Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Is It Almost Over?

Is it really true? Today is the Official Last Day Of 2013? I could write an essay-novella on how Racism and Misogyny have resided in a seething cauldron of clearly Unhinged and/or Politically-Motivated-Only Menz Of Power for what must be years of Holding It In (at least publicly); however, it's not necessary. Anyone who has turned on the TV or read a headline on a newspaper or website knows how hot both issues-topics are Right Now…and how The Truth Has Not Set Us Free.

There were Inspiring Moments with Acts Of Kindness between strangers about which none of us will ever know. Some of you may be Private Saints to The Homeless or simply one who offers to help an elderly or Disabled Person cross a street should they be floundering. On the other side of things, perhaps you were the recipient of a Much-Needed Boost to your Self Esteem or Income by an Anonymous (or known) Source. Classic, very real Random Acts Of Kindness are why the world remains as Strangely Peaceful as it is…in an Overview.

Yes, our Planet, many of our countries, are in Depressing Shape, be it War, Economic Collapse, or Natural Disasters. It's rather Intense Out There. We do live "…in interesting times", don't we? Nevertheless, Miracles in both Medicine and Science continue to amaze and astound. What we once thought was A Truth yesterday is suddenly an obsolete viewpoint of considerably mind-boggling discoveries a day later.

We have grown enough to Expand Social Tolerance & Human Substance, witnessing the Very Strong Odor of Almost Everyone supporting the legalization of Marijuana, Gay Marriage (as mentioned in yesterday's post), and we still have the First Man Of Colour at the desk in the Oval Office in that crusty old building on Pennsylvania Avenue. But, The 'Same Must Remain' attitude of "Only a White MAN should be there" continues with a frightful Minority of the population with extremely Big Mouth's.

Celebrities, or shall I write it this way; The Spoiled Brats of Music & Film, along with The Most Overexposed Annoying Group Of Famewhores Evah – the Kar-Kash-Ins, of course – reflected how far we have fallen from True Talent in those arenas (beyond a few good ones here and there). The desire to fall back into a touch of Noir and an unfortunate bout of Really Stupid Movies also reflects a need for Simplicity/Banality while all about us appear to be Losing Their Heads. It also tells us that Hollywood Studios and TV Networks are often run by Frightened, Perverted Children. Nice to know a good film or show will sometimes slip-through the crackies, though.

I won't touch the subject of "Obamacare" because I just won't. But, as you know, it's happening right now. 

I will write I never thought I would ever have such respect for a Pope of the Catholic Church, for eff's sake, as I do for Pope Francis. But I do. And it continues to grow with a surprising majority of people who share my jaded views on/about Organized Religion.

There's more. There is always more to say and write about a Previous Year, yet I've written enough about 2013 During 2013, and can't wait for the calendar to change…although my Personal Partial New Year may not begin until after the end of January.

Meanwhile, I'm anticipating a very comfortable, lightly social evening tonight, therefore it's now time to ready myself for a long day of preparation, so I'll end the Quasi-Summation to go about my business, hoping that you and yours will enjoy whatever your plans may be for The Big Celebration.

Have a Happy New Year's Eve!

Be Safe!

And Thank You for Always Stopping By!

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Monday, December 30, 2013

Different Art of the Day

I'm Coming Out

Another Closet Door Opens - Gently

Well, what do you know? Robin Roberts of Good Morning America, cancer and bone marrow transplant-survivor, and Very Respected & Liked Person on the Tee-Vee's, has finally told the The Whole Wide World that she is gay. Not only is she an Official Gayelle, but one with a Long-Time Partner of 10 years!

Wow! You could have knocked me over with a barely exhaled breath aimed directly at my face when I read her Facebook Post where she casually slipped-in her Gayness in-between giving thanks to supporters and family in a personal report (of course) about what the past year has been all about for her life. (Read HERE for details.)

This particular Robin Roberts news has been one of those clichéd Open Secrets for several years. I heard a while ago that she would have flung open Her Closet Door much sooner had it not been for the need to properly heal from cancer without possible drama getting in the way of her improved  immune system if a Public Backlash Occurred. I doubt that she'll lose support from her fans (although she will from The Usual Haters), nor are any of her ABC colleagues passing their own forms of Smelling Salts around the network because they've known all about it and lurve her anyway!

Strange how easy it has been for many High Profile Peoples, in combination with Low Profile Peons, to wave the Rainbow Flag in GOP Faces over the year, causing states to legalize Gay Marriage in a consistent drumbeat, showing how tolerant and understanding the General Public has become on the subject/issue while, concurrently, we have seen the Most Blatant Examples Of Racism and Sexism in 2013 than we have as a nation and several countries since the 60's.

Ah, the irony of Life As We Now Know It.

TDFB (me) nods with respect to Miz Roberts and wishes her continued Good Health now that she's back on track and cancer-free. She's shown bravery in personal character by taking her viewers with her through the bone-marrow transplant ordeal in 2012, and now, as the ricketydoor is almost closed on a year I can't wait to send off a very high cliff, she has stood-up and gently, with dignity, allowed herself to Be Fully Herself.


Until next time, have a Wonderful Whatever!

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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Unique Art of the Day

Artist - Max Zorn
Material - Masking Tape
Image & Details via: http://fineprintnyc.com

The Weekly Fluff

Could it be that for the last The Weekly Fluff  in 2013 there are very few bits of new or Interesting At All Newz (again) for our Celebrity Rundown? Unlike other Gossip Posts on Official Celebrity Chattering Sites, TDFB (me) has no desire to create a Year End Overview in any formal order whatsoever. Also, some of the Usual Suspects of the year won't be mentioned at all as I, for one, am Weary Of Them!

However, for the sake of living-up to the promise of staying on course with Fluffy Stuff today, we'll simply mention the Low-Lights in the quickest way possible and then dash-off to Finally Get Some Rest – which this blogger has been lacking. So, with no nostalgia, tears or sorrow for sending Celebrity Crass to the trash of 2013, here's how it will be today. Are you ready? Then, let's go:

Did you know that Brad Pitt wears Black Socks when he's in shorts of any colour? Yep. He does. All of the time. Often scrunched on one foot-ankle, then almost upright on the other. Mmmm. How so not sexy or remotely "hip." Now, I like socks. I like Black socks when worn with pants/jeans, but not on Anyone when they're in shorts. One would think such a Fashion Faux Pas would only occur with one's Great-Grandfather. Oh Brad, what hath thou done to Tom Ford's image? And, in truth, what have you been doing to yourself? It isn't "Edgy" to do the Grandpa Look. Trust me. Almost everyone notices and they Don't Like It – not that you care – because it's obvious that you don't.

Miley Cyrus. Miley Cyrus. Miley Cyrus. Doesn't anyone else have a Tongue Issue and a love affair with Big Balls that swing from side-to-side?

Well, yes they do on the latter and his name is Jon Hamm with his Now Infamous Friend, The Hammaconda. It's Always There to be almost-seen and is quite popular with both sexes. Paps make sure to always take a Medium-Long Shot of Jon whenever he's Out & About to ensure we see it lining the interior of his slacks/jeans as it rests quietly within the inner regions of his thigh-to-knee in order to keep his fans continually gasping, or, for some, to have Very Sweet Dreams – if not both.

Matthew McConaughey needs to regain more of the weight he lost for his role in Dallas Buyers Club. Recent Photo Ops still bring to mind an emaciated Very Ill person. BUT, could it be he prefers to remain Too Skinny until Award Season is over next year? To win those shiny statues for Best Actor, reminders of his Great Sacrifice to become more than a Rom-Com Star may be The Plan. Or not. Who knows? I don't. Just a thought – which, from me can be dangerous at times.

Is it Really True that Ben Stiller is reportedly a Real Life Jerk? Only his film characters know for sure. And, if that last line didn't make sense to you, you're not alone.

What is it with Leonardo DiCaprio's continuing Tabloid Moniker of a "hunk"? I don't see it…except in his growing bloated face that, when near him, shows signs of an Embedded Mark Of VS Model Obsession.

Writing of faces, has anyone seen recent pix of Nicole Kidman who claims to not use Botox or anything? I'm very surprised her nose isn't growing.

Two notable moments of 2013: Both Anna Wintour and Posh Beckham were photographed smiling. At least once – maybe twice. Someone should call The Guinness Book Of World Records people, eh?

Has Carrie Underwood pulled herself out from hiding Under The Covers following The Sound Of Music Live performance a few weeks ago? They have? Was she alone? Her husband reportedly may be running away from The Sound Of Losing.

Julian Lennon has slowly returned to performing and promoting his music and Causes. I love him. Thought you needed to know that fact although I may have written the same thing last week – or the week before. Say-Lah-Vee! I intend to continue saying/writing as much. Repetition can be effective at times.

Mr. Benedict Cumbersomethingorother will probably knock all of our Black Socks off when his film, The Imitation Game, arrives at our Moving Picture Places in the future because the subject matter is rife with astonishing technical and Personal Facts which beg for not only an Important Film, but also a stellar performance recreating a Real Life Genius (Alan Turing) that I believe he can take all the way to the Nearest Hallowed Actor Bank to live off the interest of until eternity – or, maybe just The Next Project. We shall see – and I'll be first in line.

Why does Mariah Carey continue to accept gigs from Dictators? Is it because she had been married to one for soooo loooong and might be suffering Stockholm Syndrome despite her Escape To Freedom? Only her Business Manager knows for certain.

While in a Questioning Mood, many continue to ask why Robin Thicke wasn't heavily bashed for his participation in The Booty Shake That Shook The World. Could it be that – uh – he's A Guy and that Sexism is still Alive in 2013? Heaven Forbid! It's TRUE!

Are you as Sick Of Seeing all of the Ron Burgundy/Anchorman 2 Promo's as I am? Yes, it has been a clever marketing campaign, but it's also been a Never-Ending Pain In The Arse for those of us who don't like Will Farrell or his character or the humour of that franchise. Enough with it, thank you very much.

Well, now that I've had enough Strong Black Tea to sabotage my hope to rest today, I'll take my caffeine-riddled self off to find a music video that even I might like today.

Until next time, have a Wonderful Whatever, and Thanks for stopping by!

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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Are You 'Letting Down' Or 'Let Down' Today?

Good morning/afternoon/evening/dawn! How's everyone doing on this Day After Christmas? Did you discover if you had been Naughty Or Nice? Did yet another family member give you a gift you will have to return? Or, were you happily fulfilled by both food and gifts?

Unless you must jump on a plane, maneuvering through hoards of Other Travelers and grimacing through the microscope of TSA, for the majority of Americans, today is another form of a holiday if you don't need to work. Others rush right back to their cubicles or Corner Offices to Seal The Deal. Tsk-tsk to the Type A's who could be resting rather than investing - or whatever the job may entail. For me, it's a partial Down-Time Day before I once more pack my bags and zip back to my abode. It has been very nice to "get away" from L.A. after months of madness of one sort or another. To say I needed a break is The Biggest Understatement of my year.

We still have New Year's Eve ahead of us - the One Night of the year when Celebrations abound around the world, filling the atmosphere with gorgeous visions of fireworks displays while bands play and many make merry. And then, of course, the 1st of January brings More Football Games and more parties which often means More Food and excessive shouting at the TV when Another Dense (or bought) Referee makes a horrible call.

Such is the way of Rituals/Traditions.

Nevertheless, for now, I hope you are enjoying whatever yours may be for the Day After Christmas.

Until the Typing Fingers are on back on track, I bid you a fond farewell in writing until Saturday. Don't forget that at TDFB, Friday's are Silly-Funny-Punny Days to lighten our minds and to set a hopefully pleasant tone for the weekend with comedy, parodies and strange art.

Enjoy what remains of your holiday!

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Monday, December 23, 2013

Off We Go

TDFB (me) will be off and traveling today. 
While gone, we (me) will be posting simple things to keep the season's spirit bright.

Have a Wonderful Whatever, and thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sunday Music Special

Sunday Tidbits #220+6

Let's find out what's going on in the Little Corners of the Interwebs…

If you claim that "Racism is over" Read This Before You Open Your Lie-Hole Again

Despite appearances to the contrary, NASA did do Some Thing's Over The Last Year 

Personal Space & Distance never sounded so good to make The Heart Grow Fonder 

If you're still shopping for Christmas, you might consider wearing Protective Gear 

Now you can stay home and just read what it's like to go to a Beyoncé Concert!

If this is the strangest Odd News for 2013, then I'm already wary of 2014

Are you surprised? I'm not. Walmart's Classy Shoppers to the rescue!

If you want an excuse to drink, Here's Your Justification 

Vanity Fair finally admits it Isn't Perfect! 

Spying on Allies can become Costly

That's it for the day!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Different Art of the Day

Artist - Cristiam Ramos
Material - Candy
Image & Details via: http://designyoutrust.com

Tell Me The Truth

The Weekly Fluff

Good Saturday morning (or whatever) to you! It's that time again to rehash the Latest Fluff going on "out there" concerning The Celebrities who dominate our culture – for good or ill.

As it's Holiday Time, many are off to locales exotic, while others keep working or throw Major Parties at home. Sounds almost like what half of the Free World is doing. Could it be that The Populars/UnPopulars are, deep down, just like Regular People? I know, what a concept!

Here's what The They's are saying, with a few observations I have to murk things up even more than usual:

Again, we're hearing/reading more noise coming from "sources" of anonymous origins, that America's Former Sweetheart, Jennifer Analstone and her Hipster Fiancé Justin Theroux, are "just fine" and have already gone through counseling to work out whatever differences they have that could/would/may/might cause at least one of them to stomp on their engagement ring.

After months of speculation regarding the stability (or not) of their Sacred Union, Justin is back in L.A. from NYC, driving around town with dearest Jenny to parties, as well as reportedly Actually Being At His Own Home with Jennifer for their recent Xmas Party. Is it Damage Control PR-generated "surprise" Pap Pix and "Newz" or – gasp – could it be that they have The Real Thing going on? (I hear cackling in the background…)

Brad Pitt had a Birthday a few days ago. The Mainstream Media made a Big Deal out of the fact that he is now 50! That's strange, he's been looking more like 60.

Of course you know that Jennifer Lawrence has become A Media Darling! It's kinda nice to have someone with her refreshing honesty in The Newz who hasn't been wandering around on white beaches wearing a bikini or brawling with Other Celebrities on Twatter. Keep it up, Jennifer – however, we could have done without the Butt Plug story.

Beyoncé now Rules The World! Unveiling an ambitious series of new music and videos without alerting the media was extremely smart. My many hats are off to her with the necessary bow. Thing is, I still don't listen to her music. My home remains Silent As A Quiet Night from anything that isn't soothing or inspirational.

Paul Walker left a Bigger Legacy behind than a lot people knew until this week. A video has been making the rounds wherein we see how often he traveled to invest his time to assist impoverished and Natural Disaster-ridden countries via his charity, Reach Out Worldwide. The charity assists Humanitarian Missions for organizations such as Doctors Without Borders. Although his fans and colleagues knew a bit about his Humanitarian efforts, the video shows what a wonderful Human Being he was. He cried at the sorrow he witnessed at the distressed areas with quiet grace. He also got down and dirty with everyone to do whatever was asked of him and his charity. For that, we should all mourn his death with a Very Full And Loving Heart.

Tom Cruise is supposedly "smitten" with a Young Someone who shares his chain devotion to the CO$. Well, it's about time he stops marrying and dating women who eventually flee the Scientology Lunacy, and tries with More Zeal Than Ever to find a woman who will step into the Spaceship with him, right? If he really is "smitten" (isn't he always "smitten"?), let's hope Oprah interviews him next time around while he's tied to one of her cushy New Show chairs.

If you believe Blind Items, then every Male Comedian is a sexual pig and always pays for sex. Oh, and every Huge Male Star is still secretly gay or bisexual. Perhaps one doesn't have to use a Blind to be able to See, eh?

Charlie Sheen (here we go again) may be dropping his Financial Support to the Long-Suffering-Yet-Oddly-Grounded Denise Richards because she (reportedly) is willing to cooperate with Certain Authorities who may be investigating areas of his life that fly way below how low he's already skidded on the patchy Runway of His Debauched Life.

We haven't heard much about Rihanna in a while. I wonder why.

That's enough for me today. Have a Wonderful Whatever!

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Thursday, December 19, 2013

FYI #1,000

Just clearing-out, cleaning-up. 
Have a Wonderful Whatever!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Street Art (Sort of) of the Day

Location - Berlin
Situation - Street Art Paint War


Exhausted & Indecisive

After yesterday's Latest Computer Drama - which has now been fixed (I hope) - I'm still deciding if writing today is more important than a much-needed break. It was Intense.
We shall see as the day unfolds. Until then, enjoy the Music and Art...

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

'Conduit' Is a Conduit to Madness

Good morning/afternoon/evening/dawn. Yesterday was another Really Fun Monday – as I have been writing lately.

Yes, it was another Tech Issue Day. And, with this "issue" I will take issue with Conduit, a creepy, sneaky, shockingly legal application that is attached to various program downloads and Will Not Go Away!

One usually isn't aware that Conduit will be involved in your download…whether from a Supposedly Safe Site or a risky Free Application. You don't know anything about it until you realize that your computer is Running Slow and an Ugly Unwanted Toolbar suddenly pops-up on top of Your Every Page on Anyplace you travel on the I-Nets and will change Your Search Engine To Theirs! It not only clogs your system, although it's not a Virus (supposedly), but will also interfere with the ability to Start Your Computer!

Virus scans don't see it. You think you uninstalled it, as it no longer shows-up in your Programs/Applications Location after you "thought" you removed it. Nevertheless, you'll discover that It Is Still There!

The list of complaints goes on – and as there are so many awful stories, conflicting opinions on what it really is, I won't provide a link. If you do your own Search, you'll find a dizzying array of nice people trying to find solutions receiving info about Supposed Fixes that aren't effective. Don't bother unless you have it, too, or are a Partial Geek Like Me.

To calmly handle the Latest Glitch, I ran a Deep Scan to remove it…which, after 6 Hours utilizing an excellent anti-Malware program, removed a lot of Adware and other Junk, but Not Conduit! I've been reading many reviews, forums and basic info on this Insidious Hijacker only to discover Everyone who has been in my place has had the most difficult time of it to toss that thing into Cyber Rejection Hell. The many ways in which people are guided to rid themselves of the Unwanted Pain In The Arse is ridiculous! One almost has to be a Computer Programmer to handle the process.

First, I did manage – after another 4 (count 'em) hours of Scanning Again with a specific program guaranteed to Get Rid Of It and discovered that, yes, I could see that it caught all of the Bad Things from Conduit (which has at least 3-4 other things stuck to it that you also get with your Not-So-Fun-Internet-Surprise!) and that, if used, would probably Fix The Problem. But, You Must Pay For That Service. I wonder if Conduit and the particular application are connected somehow. What a clever scam that would be, eh? Create something that is so High Tech in its ability to be bypassed by The Top Anti-Malware options that the Main Easy Way to dump it will create revenue. My Detective Skills are itching to do a bit of Deep Research about it.

Why is Conduit allowed to remain on the I-Net?

I manually fixed everything I could to stop a few annoying elements from overtaking my Search Preferences, etc. But the Toolbar and the Start-Up Glitch remain. I do know how to remove Tracking Cookies (one of it's ugly attributes) as well as utlize excellent software to handle tougher jobs. But now I'm pissed. Unless I MUST, I will not send money to the program mentioned earlier as I feel the entire mess is a rip-off.

I'm writing about this latest Tech Problem/Challenge to warn all of you to Beware Of Conduit should you ever run across it before you download anything…IF you are fortunate enough to see that it will become part of your Java or Flash Player (or other) needed application upgrades and/or downloads.

Meanwhile, I intend to file a complaint against the so-called "company" – or whatever it is – which could be NSA for all any of us know. I don't file complaints unless I see a scam. In fact, I've only done it once, and it was with Classmates.com – a story I wrote about in the early days of this blog in 2010.

And, as a note to Possibly Smug-Laughing MAC Users who think they can't get a virus, or Malware, because, well, you know, it's a MAC! – don't laugh too long or too hard. The Mac user in my abode was recently Hacked and ended-up with a virus. They also spend more time at The Apple Store at The Grove than I do at fixing my PC issues. And they have had 3 new Mac's in almost as many years caused by malfunctioning elements.

Ah, the supposed Age Of Ease Via Technology has become The Age Of Dissonance.

Until tomorrow, Be Well, and thanks for stopping by!

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Sunday, December 15, 2013

RIP Joan Fontaine

RIP Peter O'Toole

False Friends

Self-Censorship or Let It Rip?

How often do you censor yourself? As in, not being truthful, honest, open. Do you like the feeling of holding-back?

Are you afraid of negative reactions to your thoughts/ideas/comments? Do you think it's wise to Keep Your Mouth Shut more often than not with Certain People in your life?

I'm asking these questions as I have found myself not only "Holding My Tongue" in Real Life, on this blog, and on Social Media, but, actually Biting My Tongue almost everyday, everywhere. It's a new Bad Habit. While I have written the above (and the side-to-my-left-sentences), the Now Unconscious Habit has stuck out its tongue so that I may thoughtlessly lightly bite it as I write. Maybe I can retrain myself to just Bite My Lip instead, as my tongue is becoming annoyed with my ill-treatment of it. Perhaps that's why I seem to be losing my Sense Of Taste of late. Truly. That is an honest statement. No holding back on that. The issue is only between my tongue and me. Maybe it's retaliating against my lack of candor.

When I haven't held back this year with my feelings when I have an issue with someone, or a concern I want to discuss with another about something going on in my life, I've discovered a combination of Openings And Closings. Some people want to know what they think is another person's Truth, while Others have no time or patience, compassion or interest. And when we see the closures, hear the grueling silence from a Long-Not-Returned phone call or a lengthy lapse in an email response from someone with whom we once could talk to while sitting on the bidet, you know you either made a Huge Mistake by not stuffing your emotions for the Hundredth Time, or you suddenly discover who your Real Friends are at this stage in your life.

And that, my friends, is part of what I have been going through for several years – particularly this year – with painful, eye-opening results. It hasn't been pleasant. I've been angry at a few, hurt by others, and completely baffled at times. But, after having gone through similar situations throughout my life, I think I'm finally learning something. When I actually get beyond feeling sorry for myself, I'll let you know what my lesson is beyond creating dents in my tongue.

I'm not focusing on complaining to others – endlessly – about an issue that becomes extremely boring and tiring for friends to hear as if one is a recording of Self on a loop. Most of us roll our eyes when a friend wears us out on the Same Old-Same-Olds – especially if there is no resolution or solution to the friend's problem. Or, if they know how to change "it" and yet don't, but simply want to dump their Never-Ending Story in your ear (or, if writing, cause your eyes to glaze over one more time).

No. That's not what I mean when I write of Self-Censorship in the vein of when to Be Honest, with whom, and when Not To Say A Word for various reasons. I'm talking about attempts to learn exactly where one actually "stands" in someone's life when asking questions that some may be too cowardly to answer, or afraid of hurting feelings, which they do anyway with the Un-Returned Call or Email. And, it grows even murkier when you have nicely asked if you have done something to upset, offend, or Whatever It May Be, to a friend and they always tell you they love you and all is well, yet continue to behave as if you don't exist while they dash about their lives with others after putting you off.

When you see what Their Truth Is, it's clear that Actions DO Speak Louder Than Words. Thus, I have now decided that I will censor myself once again with several people I once trusted, by Censoring Myself Right Out Of Their Lives.

I know this has been a vague-ish post. But, I'm Biting My Tongue (again).

That's all she wrote.

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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Not Feeling "Myself" Today

The Writing Fingers are rebelling.
I've always been a rebel. 

<The Weekly Fluff will return next Saturday.>
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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Street Art of the Day

Beautiful Babel-ing

Sending All the Wrong Signs

Good morning/afternoon/evening. Today I have given myself the choice to write about either The Golden Globe Nominations or the now-professed-confessed "fake" Nelson Mandela Memorial Service Sign Language Interpreter. Which one is too easy, and which one could cause trouble for my Up Way Too Early Brain to properly address? C'mon. You guess.

Of course I'll take the challenge of the Interpreter. Why not force the Grey Cells into action and submission to bring substance to a currently blank page where Words Need To Be Written?

I'm also choosing the Interpreter Fiasco because Thamsanqua Jantjie, the Focus of the Embarrassment of watching someone seemingly Sign Language gibberish, has now joined the astute masses and Deaf People in the rising "Boo-Hiss" of WTF was he doing up there on a podium with World Leaders if he didn't know what he was doing, by stating that he is Schizophrenic and was having a rather unusual episode of his illness while on stage.

Imagine, should his claim be true, that you are to be The Sign Language Person for a World Event honoring a personage of Nelson Mandela's stature and spiritual relevance throughout the world, then suddenly discover that you are hallucinating a plethora of angels while in the midst of Mandela tributes? How strange that must have been – which is what Jantjie has stated. And, in a way, how fitting.

If he is indeed ill, and prone to violent outbursts as he has admitted, then Why Was He Chosen To Be There At All? We spend millions all over the world – the U.S. and Other Countries, to provide Security for World Leaders of any ilk to keep potentially unstable people far from close proximity to Our Chosen (or not) Ones. Someone who is Just That – not consistently "all there" – is both a Huge Security Breach as well as fodder for perhaps unkind yet Dark Humour jokes.

But, when one reads the words of this man, you have to wonder once again, WTF? Who hired him? How was he vetted? From an interview with AP, Jantjie said the following about his condition and the violent side-effects of when he is having an "episode" and how aware he was of all of the Heavy Security with Strong Firearms who were standing near his spot on the podium that day.

"Sometimes I react violent on that place. Sometimes I will see things that chase me. And remember those people, the president and everyone, they were armed, there was armed police around me. If I start panicking I'll start being a problem. I have to deal with this in a manner so that I mustn't embarrass my country."

I have compassion and understanding for anyone with a "condition" (except "affluenza" – see yesterday's post). Therefore, without knowing the facts of whether or not his claims are true, I'll simply state that regardless of whatever was going on with him during his job as one who must communicate clearly with their hands, someone made a serious mistake in judgment by hiring anyone with a tendency toward violence, as well as Previous Un-Reliability On The Job. The Mandela Memorial was not the first time Jantjie has received complaints from other Event-Goers and Deaf Organizations for absolutely incomprehensible signing.

They should have hired a Mime. They're quite clear in silent communication and wonderfully entertaining, no?

For the most recent developments on the story, check THIS OUT.

Have a Wonderful Whatever!

Image via: http://images.fineartamerica.com

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Textured Art of the Day

Natural Music Treat

Tuesday Tidbits #44,725

Tripping through the Internets...

With minds like dry ice, why are we surprised when They Believe Things Like This 

Yep. Isn't it grand that we finally Have Control Over Guns Now? 

They're obviously kidding, although I Can't Stand Him For Real

Is this creepy or brilliant? Not Gonna Put One By My Bed

Um, what's going on with these Overblown Ego Guys?

Want to have a cheesy Guessing Game? Read This Site

Wouldn't The Devil just Feel At Home?

How about one for a Ban To The U.S.? 

I'm sure many people feel Like He Did 

Cinema Sex as a measure of Real Sex

Oh, Get Over Yourselves

See you later, and thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Weekly Fluff

Well here we are on another Saturday to focus on the Supposed-Rumoured Doings Of Celebrities. What I find a bit difficult about writing this particular weekly post is how the Same Names dominate most of the Gossip Places, and that I rehash what Other People are saying and writing.

For a change, I'm going to offer my own opinion on what's Out There, despite the fact that my sources are full of speculation with very few Facts. But then, that's what Gossip is comprised of: mere speculation with a side-dish of Titillation, correct? So, if I choose to continue writing The Weekly Fluff, I too am another person "in the dark" about The Truth, rambling-on about people I don't know, albeit using different words. And, unfortunately, when I do know A Truth, I can't and won't print it lest I lose half of my friends.

But, what the heck, I've been doing this for a while now and have fun with it when possible....

The Rumours:

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis may not only be Preggers, but also secretly Engaged!

My Opinion: Yes on the engagement; a Half-Yes on Mila being pregnant. When she stops wearing Huge Shirts that cause people to wonder if she's "with child" or not, we'll know. Unless, of course, her seeming weight gain is just the result of too many Fast Food visits.

Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston are Kaput and only pretending to be together until the holidays are over.

My Opinion: Probably true.

Warren Beatty and Annette Bening are on the verge of divorce – partially due to extreme differences over their Transgender son, Stephen Ira, being Transgender and proud enough about it to be seen in a Public Service Announcement via GLAAD regarding Healthcare for Transgenders.

My Opinion: Makes sense to me that most parents will have difficulty with and about their child(ren) who make such a drastic change and Go Very Public about it. One parent may be okay, the other Not-So-Much. With regard to a divorce, I only know through Beatty's Past Life in Hollywood as a Lothario with very little grace while being The Man, that he wanted a marriage with Bening when he realized he was Getting Old and didn't want to be alone – or increasingly rejected by the Young Things he once sought and conquest-ed. To divorce Now may not benefit either of them, and I don't think Annette wants to be tossed to the Film Outtake Floor via his friends who still make films. Separated for a while? Very possible. Most of us need a Time Out when marriage/relationships hit a Huge Bump.

Leonardo DeCaprio has tossed his Latest Victoria's Secret Model GF to the wind so that he can romp with newly divorced Miranda Kerr.

My Opinion: Sure. Why not. She was once a Victoria's Secret Model too, and we know he has VS on Speed-Dial. But wait! Miranda is supposedly enthralled with the tres wealthy James Packer. If you were her, which one would you choose? I know I'd "pack-it-in" with Leonardo as he changes models as often as models change their clothes on Runway Nights.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are only "co-parenting" and have an Open Relationship – if one of any substance at all these days beyond sharing children.

My Opinion: Miz Jolie has more than hinted about not having a great deal of faith in Monogamy, and Mr. Pitt spends a great deal of time Away From Her as the months go on. Thus, I believe it…although I do think they still have a connection and understand each other in ways very few could – or would.

Lindsay Low-Hand (groan) had "someone" beat-up Barron Hilton, Paris' brother, at a drug-infested party in Miami where she was being her Old Self again.

My Opinion: Based on pictures of Barron's face and his trip to the ER, it's clear that Someone beat the guy with vengeance. As this is now a Legal Matter, I'll simply state that I wouldn't be surprised to discover Our Most UnPopular Mess found Mr. Hilton to be As Unbearable As His Sister and, in a moment of Foggy Clarity, decided it was time someone showed The Hilton's just how much they can Top the Former Bottom-Feeder by Proxy.

Not A Rumour: Carrie Underwood is no Julie Andrews. If you have no idea what I am referring to and why, then, be my guest and check THIS out.

That's it for me today. I'm enjoying the rain and Cold Weather in Not-So-Sunny Southern California at the moment. Now I can pull out my trusty gloves, warm hats, wool scarves and boots to take a Chilling but Refreshing Walk in the Hood without wilting in the Almost Never-Ending Sun & Heat.

Have a Fabulous Whatever! 

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Thursday, December 5, 2013

RIP Nelson Mandela

Street Art of the Day

Location - Buenos Aires
Title - The Talking Walls of Buenos Aires
Image & Details via: http://londonewcastle.com

Another Empty Chair On the Air

So, MSNBC is going through another round of chaos with Martin Bashir's resignation. What is happening over there – I ask again? Of late, the cable channel decided (wisely) to drop Alec Baldwin's program after he blurted-out disparaging homophobic slurs to a Paparazzo who had been lurking in front of Baldwin's NYC home last month.

I agree with MSNBC's decision – beyond just the bad PR his outburst created, but for the fact that, in my opinion, he had no business hosting a show there. Why? Why not? He's just not that appealing as a host for serious issues despite his poltical and cultural opinions we have seen in written form on The Huffington Post over the years. Stay in film and Fictional TV comedies, Mr. Baldwin. You do well in those arenas.

As far as Bashir's "resignation" is concerned, I also must agree with it, although I sincerely doubt it was nothing more than a basic firing. If you don't follow these stories, I'll be quick and succinct over the Bashir mess: On November 15, Mr. Bashir decided to slay Sarah Palin's oblivious (so what else is new) remarks about slavery in a November 9 speech in Iowa. (THIS is what she said via Bashir's now-job-losing comments.)

However, although I admire and respect anyone who can be brutally honest and passionate about their beliefs, Bashir went way too far in his response to Dear Little Empty-Headed Sarah when he suggested that someone should defecate in her mouth. Yuck!

That was a rough statement, wouldn't you say? I truly dislike Palin with all of my Liberal Feelings pulsing away against her uneducated nonsense, but I also don't believe it's professional or decent to be so crass  – especially as a TV Host of any ilk. Yesterday I felt differently about his leave-taking. Today, with more thought, I have to admit it was time for Martin Bashir to go home. Clearly, he sunk well below Palin's IQ when he chose to take The Low Road.

I can write whatever crude words with a cynical attitude I want to use on this blog when I'm mad or shocked and disgusted by many of the GOPer's' thoughtless statements about almost anything they say that shows ignorance, smugness and blatant lying. But, this is a little blog. I am not on TV or the radio. I don't have sponsors (nor can I with this blog's Host as I would break all of their advertising rules), and although the audience for TDFB is decent for a non-PR'd site, I don't think of this "public forum" as a place where I am influencing millions of people every day that could reflect poorly on the host of my blog. No one will lose money if I cross a line. The worse that could happen is that I could lose too many readers.

In Bashir's case, he worked for a network which is part of the NBC Family, a "corporation" held together by advertising money that pays the bills and salaries of thousands of people around the world. Beyond saying that some of those people can "Go to Hell" I wouldn't share further disdain with the words and imagery Bashir used on that fateful day about anyone were I to be more than Just Another Blogger. It simply is not professional no matter how beautifully his words flow forth from his mouth.

And so, once more, I bid farewell to yet another MSNBC Host as the Musical Chairs continue to swirl and twirl, leaving many of us with a lingering feeling of dizziness.

That's all she wrote for the day. See you tomorrow with the Usual Friday Silliness!

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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Banksy
Location - Paris

Is Time On Our Side?

I need to lay down now, falling gracefully on my chaise in classic Having The Vapors style. Why? Moments ago I finished Googling all of the Popular choices of who should be Time Magazine's Person of the Year, that's why.

Although Time's Main People will ultimately decide the outcome, a poll for readers, non-readers and obvious aliens is always part of the magazine's marketing push to amp-up interest in the Big Prestigious Honor to have one's Picture On The Cover and a lifelong title as having been Important & Influential to/in The World.

This year's "popular" leader of the Popular Pack is Miley Cyrus thus far. On other lists are Ted Cruz, Paul Rand and Kanye West! But then, West's inclusion is obvious since he's God and God Knows How Hard He's Working behind-the-scenes in a different way than usual to get that honor!

Pleezeeee! Let's get Realistic, shall we?

Below is a short list of those who are being somewhat "officially" touted as The Possible Winner (and for whom I would agree), as well as why I think they should be seriously considered:

Malala Yousafzai:
How could we not admire and fall in love with this disarming, altruistic, eloquent young lady with the Heart of Light and Nerves of Steel? Facing the dreaded Taliban in her home country of Pakistan, Malala demanded that women be allowed to have an education. In return, she was shot by the thugs and survived. Interviewed by almost everyone All Over The World for the past year, she has left many a host speechless with her genuinely strong, yet gentle pronouncement of forgiveness and inspiration to anyone with a beating heart and open mind. A brief Biography can be found HERE.

Elon Musk:
A very impressive individual, Musk is CEO of Tesla Motors, founder of PayPal and SpaceX. Musk's inventing ways have made him an extremely influential figure in the world through innovative use of technology. With Tesla Model S, despite its detractors, he has brought the first (though currently expensive) successful High Performance Electric Car into our lives, which will eventually (should we all live to see it) bring our planet closer to less dependence on oil. His goals are in tune with what our world really needs in space exploration (SpaceX) in addition to the simplicity of buying things on the Internet through PayPal. Check out his Wiki Page HERE

Edith Windsor:
Were it not for her dedication to challenge a denial of an estate tax exemption she deserved as the legal spouse and lifelong partner of Thea Spyer, who died in 2009, DOMA would still be The Law Of The Land. But no! After Windsor was denied the substantial tax exemption for Spyer's estate (which she left to Windsor) due to DOMA, the antiquated law would not have gone before The Supreme Court which, shockingly, agreed with her claim that she deserved the exemption, and thus fell DOMA, and thus opened the gates to states across America, as well as cities across the world, to finally Legally Recognize same-sex marriage. The impact this feisty and brave woman had upon the LGBT World has been phenomenal. More info can be found RIGHT HERE.

Wendy Davis:
Anyone who is passionate, poised, prepared and sturdy enough to stand in front of Naysayers in a Texas Senate Chamber for eleven hours straight to filibuster Neanderthal-tinged Anti-Women's Abortion Rights as Texas attempted to do, but couldn't because of her amazing fortitude, deserves recognition by Anyone who believes that Women Have A Right to choose the health decisions concerning their own bodies. To some such a feat may seem small on a World Stage, but her actions have galvanized women across the nation to not take the current onslaught of Anti-Woman Anything in their own states. She is a grand inspiration and I support her in every way. Read more about her HERE.

Diana Nyad:
Diana showed Everyone what it takes, and what it's like, to Never Give Up On A Dream as she finally completed the 110 mile swim between Cuba and the Florida Keys after 4 previously unsuccessful attempts. Bruised, sun-burned, weary but strong, she flipped our imaginations back into the ON position with her Will and Stamina when she made it to the Florida shores, not only making history, but to remain True to Herself. The example she set for all of the Dreamers out there is something we need more of in this world. HERE is a brief biography of her Demanding Achievements as an Inspirational Athlete and Person.
Pope Francis:
Astonishing as it is, I am choosing Pope Francis as Time's Person of the Year (although Malala could be a heavy threat). Despite all of the glowing remarks above, he is the most surprising Hero, in a way, that I have witnessed over the past year. Anyone who has followed TDFB knows that I am not a fan of the Catholic Church in general, or the Catholic Restrictive Religion in total. However, not only has he brought Heart back into his religion, he has shown the kindness, compassion and Human Decency I feel is lacking in Organized Religion's Everywhere. He remains grounded in his new position by eschewing the OTT Ruby Slippers and wears His Own Regular Shoes, while he also replaced the Pretentious Pope throne for a simple wooden chair/throne. Those symbolic, yet important messages of humility and a genuine desire to be of service to All Economic Classes is extremely important as so many people in the world always look to The Pope as A Leader. He is now setting an incredibly humane example.

Another new bit of news has "outed" him as slipping out of the Vatican in late-night sojourns to quietly roam the streets of Rome providing sustenance to the Poor and Homeless. A Godsend, he is, with no pun intended. Read more HERE.

Note: I didn't include Edward Snowden in my list because I am not certain what the underlying truth may be behind his "leaks" concerning the NSA. Until more is learned/unearthed about him; his possible "backers" and what he was really sent to China to do, I'll remain silent on the subject.

Meanwhile, by December 11 we will know who the editor's at Time have chosen as The Anointed One.

Until tomorrow, have a Wonderful Whatever!

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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Street Art of the Day

Artists - MTO & IEMZA
Location - France
Image & Details via: http://www.brooklynstreetart.com

A Grand Jam at Montreux

Tuesday Tidbits #05+10

I'm here. The Virus is no more (see yesterday's post), a new Anti-Virus Program has been installed, along with newer backup software Just In Case…. Whew! I'm grateful for the ability to continue typing words, reading, and placing myself in the midst of The Jungle called Social Media via my current laptop because I still like it, and it's not old. A bit delicate in one area (see yesterday's post again), but works quite well and blah-blah-blah.

So, with that brief update out of the way I'll sally-forth on our Weekly Stroll through the Internets. Enjoy!

For those who loathe Ambien as much as I do: Competition Is Nigh

Hey there Gun Lovers, you're going to Hate This Article

I don't know if it's true, but hey! Let's Get Trashy

What? The Donald is a fraud? Shock Of Shocks!

It's a sick story but The Comments are priceless.

The downside to Amazon's Drone Thingy

Football may ruin us all: Heavy Shaking

The odd truth about Internet Hacking

Another example of LGBT Intolerance

I still Can't With These Two (FIXED)

Monday, December 2, 2013

Gallery Art of the Day

Artist - Derek Gores
Format - Canvas
Materials - Recycled Magazine/Newspaper Pieces
Specialty - Controlling Chaos In Art

There's Something About Mondays and Me

Welcome (maybe not) to Monday! As I've been writing, Mondays are Turning Against Me like a scorned Something Or Other (which means you can fill in the blank and you'd be correct no matter what you'd think-write in your head). A month ago today a TV fell on my head and thrust my face into an Armoire shelf, almost fracturing my nose.

(At the time my Main Doc and I thought it was broken until, after the swelling subsided, an ENT diagnosed the mess as an Almost Fracture…but now I have what seems to be permanent dark circles, broken capillaries, and a hollowness under both eyes combined with a dis-configuration of my Upper Lip that was also harmed in the Smash-Up where the trauma decided to spread and stick out its tongue at how my face continues to fall apart.)

Another Monday during that time period involved a "Family Emergency." AND, the Monday prior to that Sad Monday was filled with Personal Human-Like Drama that drained the Bee-Hey-Suse out of what was left of my energy reserves (of which there had been very little). Today didn't stop the cackling of Monday's Eff You, Shauna Z!

Allow me to tell you The Story:

So exhausted from months of Crappy Life Stuff, I fell asleep in the midst of one of my Fav New TV Shows last night, waking in the wee hours all askew, face down, on top of the bed with my cat happily ensconced on my back, purring-away as if Mommy's New Sleeping Position was The Best Cat Perch Ever! (At least she kept me warm as I was not under the covers.)

Disoriented, I found my way under the duvet and onto my back to finalize the Sleep Cure my body has been forcing on me for several days and nights – at the oddest times – since Thanksgiving. When my body felt it had had enough sleep, I awoke again, stumbled through the last remnants of pre-dawn darkness, and shuffled over to my desk, turned on the computer, and – wait for it – Nothing Happened! The Black Screen Of Computer Death was staring back at me. If it had been Possessed, I know it would have winked a Perverse Wink at my now slowly Disintegrating Face – just because IT wants to play with my Not-Up-To-More-Crap-Nerves. It's Perverse, I tell you!

I'll spare you a ton of Technical Details and provide a Cliff Notes Version of how things played-out: one the first things I did upon realizing I might have a Crashed Computer Beyond Fixing, was to dash to my Rx Place in the bathroom to swallow more than the usual amount of anti-anxiety meds, and then, emboldened by Synthetic Chemicals to keep me sane, marched back to the desk like a Weary Warrior, sat down, and began Willing the laptop back into working order by a flurry of keystrokes, reboots, and on and on and on until an hour later – Voila! – something clicked and I was Back In Biz!

A quick Virus Scan confirmed my instinct that overnight one of the Virus Elves had run amuck and had attacked my main OS (Operating System). You bet I got rid of BOTH files that were infected and ran two more Security Scans with Other Software I use for Malware Detection to ensure that the Bad Virus Elf was gone, joining its Other Nasty Friends in Virus Purgatory.

And now, here we are! However, when I eventually shut down The Writing Machine later today/tonight, I'll not be assured of a "Normal" Start-Up tomorrow morning despite today's apparent "fix" which makes me feel all queasy inside.

Sure, it's Cyber Monday and computer deals are flying all over the place, thus today would be A Good Day to buy a new laptop before another tenuous element that has been going on with my once-trusty computer breaks down. It's a problem a Techie told me had to be fixed through the manufacturer, and that the cost would be absurd to do so and I may as well buy a new one as fixing the weak element would cost the same as a buying a New Laptop.

BUT, I just bought a new TV to replace the broken one after the Monday Face-Crash Debacle! And I'm just now beginning to make my first payments. I also have too much on My Debt Plate as it is, and The Last Thing I need is to add to it if I want to have things like Food for the next six months. What to do? I no longer have Backup Computers like I once did. I'm not going to borrow someone else's for a thousand reasons. (Been There and Won't Do That Again!)

So, if you check in tomorrow and nothing new has been posted for Way Too Long, send a little prayer my way (or nice thoughts if you don't pray), cuz that means I've not been able to access the programs and have crumpled into a Sad Heap in the corner, babbling-away at Imaginary Elves.

Or, to avoid The Victim Syndrome, I may just throw myself at the mercy of Another Payment Plan with Money I Don't Have and force myself to buy a new computer which will lesson the Tech Stress and merely add to the Sudden Appearance of Grey Hairs, compliments of Too Much Stress caused by Money-Money-Money, honey.

As I've written here in the past, Money Makes The World Go Down. Or, at least, not having enough of it does when Things Go "Break" in the night.

See you back here tomorrow – maybe.

Image via: http://www.carew.com