Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Back Again - For a Moment

Ten days later, here I am, back from Mars in a way. To those who don't know what's been going on here, the following is what transpired to stop New Postings:

1) A Gmail account is the only way anyone can access any Google-based programs and accounts. This blog is hosted by Blogger, which is a "product-service" of Google.

2) When I downloaded Google Chrome on the new laptop, I discovered all of my Bookmarks were still attached to what I had hoped would be a "clean" version of the browser. Suspicious of what the old bookmarks might carry with them (based on the "Conduit" problem), I uninstalled Chrome. It was after doing so that I discovered I no longer had an "active" Gmail account and thus could not access my own blog!

3) Although there are Recovery Processes in place, I was unable to utilize the traditional avenues for Gmail Account Recovery for many strange reasons.

4) After much research and Tremendous Frustration, access to TDFB was finally restored.

Needless to say, it's not been a smooth transition from what had always been Simple & Easy when I changed to a new laptop/computer. Although we want to believe we have all of the Best Malware & Anti-Virus software to avoid problems, Breach Of I-Net Security does happen...as we all know. (Hi, Target! Hello, Neiman-Marcus!)

There is no question that my Gmail account "went missing" following the Uninstall of the Chrome download which carried the System Compromise of my former laptop's OS, browser, etc. with it. For now, the issue appears to be "fixed."

AND, now that Google is Taking Over The World by requiring hapless peeps to go with Gmail as their Primary Login to Anything Google Owns, the synced-ed-ness that some people like, is, to me, simply Wrong-Wrong-Wrong.

Sometimes, the cliche' of "Don't put all your eggs in one basket" is True-True-True. However, Google doesn't allow for options.

More info is on the way concerning the future of this blog.

Until we meet again, I remain Your Source for Online Horror and Perverse Amusement!

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  1. Shauna, reading your blog has been one of the delights on nets to enjoy for me throughout the years. It would be a drag if you have to shut it down because an asshole may have hacked into it.

    I read your funny insights into current news with glee, liking the art you find and share.

    If you drop the blog will you take the flog somewhere else?


  2. Dear "Curious" (are you the same "Curious" from previous comments per chance?) - Thanks for commenting. The intention is to locate a better platform, non-Google-associated, where I'll either continue the blog or begin "The Daily Quakes" --- which would be similar to this one in spirit.


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