sunburn.

Playing in the sand every day with lapping ocean waves within mere feet of my sand castle creations, was a lovely way to spend the winters until I had to go to school….and, when I could take time off for a short visit with my parents when a bit older, the fond memories of trekking to Key West where Turquoise waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico thrilled the visual senses, remain firmly ensconced in my Do Not Erase Databank.

Now, many of my childhood beaches have eroded along with whatever Common Sense may have prevailed in the Overall Consciousness at that time. The classic cynical  view of South Florida (Miami) as a Drug Lord Haven; the horrific hurricanes; the Hanging Chad debacle; the above-mentioned courtroom injustices, have made it easy to forego another visit. When asked by friends in Florida if I'll ever be down there to visit them, my response has become "How about getting together in New York?"

Sad, really. I once thought of Florida as a great place to escape. After an extremely traumatic experience in 1970, I spent two months living in Ft. Lauderdale at the beach house of friends from my hometown. I wrote poetry every day while sitting on the sand; became friendly with a Labrador Retriever who would show up each day from somewhere nearby to play fetch with a piece of driftwood along the ocean's edge with me. What a fabulous way to heal!

I still recall my Birthday Dinner at a Cuban restaurant, El Baturro, in Miami, where my hosts made sure I would be treated quite nicely by the staff with numerous food surprises throughout the evening. And so much more…

Yep. Those were the days when Florida felt safe to me in every way.

While I'm Waxing Nostalgic, it seems like an excellent time to share one of the most interesting, unusual and karmic moments of my childhood experiences which, ironically, occurred in Florida. AND, also ironically, involves Race!

While still in a stroller, my Paternal Grandmother, who was with us for several days, took me for a little sidewalk spin in downtown Delray Beach. It was the very early 1950's when racism was overtly rife and Blacks and Whites did not mix in public. Of course I didn't know that. I was just a Little Baby who had not yet been exposed to societal bigotry that is learned, rather than innate. A person is a person no matter who they were or how they looked.

Along a sidewalk in the midst of a sun-blazing afternoon, I saw a large Black Woman walking in our direction. (My grandmother recounted the story to everyone, as I only have fuzzy images to rely on.) Upon seeing the lady, suddenly I began to cry and held out my hands and arms, sobbing, for her to pick me up. Both the woman and my grandmother didn't know what was going on with me.

Due to societal pressures and certainly a grand surprise to the woman to find a Lily-White Toe-Head Baby Girl wailing for her attention, she was hesitant to touch me. But I refused to let her walk by without taking me in her arms so that I could burrow my little head against her broad chest. Although the woman continued to politely decline in embarrassment and possibly fear, I threw a Major Hissy Fit until she relented. When finally in her arms, I cooed, smiled, giggled and beamed with love. I recall feeling deeply content at that moment. When she returned me to my grandmother and I was placed back into the stroller, I quickly fell asleep "just like a baby."

So, why did I have such an intense reaction? What caused a Little White Baby who did NOT have a Black Nanny to flip-out unless held lovingly in the arms of a stranger on the street who was Black/African-American? My only conclusion years later has become yet another reason why I believe in Reincarnation. I have an idea of where the deep feeling came from for the woman, and it does involve another Life. Regardless of where "it" came from, the encounter was a critical moment in my development.

Florida, in memory, will always be a beaming Circle of Light for me. But not these days. The state was so much nicer then, It's not that way right now.

Have a Wonderful Whatever!

Image via:

Monday, July 15, 2013

Almost Art of the Day

Format - Screenshot of Banksy (?)
Image & Details via:

A View From Elsewhere

Everybody's Talking & Hawking & Gawking

'Tis the Monday following a weekend of anger, stunned silence, quasi-riots/protests, disappointment, and all of the other words one could utilize to express how The Teaming Masses are handling George Zimmerman's Not Guilty Verdict, as well as the fact that he is allowed to have his Killing Gun back – as the law allows. Sigh.

All morning into the early afternoon I've been reading a variety of articles, blogs, and watching several news programs where the topic is, naturally, all about Trayvon Martin and Zimmerman.

We had a sour taste of it when Zimmerman's Self-Satisfied Attorneys appeared on The View to face Whoopi Goldberg. I find Mark O'Mara, the primary attorney, to be such a supercilious Famewhore that I won't comment beyond linking to The Mess.

Everyone has a slightly differing view no matter where one reads or channel surfs – even if the pundits and writers wanted to hear a Guilty Verdict. There is much apologizing, analyzing, criticizing, of the Justice System in not only Florida but all over the country. Pearls have been clutched. Fists have been raised. Al Sharpton found the verdict to be an "atrocity", with a surprising echo of same from NYC's Mayor Bloomberg. The U.S. Attorney General, Eric Holder, held a brief press conference earlier today to answer questions over the word on the streets that the Gubnet just might take on the case as a Human Rights Violation – or something like that. The answer? Maybe. (Stay tuned.)

WingnutsAnn Coulter to be specific – have rejoiced in the news of the acquittal. It had to be Ann, of course, to make the headlines first on how joyful it is for a vigilante to kill a "suspicious" looking kid in a hoodie and not be sent to jail. I wonder if she's going through back channels to get Zimmerman's phone # – his wife be damned!

Rumours are flying around that Fox News will hire Zimmerman to host his own "Stand Your Ground" program. I'm not sure if what I've been reading regarding that Natural Pairing is simply satire or a below-the-radar leak. Its not that out-of-the-question considering how Fox And Their Fiends rooted for Zimmerman from the beginning of the debacle. After all, I continue to write how the USA is going crazy; therefore it would make perfect sense to tune into Fox in the future to find Sean Hannity sitting on George Zimmerman's lap for a little special dance.

You know what? I could write a thousand words about this story. I have decided not to do so. People need to air-out their feelings right now – pro and con. The subject will remain the Top Story for most news outlets online and elsewhere for at least a week until some other shocking news event occurs.

I honestly have nothing new to say other than acknowledging a very simple truth: Our "Justice System" is not equipped to handle complex cases where the Burden Of Proof is mere hearsay from the Defendant, and when it appears that most police officers at the scene of a crime merely shrug and take a dead body to the City/County Morgue to remain unidentified for days as if they were tossing an unwelcome overdue phone bill into the trash. Something like that. And, by the way, that's what happened to Trayvon's body until someone decided it might be time to identify the victim as if it had been an afterthought.

Allow that image to rest within you for a moment.

Now, tell me, do you think such an egregious disregard for a human being would have happened had the victim been a clean-faced white kid? No way - unless he looked "Homeless." 

That's all I have to say – at least today.

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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Banksy
Image via: Everywhere

Mercy Mercy Me - What's Going On

The Not-So-Great Escape

Good day to you all out there in Cyberland. Do you expect a post regarding the George Zimmerman acquittal to soar in a fiery flash from my Overt Anger Place today? A Liberal-like outrage placing blame on The Jury? Florida madness in general? Classic racism personified? Blah-blah-blah-scream-yell-blah-blah? 

I may disappoint on the anger level, but will certainly express my primary feelings about the Not Guilty verdict after linking to a brief article which will provide background for all of us who would like further knowledge on where the Stand Your Ground law came from, which is part of the problem the jurors faced while deliberating. (Info RIGHT HERE.)

Here is my opinion on the verdict (despite understanding what a lame, weak prosecution it was).


Image via: TBA

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Unique Street Art of the Day

Artist - Kurt Wenner
Format - 3D
Medium - Chalk

Use Somebody

The Weekly Fluff

Finally! It's That Time Again to toss all Real Life concerns into the Saturday Dumpster so that we can sniff around into the lives of Other People who just happen to be Popular – thus, causing Gossipy Tongues & Typing Fingers to zoom into escapist action. This week we have more than enough fluff to fill a huge blank page, so let's begin the scruffy stuff for our weekend pleasure/displeasure – depending on your taste in reading material.

What's a gossip rundown without mentioning The Mess, Mizzy Lohan? The little non-darling will soon be out of Rehab and will pass Go and dash immediately into the arms of The Big O – that's Winfrey in case you are confused  on the "O" – where, according to various reports, she will spill her newly-purified guts out in an interview.

The OWN Network needs higher ratings (despite a recent improvement), therefore who else but Miz Low-Hand will single-handedly (while the other hand slips into O's Goldmine when The O turns her back for a second) bring The Big Numbers Oprah desperately wants? I CAN wait to see that, really, I CAN. There's more to this story, but I think Michael K wrote it best right HERE.

In another Fantasy Land not too far, far away, former Prez Bill Clinton had a little chat over the phone with the Beaverland Boy who managed to get through to The Guy Who Will Talk To Anyone For Hours At Any Hour Any Day, to apologize for babbling-out a few choice words to a picture of Clinton on a wall in a restaurant kitchen where he was gracefully relieving himself into a mop bucket of sorts.

If you haven't heard about all of that nonsense, take a moment to savour the vision of the Wannabe Thug In Diaper Pants, a bucket, a certain human activity one usually doesn't do in public, a picture of Bill Clinton, a little chat between the two of them about that incident  – then mix it all around in your head and tell me you still don't believe The End Of Civilization Is Near.

Remember the quirky Winona Ryder? Well, seems like she's getting another Bum Rap these days because she prefers staying home to running all over the world in a bikini or fame-whoring herself into oblivion. Yep. According to a writer-of-sorts at a less-than-illustrious publication, she's Still Crazy After All These Years! Why do "they" think this way? Get this: she's supposedly shopping online all the time and NOT WEARING the items she buys! Gasp! She doesn't like to talk to her cleaning people, either. She's saying not-so-nice things about her former ex, Johnny Depp, and her former BFF, Mizzy Goop! Horrors! How unnatural of her! None of us ever say anything bad about our ex's or BFF's whom we think have effed us over, right? Tsk. She's just so – so – REAL that it's appalling!

Writing of Mr. Depp, I think by now it's clear to everyone how his latest film, The Lone Ranger, has become one of His Worst Films Evah! Playing Tonto to a piss-poor depiction of The Ranger in an almost plot-less mess has more than a few industry eyebrows in a peculiar lift of quizzical-ness.

Whispers abound that Depp may no longer be Box Office Gold! Hmmm. Odd. He's had several "flops" before now and managed to survive. He may need a bath/shower more often than not; however, he remains one of the Better Actors out there. Just don't pair him with actresses with whom he has no chemistry (i.e.; The Tourist with Angelina Jolie) or allow him to pretend he's an Indian who loves to paint his face all kinds of weird. Nice horse, though.

Now that Suri Cruise has been yelled-at and name-called by a Classy Paparazzo, it may be a while before we'll have another chance to see how happy Katie Homes still looks now that she's a year free from Mr. Insanity. She may pop up solo from time to time, but not with her Princess. At least, I hope she won't subject her child to the continuing circus of camera people at every place she goes. I'm with Halle Berry on the need to "crack down" on all of Those Crackers who scare the Bee-Hay-Suse out of Little Celebrity Children.

(Oh, and as a side note to a Certain Celebrity Couple with a ton of children, try to tone down the calls to The Pap's whenever you travel or shop with your kids. They never look happy being dragged-around for Photo-Ops. You think we believe the camera peeps just "happened" to be hanging-out at a tiny supermarket in the middle of nowhere in another country? Hmmm.)

This could go on all day; however, I'm already running behind Posting Time.

Until tomorrow, then, have a Wonderful Whatever!

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Thursday Surprise: More Tidbits

Hi there! Today we have another round of I-Net Links for you to peruse at your leisure. It's not that I have nothing to say while the world shifts and cringes, it's simply practical when time is tight. In addition, what I would write has already been written by a number of excellent bloggers/writers, so why sweat the writing when I can do what most other sites do and simply link you to other sites that usually link to other sites…and somewhere along the way one might locate the original source. Enjoy – or not!

How long will this remain a place to Duck The NSA? 

Hold onto your head before you read This Horror 

Thank God! I was really starting to worry about these two: Rolls Eyes 

Maybe he can join up with Pat Robertson so they can vomit together: Oh, Mine Eyes! Oh My! 

Oh, Bill! You're So Wise 

That Harry is such a Dreamer! 

These are the Top 28 that We Know About!

What DOESN'T anger the GOPer's? Here We Go Again 

Let's really make Pat Robertson sick: Nice Pictures 

Not too far from the reality: Texas Hates Women More Than You Know 

That's it for the day. Have a good day/afternoon/evening/dawn.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Different Art of the Day

Artist - Rene Gagnon
Format - Screenprint

Suspicious Minds

Who Deserves a Flog Today?

Hell hath frozen over! Before I begin ranting, I'd like to show you something extremely unnatural. An actual picture of Anna Wintour Smiling! And smiling , no less, in Arkansas! Did she require Smelling Salts after she was told that she had to travel to a Podunk Flyover State? Only Oscar knows. (Here's the LINK

Okay. That's the end of my Little Amusement Sharing. Now, on to the Red Meat Of Flogging!

The George Zimmerman Trial: The Whip is all whipped-up that anyone can possibly believe that even IF Trayvon Martin was "on top" of Zimmerman beating his head into concrete or something harder than Zimmerman's abs during a physical altercation, that KILLING him was necessary to end the fight? The FACT is that Trayvon WAS followed by someone in a car who had No Reason to GET OUT OF HIS CAR to confront a kid who was walking in the neighbourhood NOT attempting to break into homes; nor "caught" doing anything other than Walking While Being A Young African-American in a gated community. Period. End of story. Ah, but then "Justice" in a court of Law intrudes - as it "should."

However, I have to ask why does this trial lean so heavily on the much-debated 911 Call regarding whose voice is heard calling for help? Perhaps it was Zimmerman. So what? Did Trayvon have any weapons on him? No. Did Trayvon try to strangle Zimmerman to death? No. There were no marks on Zimmerman's neck. In a fight, who pulls a gun on The Other Person other than a chicken-shit lame-arse? (Read THIS for details.)

So, the Defense of Stand Your Ground should be applied in every fight where one of the two involved might be physically stronger and thus, one must end up dead somehow? And, as many people have been saying, didn't the kid have a right to stand HIS ground? Which means to Defend Himself from what he could only assume was some random guy following him around in a creepy way and then chasing him on foot for – what was Zimmerman's reason again? – to find out what the kid was doing there? The entire scenario always seemed very aggressive and confrontational on George Zimmerman's end than on his prey.

But, let's forget about a Dead Kid and focus on Georgie's injuries: Poor Baby got his head all cut and bloody in a fight that HE started by his non-sanctioned-by-police continual pursuit.  I'm glad he is in court. He has a right to defend himself. Nevertheless, when the Intel involved in a murder is as clear as the call between Zimmerman and the local police that evening when he was told NOT to take further action by the dispatcher, I will be among the millions who will cry "Foul" should the jury choose to slap his wrists and send him back home where he can simmer-on with suspicion over any Black Person he feels is "acting strange" (paraphrasing).

Stay tuned.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Street Art of the Day

Location - Istanbul

We're Not Gonna Take It - Again

Battles of the Indulged

For all of you who aren't living in the U.S., it could be that you are watching our country spiral into a form of madness last seen on this soil during the Civil War. To the cynics who feel that a seemingly Entitled Group Of Complainers should shut up and be grateful not to scrounge for food and shelter as "they" do in 3rd World Countries, or have incendiary riots, leading to days or weeks of chaos and death to oust dictators or Others who grab power for no one's sake but their own, you may be feeling a tad smug: The Children Are Fighting against themselves and, Wow, are they falling apart or what? Tee hee. They have injustice and poverty, too!

For others who view what happens here with trepidation because, if the U.S. Fails, so will your country or cause, you do have a legit reason to be nervous as we have become an extremely nervous-angry-frustrated Tired Mass Of Intolerance.

You read or hear about it everyday. Some Old White Guy in politics praises The Lord and then turns his back on what we bloggers now call The Poors, voting-down anything humane for The Vulnerables in our society. We have Ministers/Pastors preaching anti-everything loving or decent to followers who are willing to spew hate speech with an automatic weapon attached to their bodies "just in case" and because they can, per The Constitution…the sacred parchment upon which we almost no longer stand.

It's a shock to many of us of any age who grew up during (and/or were witnesses) to the struggle for Women's Rights – which includes the right to vote – and the Civil Rights Era – to see how far we have not come on Basic Rights To Be Human, following what many thought was a Done Deal for women to make their own decisions about their bodies; for minorities to readily cast a vote; for the right to have a decent education to rise rather than fall.

Yes, in a contradictory irony, at last the U.S. is accepting gays/LGBT's as actual Living Beings with feelings, along with the legal ability to marry in a few states of our Disunion, and Marijuana is, for most, no longer the Erroneously Viewed "Gateway Drug." Two steps forward in Tolerance & Love, twelve steps back in Tolerance & Love. No Match Point.

We are a country growing close to an internal war if the current climate of disrespect, disregard and callous bigotry and misogyny continues. Progressive-minded Women in Texas are showing the nation (and The Big Wild World) how to make their voices heard over what has been called a "Draconian" anti-abortion law the verbally and Sensitivity Challenged Gubner, Reckless Perry, is forcing on his Texas Wimmens whether they like it or not! Git back in that kitchen, you hussy! (Details HERE)

I hope the Wimmens Of Wisconsin will also shake off their lethargy and, despite a judge shafting part of Gov. Scott Walking Papers' disgustingly sleazy Law-Signing over the holidays to force pregnant women to have an Ultrasound before they receive an abortion (if they can locate a clinic within the state to do the so-called dastardly deed) will make a lot of substantive noise over such Male-Fueled-F-You's to the Stronger Sex, which is a far more accurate depiction of women at any point in history than the old term of "Weaker Sex." (Read THIS MESS)

If the GOP Males think that women in the U.S. will happily go back to Alley Abortions without a fight, they will finally understand just how Strong the opposition can be. In addition, if the same mind-set on squashing Civil Rights continues, the GOP will also learn just how off-base their Base Has Become (beyond the Saner Elders such as McCain – and I can't believe I just wrote such a thing) if Americans with any decency will finally get off their iPads and Cell Phones and DO SOMETHING legal to Squash Back! 

It's not just Voting The Wingnuts Out Of Office, either. It is Assembly and knowing one's rights to Assemble With Grievances. A Woman's March On Washington is necessary, I believe, for anything rational to begin happening. After all, those politicians become quite nervous when they think they'll lose their jobs.

No, I'm not naïve. Money always talks, and what we now have in The States are Fully Bought & Paid For people (primarily men) who are force-feeding an agenda of approximately 400 individuals who only care about money and Power Over Others. Caught between the $$$ Peeps & Screaming Wimmens could be an interesting conundrum for them, don't you think?

It's time for Americans to put the popcorn down, stand up, and USE WHAT FREEDOMS still remain on The Books to Speak Out before Ultra-Conservatives burn them. Again, Texas is an example of what could become the norm in our society. Just watch THIS  and then ask yourself if what happened looks like what you thought America WAS/IS about.

Yep. It's getting nastier out there.

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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Alice Pasquini
Location - Rome

Something Different & Oddly Amusing

Sunday Tidbits #24

Here we go once again tripping through the tubes of the Interwebs for fun and mental treasures. Enjoy!

I smell a rat In This Story 

And here's another Rat 

Another reason not to get drunk: Ching-Ching 

A savvy way to view the NSA-Snowden Scandal 

Talk about trashy! "Lezzie Letch"? Oh Pleeeze, Mike! 

Tsk! Some people! How can they be so Kind? 

Unbelievable sneakiness! Disgusting Walker 

Thank God it didn't happen in Loch Ness! 

Oh, say it ain't so! If So, Then So What? 

What's up with NASA These Days? 

That's it for today! Thanks or stopping by.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Street Art of the Day

Artist - L7M

Carry On

Family Fire-Irks

Hello again. Yesterday was another travel day with no time to post even a picture or two. Family Drama with my mother played-out on a rather Large Scale, unfortunately, which sent me packing and back on a train to the Safe Haven of my home. It's so sad when holidays become Battle Grounds for families, isn't it? The only fights I have ever experienced on any Holiday always involved a spat of some sort between my mother and me. Otherwise, I've had fun and so has she – without each other on the Special Days. 

The current problem I have with not spending holidays with my mother is two-fold: I am an Only Child and she is the Only Living Parent I have. Sometimes we enjoy each other's company and have a good time. As with most families, there are the usual bumps along the Road Of Life, but the situation in mine is growing worse each year.

Can you relate? If not, you are truly lucky/blessed. Or, you don't fall prey to Guilt Trips as easily as I do, and have happily crossed-off being with "family" on holidays to have a semblance of sanity and pleasant times with an Extended Family, which is how it "used to be" until time moved-on and my mother's age continued to climb into the Danger Zone children must face with ageing parents…knowing that each holiday could be the last with a loved-one; therefore "biting the bullet" and gathering together with them in rituals our societies hold sacred.

In writing another personal story rather than a political or Something Else Thingy, I'm hoping to shed the mental and emotional burden I'm feeling at the moment. I could simply write about what happened in a private journal; however, I don't intend to go into detail on the problems in this post, but, instead, feel that it's important to express the dilemma many of us feel about being with relatives on every holiday, every year, when chances are strong that there could be a messy ending to what we have been taught "should" be Happy Times!

Why do we, in varying cultures and societies, place so much pressure on ourselves to Be Happy on holidays? We are bombarded via advertisements to Enjoy-Enjoy-Enjoy and Buy-Buy Something for whatever the holiday may be. We are exposed to images of the Classic Genial Family Eating Food and Drinking Stuff while little children run and dash around in the background giggling and blowing bubbles. Some families are like that. Others not-so-much.

Not everyone is always in a great mood. Why should holidays be different? If one's happiness must be forced, then what gain is there? Isn't it as Fake As Fake Can Be to faux smile at the camera when you'd rather punch the person sitting next to you? Or, the person next to you wants to slap you? I'm not suggesting we show-up to family gatherings with a snarl or an unwillingness to be nice, kind, helpful.

However, if we know we may not be good company, or that our hosts may not treat us with respect, then why go? Why ruin not only our day but the experience of others? Why do we turn ourselves into masochist's just because a calendar tells us that a certain day is "special"?

The only calendar I care about is Mayan – and thus far it appears that The End many worried about from that piece of archaeological history did not arrive in 2012. So, what good is a calendar anyway other than helping us keep track of Life? Does it need to Control Our Lives, too?

With regard to the Current Issue with my mother, again I'll say, in another way, that unless one has a very Hard Heart, it is a Nice Thing to Be There for one's Only Living Parent who does not have other children. I do and have tried. And, in truth, I know my mother has "tried" as well to accept my flaws and to be there for me on Special Occasions as well. BUT, sometimes when two powerful forces collide, it's an explosive situation. And ours happened on a Perfect Night for fiery confrontations. Something combustive was "in the air."

Perhaps both of us took the 4th of July Fireworks too much to heart.

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