Thursday, May 30, 2013

Street Art of the Day

Location - San Francisco

The Feather Is the Chi


Hello again. What a week it's been in my Little World! Crazy days and crazy nights without an idea how to make it right. Or do I? To rip the veil of vague allusions from the so-far incomprehensible statements I made yesterday and in the above sentence, I'll get to the point: My Chi is completely out of whack. Chi, some might ask? What do I mean? It's simple.

The basic life force of our bodies reside in our lower spine., spiraling up into our necks, shoulders and elsewhere. When calm and in balance, we are feeling just fine and IN balance. When not, the flow of ragged energy from that key area can send our bodies into multiple directions = either very low or extremely high OTT energy surges and, for me, the sensation of having a Tuning Fork Out Of Control running my life these days.

Massages, baths, hypnotherapy and other ways to bring the Chi into balance are extremely helpful to send the body's Life Force back into its Quiet Place. And I'm doing whatever I can to find my way Back Home Down There. Thus, my energies have been more than scattered while in the midst of this process. However, beyond reporting on something a bit on the TMI side again this week, I'll move on to writing something broader for all of our sake. Just know I want to jump out of my skin right now so we are On The Same Page somehow.

One area where Jumping Around is appropriate at the moment is yesterday's announcement by one of America's Fav Nutcases that she will NOT run for political office in 2014! Current Congress Person Of Doing Nothing but making ludicrous, cringe-inducing statements about anything other than how to fix the economy will slowly fade from our National GOP Nightmare. And, of course, I'm referring to the one and only Michelle Bachmann. And the Jumping Around Is From Joy with a collective "At Last!" by not only Democrat's but the majority of her Republican Party Colleagues who have seen her as a joke and yet another smear on their Grand Old Party.

Although Mizzy Bachmann has been a prominent voice for The Tea Party's Ill-Thinking Ways & Being Mean, our happiness over her decision may be short-lived. Other Equally Crazed peoples are waiting to take her place in all things irrational. Thus, the Bachmann headache-debacle will live on.

Nevertheless, for one or two days, Let Us Rejoice, mine fellow Dem's and Rational GOPer's, for this moment of grace should be savored just like Bachmann's love of the camera – when she's able to locate the correct camera to face while speaking. (Check it out if you don't remember THIS.) I don't know, mebe her Chi was out of balance beyond the norm.

See you later!

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Street Art of the Day

Location - London

Tea & Sympathy

Tea & Me

Good day to you! As many Americans return to their routines following a long holiday weekend, I too have returned to mine – which involves a typical perusal of the day's news as well as other places online that I like to visit. One site I respect is Gawker. Excellent writing, a variety of subjects. How interesting, then, to find that they have written an article about the "new" love of tea moving around America of late. Last week I began to write about my love affair with tea when distractions made reasonably clear writing difficult. I erased it and decided to wait for a better time – which is now.

Today, inspired by THIS (from Gawker) I'm ready to share information regarding my tea-stained addiction.

At one time I was an "average," one might say, coffee drinker. I would have one or two cups a day of usually Black Coffee, occasionally adding a touch of cream. Prior to the High End Coffee Revolution begun commercially in The States by Starbucks (where, by odd coincidence, one of my BFF's became THE first "employee" of the company mapping-out the game plan in owner/CEO Howard Schultz's living room in Seattle), my desire for quality coffee found me buying the best coffee beans available in most grocery stores. I would grind my own and revel in the difference between Instant or Basic coffee offerings at restaurants in comparison to what I made at home. I would order heavy-duty Espresso if out at places where it was served instead of from the Hot Pots Of Blah! I appreciated the intense taste when it was done "correctly" – which is, of course, a subjective taste-opinion.

In 1986, something changed in my consciousness over what I was eating and drinking and what I believed I needed to "give up" to balance my body chemistry. Coffee and Red Meat were the first to go. I haven't looked back, nor have I regretted either decision. No longer "wired" from coffee (decaf or not), and feeling lighter in my body from not eating red meat (or "white" pork), it was a surprisingly easy transition.

Tea replaced coffee in my daily caffeine intake. Black Teas. (I'd always had herbal teas over the years but most, other than Green Tea, do not kick-start my system.) With the new daily drink, I found myself following the tradition of adding both sugar and cream to every cup. As time progressed, my tea intake increased. However, I'd usually have a few cups a day and that was that. Having tea was also fun. I would go off to High Tea events. Or create my own with friends. Later on, I had a fabulous job in Beverly Hills (where I had worked years before then, and loved the ability to walk, not drive, all over the small "downtown" enclave) on the quietly infamous Canon Drive while it was growing into a very trendy little section of the city for bistro's of every kind. One of my fav places was a small, yet very popular bistro where they made fresh scones every day.

Oh my! Fresh scones and tea at my desk almost every morning was a dream and a great way to begin each day!

Flash-forward to the present: When I began working more often than not from home, in addition to drinking copious amounts of water, my tea intake increased. Suddenly, three cups a day became four; then more – until I now have almost ten cups a day – and always with sugar and cream. I also cut down on dairy quite a bit over the years, allowing cream as one of the few supposedly "not so healthy" elements to my diet. No biggie, I thought (and still do); BUT, I wasn't thinking about how much tea can stain anything. Although I had begun whitening my teeth professionally beginning in the early 90's, over the past few years I noticed how the Pro Products were no longer working as quickly or as well as they once had.

Part of the seemingly sudden reluctance of ANY whitening gels I tried for more than a minor brightening happened when I could not see details. During a portion of the past ten years, as many of you know from what I have casually mentioned in previous posts, I went through a period of Legal Blindness due to a complicated eye condition which took years to eventually "fix" – thus; although I could see some things and people (more as burry outlines), and continued to whiten my teeth, no one around me at that time either noticed or would tell me how subtly stained my once pearly-whites had become. And then, following several eye procedures, I could see again! And Whoa! Was I shocked! It's not as if the teeth looked horrible; however, they were not white. And my skin is so white that even when my teeth have been White-White they often fade into the very pale skin colouring. OMG! screamed The Vanity!

Now, after finally realizing how the daily doses of Black teas is/are the primary culprits of my Dental Situation, it's clear that I have to curb the excessive tea intake. In fact, I'm soon to have a Major Whitening Procedure which involves not drinking or eating anything that will stain one's teeth within 48 hours. I'll need to detox. Never a fun thing no matter what one is detoxing from. Addictions/habits are just that: things we do or take all of the time, often believing (erroneously) that we can't live without "it" lest we – die? Cry? Feel uncomfortable for a while?

I will always drink tea, just not ten cups a day. How about only two? Can I do it?

Allow my simple story be a calm warning to new Black tea drinkers! Although coffee and red wine are often the main beverages we are told to avoid if we want our smiles to be all nice and Smiley-Friendly, do go easy on tea as well. And, after having a few cups, remember to do a quick mouth rinse or a surface brushing.

That's my sage advice to you this Tuesday. I know you just HAD to know all about my teeth today. (Good God, what else will I write of next that involves TMI? Stay tuned…)

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Monday, May 27, 2013

Traditional Art of the Day

Artist - Franz von Stuck
Medium - Oil/Mixed on Canvas
Title - Sisyphus

Pushin' Too Hard

Another U.S. Holiday!

As if you didn't know, Today Is Memorial Day In The USA. America is asking you to - Call/Text/Post/Boast/Cry/Weep/Steep/BBQ/Dance/Drink/Wink. The nation's day of honouring our soldiers from all wars/battles is afoot. For some, it is an opportunity to express gratitude to those who have been willing to face death by protecting our country from attacks; assisting other countries when they are attacked; and, unfortunately, often sent to war for no reason other than greed and paranoia at the base of ill-conceived decision-actions of The Powers That Be – warranted or not. (See Vietnam, Iraq, and troops remaining in Pakistan, for example.)

For others, it is an annual nightmare of pain/sorrow/guilt/blame/loss/pride of father's and/or mother's fallen in The Line Of Duty.

Beyond the parades and a variety of celebrations, our National Annual Ritual, in 2013, brings with it a combination of deep sorrow, grand respect, and a heretofore outpouring of unexpected support from Baby Boomers who once protested anyone associated with the military when The Draft was in place and young men (not women) were forced into service if they weren't the children of well-connected Influential People who could help them slip out of their obligations…or were unable to make it across the border to Canada.

Although I attended a Military Academy for one summer in the midst of my Hippie Days, enjoying the uniforms, marching, and friendships I now wish I would have cultivated further into my "later life," being Pro-War has never been part of my consciousness. But NOW I completely support anyone who is in the "military" – whether for a better education; lack of other choices, or a desire to "serve" the country. I do so because I see the "them" of it all as both brave as well as the smaller, less-important chess pieces the Big Guys play with in their leisure time. Thus, empathy and compassion shoot forth from my heart.

For one day, let's set our differences, complaints, etc. into the desk drawer among other ruins, and gratefully salute those who have died for Freedom. For Justice. For A Pay Check. For Self-Respect.

Ah, my, my, my. Miss Molly! I do believe I'm feeling a tad faint from all of the positive feelings which glow within my heart, sayeth the Gay Male Queen within me.

Be well, enjoy whatever you have planned (or not) for your holiday. Should you be peeking-in from elsewhere, you'll note that America, despite being extremely Type A in the Working Departments of one's life, does have a series of blow-out days in snippets. But not the comfy 3-4 week vacay's of Other Civilized Countries. I'm naturally convinced that is part of why Democracy - here - is beginning to fail. But no! We're not going to "go there" today!

Oh, and BTW, through my choice and nothing else, I'm actually WORKING for part of the day to prep for a new writing/editing project, although, if other areas of my life were different, I would prefer to be spending this weekend at a spa receiving massage-after-massage; mineral spring water dips, body scrubs, facials, and a week without one worry in the world.

Wouldn't we all like that, eh?

A toast to all who serve their countries – WILLINGLY! With or without massages and body scrubs. 

Image via: I Wish I Knew

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Street Art of the Day

Location - Buenos Aires

Starz In Their Eyes

The Weekly Fluff

Fluffy Gossipy Stuff is everywhere right now. The Populars/Un-Populars have been going through the Tabloid Ringer in revolving-door fashion all week; some have been naughty, others quite nice, with one in particular smelling like farm mice.

To be succinct, let's look at what's floating around in the Assumed/Supposed Rarefied Air Of Celebs in one sentence for everyone's situation. I'm in that "let's-go-easy frame" of mind today. It's also overcast, sleepy, which helps me to relax now that the chaos of the past week from numerous directions has paused, and the hills are alive with the almost sounds of silence (although someone off in the near distance is building something again).

Actually, the thought just occurred to me that the latest noise intrusion could be associated with a celebrity's property, as this person is buying-up Our 'Hood as if planning for a future takeover of the canyon. Real estate savvy, indeed! Her purchases are all over the news lately, but few know of her ownership of several gated properties in this area where she once lived. I doubt she'll ever have to work again whenever she chooses to retire. Ching-ching-ching goes her own personal slot machine of homes with trees and expansive views.

Okay. Here we go on the one-sentence summations of our Muy Importante Celebrity Fluff!

Brad Pitt gave an interview to Esquire wherein he once again proved how some people have def smoked too much weed.

With a new sparkle in her eyes and wee feather's slipping from the side of her mouth, Ann Curry is finally allowed to do her true job as an anchor for "serious" news while Brian Williams is on vacation.

I'm entirely convinced that Amanda Bynes has completely lost her mind after viewing her Mug Shot with short, cropped hair, in comparison with the dead wild animal she threw on her head in and out of the courtroom after her arrest yesterday.

Animal Protective Services should place Justin Beaverland on Special Watch now that someone was foolish enough to give him another innocent pet to abandon.

Kanye West may or may not be gay and may or may not be having a serious flingy with a certain European-based fashion-associated person-of-interest as both have been buying/renting apartments/homes near to each other and seem to enjoy each other's company in a way Kanye may not with Kim Whatzhername.

No one gossips about Diana Krall and her husband, Elvis Costello, because they manage to live and create/play music without the aid of calls to paparazzi's every time they go out for dinner.

Wow, it's been days and days since we've heard a word about Lindsay Low-Hand's Rehab Vacation at Betty Ford other than how she reportedly doesn't want to be friends with "addict" Brooke Mueller because, you know, Linds has no addictions at all and is obviously the reincarnation of the graceful, classic Audrey Hepburn.

Everyone's talking about some actor with the last name Cumberbatch for reasons I don't understand/care about at all...unless I go to the new Star Trek pic.

Helen Mirren's altruistic, compassionate visit to a dying child whose last wish was to meet The Real Queen (who ignored the request) shows us how royalty truly has nothing to do with heritage.

Tom Cruise continues to flash his maniacal smile even while running the Great Wall Of China as if he is still chasing what remains of his soul just in case the CO$ goes out of business someday.

That's it for now. Have a fabulous something-or-other!

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Friday, May 24, 2013

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Aakash Nihalani

It's George Once More for Your Pleasure (NSFW)

Who/What Deserves a Flog Today?

Here we go again! I'm flogging my exterior environment today! More construction in the neighbourhood! For those who have followed TDFB from its inception, you well know how often I've flogged the fact that for ten years – with a brief break for a few months here and there – new home construction, as well as endless home renovations, have made what one would assume would be an idyllic, peaceful existence in The Hills of Hollywood, worse than jack hammers in NYC. In fact, as I may have written in a previous post, when I did live in NYC it was peaceful beyond a few car alarms going off. 

Endless bulldozing, sawing, hammering, crashing sounds, intrude on the peace AGAIN today, and, tho' I often am as sensitive as "The Princess and the Pea" I'm not alone in my increasing PST with the rattling cacophony. My darling furry friend, my Little "Familiar," has dashed to her Cat Cave where she will ride out the latest eruption-disruption. A few neighbours flee from the noise-madness whenever possible. As I work from home, escape is not an easy option. Thus, I am taking out The Flogging Whip once more to do my bidding in The War Zone in which I live.

So, take THAT, you %^$#@ Bulldozer! WHAACK! And you, Mr. or Mizz Buzzsaw, have a little SMAACK-WHAACK on me, thank you very much!

Oh, and NOW the neighbours beside the house, as well as another across the stream, have their Gardener's Blowing The Loud Blowers right now in tandem! Should I flee the scene? Not today. In a short while the original decorator of the home in which I live will be here to assist the owner in decision-making for a future (and quiet) interior renovation. I know him, want to see him, and also have ideas on various aspects of design I'd like to share. So, here I'll remain.

Anyone have an extra Xanax or something?

Meanwhile, for my insanity sanity, I'll return to the usual Friday Silliness/Satire postings! Enjoy!?

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Street Art of the Day

Artist - SMUG ONE
Location - UK

How Low

I Still Have a Pulse Unlike Certain Somebodies

Greetings. First off, thanks to those who have been patient with my recent quasi-writing absences. I see by what's popping-up in TDFB's Popular Posts lineup that you have bided your time with many travels into the early days of the blog before the current format was created. There are a few gems back there. Others perhaps not-so-much. Regardless, today I have more time and energy and will go forth with The Writer's Challenge to actually write!

But today (isn't a "but" usually involved?) you may have come to this site expecting a flog from my trusty Flogging Mouth-Based-Whip over another political brew-hah-hah now that certain people in a certain political party refuse to provide Gov't Disaster Relief funds for their own state – Oklahoma – unless the Dem's/Obama play ball over "budget cuts" that THEY want. How not at all quaint to use a disaster as another bargaining chip in the continuing War On Obama and All Things Humane? Have you heard about the latest? If not, check THIS link.

No. Not going to write about all of that. I need to be calm – not become angry or overly stimulated lest my body's tendency to turn simple colds into life-threatening side-effects sends my Chi so out-of-balance that I'll require someone to peel me off the ceiling. You know – that overly-adrenalized feeling? The Buzzed From Caffeine thing? My basic chemistry seems to produce its own version of caffeine, meth and cocaine combined au natural, thus I don't need additional help in that area of my life.

However (grits teeth), it's not easy to ignore the daily hypocrisies of GOPer's even more than usual with the insanity flowing freely from their icy lips and bitter tongues now that a Tornado has wiped-out a town – again. While their constituents attempt to absorb the shock of what is left of their once "normal" lives, which is almost nothing, politicians have bickered over petty comparisons between the Oklahoma Tornado Devastation and New Jersey's Hurricane Sandy like little children fighting over who's allowed to play in the Big Sandbox at the same time. Who should get the money – who needs it more – blah-blah-blah.

Can you believe such an argument is actually happening?

Can you believe that I once again contradicted myself in this post by writing about what I said I would not?

If you answered "No" to the first question, you are, in my eyes, a sane person. If you answered "No" to the latter, I applaud your knowledge of my Confused Inner Twin.

Have a good day/evening/afternoon/whatever. For now, that's all she wrote on this day in the very not-so-very-merry month of May!

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Street Art of the Day

Artist - MESA
Location - Spain 
Medium - Photo-Realism

You Go To My Head

Wednesday Tidbits #5,150

Wandering through the I-Nets earlier than usual this week. As you might notice, having a cold does very strange things to what remains of my brain. Enjoy the links – or not!

Of course! Makes perfect, logical sense, doesn't it? Or, Maybe It's Just The Weather! 

The article reads like the nonsense it's reporting: Who Needs Firefighter's, Anyway? 

I always knew there was a reason why I adore this man: Go Get 'Em! 

Pork isn't for me – except mebe in this case: High There!

And this is happening where?  WTF? 

I wonder if he recognizes who he sees in the mirror: Eloquent Talk From – Who Again? 

If you have time and a mind: Food For Thought In Writing 

Oh, Boo-Hoo! Another Non-Story 

What do you think about this? A New Kind Of Leper Colony? 

And we thought 2012 was weird: Too True (Tho' It's A Satire) 

Will she ever stop calling the Paps? Ouch! Mine Eyes! 

As with the last sentence in the article, What Am I Thinking By Linking To This 

That's it for today!

Monday, May 20, 2013

RIP Ray Manzerak

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Gauche
Location - Peru
Format - Mural

Take It Easy

I Still Don't Like Mondays!

Oh my! This is how I feel today. Always lovely to pick up a cold in the midst of Almost Summer! Someone must have sneezed in my direction when I was traveling for a few days last week. And, while feeling all woozy and everything last night, I walked into a dark room and fell flat on my face. Now I look like someone who had a back alley fight with a very mean cat. 

This too shall pass.

See you later!

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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Ernest Zacharevic
(In Tribute to Pasha Pi83 RIP)

Tell Me A Secret

The Weekly Fluff

What an absolutely boring week it's been in Gossip Land!

Nothing at all has been going on beyond rumours of another Beyoncé pregnancy; Angelina Jolie's NYT Op Ed regarding her Double Mastectomy; Prince Harry spending time in America, charming all at every stop along his princely way; further rumours leaked by a probable certain someone that Our Fav Mess, Lindsay Low-Hand, is gaining weight and freaking-out in Rehab now that her BFF Adderall, has been taken from her sticky fingers; Madonna and Goopy didn't say a word to each other at the Met Gala now that they are no longer BFF's.

What more could a Fluffy Reader want, I ask? Much more than all of that, I'm sure.

Unfortunately, Jennifer Aniston didn't get married this week. And obviously, nor did Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Kim Kar-Kash-In remains preggers and allowed nightmare-inducing pix of her swollen feet to hit the I-Nets…something I hope she stops showing everyone ASAP. Good God, it's awful!! And she continues to wear the terribly "wrong" shoes for someone "with child." What are we going to do with her?

So, beyond the above, nothing else is worth repeating unless you care that Princess Charlene of Monaco (aka The Prisoner Bride) may be slipping around Prince Albert's back (easy to do as that is his usual stance with her) with a hawt Rugby Player! Gasp! How could she she do such a thing to her faithless loving keeper husband! Tsk.

Oh, and Justice Finally Prevailed: Little Mr. Beaverland was hit with a hefty bill for the care of his Abandoned Pet Monkey in Quarantine!

See you later, and thanks for stopping by!

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Friday, May 17, 2013

Different Art of the Day

Artist - OaKoAk

Friday Stand-Up (NSFW)

Friday Tidbits #77,821

We're skipping our way through the I-Nets once more….

"Coming Out of the Closet" With A Bang 

Oh, that shifty, scandalous Obama: How Dare He? 

I'd scream if I paid that much for a painting: But Then Again… 

This is how Supreme Court Justices have fun! Let Us Count The Ways 

C'mon, Obama! Just Go Ahead And Do It! 

Calling James Bond! This Is Classic In More Ways Than One 

The answer is clear: Harry Has No Cojone's 

Why am I not surprised? Typical Dirty Tricks Again 

This isn't that far from reality: Facebook Could Help 

That's it for today! Have a great whatever!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Just In Case You Begin to Forget

Hello there again. I've decided to add more words to TDFB today now that I have been foiled from scanning pix of most of my life on what I have now learned is an incompatible scanning device that, for some reason, chooses not to accept my current Operating System as it once did. Therefore, you lucky devils, you, I have more time today than anticipated to finally delve into a subject that has garnered much attention this week: Angelina Jolie's Double Mastectomy.

This post will spin dizzyingly by 180 degrees in tone concerning Angelina, considering how I had begun to share a less-than-flattering perception of her for several years that grew increasingly negative and unpleasant. I won't bother detailing what my criticisms were (and still are in a few areas of her life), as I now understand many tiny clues that something had been awry with her in some way on health concerns beyond her stick figure physique which begs for body fat somewhere, and a plate of pasta – or any food at all beyond a leaf of lettuce.

Now we know what's been going on, so I will now join with thousands-millions of women and men who have supported her preventative choice and consider her to be brave as well as incredibly resilient to carry on with her projects while in the midst of Post-Op Healing. The Double Mastectomy news has brought the subject of the Breast and Ovarian Cancer gene, and the radical surgical procedure of mastectomies in general, back into the public discourse: to do it or not to do it –  which has been a wrenching decision process for many women.

Yesterday, a usually very private, well-known friend/former TV colleague, posted her double mastectomy experience on Facebook via her blog. I highly urge anyone with an interest in the subject beyond Jolie's to read the linked blog article HERE.

Her experience was a heartfelt admission, as well as a fascinating story of what she went through with the procedures. Had St. Angie not opened the discussion with her own news, I sincerely doubt many of us who like our mutual RL and FB friend would have known about her situation. She was inspired and brave enough to share it for the same purpose of creating further awareness of the oft-controversial gene test, in addition to the result being the removal of her breasts, that Miss Jolie has done in just over 48+ hours world-wide.

I applaud anyone who feels a need to express their issues in a sound and reasonable way, which is what I believe Angelina did, despite her usual detractor's bitching on various websites that she just had a "Boob Job" and is playing-up the cancer prevention for attention. People are creating timelines of her social outings in combo with her treatment and surgery dates. "They" don't believe she could have so many procedures while in the midst of being seen in other countries, carrying one of her Little Children in her arms, or wearing sheer clothing which they now claim cannot be found anywhere in the I-Nets following her announcement.

It's sorry and pathetic to realize how much hatred still exists for someone who is far from perfect and certainly has been the focus of endless Tabloid Rumours that, for now, I won't go into.

I think it's extremely fitting that she made the cover of Time Magazine. I also believe her. I know she's been OTT in the past with admissions of reasonably minor self-mutilization and that she can be extraordinarily savvy with how to manipulate the press. However, accusing her of lying about her surgeries for sympathy, relevancy, and basic PR gain is way beyond my cynical mind.

There are legit questions regarding whether or not radical surgeries are actually needed if one does not have cancer at the time. It is an issue which has been debated for many years. I believe it's a personal decision and, if Celebs such as Jolie and a very private person as is my former colleague, are willing to bring all of this to our attention, then, in a truly positive manner I say Good For Both Of You and thanks for the reminders!

I send good health thoughts to anyone dealing with the above concerns. Yes, I actually have a heart and, shockingly, it's still beating.

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Meet the Artists for a Special Art Challenge

This Is What Selena Gomez Does When Not Biebling

Who Deserves a Flog Today?

The Flogging Whip is in a very bipartisan mood today, thus it will flog everyone in The Obama Administration, the House Tea Party Maniacs, the Democrats and Basic GOPer's in general. Why?

Well, why not? They all deserve a flog today! 

That was easy, wasn't it?

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Street Art of the Day

Format/Medium - Stencil/Mixed

Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing

FYI # Who-Knows?

Before the midnight hour sends the TDFB's post dates into tomorrow, I want to post SOMETHING today/tonight because I feel music in my heart and art in my veins, which means that few words remain. 

Also, it's almost 12 hours late of my posting sked, so have fun with the above while the day still lasts on PST.

Keeping it simple.

This Is What Happened Today - Again!

Get ready! Looks like it's going to be a Blackout Summer in My Hood!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Alice Pasquini


Naughty & Not-So Nice

I am very pissed-off. The picture illustrates what I and many Americans believe George W. Bush and cronies did to the USA. He is an asshole in my opinion, okay? And so are those who go way beyond his stupidity with nothing by hypocritical accusations every. single. day. that Obama has been The President!

I try to be patient and reasonable in my disagreements with those with whom I disagree on politics. I DO try to see everyone's POV. My patience has ended. And this post will not be civil. In truth, it will be full of expletives and a very angry attitude.

I am so done with this extraordinary BS about Banghazi and Hillary Clinton and Obama as if they were involved with the VERY FIRST breach of security at a U.S. Embassy.

I am also, as I have been writing (but the animosity is growing on my end) how desperately savage and disingenuous the GOP is over ONE incident of a Security Eff-Up in the Obama administration when George W. Bush's administration had 12 - count them - 12 similar incidents during his awful Reign Of Bullshit that NO ONE QUESTIONED!!! WHY? Are some of the extremist's THAT BLIND? Good God, I was almost totally blind at one time and could see the truth. I do prefer having an open mind to what other's believe even if I don't share the same perceptions and beliefs. But this Benghazi bashing is beyond the pale and I must, to be true to my deepest core, express my less-than-pleasant feelings over the current brew-hah-hah.

Stop it! STFU you Radical GOP assholes! I'm not sorry to lose my "cool" at all when what a former president did to our country far surpasses any lapse in judgment the current administration exhibited. Oh, I will say it over and over again with a passion. YOU RADICAL GOP WINGNUTS are CRAZY! And YOU are ruining this country. Not Obama. Not Hillary Clinton. But all of you who want to create a New Revolutionary War over what you constantly state is "the most corrupt administration ever!"

You know what? You are truly out of your minds! How you dare to fume and damn this administration is beyond my comprehension. If you cared to view the facts with a clear mind you would realize that the George W. Administration was THE MOST "corrupt" admin since Nixon!

Frankly, I can't stand any of your beliefs due to your false and, quite honestly, horrifying hate for Obama, et al, despite my usual tendency to be open-minded with mine nemisis'. If my point of view offends some of you so much, then so be it! Your logic isn't logical. Your perception of the Gun Control issue falls on deaf ears all of the time when "we Liberals" try to patiently explain that no one is coming for your guns or ammo.

You make me sick.

I don't like what you stand for.

You are scary as hell.

You are delusional.


And, I want you out of my life if you are that ignorant, thick-headed despite the fact that I truly appreciate differing points of view. But not now. This witch-hunt is becoming way too serious to ignore.

You and yours are RUINING the USA!

But, of course, you don't see it that way because you are brainwashed by false conspiracy rumours.

Good God. What is happening here? Doesn't anything reasonable cross your minds at all? Do you believe in Fox News Lies? And, why would I say they are "lies'? BECAUSE THEY ARE!

What the eff happened to your minds?

NO ONE IS COMING FOR YOUR DAMN GUNS unless it's an Assault Weapon. And, if such a thought bothers you so much, then I must say you all bother ME a great deal. Why do you need that kind of destructive weapon? Why do you think you need Military Arms? Are you that frightened? Of what? No one other than The Tea Party and Radicals are creating an atmosphere of fear and hatred deep enough to "go there." Man, you guys are so full of hate I recoil at what runs through your Hole In The Head  Swiss Cheese Mush of a brain. You can dislike a president and disagree all you want - and that is okay. But to go on and on and on as many have been doing, latching onto the idea of a Revolution is absolute madness!

How bad was the LSD you tried in the past? Did it really screw up your brain that much?

How sad these paranoid, misguided people are.

How dangerous to everything we once believed in about the Greatness of our country.

And then you prefer to take money and benefits from your elders all in the name of Anti-Obama?

In truth, my lower instincts wish you will rot in hell when you consistently show your absolutely NUTCASE BELIEFS!

To be terribly non-eloquent, GO FUCK YOURSELVES!

You liked Bush? You think he was "great"?

In my very strong opinion you are mad as a hatter in the midst of a very, very twisted mindset.

My tendency to attempt diplomacy while expressing what I see as the truth is now frozen in outrage and disgust of what I see and hear about what some of you think and want to do to what remains of any civility in politics. Thus, I've dropped my quest at civility.

So, on Bush's watch you believe, as Cheney, et al, are now spinning, that NO TERRORIST attacks happened while George W was Prez?

You are truly out of your minds if you continue to ignore THE FACTS! I'm so happy to let my deeper feelings out while you bash Hillary Clinton and do your "God's Work" over your despicable, outrageous, unfair, attitude(s) because you LOST AN ELECTION and want everyone to know that Obama and Hillary MADE A MISTAKE!

Good God! If I were to count the endless "mistakes" of Bush's administration we would be holding hearings on Iraq and War Crimes from that time period. If some people are so blind and closed-minded about the newer administration and are willing to praise a genuine jerk-puppet of a VP - Cheney - who ensured that his former employer, Halliburton - succeeded financially beyond realms of reality for a war that never should have happened, then you, not me or others, are The True Villains and enabler's of the downfall of America.

One more time: YOU DISGUST ME!

On that loving, thoughtful, genteel note, I bid you all a fine day or whatever and will now end my from-the-gut truth tirade against those who buy into this crap. I prefer peaceful debates and reasonable thought process' in general. No more. Continue to use Benghazi as the Deciding Event of an otherwise successful administration fighting for its life against a consortium of Brats And Azzhats!

Take it or leave it. And I mean it. And YES! I have been redundant in this post.

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Monday, May 13, 2013

Unusual Art of the Day

Format - Wallpaper
Image via: http://wallpaperdj

Low Low Low

It's Monday Already?

Good morning/afternoon/evening! Today the cobwebs in my brain are thick and quite a mess. Yesterday's time spent with my mother (along with a lovely bottle of champagne) have brought me to one of those mornings where strong black tea and an already rising heat wave whisper "Take it easy and spend more time with your mother." Okay. I'll do so. It would be nice to talk with her more, as well as going through ancient photo albums of my ancestors and so on. And that, my friends, is what I intend to do. So, forgive me for another fairly quiet day of non-posting "real" posts. In the interim, enjoy whatever I find to complete the daily 3!

See you later!

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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Street Art of the Day

Artist(s) - BTOY Team
Medium - Stencil 
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Young and Beautiful (from 'The Great Gatsby' Soundtrack)

The Weekly Fluff

Welcome once again to All Things Fluffy in the Celeb World. It's been a busy week for our Fav Miscreants, so let's get right on the Non-Serious-Newsy-Newz.

For anyone who follows crappy-crap gossip "Cultural" tidbits and puffed-up PR-generated stories with numerous pictures and the like, as I do, you already know what Goopy,The Patron Saint Of Self, said about her experience at the Met Gala (aka Anna Wintour's Annual Snobbery Parade), which was that it was "boring" and she won't go back next year.

One can only guess that Mizzy Pale-From-Head-To-Toe was ignored by The Ice Queen #1 for daring to wear an unflattering pink gown on a Red Carpet! How gauche! Not "getting" the theme of the night, which was "Punk", our dearest Out-Of-Touch-Mess chose one of the strangest gowns in her often elegant choices. Methinks it's time she finds a new stylist beyond her delusional dressing-room mirror.

Oh Gee Whiz! It appears that Rihanna and Chris Brown have actually broken-up – for real! If anyone questions the truth of a split this time, just check out any spot on the Webs with pix of Rihanna over the past week. Not only is she losing it in general (reportedly), but she arrived hours late for at least one concert that we know of this month...and was "Booed" by her audience. Not-so-subtle hints are floating far and wide (cliché alert!) that this gorgeous human is far more effed-up than anyone wanted to believe…and, for once, it isn't all Chris Brown's fault.

OMG! OMG! Ben Affleck and wife-actress Jennifer Garner, may not have the "Happiest of Happy Marriages" she they want to portray. WTF? You mean that a guy who loves to hang out with other guys to gamble, flirt-around with Wimmens, be All About Me-Me-Me, would have difficulty being married? Pleeze. No way! Who would want to have a tryst or more with a narcissistic, handsome, Oscar-winning writer/director with clout in Hollywood, when his wife is away on a job/film in the summer? Hmm? 

Who, other than I Wouldn't Trust Him No Matter How Much He Paid Me Ben Affleck, would be so faithful to his wife that he would turn the panting ho's (sarcasm) away while burping the latest baby on his shoulder – although the burping periods are way over for the kids and Mom is said to be taking her Tidy Tots With Her to Cleveland – yes, Cleveland – while she films scenes for some project I haven't heard of and doubt I'll ever see in the near future. In fact, I don't recall ever seeing any film she has been in. Or, if I did, I didn't notice.

Po' Wittle Kanye West hit his not-so-wittle Ego Head on a street sign while apparently Walking Dead beside his Walking Disaster, Kim K, and had another tantrum when he saw the pap's snap-snap-snapping-away as he held his throbbing head in one of his Magical Ego Hands. Hey Kanye', do ya' think walking into a sign is a sign of sorts? You know what I mean, right?

Jennifer Aniston has been seen out and about in NYC lately without her Other Half, Justin Theroux. So, of course that means they are over. Done. Kaput. No one who is married or engaged should ever, ever go out in public alone or with friends sans the Significant Other – according to bitter crazy "stuffy" women on message boards. Poor Jen. Another heartbreak on the horizon? Yawn. Stretch.


No word from the Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage, California, about the well-being of their two latest Celeb's In RehabLindsay Low-Hand and Brooke Mueller – as if anyone should be told confidential patient information. However, if the past is any indication of how the Low-Hand handles Rehab, we'll soon be hearing about pillow fights and late-late night panty raids with The "Cracken" and her new BFF, Brooke, dashing through the Hospital Wing of the facility hallucinating on the residue of what drugs still remain in their bodies. Or not. We all want both to get well, don't we?

Where in the world is Ann Curry these days? Still locked in NBC's Closet Of Shame? Just curious.

Everyone hates Justin Beaverland these days. Yep. Even a "poll" told us so. Thus, it's Selena Gomez to the rescue once more! Sorta. Lotsa rumours flying about that she's just using him – as always. Double yawn.

That's enough fluff for me in the morning. See you later, and thanks for stopping by!

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Friday, May 10, 2013

Street Art of the Day

Artist - OaKoAk
Location - France

Mystery Guitar Man is Back!

Friday Tidbits #22,471

For your Friday pleasure, here are several links to things/stories you may want to know about, and others you really would rather not know about – maybe. Okay, I'm not making sense today more than usual, so read at your own risk! (All links are to Safe Sites.)

What a smart idea! NOT

BENGHAZI! BENGHAZI! When Will We Hold Hearings On Iraq?

Just a small snippet: Crop Shot 

A Diva is a Diva is WTF – Red Toilet Paper?

And all this time we thought the IRS were The Bad Guys!

Now this would have been something! A Super Band Indeed

America finally woke up and said Blah!

It's another Florida embarrassment Except For The Owner

Here's a little story about people and animals: Who's Watching What And Why 

I know you've been waiting for more Hubble news: Here It Is 

Oh, aren't they Cuties? 

It's Party Time Again 

That's it for today! Have a great whatever!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Street Art of the Day

And Here We Go

Who Deserves a Flog Today?

The Flogging Whip is ripe and ready to let its lovely fury lash out at message board commenters and others who are petty as petty can be over anyone who tries to do something good in the world and just happens to not have a "perfect past." 

What a bunch of sheets people are/can be – and of course I'm not talking about high-thread-count sheets, but the scratchy ones with a low thread count that remind one how quality will win every time if you want to avoid "sheet burn." 

Okay. I'm not really writing about actual sheets, as I assume you already realized by my not-so-crafty way to begin this post on how nasty some people have become about and to Cleveland's "hero" – Charles Ramsey – because he has elements of not-so-wonderful behaviour in his past.

I have to ask "why" people are beginning to diss Ramsey because what is the point his new foes in the media and elsewhere are trying to make by demeaning a man who did something decent? Do "we" have to tear every single person down who has risen to the top for one reason or another – even if it's for a mere few minutes of fame?

Really, I ask again: what is the point? Who gains, here? Are we now setting an example to potential future "heroes" that they shouldn't help someone in danger and need if they have a few "skeletons in the closet" that are bound to be ferreted-out just for a different twist on a very big news story? If we have to reconsider rescuing someone or something from harm due to a mistake or twelve we made in the past, chances are that the moment of the emergency's urgency could slip by and a rescue isn't possible for various reasons.

What did Charles Ramsey do, you might ask if you haven't heard the news by now? I'd rather you read about it yourself than have me distill the BS that is coming-out today. So, here's a link if you are so inclined. LINK 

C'mon, people! Leave the guy alone with his Big Mac's and kind heart and, for once, let's just appreciate the goodness that still exists in Human Nature – particularly in Cleveland where I lived for two years.

Let's take a brief look at Cleveland while on the subject: First, it's a cooler, more sophisticated, city than its reputation, but it is also filled with racism on both ends, which is why Ramsey made the remark about knowing something was wrong if a "pretty white girl" runs into the arms of a Black man. In Cleveland, no truer words…  In fact, one of the very few times I have been discriminated against as a White Person was in a restaurant in Cleveland where I had been taken for dinner by my Program Director at the time who was (and still is) African-American.

I loved the food and returned a month later with a female African-American friend where we sat for over a half hour to be given a menu while all others who came in after us had not only received their menus, but were having their appetizers. My friend spoke to the waitress several times. We were ignored when ready to order and, with surprised disgust on my end and embarrassment on my friend's part for the obviously petty discrimination against both of us, we decided to leave rather than make a scene. I gathered that not only was I not welcome unless with a "star" of the city (which he had been at that time), but my friend was being silently "told" that it was very uncool of her to bring a white person into a "Soul Food" restaurant. Sure, that incident was a very long time ago; however, I hear that in some areas (such as where Mr. Ramsey lives) racial discrimination remains alive and unwell.

Therefore, it says even more to me how very brave Charles Ramsey had been to actually consider helping a White Person who he initially thought could be in a Domestic Abuse situation. To me, that's all I need to know to say once more how petty it is for people to start tearing him down.

Small rant over.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Nelio

Ball of Confusion

Confusion Reigns

Where to begin? The Cleveland Kidnapping/Charles Ramsey story? Mark Sanford overcoming the bad press and winning a seat in The House for good ole' South Carolina last night? More coverage of the Met's Biggy Thingy on Monday night where we continue to stare at who wore what and how terrible certain celeb's looked and dressed, dissecting a non-story in pictures for days and days?

Or how about Chris Christie's "secret" Lap-Band Procedure to lose weight? Or Syria? Oh, I know! Let's follow the Biggest Most Important Story Of The Day in the U.S. – the completely unnecessary, politically motivated additional waste of taxpayer money for today's hearings on BENGHAZI!

Thinking it over, no, I don't care to go there, either. The entire Benghazi mess is a non-scandal that was hyped from the beginning as some kind of major Obama Administration Cover-up and a way for the GOP to slam Hillary Clinton all the way to 2016 should she decide to run for Prez. Best to start early in tearing-down the Current Frontrunner in the "polls" – Clinton – while here, in 2013, we're in the midst of a Sequester that is beginning to peak out of the shadows of "Who Cares?" into "Whoa! This hurts!"

Yep. Let's always stay in campaign mode for, as we have seen over the years, it really helps the country to have supposed lawmakers and leaders spend more time raising money for their future campaigns, finding ways to defeat the Dem's (ie; dirty tricks and lies…the usual) than trying to fix what's been broken in the nation.

Nope. Enough of that complaining. It's so obvious why, at the beginning of May, 2013, Benghazi is back in the headlines. The fact that the GOP must resort to last year to find a topic worth flogging to keep Anti-Obamaism alive should say something about the current administration in a positive light, don't you think? Some people don't think that way at all, thus time spent dragging an unfortunate attack on a U.S. Embassy into a political piñata is insulting. Yes, insulting.

Therefore, I beg, WTF was Kim Kara-Kash-In wearing at the Met Gala the other night and how in the world did she slip by Anna Wintour without being tossed-out on the street like the old couch she wore?

*I'll now back-away very slowly from the laptop...*

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