Saturday, August 31, 2013

Bonus Retro Music Post

Natural Art of the Day

Material - Peacock Feathers

Light As A Feather

The Weekly Fluff

I think we need a lot of Fluff today now that Mr. Obama has officially informed The World that he is willing to bomb Syria – although this time he'll go to his Frenemies and Enemy's in the House and Senate for support. Good luck on that one, Barack.

Therefore, without much further ado let's get on with The Gossip (and for me to write as many cliché's as possible).

Another war is brewing in the House Of Ho's now that Kris Kar-Kash-In's TV Show (yes, she had a show somewhere that no one watched) has been cancelled! Well, nothing has been written beyond basic speculation that Mizzy Kris-Kross isn't pleased with the news; however, anyone who follows or can't seem to avoid, the Kar-Kash-In Headlines & Drama, would only need to close their eyes for a second to see Bruce Jenner hiding in a corner room somewhere in Kash-Land, curled into a fetal position, built-in shocked-looking eyes and eyebrows intact, staring at the door armed with a clove of garlic.

It's Divorce and/or Near-Divorce Time once more in Hollywood. Catherine Zeta-Jones and Forever Pissy Michael Douglas have finally – and I mean finally – admitted to what has been rather boldy pointed-out in both tabloids and online Gossip Places for months – that they are done with each other! Over, though not yet "legally separated" and that both are to "blame."

No surprise here. I could sense that there was Mucho Trouble of one kind or another between thcm a few years ago based on the not-so-loving expression on Mr. Douglas' chin dimple when Catherine won The Tony Award in 2010. When the camera panned to him in the audience, his clenched jaw (more clenched than usual), was the exact expression Brad Pitt wore when his then-wife, Jennifer You-Know-Who, won her Emmy in 2002. When an SO looks tense, forced to smile, and/or avoids showing sincere happiness for the success of their mate, you know something's brewing.

Clint Eastwood and his wife of 17 years have sent their golf clubs to separate Club Houses – officially – and will soon be free to hit the greens for as many hole-in-one's as they please without hiding what everyone has suspected (or privately known) for at least a year. She just didn't Make His Day. (Yep. I did write that one and it stays.)

Miley Cyrus. Twerking. Miley Cyrus. Crotch clutch-jerking. Miley Cyrus. There, that's done.

Moving on…..

Why bother to have The Academy Awards next year when "everyone" is convinced that Cate Blanchett will win Best Actress for her role in Blue Jasmine, and Matthew McConaughey as Best Actor for his enormous weight loss to portray a Dying Aids Victim (sound familiar?) in the yet-to-be-released Dallas Buyer's Club.  Oh, that's right. There are Other Categories. I guess the Show Will Go On.

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux have not yet married – still.

Nor have Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Angie's engagement ring could be rusting by now.

Robin Thicke (that guy who was on the receiving end of Miley's shaking-twerking arse) has a mother,  singer-actress Gloria Loring, who has been spouting disapproval over Miley's actions toward her son's Menz Parts, although a new picture of her Saintly Robin Son is circulating online where he's in front of a mirror having his picture taken with a clingy-looking waif that shows the back-end reflection of his hand firmly embedded in the young thing's Back Side female Parts. Hmm. What do you think about that, Gloria? (And yes, he's married. But not to The Waif.)

Okay. That's enough. Time to clear my fluffy head by reading more absurdity about why the U.S. needs to get into another country's armoire to place fresh moth balls into each of the hanging suit and shirt pockets, shoes and underwear therein to "Send A Message." Sure. That will send a potent message – war stinks!

See you later!

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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Banksy
Image & Details via:

Shattered Dreams

I'm Not Having a Dream, Just a Nightmare

Oh how Not Sweet It Is! Yesterday we watched (or heard about) the 50th Anniversary of Martin Luther King's 1963 March On Washington. Strong emotions wafted through the Washington Air as speakers touted MLK's Vision for America - some that have come true and are not just dreams.

And yet, below the surface rumbled the frustration of Peoples Of Many Colours who realize how far our Supposed Racial Tolerance has fallen.

It was a lovely day in Washington to hear inspiring and pragmatic speeches by Former Prez Clinton and Current Prez Obama (among others). Excellent points were made, tears were shed by members of the The Crowd while GOP officials declined to show up to speak, which makes our Current Racial Madness in America all the more clear. I have researched The Web for a few clips and articles which present a mild version of what is going on in Tea Party Mindset Land. Below are a few of the Less Offensive examples:

To begin, let's see and hear the most childish of the lot. The snide hatred in his voice does not require a response: A True Racist Rant. (And it's not Rush.)

Although not full-on Direct Racist Remarks, the insinuations within the email weren't pretty.

The good ole' Tea Party doesn't disappoint in This Article (includes video).

A strange, convoluted racial comparison on MSNBC

Before I slip away for the day, I leave you with this Odd Rambling and Questionable Visual thanks to Fox News. Yes, we still have a long way to go for True Equality. But, you knew that, yes?

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Street Art of the Day

Artist - EME
Location - Spain
Medium - Typography Graffiti
Format - Mural
Image & Details via:

Keep It To Yourself

Don't Tell If You've Been Unwell?

Hello there. I have a question: Why is it considered Not Cool to talk about an illness/accident – any health "story" from the past, without criticism and judgment from others who believe you are only Seeking Attention to do so? We have been "told" that talking about Our Stories regarding things that Have Gone Wrong is simply living in the past, dwelling on Negativity, and "should" be erased from our conversations and, if possible, Our Minds.

In my view, there are Two Different Types of illness-accident "sharing" categories: Constant Complaining about new or old health issues in a whiny, Woe Is Me Tone/Attitude (which can be annoying and, if heard over-and-over again certainly brings on the Inner Sighs and Eye-Rolling of "Here we go again…").

The Second Category is when we discuss our Personal History. If our history involves serious illness or accidents from which we have grown, learned, or simply survived, then what is the problem with mentioning it? We seem to have Double Standards about Who Can Talk about these incidents and Who Cannot.

A Celebrity or Basic Public Figure is usually lauded when they talk about a dire accident they experienced, or an illness they overcame or have lived with. Everyone cheers that they were so "brave" and "bold" and "open" and "honest" – and I'm NOT writing about Abuse Issues. Just health. However, if a Regular Person does the same, too many gnarly fingers are pointed their way in dismissive, often judgmental ways because "they" think you just want to complain about Your Drama.

I take issue with the idea that including health stories when discussing our lives is "off." The following is an example:

First off, I haven't been overtly hassled by anyone online (in particular) when I have written of my Past Health Issues. My intention in writing about some of the very "Nine Lives" survival stories is just that: telling anyone who doesn't know me very well about My Life. And, from what has happened in that life is why I am whoever I am Today! Period. I have physical scars that sometimes require a brief explanation, which, of course, is part of My Story.

In addition, the accidents more than illness, have been of the sort where one usually doesn't live, or, if so, will then be crippled/disabled. I find it amazing that I am still alive, not "crippled" and can put a sentence together with or without correct grammar, so, of course, I will tell anyone who asks what happened – and usually do so with a positive, sometimes Inspirational and often humorous tone. I am not seeking attention or sympathy. I am a story-teller and have several incredible stories to tell. Just like Other People have their own stories to share – and "should" be able to do so without the glare of Jaundiced Eyes trying to shut them up or shame them into feeling as if they are Doing Something Wrong!

Again, in my view, unless someone is whining and clearly Playing The Victim, their story is as valid to impart as other major events in their lives. We don't slam friends for telling us how much they loved their dog or cat who died years ago and what the circumstances were of the pet's passing, do we? Mention an animal's health problems – past or present – and the Huge Sympathy Train begins rolling down the Compassion Track.

You may wonder what triggered this post since it has come from nothing in the news, or a Backlash Personal Experience. The idea to touch on the subject in a reasonably brief way is simple: I read a few Words Of Wisdom this morning where, once again, the message involved dropping our "stories." In truth, I was irked all over again by The Wise Ones' attempts to silence those who may need or want to share their lives, Good & "Bad" Parts, without being accused of the clichéd Attention Seeking Motive.

Words of Wisdom are extremely helpful as reminders for our Spiritual Growth, but too many times those Messages usually involve statements against talking about a seemingly Not Positive Event in our lives so that we may enjoy Inner Peace without re-living Those "Bad" Moments. Okay, it's true that the less energy we devote to our Old Stories the better our New Stories will be. But, as I wrote, some stories should be told if we are to have sincere, clear and open friendships. I know I want to understand my friends as much as possible. Should they have experienced something unusual in the Physical Ailments Department, I don't mind learning of it. In fact, the information allows me to see them in a broader way.

I say Let's Allow Others & Ourselves to Speak Freely without worrying about being judged (unless, of course, we're screaming at someone and not saying very kind things in the process as it can be harmful to all concerned). Just try to not whine about whatever IT may be...

Which reminds me that as I write at my desk my back is really hurting and I may need to stand up for a while to feel better, because, you know, I hurt my hip a while ago and it becomes stiff when I sit, requiring movement to allow better circulation cuz' the leg I broke at 13 is attached to the hip I broke and, man-oh-man, does that area get sore at times, which gives me a slight headache that brings my mood down into the depths of some kind of weird despair…..

Have a Wonderful Whatever, and Thanks for stopping by!

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Monday, August 26, 2013

Different Art of the Day

Medium - Photography

Back To Tennessee

Mile-y High-Ho?

Good Monday to you! Did you watch The Justin Timberlake Show on VH1 and/or MTV last night? Considering how looooong Justin and his No Longer In-Sync Buddies controlled the stage at the VMA's, it's not too terribly off the mark to hand Justin the show's title, right? No? I'm wrong? Someone else ripped the much-hyped Reunion Performance (aka as Michael Jackson's Resurrected Shadow Selves with Justin Moonwalk-Sliding across the stage) away from The Headlines today?!

And Who Could That Person Be? You don't know? You came to this site to read political outrage or Personal Wailings Of The TMI Kind? Not today. Instead, TDFB (me) will enlighten you in the very best way by offering The Facts Right Here! 

I think the above-linked article lays it out quite well, don't you? What I find so very strange about the entire Miley Mess isn't Miley, but the amazing Super Pearl Clutching of Mika Breezy. What was she doing sounding-off with such Incessant Shaming? Isn't her job to just read the papers and say a few insipid things while the Perpetually In Mourning Of His Lost Political Career, Joe Whatzhizname, snickers nearby, interrupts her interruptions and natters on without looking at her unless she nudges him to ackowledge her Upper East Side Out-Of-Touch presence?

Gee Whiz. The way this story is trumping the Chemical Weapons Issue in Syria, one would think a young girl wore almost no clothing, shook her Booty Body all over a stage, bent over and pushed her arse against a guy to insinuate a sexual position, wore what seemed to be Little Hair Horns and, in general, acted like a Slutty Slut-Slut on International TV!!!!

Let's have a National Meltdown over it, shall we?

Hey, Miley was once a dear, sweet-looking Little Chipmunk from The Land Of Disney's Children. Now she's simply an Older Chipmunk who has been stuffing too many nuts into her cheeks (you get to guess which ones I mean). Some people just go insane after Nut-Stuffing and sometimes forget where they are. Oh, those crazy Post-Puberty Kids!

On that note, I'm running as fast as I can to distance myself from the above paragraph. 

See you all later!

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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Street Art of the Day

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Things Get Worse (NSFW)

Seriously Syria & More

EDITED after publishing - 7x

Oh no! Here we may Go Again into the dastardly bowels of another war! (Read THIS)

No "boots on the ground" again, per Prez Obama's Saturday Morning Video Natterings, just the possibility of what to do now that "sources" say that Chemical Weapons have been used on Syria's People throughout their escalating Dis-Civilized War. And, by no "boots on the ground" we know what THAT means: Drone-based bombings, with a chance of Other Kinds Of Weapons coming from nearby US Naval Ships.

How reassuring! More fire in the sky! More chaos on the ground! More reasons to hate the U.S. More reasons for the USA to finally scream "Enough!" Enough of everything it takes away from our own country's needs to not only fund another war (should today's meeting between Obama and his Security-Type "Experts" with charts and laptops filled with numbers and "Intel" about what's supposedly really going on Over There that could warrant U.S. Intervention), but to have yet another Big Distraction for our Prez and Lame Government in general while Rome Burns Over Here.

But hey, that's okay, right? Our Congress hasn't shown much Passion (Dem's) or Compassion (Repub's) for Actually Fixing Things that require Immediate Action (such as severely deteriorating Infrastructure Issues; the increasingly financial and Human Cost of our Growing Way Out Of Control climate problems which, in turn, further affects the increasing Lack Of Quality Of Life for millions when their homes burn down, or float away in a flood…or are tossed into the air like little toys during tornadoes). We, as a country, need the money spent on wars for the current and Inevitable Natural Disasters to come. That's where our money "should" go.

However, we're in a delicate dance with The Middle East and have been for quite some time. We're either the glue which holds warring nations together as often as possible from killing each other more than they already do, or else we're seen as a Polarizing, Interfering War Monger to others. The U.S. has indeed backed itself into a Global Corner over the decades.

We have strategic alliances with numerous countries and their leaders to "protect" them if they allow us to place our Military Bases on their land…and so on. It's as if the USA began to flirt with several countries to ensure National Security, Oil, Loyalty If Under Attack, and everyone accepted the advances toward Friendly Relations simultaneously – with a caveat of the The Deal to become more than just a Friend for at least one night. What to do? How many different countries and hotel rooms can one dash to in one day and not become embroiled in Too Many Messes Of Loyalty?

But I almost digress. Point is – I don't like how the U.S. can always find the money for war, but nothing else of True American-Human Value.

I don't want chemicals in the air. A war using chemical weapons is to be taken seriously. Toxic particles float around, eventually reaching everyone's lungs. AND, I don't like seeing the dead bodies of Little Children lined-up in a street, either. But, if not Paying Attention Here In The US of A, those images could soon be of our own.

We have enough of our own Terrorists and Koch Self-Appointed Dictators in The House spewing their version of Toxic Hate-Based Particles into the air whenever they open their smarmy, smirky, jowly mouths (whose phone numbers are on Speed Dial from David Koch). Finding ways to stop the rule of our government, thus Country and Women's Bodies and Voter's Rights, by a few Not-So-Good Men is one of the first wars we need to spend our money on right a non-violent way, of course.

Unlike what Radical GOPer's believe, Obama Isn't Fiddling while the U.S. burns. What he's trying to do is juggle a World Gone Crazy. If he has a fiddle, you can bet he's already ripped out the strings.

On that simple note, I bid you a Lovely Whatever!

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Different Art of the Day

Photographer/Artist - Pierre Carreau
Format - Photography
Image & Details via:

It's No Secret

The Weekly Fluff

Today The Weekly Fluff has returned on yet another different day just to keep you all waiting for it with Buggy Eyes. Sorry to disappoint in advance, but there's not much In-Substantial Gossip to report. As you may have noticed over the summer, I've become bored-bored-bored with almost All Celebrities and Public Figures.

I can barely read more than the headlines of a Gossipy Blog's contents, which, thank the Gossip Gatekeepers Above, basically tells the story anyway, so why bother to learn more when you really Don't Care about whoever it is.

All I know and can report is that It's Headline News All Over Again that Jennifer Aniston (aka at TDFB as Jennifer Analstone) is on vacation! Wearing a Bikini! Sipping the water she shills for Biggie Bucks in plain sight of The Pap's. Where is she? Where else but her Second Home: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico! Gosh, she's so adventurous! (Haven't I written the same-exact line about all of this before today? Could it be her Cabo Breaks are Ground Hog Day inducing? Haven't I written the exact.... )

It's not as if she doesn't go to the exact place a hundred times a year to do the I Don't See You Taking My Picture stroll on patios so that blurry photos of her Healthy Habits will be taken, sold, and spread all over the World Wide Web Of Conceit along with showing-up on the sides of Tabloid Covers. And yes, Justin, her fiancé, is there and kissing her right on time. The problem I have (along with soooo many Other Snarkers) is how she is so predictable. It's become a joke. And annoying.

Making a headline out of Jennifer going to Cabo is akin to me sending out a Press Release that I called my fav Delivery Service for groceries – while NOT wearing a bikini!

Before I go on, you'll gain a larger "picture" of the Latest Cabo Escape RIGHT HERE, complete with nauseating pics of the Most Overt Product Placement from a celeb I've seen in ages. And, although I too like Smart Water and drink lots of water in general, and also am aware of Image, it's almost disengenuous for Miz Analstone to flash that Water Bottle in public when we know there are two hundred pre-mixed Major Margaritas waiting for her on the Main Table in the el grande' casa/villa/hotel room behind the patio with her name written in salt resting beside a thousand freshly cut Limes.

Jennifer, Jennifer. How can yee be so increasingly yucky? I was never a fan nor a non-fan, but how can anyone avoid seeing or reading about her if you want to be online beyond Porn and Science sites?

Oh well. She's a Celebrity with an Image To Protect, thus, having pictures of her downing a Big One, then tossing Justin into the air for kicks after she's had a few too many, wouldn't be a great idea.

Nevertheless, Her Big Story is as Fluffy As You Get.

I do like her latest Fedora, though. See THIS! (Looks like she really needed the vacation...)

Enjoy what remains of your day/night!

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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Street Art of the Day

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The Name Game

What's In a Name? Fame or Shame?

Okay. Now that John Oliver is no longer sitting-in for Jon Stewart at The Daily Show, I'll slip out of my Quietly Suspicious-Minded Closet to question something he said on one of the shows within the past two weeks. (I'll try to find the clip and if lucky, provide a link to the episode.)

What was it? A name he used for Rick Santorum, aka at TDFB as Mr. Sanctimonious and Mr. Sweater Vest. (See my post from 1/12 for an example.)

And… surprise of all surprises, along the flow of one of Oliver's monologues, he referred to our not-so-bright GOP Foe as "Mr. Sweater Vest"! Hmmm. Where did that come from in 2013 when we haven't seen him around in almost a year? Writers often think alike. Phrases and Names for Human Disasters can be easy to create when we're snarky. I've had the same thoughts/phrases/titles in my mind end up the same day on the tongues of those I watch on Comedy or News Shows. I never thought anything other than the truth: some energies and thoughts are truly "out there" and a group of people will unknowingly, simultaneously, pick it up. But not in the precise language.

Which is why this time, of all of the names I've heard by comedians and used in titles on TV programs and in print that coincided with each other, it seems a bit too close to "coincidence" that anyone would think of and then use the Exact Name without having read it elsewhere. MR. Sweater Vest? The Daily Show writers could have concocted the same name I did based on the seemingly endless sweater vests the Sanctimonious One wore wherever he went during his Unsuccessful Prez Bid last year.

BUT, isn't it a bit too Literally Word-For-Word-Name to not have come from this Little Blog in the Big Cyber Universe? Therein is why I've been lurking in Modest Curiosity without leaping from the Suspicious Closet until now with the query-comment-almost-but-not-really accusation of having been ripped-off. Or, let's not use that phrase, and, instead, say/think/write how flattering it is to be copied (as all of us do with others - consciously or not). 

Sure. I'll be happy to believe one of the writers pops by now and again (as most culture-oriented writers do) to discover what obscure, as well as Major Publications, are "saying" about various topics. Most of the time, "copying" is indeed a form of blatant flattery. I've done it in a mixture of styles from numerous Writerbloggers (my new way of labeling those who know how to write quite well no matter what the subject, rather than Basic Blogging in language difficult to understand – such as how several people have told me about a few of my posts. Ahem)

I "brought this up" not as a Completely Back-Patting or Proof Of Delusions Galore Self. But I wanted to let you all know that sometimes Funny Minds Work Alike, and at other times, Funny Minds Need To Look Elsewhere To Justify Their Reason To Get A Paycheck. 

By the way, despite initial misgivings on John Oliver taking over for Stewart (while he continued to grow a beard and turn greyer while making a film for a good cause), my impression changed. I thought Oliver gave a good show; was wonderfully silly, earnest, intelligent and, above all, generally entertaining.

Have a Wonderful Whatever!

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Monday, August 19, 2013

3D Street Art Slideshow of the Day

Classic Rock for Monday (ignore inane chatter at top)

Monday Tidbits #9,690

Laughing and gasping through various Interweb stories and other things of interest today….

If you aren't a Racist GOP Wingnut, you'll love this: Best Twitter Trolling Ever! 

I didn't and just couldn't watch this mess, did you? A Snarky Recap From Michael K 

For hung-over peeps who can handle a gross moment: OR, For Anyone Who Hates Mondays (NSFW

Chances are "whores" make more money in a week… Oh, Those Sinful, Horrible Teachers! 

And all this time time I thought of "mesh" with a "meh." Take That, NSA! Maybe. We Hope. 

Writing of material, check out these incredible new Camo Fashion Pieces 

A reasonable article by a reasonable father who just happens To Be Gay 

The Real truth why Facebook is very "wonky-odd" at times: IT People Hav Touble Redding Tings 

I'd want to save both. Some won't. Would You? 

Have a few dollars to spare? Houses On Fire! 

That's it for today!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Claudio Ethos
Format - Paper

Sunday Blues Break

Moving Right Along

Hi there! Following yesterday's extremely enlightening post regarding just how Sensitive I Can Be to just about everything regarding The Big Bad Ego and Heart, it seems fitting to be calm today and, rather than watch paint dry, why not watch water dripping from a faucet in Slow Motion?

You're welcome.

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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Unusual Street Art of the Day

Artist - Max Zorn
Medium - Tape
Title - "Hotel"

You Hurt Me

'Pity-Party' Rant

EDITED: 16 x (!!!) after publishing

I intend to Wax Pissy today, so if you'd rather learn more about Egypt falling to pieces or anything else beyond reading about Egos, Hurt Feelings, Anger At Others & Self, then do yourself a favour and come back another day.

In the past, I've written about how important it is for all of us to avoid comparing ourselves, our lives, to Others' Lives & Experiences so that we won't feel the desire to burn down our homes and walk away from everything, only to be found Brooding In The Desert or Mountains or Someplace Where Our Tears Of Self Pity may fall upon no one's eyes or ears. You know, those first steps we take in our Pity Parties? Being alone to confirm our isolation from others, or rejection of and from them?

This time around, the topic goes into the Other Side of Ego Issues – and once again, Social Media (Facebook in particular) – has been my unwitting Testing Ground for how well we/I do or don't handle perceived or real rejection, and what the emotions connected to the "Negativity" those feelings create within. And believe me, in my case and what I've recently witnessed going on in other people's online lives, feeling unappreciated, abandoned, disappointed, angry, hurt, can cause the most seemingly secure person to flip-out.

Remember that Social Media is a Popularity Contest most of the time (beyond a lovely way to reignite old friendships or stay in touch with family). Putting One's Self "Out There" can be risky for The Sensitives.

When we "Like" someone's Status Reports, most people are either flattered or happy or, with The Smug Ones, just another day in "Of Course They Like Me" Paradise. A few will "Like" that you "Liked" their update/post. They are engaged with their friends, albeit simple. At times, a mutual connection is formed with regular acknowledgment(s) of each other's information flowing back and forth at regular intervals.

The  online "play" between friends can be a pleasant, fun, educational experience. However, some people don't bother to reciprocate because they are Too Busy or Too Lazy or Just Not Into Your Status that day – if ever. Over time, you either accept the seeming indifference and continue to support that person's posts because you have a very Light Connection With Them and have no hopes of feedback, or you Unfriend them or read their Updates and move on in silence. It's always your choice to put yourself out there for them – or not.

Obviously I'm writing about Facebook rejection due to Personal Experience, as I'm not feeling very loving toward several FB "Friends" lately, and the Irked-Hurt Buttons within have been pushed. Why? Did I have expectations of certain people? Not really. I simply had Hopes. Hope that several Key People in my life – be it from the Past who are still circling around my Present, and/or Very Much In My Present Yet So Far, would cease being so Self-Centered for a second that they might actually notice something I posted that they "Like" based on how often they seem to Like the same kind of messages by others – and, in my case with the FB friends I am thinking about, I notice that they seem to go for the Famous Friends First in their Liking Sprees - interesting enough, most of whom never respond to their posts.

To clear things up in my head, and to do my best not to allow Petty Childish reactions to take over, I've contacted a few so-called "friends" to inquire about "what's up?" – esp. as I have publicly supported their ventures/efforts and cute posts out of both loyalty and genuine enjoyment - for a very long time with nary a "word" from them. Their response? Most of those I trust to be honest have enjoyed My Stuff, but just didn't think it was necessary to make the effort to click "Like." Or comment if they agree. Or write anything supportive at all. And it's not as if they didn't have the time – esp. when they spend half their days on FB.

One FB contact recently wrote that she has learned who actually cares for her through how few responses she received when mentioning her dog was ill, but how, when she was interviewed on a Very Popular TV Show, her in-box, FB Page, etc. filled-up with tons of messages and greetings. How true. How sad. How terribly real.

It might appear to my FB friends that I do similar things with friends who are Famous/Almost Famous and am just complaining for no reason other than a Bruised Ego. Not so fast. You have no idea how many of those things I don't comment on or "Like" – just because I know that "they" know I do notice and enjoy most of their family pictures or their fun times with Other Celeb Icons. I've "Liked" and Commented often and consistently enough to send the message of interest their way...and will continue. Odd as it may seem, they are more likely than not to respond. My point? Unless someone is posting hateful anti-Obama or Endless "Do You Love Jesus" things, I'll "Like" even the most awful-looking Meme from a "Regular Person" if I relate to the message. I call myself an Equal-Opportunity "Liker."

One thing I've begun to notice over the past year is how very few (if any) comments or "Likes" numerous people are not receiving despite their Incredible News of a Career Success. It's not that these people aren't sincerely liked by others, but the Silence They Are Discovering could be out of their own oblivious or Self-Centered inability to reciprocate by reading /viewing and "Liking" their own friends' posts. After a while, one tires of being supportive without some kind of mutual exchange unless one has reached Nirvana-Like Emotional-Spiritual Sainthood.

No, we don't HAVE to reciprocate All Of The Time. I truly do my best to overcome Expectations About Almost Everything. But I do value mutual support – even when we may not always be in 100% agreement with someone's post. And, if we feel comfortable enough with whoever that "friend" is, we might write something cute or simple to let them know we're still "with them" despite differences. I mean, isn't FB a place for Communication? And WTF is Communication Without Mutual Communication?

Or, as with too many people, mutual communication may not be the purpose of their post. Perhaps all they care about is letting you know they need money for Kickstarter and/or Please Donate (to their fav cause), even if they have never, ever, "Liked" anything you've written to them in support, or they want you to know about the tres expensive bag they just bought that you can't afford. And, if you can afford Whatever It Is, then By God, you better pull out your Black Card for a shopping spree to Keep Up with that person, then posting your own recent purchase for all to see.

Do I sound a tad bitter? How about a tinge of Bitter Disappointment instead? Why? What happened beyond finally realizing who really Doesn't Give Two Twats about most of my posts? This: Inconsistency/Fickleness and Lack of Support from those I had thought were willing to "Be There" for me as they had been – consistently. Had they not been in a long-time cooperative rhythm with me, I wouldn't feel upset. But when the music abruptly stops, so does my heart stop - in shock.

Here is an analogy: You are an actor in a play. Your show runs several times a week. Opening Night was jammed with well-wishers. For weeks you see faces in the audience of Loyal Friends who Show Up To Support you. Naturally, you don't expect them to be there every night. But, shock-of-shocks, there they are. Giving you a Thumbs-Up. It feels good. You aren't without love and kindness from those you also love and support. You like their own work, too, and you show up for them because you know how much it means to them to have feedback about their work.

You don't take your Loyal Friends For Granted, either. You always invite them back to the Green Room and thank them for being there. You haven't been a Diva. You aren't claiming to win a Tony Award. You're just happy to see them. And then, without warning, they stop coming to your show.

You think something happened to them. Your play is still doing well, but it's not the same without them in the audience. You grow concerned. But then, after one of your shows, you see that they have been going to The Other Theatre next door where someone else they know is in a play. At first, you understand. They are The Supportive Type…why shouldn't they spread it around? But after a few days, you barely see them in your theatre again. You feel hurt, then angry (or vice versa) as they continue to go to the other play while pretending they didn't see you on the same sidewalk. Something like that. You've been ignored, is the bottom line. 

Were you feeling spoiled by their attention? Maybe. Or, do they simply not care for your play, your lines, your face – YOU – anymore? What to do? Ignore their next project because you feel like a fool constantly providing feedback one way or another with no reciprocity on your own work? Had there not been a consistent mutual exchange all along, it might not matter. When there had been, it's hurtful and one tends to leave Loving Feelings Behind in place of Confusion and a reminder that, once again, everything does happen for a reason – and, with a slightly broken heart – my mind conjures all kinds of Not-So-Wonderful Reasons why people like me with Good Intentions are often the ones who suffer the most.

So, here I am on a Saturday morning, angry with RLFB friends who I believe I have allowed to take me for granted.

No more. (Is that the sound of violins I'm hearing?)

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Street Art of the Day

Artist - Eowin
Location - Ireland

I Spy (Theme)

Get Ready for Your Close-Up

While we wring our hands, clutch our pearls, rant at others, howl at the moon, look the Other Way, or carry on in blissful Personal Bubbles, over Alarming Headlines regarding almost anything connected to Our Current Way Of Life anywhere on the planet where technology in the home exists, TDFB (me) will provide its (my) "take" on the Latest Way To Create Paranoid People, which will produce at least one or another of the reactions-actions mentioned above. Read THIS for specific details.

Should you bypass the link, the Cliff Notes Version of the "story" is how New Tech Devices in our homes can spy on us; thus, how anyone with New TV's and/or cable boxes, cell phones, computers and – yes – even Coffee Makers, could be at the mercy of Big Sister (who is nosier than Big Brother) far more than NSA's interference.

One of the mentioned drawbacks to such devious spying involves – what else? – sex! Yes, sex. That thing people do in front of TV's and on kitchen counters near the coffee pot. Who would/will be/is watching, one may wonder. It would help to know which device provides the more liberal-minded Watchers rather than Repressed Prudes who will judge, and then run home to a spouse to "experiment." Who wants to be put on display like that? (Narcissist's and Exhibitionist's need not answer.)

As I wave "Hello" to the webcam in my laptop, I doubt that anyone is watching me – at the moment. For now I'm just practicing my moves for when it happens. Should I begin to dress up a bit more when I write? No more inside-out-on-purpose Tees? Take off my Jammy Bottoms first thing in the morning to change into Less Personal Attire? Should I wear pearls just so I may clutch them in angst?

Or, if knowing that A Watcher was a Southern Baptist GOPer who hates people like me, I might want to run out and buy all of the most frightening S&M Gear one could imagine, invite a few willing actor-type friends to join me and The Flogging Whip in a Dance Of Debauchery in front of my computer. Why not? My actress past is still within me. If someone is going to watch a "show" I'm in, then I plan to be well-rehearsed and properly dressed for the part.

Everyone Get Ready! Your Very Own Reality Show is on its way (if not being seen in someone's Basement-based Spy Office right now)!

Breathe deep.

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Street Art of the Day

Image via:

Wednesday Dancing for Fun

Wednesday Tidbits #876,543

Greetings! It's time to roam the Interwebs for fun or something, don't you think? (Safe Links)

Tell yourself: "It's only a nightmare. It's only a nightmare."  -  No, it's For Real! 

I can't wait to show this to my mother.  My Parents Went There Every Summer. WTF? 

Another GOPer keepin' it classy: Those Poor White Guys! 

It's NASA time again: Meteors In Full Plume 

Have a laugh or three: Mainstream Media At Its Highest Low 

I'm shocked! Shocked! TMZ's main stories today have nothing to do with Black Guys Going To Jail 

More dish on Boehner's Horrible Job 

I'd hoped the container was labeled: Return To Sender COD

A bit of Lit: Another Way To View An Artist 

Lotsa stuff about Lotsa Stuff 

That's it for the day!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Basic Art of the Day

A Well Respected Man

A Difficult Appearance

Appearance IS everything despite individual desires to strive for Spiritual Transcendence from such lowly energies. How we present ourselves to The Big World matters much – from how The Whites deem "White Trash" to Whites Who Are Embarrassingly Sloppy-Stupid, to what Blacks call their ill-begotten ones the N-Word, to how we dress, comb or don't comb or shave our heads. Forget behaviour (unless it's outrageously socially unacceptable), the Perception Of Appearance – be it from the colour of one's skin to the clothes we are wearing – makes an impression on others whose minds immediately click to a pre-wired belief, be it pro or con.

Witness the recent Oprah Debacle HERE to gain a larger, funnier view of the the latest developments, Was race an issue? Did Saint O forget to have her stylist make her look World Famous that day? Was Oprah slumming-it in causal clothing with a few specs of Ultra Clean Swiss Dust Bunnies playing on the material? Or, could it have been – gasp – snob language problems? (See link above for details.)

For now, let's join Oprah in shrugging-it-off so that Switzerland can remain neutral as always in any conflict, and move on to a personal story detailing similar prejudice by salespeople to hometown friends who were insanely wealthy yet looked entirely the opposite by choice (although they lived very well). In our town, they lived in a mini-castle. An actual castle with winding stone stairways and more! In Florida they lived on the beach in Miami in their large, comfy beach house.

I had heard through The Family (not THAT kind of "Family") a story about my friends' eccentric father who often dressed like a slightly hip, older, funky hippie. He was partially in fashion for the time, as my experience with him was in the late 60's early 70's. I'd already seen the times when he would be wearing jeans so low everyone could almost see his Little Crack – with an expensive sweater or shirt flapping-about on top and slipping-into his snazzy Lamborghini, zooming-off to some place few of us ever knew where…including his wife.

One day at The Other House in Florida, dressed in his usual clean, but wrinkled Beachy Bum Look, he decided he wanted to buy a Rolls Royce for fun. (!) The moment he entered the showroom, he was immediately patronized by a stuffy salesman regarding whether or not Mr. (I Won't Tell) could afford such a vehicle, and if, sniff-sniff, at the very least, Mr. Blank could kindly produce personal identification and proof of income before stepping closer to the car. Hey, it's not as if Mr. Blank hadn't showered that morning; however, it's obvious he didn't fit the image of anyone who not only drives a Rolls Royce, but someone who could afford to own one. Understandable – to a point. Aren't such cars among The Gems of All Cars and should be protected from the grubby, dirty hands of peasants touching its well-crafted curves?

The patronizing, apparently demeaning way in which Mr. Stuffy treated Mr. Blank as if he should Get The Eff out of there is what prompted The Hippie Millionaire to point at the first car he walked toward and say, "I'll buy it. Right now. In cash." And then promptly pulled an enormous wad of crumpled $100 bills amounting to over $500,000 from his wallet, called his bank to wire the remaining amount, paid in full, signed papers, and drove off in the new beauty with a wry smile on his face. One can only imagine the salesman's expression (beyond the inward glee for a great commission).

That sort of story isn't all that new Right Now in our culture, but Then It Was – and, it still is in so many ways. But, my real story involves witnessing how Mr. Blank's wife was treated at an Appliance Store in another part of Florida where Wealthy Types Live. I was with her and her daughters when she needed to buy a new washer and dryer. As she wandered the aisles of the store in her cloth coat of nothing special, with part of her hair going grey gracefully, she was quasi-blocked from becoming too interested in several High Name Brands by condescending remarks and questions from sales people attempting to lure her over to cheaper models.

As she carefully made her decision, I saw the impatience and lack of respect whatsoever for even a Basic Person cross the faces of the cashier and the Main Salesman aka Mr. Stuffy who, by then, had stepped-aside and must have decided to let the poor lady have her delusions before shuffling out the door without a sale. Surprise! Mrs. Blank bought the Best Quality of everything, and when the cashier checked her credit before she paid for everything in full on a Top Credit Card, the Sun Came Out! Roses Bloomed! Suddenly, they were treating her with Grand Respect!

But she still looked the same as she did when she walked into the store.

Until tomorrow, have a Wonderful Whatever!

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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Street Art of the Day

Artist/Photographer - Mr. Dheo
Location - Portugal
Format - Photorealism
Image & Details via:

Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High

Who Deserves a Flog Today? (Celling-Out)

Imagine The Flogging Whip with its lashes flashing upward in frenzied despair! Or frustration. Something evoking the image of WTF?! Well, that's what is happening around here this late morning in August: a whip bouncing from place-to-place waving those threatening strands of leather and rope in the air during its tizzy wherein I have to duck from becoming its Accidental Victim.

What is the problem? Which Latest Newz Event has The Whip all whipped-up? Texting While Driving, that's what. Have you seen pictures of the Way Too Many car accidents caused by drivers who were Texting? The crumpled ruins of what was once a car that had Living Creatures inside who are now either dead or seriously maimed? All of the carnage just because someone felt a need to communicate Right Now to Someone Else information that the driver couldn't wait to impart until there would be a stop light or sign or the Exit Ramp off the freeway. Please! What is so important that whatever it is must be dealt with ASAP by using one's Hands to punch tiny buttons on a small cell phone to spell out information that could be SAID into a phone?

Huh? Why? Unless in a place where sound is not welcome or privacy is imperative, isn't it ridiculous to communicate by text – again, in particular while at the controls of a machine? Yes, there are people who have professions which require them to be On Call in one form or another and, if contacted during an emergency, must respond immediately. And sure, in most states it is illegal to TALK on a cell phone while driving, so of course Texting would seem to be the next option for rapid communication.

However, why can't Drivers pull over to complete the exchange rather than speeding down a road or freeway at 80+ mph, juggling the cell in one hand and presumably holding the steering wheel with the other? Can we say Physically Awkward? How about Really Dangerous and Reckless and Stupid!  Nothing other than a medical or Other True Emergency is SO IMPORTANT for these people to so cluelessly and/or callously risk theirs and others' lives by punch-thumbing letters and numbers onto a screen just to be cool and/or impatient to share their every move and thought to another!

Have we gone mad with this New technology Thingy? It's enough that almost everyone has to talk to someone by phone while driving despite having friends in the car with them for chat. Half of the time when friends call from their cells and are on the road I can barely hear them due to static interference and most of the calls are cut off when they venture into canyons. The actual communication is non-communication at its best. So, that brings us back to Texting Instead Of Talking as the alternative to the often-poor quality of cell phone "sound." And here we go into the conundrum again.

Solution? Common Sense.

A Note To Those Who Text While Driving: Try being alone in your car and enjoy it. If you need chatter, listen to Talk Radio or the Voices In Your Head – whatever you like. Text only when stopping/stopped for at least 5 minutes. And, when tempted to push those Communication Buttons while zooming along wherever you are driving, remember that what you are on the verge of doing is exactly the same in risk factors as Drinking While Driving. You're impaired from having full control over your driving and ability to react fast to an unexpected obstacle.

Rant Over.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Unique Classic Art of the Day

Artist - Xul Solar
Location - Galeria Rubbers, Buenos Aries
Medium - Tempera on Paper 
Year - 1944
Image & Info via:

Dream A Little Dream Of Me

Waste a Little Time with Me

Saturday mornings, when the sun has yet to slip through a foggy, cloud-soggy Marine Layer (West Coast Speak by Weather People for what is, essentially, an "overcast condition" in the atmosphere) challenges anyone without a schedule in place to get on with the day beyond lulling-about in Lazy-Land.

How cozy and warm it is to stay in bed, true?

How much better if you must get up 5 days a week to slog into an office where you aren't happy, to remain in bed longer than usual in the Quiet Glee Of Freedom on Weekends? The relieved, exciting realization that "I don't have to go to work today" feeling. Ah, I remember it well. Sorta. As it has been more often than not, I've worked on weekends one way or another in most of my odd careers/jobs. One year I don't think there were more than 5 weekends wherein I wasn't slaving-away on a pressured deadline during the audiobook editing/abridging/producing time period.

Nevertheless, now that I work exclusively from home – and have for over 11 years – one would think that Saturday would feel just like every other day of the week since I do have a daily blog that requires attention; thus "working" 7 days a week in my own way, with the inevitable breaks here and there – forced or willingly. But No! I too feel the Difference Of Weekend Energy which can tempt the half-lidded, half-awake Automaton/Me to follow the desire to Do Nothing but relish the view of gorgeous trees outside my Back Room Haven.

So, at a loss for how to proceed with TDFB today, I consulted my Trusty Long-Suffering Higher Self Person Angel Guardian for feedback via a little Witchy Woman kind of device that informed me that if I wanted to carry on today, I would need to "stir" myself "up." That's right. Stir myself into some kind of Flogging Frenzy or just a few little stirrings to actually make it to the laptop to hit the keys and make words appear?

However stirred but not shaken, here I am, then. All "stirred-up" enough to tell you all how much I didn't feel like writing today and, instead, am far more inclined to post interesting or strange images of art and some music videos I would never, ever listen to if it weren't for how well a few of them work with the written content. And so I shall stop writing and begin playing.

As "they" say about writing: write something every day. And I've done it again! I've written something.

Have a Great Weekend Day/Night/Dawn!

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Thursday, August 8, 2013

RIP Karen Black

Not So Fast!

Isn't it "time" for the U.S. to have a Female President? Isn't it likely that Hillary Clinton, former Secretary of State; Senator; Long-Suffering First Lady, would be the Logical Choice? 

Of course!

Is she "qualified"? Of course again; in fact, more so than many of our past (and possibly current) presidents have been for the role.

Do I support her? Yes, I do. BUT, and there is usually a BUT to almost anything I write or say, unlike all of the Early Game Pundits and die-hard Hillary fans, I'm not looking at 2016 right now. I'm looking at Today, August 8, 2013, a few months shy of one year away from the next USA Political Election in 2014.

What is up with the incessant focus our culture has developed with ignoring matters of importance in politics that are happening NOW (beyond the usual nattering's all of us have fallen into regarding GOP madness and the Do Nothing But Complain Congress)? I don't care if it's the Clinton People spinning the wheel of "Hillary 2016" or the Big Bad Supposed Elite Liberal Media or my friends on social media or whomever - to me, it's simply Too Soon to begin predicting anything at all for the future.

If our current politicians won't do anything truly radical to fix our developing environmental problems, deal with our "Enemies" in a manner that will tame the flame of discord, warding off additional wars, then who knows what kind of world it will be in 2016? When That Time Arrives, and if I'm still alive, what I'll be looking for in a President is whoever I believe in my gut is the most capable of handling whatever life is like THEN. Hillary may be The One. Maybe not.

Let's just sit back and see how everything plays-out for a year or two before potential contenders for what I now believe has to be The Worst Job In The World begin their campaign announcements and "glad-handing." For all anyone knows, between now and then, someone else may slip out of the shadows who could give Hillary Supporters a harsh jolt. Who would that be? One never really knows (unless you're bought by the Koch Brothers).

Stop rushing everything, America! Cease with the "Next" the second an election is over! Perhaps if our Professional Mouthpieces would focus on Today's Real Issues beyond hollow yelling, pontificating, preidcting the future, more people would grasp how important The Present is to a Tomorrow we may never know in one form or another.

On that Happy Note I will say:That's all she wrote and wants to write on this Breezy Summer Day in 2013.

Thanks for stopping by!

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