Friday, September 30, 2011

Who Deserves A Flog Today?

People who don't understand pain.

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Diego Rivera
Location - San Francisco

Spirit Of Illusions

I Don’t Like Fridays Anymore

Well, it’s Friday and the chaos of the past few weeks has yet to subside. Suffice to say I have a long road ahead of recovery and am not very pleased about it. Aside from the complications that have occurred with the dastardly Pinched Nerve From Hell, no sleep beyond a few hours at a time for a month, and on and on, as I have been writing the pissy-hissy groanings since the inception, stresses are now building at home; an out-of-town guest is arriving tomorrow for 5 days; last-minute home repairs and a back-up cleaning lady or three are currently swirling throughout the house. And to add to my already freaked-out perception of rapid aging, for the 5th time in two weeks I’ve been called the Mother of the friend who has been assisting me throughout this hell, although I am a year younger. Ouch!!!!

May I scream now? Have a gigantic meltdown and get it out of my system? I think it’s time for me to stop being the patient patient and just start throwing things against any wall in view so as not to add getting an ulcer to the growing list of side effects…which, I have to mention, is not out of the question based on a little chat my stomach had with me this morning.

Perhaps we can view this latest rant as my experience living in the opposite spirit of GOOP, the newsletter of Gywennie Paltrow's exalted existence. Rather than tell you all how to live among such obstacles with grace and agility, I’ll simply be honest about having a cleaning woman/crew and tell you how many basic things required the new people to clean whatever it was twice. In addition, there’s nothing as smooth and sane as having a handyman working around the house at the same time a cleaning crew of 3 are wildly dusting, mopping and so on within a tight specified time frame…Thank Gawd! They need to leave soon to make room for oxygen, it’s become so crowded and stifling.

Like GOOP, I could suggest healthy carrot sticks and a Vegan something-or-other as a decent menu for today, but nah! I’m not eating. I feel nauseated. My stomach’s hurting. I don’t need food, I need Prilosec.

In fact, the way things are going, I need a new life.

On that note, I bid you all a fond weekend – whatever you choose to do. (Is there such a thing as having a "fond" weekend? Back to the Thesaurus go I.)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

It's Only Tuesday?

Full of blossoming energy following yesterday's trek through the Medical Jungle once more at Cedars. This time no ER, just tests and tests and tests.....

Monday, September 26, 2011

Who Deserves A Flog Today?

Our trusty, oft-rusty, never-changing focus by the Media on what news will be "news" the next day. I dare say, what about right now?

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Street Art of the Day

Artist - n.a
Title - 'Swarm'


Fell Down & Went Boom?

Following another night of half-sleep because a comfortable spot has yet to be found, I practiced the fine art of Crutching and managed to WUI to the computer. Per usual, the first site I opened was The Huffington Post to glean what in the world - literally, of course - is going on today.

Scrolling past the gigantic blue headline announcing that Texas Governor Perry is no longer the promising twinkle in the GOP's eye, the news that the Satellite that fell to earth on Friday has not been located brought an arched brow to mine face. How strange, I am thinking, that we can send missiles, space crafts and other solid items into the atmosphere with perfect precision, but cannot find (or track) a bus-sized object when it returns to earth. What's up with that?

Or is NASA being deliberately coy? Maybe they don't want plebes to dash to the crash/landing site and have their way with what remains of the equipment? Who knows what classified info and secrets exist within?

If the old, worn-out, done-its-duty piece of shining aluminum was known to be on its way into a Kamikaze-like demise, wouldn't another shiny piece of aluminum firmly entrenched in its own orbit be able to track the other one as it sizzled into a free fall? Why do we have to guess the final destination in this "day and age"? Don't you love it when these things happen and the answer to "Where will it land?" is "We think somewhere over North America."

Wow. That's a wide space, isn't it? Could mean that it could crash in your back yard or in the deep blue sea. (See We Don't Know for more info.)

For all the modernity of what mankind sends into space and for what purpose, it seems sloppy and not very civilized to just let these items drop out of the sky to land who-knows-where, or remain in space on a tired orbital loop to clutter the one last bastion of clean space left that is associated with humans. Tsk. What little messes we are!

Now, where was I? What's my point? The wrap-up to the post? Honestly, I no longer know.

Must be all that WUI-ing.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Who Deserves A Flog Today?

Nuclear power plants. Dangerous, with an always potential toxic meltdown looming around the proverbial bend, it isn't a very comforting source of energy when one small error can render hundreds of miles barren.

Nuclear power is, indeed, powerful. But must we get our energy by tricky, harmful means? It just doesn't make sense. There is more dubious news slipping out of Japan regarding the radiation levels surrounding the Fukushima nuclear plant. The rice from that general area is now showing signs of radiation. Lovely.

Meh. What's a little radiation in the food supply gonna do?

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Uncertain
Format - Paint On Canvas

Photograph by Davie

I've Seen All Good People

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Banksy
Self Portrait

Sympathy For The Devil

Universal Health Scare

As I lurch from chair-to-chair, couch-to-couch, bed, then back to chair and so on during this on-going pinched nerve pain-dance to find a comfortable place to sit so that I may focus on writing and reading without feeling as if I’m Goldilocks jumping about to discover the “right” chair; the “right” soup temperature; the “right” fit for a bed, the issue of health care is directly on my furry brain. Thus, I’d like to address the anti-Universal Healthcare naysayers in the U.S. – those who deem the concept as “Socialism” – aka Bad For America.

Well, Bah-Humbug to you!

Considering how expensive and often restrictive private health insurance is (i.e; pre-existing conditions, age, etc.), I don’t believe it is un-American or anti-Democracy for our country to provide a basic insurance plan for those who choose to participate. The politicians who denounce “Obama Care” as “Socialism” are hypocrites. Witness Our Lady of the Shady, Michelle Bachmann who, in the past, had no concerns about asking for and accepting federal monies for her personal and professional well-being, or the much-referenced Medicaid monies her husband’s queefy health organization received to keep “Pray the Gay Away” alive.

What’s wrong with allowing the federal government to offer an affordable health insurance plan to those who sign up for it as well as enacting a very important provision for all health insurance companies to accept most of the population with pre-existing conditions? Where is the “Socialism” when U.S. citizens may retain their existing private health coverage and not the public offering if they can so choose.

In spirit, Health Care Reform is humane, well intentioned. To decry the overall idea of providing health insurance to Americans who have been unable to afford insurance as a Socialist agenda is simply not true. Our government helps many of its citizens maintain their businesses, such as the subsidies given to farmers every year so that they don’t fall short in the production of food products, or lose their farms altogether during fuzzy economic times or weather-related obstacles. The federal government props them up for good health in one form or another.

Government aid in those areas is simply a form of insurance /financial relief for those in need of plugging the holes of their livelihoods, which, of course, affects the country = federal government, with regard to supply and demand and basic economics. So then, what is the difference with aiding individuals and families in need of health insurance with an affordable government-run program to plug the holes in one’s health care to build a strong and healthy nation of people who will be treated with the respect and fundamental medical care they need.

A healthy populace is a richer, safer country. As you may have heard or read numerous times over the years in defense of the initial cost to get the program up and humming the debate has been, is the start up cost worth it? Can we afford to create a Universal Healthcare system while in a deep recession?

First, yep. It will cost a lot. $940 Billion over ten years. Too bad. The appalling way in which our government wastes money every minute on the most absurd mistakes is a focus more in the media need to take up as examples of the so-often mentioned "wasteful spending" that helps to cripple the economy. Rather than talking about it when known areas of waste are as blatant as the following link, wouldn't it be better to stop the insanity? Waste Not Want Not

One legitimate concern “Obama Care” critics have is justifiable. (See WTF for details of the reform.) The current package is flawed and should be reworked, but not thrown out entirely.

The first thing to go, in my humble opinion, is the “mandatory” element of the Health Care Reform package. I understand why it is important for all Americans to have insurance in order to cut down on the enormous costs the local and federal government must cover when indigent people end up in hospitals and/or long-term care. Regardless, the “mandatory” factor is not going to work out. Not right now.

If people choose not to have insurance and end up in serious medical binds, they have to be legally responsible for their and others' medical bills should their actions involve others. As with the fines/ramifications that go with mandatory car insurance in many states. An uninsured driver will receive a fine and possible loss of license for a period of time if discovered to be driving without insurance. Simple. Very clear.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Who Deserves A Flog Today?

Anyone who believes that Universal Health Care in America is Socialism and will not be tolerated. Chances are those who are shouting and touting against it are fully insured and able to see a doctor whenever they need treatment. 

Street Art of the Day

Artist(s) - Lightmark
Format - Light Graffiti

Number One

Non-Post Diversion

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Christian Guemy
Location - Paris
Title - 'Thy Shalt Not Graffiti'


A Room With No View

Yesterday was a bit busy. Went to the doctor for a follow-up on the pinched nerve situation and ended-up spending the day in the ER at Cedars Sinai hospital. My doctor sent me there post haste. I have a blood clot in my leg from complications associated with the nerve... 

Being out and about was almost like a mini vacation. I was away from the house, hanging-out with a lot of different people in a busy place, and was given a keen room of my own while on an opiate IV drip. In fact, all is going so well with the recovery that the doctors almost wanted me to spend the night.

Meanwhile, did you see/watch/hear/feel the Emmy's the other night? I thought they sucked with the exception of the wonderful Canadian Tenors. Jane Lynch did a nice job hosting the program in the midst of some of the worst writing ever done for a televised award show - in my opinion, of course, along with what I dare to suggest may be one of the dullest collections of actors and actresses gathered together in one room in this flashy little big town of egos and Speedos.

Did anyone see President Obama's latest edict to the GOP concerning something important about jobs or taxes yesterday? I heard a few rumblings about whatever it was. Let me know if you did. I need to catch up on current events.

Will write more later. Til then, remember to always let them see you sweat.

Or something like that.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Street Art of the Day

Artist - n/a
Location - Austin, TX

Image via:

Everybody Must Get Stoned

The Waning Daze

Today I’ll wander into the usual fluffy territory of celebrity-based gossip. It’s fitting to focus on the industry as tonight the Emmy Awards will either cheer our voyeuristic and Right and Left Brain triggers, or end up as  yet another televised awards show with way too many vapid moments, rushed acceptance speeches, horrific writing for presenters to spew from their already nervous mouths.

We shall see about that, won’t we? (If you care to tune in, course.) One part of the annual popularity contest for TV-based entertainment that should be worth a watch is to see Jane Lynch host the event. Not only can Jane hold a stage with the mere presence of her delightful, natural demeanor and cutting wit/delivery, she is also multi-talented and sure to bring an edgy whiff of fresh air to an otherwise heretofore increasingly predictable political contest.

But, that flashy event is happening a few hours from now. At this moment, what I’m focusing on is the recent mass dissing of a one Mr. William Bradley Pitt who had the temerity (or some may say stupidity) to once again give an interview where whatever he says comes across as a strained rehearsed script with several “quasi-big” words tossed in which have a hollow toneless ring as well as a need to go back and reread whatever it was that he said so as to understand what he is trying to say, comprendo’?

Friday, September 16, 2011

Street Art of the Day

Artist - I Have No Idea
Location - ?


Sy-At-Ick-Ahh Blues

What a week - or two! While I've been in the land of Crutching, the world has continued to turn. The problem is, I'm just now beginning to turn with it as the recovery is a slow and irritable process when the Sciatic nerve decides to become inflamed and has chosen an out-of-place section of my lower spine to rub against it to no one's delight but a sadistic gene that wanders around my body every few years to locate the latest focus of attack!

A few readers have sent personal emails sharing their own stories with a Sciatica problem...and, I have to say it's a sorry story, that.

If you aren't aware of how important the Sciatic nerve is to the overall health of one's body, you will surely find out if you have a pinched Sciatic nerve. As written earlier in the week, a pinched nerve of this kind feels like a raw broken bone and requires many different healing options that/which can take weeks or even months of constant pain unlike anything most have experienced prior to full recovery.

The Sciatic nerve RULES the lower portion of one's body, as well as the entire spine...especially the Lumbar region. It's not a little nerve to coddle when upset; it is a one inch thick nerve that runs the nerve family like Don Corleone ruled his extended family to kill anyone who betrayed them.

You don't mess with the Sciatic nerve unless you want to feel like dying every day.

When the Big Bad Nerve is unhappy, it makes sure your thighs, knees, and so on go into their own spasms and accentuates the discomfort.

I am doing everything I can to make the troublesome nerve know how much respect I have for its power over normal functioning in life. If one's hip/lower back is off, so goes almost everything attached to it - like a full leg. Mine is wonderfully achy and swollen. My only hope is that it will take kindly to my pleas and return my leg's walking function to me post haste.

It is very possibly boring as hell to check in to this blog each day of late only to hear me bitch on and on about this ailment. Well, I have no excuses other than the fact that I have a "Daily" blog and allow flogging on any subject to be posted. This week it's all about the flipped-out nerve of my body to choose this time to fall apart.

Drat! As a major "foodie" I was to have attended several  "sustainable" food events beginning with last night through Sunday in Santa Monica where several of LA's top chef's will be appearing to cook and discuss the new food movement that is gaining momentum across the country.

But no, yells my pissed-off nerve. You are to stay home and spend yet another weekend watching very bad movies while all of your friends have tasty moments as well as a grand dinner in a few hours at the Annenberg estate.

At least I have a delivery service to make my weekend somewhat "foodie" inspired. There's nothing like a faux crab cake to take the place of the real thing, eh?

If this post doesn't make a great deal of sense and is lacking anything of interest to you, all I can write is that I'm continuing to fall into the WUI (Walking Under the Influence) cycle for yet another day.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Street Art of the Day

Artist - n/a
Location - Amsterdam
Format - Truck Painted w/ Regular/Spray

Image via: jakeliefer


Wish I Were Here

Hello. Per doctor's orders, I am still advised to avoid tasks that require sitting down or standing-up for any length of time. Geez. That news makes me sad. So many issues to flog..... 

While this time period limps along, you might find older posts just as timely and interesting as anything new I could write today.

Meanwhile, just checking in to let you all know I still have a pulse and hope to be well soon.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Have A Drop of Sunlight

TDFB will soon be back in full service regarding written posts. At the moment, sitting is a bit much for the "nerve" thingy going on with this blogger.

Thanks for your patience.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Street Art of the Day

Artist - n/a
Location - Buenas Aires
Format - Spray/Regular Paint

You Learn

Walking Under the Influence

It's no fun at all to be high from drugs while trudging around on crutches. With all of the medications I have been taking for the now infamous pinched nerve, I'm in a heavier fog than usual. But this time I'm truly a danger to others and myself!

First, it's a long way to the ground if you fall while handling those plastic foam-like crutch handles, and, of course, one wouldn't be on crutches if one could walk normally, right? So, if the person on crutches is having a WUI (Walking Under the Influence) moment, calamity is a strong probability. Victims of a WUI could be everywhere - animate and inanimate objects and persons-of-someone's-interest receive part of the brunt of a wayward crutch traveler.

Crutches in motion can land on the top of a foot, which isn't a pleasant experience. Walls are crashed against and into more often than the result of drunken episodes following an alcohol-laden night.

Crutching requires a reasonable sense of balance. It's been years since I last found myself in the need of a physical crutch, but, as with bicycles and sex, the "it" of it slowly returns and soon it's away we go  - albeit carefully.

If you've had a few strong painkillers and other legal substances of the Opiate family in combo with crutches, there is no doubt that your balance is off, as I'm discovering in the growing restless days of this current personal saga.

In addition to balance issues, there is Pet Meltdown to consider. Not every cat or dog is afraid of crutches, but my little black cat (the "familiar") is. When I began Crutching in her presence, her ears shot up, her eyes went dark, and within seconds she was gone and in hiding. Strange-looking and ploppy- sounding poles were menacing - a new form of things-that-go-bump-at-any-time.

As the days move on, my little friend has begun to realize I need these things, but her attitude is, What in the world are you doing with them? Why do they have to go everywhere you go? And, by the way "Mommy", why can't you lean down and pet me when I stretch out on the floor to receive your attention? 

She's pissed, too. Last night, as I was on the verge of finally getting sleep in a comfortable position, she jumped-up into the bed as my head lay on the pillow, and stared at me - just stared. I had become someone she didn't know, and as it can be with many animals, quite dependent on a schedule (that has been interrupted). Her eyes were letting me know she wasn't at all thrilled with the latest drama. With a profound mee-ouch sound and rritated expression in her yellow-black eyes, she continued to howl, wisp, tweetle and dee between whining and accusing tones to convey her displeasure w/ my new routine of "Crutching" and not being able to play.

We'll get through this.

There is, however, way too much WUI going on today.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Street Art of the Day

Artist - n/a
Format - Stencils 
(So "they" say.)

Ride My See-Saw

What? Not Again?

Following the GOP debate on Wednesday eve, and Prez Obama's jobs speech last evening, as well as the return of the major anchors/hosts of a variety of great and piss-poor news and comedy programs following summer quickie vacations, one would think I'd get over the pinched nerve thing and just write something about any one or all of the above rather than focus on myself in the blog posts.


Well, I wish I could give more to the readers of this blog and to create interest with new read-by's through at least one decent post (although what I'm doing right now is writing a soon-to-be post).

Sorry to say, the ailment of which I have written this week is taking a lot from me and I haven't slept again for almost two days due to its cunning, snidely ways. I'm in no shape to flog anyone as I am definitely one of the Universe's Floggee's this week. 

So, as is the custom, I'm posting to post that I am not posting an original post today. 

Wish me well and I to you. Whatever happens, we'll always have music and art.

Have a great Friday.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Random
Location - My Mood Today

In The End

What A Pain in the Almost-Arse

Hello again. I am here today as promised, but not quite "here" in the usual sense.....

The health issue I mentioned yesterday is quite daunting in the pain department, and I've had numerous broken bones throughout my life - twice spending over two months in the hospital in traction for two separate car accidents that broke both of my legs when I was a teen. Believe me when I say that I can handle pain, but a pinched nerve in an area of mobility is beyond belief. I may as well be crutching around with a broken bone for how intense the discomfort is.

So, although I can flog the pain today, I simply don't have the ability to focus on weightier matters - at least until my pain medication is changed and picked-up in a few hours.

But, I'll be posting the usual music videos and street art to keep things alive until I can sit for longer than a minute without feeling as if I'm on top of a shard of glass.

Chow (for now)!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Edgar Mueller
Format - 3D - Chalk

Doctor, Doctor

Of All the Nerve!

Good morning/afternoon/evening....

So, where was I yesterday that kept me from writing to say I would be gone  - as I usually do if unable to post? I was having a medical emergency of sorts.

After crawling around the house like Andrew Wyeth's famous "Christina's World" painting above, the pinched nerve in my lower back/hip decided to ensure I would not sleep for several days, and told me it was time to see a doctor. Expecting to be gone for a few short hours, off went I in a cab to a nearby doctor's office where I have received emergency treatments for years.

Alas, after x-rays and so on, I spent another part of the day at a pharmacy awaiting many medications for this ailment. And then, having been told by my doctor that I would not be able to walk around without crutches for many days, I chose to stock up for the week and went shopping for groceries...using one of those little power carts the store provided that allow one to zoom around grocery store lanes with whimsical glee, becoming a menace to those who can walk. Having never used one, I will report that it was fun. Zoom-Zoom!

Returning home in the later afternoon with crutches in tow and a bag filled with oral steroids, muscle relaxers and pain medication, following a cortisone shot into my screaming inflamed nerve at the doctor's office, I huffed and puffed toward the computer with the intent to get on with at least one small post to remain consistent.

Ah, but I took both the pain meds and a muscle relaxer before doing so, and within minutes I was falling asleep sideways on my bed, glaring at the laptop as if it were a million miles away - and that's the last thing I remember until being awakened this morning by a hungry pet, reminding me that it was breakfast time!

So here I finally am, making a post to let you all know the basic story...

I haven't checked the news today. For all I know the Congress has blown up the White House and Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have finally decided to end their "we're so in love" couple charade and have announced that they are, indeed, over. Done. Finito. Split. And that Jennifer Aniston has finally forgiven Brad and has kicked her latest beau out the door to let Brad back in - as long as he agrees to take a bath now and then.

I won't take the pain meds or the muscle relaxer until I finish this little info post; therefore we can be assured I won't fall asleep before the daily posts are complete. And, if the world is coming to an untimely end for one reason or another, I'll be back later to add a few more words.

Until then, will be back tomorrow...and thanks for stopping by! 

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Magda Sayeg
Materials - Yarn/Wool 
Format - "Yarnbombing"

Image Courtesy of BNPS

Magic Bus


If you have been reading and/or hearing about how many people are throwing other people “under the bus” these days, you may, like me, begin to wonder what, exactly, is that bus everyone keeps talking about? Is it a city bus? A Greyhound bus? A cheery yellow school bus? Or, just any old bus that happens to be rolling by when someone decides to throw another someone under it?

And, I ask, why a bus? Aren’t huge trucks more deadly than a bus? If someone is going to be eviscerated by another and tossed into harms way, wouldn’t it make more sense to wait for an 18 wheeler rather than a long tin can of a bus? Unless, of course, “the bus” of which everyone speaks is a specific bus one tosses/throws people under and is recognized by the perpetrator of tossing because it says “The Bus.”

Who is throwing whom under this “bus” you may ask. That is a good question, my friends, as it appears that these buses are everywhere and no one is safe from its wheels if Dick Cheney is one of the "Tosser’s." In the book he is so proudly hawking almost everywhere (except on MSNBC, for example), he gleefully shoves Condi Rice under it with an extra kick as she rolls into its headlights. She messed-up, doncha know? She didn’t want Cheney to bomb the world and so, there she goes...right under those wheels.

Next in line is George W. and Colin Powell. All wusses. They didn’t want to bomb nuclear reactors in Syria. Tsk. So, out you guys go – right under that bus Cheney asked his buddies at Halliburton to provide specifically for former presidents and decorated former military personnel.

And then there is the matter of the American people in general. Cheney had to have had Halliburton build really large buses so a fleet could be sent out to accommodate Mr. Cheney’s enemies list and, shall we say, kill many innocent birds with one big stone? Or a few thousand?

But, oh no, according to Cheney’s unapologetic nattering's during his interviews, he cares not who he hurts, has hurt, and may possibly hurt in the future. You want to know why? Because, in the world according to a dick like Cheney, he is the only one with clear vision. He is right about everything. He knows what needs to be done and damn the consequences if others don’t agree.

Just like he threw Valeria Plame under his rolling thunder bus by allegedly sending his sacrificial soldier, Lewis “Scooter” Libby, on the march to “out” a CIA operative and, therefore, compromise the lives and safety of all who were associated with her, the ends always justify the means, don’t they? Especially in cases of revenge, because that is how one does business with people who disagree with him, as Plame’s husband, Joe Wilson, discovered following Wilson’s op-ed in the New York Times that stated Saddam Hussein was NOT trying to buy “yellowcake uranium” as the Bush administration had claimed.

Grrrr, I’m sure Mr. Cheney sneered. Let’s mess with Wilson’s CIA wife. That’ll show ‘em, Cheney must have smirked, oblivious to anything other than his own agenda as he donned his Darth Vader helmet so everyone could hear him breathing and know he was still alive.

Oh, but that’s old news, isn’t it? No one really cares about that situation anymore. Now we have to worry about a new bus that has been rolling through the country. No, not Sarah Palin’s silly bus she never sleeps in. This one is called “Obama’s Bus” with most of his base falling under the wheels.

Becoming a “Tosser” must be a disease that hits one after spending too much time in Washington DC. I’m not sure who is building Obama’s buses, but something tells me it rhymes with “boil.”

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Street Art of the Day

Artists - Chase and Bue
Location - Venice Beach, CA

I Can't Stand the Rain


Oh wow! I've written three different posts for today and disliked all of them. Sometimes there are just too many issues to flog, too many thoughts on one's mind, to properly sort through the noise and find the best tone and subject.

So, for now, let's just say the pinched nerve in my back is making me crazier than usual and it might be best for me to watch all of the really bad movies I can find on regular TV, "On Demand" and Pay-Per-View, for today's entertainment and simply allow Saturday to quickly become Sunday.

Until then, my friends, have a wonderful remainder of your day or evening.

Oh, and no, that image is NOT me.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Street Art of the Day

Time Is Running Out

Labor Pains

The U.S. is poised for another long holiday weekend – Labor Day – where the last gasps of summer are heard from children readying to return to school, others are off to college, and parents may simply be gasping from the lack of jobs.

In honoring “Labor” during a time of zero employment growth, I suggest we change the focus of “Labor” away from jobs and celebrate the unending baby parade I wrote about the other day, with “Labor” as an obvious clue to where most of the future and current action on that word is/and will be felt.

Could the times be more confusing and anxiety-producing for those without a job? Well, yes, we could be in a worse situation with a Great Depression II. In truth, many of us are already having our own Great Depression with Mr. Obama apparently caving to the GOP at every turn, continuing to send the message via his press secretary as well as through his own lips that he hopes the Congress will return from their summer vacation filled with the lofty spirit of compromise.

Pardon me, sir, but on what planet are you living? Already you have been the first president in history to be denied an opportunity to speak to a joint session of Congress on the day and time you requested because The Speaker of the House and his forked-tongue colleagues are still kicking dust in your face.

The continual, escalating lack of respect the GOP/Tea Party have shown toward you and your office is beyond a disgrace, and yet, in some kind of alternate universe you choose to take what some may call “the high road” and refuse to kick back. Many supporters consider your actions not a high road at all but a low road to misery for all. You want to get Congress on the move toward jobs? Hah! Most are only on the move toward ruining our country through ensuring there will be no new jobs so that you will fall on your face.

Such wimpish behavior is unbecoming of the President of the United States, and such obstructionistic pit-bull machinations of the GOP is unbecoming of a group of supposed legislators whose only desire is to deny Obama a second term. Now, does anyone really believe the GOP will do a thing to create jobs? Hell no. Let’s run the car further into the ditch so that next year whoever wins the GOP nomination to run for Prez will have a wonderful chart or ten to point to with regard to unemployment numbers and more political football to distract from healing the deep wounds of a country in economic crisis.

The goal for them is simple: Win back the White House. Period. This knowledge is not new. Writers/bloggers, opinion-makers, radio and TV news hosts have been discussing the agenda of the GOP for quite some time. Now that we are on the brink of yet another election year, the stark reality of how solid the wall Obama faces has come into view with a startling slap in the face.

And while many of us wring our hands in horror at what we’ve witnessed in Washington DC this year in particular, very few Democrats are stepping up to remedy the situation because, like me, they are not in agreement with how President Obama continues to hand the keys to the country’s car to his enemies. So, most remain silent and rely on the pundits to grouse about Obama while they step back and shrug.

Now, today, following the brew-ha-ha of yesterday’s focus on Obama being denied Wednesday evening for his jobs speech in Congress, we hear and read about yet another GOP-pressured Obama “cave-in” concerning EPA regulations. (See What the.... )

What happened, Mr. President? Where did the man of inspiration and hope and change go? I’d like to find him again. So would your base. If you don’t start digging your heels in against your foes, you will lose the election next year when Democrats don’t turn out at the polls, and the country will end up with another Republican in the White House…but this time, the stakes are even higher for a social and financial backward slide as the radical, extreme agendas of the new GOP will make George W. look like a reasonable and sane leader.

And that is something frightening to consider.