Friday, August 31, 2012

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Eduardo Relero
Format - 3D - Chalk
Location - Spain

Once Upon a Time

A Few Tidbits

Whew! What a week it's been in the U.S. With Tropical Storm Isaac calming down; the RNC finally finished with an attempt at preening, and Clint Eastwood's incoherent ramblings at a chair taking over most of the political news today, a stroll through The Interwebs seems in order. Enjoy at your own risk.

Hah! Akin' For A Breakin'

Oh no! No-No-No! Too Swift

Fascinating. A Very Hungry Universe

WTF? Something Different

Sex. There, I Wrote It!

Remember? It's Been 15 Years

Um. Balls On! Balls Off!

That's it for today. Must get back to reading all of the articles and seeing the new Meme's of Clint & The Chair! Have a fabulous Friday!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

The GOP "Mystery Speaker" Squeaks

"We own this country." - Clint Eastwood
GOP Convention Soundbite from August 30, 2012

Street Art of the Day

Conflicting Attributions

Lying Eyes

Poll-er-izin' Lyin' Ryan

Are you ready? I am on the verge of writing what most Democrats, Pundits, and Pro-Obama political blogs, as well as a reporter from Fox News (!) have been screaming about since Paul Ryan "introduced" himself to the RNC Convention last evening, which is that he LIED! Lied, I tell you! And "they" tell you. Lied about almost everything, in fact, and was hailed by his comrades for doing just that.

Really. He did lie. If you didn't watch his speech last night or haven't read or heard any specifics on his lies, I'm here to help you out.

Example. He introduced himself as Paul Ryan. True! Not a lie. What a guy! Following that moment of Rare Truth, he went on a bit about his background. True. No lies. Good. We're ten minutes into his speech and all seems fair and square. And then he begins to preach. Here is a summary:

Me. Obama. Bad Obama. Me. Good. Bad Obama. Me Good. Mitt good. Medicare. God. My mother. I'm a good son. Mitt who? Me. You. Back to the past. Obama Bad. Praise the Lord. Rise up and smite Obama. Bad Obama. I'm your warrior. I'm a prick. (He didn't say that but he may as well have from his angry stance.) I hate America. (He said so in words that cloaked the truth of his plans.) Me. Tough. Obama weak. Mitt who? Mitt good. Me good. Evil Obama. Grrr. Grump. Grimace. I'm The Bad Azz!

Now, some of you may agree with what Mr. Lyin' Ryan said because you believe what has been shoved into TV ads about Obama and Medicare. "Raiding" Social Security and all of that. Rather than duplicate excellent research and strain my grey cells into a puddle with listing the specific lies and misleading's the GOP via Ryan's spiked-with-a-Pitchfork-Tongue want most Americans to believe, I'd rather send you to a wonderfully informative article with which you can dissect at your will.

If you believe that people like me with a different point of view are bashing the GOP's policies, beliefs and political machinations simply because you think we're evil anti-Americans, consider the fact that it is one thing to campaign against a political administration/president when The Truth is part of the dialogue. To be a real American, as "they" love to say, is the freedom to question our "leaders." By calling-out/questioning utter lies spoken by those who are in leadership positions, therefore, I am an American. And, to be fair, there are one or two truths to the down side of Obama's time in office. However, the lies that Mr. Nice Guy Perfect Mittens and his new sidekick, Lyin' Ryan, are putting forth to brainwash the brainwashable (that's how little they think of most of their flock), is/are reprehensible below-the-belt tactics.

So, do yourself a favor/favour and READ THIS

Thank you.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Street Art of the Day

Location - Portugal

Gimme Shelter

Tamp It Down, GOPer's

While the RNC jumps into higher gear for their convention, Hurricane/Tropical Storm Isaac continues it's swirling, twirling, dizzying dance over the Gulf, flooding the Gulf Coast States and knocking out power for at least 65% of New Orleans. It's Mother Nature In Action, although being slightly coy with where she wants to wreak the most havoc: In New Orleans? Gulfport, Mississippi? Biloxi? Further up into Louisiana where no one is prepared?

She is nearing New Orleans, approx. 40 miles away, possibly considering whether or not to test a few of the levees that were not fixed – completely – following Katrina. So far so good in the test, as at least two hapless men are stuck in a truck by one of the less-comforting levees which is going through an "over-topping" experience and require rescue, similar to the RNC Convention which has yet to go OTT in a direct way for the official presidential nominee, but may still require rescue measures if Ron Paul And Friends get their way.

But never fear. Drama abounds beyond the storm. The GOPer's threw a wingnut into the mix when someone tossed literal nuts at an African-American CNN Reporter covering the convention while shouting something to the effect of "that's how we feed the animals." I have an idea. Let's take that person to one of the scary areas in NO where evacuations are now in full force and let them sit in a stuck vehicle without emergency assistance because their GOP party wants to cut Emergency Funding for little things like Hurricanes, Torrid Fires, flattened towns from Monstrous Tornadoes and so on. Gee, too bad you gotta hang in there for hours until help arrives. If you're hungry, have what's left of your peanuts because that's how we treat our stranded citizens who may soon be turning into fish. Then all you'll need are few strips of oil-tainted seaweed to survive.

Although the U.S. Open is upon us, the RNC Convention is limping along in Tampa, Prince Harry is still being bashed for running around like a youngish wild boy with "undesirables" who MAY have made a video of his escapades in Vegas, I think I'll keep my TV on The Weather Channel today because watching the reality of what Mother Nature can do always inspires me to remember who holds the Upper Hand on this planet. Humbling and fascinating at the same time.

Oh, and for those who have a very sick sense of humour, there is nothing quite like watching reporters in full rain gear standing in the middle of empty streets, bracing against the wind, and slopping around in almost knee-high street floods. A few have sometimes fallen. During 2004's Hurricane Ivan, MSNBC viewers were treated to the unexpected vision of Joe Scarborough doing a back flip into the sand of a Pensacola beach while Ron Reagan Jr. slipped under cover in a nearby garage a few feet away to finish his broadcast with eyes wildly wide open in shock.  As if viewers don't "get" how windy and rainy it is out there in the Wilds Of Nature through the lens of a camera on the crashing ocean waves, bending, snapping trees, and recurring footage of one street sign that happened to topple over.

The storm/hurricane is not yet over, more damage is on its way. Just like the convention. Tonight is Paul Ryan's night to get the dead GOP juices going. Anyone have an umbrella to shield themselves from all of the BS that will fall from his smirky mouth? No? Oh, that's right. Umbrellas are banned inside the Convention Hall. You know, just in case someone feels like pulling a James Bond on Mitts & Company.

Party on, GOPer's! Your biggest Storm Cloud already hit the stage last evening in the form of New Jersey Gubner Chris Christie, everyone's example of America's Obesity Problem. I wonder how many of Ann Romney's Welsh Cakes he ate before following her speech wherein he contradicted almost everything she said.

Well organized in message; perfect location for a convention during Hurricane Season. Yep. That's a group I want to ruin, uh, run the country.

Stay tuned...

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Different Art of the Day

Image and Details via:

Let Them Eat Cake = REVOLT

Let Them Eat (Welsh) Cake

Although Tropical Storm/Hurricane Isaac bypassed leveling Tampa into little sea pebbles, another tempest of sorts is arriving in Tampa any moment now – a load of Welsh Cakes baked with Ann Romney's grandmother's recipe! That's correct! Ann will feed the RNC Convention-eers with these homey cakes to further expand their overly inflated appetites, and then, on her Big Night Tonight on the stage, she will attempt to humanize her husband's half-baked image through "softening" his image. Awwww. Ain't that sweet? Will those scone-like cakes help? Quick, someone run them through the TSA because who knows what Ann may have slipped into those oh-so-innocent pieces of Bakery Heaven! My guess would be some kind of drug that will magically transform cynical, reluctant GOPer's into a Love Frenzy with Mitts. The convention could become a Major Rave!

So, making cakes is what Ann Romney's contribution will be beyond a much-talked about speech? Oh, excuse me, Ann didn't actually bake the cakes, she just handed the recipe to her Head Chef and told him to do his job – STAT! I'm so happy Ann now has a Secret Service Detail guarding her and her cakes because, for all we know, Obama's peeps might want to have a taste and then spread rumours that they are "too Welsh" and completely un-American! Oh, my mistake. Obama's people wouldn't say such a thing. It's playing The Race Card and he doesn't do that sort of thing because the GOP does it for him by reminding everyone whenever possible that Romney is White and Obama is Not. Uh-huh.

In addition, mouthpieces such as Rush Limbaugh would be jumping on the "anti-American" aspect of the cakes' heritage because, were it anything but American Apple Pie if Michelle Obama had done the same for her husband's Political Base, ole' Rush would find a way to make that Apple Pie a tool of Socialism.


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Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday Biz

Off for the day due to appointments in The Real World. Imagine that!

See you tomorrow!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Almost Street Art of the Day

Image & Details via:


The Wind and the Billows

Oh wow! The Republican Convention has been delayed due to weather. Tsk. I won't chortle over bad weather as it is just that: Bad Weather = problems = damage = loss of lives = loss of property. Not fun anywhere in the world at any time. However, with the Isaac Storm potential to harm portions of Florida growing increasingly plausible by the minute, I have to ask whose brilliant idea was it to hold the Republican Convention in a hurricane-prone state during Hurricane Season?

Think about it. The plan to go to Tampa to herald the GOP's platform, along with making Mitt Romney's bid for Prez official, pushes me to ask that question. Having the convention in Florida right now must be God's Joke or something. And, I wonder who Pat Robertson will blame this time for any havoc which may be caused by Isaac? Will he remain silent? Will he rail against George Soros, ignoring the sneaky Koch Brothers who are a billion times more influential with the GOP than Soros is with the Dems?

Will he blame Mormons? Can't point the warped finger at Gays and Feminists this time, can he? Could it be (gasp) God's Revenge Against The GOP's misuse of HIS WORDS to dismiss common decency as we have witnessed over the year? You know what I mean. Raging against The Poors; The Elderly; The Disenfranchised… Not very "Godly", is it?

Oh, but did God actually say anything about any of the above? Not really – in a direct way. He seemed more concerned with playing hide and seek with his followers and laying down LAWS. Nope. It was only in the New Testament when Jesus of Nazareth spoke of loving one another and not casting the first stone and helping the poor and sick. So it MUST BE that Robertson could point the finger at Jews, right? Jewish people only follow The Old Testament. You know how Florida is filled with many of the Jewish persuasion. But I thought it was Miami and more of the East Coast cities in Southern Florida which held the largest Jewish population in the state. Not tame Tampa on the West Coast. Oh well, someone will find a way to make some "undesirable" types pay. After all, we know that Key West is a haven for The Sodomites and is first in line for A Big Windy Rainy Whopper! 

(UPDATE: God must love The Gays as Isaac is only flirting with the Keys at the moment, moving further West and heading North.) Well, Pat, looks as if you can't blame it on The Key West Gays! Instead, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana, natch, are the places that are now in serious danger. Must be those Floating Casinos near Mississippi and the Sinful-Lucifer-Tasty-New Orleans-Beignets. Oh, and their music, too.

Before the news of the The Big Storm caused the RNC to reconsider its plans, Mr. Mitts was "disappointed" that the networks weren't planning to air the first night of the convention – the night his wife was to have made her mark on praising her husband's sense of humour, integrity, honesty, and all of that BS anyone who has watched Romney flip-flop more than a gymnast on a mat on every single issue tossed his way. Yep. That's integrity, my friends. Say whatever "they" want you to say to get the job (except he doesn't tell us what he wants to cut out of the budget beyond everything that favours The Poor and The Sicks), and make sure your wife comes across as a privileged Dressage Prancer to make all of the other GOP wives feel comfortable with a potential First Lady with whom they can relate when summoning their servants to clean up the Doggy Poo in the marble foyer.

Never fear, though. Unless Isaac wipes out Tampa, the convention will go on, albeit in a "compressed" sense of speeches. I'm sure Ann will get her moment in the spotlight somewhere along the lineup. Or so "they" say. Believe it. Mitt has to have a woman who loves him speak of him in glowing terms before he loses most of the women in the GOP to his and Paul Ryan's obscene plans to cut them off at the waist, as it were/was/always will be.

So, it's ON WITH THE SHOW – mebe. Tampa might be in a form of shambles by the time the convention re-opens on Tuesday (following a brief "Hi there" from someone at the RNC on Monday to open the convention and then run for shelter until the coast is clear).

In finishing, all I will say at this point is that with the on-coming storm, the RNC's plans are in a bit of shambles. A fitting physical manifestation of what that party has been doing to itself since 2010.

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Friday, August 24, 2012

Bonus Music Post - Little Britain

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Max Zorn
Format/Materials - Tape

Don't Let Me Down

A Little Note On A Very Important Vote

For weeks the political news in the U.S. has revolved around the GOP in general; the ill-informed anti-abortion types, and articles focusing on various topics concerning Mitt Romney. In fact, it's Romney this and Romney that (pro or con), but the point is – HE's EVERYWHERE!

So tell me, where is the president's coverage? Do he and his staff believe that sitting back and watching the Conservatives shoot themselves in the foot (when claiming a variety of  outrageous anti-science arguments regarding a woman's reproductive system) will help the Democratic ticket this fall? Knock the sleep out of your eyes, please, and listen to people like me when we have something to say about how you are being perceived by many in your party.

Here is my Open Letter to Prez Obama:

Where are you, Mr. President? How about a few headlines? Have not your supposed Wizened Advisers realized that with an opponent's name "out there" in bold headlines every day you could be looking rather lame and too-laid-back? Why allow Romney to run the show? He could win, you know. Just because. I suggest you don't rest on the thinking that everyone will suddenly fall by the wayside in headlines after the Akin and Ryan debacles cool down.

Thus far, all I've been hearing from you are campaign speeches. In fact, campaigning sound-bites are just that – brief moments that come and go unless a gaffe or monumental bits of news is/are offered. Stand up – loudly – more than you have – when TV ads and comments are clearly lying about you on whatever level it might be (except reacting to the Birthers again). I want to see you standing in front of the White House Press Corps (those whom you have offended and are currently offending based on your amazing MIA with them). I understand you aren't fond of the political press. Well, it doesn't require a college degree to realize that ignoring a group of professionals who cover your administration isn't what I would call a very wise PR move.

And PR for your administration has been piss-poor from the start. Why? You're a man of The Times. Social media savvy and in touch with ways to inspire people. You would also impress more people if you owned-up to a few of your flaws while, at the same time, touting what you have done correctly and impressively in your first four years. As it is, the Defense Of You has been left to Memes flying around on FB; charts produced by supporters showing your triumphs. Well, it's not enough. You need to pound your chest in your professorial way with a louder voice and cease to be a constantly cool-headed bearer of positive and sometimes not-so-positive statistics and announcements.

If Mitt Romney wins the race in November I will very possibly feel a serious wave a nausea sweep over me, and then I will be on your case as losing what should be the easiest election in years if fought properly. Please don't let that happen. Wake up your snoozing backers. Get them on more TV shows. Don't leave it all up to  David Axelrod, Robert Gibbs (yawn) and even the well-intentioned articulate Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Thank God you have Bill Clinton in your corner. Now, there is someone who knows how to work a room, charm the undecided, and make reasonable, logical arguments for why you should receive a Second Term. You may loathe the glad-handing part of politics, but it goes with the job, sir. I don't want you to be fake; yet I don't want you to flake on those of us who are counting on you to save the country from the Tea Party Gone Wild.

So, get to work, man! Give a press conference. Shoot those lies down IN PERSON. Stop eating all those ice cream cones in public as if all is well in the world and thank the people who have helped you up to this point. I gather you don't do that very often. Don't presidents have "Social Secretaries" for things like that? A little "Thank You" goes a very long way. Otherwise, you may find even less voters at the polls this year now that your enemies are stacking the Voter ID Deck. And you are just watching it all happen with nary a comment? Addressing this issue won't bring you down to a low level. It will bring you respect from those who want a Leader who will call out the BS of the opposing party.

An increasingly exasperated Democratic voter.

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Making of Robotic Street Art (commercial)

Shock To The System

Thursday Tidbits

Another week, another dash around the Interwebs.....

An overview of the one and only Prince Harry: Writer Wants Him To Be King – Sorta

Who will Pat Robertson blame if it happens? Will God Speaketh 'Nay'?

Next time you play Strip Billiards make sure your Security Detail is awake: Not His Fault!

Put that walking stick to good use: Don't Mess With The Armed Elderly

Do you care? Some People Do

China is Akin for a breakin' on the rapin' thang: Be Quiet Or Else!

Uh oh! Civilization is about to end – if you listen to this nut one more time: Fact-Less Tact-Eeks

No! Don't! What happened to you, Alanis? Too Many Uninvited's?

This time it's underwater and no one is talking about it very much: Too Much Static?

Someone sounds a wee bit touchy: Once More While Reeling

That's it for today……

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Different Art of the Day

Artist(s) - Icy and Sot (photo © Jaime Rojo)
Image via: Brooklyn Street Art

What Kind Of People Are They?

Who Deserves A Flog Today?

The Flogging Whip is feeling rather indelicate today. It really, really is pissed angry. Why? Have you been following the insane comments about rape that several assholes men have been spouting in the past week? Are these people emotionally stable? Who are these guys, anyway? Who voted them into office or will try to do so? Equally empty-headed uneducated in Human Reproduction fools constituents? People who would believe the earth was flat were it not for modern science telling them otherwise? Are their heads flat? The attitude that politicians such as Paul Ryan express regarding abortion fill me with fear and loathing dread. Hey, Menz! Women aren't telling you what to do with your balls Little Friend's Friends, are they? Such as when guys decide to get a Vasectomy? Gee, isn't that a form of Birth Control of a permanent kind, almost akin to abortion? Yeah, sure, they're just carrying the seed and the female is carrying the egg, and until both meet under any circumstance, "consensual" or not,  the justification is that no "Life" has been lost. I get that argument. But tell me, if you will, how would you (if you're a man) feel if politicians were pounding anti-Vasectomy Laws in your face? Telling you what you can and can not do with your body? Refusing to fill your penis pumper Viagra prescription as some jerk person at the pharmacy refuses to fill a woman's Birth Control Rx? Hypocritical much? And what about those incredibly moronic ignorant and insulting comments suggesting that a woman who has been raped and becomes pregnant must have "allowed" it (pregnancy) to happen based on "cooperating" with the Rapist? I shake with rage at the small-minded pea-brained lack of understanding what rape really is. For example, how would these politicians feel if they were raped? Just "lay back and enjoy it" as one disgusting perverse minded Menz of Power suggested a few years ago? Hey you, Mr. Jackass dick-head Morals, how would you like to bend over while a really Big Guy grabs you in a choke-hold and shoves a baseball bat up your butt? Would you enjoy that? Or, how about having your head smashed against a wall while a Really Scary Looking Guy pins your hands behind your back and rams his extremely un-wanted-by-you Baby Maker into your anus while biting your ear off? You know, all those loving, romantic things Rapists do to their prey. Gonna "lay back and enjoy it"? Why should I bother to continue this rant when it's clear we are dealing with a group of Neanderthals Crazy People? I've written enough. The point has been made.

Now, what's all this fuss about Prince Harry running around his Vegas hotel suite nude?

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Banksy

I'll Be Seeing You

Maybe April Isn't 'The Cruelest Month'

After the death of much-liked TV actor William Windom today, Phyllis Diller yesterday, the quietly iconic Scott McKenzie, then the stupefying suicide of director Tony Scott on Sunday, who ABC erroneously reported as having had "Inoperable Brain Cancer" (he didn't - supposedly), I decided to look into Famous People who have died in the month of August in recent or semi-modern times rather than go all the way back to Marc Antony's August demise in 30 B.C.E.

With what has seemed like an endless series of RIP's this month, along with the August deaths of three of the world's icons bidding an unexpected good-bye in this often strange month (Elvis, Marilyn, Princess Diana), I wondered if it was simply my imagination or are there more deaths of high-profilers at this time of year than any other? Particularly in August rather than June, for example. Finding a concise list was impossible beyond one comprised of music icons and no one else. To my surprise, not as many people have passed in August as I thought, although the list I have put together (missing many people, I'm sure) is full of famous names and several who made an impact on the world in significant ways. It is classic in several forms.

However, it appears to me that the majority of those who flew away to join their loved ones in wherever some of these people have gone, were on the elderly side and hung in as long as they could. In no specific order of death or alphabetizing, if you care to follow The Macabre Trail,  below is what I came across after a tedious search. A few names may not jump out at you if you're really young, but overall I think you may recognize most of them.

Elvis Presley
Gore Vidal
Phyllis Diller
Princess Diana
Marvin Hamlisch
Julia Child
Mickey Mantle
Les Paul
H.G. Wells
Florence Nightingale
Helen Gurley Brown
Babe Ruth
Bela Lagosi
Ted Kennedy
Dominick Dunne
Nick Ashford
Patricia Neal
Don Hewitt
Groucho Marx
Oscar Hammerstein II
Rudolph Valentino
Ira Gershwin
Pearl Bailey
Vivian Vance
Rick James
Cannonball Adderley
Jerry Garcia
Isaac Hayes
Jerry Wexler
Max Roach
Elmer Bernstein
Bill Tillman
Jerry Leiber
Stan Kenton
Laura Branigan
Brian Epstein
Stevie Ray Vaughan
Lee Marvin
Lionel Hampton
Rocky Marciano
Marilyn Monroe
Alec Guinness
Richard Burton
Ida Lupino
Lenny Bruce
Peter Jennings
Victor Mature
Sharon Tate
Gregory Hines
Bernie Mac
Will Rogers
Leona Helmsley
Gracie Allen
Ingrid Bergman
Bernie Brillstein
Calamity Jane
Paddy Chayefsky
Frances Farmer
Louise Brooks
Jackson Pollack
Alfred Knopf, Sr.
Edith Wharton
Andrew Carnegie
Mike Douglas
Eunice Kennedy Shriver
Alfred Kinsey
Truman Capote
Ian Fleming
Merv Griffin
Loretta Young
Henry Fonda
Pope Paul VI
Harry Reasoner
William Windom
Judith Crist

Now you can regale your friends with A Death List For August when the parties become excessively happy and light. You will always be remembered as the one who made them feel The Sads when they thought they were happy, and your reputation as either a Trivia Genius or Party-Downer will seal the deal for your future social invitations.

If you have names of others not on this list, please add it in the Comments section. (Yet another email address I've had for contacting TDFB has gone "missing." Don't ask me why, ask Gmail. Another new address will be up soon.)


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Monday, August 20, 2012

RIP Phyllis Diller

Alright, God. CUT IT OUT!!!! You are killing too many people this month! I haven't even begun to process the death of the extremely creative Tony Scott to write a few words about his life, and now this!

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Jason Serres

San Francisco

RIP Scott McKenzie

The voice of a generation through one song... "San Francisco" 1967

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Street Art of the Day

Stuck Like Glue

Too Close For Comfort? Or Comfort To Be Close?

A joke has been running for years about what Lesbians do on their second date: Hire a U-Haul and immediately move in with their new love. For many gay women, it's the truth.

Now it looks like Taylor Swift has taken that "joke" to a new level on a heterosexual platform since she just bought a trés expensive home right next to the Hyannis Port Kennedy Compound after less than two months of dating the now-legal 18-year-old Conor Kennedy, son of RFK, Jr. – all with Ethel Kennedy's blessing.  What? Buying a home next door to a new love? That was swift, wouldn't you say? If not a tad stalkerish. Brrrrr. Looking at this development from a distance without the "inside details", the little warbler of Tweener Dreams appears a bit pushy.

Disclaimer: I have not followed Taylor's career. I don't believe I have ever listened to her sing. I know she has been "romantically connected" to a series of high-profile absolutely Not For Her types who needed a little beard or temporary willing gf to stand beside at events during a slow career cycle.

But this Conor Kennedy thing is odd. Not that they are dating, as it were, but how suddenly Taylor jumped into the family and is now dressing for the 1960's as she sports a nice-looking (I must admit) rather demure red polka-dot two-piece swimming suit that doesn't expose her navel. She actually looks quite spiffy in it. Pictures HERE

However, I have to lift the ole' skeptical eyebrow on this entire development. Wouldn't you if you had just begun to date someone and within weeks – Blam! – there they are moving into your neighbourhood/apartment building. How often will they drop by for a cup of sugar? Too often, I would think.

I know. I've been there. The too-close-for-comfort living arrangements with a lover. Quickly, I fell into a brief affair with my Duplex Mate in the 80's. Just us two with a wall between our abodes. At first it was terribly convenient to meet up. Knock-knock on the wall. Great sex. Little candlelit dinners. Then the mate began acting extremely possessive and began buying things for me I didn't want. One of which was a watch. I didn't like the feeling that I was being "bought" - which is what was under all of the largess. I had kindly said "No" to the purchase while being herded-around the Jewelry Place as if I would just RUIN the "mood" if I didn't acquiesce to accepting, as well as choosing, the watch. Talk about the Guilt Trip Scenario!

When the ending came and it grew nasty on the Other End at first, I returned all the gifts, tossing them in a heap at their front door when they were out. I was furious and frightened. I don't think I've ever felt so deeply rattled by the chance of harm by another human being as I had a few days earlier from my Hissy-Fit.

I kept the watch, by the way...but only for a day. In a fit of drama, I threw it into the shower so it would die. Fizzle. And then I planned to return it in that condition. But it didn't stop ticking and WAS NOT WATERPROOF! Then I jumped up and down on it so it would break and I would then return it as such. It wouldn't break. I threw it against the wall. Wouldn't even crack. And then, when the Scary Former Lover decided one night to scare the Be-Hay-Suse out of me by throwing things against our shared wall, I did something quite crazy myself to end the harassment by out-craying The Crazy. I threw shoes and numerous items against our conjoined wall. I pounded. I jumped up and down and made lots of noise. I scared the Scary Monster and that was the end of that. All was silent until I eventually moved away.

The Insane Me had been triggered when I had been held against my will while trying to leave the Cray-Cray's home when I expressed the desire to end our fling. Blocked to get out the door. That sort of mind-game and potential physical threat in the air. I also was a tad freaked when informed that there had been a Restraining Order against this Cray-Cray by a former lover. It was all too much. I needed to make an impact to Reduce The Harassment I was now receiving by the Now-Fling-Ex.

Not that I'm suggesting Taylor and Conor would be as crazy as I was in attempting to get someone off my back, but I learned not to live too close to anyone with whom I was involved unless we were headed for Living Together Bliss. I also learned not to be with someone who had a Restraining Order against them for slicing the newspaper their girlfriend was reading with a knife "Just to get her attention."

Oh, but I'm wandering almost off-topic again…

Taylor Swift is 22 and is already considered in some circles as a "Cougar" – Hah! More like a Little Panther inching along the Atlantic Shores to gobble-up the most nubile of the Kennedy clan. A quiet, sweet-faced Panther, of course. This sweet little girl from Nashville has been studying-up on the Kennedy's for over a year. She is reportedly fascinated by them - in her own words, no less. So, who wouldn't want to join in on a game of touch football or two if the Family Of Your Dreams opened their gates to you?

This post isn't really a Big Time Flog against Taylor. It's just an observation that many writers have taken on in the coverage of the Kennedy's (following the suicide of Conor's mother a few months ago) and a C&W Music Star of a Cookies And Milk reputation suddenly gone all Cape Cod and fishy in a flash.

One thing the Kennedy's don't have to worry about is that Miss Swifty isn't out for the money. By now she could probably buy and sell most of the quaint port town (that I have found to be underwhelming in almost every way). Mebe that's why Ethel is so thrilled. No Gold Diggers digging into her family's pockets. And, if/when this new relationship looses it bloom, I'm certain Taylor and Accountants will be able to sell that new home ASAP – just another write-off, you know?

Meanwhile, God Speed to you Taylor. You sure know how to maintain a strong physical presence while you don your new Jackie O "Look." Nevertheless, can anyone please tell me the real reason why Ethel Kennedy is so thrilled to have Taylor aboard? I thought she and Jackie O weren't exactly the best of friends...

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Friday, August 17, 2012

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Sewers
Location - Japan
Format - Sewer Covers/Paint


Who Deserves A Flog Today (Voter Fraud In Reverse)

The Flogging Whip has been flipping-out for several months over the NEW VOTER REGISTRATION RULES several GOP-led states are placing into effect for the basic purpose of stealing the 2012 election from the Democrats, particularly President Obama. Anyone who tells me otherwise is a fool or as cynical and misguided as the proponents of Dirty Voting Tricks are. Is this the kind of government you all want? Led by people who are clearly doing everything they can to ensure that those who usually vote Democratic will either be screwed out of early voting opportunities based on the NEW RULES* or because they do not have a photo ID, although they ARE American, have been voting for years. Interesting timing, isn't it, to suddenly make changes during an election cycle? Don't you think these people are doing whatever they can to ensure that Blacks and The Poors, those who historically do not have a Photo ID because all of their lives they haven't needed one? The State of Pennsylvania, for example, will lose approx. 700,000 voters (who vote Democratic) based on the twisted route of paperwork required for those who are currently without a legit Birth Certificate to then get a State or Federal Photo ID in time to place their vote in November. Seems as if it might be simple, but for many it is not. The very elderly often were not born in a hospital and therefore have no on-the-record paperwork to prove they were born in the USA….despite having been born in the USA and having voted for most of their adult lives without incident. Now we have a group of wealthy white men shuffling the chess pieces around the table in the middle of the match. How can anyone with even a mild form of intelligence not see through what the GOP is doing to our electoral system just to win the Gold Key to the Oval Office. To me, these are not Patriots. Such groups (Koch and Friends) are, I'll say it one more time, Rigging The Election in their favour. And you Conservatives who bless The Lord and Honesty and Compassion are willing to let this atrocity happen? These are the kind of people you want to ruin, er, run our country? Yes, we do need a cleaner Voter Registration Change. But now? Change horses in the "middle of the stream"? Oh please! If any of our readers live in Pennsylvania and care about helping those who may need it to get the proper paperwork handled "in time", please do what you can. We are being robbed – whether rich Democrats or The Poors. In fact, the entire farce is more than disgusting. It is completely anti-American, and that is precisely what I have been writing about for quite some time when it involves the latest Fancy Dance of a group of White Men and a few misguided White Women of the GOP. I have to make that distinction on race because, well, isn't it obvious?

Rant Temporarily Over

*Details HERE

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Street Art of the Day

(attribution TBA)

You Don't Own Me

Standing My Ground

Good morning/afternoon/evening/middle-of-the-night…..

I come to the Writing Machine today ready to expose an inner conflict I have been dealing with for a while: the content of this blog. Half of my friends want me to stop writing about celebrities; the other half only come to this blog to read what I might write about "Les personnes célèbrese", especially if they don't follow the Celebrity Gossip Scene so that they can catch up on a few of the goings-on of our Famous Persons Of Today through my often blurry eyes.

I've asked myself if I need to focus on one specific area of Life to rant about each day (almost) in order to continue to build an audience so as not to confuse people over what they have stopped-by to read. Politics? Scandals? Bad films with wobbly railings that might fall apart during a scene? Who is marrying/divorcing/cheating-on who? Are Extraterrestrials really our Gods? That sort of seemingly scattered content.

Yes, I could focus on one thing/subject and perhaps garner an even larger readership, but then I wouldn't be true to myself or this blog because I simply do not want to write about the same old-same-old all the time. Just as my life and various careers have been mixed, so is the content of what I write.

I admit it does sting a bit when my more literary friends whisper to mutual friends, "She likes that TMZ stuff, doesn't she?" and then shake their heads over how trivial it all is. Well, yeah (or should I write "Jeah!"), gossip can be "trivial" and also hurtful, which is why I try to stay with what we know is "Fact" in those areas – one way or another. But so is our political process and attitudes   - ie; Hurtful/Harmful/Dismal/Petty/Gossipy. One is simply a different group of "Stars." Regardless, I've lost more Facebook "friends" over my political views written on this blog than I ever will by writing about Kristen Stewart.

And so, in airing what's beneath the facade, I'm discovering every second that my fingers hit the keys that I will continue to write about whatever interests me – from the most banal to the most serious issues/topics. So there! I say! I've gotta be ME! (No need to cue the song….)

What's wrong with mixing it up, I ask? I want readers who are open-minded (whether they agree with me or not) on the subject at hand each day. This is not Politico nor is it TMZ. It's both – and more. I don't pretend to have inside gossip about celebs from all areas of The Public Forum most of the time, and if I did I wouldn't share it because I am not a snitch. Quasi-Bitch, mebe, but not THAT! If I were, I would be extremely wealthy from leaking secrets and would not be sitting in front of a computer blogging away the last half (or less) of my life. I'd be set financially and all of my wrinkles would be as smooth as a Restylane facial.

Oh sure, the Jaded Self In You may be thinking. You're "too nice/pure" to play dirty. Well Bless Your Little HeartNot. Nope. I'm not aiming for a Girl Scout Medal (they kicked me out anyway despite the fact that I love uniforms). I'm telling it as it is, as "they" say/write/spout/and so on….

If I did not dally in the less-intense subjects, you would be dropping by to find hysterical blog posts over the alarming rate of the polar ice caps melting; the rise of Killer Virus's that won't go away by the strongest antibiotics on the market; how Japan and the U.S. Gubnet (my new word for "Government") won't tell us just how toxic Fukushima really was and how the radiation leaks have polluted the Pacific far more than we have been told; how genocide continues in Africa while America snores away watching Kim Kar-Cash-In make even more money than the day before because she is a) famous; b) vapid; c) famous; d) vapid.

That's the basic point of today's post – that I must, for my sanity at the least, continue to write what feels "right" for me on any "given day" – and so, I thank all of you who enjoy the diversity of my blog and must say a thoughtful, but strong, "That's who I am" to the naysayers of my writing focus.

Now, where was I?

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Unusual Art of the Day

Artist - Lichtfakor
Format - Light Art

I Know (Amazing Visuals)

More Tidbits

Welcome to our weekly stroll through the Interwebs……..

Whoa. Wait a minute! Where's Ben? Yesterday's TDFB Post May Be Toast

What's a world class athlete to do? Drowning In The Sads

Now it all makes sense? Unchained Mitts-A-Golly

Just in case you haven't figured it out by now: The Ryan Brand

Oh Kobe, you did pick a winner, didn't you? Dunk That Ball Or Else!

Another reason not to dine with a loaded gun: Ooops!

UPDATED! A picture at last! A Series Of Humps Or Harrumphs?

Yet another reason not to join CO$: Not So Safe Rehab

Attention all Bacteria-Phobics: This Will Make You Extremely Freaked-Out

That's it for today……

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Jef Aerosol
Format - Stencil

Wake Up Call


Infidelity is the cruelest betrayal known to Humankind beyond actual physical/mental abuse, and taking the life of a loved one. Have you been betrayed on a romantic level by someone in your life you never expected to lie or hide a dark truth from you? Or did you cheat? Have an affair? Whether in a monogamous relationship, engaged or married, unless there is an agreement to be in an open relationship/marriage, the discovery of infidelity can slide right down into your heart with the finesse of a serrated knife.

Just ask Anderson Cooper. One would hope that after The Silver Fox "came out" in a gracious, low-key and dignified way several weeks ago, his mate of three years in what the public has been told is a monogamous relationship, would behave in the same, decent way. Not so, as clear pictures of Ben Maisani passionately kissing and holding hands with another man in a NYC park came to light last weekend just as Anderson and Ben had embarked on what one would have thought was a romantic getaway on a spiffy yacht.

Imagine being in an enclosed, in the middle-of-the-ocean kind of way on a yacht with one's love only to be hit with the news that you have been duped, cheated-on, and in public, no less! Ouch! No matter what the private details are between Anderson and Ben, the timing could not have been worse. Just as we have stopped obsessing (or deliberately ignoring) all of the Kristen Stewart-Rupert Sanders-Rob Pattinson-Liberty Ross "scandal" of another outdoor, in the public indiscretion, and have finally put away our hand fans and smelling salts, THIS has to happen? To such a nice guy (based on all accounts) as is Anderson?

Boo-Hiss to his guy. I mean, if Ben is unhappy, then break-up and take the flack. Don't go kissin' on Them Hunky Menz behind your partner's back! Tsk. Actually, in Anderson's case, his heart may not be as broken as some would suggest, but he certainly can't be pleased with how stupid Ben was to be seen with another man in a compromising situation when your SO is Anderson Cooper for eff's sake! I mean, how stupid is that? Some sneaky paparazzo will always be following you.

We can only speculate that Anderson Cooper is upset. I don't have the inside info. Trust me, only Kathy Griffin and Anderson's mother, Gloria Vanderbilt, know whatzzup. But, I am thinking of the Infidelity Issue with more than a brief superficial view this morning based on his situation and the brew-hah-hah surrounding every little thing Rob Pattinson will or will not say about Kristen Stewart as he continues to promote his new film, dodging questions about their personal dramas of the moment.

I won't natter on about why people cheat beyond a few words. Books, tons of articles, armchair psychologists, Real-Chair Psychologists/Psychiatrists, have speculated for ages. Hey, it's really simple: Some people become attracted to other people and for their own personal reasons choose to follow-through on consummating the chemistry. Some do it without morals. Others do it with guilt but do it anyway. Justifications abound. Basic instincts rule. Unless one is cheating to upset their partner, as in a pre-meditated I Am Going To Break Your Heart/Wallet/Spirit, it can be nothing more than lust.

Whatever the reason, the heart (or loins) want what they want when they want it. Thus, Infidelity. Selfish? Sure. Romantic? Sometimes. True love? Rare, but it happens.

People will cheat as long as the Human Being is alive. Whether a flaw in character or the siren call of a new adventure, attractions happen. Affairs begin. It hurts like a burning stomach ulcer when it happens to you. If you're in doubt about the stability of your own union, make sure to stock up on tons of Anti-Acids.
Conversely, if you intend to "cheat" stay away from public parks.

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Monday, August 13, 2012

RIP Helen Gurley Brown

Career and Life details Here
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Street Art of the Day

Artist - Rodez
Location - Buenos Aires - Mural at a Children's Playground

Next To Me

Sorry, Sorry Night

I don't know which is worse: the fact that I missed the live online streaming of the Olympics Closing Ceremonies due to a power outage in my neighbourhood, thus shutting off the WiFi router which, natch, shut off my Interwebs access, or that when the power finally returned later in the evening and I tuned into NBC to watch the already-finished extravaganza, I found myself faced with a one-hour "special" from NBC promoting their next Big TV Show offering (aka The Next Mess) rather than moving on to the festivities. And no, I didn't stay on NBC . I changed the channel and then promptly fell asleep. Being without power can be exhausting, you know.

NBC can tout their high ratings over and over again but their coverage of the Olympics was – overall – boring as hell and far from the days of old when ABC had the Olympics contract and actually hired Sports-related announcers to cover the events. You know, when things were usually LIVE and not Tape-Delayed. When special medal moments were actually covered In Real Time. When one tuned-in to see sports instead of Tom Brokaw's TV documentary on World War Something-Or-Other.

So, I can only go by the beautiful pictures of the Closing Ceremonies and read reviews of the performances…along with the news that several key bands and artists' performances were cut from NBC's broadcast, presumably so that they could air the "Special" for their new show's one-hour Promo Blitz. Yep. I guess seeing Posh Beckham not smile – AGAIN – as she and her other Spice Girls writhed and lip-sang on top of classic, bedecked, cars, was far more important to NBC than also airing a classic rock British band such as The Kinks. After all, Ray Davies wasn't dancing on a car or anything that cost a lot of money to produce.

Nevertheless, it's time for us, The Audience, to now move onward toward the end of summer and into the next round of competitions on the political stage. As mentioned yesterday and many days prior to that, Ready Or Not, here come The American Elections! I doubt that NBC will break into The Great Debates coverage with little teasers of their Primetime Programming. And, by then, I wouldn't be surprised if most of the shows they promoted during the Olympics will have been cancelled by Election Day.

Pssssst, Ann Curry. Try to get out of that NBC contract and find another network that will allow you to be serious and report The Newz without someone pointing at your shoes and the wisps of grey in your hair.

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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Street Art of the Day

Format - 3D

Stuck With You

A Fake-Out On Every Level

Wow, am I upset! Brad and Angie, aka Brangelina/Brandgelina/Jolie-Pitts/Harlot & Cheater, DID NOT get married in France this weekend! Imagine that! A much-hyped gathering at their home-away-from-every-other-home-away-from-home, Chateau Miraval in the grape-growing, rustic countryside of France, was said by even supposed reputable sources to be The Place where the two were to have mumbled vows under an outdoor tent with only a few close friends and family looking-on.

Alas, the rumour was shot down by one of Mr. Pitt's rep's. Photography services whined that they had sent crews down to the chateau only to find that the "Buzz" of Pitt's parents and George Clooney "flying in" to the area while tons of pre-event activity was supposedly happening on the property was just that - "Buzz." More like a "Buzz Kill" for those who had hoped to make a few million dollars on grainy long-lens paparazzi photos of The Brand and Family lurking about the premises in various forms of Wedding Garb. (Angelina in Black, of course, and Brad channeling either a Homeless Person or Robert Wagner from his ascot days.)

Well, it's not as if the rumours were simple. Anyone who believed a wedding would take place this weekend or any time in the near future, were teased with details such as how Bradley Pitt was making sure that all of the food would be local; that everything had to be "perfect" and he had become Groomzilla. But no. Nothing. Just a 50th Wedding Anniversary "party" for Mr. Pitt's parents…if that. No news has been "leaked" on whether or not The Senior Pitts were/are in France at all!

So, another overly-inflated bubble has been burst. Who cares if they marry anyway? They have been together in the public view for almost 8 years (I'm stretching it out for a variety of reasons) and neither seem in a rush to make their union legal in anyone's eyes. They really don't seem to care.

However, a marriage-of-sorts did take place this weekend, and what a couple they make! Mitt Romney chose wild-eyed, Budget Slasher Paul Ryan as his VP pick! Angelina's famous father, Uber Conservative John Voight, possibly lifted off the ground in glee, joined by Brad Pitt's mother Jane who recently wrote a letter to the editor of a local Missouri paper wherein she basically blasted gays and gay marriage. Now that's one part of The Brand's family unit that def can get along.

This Romney-Ryan ticket won't unify everyone of seeming "Like Mind" as much as it may be causing behind-the-scenes grousing by fellow GOPer's who had hoped Romney would go for the less politically extreme VP choice of a Tim Pawlenty or Florida's Conservative Senator, Marco Rubio.

As many writers are pointing-out, Ryan apparently loathes people who hide their income. Hello there Mittens! How are you going to work around that? Duct tape on Ryan's mouth may not be needed as he already has his Fake-Out marching orders to dodge his true beliefs so that he can push this Wooden Executive Of Lifelong Privilege into an office where we will watch the complete dismantling of the American Dream and food lines that will stretch for miles if Ryan and Romney have their way with dismantling social programs that benefit the middle class and The Poors.

Although The World didn't get their Brangie Marriage Fix this weekend, a few of us did pop a few corks over the baffling choice of Paul Ryan standing next to Romney for the next three months in tight grins and all kinds of BS coming from their mouths over how "Great" "Impressive" "The Right Choice" is for both of them to be on The Front Lines of what is left of the GOP. It's a classic Fake-Out-Make-Out, indeed!

It's going to be an eye-rolling three months before the election, my friends. Get ready to clutch your pearls or readjust your fancy belt. We're in for some major wing-nutting by pundits on both sides of the aisle.

Meanwhile, did someone say today is the end of the London Olympics? Well done, London. Well done. (More to follow on that subject soon.)

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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Street Art of the Day

I Turn My Back On You

One "Scorn" After Another

As Washington clucks on over the Harry Reid vs. Mitt Romney Pissing Contest, and the Olympics carry on with world-breaking-records-after-world-breaking-records in almost every sport, other competitions and feuds exist, per usual, in the frothier realm of media focus (which may be why 78% of non-partisans who were recently polled, found American Media extremely unpopular – even more so than Congress).

To help you feel fully informed and educated today, let's begin with the fabulously witty and not-at-all subtle dig the "scorned" wife of "Cheater Husband-Director" Rupert Sanders, model Liberty Ross, made in a fashion statement. Liberty was seen walking to her attorney's office today in a chic business-like ensemble' with a very large black and what-not-decorated Cross dangling from her neck, flowing over a beautiful white blouse. Oh, how rich a diss it is! How better to mock a husband and the "Vamp-ire" Kristen Stewart! I love Liberty Ross. I usually don't care for crosses as accessories, but in this case she rocks it. Take that, you silly arses! And all with a tiny little closed-mouth smile tilted at the right angle.

Another "scorned" soul, albeit in a different way; the one and only genuine persona non grada of the Highest Order, Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson, strode into the Olympic Velodrome stadium Tuesday evening with her conniving, ugly Little Quasi-Brats  Duchess' on both sides for protection, I assume, from someone in the Royal Family VIP Box 60 yards away from sending a spit-ball in her direction. Yes, she, the Shame Of The Yorks, the stain on Royal Discretion, has emerged from the dank basement of  Self-Debasement and is making her presence known. Tongues are doing the typical "wagging." Nevertheless, Sarah held her chin in neutral and pretended to ignore the glaring spotlight that she and her daughters were in as they cheered on the UK. Enough said of that. Pictures tell a thousand stories, don't they? Here They Are

Then, of course, there is the "scorned" Ann Curry finally getting an opportunity to report for NBC at the Olympics - something she had been promised after she was unceremoniously shoved off the Today Show couch. However, despite Matt Lauer's face-saving attempts to get Ann to be nice to him on air this morning, Ann's professional instincts kicked-in and she ended-up "scorning" him. Brrrr, it was cold on that set. Matt was all happy to see her leave, doncha know? And NBC didn't like her colorful clothes and "too comforable" shoes...and blamed her for their ratings fail. Revenge is sweet for Ann, as ratings have declined further since Curry's departure.

Anyone else wandering around on the rebound of being "scorned" or "cast aside" by someone or something's? Yes, in fact. As mentioned above, The Media are receiving low marks for reporting – not much that most of us don't already know. Or fighting like children. Or getting their facts and information wrong in startling succession. When it involves the U.S. Media in particular, many of us have learned that it has taken two supposed comedians, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, to bring any kind of substantial discourse to the table, as it were/was/always will be. Even they find their position of accidental credibility and influence on American Issues and Politics somewhat frightening. I'm glad they exist. Without them how could any of us even grasp the hypocrisy of so-called politicians and the Always There In The Background Political Brokers.

Take that, American Media! Where are you guys? Oh, right! Brian Williams of NBC wants to be seen as hip and relevant and not only has a secondary, slightly light-hearted program on in Primetime once a week, but loves doing cameos like a Frat Boy In Play with Jon, Stephen, Conan O-Brien, his new BFF, Seth Meyers from NBC's SNL. Nice to see you have a sense of humour, Brian, but Uncle Walter wouldn't have gone so low. Even in this atmosphere. How can we take Fox News seriously when they lie every day? What about ABC? Well, Diane Sawyer can give us bad news without breaking our hearts too much with her professional, soothing voice, and CBS can be as professional as it tries to be in the wake of the Couric debacle, but no one is really breaking stories anymore unless it's an online blogger or a whiz like Rachel Maddow who manages to make sense out of the most winding of roads not yet built in our failing infrastructure.

And so, yes, I see American Media "scorned" today. I wonder if anyone in the biz is hanging their head over it, or just dashing to the bank as per usual. Actually, no need to dash to a bank when one has an accountant and Direct Deposit. It's the idea that counts, right?

This post is growing cobwebs on it as I am already several hours behind my usual publishing schedule, and have been rambling more than not about something that is slightly humorous, educational, and basically Common Sense with regard to the lack of standards in our News Departments, and so I'll sign off for the day, hoping you found something of interest.

Enjoy whatever time it is wherever you may be.

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