Thursday, January 16, 2014

“It” Never Seems To End…

Hi. Um. My wonderful laptop finally succumbed to the Mess that Conduit* created – and that had been ALMOST removed from the OS. With a new computer in hand, I’m now learning how to slog through a New Operating System = new applications and so on. Thus far, it’s a process I’d prefer not to flog. However, it would have been nice for Microsoft to retain many of its well-liked and easy-to-use editing features rather than doing Unnecessary Upgrades.

Until I learn how to work with a new Image Editor for the Art, TDFB will be Art & Image-less.

And yes. I’m just Pleased As Hell to have to deal with all of this crap right now.

Until Next Time, I remain faithfully frustrated as usual.

* Read HERE for the Conduit Post

No Image Via: Windows 8

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