Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Edgar Mueller
Location: Meilongzhen Plaza - 2010 Shanghai World Expo.

One (Your Name)

Random Floggings

Oh woe is me today! What on earth can I write with no serious scandals leaping to the forefront of the political and cultural landscrape? Yes, “landscrape.” No typo there for a change.

Sure, there is another maid-groping problem in the news with former Egyptian banker Mahmoud Abdel Salam Omar at yet another Manhattan hotel, but these groping stories are becoming another eye-rolling weekly headline – and, we know that “all men are pigs” per the recent newz stories. My main concern at this particular time is for the safety of maids at high-end hotels in New York. Is someone slipping Viagra into those “Welcome” baskets per chance?

In U.S. politics, the lull in the choice of GOP front-runners for the presidential hooty pageant is gathering momentum now that Mitt Romney is gaining reluctant support. He is touting the “I’m really one of you” GOP messages by echoing the “Obama is the most ineffective president EVER” lines to overcome the distrust of those who think he is a closet Socialist. Too bad his healthcare package for Massachusetts has been more than reasonably successful. Such a stain on a Republican brain!

Writing of a Republican brain makes my head hurt. Michelle Bachmann (House Rep. - MN), the extremely-extreme Nutty Queen, is becoming testy over media-fueled comparisons between herself/she/her and Sarah Palin. According to reports today via The Hill, Bachmann believes she is on the level of our current president rather than that wily Moose-killer-governor-drop-out from Alaska. For once, I agree with Bachmann. What they have in common, from my observation, is that both are women in the Republican/Tea Party land and both fell asleep in History and Geography classes.

Beyond the above, Bachmann is consistent with her oft-misguided messages and does not display a petulant attitude when the media and Democrats make hissing sounds when she’s around them. When she is irked, at least she doesn’t sound like a whining cat who wants attention.

On the fluffy side of life, celebrities are continuing to follow politicians with “foot-in-mouth” dis-ease. Angelina Jolie recently said one of the more inane statements of her public life when she told an interviewer that Brad Pitt was “a gentleman.”

What? I would believe her had I not seen numerous videos and non-photo-shopped stills of how disrespectful he has been to her in public over the past few years when he has literally pushed her away from him; dragged-pulled her by the wrist from cameras without grace; continually grabbed her butt during staged photo-ops (not just hand-on-butt but a grab-on-butt with a smirk); walks ten feet in front of her while carrying one child, leaving her with the rest of the brood with a shocked expression on her face more than a dozen times.

There’s more… Suffice to say I do not consider his actions to be that of “a gentleman” despite some appearances. Oh Angie! Do you know what a “gentleman” truly is? I do believe your first husband, actor Johnny Lee Miller, might be a better example.

Now you know why I used the word “landscrape” at the top of this post.


Monday, May 30, 2011

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Shepard Fairey

On A Serious Note...

To soldiers all over the world who have and continue to place themselves at risk, we salute you on this day.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Street Art of the Day

Artist - I wish I knew
Location- Same as above


Sunday’s Moral Claws

First off, to all of the Menz readers who saw the title to the last music video I posted yesterday, I hope you have a sense of humour about the entire “Pig” thing. The truth is, many of the guys I know were the first to inform me years ago that “Men are pigs.” So, consider the source. It’s your own gender making most of the jokes. That’s right. I won’t take responsibility for anything other than finding that tune and putting it up for fun and continuity. So rue me – not.

The same thing in a different way might be said about many of the women we see in the music biz these days. Have so many of these girls-women become strippers and porn queens? Will Britney stop kissing other women on stage for the supposed shock of it all? Will Rihanna continue to shed more costumes with each new performance? If so, she has very little to leave to one’s imagination.*

Hey, I realize that it’s not a new trend for women to strip down and writhe on the stage ground. It simply seems that rather than one or two of the hallowed iconic few are now following each other to an overly sexualized stew of pumping away instead of singing without whips and overly-heated, bleating ego trips. 

I’m far from a prude, my dudes. Performances of sensual sensation are part of various artists’ creation. Madonna knew how to sell it well in the early days of her alarming career. Cher? Well, Cher dresses like Rihanna wants to, but focused more on her vocal chords and skipping across the stage than thrusting her bust into our faces. She didn’t have to. All anyone has noticed with Cher is her leggy fishnets and whatever’s going on with her hair. She didn’t have to play Truth Or Dare to gain anyone’s stare (or glare).

As usual, I have one foot in and one foot out of what the buzz is all about. Having been on stage as a singer and actress as a child through teen years, then later as an MC at music events, I always understood the impact one can have on an audience – especially if one is pushing whatever the “limits” were/are at a particular time. When on the air as a DJ, flirting with an audience was fun while developing a persona as The Screaming Queen Bitch Shauna in a major Top Ten radio market. The ratings shot up, groupies lunged far and wide. But the persona was created from theatrical aptitude and not to play upon sexitude.

And so, round and round we go in the debate of late regarding what the message is that many of the women in music (more than in film) are sending.

In mine eyes, if I wanted to see women in leather or lace, doing sexual bumps and grunts in our face, there are many other outlets for that kind of space in my entertainment arrangement. If true music is what I’m after, then give me a songstress with a great voice or an ability to combine performance and singing with equal rapture.

I admit I didn’t mind when Michael Jackson grabbed his crotch to bump and grind, or when, in the old days, Tom Jones and Elvis would throw their garments into the crowds where the Wimmen’s would scream aloud. They were sexy. But, none of them did more than shake or grab their loins because their talents as singers went far beyond quasi-porn.

Every generation goes beyond the previous one’s limits. Or, responds in opposition. That's why Glee is doing so well on American TV despite the other parts of the music biz's controverse-it-tee -- the epitome of all that is seen as genial decadency.

This latest generational trend has me questioning if the pop culture of now is just a lot of BS on the prowl.

(Photo via Getty)
*(See all searches on Rihanna's latest on stage appearances.)

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Alec Jack

All Men Are Pigs

In Defense of Pigs

A recent TIME Magazine article delved into the problem of men in power behaving like “pigs” when it deals with sex. I feel sorry for pigs these days. They are getting a bad rap to be associated with the Arnold’s and Strauss-Kahn’s of the world. What have pigs ever done to deserve this smear campaign?

Poor little things. Sure, they roll around in the mud and make oinking sounds. Beyond that (and eating anything thrown at them), they are basically following their nature.

Other animals roll around in mud, too. Even little children like to jump in mud puddles and giggle. And that’s what pigs are doing with their oinks. Giggling, perhaps, chatting amongst themselves. They could be oinking “Hi there” when their feeder arrives with another bucket of who-knows-what for lunch.

In addition, pigs clean up quite nicely when you hose them down.

I think pigs are kinda cute. Remember the film Babe? Awwww. There was nary a dry eye in the theatres. They look so innocent and sweet with their round little puggy-like faces and cute wittle-big ears and that curly, slightly jovial tail.

Beyond all of the mud rolling, my experience around pigs has been benign at best. I never saw any of them dashing off to copulate every five minutes, either. Nope. Rabbits do that sort of decadence. They are the true whores of the nature universe. And so are ducks.

In truth, ducks are incredibly noisy when they mate. I know that for a fact. The pond on the property where I grew up was home to several ducks that would wake me at all hours when they chased each other through the bushes in their pursuit of duckiness. Squawk, shriek, quack-quack, honk-honk – wonk! Sometimes the foliage would be shaking during their quaking, and feathers would literally be flying. I mean, woweee!

And don’t get me started on ants! For heaven’s sake they have no shame at all! They ant-around in public on top of one another all the time, not bothering to go back to their little ant hill where their dalliance's would be far more appropriate.

Yep. I have to stand up for what I know is the right thing: Pigs may have an odious smell but I blame that on their keepers who put them in those sties in the first place and rarely clean them up. Place any animal in a crowded cage, toss a lot of crap at them, and eventually a stench will rise to the surface. People will cringe and get as far away as they can, just as Barbara Walters did yesterday on The View when Whoopi let her gas rip.*


*(Source: Google is your friend.)

Friday, May 27, 2011

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Julian Beever

Steppin' Out With My Baby

Brief Queefs

I don’t know about you, but looking back at the week’s headlines across the world is more than a tad disconcerting. In the States, God and Mother Nature joined hands to smash the Midwest into smithereens with astounding tornadoes, hail as large as baseballs, leaving so much destruction behind that days later people continue to seek survivors and the deceased in the rubble.

In Iceland, a volcano has been erupting, disrupting air traffic and freaking me out a bit. Last weekend I made several changes to the slideshow at the top of the blog. In the area where pictures of natural disasters are placed, there had always been a smoldering vision of a volcano to set the scene. When editing, I decided to remove it because despite all of the havoc of the year, a major volcanic incident had not occurred.

Within hours of the pic’s removal, Iceland became hot-land. Now, of course, I have a creepy feeling that if I remove the Fukushima nuclear reactor picture another nuclear plant will begin a meltdown somewhere. That’s a joke, of course, but I'm not going to flirt with a fickle God and a cranky Mother Nature – just to be safe, if there is such a thing anywhere these days.

I’ve already listed the rolling heads of countries and the final exits of media icons in another post, thus I’ll skip over all of that madness to comment on how American presidents, no matter how savvy, manage to fail miserably with Royal protocol whenever Queen Elizabeth deigns to meet with them.

This time it was President Obama’s turn to prove once more how ignorant U.S. leaders can be on stuffy details by daring to touch the toasting glass before the Queen touched hers at the state dinner, then speaking while the UK National Anthem was playing. Of all of our presidents, I thought he would know better.

I mean, c’mon, Barack! The lady gave you a 41-gun salute and you couldn’t wait for her to make the first move at the dining table? And then you continued to talk over the music? Tut-tut! Thank heavens the Queen has been through these silly blunders in the past to simply point her “You have been a bad boy” steely eyes into his for him to know he did something velly-velly impolite!

But then, we should forgive Obama for the blunder. He has a great deal on his mental plate, whereas the Queen simply has to keep her family in line and Prince Philip from falling asleep at ceremonies.

Well, I could write more but it’s Friday here in the USA and most are readying for a holiday weekend full of BBQ’s, sports or other activities, and I for one have errands to run.

See you again tomorrow!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Specter
Location - Chicago

Thank You


Yesterday, after watching Oprah Winfrey’s honest-to-God LAST SHOW EVAH, I was torn between feeling inspired/forgiving all who I feel have wronged me, and wondering if she had gone more than wee bit OTT toward the end when I swear I saw sparks of heavenly light with a flowing preacher’s robe covering her body. I know, the preacher analogy is what a myriad of bloggers and comedians have been saying in the past 12 or so hours. There is a reason for it. She was preaching and teaching.

Now Menz, before you bounce off this page muttering “Not another Oprah post, for Christ’s sake, I’m sick of all this O sheet”, let me tell you that you and I have a few things in common. I was never an avid Oprah watcher or fan. Nor did I dislike or disrespect her.

She probably saved your marriage and made it possible for your wife/girlfriend to tell you what she wanted in the bedroom/kitchen/hallway/shower/den/patio/bathtub/backseat…. For that, you owe the Big O a tip of the hat.

Part of the reason why I haven’t bowed at the alter of O is that for most of her career I was busy at my various career incarnations, living my dreams, following my Calling – doing precisely what her message entailed in yesterday’s monologue. I lived “it” and did “it” for years and years with barely a female role model to call my own. My inspiration came from within; from the joy of my work; the fun and friendship of co-workers, and the tangible knowledge that from the very beginning of my career travels, the best jobs always made a difference – a positive one – in the lives of many.

On the above is where I identify with Oprah. I also identify with the joy of entertaining people – one way or another – and learning from others who have been gracious and kind enough to provide feedback. To know that you have an audience from where you can gauge your impact is another area where Oprah’s comments hit home with me when she spoke about her first show not having anyone on the set other than a TV crew and a guest or two.

In most of my careers I was lucky to walk into situations where there was a built-in audience where all I needed to do was increase it to succeed. Now that I am experiencing another life/career transition in a world where everyone can communicate their thoughts, favourite music, art, etc. through the click of a finger and send it out to the world via cyberspace, an audience is not as easy to build – or keep – and one must be quick on one’s feet to stay relevant for more than a day.

Oprah’s message, albeit lofty and preachy, was a reminder to me that despite obstacles, it is imperative to listen to that whisper of your heart, your soul, when it’s telling you it’s time to change, take action, do what you are here to do. If not, those little bricks she mentioned that may hit you on the head will eventually turn into a painful landslide. Believe me, I’ve had to dig myself out of many a rubbled mess when I ignored my spiritual connection/gut instincts.

And so I write this post standing twixt and ‘tween the person of my past and future self -- testing new avenues for new revenue, while reaching deep within to remain true to who I know I am.

I have fumbled when I’ve plugged my ears from the whispers, allowing fears, jeers and pent-up tears to lead the way. We are “only human” as “they” say. We often do what we think we need to do rather than what we want to do when we believe there is no other option. It’s true that to pay the rent or mortgage those of us without easy money gracing our bank accounts on a regular basis may have to set pride aside and take on work we would rather not do instead of following our Calling.

In my “case"  it’s not an easy task to follow my Calling when my talents/skills and interests are diverse. I have spread myself thin, yet I wouldn’t do it any other way. I could never be happy with just one career. But that very chequered route I have taken has also created tremendous financial instability, monstrous anxiety, numerous mistakes and a ton of heartache. Yet, when I’ve been true to ME, my life has been full of harmony.

Oprah’s sermon was a lucid, perfectly communicated summation of all motivational-inspirational books and general spiritually-based philosophies: Be true to yourself. What you put out, for good or ill, comes back to you. Listen to the whisper in your ear of a higher energy within to set your life on YOUR best track. Give.

I may be having an Oprah hangover today with posting a reflective personal injection of my own thoughts. Nonetheless, I am impressed with anyone who dares to share their ups and downs, lifting others up to meet the best in themselves. And that is exactly what the Big O did for 25 years. It is what several friends of mine do every day. All are heroes in their spheres.

Remember that we can turn things around if our lives feel upside down. No matter what your age, there is always time to make a change or perfect your range. We can do it alone, we can do it with others. It’s all in our perception.

The title of a song and album of an old friend remains an inspiration:
Life Is Short But Is Wide *

*Maxine Sellers (Capital Records 1975)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Slinkachu
(From the "Tiny People" series.)


The Redundant Non-Pundit

I may be repeating myself; however, although The Rapture did not occur, 2011 has been a year full of heartfelt, below-the-belt, huffy good-byes, from prominent public figures in the world. For a mind-boggling few, the year thus far has indeed been The End. As we near mid-year, let’s review a few of the notable changes:

Egypt’s former President Mubarak is out of power. Gaddafi in Libya is still running for cover. Bin Laden is dead. The Dalai Lama voluntarily removed himself from the Tibetan political theatre following years of involvement in that country’s quietly dangerous zig-zagging, harrowing terrain. Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is out of favour with The Shah, portending a rocky hold on his position, if not a full-on ouster in the somewhat near future. Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad is teetering on the edge of his reign as well due to economic unrest and the horrendous slaughtering of his country’s protester’s.

In media, Mary Hart left her post at Entertainment Tonight last week after a successful 29-year run on TV’s first nationally syndicated celebrity-oriented news program. As mentioned in an earlier post, Katie Couric skipped out of the CBS Evening News studios last Friday and is FREE AT LAST and partied like it was 1999! And, of course, unless you are a monk of sorts, you know that today is Oprah Winfrey’s last The Oprah Winfrey Show after 25 years of enormous success.

As many recall, the tempestuous Keith Olbermann abruptly left MSNBC in late January with his chair still twirling from the hasty pace of his exit, while Glenn Beck of Fox News prepares to pull his pointy tail out from under his wobbly legs when he chokes on his own farewell when his TV program’s ends “later this year.” Although both Keith and Glenn will remain in their own versions of the influential spotlight on different platforms, the change at both networks from the shifts has been and will be palpable.

In U.S. politics, Senator Joe Lieberman (“Independent Democratic” – CT) announced in January that he will end his oft-muddied political career this year to the glee of many in the Democratic party and the hearing impaired. (What in the world does that man have in his mouth beyond his foot when he tries to talk?) His exit is notable primarily for his political duplicity. It is fine to have differing views from your original political party (as he has clearly demonstrated); it is another to be flat-out unreliable, and untrustworthy – which many believe he is and has been (and will be a “has-been” when his sloppy Joe woe-is-me’s no longer merit public attention).

On the edgy-ledge of politics and entertainment, there is the continuing Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger drama unfolding as their marriage of 25 years is slapped out of existence like an unwelcome gnat on a baby’s bib now that Maria is filing for divorce. (As if such news is a shock to anyone other than Arnold.)

So there you have it in mild review. Of course, if I spent all day researching I would find and/or remember other happy or unhappy endings to add to the list. Nonetheless, you get the gist.

As a wise and talented George Harrison once wrote: “All things must pass.”

No truer words……

(Sources: Everywhere.)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Street Art of the Day

Details n/a

Run The World

Checking In

The Flogging Whip isn't in the mood to thrash around at anyone today. It's still recovering from shock after Madonna told the world that Oprah is her only "living" role model during yesterday's love-fest on the Big O's show. (Wonder who the dead ones are.) Not only that, but Madonna simply popped-in with a somewhat matronly grin, said a few words, then stepped aside for others to sing and prance. Say what? She didn't strut?

Comedic opportunities abound from the above, but, between my Flogging Whip's condition and a rising fever sweeping over me, I too will step aside and let others on the interwebs handle the jokes and pokes today.

Meanwhile, new street art and music will be posted.

Have a wonderful day.....

Monday, May 23, 2011

Street Art of the Day

Location - Manhattan

Without Me

The End of the Daily O

OMG! OMG! Get your Kleenex ready! We are in a countdown toward Oprah WInfrey’s LAST SHOW EVAH!

Yep. The Talk Queen of All Time will shut her shingle this week with an all-star tingle. My goodness! Tom Cruise. Will Smith. Usher. Madonna. Beyoncé. Tom Hanks. John Travolta. Michael Jordan. Maria Shriver. Even STEADY-Man will grace her stage this week until the breathtaking final SURPRISE GUEST on Wednesday!

The public has been told that Oprah doesn’t know who the “surprise” guest will be. Really? How could that be possible? We know that Oprah knows everything and wouldn’t allow just any ole’ person to close out one of the most successful daytime TV programs in the world! She is also not dense and has to have more than a clue. Of course, the “guest” could be herself. Or another half-sibling?

Would anyone care to guess? President Obama is too obvious to be THE ONE. And he and Michelle have already been there. The Pope has been busy attempting to reach God via speaking directly to the astronauts at the Space Station (closer than anyone to Heaven), so count him out. Queen Elizabeth may be the only person in civilization who hasn’t heard of Oprah, therefore I’ll cross her off the list as well.

A few people have suggested that God might make an appearance. Others with a macabre mindset have suggested the resurrection of Michael Jackson or Elvis. Or bringing Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston together – just for the horrific fun of it all.

Nope. None of the above will do. (Except Oprah, of course.)

Wait! I have a thought. Has anyone seen Gayle King over the months until recently? What if she shows up bearing a baby she had under the radar as the ultimate gift to her paramour, uh, I meant mentor/BFF? Now that would be quite a surprise guest, wouldn’t it? But then, Oprah would already know what Gayle had been hiding from her over the months unless Gayle is able to play hide-and-seek on the level of several of O’s final guests.

I gather we will have to wait until the ultimate curtain call to know. Expect the Tweetie Universe to go crazy and ruin all the fun for those who watch the show in a later time zone.

But Oprah’s not really leaving TV. She’ll still be around. After all, she’s already gone out on her OWN!

(Correction: John Travolta was not part of the gang.)  

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Street Art of the Day

Artist - HUSH
Location - Brooklyn, NY
(Photo: Courtesy of Todd Mazer)

Can't Find My Way Home

False Profits

Hello all you sinners! Those of us who have been left behind to our own hell on earth must now look upon each other with grand suspicion. After all, The Rapture was to have taken an elite group of saintly humans into Heaven’s glistening huge halo, right? Those who are left behind must be Satan’s children, so sayeth Harold Camping of the Christian-based Family Radio who set the world ablaze with the May 21, 2011 prediction. Okay, to be factual, Camping gleaned his information from the Bible, thus he didn’t actually create the details of Rapture but simply discovered when it would occur based on a mysterious “hint” only he could unravel.

The Rapture has been a wonderful punch-line and overall joke for weeks concerning how yesterday would be THE DAY. Not the final end, as that is called The Apocalypse – coming soon to the ground near you – rife with more earthquakes, general weather upheaval, and the Four Horsemen riding in from the sky in their heated glory. Or something like that. It depends on who says what about the difference between the two. One and the same?

If those well edy-cated in the Bible have differing views, then I’ll just go with whatever sounds right moment-to-moment. My seeming lack of detailed information is no different (in my opinion), than one person striking fear in the minds of millions through his own interpretation of the end of the world and making a tidy profit off his faux prophecy.

The truth that nothing of importance happened yesterday other than Lady Gaga and Justin Timberlake doing a fun turn on Saturday Night Live’s season finale – and nicely done, I should add – has left “believers” baffled, let-down and feeling more than foolish for draining what was left in their Savings accounts to make signs to warn others of what was coming, or to keep Family Radio well-oiled and humming along until yesterday.

Others took Camping’s word to heart by committing suicide to avoid anticipated earthly chaos.  A mother in California slit the throat and wrists of her two daughters as well as herself in an attempt to avoid Hell on Earth. Fortunately, the girls are well and the mother is now in jail. Nothing about that part of the Rapture story is funny. It is extremely sad, frightening and sick.

I wonder how Camping feels today? He has done this sort of pronouncement in the past. Mass humiliation is not an unknown part of his life. Nor is creating mass hallucinations in those who have been willing to follow the 89 year-old religious fanatic to their financial or earthly graves.

Debates rage on today regarding the sincerity or lack thereof of yet another religious zealot’s ability to slash a large black mark on the Christian religion. Is this man honest or a charlatan? Is he, as some people are suggesting, a masterful PR genius now that those of us who never heard of Family Radio until recently are quite aware of its existence.

I do feel sorry for those who have believed and have been deceived. With an eerie amount of political and weather-related tumult sweeping over the globe, it isn’t a total folly to be concerned for what the future holds.

The alarming part of the doomsday scenario is how easy it can be to play upon people’s fears with wild predictions of a specific date and time for prophesies written in a book that so many take literally without questioning the various author’s credibility. Religious historians and researchers admit that the Bible has been tampered with over the centuries. Chapters removed, writings of deeds coming from word of mouth written hundreds of years after events supposedly took place.

I do believe there is something to be said for having “blind faith” – I also believe that it isn’t a crime to question what is real or just human nature’s tendency to bend stories due to the proven fact that we hear only what we want to hear.

You know the classic example of how words can become muddled when passed from one person to another sitting in a circle? By the time the originator’s message returns to them, what once began as “I’m saying this to you to see what comes back to me” has become “Jose’ wants Cee-Cee to have a hysterectomy.”

Enjoy your Sunday. We have at least one more fun-day – don’t we?

Friday, May 20, 2011

Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye

Dedicated To My Very First Love of All Time

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Tracy Lee Stum
Image via VisualFunHouse.com

The End

Capture 'The Rapture'

Well, dear readers, due to The Rapture tomorrow, I presume this will be my last post. Will all of us eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow we all shall die? Aren’t we fortunate that it’s a Friday? The end of the work week for many coincides with the predicted last full day on earth, providing an additional excuse to blast out of our stuffy attire, professional demeanors, or, for those who work from home, shed our pajamas and jump into our party clothes, go out to clubs and let it rip! Hip-hip hooray! And all of that scat.

Before we are swept away into the heavens or hells (depending on our various fates), I’d like to share a fond look back at The Daily Flog Blog’s finest moments for one last sentimental journey down the uneven road of posts which poured forth from my fingertips over the past six months:

I remember it well – the first line of the first Flog titled Who Are These Beeches? Oh, I'm supposed to be politically correct and not suggest that women, no matter how they behave, "should" not be deemed "beeches."

Classy, eh?

Here is another: The De-Flowering of the Annual Impatience. Let me be very clear – I know the flower is spelled “impatiens.” Allow me to use the opening phrase as the beginning of the absolute cringe I feel every time a U.S. president has used that tired, tune-outing, mind-dumbing preemptive verbal strike, “Let me make myself perfectly clear.”

From Hissy-Glitches: Rather than simply write, “People can be mean and that’s just how it is ” and be done with it, I’m compelled to flog mean and petty people for being what and who they are. Perhaps I’ll be mean along the way, placing myself in the middle of the quicksand one finds one’s self sucked into when sinking to the level of lashing back at people and/or circumstances that have, in one way or another, slapped us in the face.

The End of Gays: Despite flogging the focus on "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" vs. pragmatic concerns the U.S. has on its massive China plates, it would be disingenuous of me to ignore the statements, excuses, and recusals of many political and religious leaders who claim that repealing DADT would "ruin" America; that allowing gays to marry would deflate the holiness of heterosexual marriage; accepting homosexuality in any way is a sign of the End of Days. Sounds more like they want an "End of Gays."

Oh, those were the days! I was filled with enormous excitement while creating my first blog ever! But now, because someone somewhere has decided that May 21, 2011, is THE END (a full 6 months to a year earlier than what the Mayan calendar portends), all of my hard work, furrowed writing brow creases, will go into the void along with other works of friction.

So sad.

Or mebe not.

What will we all do if we awake to a regular, "normal" Saturday with the earth’s axis still spinning? Will you be grinning? And will Charlie Sheen still think he is #winning?

I know I’ll be a happy one, for I shall carry on with all of the Flogging topics I’ve promised to continue and complete. That’s right. TDFB will be back although a certain someone might not after his estranged wife learns more and more about possible additional secret love chillen’s, and even more hidden side-piece wimmen’s.

Until the morrow, do not be filled with sorrow. 
Enjoy yourself: Capture Your Rapture.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Street Art of the Day

Stencil Art by Lex and Sten
Location - Denmark
Image via Wooster Collective

People Are Strange

Rolling Sins

Wow! It’s but Thursday and what a week it’s been in politics and adulter-tricks! So many heads are rolling that it’s as if we’re in a time warp watching the beheading of Anne Boleyn, whose unfortunate demise occurred on this day in 1536. This time, however, the heads are those of Menz and the roll-out is bloody only in slayed reputations, lost political expectations and aspirations.

The Dope of Grope, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, now residing at Riker’s Island in New York without bail (until Friday), has been forced to resign his IMF Managing Director position and drop his intention to run for the presidency in France. The drama of his alleged sexual assault on a hotel’s chambermaid has sent the man into quasi-suicide mode.

Newt Gingrich’s latest bid to gain entry to the White House appears to have quickly veered off-track now that he is under attack for not staying true to his political base, whoever they are considering how he has changed his views on almost everything over the years, weeks and days – depending on where the poll wind blows.

Newt hasn’t helped his cause by continually apologizing for numerous “mistakes” he has made in his personal life as well as political. Too many “I’m sorry’s” tend to blur the message of whatever it is he is attempting to sell.

And, surprise surprise, The Donald of Trumps isn’t running for president and will, instead, remain glued to his boardroom chair on Celebrity Apprentice where he can boss C-List actors and musicians around with his eloquent verbiage barrage akin to that of a 1950’s Mafia Boss. Not running was a good call, don’t you think? Walking is best suited for the man who can never be King of anything other than real estate and tarts.

The Elephant in this post is Arnold S, of course. I think I’ve written enough in one week about that man’s deceitful libido although, as anticipated, women are flying out of their once quiet closets to claim their place in Arnold’s Mistress Sweepstakes, which makes it somewhat a challenge not to focus on his major crash and burn. Now that it has been reported that Maria Shriver has hired rather powerful lawyers to guide her through whatever she decides to do regarding the marriage charade, I’m certain there will be more posts on this drama in the future, so I’ll cease and desist today from continuing the diss.

Another rolling head is that of Katie Couric who is leaving her extremely uncomfortable anchor chair at CBS Evening News to run screaming from one of the worst career moves she’s ever made. But, that’s not really new news is it? And she’s a woman, if we all recall, and I began this post with a verbal roast of the Menz instead of the Wimmen’s, thus I’ll save the snark for another day when the Flogging Whip gets busy on that side of the gender wall.

I could go on, as my target practice today has been quite easy; however, even with the above quick list of shiftless dicks, I’m beginning to feel a tad queasy.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Street Art of the Day

Artist – Waone (of Interesni Kazki)
Location – India


Pumping Arnold

Mildred Patricia Baena (MySpace)

The weight of disgrace is hanging heavy on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s burly shoulders more than ever today as the blistering trail of his lies and misdeeds are escalating through all media outlets at the pace of a flaming dying comet – something that is bound to reflect Arnold’s future.

With the shady veil lifted on the identity of the woman at the center of this latest collective gasp, it’s typical that people are passing judgment concerning how she looks. Oh my! She’s NOT a “hottie” but has ample attributes. So that’s what caused The Arnold to unfold his dinner napkin and excuse himself from the family table to have dessert elsewhere, eh? Couldn’t be anything else, could it, because the pictures that the public are seeing show a woman of 50 whose current physique is less than dainty.

Would the reaction be different if she had a slim body? A non-obviously-surgically-enhanced face? A Caucasian heritage rather than Hispanic? Oh sure, the bats would still be out to hit a few low-runs against Mildred “Patty” Baena’s duplicity to smile and chat with Maria Shriver year-after-year; however, chances are as strong as the former bodybuilder’s ability to lift humongous weights that many would almost excuse the ruse were we to see a socially accepted vision of beauty. “He couldn’t help himself” some would say. “The temptation was too much for a man who already had trouble keeping his ‘friend’ in check.” And so on.

Such thinking and judging is as shallow as the inside of a Cocoa Puff. (Yes, I’m using that analogy and sticking with it.) The primary point should be, in my opinion, how appalling the entire scenario is, and why “Patty” Baena decided to push Schwarzenegger into a corner where he had no choice but to stop pumping his life with Maria and their children on the public as a happy example of domestic stability.

The details of this full-on scandal are continuing to unfold as I write. TV crews are descending on Baena's upscale neighborhood, interviewing neighbors, shooting footage of her apparently empty home where she has not been seen since Sunday. Who knows what the next discovery may be?

Various “sources” suggest that Maria knew something was up and “should” have “known better.” Right. Let’s blame the victim, as usual. Whether or not the former First Lady of California turned the ole “blind eye” to her husband’s infidelities is none of our business. Nevertheless, in her defense I will say that I sincerely doubt that she knew about the child until recently, or the true nature of her housekeeper's relationship with the man who appears to have used her for his political and social gain for far more than the 25 years of their marriage.

Stay tuned….

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Street Art of the Day

(Artist - ?)

Love Child

A Staff Infection

Oh be still my bleeping heart! By now you have possibly heard the latest news regarding Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver’s marital woes. Arnold! You putz! Are you friggin’ nuts or are the ones you have just as big as your ego? (Apparently so, from what we “know.”) You were sleeping (as it were) with a member of your household staff and had a child with her right under your wife’s stiff upper Kennedy-esque nose? That is a new low, even in comparison to Dominique Strauss-Kahn, IMF’s big mess who (reportedly/allegedly) can’t see a dress he doesn’t want to press.

It is a very embarrassing day for California’s former governor now that he has confessed to his latest “bad boy” behavior. And yes, of course he is “very sorry” and takes “full responsibility” for his actions. Don’t they all? Well, unless you are John Edwards. (Google “cad” and “liar” for further Edwards info.)

Good Gawd! These Menz of power in one form or another must constantly feel the urge to surge like the top-heavy waters are doing through the open Morganza Spillway flood gates right now in Louisiana. Open one portal and the waves come crashing in and over everything within sight, wreaking the proverbial havoc on the once settled homes in the land that are now completely under water.

There is always a sacrificial element to unbridled nature, isn’t there? As with the deliberate flooding of the Atchafalaya River basin to dump the watery excess recent southern storms brought to the swollen sea, these Menz in the news with their sexual misadventures splashed all over the world’s papers and screens, seem to forget the damage their wandering crotches can bring to loved ones – until they are caught carving more notches on their busy bed-head. As it were - again.

Roaming, cheating, bleating “power” Menz aren’t new. Just look at history in every country. Henry VIII of England is a classic example. He needed an heir, of course, but still…… Could that man have been more of a bad pill? Yet over the ages most of the “civilized” world has laughed at his antics, excused his entitled libido, and blamed the Boleyn sisters. Shame on you, Anne! Shame on you, Mary! You little conniving sluts! Oh, and Cleopatra! How dare she do the same as men with her hypnotic charms! It’s time to take up arms!

Is there a double standard here? Smirk. Wink-wink.

But let’s go back to Arnold: No longer governor he had nothing to lose but his wife and children with an admission of fathering a child his unknowing wife saw growing in another woman’s body. A woman who worked for the family for twenty years, no less. This time I doubt that he’ll be high-fived when he enters one of his cigar-clubs. The boys there know one thing: You don’t blow the smoke from those potent, pungent cigars in your wife’s face.

It’s one thing to be a known jerk who did little to help your state get out of a financial crunch, it is another to re-confirm your womanizing reputation, and give new meaning to the word “Californication.”

Monday, May 16, 2011

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Edgar Mueller (I like his work - a lot!)

Greased Lightning

Doing the Cannes-Cannes

Hello. Monday has arrived, but my brain is still in Sunday mode. Cleaning the Flog Whip with a bit of oil and grease left over from what Brat Pitt puts in his hair these days. Especially at his Cannes Film Festival appearances today and yesterday to promote the film Tree of Life with Sean Penn.

Will return after having a very long shower to remove the grit from mine eyes. Oh, is it just me or are a few tux shirt buttons open? It used to be the fly that had that sort of difficulty.

(Photos via JustJared/Getty)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Sam3 
Location - Spain

Its A Beautiful Morning

Weather Retort

Today began with a light rain in the early hours of the morn in parts of the West Coast of the U.S., cleansing toxins from the air and dumping the sooty residue on land for all to track through any interior surface if one does not remove their footwear. One more reason not to stomp around the house in gardening boots or running shoes, eh?

But such is a minor concern when alligators and poisonous snakes are floating downstream in several water-logged areas in the South, having their natural habitats thrown off-kilter in a rather large way due to the incessant storms in that part of the country. Many “experts” suggest that the creepy creatures could end up making unwelcome visits into cities, possibly to visit their dead relatives in the shoe and purse/bag sections of high-end stores.

While enjoying the light sound of raindrops pattering over my head, the sun decided to make an appearance that could remain throughout the day, bringing with it blue-blue skies and white fluffy clouds of immeasurable beauty to ruin my day of wanting to have an excuse to duck beneath the covers and fall into a hazy weekend gloom.

But no, of course. It’s all happy-like out there, so how can one justify retreat when the weather is quite sweet? And weeds in the garden and general foliage have been asking to be plucked for days? “I’m ugly – get me out of here!” those irksome growths beg. And so I shall listen and prepare to spend some time outside plucking the yucks and breathing clean air in the process.

Gawd, life can be so cruel.

But not as cruel as it has been for others in weather- and war-torn challenged countries. In fact, in recognition of the hardships so many in this world endure on a regular basis, I’ve set my Flogging Whip aside for the day.

Those who are feeling the effects of nature and political imbalance need a safe haven and at the least, a warm, supportive hug – not the often-used dismissive shrug.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Edgar Mueller

If I Could Turn Back Time

Is He Or Isn’t “He”?

Politics in the U.S. at the moment is one large yawn. The GOP is unable to produce a viable contender for the 2012 elections; President Obama is carrying on with his agendas no matter how hard it may be to slide around and/or glide within the opposition’s attempts to de-thrown him, and “The Donald” has fallen by the ever-present “way-side” as do those who love to run their big mouths off because they think they JUST CAN!

It’s far more fun, as well as extremely well-intentioned commentary, to revisit the Chaz Bono transgender vis-a-vis nattering's on Shiloh Jolie-Pitt than it is to lumber along with the current lackluster political climate despite Obama’s triumph in releasing one more deluded tyrant from the earth.

The Chaz and Shiloh Jolie-Pitt story has more to it than a mere misguided comment from a person who is NOT REALLY A TRUE TRANSGENDER! C’mon, Chaz! You still retain female parts below your belt and have the confused audacity to consider yourself a “Transgender” because you removed your breasty thingy’s, dress like a guy and look like one?

I have no answers to several of the questions I’ll raise in the post…at least at the moment. However, moving on from the other Chaz Bono-based Flog of the other day, there are a few dangling threads I’d like to snip with or without a witty quip.

The below-the-line point for me is how all of us view, misunderstand, empathize, or simply look away from this issue. Again I ask, is Chaz really a genuine transsexual right now or not? And why does it matter to know? One reason is that Chaz has brought the issue into the public forum in a big way this week with the documentary Becoming Chaz that aired on the OWN Network.

If anyone reading this post is confused about transgenders, add me to the list because I may not have a true understanding of where the line is drawn between pre-transgender and an actual transgender other than the obvious completion of the process. Viewing the transition of a man I knew into a woman required a two year process beginning with psychological counseling; hormone injections that provided breast development, in conjunction with laser facial hair removal. After a certain medically deemed appropriate time, he flew to Colorado where the final end to his manhood took place.

From that point on “he” was now a technical “she.” Prior to the final cut, despite living under a female name for at least a year and dressing as such, his legal status was still considered to be that of a man. In Chaz Bono’s case, it’s an iffy middle ground. That’s one of the reasons I am attempting to grasp what is really going on here. Chaz says that he isn’t pleased with the options/functionality of what science has to offer for female-to-male genitalia enhancement, and will wait to add a little Peter to his Paul on down the curvy line of medical techy science improvements.

That makes sense. In the interim, though, what in the world is Chaz thinking by calling so much attention to his issue? To help others is noble. That part of the story is logical. But Chaz, sweetie, you aren’t the best poster child for the cause. You are one of the few women-to-men examples who bring the word “freak” into mind. Sorry that so much weight was gained; body chemistry changes are a bitch. Just ask women in peri- and post-menopause. You may be happy now, but seeing you as you are these days makes others sad.

Is going so terribly public another part of the transition process for someone I am using my own armchair psychology to understand? Just as I railed against Chaz and others for projecting a gender-confused future on a very young child, I am now examining Chaz under my own microscopic lens. But Chaz is an adult who has deliberately brought on the attention.

More to come on this subject.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Street Art of the Day

Image via TXMX

Red Light Spells Danger

Oh, Them Menz!

Pornography via electronic means reportedly was discovered in bin Laden’s lair this week. Naturally, the remaining 3 wives of the slain megalomaniac/madman/father of 20 children (ahem), may know nothing about the sordid find. During interviews with U.S. intelligence officers, the wives were “hostile” toward the Americans. Gee. I wonder why? Did anyone think the loyal wives would roll over and kiss the feet of those who made at least one KILL SHOT to his head and then dumped him into the sea?

He was their master, after all. His wives must have shared his disdain/hatred toward Western Civilization if not through natural means, then perhaps through brainwashing having heard him denounce the West’s decadence over the years. Funny, isn’t it, that despite what bin Laden and friends deemed to be disgusting about America in particular, bin Laden used modern technology to send his messages through videos, and watched footage of himself on a dinky TV screen in the compound in what one can only surmise was a narcissistic obsession with himself in the world’s slime-light.

But PORNOGRAPHY in his home? Someone living there must have liked a portion of what modern society has produced, don’t you think? What a joke it is. How sad as well. Thousands upon thousands of innocents and military personnel lost (and continue to lose) their lives because a group of resentful fanatics wanted to make a grand statement to the world on 9/11 and again, according to reports, once more with no-feeling in the near future here in the States.

My belief is that if people loathe what the U.S. and other “civilized” countries represent, how dare they bring one of the lower forms of “entertainment” into their non-cave dwellings! At risk of offending TDFB’s male readers, it appears to me that when it involves sex, all bets are off. Men will be men no matter where or how.

In this case, behind closed-doors at the compound, rather than hearing the battle cry of “Jihad!” over and over again, it was more like “Gee-Hot!” – over and over and over……..

(Image via Cartoon Sex)

Blogger Flog

Blogger has been down for maintenance over the past 12 hours. Yesterday's posts are missing, although Blogger intends to restore them. We were all unable to make additional posts, write or check comments, etc.

Thanks to everyone for your patience. I am losing mine.

A Flog to Blogger for terrible timing.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Daniel Panko 

Dazed And Confused

Return To Gender

Today’s flog involves the transgender issue. At the top, I’ll note that on this subject I have very mixed feelings having witnessed several people go through sex-change operations only to regret their decision when it was way too late. For continuity, the following is what piqued my interest to write about the subject.

Part I
In a recent interview Chaz Bono (formerly “Chastity”) mentioned Shiloh Jolie-Pitt (age 4 going on 5) as a potential candidate for gender identification quandaries. The reason why he brought Shiloh into the gender-bender mix is because Shiloh likes to dress as a boy and, at one time, would only answer to the name “John.”

Beginning in 2009, Shiloh was placed on a sacrificial scaffold in the gossip media’s blistering lights for being a little girl in baggy boys pants, over-sized boys shoes and an apparent botched short haircut. Because her parents openly discussed/announced details of Shiloh’s proclivities, as well as the numerous tabloid pictures of her in various boyish outfits, a literal hate- and-hail-storm ensued on gossip forums/message boards, comment sections of various blogs – most blaming Jolie for deliberately dressing Shiloh as a boy for a variety of devious reasons, not because they believed that Shiloh chose the funky clothing on her own.

In addition to blaming Jolie, direct flames were thrown at young Shiloh by linking her future life to that of Chaz Bono. Ironic, then, that Chaz, who has become a spokesperson for transgender issues, somehow must believe that he can smell a kindred spirit via pictures and rumours as he admits he doesn’t know Jolie or Pitt, thus has never met Shiloh. Other than relating to Shiloh because she too is growing up “in the spotlight” as did “Chastity,” Chaz placed himself in the same category of anonymous strangers who post their opinions on the internet with nothing more than armchair psychology as a guide.

Whether Shiloh grows up to have problems in the gender area or not, I am in complete disagreement with Chaz or anyone (especially those “in the spotlight”) dragging a child’s name into further infamy. In my universe, it’s enough that Suri Cruise made a “Best Dressed” list among adults a few days ago, and that she wobbles around in high heels and Cinderella gowns at the age of 5. Now we have a high profile transgender daughter of Cher (of all people) tossing another piece of kindling into the Shiloh bonfire.

I say leave the kid alone! All of you. Who knows what is going to happen to this little girl? How repulsive to lay any kind of label or prediction on anyone during their early years! When she’s a bit older, for all anyone knows, Shiloh might plot a raid on Suri Cruise’s closet. When it’s not occupied by her daddy, that is.

Part 2 begins with a click…..

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Gone Fishing

Catching my breath.

I'll be back to flogging when I have something new to say.

Thanks for dropping by.

Enjoy the street art and tunes.....


Street Art of the Day

Location - Valparaiso - Artist n/a

The Show Goes On

Monday, May 9, 2011

Street Art of the Day

Image via photographyrea.com


Ignorance Is Diss

Good morning/afternoon/evening.
While perusing the news today, amid noise by the latest US group, “Deathers” (those who do not believe bin Laden was killed), as well as the international chaos erupting in Cairo between Muslims and Christians, one story leapt from the screen, begging for a few snarky remarks: Donald Trump’s insistence that he isn’t racist despite his racist insinuations over the weeks, and his incredibly dense comment on how he has always enjoyed a decent relationship with “the Blacks.”
The Donald’s reasoning for why he isn’t racist is worth a mention because it’s so ludicrous. During an interview on Fox News today, among other cringe-worthy statements, his defense went as follows: "In fact, Randal Pinkett won as you know on 'The Apprentice' a little while ago, a couple of years ago," he said. "And Randall’s been outstanding in every way. So I am the least racist person."
Oh wow! Trumpster hired a Black guy for an important job via his TV show! Thank you, masta’, oh thank you, thank you! Now I’m convinced you are a racist!

Trump may not think he is; however, all roads lead from his trout mouth to the attitudes of people who simply do not have a clue how ingrained their prejudice may be. I deem such a mentality to be oblivious “ignorance is diss.”
I could go on, but my mother is visiting and is a huge fan of Trump. Pssst. She’s in another room having an early lunch, so I’m slipping my non-happy-with-Trumpster’s-dumpster-nose-dive into racially-charged territory into the flogging woodshed before she returns to look over my shoulder to see what I’m writing, which would only begin an afternoon of fighting.

And yes, even at my age my mother is still looking over my shoulder. She’s nosy like that. Wish I had known about that part of her MO when I was younger and never locked my diary. 

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Street Art of the Day

The above idea created by Jeffrey Waldman and Dave Harmatz in San Francisco

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

For my Mother
(via Kylie)

Pre-Mother’s Day Musings

(Last summer with Mother)

It is an overcast morning in formerly “sunny” Southern California today. Grey clouds and a chance of “drizzles” will continue through tomorrow and Monday. Just perfect, I say with sarcasm. My mother will be arriving tomorrow to spend the dreary days in my abode that, at its best, is one cold non-insulated barn in anything less-than-80-degree-plus weather.

As the years go by, my mother has become increasingly sensitive to cold environments, and when visiting me in the cooler months, complains about it on every chilly visit. I wrap her in warm throws, turn the heat up to tropical degrees, then slink away from the thermostat after yet another shivering comment of “I’m freezing” choking from her vocal chords. Poor baby, she'll have to go through all of this once again.

Timing IS everything. Until yesterday, it had been a week of high temp’s in the area. I spent most of the heat wave at home in shorts, brief tops and thatch-woven thongs. My mother would have been in her element. But Noooooo. She will have to experience another artic expedition to the city of Angels while I will be in a quiet battle with the home’s owner over the higher-than-usual use of heat for the two and a half days of her visit.

The positive part of the inevitable downside is that I am fortunate to have a mother who is not only nearby, but still zipping around in a car and not yet in need of a walker. In fact, she buzzes through her life with the determination and energy of the best social coordinator I know.

Although she moved to this state years ago at an age when it isn’t easy to begin anew with only a few friends at the beginning, within a year she was involved with several local charities, clubs, and at least 4 different groups who love to play cards and board games. Before I knew it, there she was – in her local paper on a float in a parade waving to the crowds as a rep from one of the organizations to which she belonged.

Next, there was another picture in the paper of her with others in various attire for a Senior Fashion Show. She loves to dress up and waltz around in pretty things. You GO, Mother! (Not allowed to call her “Mom” – it’s a long story……)

I love that my mother remains busy, involved in her community no matter where it may be, and that she retains a youthful spirit. She and I have had our rocky times over the years; however, the so-called wisdom of age and being an only child tends to soften the edginess of dissent on both sides of our DNA coin. The truce on her end could be that she has resigned herself to my tendency to not be a carbon copy of her in most ways other than physical hereditary and a tendency toward perfectionism in our environments.

On my end, I’ve come to the realization that she is capable of being not only a mother but a friend to me…as am I to her now that she has decided to be open to my pointers on how to handle harpy older women. And wow – there are lots of those devious old crones licking their cracked lips to diss on whoever didn’t show up to a meeting or event. It turns out my advice is helping...which is great!
But on to a slightly amusing Mother’s Day story. It’s helpful that she has now grown to prefer my cooking for the special dinner rather than going out. It adds a lovely personal touch to the day, and then, on the following Monday, we go out for lunch after a round of shopping. This arrangement is working.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Street Art of the Day

Masking tape art by Buff Diss

It's A Beautiful Day

The Weak Briefs

Oh my! What a week it’s been – and the secrets of the week’s targets keep coming every few hours! Here is a brief look at the best of the worst.

Let’s begin with newly released pictures of Wild Pippa dancing in a keen-looking lavender bra, shall we? That’s right. Duchess Catherine of Cambridge’s sister might be Harry’s type, after all! Pippa Middleton is turning out to not be the demure tidy-looking wedding gown train-carrier. Instead, she is a party animal! Meow and Wow! That hottie is a tad naughty! Spread the news!

Next in line on celebrity news programs is the word that Osama bin Laden had a child with a stripper! Say what? If so, he must have been a great tipper! It’s nice to know his many wives were so understanding. Now we can finally link a bin Laden story with Charlie Sheen!

Charlie lost one of his Goddesses this week due to her common sense and/or someone grabbing her throbbing head in their sensible hands and looking her in the eye and telling her to clean up her act so she won’t have to languish in the muddy puddle that is Charlie’s fertile yet twirly mind.

In politics, the serious and also tedious, infuriating, disturbing, unnerving events and non-events brought forth the classic BS from Glenn Beck, Palin and friends. They can’t handle a Democrat president with brains. Perhaps that is because they have none. Simple. As simple goes. And, in my world, that’s how it shows. To me, they are but utter bitter pills filling up the airways with verbal oily spills. Frankly, their jaundiced perception of almost everything falls flat as a hat filled with decaying bat crap.

And a few of my readers believe that I AM THE BITTER ONE? Not Limbaugh or the rest who are bigoted (if for nothing else than shock value), or complete opportunists with nary a grey cell working at full speed (Palin)?

When an ill-informed madman such as Beck cannot graciously step back from Armageddon-fueled ramblings for a few minutes to tip his fool’s hat to a job well done not only via a Dem administration but his country’s elite Navy Seals and overall military expertise, then it’s ratings or his hatings – or both – that rocks his sinking boat.

You know what, Beck? It truly is time to have your head checked. You are as crazy as they come and I’m terribly happy Fox News and your radio syndicators finally realized that a Messiah complex only works for a few seasons of sheer unartful blasphemy before the bubble that lives within your head is burst as easily as you often curse sensibility and gentility with your gloated face of American disgrace.

Oh no. My bias is showing once again.


So, what else is on the week-in-review? My errors, that’s what. Okay. It’s bin Laden, NOT Bin Laden. It is al-Qaeda/al Qaeda, NOT Al Qaeda. Once again, as with the confusing spelling of Gaddafi, I have read so many articles over the years that my mind is full of fuzz balls created by too many references which have differing spellings from both pro’s and blogger-ho’s. The Chicago Manual of Style that many writers continue to use as a guide to correct grammar, spelling and all of the intricacies of writing with a proper style hasn’t assisted my plight to write “right.”

Oh well. Back to the point - if I can find it.

Oh, right. The weird, contradictory announcements, among confusing details, emerged in a drip-drip-drip manner from the Obama administration concerning “the raid” and death of bin Laden, thus aiding those whose stance is to always doubt that President Obama knows what he is doing as Commander In Chief.

It's easy to be confused when absolutely everything we have been told about that tall man supposedly in need of medical care has always been enigmatic; therefore, why would it be different now that we are told he is no more? Mysterious in life, he will always been mysterious in death.

By the way, what’s the latest on the Fukushima nuclear meltdown?

(Pippa Pix courtesy of Dan Kitwood/Getty; Whitehotpix/ZUMAPRESS.com)