Monday, December 31, 2012

Streaming New Year's Fireworks Across the World

Street Art of the Day

Artist - HUMIN
Location - San Francisco
Format - Stencil
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What Are You Doing New Year's Eve

Constitutional Chaos of 'The Fiscal Cliff'

Which cork will pop at midnight in The States tonight? The cork-headed U.S. Congress whether or not we teeter off the now over-used term, "Fiscal Cliff"? Or champagne corks to toast the New Year? Or both? 

As of this moment, 11:21 am PST, things are "moving forward" by the usual "skin-of-their-teeth" last-minute frantic, political theatre pace. It's now down to VP Joe Biden and Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell, to craft something palatable to pass Congress' current choke-hold in the Overall Sane Scheme Of Things via The House, most of whom want to slip quietly away from the increasing stench of Old Tea. On the last day of what has been a very rough year in politics almost everywhere in the world, it's unfortunately typical of the Worse Congress Evah to draw-out this refusal to give up their stubborn stance on shielding the wealthy with Financial Tax Breaks Forevah. As if we didn't have enough drama going on recently with the 2012 End Of The World freak-outs. Or holidays with the relatives - fun things like that.

The current mess of U.S. politics lies in The Constitution. Many of our problems lurk in the dark corners of too many Escape Routes for laws and bills a general Minority of Congress can use to Gridlock an already grid-locked, stagnant system. Basic principles of the document are visionary and strive for fairness - and other areas were important at the time of its creation. HOWEVER, we live in a very different world today, as witnessed in the 2nd Amendment battle for the most realistic interpretation of "the right to bear arms." As many write, and I agree, I sincerely doubt that our Founders meant that anyone could carry a canon around, which is today's equivilant of an Assault Weapon. 

We need to change certain sections of The Holy Document, adding Amendments where needed, as has been done in the past, and bring our Law Of The Land up-to-date.

To close out a very politically heavy year in the U.S., I urge you to read the following, extremely thought-provoking, article. It makes a great deal of sense - to me.

Believe me, it's a topic long overdue...and not to be misunderstood as a Call To Tea Party Insanity on ripping the guts out of what works in this well as what is humane.

Here it is: THIS

Be safe tonight! And Happy New Year's Eve!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Graffiti Art of the Day

Format - 3D
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"Mystery Guitar Man" Gets Down

The Weekly Fluff

While those who care about the creaking sound of the U.S. Government moving toward The Fiscal Cliff wring their hands and clutch what's left of the Family Pearls in angst, others are happily counting-down The Best and Worst (fill-in-the-blank) of the Year in a flurry of Year End Lists for our ADHD-Based-Entertainment-Escape-Distraction. And what a year it's been in scandals for Public Figures/Celebrities. 2012 was also a Year Of Vapidity in the incessant focus on celeb's in bikini's or without them. I found that part boring as most of the bodies looked almost the same, with the odd extra butt or boob size here and there. Numerous pics of male celeb's and politicians showing their abs and pecks/ers joined the fray, too. Just ask Anthony Weiner.

So, for our last The Weekly Fluff of 2012, I'll spare you my personal Best Of Specific Things/People lists this year to, instead, do a simple Top Ten List Of Anything Fluffy, and then head for the exit. How's that?

Top Ten of Anything Fluffy 2012 - In no particular order:

  • Most Annoying Celebrity – Kristen Stewart. Hands-down the least "edgy" pouter around.  BTW, what's her appeal again?

  • The Great Escape Artist – Katie Holmes:  Sure, her dad is a lawyer and helped, but she turned-out to be a better actress than anyone imagined as she slyly slipped the Cruise Ship – intact.

  • Someone Not To Mess With – Paris Jackson: If she wants to see her Grandma, she'll make sure the world knows it, you dastardly Jackson traitor-bottom-feeders, you!

  • Social-Climbing-Uber-Princess – Taylor Swift: Can't get better than hanging with The Kennedy's all summer. Loved that polka-dot swimsuit non-bikini. Jackie would have approved.

  • In Need of Serious Hygiene Intervention – Johnny Depp & Brad Pitt: Eww!. Just go away, go away. Phew! Gag! Gasp! Beauty's only skin deep. Have some soap and a shampoo once in a while, okay?

  • Biggest 'Wakeup Call' Recipient – Barack Obama: His now infamous "no show" at the first Presidential Debate brought the man out of whatever fog he had been living in until then.

  • Most Psychic Performance By An Actor – Clint Eastwood: Trounced by millions for his rambling GOP Convention speech, he did predict the first debate's spirit when he addressed an empty chair.

  • Horrifying New 'TV Star' – Honey Boo Boo: WTF? I mean, really. WTF?

  • Ultimate In Adults Behaving Like Children – LeAnn Rimes & Brandi Glanville: Are these two for real? Their constant Twitter Wars are beyond childish whether for PR – or not. Eddie Cibrian sure knows how to pick 'em. Good grief, ladies! Go to Twitter Rehab or something. Oh, didn't LeAnn just do something like that recently? Or not. She's still Twittering, I hear.

  • As Fluffy As They Get – Donald Trump: Everything that has passed between his Trout Lips this year has been filled with burnt ash, just as his voice and attitude is/are a cross between a cliché'd  Brooklyn Thug with a mind steeped in the Old Deep South plantation owner's hubris. Time for a different comb-over, don't you think?

That's TDFB's brief glance at The Fluff we've read, seen, and/or heard about this year. Of course there is more, but why spoil the on-going parties?

Until tomorrow, have a Wonderful Whatever!

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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Nick Walker
Location - UK
Format - Stencil
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Here Comes That Rainy Day Feeling Again

Tidbits for A Cold/Rainy Afternoon

 Our weekly skip through the Internets for your pleasure…about one thing or another.

Another reason to flee the Catholic Church: It's All Your Fault, Womens!

Why Americans love The Royals so much: Never A Dull Moment

Did someone say "trendy"? Coming To A Place Near You & The Future

Top "Grossing-Out" is more like it: Nothing Will Stop Her Now

The U.S. Congress has outdone itself:  To Not Have & Have Not

We've lost too many this year:  Death Didn't Take A Holiday

So typical; so sad; so revealing: God Bless America

Remember it's The Onion

That's it for today!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Aryz
Format - Mural

RIP Fontella Bass

A Few Words

Good day to all. I'm taking the day off from writing anything beyond this minor announcement. It's another traveling day for me and my mind is on the details surrounding the journey rather than The Fiscal Cliff BS and the fact that actress Kate Winslet married the horribly self-named, Ned Rocknroll - something like that - in a quiet ceremony this month. As he is Richard Branson's nephew, Kate lucks out with free flights on Virgin Atlantic. Oh well. At least she isn't taking his last name.

Until tomorrow, I'm signing off.

As usual, have a wonderful whatever!

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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Quasi-Traditional Art of the Day

Artist - Flames4Rose

Scream & Shout

A Not-So Merry Xmas Tale

So how was your Christmas Holiday? If you observe it. Mine was going well until the smallest little thing set ire in motion for the remainder of the day - which is why I need to remind myself not to bother observing a faux holiday, which I believe it has become over the years. Unless someone else is cooking, hosting, and not involving family ties of any sort, I'm planning to sit the next one out - or change how Xmas has been going for me over the years.

First and foremost - I absolutely LOATHE cooking for holidays. I can't stand the pressure of time tables for arriving guests, nor am I at all happy when a relative stands over my shoulder in the kitchen watching every move I make...because, well, I'm a very good cook and I don't need the interruption or suggestions or questions, such as "How are the potatoes doing" while I'm in the midst of juggling making dressing from scratch on two burners and needing to stir both almost simultaneously. LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE, I finally bark, which, of course, offends all concerned. I'm just diplomatic that way.

But, let's go back to where it all began: After a very lovely, easy-going morning, by late afternoon, just before the guests were to arrive, I decided to open the champagne I had bought for the day and evening. Not a cheap one. Quite expensive, actually. Known to be able to pop a cork in the "cleanest" way, I had no trepidations of opening this bottle in my usual way. As it happened, the pressure in the bottle was so intense that when I popped the cork, the cork flew up into my face followed by a foaming geyser of champagne, and then the bottle shot out of my hands and onto the floor, saturating not only the entire kitchen floor, but my face, clothes, and hair. Less than two small sips remained after this mishap.

Okay. Not a trauma, but certainly an irritant from the mess, a huge waste of money, and an unnecessary - in mine eyes - waste of time because that was the only libation I had for myself. Which meant another trip to the market (I had already been there earlier to pick up last-minute items). Nevertheless, it had to be done, and whipped creme was also needed, so back to the store went I...this time to buy a lower-level champagne that I had noticed was on sale for a decent price. I went, I bought, and, when I returned back to my temporary abode, I noticed that the "Sale" price was not included in my bill. So tired of all of this Champagne Drama, I groused to anyone nearby and declared I would deal with it today. Which I will. This is now two times in two days the same store promised a discount on their libations only to discover the "Sale" price came with NOT ADVERTISED limitations. (You bet I'm going back not only to bitch about the exploding bottle, but the lack of receiving the discount! I like discounts, don't you?)

After the champagne fracas, following a few laughs and later, tension in general as things were piling-up to be done - all went downhill between my mother and me. I don't think either one of us is up to making a full dinner requiring endless amounts of cooking with dozens of pots and pans, as well as spritzing Champagne everywhere that required mopping and drying and all of those things we run into on days like yesterday.

It wasn't the spilling/popping geyser that set the remainder of the day into a tailspin, but two very stressed-out people who shouldn't have offered to provide beloved friends with a decent Christmas Dinner.

Other than the above, I had lovely day! How was yours?

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Monday, December 24, 2012

Almost Street Art of the Day

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On The Road Again

Travel Time

It's that time again for me to "hit the road" via trains to spend a few days with friends and relatives to have "Holiday Food" and watch the Xmas day go by with mindless TV in combo with stimulating discussions. I'd be really thrilled if I could do it in my PJ's, but, alas, I have an obligation to be "presentable."

Happy travels to those who must travel for the Holiday Travails. 

Enjoy Xmas Eve - or, for those who don't participate, get those Dim Sum's ready!

Attribution: Lost In Translation

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Street Art of the Day

Attribution - ?

Happiness Is A Warm Gun

Who Deserves a Flog Today?

Everyone seems to be "Out To Blast" NRA Half-Headed Head Horseman Of The Gun Brigade, Wayne LaPierre, based on his absolutely unfathomable excuse of a speech on Friday to defend assault weapons and all weapons everywhere in the U.S., citing how our schools need Gunmen Standing At The Ready to ensure that no further Sandy Hook's occur. The Flogging Whip Totally Agrees with the Mass Diss. The absurd droning-on about how Guns Are Wonderful, along with the terms "Good Guys and Bad Guys," made most of the nation cringe. Well, one would think that after such a bashing as Mr. Le-Pee-In-The-Air received he would have toned-down his tendency to ignite further eye-rolling, as well as fury, by anyone with half a functioning brain who understands the difference between "It's OK to have basic guns and rifles, but not assualt weapons" in the hands of civilians. But no. The Man With No Brain walked into a mere Tiger's Den today when he chose to be interviewed by the nice, but tepid, David Gregory, of Meet The Press. Aside from the inept attempts of Gregory to be "tough," the interview went about as well as Friday's Non-Press Conference where reporters were not allowed to ask questions, and Mr. La-Pee rattled on a litany of who(m) to blame for mass shootings other than the weapons all of the mass "massacres" have involved; such as Guns, of course. Well, here we go again with the craziness: Below a few lines is part of the interview. Please prep your "In-Flight" purge bag as you will be taken to the anti-gravity of Mid-Earth after hearing this Deluded Soul defend his salary: Facts? What Facts?

Sigh. What are we as a nation to do with this kind of mentality? Surprisingly, quite a few people like this idea. I too understand the basic point of having armed guards to guard our schools as we do every other important institution. But, how viable is this idea? How effective is it in real life when, as you by now have learned, Columbine had an armed guard who shot at The Slaughter's to no avail, losing third lives in the process because the boys simply had their Mission To Do and No One was going to get in their way. All over the Interwebs, people are discussing how mass murders happen at churches and other public forums whether or not someone is around the "Keep The Peace." The NRA People are Crazy, I tell you! Not because they want people to use their 2nd Amendment Rights, but because they don't give a Rat's Ass about how lethal their product is. All they want is the money and to make sure the Future Survivor's of the Apocalypse; the Over-Throwers Of Democracy, et al, have the firepower to defend themselves in one click of a trigger to launch 45+ rounds of deadly ammunition into anyone they fear. This is what we're up against in America, my friends. A group of Obtuse Fiends with no sense of Morality and a Sick, Twisted Idea of what the Founders actually meant when they created the "Right To Bear Arms" well over 200 years ago when times were much, much different than the environments in which we now live in the 21st Century.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Different Art of the Day

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Saturday's Latest Music Special

The Weekly Fluff

Tis the Saturday before Christmas and most of you are out, doing late shopping, no doubt. I'll soon be joining you on The Last Spree to find a few gifts for not you, but for me. Before I go into the People Swarm, I'm hoping to bundle-up so I may stay warm. A jacket here, a scarf there, leggings too with ski underwear. Okay. I'll stop. Had to get that Rhyming Thing out of my head before moving onward to cheer your day with worthless information about our fav Public Figures/Celebrities. So here we go into the Vapid Zone of gossip. Ready?

LeAnn Rimes is still crazy and upstaged a sweet little 13 year-old contestant on the X-Factor earlier this week. Boo Hiss. If one didn't like LeAnn before now, then she's certainly done it BIG this time by out-warbling An Innocent as if she were Brandi Gland-vile (or whatever her name is) trying to get Eddie Cibrian back. Oh, The Horror Of It All! More Twitter Wars ahead? And, was she or wasn't she "drunk" that night? Only her microphone knows for sure.

Katie Holmes is all over NYC for Pap Shots this week as she either attempts to plug her gig in a Broadway Play or else, according to the tabs, she's trying to upstage dearest Tommy Cruisey who is also in town to save his diasterous film, Jack Reacher, from becoming a bigger bomb than has been predicted. OR, if Star Magazine is to be believed (hahahaha), Katie and Tommy have been having post-divorce slumber parties with each other because – gasp – Katie met with him and suddenly felt all "emotional." You be the judge.

Still no sightings of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt together for months now. Hmmmmm. You all know what that means, right? That's right, someone's getting "work" done or they hate each other – or both. OR, they're too busy planning The Wedding that may never happen – so sez Cynical Commentators on Message Boards. BUT, Jennifer Aniston's womb is STILL the focus of Paps. She has a "little weight" going on around that area, so what else could it be? Too much sushi?

Lindsay Low-Hand wouldn't kiss Charlie Sheen's denture-riddled sewer of a mouth if you paid her $100,000. Oh wait! But, he DID give her that sum for "a project" recently. Maybe she didn't have to kiss his mouth. Or so "they" imply. Nevertheless, Poor-Me Lindsay is all askew over not having enough money (if any money at all) to see a Top-Tier Psychiatrist for her problems so that she can get out of an impending jail sentence in January. Tsk. Won't a Middle-Tier one do? They all give out the same meds.

All of the men in Hollywood look the same with their scruffy stubbles. Who can tell them apart? Why is this hairy thing on the face such a trend? Sexy or In Need Of A Bath? I say the latter…for most of them.

Need I remind everyone that Ashton Kutcher's Xmas gift to Demi Moore is a pile of Divorce Papers? That stings. Guess Demi wouldn't file after a year, so Ashton took control and will ensure that Demi has The Worst Holiday Season Evah! Wonder what she did or didn't do to make him act so very smarmy. Apparently her daughters don't like her again, so she's going to be All Alone! Do we weep for her or bring our the verbal knives?

Taylor Swift is reportedly buying a home in London to be near her latest crush, Harry Styles. Keep dating and buying homes near your boyfriends, Taylor, and soon you'll be able to trump Trump on real estate acquisitions. Smart or just stalkerish? Yikes!

More celebrity women in bikinis. More celebrity men wearing towels. Yawn.

Again, I'm all fluffed-out for the day, so I'll take my leave for now. It's the weekend, after all, and that means no boots on the roof or plumbers ripping-out old rusty pipes that look like they are part of the Titanic's debris. No noise. Whew! Have a wonderful whatever!

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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Different Art of the Day

Location - New York
Image & Details via:

I Just Don't Know What To Do

The Noise Goes On

Banging, scraping, holes in the ceilings covered in new wood, saws, boots on roof of 6 men. 

Need I say more? Oh, and an overnight plumbing issue happened now there are plumbers everywhere making their own noises - and I can't leave the house until their work is done. Say-Lah-Vee or Woe Is Me? Perhaps a bit of both. This too shall pass. Until then.....

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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Unusual Street Art of the Day

Artist - Max Zorn
Format - Tape
Image via:

The Art of Noise

Life Intrudes Once More

Taking Time Out while the roof above my head is ripped to shreds to make way for a new roof.

Much banging and scraping. I'll be back when the interruptions subside.

Enjoy what remains of your day/eve/morning…

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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Nunca
Location - UK
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The Not-So-Silent Truth - Racism Against Obama

Racism. 'Tis a Major Issue all over the planet, indicating one more time how far we have to go to become Evolved Humans. It's not that a primitive society should be damned for fearing others who don't look like "them" and have unusual-to-the-others different and oftentimes strange religious beliefs, but the USA is not supposed to be a Primitive Country. Yet, Racism Is Alive And Unwell, on display, in The States, brought out of the Suppressed Quietude of the KKK and basic racists all over the country when an African-American walked into the Oval Office in January of 2009.

During the past four years of Barack Obama's unprecedented presidency, most Conservatives I verbally debated with on the subject of racism refused to acknowledge how The Tea Party and many Libertarians hiding under the cloak of "Individualism" and not "Racism" refused to admit that beyond the GOP losing their Ultimate Power which they had enjoyed for the 8 years Georgie Bush was their Prez, it is all about what a "Socialist" Obama is when he is only doing what so many other Prez's before him have attempted with Healthcare and preserving Social Security.

Time and again, several of my Conservative Nemesis' would privately debunk my suggestion that many in their party were "out for Obama" simply because of his colour. Long discourse on how "Race" has nothing to do with why the GOPer's found Obama's administration "the most corrupt" presidency EVAH! Say what? Oh pleeeeezzzzzeeee. Little Whiny Teabaggers know nothing but how to lie and disrupt and obstruct. THEY are the most "corrupt" Congress People EVAH if one is inclined to point fingers.

But my point here is to debunk the "We're not racists…" excuses for why they loathe Obama so much…and the following link will show you just how raw the vitriol against a person of colour can get – especially when their Holy Football Games are interrupted by networks to broadcast Obama's speech at the Sandy Hook Vigil on Sunday evening in Newtown, CT.

You must read this. N*gger This & N*gger That

Well then, what do you think about what you read in the above link? Looks and sounds extremely Racist to me. In addition, the commentators are showing the world how ignorant they are to whine over missing part of a football game while a community grieves the loss of citizens and children. Hey, I get some of the ire up to a point. Was it necessary for ALL networks to cover Obama's speech that night and dump coverage of a national pastime where many were hoping to find escape from the harsh realities of violence in the country? (Beyond the violence in that particular sport.) Couldn't The Games have gone on uninterrupted, allowing other channels without sports to be the "Go-To" source for the Vigil Coverage? Nope. Each network had to jump in for what I can only assume was to show their "relevance" and up their ratings. Honestly, if I wanted to escape via a film or whatever, I too would have been irked. Yet, the way in which these Mean-Spirited Ignorant SOB's (yes, I'm name-calling) reacted, proves the point many of us have been trying to make for the past four years.

Therefore, all ye GOP liars take note: Admit that you are prejudiced. Own it. Don't cloak it. Then, perhaps, we can have a truly Raw And Real discussion in America over why these unflattering perceptions of Minorities exist beyond the obvious: white men in particular can't stand losing their position in the U.S. to people they deem as "inferior" to them. The South Still Doth Rise Up against their former Slaves with a frightening attitude of entitlement as White Americans when, in fact, the much touted Christopher Columbus was not a Pure White Male, and the indigenous population of the territory now known as The United States Of America were of colour.

The hubris with which Anglo's have exhibited in the past 200+ years of our country is disgusting. Who are White Men to feel that they can rule everyone and everything and treat all others as pure "garbage"? Hey, I'm 100% Anglo in my heritage. No one could have more "White Blood" than those of us who hail from previously All Caucasian backgrounds. But, just because the colour of my skin is "White" does not make me feel superior to those of different beliefs and skin colour, nor does this fact provide me with a desire to suppress and/or repress Those Who Are Not White. Why? Because, Humans Are Humans and, despite the platitudes, we ARE all in THIS (whatever any given "this" might be) TOGETHER. We breathe the same air. All of us have the same bodily functions...on and on it goes. In a real Moral Compass of our country, we are still falling extremely short of altruistic, tolerant, compassionate feelings and perceptions. Thus, extremely uneducated In And About Life in general on this swirling planet called "Earth."

If losing a half hour or so on not seeing a freakin' Football Game can bring out such Racist Remarks, then I have to back away and say how sorry I am for those who view the world through such narrow eyes.

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Monday, December 17, 2012

Street Art of the Day

Artist - C215
Location - France
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A Change Is Gonna Come

Monday Tidbits #56,934

It's time to surf and lurk the Internets today….

C'mon, Tweeters. How can you be so thick? Mental Health & Parenting

Silence can be golden – or Cowardly

This is why I prefer to watch films at home: Bathroom Break

More stuff on gun control: Good Read

"Homeland" spoilers: Into The Woods

This is bizarre: Time To Leave Facebook?

More "Homeland" spoilers and views: The Hollywood Reporter Says….

Disturbing: Where Is NBC's Richard Engel?

Not so funny: This Is How A Wingnut Thinks

This is what a former wingnut is now saying: Good For Joe

That's it for today. Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Unusual Street Art of the Day

Format - Light Art Photography
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Seriousness Alert: A Gentle Music Break

Continuing Reflections - Sandy Hook Massacre

The original post I wrote on the Sandy Hook Massacre on Friday is now somewhat updated, and also somewhat out of date. As anyone who has followed the unfolding information developments in this tragic and puzzling case, no one knows (or is willing to announce) further information on what we were all taking as "the facts" of the details surrounding the School Association by The Shooter.

Now we're told his mother may not have had a professional connection to the school, and suddenly the speculation on whether or not the father of the seriously troubled Adam Lanza was killed is not mentioned in recent articles/blogs. Everyone has gone mum on that one. At least at the time of this posting. So, who was the body that was found in New Jersey? Why was the initial assumption by "authorities" that it was his father who lived at the New Jersey location when, in fact, reports now tell us that the father lived in CT – just in another part of the state? Was Lanza even involved with whatever went down in New Jersey? Doesn't seem like he was involved; however, the muddied waters of Breaking News Journalism remains true to form in dropping the subject, moving on to the understandable focus on the victims now that they have been identified and we are now seeing pictures of a few of The Unfortunates.

Maybe one day the erroneous information will be cleared-up. Until then, the world continues to mourn the 20 little victims and the six adults who died trying to save the children in their care from whizzing bullets.

As mentioned many times, the typical Gun Control debate is in full frenzy at the moment. I'd like to say that because Little Children were the main victims more support for stronger gun regulation could finally gain traction longer than the usual month these horrors play out in the media before another slaughter diverts our attention from the strong words and urgent missives for Washington To Get Their Gun Shit Together and side-step the long rifley-arm of the NRA Lobbyists.

But, as so many have written, why does it take the brutal deaths of children to wake everyone up? Because of the "Innocence." That means that the deaths of adults and teens throughout the past few years aren't as important, despite verbiage to the opposite perception. But it's true. People need to FEEL the tragedy, and the thought of kids aged 6 and 7 dying in such carnage is apparently where the line is drawn.

I am not backing-down in the least from my belief that in too many ways it is "too late" for the U.S. to ban the sale of weapons. It is almost futile to expect any change until it is a reasonable balance between allowing the 2nd Amendment to thrive, while, at the same time, strictly enforcing the Background Checks, Waiting Period, and a serious muzzle placed over the Gun Shows where the above isn't part of the weapon buying. I'm not against having a weapon for self-and-family protection – as well as small biz owners. I'm with those who want semi-automatic weapons off the street and a far more rigorous vetting of everyone concerned with the purchase of guns which belong to official personnel, not your next door paranoid neighbor who is prepping for the Apocalypse with a cache full of Military Quality guns and rifles. That's it. Just be sane about how guns are sold. Is this possible?

We can't take away the illegal weapons so many in this country are hoarding. However, with consistent pressure, it's very possible to begin the containment of further deadly purchases. BUT, once more I will be redundant in saying that no matter how tough the laws may become, a disturbed person will always find a way to carry out their Bloody Fantasies. On the same day as the Sandy Hook murders by a conflicting number of reports on exactly how many guns and the correct caliber of what was used that day, in another country a man dashed into a school and stabbed approx. 20 children/students. To my knowledge, no one died because the knife wounds were not lethal enough. Perhaps that's the biggest argument for and against Gun Control In The U.S. = if guns weren't so easily available through a parent or lax laws, the body counts in mass slaughters would be less if it's only knife-related. A Cray-Cray will find a way. But guns leave more dead in mass encounters than a knife-wielding madman.

Something to think about.

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Friday, December 14, 2012

Street Art of the Day

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Change The World

Here We Go Again

LAST UPDATE: Late Evening PST 12/14 

Welcome to Friday! Welcome to Insanity. The U.S. is once again showing the world just how Free We Are to run amok with weapons to shoot a hoard of innocent people. This time the lives of elementary school children and 6-7 adults (including The Shooter) in Newtown CT, were taken by someone who, as of the current news, walked into the Sandy Hook Elementary School and killed at least 26 people, reportedly 20 of whom were children.

The motive must rest in family discord which triggered a deep emotional, mental illness, as the shooter's mother taught at Sandy Hook and in whose KINDERGARTEN classroom most of the fatalities occurred. She was not in the room, or at the school, however, as he had already killed her at her/their home in Newtown before moving on to the school, ready for combat dressed what the media loves to repeat as "Black clothing..." Almost Combat-Like.

Media pundits are now running at the mouth over the political implications of this latest gun-related mass shooting at a school, asking how Prez Obama is going to handle this latest atrocity in relation to Gun Control. Once again, as I wrote in "A Dark Night" when mentally unbalanced James Holmes blasted a movie theatre audience, the hand-wringing and questions abound over "Gun Control" after these incidents, ultimately to no avail as it now stands.

I'm questioning why several guests on MSNBC, for example, are saying that "politics shouldn't be a part of the discussion today" yet bring politics right into the center of their answers and questions. What does Obama have to do with this tragedy? Enforce stronger laws on Gun Control when we all know that if someone wants a specific Killing Toy they can find it within a click of an Internet Finger or in the open at a Gun Show as well as in the Proverbial Clichéd Back Alley? What can be done? Sorry, but I sincerely doubt that we can "turn back time." We may someday be able to contain the purchase of guns by people who, technically, "shouldn't" have them, but we've gone too long, too far, in allowing access to weapons by almost anyone that it would be The Height Of Naiveté to expect change in that area that would make a difference.

I'm not being "Negative." I'm realistic on this issue. Crazy is as crazy does and a Crazed Person is going to Act Out. Period. If the person was considered at one time to be "sane" enough to buy a weapon or three hundred, but suddenly has a Major Meltdown, how can the violence be stopped?

It's The Wild West again, my friends. The difference now is that there is no one-on-one Main Street Showdown between The Good Guy And Bad Guy. It's as if Buffalo Bill/Jesse James and Other Gunslingers are riding into any town and, for reasons only they know, decide to shoot-up every building on Main Street during a drunken rampage. Yee-Haw!

The weapons used in today's shooting were reportedly "typical" handguns – nothing Super-Duper-Heavy-Metal, just at least two 9 mm's handguns that anyone can legally procure. At least one rifle and another firearm was found either/or in his car or at the scene, if not both, although not used in the assault. As far as "we" know at this time.

In addition, it is also reported that the Now Dead Gunman killed his father in New Jersey prior to his trek into Connecticut to make his dramatic deadly impact on his mother and her students at the neighbourhood elementary school. (This particular info is not confirmed at the moment of this post and could be erroneous.) Clearly, The Shooter had issues. Don't they all or else why would they carry out their deadly fantasies?

Who can stop this madness? No one. That is the truth. We can write and talk and write and talk and posture and so on over "Gun Control" - but it seems to me that the underlying Cause of these horrific mass shootings is a Mental Health Issue and not Gun Control. All a gun does is make it easier for a disturbed person to kill their targets. I'm sure without a gun another means of expressing rage and continuing the Killing Spree In Their Mind would have a similar ending…

But then, that's just my opinion. We will soon learn more about this mess as the day unfolds.

RIP all victims of another "Senseless Shooting."

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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Smug One
Format - Mural/3D
Image via:

Rock Solid Benefits of "The Name"

Today The Flogging Whip is taking a rest, stepping aside for The Nifty Duster to clean up "negative energy." And so, we move into Somewhat Pleasant Territory.

Last night the stage at Madison Square Garden in NYC shook with the vibrancy, sincerity, grand showmanship and talent, from a vast array of Music Icons playing their instruments-out and strutting-about and showing everyone who really knows how to rock and those who pale in comparison during the "12-12-12" benefit concert for Sandy Hurricane Relief Victims. Another star-studded Disaster Inspired Concert because money is needed. A lot of it. When it's serious, the stars show up and lend their time and talent or face or words or all of the above to keep the issue alive. Some are paid. Others give it away. It doesn't matter....the point is how important it is when illness, holocausts, floods, earthquakes, take over a city, country or person and how, although seemingly shallow, we sometimes need the World's Icons to bring attention to these tragedies and atrocities to wake the masses from their self-absorbed, ADD-riddled lives and stop for a moment to help by picking up a phone to make a donation.

Bravo to everyone who made last night's concert successful. New York and New Jersey needed their home-grown celebrities and others to bring the disaster further into perspective to gain wider financial support. The clips at the beginning of the event showed the damage Sandy has wrought to NY and NJ in a visual light as devastating as looking at what Katrina did to New Orleans. For some reason, although we have been hearing about the damage, seeing pictures and videos here and there, edited together in such a clear way brought it out of virtual reality into reality. And, again, without The Names to provide a successful concert, many would still have missed the point of The Need To Know how much help is required to revive the shoreline and broken neighbourhoods.

That's why Rock Hudson's shocking death in 1985 was The Milestone In AIDS Awareness, eventually followed by AIDS Research. With a touch of compassion and deep-felt advocacy from his friends such as Elizabeth Taylor, years of constant remindings that NON-GAYS GET the illness/disease caused from far more than a sexual transmission, has made a deep dent: BUT, we still have so far to go to convince the less-aware among us that heterosexuals have HIV/AIDS and that basic bodily fluid sharing won't cause HIV. It's the blood exchange that does it. Got it? You can get it from a razor that an HIV Positive person has nicked themselves on with a trickle of blood should you be foolish enough to use someone else's razor no matter how intimate you have been with that person in sharing other fluid-involved activities.

But how does AIDS relate to a concert for a Natural Disaster? Quite a bit. It's not that Rock Hudson wanted to "come out" and become a spokesperson for AIDS because he was feeling altruistic. His "condition" forced the truth, thus educating The World on the then new and scary disease. It was the simple fact that he was Famous and was dying and, not only that, was Gay And Dying Of A Mystery Disease - which, as with Betty Ford's admission of having breast cancer, ultimately saved the lives of millions of people who were unwilling, unaware, of how to work through it and also educate those who were misinformed or hid behind the-then "stigma" of having any form of cancer. It was Who She Was and her ability to reach a large audience with one interview that changed the entire issue for the better. Without her honesty, her position, most of all, HER NAME, few would have listened.

Had Rock Hudson not died of AIDS, how many more deaths would have happened without so much focus shed on the new Mystery Disease? And so it goes with musicians who step-up and put on incredible shows to help in times of Mass Destruction. We need The Names to aid change no matter what they do in their personal lives.

Keep Rockin', Guys. But Bruce, I wouldn't have worn a cotton shirt last night. - especially when you were always lifting your sweat-stained armpits. Yuck. 

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Different Art of the Day

Location - UK
Format - Sculpture
Image via:

Little Lies

The Weekly Fluff

How can it be possible that The Gossip World – this week – is even fluffier than a regular week? It's so, though. And when the snark and whispers and shouts which/that slither through the tabloids (and any site where private dirt on any Public Figure can be found), are concerning, focusing on, the same names on the same turf, you know it is REALLY BORING out there. My job today, as I see it, is to give you all a brief rundown of what's in the Offering Box for salacious or partially harmless info on The Stars & Others – and quickly make an exit before virtual tomatoes are thrown in my direction for posting such dreck.

Let's begin with this wonderful nugget: Tom Cruise is looking all post-divorce sad whenever a camera is placed by his face these days. He's all alone and may or may not have been with his daughter, Suri, for Thanksgiving, and may or may not be treating her to more rides at Disney World for Christmas. He wore jeans to a film opening. Gasp.

Leann Rimes is still denying she's crazy. Taylor Swift is pretending to be having a Real Romance with Harry Styles of One Direction when – psst – it might all be for PR and nothing else. CNN may try to hire Ann Curry away from her toxic NBC contract now that former NBC "Head" Jeff Zucker will be in charge of the Big Decisions there. Everyone still hates Matt Lauer and say he's going to be out of his cushy job by Feb or April of next year.

Some people are saying that Beyoncé doesn't know how to talk. Who cares? She looks nice, sings well, and has a rich husband just as rich as she. Plus, at least her Special Baby will understand what she's saying one day. Geez. Someone has to, I guess, according to some people who have talk shows and might be jealous… Jessica Simpson is preggers again, but you knew that.

Lindsay Low-Hand. That's all I need to write.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie haven't been photographed together anywhere in months. This obviously means they aren't together any more and the entire marriage thing is just for PR for two waning Movie Stars. Or not. Whereas, Strangest Couple On Earth, newlyweds Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake, actually have been seen in public together walking on a street in halfway decent clothing.

Jennifer Aniston's womb remains a continuing fascination for editors and fans who haven't been able to let "Rachel" go and still wish she was married to Brad Pitt. Jennifer's man, Justin Theroux, is called a "gigolo" by detractors because he doesn't make as much money as Jennifer. Poor guy. He left his beloved city, New York/Manhattan, for Beverly Hills. He shaved his beard, whitened his teeth, spray-tanned himself into Red Carpet Appropriateness all for the love of money? Nah. Who does that kind of thing, anyway?

Al Pacino supposedly doesn't shower anymore.

Half of Hollywood is gay and most of the marriages are fake.

Half of Congress is repressed and most of their sex comes from prostitutes. Or so they don't say.

We are reminded at every turn that Rihanna is from Barbados as if that is the excuse for why she is such a "loose" kinda gal.

Ashley Judd is a Germaphobe, so how could she handle running for Mitch McConnell's Senate Seat when so many hands have to be touched during campaigns? Regardless, she's apparently leading in the polls for someone in Kentucky who looks and speaks like a human to represent them in Washington – although Judd has not declared her candidacy.

Tom Cruise looks sad. Oh, I already wrote about that, didn't I?

Time to fluff-out. Have a great day/afternoon/evening/middle-of-the-night – and thanks for stopping by!

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

RIP Ravi Shankar


Street Art of the Day

Source - Culture Lab
Location - USA


Who Deserves a Flog Today?

The Flogging Whip is ready to go at it today on Big Pharma. Not that anything I write will change a thing on how the FDA does Biz, and how Big Pharma owns us if we continue to let them do so. However, this is a post to bring awareness to those who may need the information. 

Last week The Huffington Post included an article on the Extremely Popular current sleeping aid du jour, Ambien. The information was disturbing. I've written of a few experiences I've had in the past while taking the meds when I was having difficulty sleeping. 

In place of sleeping, I unknowingly-to-me made a middle-of-the-night dinner, cleaned the kitchen, among other things not so benign…only to awake while in the midst of whatever it was I was doing (which was NOT sleeping) to discover the activity I had been engaged in during what can only be described as a Walking Blackout. This is not an isolated story or incident. I have a point to make regarding why Ambien remains on the market while other sleeping aid solutions exist and have existed, only to be taken off the market at very suspicious times.  First, check out the following article. It's well-written and extremely informative.  Side Effects of Ambien. Now that you have further knowledge about the drug, the Whipping of Big Pharma and the FDA for keeping such a dangerous drug around to roam free in our society with a little slip of paper from a doctor will make further sense to you…and the dots will become connected.

Do you remember when L-tryptophan (an Amino Acid) was widely used as a natural "sleeping pill"? Did anyone ever tell you how effective it was for their sleep issues? I'm sure at least a few of you know about all of that and may have used it yourself until,1989/1990, when the unregulated supplement was suddenly tossed from all shelves and banned because there had been a few deaths and side effects that weren't so great? Yep. That happened. 

In the beginning, it was puzzling to see how fast the FDA made sure the primarily effective and, in the majority, harmless amino acid was GONE! Now you saw it, now you didn't. It was like magic! Poof! So what were people like me who had insomnia or a body rhythm that refused to go to sleep until it was too late when one had to be at their job early in the morning and needed to ensure at least 6-7 hours sleep to function to do? Well, for some, it was drinking. If not that, a hit of marijuana – an excellent sleep aid for most, by the way – or, a trip to the doctor for an Rx. 

Why, you may wonder, was all of the fuss over an Amino Acid about? Almost every drug on the market - by Rx or OTC - has been the cause of terrible side effects and death for some. Yet, this effective aid seemed to have The Pill/Drug Authorities on a fast-track to the trash bin. The next link is full of clarifying information with regard to answering those questions. L-tryptophan

Now it all makes sense, doesn't it? I didn't use it for depression, nor did anyone I know. But that part of its use was certainly surpassed STAT, wasn't it? Nevertheless, now we have Ambien and all of its risks of death, yet it's the Most Prescribed Sleeping Aid in America. And no one seems to care about this: Death Risk Higher - as they did with L-tryptophan. 

Although the Once-Banned substance is "back on the market" its return was as quiet as a Silence Retreat. Melatonin had become the next "natural" supplement of choice over the years, although its effectiveness as a sleeping aid for heavy-duty insomnia or stress-related sleeplessness hasn't been as spectacular. 

THEREFORE, why is Ambien still ON THE MARKET? The best I can do is write this rant, hoping those who are interested will learn something helpful through all or at least one of the links in this post. Think about what you're taking if Ambien is prescribed. Talk to your friends who may use it. There are alternatives. Ones where when you take the pill you actually fall asleep instead of getting into your car and driving to a store to buy a few not-needed items only to awake when pulled over by a police car due to your erratic driving. I don't think anyone was ever found to be L-tryptophan Blackout Driving.

Quasi-Rant over.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Traditional Art of the Day

Artist - Brenda Williams
Location - Dublin
Format - Paint On Canvas
Image via:

You Got Me Rockin'

Monday Tidbits to Freeze Your Brain

 It's Monday and we're off to the races on the Internets….

Political Biz as usual: How Long Will This Keep Going On?

Love them or hate them, here's a list of the year's Meme's: Meme-ories

A bit of this, a little of that: Things To Talk About When Bored

Say what? A Slave Is A Slave Is A Slave

Now what? Want The Perfect Dinner Date?

With  CEO's like this guy, no wonder banks can't find your deposits: "My Name Is…Uh…huh?"

This Blind Item is just Too Difficult to figure out: I'll Never, Ever, Know Who This Is

Where's Walt Disney when you need him? We Need More Animated Lies

Let's get really trashy: A Combo Made For Each Other

Now let's get all music-ey: Lots Of Words About The Stones & Led Zeppelin

That's it for today!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Street Art of the Day

Artist - RONE
Location - San Francisco
Format - Mural
Image via:

Don't You Worry Child

Don't Read If You're Depressed

Life is so fragile. (You can quote me on that one.) In an instant, one move, one innocent moment, can change a life and send a person to their death – by accident or by their own hand. We often forget that we aren't immortal, assuming that when we wake up each day we'll be back in our beds in 12 or so hours, slipping into another night of sleep until the sun rises once again and our lives go on as per usual.

The horror of it all is that it isn't how the world works. Aside from illness and old age with its expected deadly consequences at any moment, seemingly happy, balanced people may not make it home again due to circumstances beyond their control; or, if not a happy, balanced person inside, will end their life within their own control. And so it is with the alarming, extremely sad apparent suicide of Jacintha Saldahna, the nurse who had the unfortunate timing to pick up a phone in the spirit of helping the receptionist who was not at her desk when the prank call came in to King Edward VII hospital from two DJ's in Australia pretending to be The Queen and Prince Charles while Kate was there. I'm sure when she lifted the phone to her ear she had no idea it would cause her death.

The embarrassment of making an innocent mistake which caused international headlines and laughter, sent this self-described "shy" and "nervous" woman into a personal hell because her unintended error involved The Royals. Unbelievable.

Also "unbelievable" must be how Kate Middleton/Duchess of Cambridge/Mother-To-Be feels to know that beyond the often excessive media focus and other unpleasant elements of marrying a Future King, she can't have a bad case of The Nauseas without a serious side effect of someone's death. In private, I believe Kate may feel both baffled and full of chagrin. Welcome to The Royal Family! Try not to become ill or do or become anything which may cause the Unwashed Masses to use as fodder for jokes and pranks. Just continue to lay back and think of England before the next upchuck. I don't know how I would handle knowing someone killed themself/their Self, because I was the focus of a joke that deeply disturbed an unwilling participant.

At the same time, we are always reminded that we cannot control how others react/feel/think about what we do or say. Such is true. Yet, it's sickening nonetheless when we watch/hear how something we were going through created a chain of events which caused another person to feel so despondent, desperate, that their only solution was to leave the planet. I would like to think that Kate hasn't lost her humanity inside the castles in which she floats through her new life as Prince William's wife.

Many young girls grew up thinking how wonderful it would be to marry a Real Prince and live in Royal Luxury, adored by millions with all of the perks handed to us at the ring of a bell. Not so, as we have learned over the years. Marrying into any kind of royalty – official or not (i.e.; the Kennedy's for example) – involves more than a stiff upper lip. Your every public move is scrutinized. Just as with "celebrities" your private times are intruded upon by a long-lens camera when you think you are able to take off your top and simply enjoy a bit of freedom. You are chased by paparazzi's while attempting to go from one place to another, ending up in a devastating car crash in a Paris tunnel…even when you are no longer an "official" Royal. Your Prince just might be in love with someone else.

And it goes on.

The price for fame and fortune isn't always kind. If "Someday my Prince will come..." has been your mantra, perhaps you may want to send him back to the palace unless you are prepared to carry the weight of Other People's Lives on your mind and possibly tiny shoulders. That's what Presidents must do. That's why they age so quickly…unless one has a fabulous hair colorist as one of the U.S. Prez's did. BUT, these leaders choose to take on Life And Death situations/decisions. I doubt that a young woman who everyone has laughed-at because she waited to marry her prince ever imagined that a bout of preggers with major nausea would be the end of someone's life.

RIP Jacintha.

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Friday, December 7, 2012

Street Art of the Day

Artist/Source - Claire Streetart
Image via:

Anyone Who Had A Heart

Tips For A Recovering Romantic

Tossing politics and celebrities aside on this Friday, I'd like to share a Piece Of My Heart with you. Perhaps you'll understand. Maybe you won't. I'd like to believe you WILL comprehend what I wish to impart.  (Warning: Pretentious Words Alert!)

The subject today is all about Romance! The lack thereof; the continuing process of maintaining Heart-Felt Lurve in an existing connection; the woes which join with a broken connection. First, I feel a need to express that I have had incredible love affairs. The running-on-the-sand-hand-in-hand classic moments many, many times. Magical moments when, while with one of My Greatest Loves, Monarch butterflies literally flew out of a huge tree whilst my love and I strolled by in High Octane Emotional-Physical Love Energy with the butterflies whirling around us as if in a vintage Disney animation.

Sigh. It didn't last. Someone got "cold feet."

However, I continued year-after-year to remain open to The Romantic Within until one day a desire to hold a crucifix in front of me whenever a potential love entered my life felt better than holding a rose. And so began my extremely strange-to-me change of heart. I decided that following "Romance" throughout most of my life was not working. Yes, as mentioned above, I've had extraordinary connections. I'm fortunate to have loved and to have been loved in ways many only imagine, but finally that battered organ screamed "Enough!" And that is where it remains to this day after a hiatus from that part of Life for quite some time.

What does "Romance" really MEAN – which is, of course, impossible to define as the sensation is subjective. Right? Your sensation of "being in romantic love" may be and more than probably is entirely different than mine. Whatever it is to anyone, it is a powerful force indeed.

HOWEVER, being a "Romantic" - read definition here - can be a bitch. It appears benign. And it can be. I've not lost every Romantic Cell in my body over the years; nevertheless.....

If you have finally denounced finding yourself in unfulfilling marriages/relationships/affairs, the following are my Evolved Tips:

1) If in a new relationship, try to ignore that they are not dressed exactly like you always dreamed your Love Would Look. Hope they will come to their senses and magically don the attire of your turn-on.

2) If NOT in a relationship with that Once-Special-Someone(s), do your best to avoid using music as the heartbroken (or beautiful) soundtrack to your life. Otherwise, almost all cool tunes are off the table.

3) Try not to expect feelings that you felt 10 years ago – pro or con – still exist. Change happens. For some, love grows stronger. For others, the tree has finally died through soil erosion.

4) Do not, under any circumstances, listen to music that fills your heart with love for an unavailable person.

5) Avoid watching "An Affair To Remember" at all costs.

6) Same as above with "Notebook."

7) Do not take hallucinogenic drugs. One never knows what you'll find yourself imagining.

8) If you must keep old pics of the relationship/marriage/affair, try to remember how you didn't have sex the night before those "happy-lovey" picture(s) – and all will be well in your world. If, unfortunately, you had mind-blowing sex, try to understand human physiology. That'll knock you down to size and, thus, emend that battle between Lust & Love.

9) Finally, wash those damn sheets. No matter how long they've been in the hamper it's a masochistic reminder you undoubtedly are not doing on purpose.

10) DO hire carpet and upholstery cleaners to erase every scent of that SOB out of your energy-field. Otherwise, MOVE. Or, just go on with your life because, after all, it was YOUR home either legally or where you and yours spent most of your time together, right? But, you can't really do it cuz You Are A Romantic!

11) If you are a "Period Romantic," for your salvation, avoid watching "Pride & Prejudice" on overcast days. And try not to roam empty pastures and fields in a love-inflicted haze while it's misty or raining. Even Sunny Days can be dangerous.

Because we are now in a double-digit countdown, the formatting is off. and I just won't go on – it's soooo annoying.

Bottom line: Be open with your heart; be cautious at the start; believe in what you feel; in the gut is where it's real.

A True Recovering Romantic