Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Classic Art of the Day

Artist - Jan Steen

Get Up Stand Up

Tuesday FYI

Great news! After watching me struggle all over the Interwebs to find something of interest to write about today, my employer (me) decided to give me the day off from straining my grey cells too much. As I wrote the other day, my employer is nice to me and will forgive my lack of perfection at times (unless it involves typos, incorrect information/stats – that sort of thing).

Sure, I could write about the possible UFO seen in the sky in London over the Olympics Opening Ceremonies debacle, or how much money Sir Paul made for his Closing Number at the festivities (over 1 million of those pieces of paper we call "money"), or I could continue on the Romney Is An Idiot bandwagon following his fabulously horrendous blunders from one country to another, but that's getting old - at least for today now that Fox News has joined the Boo's.

And so it is with great pleasure that I slip away quietly on this seemingly boring Tuesday (thus far) to take a minor break from the writing thing, and, instead, prepare to find an attorney to sue someone/place for medical malpractice and negligence.

Hey, a person's gotta do what a person's gotta do, right?

Will be back tomorrow.

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Monday, July 30, 2012

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Fintan Magee
Location - Australia

Fresh Garbage

A Bunch Of Rubbish

What a drag. No more scandals to Flog about today now that the Olympics has/have taken the proverbial Center/Centre Stage in the headlines.

Oh yes, there was a minor dust-up over another Mitt Romney remark when he spoke once more as the World's CEO while addressing wealthy Jewish-American donors who were in Israel during his Hit And Run appearance there yesterday, suggesting that the Palestinians didn't have a strong economic pot to hiss in compared to Israel; however, beyond avoiding a sandal thrown in his face, he slipped away with a very tiny titter of disgrace being called a "racist" by some Palestinians. But Mitt shrugs those things off just as he does over here when he has to deal with The Poors.

I could mention one or two innocuous, shallow stories that are still somewhat in the spotlight:

A U-Haul was seen at the now former shared residence of Twilight's Kristen Stewart and "heartbroken" and "angry" Robert Pattinson. A U-Haul? What? Couldn't one of them have hired a professional moving service? These are Hollywood Stars, after all! Maybe there are priceless belongings that Kristen or Robert don't trust the often rough and tumble movers to handle? And, oh yes, the Twi-Hard Fans continue to scream at Kristen while a video of her Married Director Lovah having dinner with Charlize Theron and Kristen in May is circulating the Interwebs where we see his hand move inside his slacks into his Lily White Boxers to say hello or something to his friend down there while making eyes at his willing prey. It's true. You can find the clip on almost any gossip site if you're into that sort of vicarious activity. Burp.

The Jacksons have now gone silent on their ruptured Family Mess, having put on a show of unity for the Jackson Unity Tour during their Saratoga, California, performance over the weekend when Katherine made an appearance in the audience, joined by Prince Michael, Paris, and Blanket, obviously doing PR Damage Control to support The Fame-ly's latest musical attempt at relevancy as Tito, Jermaine, Marlon and Jackie performed.  Katherine even enjoyed a standing ovation! It's about time. No matter what anyone says, she's had a lot to deal with ever since Joe Jackson stole her soul and made her pump out nine children for him to abuse.

What else isn't happening for snarky peeps like me to Flog?

Well, Afghanistan War Vet's who have lost most (if not all) of their testicles won't be getting much help from Uncle Sam if they want to have children. Yep. Lots of non-action in that area (literally and figuratively) is happening to the guys who gave their time and almost their lives to serve our country's war madness. What's that all about, you ask? Read This

For the moment, I'll leave you all with that lovely article as you carry on with your day/afternoon/evening/insomnia.

See you later.....

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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Criminal Chalklist
Location - Bristol, UK

God Save The Queen

The Olympic Opening Ceremonies Grinch Is Here

OMG. I loathed the Olympics Opening Ceremonies last night in London. I really did. Reading Facebook comments this morning, my criticism feels almost disloyal as I read many American-based Brit friends' comments wherein they wrote that they had tears in their eyes from feeling proud. I understand. It's their home, their Mother Country…they miss it. Now, as a self-professed Anglophile, one would think I would have enjoyed the British humour of the Chariots of Fire segment, for example. But I didn't. The idea was cute, the length of it was not as it dragged on and on. Much longer than necessary to get the point across that the title music was basically one note and boring. Got it. Next?

Danny Boyle, the acclaimed director who helmed the event, gave the title "Pandemonium" to one of the portions of the Opening Ceremonies. That is the truth. To me, it was one whacked-out, chaotic showcase of something after another with a few decent moments tossed-in here and there (fireworks, for one), and I did enjoy the filmed part of The Queen with Mr. Bond-Of-The-Moment Daniel Craig, setting a tongue-in-cheek tone for the beginning of it all, but even that little wink-wink of suggesting the Queen had parachuted into the stadium was a bit too much on the silly side for even the Silly Side of me.

There was so much chaos in the field with competing images and jarring camera angles swirling between gyrating dancers in garish outfits dancing to music of the British kind while shooting a Rocket-Type-Thingy into the air to the tune of a Bowie song that I began to wonder What Were They Thinking? Meaning Danny Boyle and company. Not the British en masse. I'm not slamming them at all. Nope. Not Mitt Romney here, but a mere viewer in another land marred by a tape delay that left Americans hissing at NBC for not airing the Opening Live, and instead, waiting to put on the show during USA Primetime. Only the BBC provided proper and full coverage, and not everyone over here gets the BBC channel.

Another irksome element for U.S. viewers was how NBC began their coverage. Most of us dutifully tuned-in at the appointed hour only to find Matt Lauer chatting with Bob Costas with a touch of Ryan Seacrest thrown in for – what purpose? Yadda-yadda-yadda they went on. I wanted to watch the ceremonies, not more Talk-Talk about the security issues. Wow! Thanks, NBC! Let's get things going on a happy note, shall we? Enough!

And I wasn't alone in my disappointment. Half way through the show guests left the TV to get away from the mess and move on to other things – such as talking with each other about how awful the program was – occasionally popping back into the TV room to check if anything had gotten better. Nope. So back they went to the food buffet. Clearly I wasn't among any of the Brits who felt the swell of pride for their country's hosting of The Games.

I wanted to like the program. I didn't have expectations of any sort, which is why I was surprised to find myself rolling my eyes and grousing over what I often felt was a "cheesy" production. As several reviewers have carefully stated, the Opening Ceremonies at the 2008 Summer Olympics held in China were/was/is an extremely difficult act to follow. It was so perfectly choreographed, conceived and executed. Maybe that is why Boyle chose "Pandemonium" – unlike the all-in-sync Chinese production, let's have All Hell Breaking Loose instead.

Oh look! There's Mary Poppins popping-in. Over there it's Harry Potter (or was it just JK Rowling? I couldn't tell among the chaos)! Now it's a few bits of music from The Kinks with more dancers in terrible costumes flinging themselves all over the place. I'm amazed they didn't bump into each other. And let's not ignore the homage to the National Health Service with people dressed in Turn-Of-The-Century garb taking care of the sick. Oh, quick! Look at - WTF? - a shot of The Royal Family looking dazed and confused, not to ignore The Queen examining her fingernails with an expression of pure boredom.

Queen Elizabeth looked quite stern (so what else is new?) in several pictures where she looked upon the many nations march into the stadium. Who wouldn't after the helter-skelter of odd choices of music from British artists who have changed our world over the decades (ignoring several key players such as Sir Elton John's music). But I will give her a fast-clap for allowing herself to be part of the fun in the earlier mentioned clip with Daniel Craig. Good for her.

If only the remaining show had been as spiffy. Not that Sir Paul McCartney didn't try to give it his best. He was a perfect choice to close the ceremonies…. See? I'm stretching to write something nice. I really want to support the effort it took to put such a large production in motion. However, I can't pretend to like something I actually loathed.

So, with that, it's now truly On With The Games and the real reason we have Olympic competitions – so that a few countries can boast about their medal counts and the rest of us can watch stunningly fit bodies swim, jump, volley and run their way into Olympic Sports History.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Mesa
Location - Spain

Cold As Ice

Who Deserves A Flog Today?

The Flogging Whip wants to know who invited Foot-In-Mouth-Mitt-Romney to the Olympic Games in London? Oh, that's right. His wife's pricey horse is in the running, as it were, in the "Dressage Horse" competition. Beyond that, I ask, who does Romney think he is? I, among others, think that he is a completely out of touch with all common sense and political judgment kind of guy with too much money and a lifestyle so far beyond most Americans that the very idea of placing him in the Oval Office scares the Bee-Hay-Suse out of many, including members of his own party. To waltz into London criticizing the Olympic preparations (as everyone else has done) makes him less of a diplomat and just another Ugly American. Didn't his savvy political father teach him some manners during his privileged upbringing? Apparently not. Can you imagine this person in the midst of tension-riddled Peace Talks with feisty, angry countries? What would he do if he were to visit India, for example? Complain that the curry is too hot and the stench in the air too much for his pristine nostrils? (Yes, I wrote "pristine nostrils" and I'm sticking with it.) He has managed to piss off almost everyone in Britain with his foolish comments, uniting a city that, prior to his arrival, had been plagued with frustrated drivers, cabbies and more. Now the UK Flag is waving high and British Unity is safe once more! If nothing else, the dislike of this man could very well unite the currently politically dis-united U.S. – if only his GOP Brothers and Sisters would stand up a bit taller and refuse to nominate him as their choice for Prez. They did try. Didn't work. So, this is the best they can do? I tell you what. If he wins in November it will be due to Obama's dilly-dallying on issues of great concern to his Base, and then you-know-who will be deserving a Flog every day as Americans watch their social programs sink to the bottom of our ever-rising oceans; more out-sourcing of jobs; and a man without a spine who will do and say anything (and lie) to do what? Send the U.S. back to the Dark Ages of back alley abortions? What an embarrassment Romney has been for the GOP. What a delight it is to those of us who will not be voting for him this fall. So, although I'm Flogging the Mitt, I'm also laughing a bit.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Amose
Location - France

Get Outta Of My Way

Devastation Is the Word

What an emotionally exhausting week in celebrity gossip! Several High Profilers are "devastated" by something! I admit I don't follow the boring non-adventures of Twilight's Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson's lives, but with the admission that Kristen had a fling with her married Snow White director, poor Robert is said to be "devastated" and is moving out of their shared home. Pass the Smelling Salts, please. You mean that relationship is/was for real?

Katherine-Formerly-MIA-Jackson is reportedly "devastated" over losing guardianship of her three grandchildren because, as you all know, it's been one drama after another in this confusing story that is far from over. "Devastated" could be accurate, but if Mama Jackson really looks back at the past week and a half of her life she may discover more "devastating" information about what her own children may have been up to regarding, well, almost everything in her life at the moment. Even ole' Joe Jackson has slithered out of his Vegas cave and has plunked himself down on one of the couches at the Encino Compound. Can't miss out on the action, can he?

One person who isn't devastated but should be is Mitt Romney for flat-footing it in London by suggesting the Olympics preparation could be in better shape. Hey, way to go, Mitts! You managed to irritate PM David Cameron. One more reason why you aren't credible Prez Material. One would think a muzzle might be best for Mr. Loose Lips, as he is definitely sinking his own ship with such slips. (Now say that last line out loud a few times just for fun.)

That's it for me today. I'm not devastated by anything other than a dwindling bank account and job opportunities that pay nothing. Tis the trend. Work for free and maybe make something off the back end of the project. Not for me, I tell thee. I'm already working for free – for me. At least I'm an understanding boss if I'm running late on my publishing deadlines. I also allow myself to take breaks. Gosh, I'm so nice to me as an employee!

See you later.....
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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Street Art of the Day

Location - Los Angeles
Format - Aluminum Cans

This Is It (Almost)

UPDATE: Free At Last?

Grandma Jackson is coming home! Or so "they" say. The "they" is her attorney, Perry Sanders, who just held a press conference telling all who will listen that Katherine Jackson had been in a section of a High End Spa in AZ where no cell phones or computers were allowed – until last night. That is when it has been reported that she finally spoke to her grandchildren and promised to be on the next flight out of Arizona and back to LA.

However, she's a bit late on arrival as the Court has given Temporary Guardianship to TJ Jackson based on her non-appearance and no communication with the children. The judge did indicate that he did not believe Mrs. Jackson went missing for so long, incommunicado, with her grandchildren by her own accord.

In fact, another attorney for Mrs. Jackson, Sandra Ribera, has been quoted via various sources as saying that she (Sandra), has been to the house (Rebbie's, I presume) several times recently and believes Katherine has been held against her will. Gotta love how this mess is playing-out, especially when we learned that even Mrs. Jackson's other attorney, Mr. Sanders, has NOT been able to SEE her in person while he tries to paint a rather tattered canvas with pastels to the press. And, although he assured the waiting press that all the drama was just a "misunderstanding" he seemed anxious to end the Q & A in order to find out if, indeed, the Matriarch Jackson was on a plane home.

That lack of definitive info from her personal attorney causes my "Oh really?" left eyebrow to raise just a bit. Hmmmmm. What's taking so long? Arizona by car is approx. 6 hours away from Los Angeles. A regular plane makes it there in half the time, and a private plane might have made it possible for her to already wrap her Grandma arms around her freaked-out grandchildren. A few news outlets have suggested that she knew nothing about what her dastardly Gone Rogue children had been up until she spoke to the kids.

TJ is also more than non-plussed as he told the judge earlier today that when he finally spoke to his grandmother last evening she didn't sound like her normal self. Apparently in saying this he "choked back tears". Double "Hmmmm."

As I wrote yesterday, something's odd about this entire "vacation" and lack of communication mixed with the continually moronic explanations by Randy Jackson, the other sneaky Jackson involved in the Throw Mama From The Game plot who is dashing all over TV to assure America that the Family Mess "isn't about money". Hah! And I'm the Spitting Image of Sofia Vergara, doncha know?

For more info, Go Here A Dozen Times A Day

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Street Art of the Day

A Family Affair

And the Tweet Goes On

Who needs Reality TV when we have The Jackson Family feuding via Twitter; in front of Katherine Jackson's rented home; pictures of members of the Jackson family smiling at a table somewhere in Arizona holding-up Uno cards while Katherine Jackson, supposedly on "bed rest" and not allowed to use "phones and computers" is sitting with them with a half smile on her face?

Who needs to watch Masterpiece Theatre on PBS for a mystery involving conniving family members over fortunes and Who Gets The Kids with the inheritance while sneaking the other Inheritor off to another location where she is unable (or unwilling) to speak to the grandchildren to whom she is the primary Legal Guardian? Very curious, wouldn't you say? And, a different doctor than Mrs. Jackson's primary doc is now overseeing her health? One with attachments to Doctor Do-Nothing Conrad Murray, no less, all arranged by the same family members who want Michael Jackson's estate executors to be fired, and are the ones allegedly behind the swift exit of Mama Jackson from what they deem as "chaos" in the home over what one can only guess is a plethora of adult Jackson siblings and relatives screaming at each other? Clearly something smells or else why would a physical altercation between two Jackson peeps (one possibly a relative) have summoned the police to their door yesterday afternoon?

Is the tale murkier than the muck we've already witnessed via video of Janet Jackson confronting her niece, Paris, to (allegedly) take her cell phone away from her so that, we can only assume, Paris wouldn't have access to her Tweetie Machine to continue to beg her grandmother to call? Janet, now please, if that's the truth, don't you think Paris could easily locate another Instrument Of Family Embarrassment within the house to continue her Tweets?

Then we have images of Aunt Janet and Uncle Jermaine in each other's faces in front of the house looking none-too-pleased about something? Janet's body language alone tells me she wasn't feeling it for her brother at the moment. While all of this drama was going down, every news and gossip site had new updates every other minute. LA Authorities actually went to the Arizona prison location of Katherine Jackson only to be turned away while family members assured them that she was "fine."

(Pssst. Somebody should check the Uno Photo for evidence of photo-shopping of Katherine at the table. She's probably in a locked room upstairs being fed strange-tasting foods prepared by one of her three thousand children.)

However, Michael's children learned a lot from their father. He must have told them where all the bodies were hidden and how to ruffle the greedy scales on the backs of a few of his siblings because it looks like Little Miss Paris is turning the PR tables on her aunts and uncles in a shrewd game of "I know what you're up to…and I'll keep tweeting every day until you put Grandma on the phone!" She did it again today. "9 days" and counting since Katherine Jackson uttered a word to any of the kids. Strange is a tepid word for the mixed messages The Family is putting out there.

Sure, it' s supposedly none of our business why this family is melting-down. BUT, they are doing it in public and this is not a great PR move for Randy, Jermaine, and Janet in particular. Looking like a Mad Mother-Bully to Paris in the driveway (after breaking through security at the home to follow the car in which Paris and the other kids were riding) doesn't a nice story make for someone without a gig at the moment.

Hold on. Before I complete this post I should dash over to TMZ, Radar Online, The Daily Beast, among others that have been on top of this ever-changing story to find out if anything new has occurred. For all I know, Katherine has finally called the children, told them to take a nap, have some dinner, and promises she'll be home for Christmas.

Oh! Now Tito Jackson's Son TJ, wants "Temporary Guardianship" of Prince Michael, Paris, and Blanket. Michael Jackson's court-appointed attorney wants the children removed from the Jackson home and to strip Katherine Jackson of her Legal Status as the children's guardian. But still no phone call from Katherine.

This is turning into one hell of a mess that even the most jaded Jackson observers could not have predicted – at least with which family members would play the Bad Guys and Good Guys. One person related to the family has allegedly told police that a secret plan by a few of the Jackson's to remove the children from Katherine's care and the Encino house has been in place since Michael's death three years ago. Well, they succeeded with getting Katherine to put the Encino Compound up for sale, and now it looks like another part of the plot is playing-out.

By the way, where is La Toya?

Stay tuned…..

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Monday, July 23, 2012

RIP Sally Ride

Unusual Art of the Day

Artist - Tigtab
Location - Australia
Format - Light Art

Games People Play

Monday Tidbits

 It's Monday and my head is already swimming with too much news. Here's a quick look at what's going on…..

She's Missing; she's NOT Missing; she's "fine and resting"; she has suffered a mini-stroke: Something's Always Fishy With The Jacksons

This is getting creepy. More Jackson Drama

The NCAA should be running the penalties of Bad Banks and Greedy Investors: Accountability At Last

Can you feel the NRA heat? Obama Shrugs

Seems like an appropriate assessment: NewsBoom

Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we all shall fry: Best Article On Climate Change Evah

Must have been quite a party: Chill Out In Sweden

Say it isn't so. Yo' There

And, oh pleeeze, let's hope THIS "isn't so": Take Some Time Off From Marriage

That's all I can stand for one day....

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Street Art of the Day

Attribution - (See above)
Image via: Several websites

Live Your Life

Sunday Ramble-Rousing

Yesterday was a nice break at TDFB from the not-so-great news surrounding the Aurora, Colorado, theater-based massacre perpetrated (allegedly – *cough*) by James Holmes, the self-professed "Joker" of the Batman series. Today, however, we go back into the mire for a few additional words and observations on the U.S.'s latest gun-based tragedy.

As expected, anti-gun proponents and pro-gun enthusiasts are rattling on with their arguments all over the media. Even NYC Major Michael Bloomberg is stepping-up quite publicly to chastise both President Obama and Presumptive GOP Nominee Mitt Romney for their "silence" on the issue. He makes a few good points – particularly with respect to Obama's lack of follow-through on his 2008 campaign promise to get rid of assault weapons falling into the wrong hands. Check Out Bloomberg's Comments

And yeah, what's up with that, Mr. Obama? Is it another discovery you faced when you stepped-into the Oval Office only to learn that not only does the Prez Not Have The Real Power to change much in Washington; that Roswell DID happen; that the earth will explode in a few years from either an asteroid or climate change – or both – but the NRA has numerous resources to freeze the cojones of anyone who dares to get in their way? Is that why you're not following the rat-a-tat-tat-tat-tat trail of Gun Control?

It still goes back to money and power and who owns which politician who is beholden to another Interest Group that must be appeased or else not only will that politician lose financial support and probably their cushy Power Position, but as with dominoes falling, lots of other somebodies will be out of jobs. And so it goes.

And so, as I wrote the other day, nothing will change. Things will remain the same. People will talk and talk and talk about controlling guns while, at some point in the future, another James Holmes-type without a criminal or mental illness record will go on a weapons buying spree in preparation for their 15 minutes of Fame And Gory – either in death or, as with Holmes, in what remains of his apparently Twisted Life.

Yep. I am pessimistic about the issue of gun control simply because too many citizens of this country want their 2nd Amendment Right to "bear arms" – forgetting that to have a gun or rifle that is for basic protection and hunting is not really what most anti-gun people are arguing. It is the military kind of weapons that most are concerned with in the overview. I don't think anyone other than mass murderers, drug dealers, police and military personnel have a need for Assault Weapons, do you?

Image via: http://en.valka.cz

Friday, July 20, 2012

Street Art of the Day

Location - Australia
Image via: https://images.nonexiste.net

The Dark Knight Rises

A Dark Night

On many minds, and certainly in the World Headlines today, is, of course, the latest example of Another Crazy Guy with guns making some kind of statement (?) of Rage by shooting moviegoers at a theater, killing at least 12, wounding/harming 58* (the number continues to change depending on what your news source is), in Aurora, Colorado, during a midnight screening of the Way Too Hot Film, The Dark Knight Rises.  In addition, the "suspect" who is now in custody, "booby-trapped" his apartment in such an explosive-filled, brilliant way, that the police might spend days undoing the Intricate Lair Of Despair.

Naturally, the usual discussion on gun control is part of the national discourse. It always happens after sad, tragic events such as this one. And then, after the story cycle dies down and we move on to other diversions and news, nothing will be done to change gun laws. Fingers will point to the NRA, lip service will be done on how it is too easy in states like Colorado, where the shooting occurred, for almost anyone to buy a gun/rifle. The shooter, 24-year-old former Med Student James Holmes, had two guns (one was found in his car), an assault rifle, and a shotgun with him: that's a lot of firepower.

Unless legislators change their gun laws despite having rifles held to their own heads from NRA lobbyists, things will go on as per usual. And that's where I admit a form of apathy  and resignation reigns in my life on this issue. As with anything someone really, really wants, no strict gun laws will ever stop someone from buying their weapon of choice. Period. The only element I feel is extremely important in the Gun Control debate is the waiting period and proper background checks before anyone can go into a gun store and waltz out with their powerful new toy/protection/revenge-tool on the same day.

That practice in some states just isn't wise. For example, guns are used for suicides  far more than murder in the U.S. 'Tis true. Read This

In the Aurora, Colorado, situation, we have not yet been told what police may already know, which is the motive for the shooting. A month ago he dropped out of Med School. Why? A broken romantic relationship? Too much stress with school? A dislike of Action Films because they aren't "real" and he'll show 'em what true violence is like? Off his meds (if on any)?

The interesting part of today's tragedy is how easily Holmes surrendered to police, as well as the fact that he alerted authorities to his "Booby-Trapped" apartment following his arrest. No suicide. Unusual with this kind of crime, true? It was not an impulse massacre. It was well-planned. Beyond his stash of weapons, he was dressed for a fight with others who tote firearms as he was wearing a Kevlar Vest…. So, what happened? Did killing a mass of people take the edge off his Cray-Cray? Tension gone? Mission accomplished?

RIP, all victims of this horror. Get well, all wounded. Peace be with the families and community.

For updates, stay tuned to your TV and I-Net sites. I'll update if new information worth repeating comes to light.

Image via: http://ricksblog.biz
* = In Flux

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Street Art of the Day

Artist(s) - Charquipunk and La Robot de Madera
Location - Chile

Rich Girl

Keep Your Mitts Off Our Money!

Alright. I've had it. Again. The following quote can be understood by anyone in any country, lest you think I'm going to alienate a few of you with another American Politics-Based post. Nope. What I am planning to write is what set the Flogging Whip off this morning while reading the newzy headlines from all over the Big Bad World. This is the quote:

"We've given all you people need to know about our finances." 
Signed, Ann Quasi-Marie Antoinette Romney. *

She forgot to add, "Plus, you don't deserve cake because you don't know how to bake one on your own, you miserable losers." Oh Ann, go eff yourself, you entitled smug out-of-touch bitch!

All this because her husband won't give up the true, detailed, paperwork (past tax returns) on his billowing fortune. The Romney's are afraid that what the public will see on those sacred Top Secret Returns will upset some of their newly-found voters now that the Republican Base is holding their noses and trying to back their By Default Presumptive Prez Nominee. (As well as give the Democrats more political ammunition.)

You know what, Mitt and Ann? I don't trust you people. Yeah. "You people." I hold both of you in the same semantic disdain you are showing to the masses. And for those of you who plan to vote for this Secretive Biz Man who will say ANYTHING just to get his greedy mitts on power and our country's money (and we still have some of that stuff laying around in wastelands slowly sucking the life out of social programs while the gov't wastes money in the millions with abandoned warehouses we still pay for - why? - among other ridiculous money-suctions), you will deserve the shallow, money-hungry, back-pedaling hypocrite.

How about this tactic? When the IRS comes knocking at your mailbox demanding back taxes OR ELSE, just use Ann's spiffy retort: "We've given you people all you need to know about our finances." How's that? Good way to act for a citizen? No, says the IRS. You will be liened-on, garnished-upon, sent to jail, or be in servitude to the country when each month you roll out a portion of your money to send to the gov't to save your butt, while people who run for president can dodge and fudge and shrug their way out of transparency. Sure, they file taxes and what-not, but still....

No, it's not fair. We already know that Life Is Not Fair for many; however, when your own political party colleagues are on TV every day suggesting/demanding that you "come clean" with your tax shelters and how long you did or didn't work for a company you created (Bain, of course), then something smells and Ann Romney just placed the final scent of bile to the pile-up against her husband.

I'm so disgusted with Ann's comment that I want to take the Flogging Whip to its maker for a nice cleaning and add a few extra knotted ends just for the upcoming election cycle.

Oy! I'm looking forward to covering The Games than this sort of stomach-turning F-U most of the GOP has been playing on one level or another since 2008. Entitled Babies, all of them. Yep. Keep your hands off our healthcare while we try to take yours away. Don't touch my SSA check despite the fact that it's part of the Socialist Plot Against America that we, the House under the fist of some crazed lobbyist-arse by the name of Norquist, continue to shout while our relatives utilize Medicare to save their lives.

Hello London! Let the games begin! Pleeeeze?

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Street Art of the Day

Location - San Francisco

Only This Moment

More Tidbits

It's that time for the weekly perusal of all things newzy….

I didn't know he was still playing. I thought he only did photo-ops these days. Bend 'Em

This could be one helluva whitewashed pity party: Look Out For Puff Balls, Zim

The ever classless goon who will not shut up: Trout Mouth Rising

I love this actress, the interview, and probably the upcoming book: Merkins Galore!

I told you all the other day we don't know sheet about the Universe: Big Bang Bomb

Want a 3D tour of Olympic Park? Sit back And Smell The Fries

Daddy's home, for a change, and he's showing everyone what a great protector he is: Carry On

Doubt it was because he was happy to see them. No Pickles, Either

Are you surprised? I'm not after watching Wendy take down that miscreant in court last year: One Tough Nooki

That's it for today…..

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bonus Post - Unexpected More-Than-Fine Singing

Diane Charlemagne

Unusual Art of the Day

Artist - Marchal Mithouard
Image via: http://www.amusingplanet.com

"Transformers" Drum Remix

So, What's Almost New?

It's only Tuesday and so far the world is all a-twitter over so many things that one's news absorption is at Critical Mass.

It's going something like this:

Mitt Romney this, Mitt Romney that. Bain, Bain, Bain. Security for the Olympics is in "shambles" and the top executive of the private organization (or shall I write organisation?) responsible for hiring the security feels "sorry" for the mess but won't return some of the monies received to fulfill the contract.

Traffic in London is the gridlocked mass hysteria everyone predicted, led by outraged cabby's who are not allowed to use the Special Lanes set aside for Olympian VIP's of all sorts. Damn those athletes and officials wanting to get to The Games on time! Wills and "Waity" are bored with each other already! No sex. Hot Ginge Harry wants to find a mate. Murdoch. Hacking. More trouble.

Demi Moore's daughters allegedly want to file a Restraining Order against her so that she'll stop calling and begging them to stop hanging out with Ashton Kutcher while she does whatever it is that she does that freaks-out her daughters - and possibly Ashton. In the meantime, Katie Holmes is making at least one photo-op a day waltzing around Manhattan with Suri, smiling as if she had just eaten the canary that lives inside Tom Cruise's brain.

Oh look! It's (fill-in-the-blank) in a Bikini!! Mario Lopez looks good in his (fill-in-the-blank). Kardashian, Kanye. Kardashian. Kim. Kanye. Kanye. Kim. PETA is mad at Kim again – another animal purse! Paris who? (Fill-in-the-blank) is gay! Married. Divorcing. Engaged. Pregnant. Arrested.

Everyone's Favourite Neighbourhood Watch Guy, Mark Zimmerman, is an alleged pedophile in addition to being an alleged racist murderer who hides money from authorities and continues to receive a Get Out Of Jail Sorta Free card yet somehow manages to find himself falling further into not-so-friendly-reputation territory. That's what "they" are saying. A young girl is accusing Zimmerman of molesting her for years. That guy doesn't know when to put loaded pistols away, does he?  Game on!

Egyptian protesters have a sick sense of Protest Vitriol. Upon Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's arrival there on Sunday, protesters jeered "Monica! Monica!" at her (along with throwing shoes and tomatoes).  My guess is that she could care less.

Obama was booed at a basketball game until he finally gave in and kissed his wife. What was that all about? Did everyone in the stadium want a vicarious way to kiss the First Lady? Is there anything else? Yes, glancing over to the TV, I'm certain that Andrea Mitchell has to be a Size 0.

See you later.

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Monday, July 16, 2012

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Banksy

Hungry Like The Wolf

How About Sex With Your Fries?

This time the Fries are courtesy of McDonald's, the only fries sans fish available to be sold "alone" inside the Olympic Village during the upcoming Games in 11 days. Nearby, in the Athletes Village, one may want a condom or twelve, if years' worth of whispers and outright admissions from athletes are to be trusted that it's all sex and more sex between the well-buffed human specimens of majestic physical feats, particularly after their events are over and they must wait out the remaining time before wandering around the stadium during the closing ceremonies clutching flowers, beaming, pouting, shouting, exhausted, exhilarated - and/or all of the above.

The sex I understand. Young, fit, oft-single Type A's are teeming with more than Team Spirit during such heady times in one's life. Numerous moments spent in Carnal Desire is one healthy way to relieve the stress of intense competition, as well as provide a trophy of another sort following 4 strenuous years of training. I say Have Fun, be Safe and try not to break any hearts along the way.

However, after sexing it up many people are hungry. A carton/bag of fries/chips is just the thing to top off the calorie loss from sex, but if that's all you want and you don't want it from McDonald's, then you are out of luck even if you had been luckier earlier in the day/evening in Bedroom Sports. No other food outlet in the Village can sell a solo bag of fries/chips unless accompanied by fish. An odd sort of chaperone.

That's right. Only McDonald's Fries are allowed to go out alone in the vast morass of athletic humanity. They have Special Rights the other french fries don't. They almost own the place! Stand by and let them pass...

McDonalds' monopoly with the solo cardboard containers of French Fries I can understand only as a capitalistic enterprise with Olympic-Size Deep Pockets filled with freshly minted silver and gold coins to toss to the International Olympic Committee and cut off competition in the Village on who can sell the spuds without a side dish. But the Olympic Staff has won a victory of sorts for their palates as they can break McDonald's rigid rules. See This

How sickeningly ironic to have a Fast Food chain with various food items of questionable content sponsoring a hefty portion of the food to be sold at the most important and prestigious International Sports Event focusing on the greatest feats of a healthy human body! 

The following quote makes me laugh...
"Catering for the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games is a monumental task. We want athletes and spectators to have the widest choices of food available and we want that food, wherever possible, to be British." 
- London 2012 Chief Executive Paul Deighton
Of course, it's my understanding that food can be brought INTO the village for private consumption, and other food venues are sharing the space to add a touch of culinary diversification, such as international fare to be found in the Main Hall. And, despite temptation for a Big Mac, I'm sure most of the athletes will remain on their training-gaming diets - at least until their event is finished. (Unless Junk Food is part of their heavy carb intake diet...which a few sports require - but you know that already...)

Nevertheless, think about the reporters and others who must fall back on McDonalds' pathetic excuse for a Fish Sandwich (slathered with a slice of mystery cheese and lots of tartar sauce) if they don't have time to reach the other venues before air time. Add the other two monopolies going on - Coke and Heineken - and chances are reporters will be slurring their words more often than wiping tartar sauce and coke fizz from their faces.

Between the Ralph Lauren Opening Ceremonies Yachting Outfits For The USA Team and the fast-food element, it seems like America is cutting a very mixed message swath through this year's Olympic Games. And, with the food sponsorship in the Olympic Village, it didn't have to go the way of corporate sponsorship because the host country, England, could have paid for a variety of amenities as their Olympic monies are from the gov't, not the private sector as is the case in the U.S.

Then again, perhaps McDonald's decided to cash-in on the Post-Sex Hunger Of Youth, knowing the reputation of Athlete's Village. As any American teen knows, those burgers and fries taste awfully good after a romp or three.


[Edited/corrected 11 x after publication due to spelling and punctuation errors caught by author who almost fainted at each discovery. Hah!]

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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Street Art of the Day

Ride My See-Saw

Open Wide And Bleep-Bleep

It's that time. My PC is on the verge of seeing the Computer Doctor for a few hours today. It won't hurt, I've promised this little machine. In fact, a full cleaning and tweaks here and there might make it a happier, faster, companion, I've hinted. Thus far it seems to be okay with the idea as it's behaving itself - the "self" part is negotiable, of course.

And so, this is it for the day, although Prez Obama deserves a tiny Flog today for giving Mitt Romney a bit of campaign ammunition by saying in an interview (that will air on CBS tomorrow morning) that he believes a president should "tell a story" that, in essence, will make everyone happy. I know I've bungled that up but will provide a link for clarity. I mean, "tell a story"??? Oh, Barack O, you can do better than that! How about thinking before you speak? You know the country needs a Leader, not a Story-Teller, and that's precisely what Romney is jumping on now that the door has been opened to extreme naivete on your part. Here's The Link

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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Street Art of the Day

Image via: ww.pimpartworks.com


Do You Like Soy Sauce On Your Fries?

Sooner than expected, we're almost back to quasi-normal on the keyboard lock-up. I found a solution, which is great news as I don't care for Mac's (gasp) and am back on my Happy PC Turf. However, I believe it's time for a check-up for my PC Friend and will go forward with a trip to the computer doctor tomorrow afternoon on my way to a little fish shack in Malibu on PCH for a few bits of fresh fish while sitting on a patio above the Pacific. Okay, it's not Geoffrey's, but it will do for a casual afternoon respite. And it's not as far up the coast as one of my fav seafood-dives, Neptune's Net. Gawd knows I need some kind of cool salty air to wake me up as the summer heat slogs on.

Now on to the second Flog of the day: The U.S. Team's Olympics Opening Ceremony outfits. I'm primarily flogging the beret and the silly skirts and socks the women have to wear more than anything else; however, the Big Issue seems to be not only did designer Ralph Lauren, who is heavily sponsoring the U.S. Team (we don't receive gov't funding) design a strange combo of French-English looking yachting suits for the men, with an additional swipe for turning the female athletes into a cross between a Catholic School Girl and someone's neglected sister at an All Girls Prep School, BUT that it was all made in China!

Tsk. Tsk, Mr. Lauren and the Olympic Committee that allowed him to "French-Fry" the USA but add some Lead-Based Soy Sauce to the mix. What was everyone involved thinking, many people are muttering and/or bellowing? I admit I like most of the look. I like the blue blazers with the gold buttons and the white slacks. I also like the beret, but only as a fashion statement, not as headgear for the Olympics Opening Ceremonies.

And yes, it would have been nice had Mr. Lauren not outsourced the work to another country, but as the market now stands, he is allowed to do so. It's just that we're supposed to be going to The Games in a patriotic manner with our talented athletes as representatives of our country. Couldn't Lauren have used an American Sweat Shop to make his suits?

In addition, where were The Women when the skirt and Bobby Sox decisions were made? Wow, Ladies (if any were involved at all) you certainly let your fellow females down as most are not going to look very spiffy in that outfit. Why not slacks for the women, too? Is there a need to ensure we all can recognize who the women are as everyone parades around for a while? Maybe it's the beret thing. Hard to tell who's who with a generic piece of head cover. Whatever the reason, it's an UGLY SKIRT in combo with SOCKS!! Bleck.

Once again, fashion designers continue to provide fodder for the accusations that most of them hate women.

Nevertheless, although Mr. Lauren and Co. are aiding and abetting our Olympic Team so that they can afford to have a natty presence on The World Stage, the arrows will zing his way through a myriad of sources and outlets until The Games Will Begin. Can he hold steady and not cave to pressure from all sides over the many messes this outfit design has created? Or will we see, at the last minute, women wearing slacks instead of crappy bottom sacks?

Obviously it's too late now to undo the China Connection. But what about those beret's? Do you think those who are crying-out Anti-American Babble over them can convince someone to quickly sew additional material on to the headgear so that they look like cowboy hats? Now, that would be an horrific combo. Yachting attire with the Yee-Haw We're Am-air-i-cans Wild West image?

I guess all will remain as is and the U.S. Olympic-watching population will just have to sit back and get into the spirit of how it feels to be part of the 1% who have yachts and spend a lot of time vacationing in France. Crack open a bottle of your Fav Champagne and pretend those Krab cakes are actually made of Crab.

Image via: Ralph Lauren

Another Day In Techie Hell

Hello there (she wrote with clenched teeth). The Flogging Whip isn't in a good mood. Today and tomorrow will be brief with written posts and no visuals or videos until my main laptop goes to the doctor for a check-up and a possible major operation. My newish computer decided to shut off the keyboard and part of the Touchpad, which means I can't WRITE anything or move pages up or down without an external mouse...something I don't use.

In addition, the supposedly great Mac I'm now using isn't cooperating with visuals, and no one can explain why. Grrrr.

Yep. Another techie thingy problem. And I thought all was going along so well. On Friday evening I turned off the computer and noted how fast it was working - far faster than usual. I felt happy. All of the cleaning and clearing I do every day on cookies and clearing browsing history and regular driver updating, etc. seemed to be doing their jobs.

And then Today Happened! Keyboard disabled or broken somehow? What mischief happened overnight when the computer was not only sleeping but shut down? It's akin to going to bed feeling quite fine only to awake the next morning with a sore throat and congestion. I've never understood that one.

Anyhow, I'm on a backup computer for the moment, but am a bit thrown by the discovery of the malfunction of my primary tool, so I'm planning a major research day on what I might be able to do to fix the problem before I take it elsewhere for diagnosis.

Wish me luck.....

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Above
Format - Stencil

You Never Give Me Your Money

Let's Play $ Hide & Sneak

Forget the current brew-hah-hah going on with the media and Democrats over how Mitt Romney stayed at his money-maker, Bain (of his current existence) longer than he has expressed to the populace (which, of course, makes him look even MORE dishonest), and linger a while on the offshore bank accounts and other personal money matters Mr. Now-Far-From-Perfect has going on under his starchy shirt-cuffed sleeves.

Here we are, right back to politics – almost. Money is actually where this post is heading, just like Mitt Romney's money travels to Switzerland and the Cayman Islands. Hey, we all know that wealthy people have been stashing their treasure chests in those places for years, so what's the big deal? Romney is a man of wealth. He made/makes lots of that stuff as if spinning gold from spider webs. He is doing nothing different than most people in his position. All of his friends do it. Why not Mitt?

Well, Why Not Mitt is important in an essential way (i.e.; "integrity") when one is seeking to be President of the United States, particularly in an economic climate where Americans are continuing to lose jobs, continuing to lose money, and, believe it or not, monies hidden away in other countries actually cost U.S. taxpayers MONEY in lost taxes from substantial incomes. But that's if, of course, we return to what actually works, which is when we tax the quasi/uber-rich and ensure the middle and lower income households aren't carrying the financial burden.

Reasonable taxes on the higher income brackets are the same money that could, in a flash, bring the country back from the brink once again if Greed weren't the Way Of The World these days.  I thought a president is supposed to help our country rather than hurt it – and what Mitt has been doing is unbecoming of a nominee for the Highest Office In The Land. Becoming Prez would be an egregious slap in the face to 99% of the country who don't have safe havens for what little bit of cash they have – other than stuffing the gains under the mattress.

Never fear, though. Mitt tends to slap people in the face every day on the campaign trail when he bleats his out-of-touch-with-anyone-without-car-elevators-in-their-homes people who show up to hear him talk about what he would get rid of in government rather than how he would "fix" the economy. The only "fix" I hear from him and his GOP counterparts is that a Fix to dethrone Obama has been on the books since Day One of the Obama presidency. But, I've already written about that enough over the almost two years of this blog, so..... Enough of that.

Where are the solutions, Mr. Romney? One solution is to bring your wealth back to the States where the largess could make a difference. (Sure, his wealth wouldn't cure the ills of all the problems we face, but a few million/billion dollars pumped-into the U.S. Money Pipeline would be a nice gesture – considering his primary plan to do an "F-U" to the not-so-prosperous among us.)

Now, for those who will always disagree with my Liberal Leanings, let's clear up a few potential misconceptions just in case you may be open to hearing my POV. I like having money. I have been rich. I have been poor. And yes, I've looked at life from both sides now and feel perfectly qualified to defend my dissing of a potential president for his wealth not because he is wealthy, but because, as stated above, it appears extremely unpatriotic to have money stashed away in two other countries for no other reason than evading taxes and protecting assets. AND not having a clue how most of the country lives.

And that applies to a "Liberal" as well as a member of the GOP. It's not political for me. Maybe John Kerry has overseas bank accounts. Or via his "Heinz" wife's fortune might... Wouldn't like that, either, but such an issue wasn't included in his defunct presidential run in 2004. He also offered his tax returns for scrutiny without doing a brief dance to avoid disclosure, as Romney seems to be doing at the moment.

Hey, if you have nothing to hide, then why the Tax Hustle-Shuffle of dragging one's well-heeled shoes to comply with normal presidential nominees' disclosures of such?

 Oh, right, I get it. Mitt is THAT out-of-touch.


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Street Art of the Day

Location - South Africa

Trouble of the World

Wednesday Tidbits

Back on earth from yesterday's post, let's return to mindless distraction via a stroll through the Interwebs.

As I wrote in "On the Case - Just In Case", questions still remain regarding Rodney King's death: Hmmm

No, Sarah, his hair is too precious for burning. Why don't you try it? Liar, Liar....

Oh, what a crack-up ole' Blue Eyes was! Duck!

When dressed in all black on a dark street, wearing these could scare the sheet out of someone! Glow Away

Right. Mitt's White and some of you aren't - too bad for you! Affirming Inaction

Wonder what summer looks like there? Titan Up For Winter

Here's your daily CO$ creep-out! Make Sure You See The Video

American politics re: the Senate: Take Some Time Out To Read This

No words. Just no words: --------

That's it for today.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Street Art of the Day

Artists - Ella & Pitr

Space Cowboy

Evidence Is All Around Us

While The World works and/or vacations/parties-on this July, politics, wars, celeb divorces and scandals need to be placed in the background so another, far more important subject can become the focus: What The Eff Is Going On In The Universe? And how does it affect our planet beyond the potential of an asteroid to send us back to the Beginning Again?

Something much bigger than petty wars is at stake if one is to research, with an open mind, many of the archaeological, technical and other elements of what we consider "Modern" culture/civilization. Our planet holds many mysteries, and I tell you now the Galaxy in which we live is but a small part of a way-beyond-our-normal-use-of-grey-cells perception of Life and how one can travel through "Time."

From the top, you should be aware that I believe in UFO's/Extraterrestrial Life and some of the theories out there which, to my mind, provide more proof of advanced civilizations influenced by Extraterrestrial Entities. I believe in these oft-frowned-upon elements of Life In General far more than much of the simplistic nonsense thumped around in certain Religious And Political Crap Circles.

I have always been intrigued (more than a conspiratorial sort of person) when the infamous Area 51/Roswell stories continued to beat on loud and fuzzy-clear over the years - from Gov't Dismissives to Conspiracy Junkies. 

I'm willing to say that I have seen a large number of UFO's in my life. While sober. No drugs. No hallucinations. And, with other people as witnesses. One thing I have learned is that We Are For Certain Far From Alone in the galaxy and overall Universe. How arrogant for the Human Race to narrowly assume we are the highest form of Intelligent Life around, and Earth is all there is with teeming organic activity.

Nope. Sorry. What I've seen in my life defies anything from this earth. My experiences are so similar to thousands of others that by the mid-80's I no longer thought I was losing my mind as witnesses, as well as a few possible Abductees, recited their experiences in documentaries, TV specials, and books rife with detailed sightings and activities I had also gone through on a regular basis several years earlier.

Wake up everyone! Rip The Mask Of Denial and begin to assimilate ancient history with the modern age, dash with a touch of personal experiences judged to be sane and accurate from a plethora of sources, braise with the concept that we are mere ants dashing around this planet while our possible ancestors, guardians and emotionally removed Scientists From Other Places mark our development through various means. But this time I don't believe we are The Menu; How To Serve Man (The Twilight Zone).

I don't care if you think I'm crazy. I know what I've seen; it's been absolutely clear from the first sighting that what I and others were seeing in the sky (and closer), were NOT from HERE. Period. Some might feel I'm contradicting myself when I bash the CO$ yet believe in what many might consider to be pure Science Fiction. There is a difference. My sightings have merely validated, as well as educated, my mind to expand into a broader view of what this mass of stars, planets, suns and moons are/could be about and where we stand in the evolutionary scheme of Universal Things. I'm not involved in worshipping or following "orders" from Mere Humans who believe they are infected by A Dead Alien Culture.

So, to remind the skeptics one more time; to confirm to those who wish it so, read the brief article - one of many - yet the latest and most succinct about whether or not Roswell/Area 51 was/is Truly The Receptacle Of One Of The Extraterrestrial groups out there watching us as we fiddle, once more, while Rome/Earth burns.

Whatever you believe, Check This Out......

Quite frankly, the idea that other life forms have seeded the earth, assisted growth, and so on, makes far more sense to even a Dreamer like me than what we have been fed through Religion and Narrow-Minded "Science Only" theories.

The truth is a combo of both and far more complex than our human brains can fully process.

Nope. Haven't lost my mind. I've been discussing this subject with fervor for many years. There is nothing like a having a personal experience to shut off any doubt about how much we don't know about our origins and almost everything else regarding the Human Being and Earth's part in the Galaxy Of Never-Ending Surprises.

Image via: http://www.alien-ufo-pictures.com/