Saturday, June 29, 2013

Who Deserves a Flog Today?

Hello there. The Flogging Whip once more turns its lashing attention on me as the Culprit today, because I slept-in very late - highly unusual - awaking not at all prepared to write the usual Saturday fare of The Weekly Fluff, as the week has not been at all Fluffy. Just the opposite. In addition, despite air conditioning and fans whirling around in each room of the house, it is 90 degrees inside and over 100 outside. I'm having a natural steam-sauna experience without going to a spa. My skin will look lovely by the end of the day and my organs will have been fully detoxed from excessive sweating. 

Umm. How attractive to know, eh? I've always been classy that way.

Thus, what I'm "saying" is that it's too hot to write, to think clearly, to move around without gasping for cool air, and I won't be stretching the grey cells to find ways in which to entertain you or myself on this Extremely Hot Day in L.A. Even my most vocal and prolific Facebook Friends are staying away from exercising their typing fingers from Heat Fatigue. Those who live near the beach are probably in the ocean and romping on the shoreline with their dogs. Or have stronger air conditioners and are staying inside their cool havens doing whatever they do when they are "inside." But one thing they're not doing very much of right now is Social Media-ing. It's just too damn hot to be pleasant or sociable. If you think I'm over-reacting, read THIS.

So, I'll bid a temporary adieu to you for the day while I spend most of the time dodging the flashy lashes of The Whip in its anger over my bail-out, and will, instead, stand in front of the Open Freezer Door for a few minutes to find relief.

Until tomorrow, have a wonderful whatever, and, as always, thanks for stopping by!

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